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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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honored for his contribution to. building successful lives abroad. arabs abroad that translates and the innovator announces. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. still angry a year on violence in the french capital those protesters marked the anniversary of the yellow 1st movement. iran raises the price of fuel and introduces rationing we'll tell you why that's triggering projects. a car bombing near a busy bus station in northeastern syria turkey blinds why p.j.
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5 is for the attack that killed 19 people plus. we will leave the e.u. on the 29th launch to. another brics it battleground how rival parties are using the online world to get their election messages across and eyepieces them to the sport controversial quarterback colin kaepernick prepares to showcase in skills in front of n.f.l. teams 3 years since he's last game that and more later this news. it started as a protest against rising fuel prices in france year on people who are part of what's known as the yellow 1st movement are still showing their anger this is what's happening now in the capital paris they've been demonstrations to mark the anniversary for more than 8 hours now police of 5 tear gas to try to break them up the movement turned into protests against the cost of living with and. government
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violence across the country at its peak 300000 people took part in the saturday protest but that number has dwindled in recent months baka joins us live from paris and we can see behind you there are police on the street protesters but i guess is already being used what are you saying. yes this is the plaster it's really in the center of paris it's very much become the epicenter of clashes between demonstrators from the yellow press movement and lines of police many i take a couple of 1000 demonstrators amassed here earlier on they have permission to do that but the scenes quickly became violent you can see probably a tremendous amount of damage around what's left of some wooden buildings over here smoldering the fire brigade have been over here trying to put the fires out and the police over here have been doing what they possibly can to remove the square of the
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remaining protesters they've been firing tear gas that live and that over there is a water cannon that's been used very very liberally in deede to push people out of this area we just found ourselves unfortunately on the wrong end of that water cannon just a few minutes ago let me explain that what we're looking at here is really a hard core element within the yellow vest movement this isn't anything like the huge process that we saw earlier on in the year where many tens of thousands of people took to the streets of paris and other cities like bordeaux and to lose these people oh very much the fringe as it were and we did also come across some people who had come by bus from power some the outskirts of the city very disappointed by what they're seeing here they feel that it doesn't send the right kind of message it doesn't strike a chord with what the other breast movement is all about but the reason perhaps why the movement has dwindled over the last few months primarily that's a stun grenade just going off that a few. the reason why it's the window in support over the last few months just
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because this is even one of its main aims sort of overturning a new tax on diesel fuel but also present a emanuel back row and it's being forced to cough up 11000000000 dollars in aid to help the poorest sectors a french society many of the key issues and problems though still haven't gone away even though the yellow dress movement has dwindled in support people are angry and frustrated about reforms the president might call and wants to introduce and they could well be a resurgence of the shallow best movement before the end of the year we're just about to be pushed out of the way by french fry place. the french riot police just to not let you know being accused by activists of heavy handed tech tactics and throughout. the last 12 months activists say that as many as 24 people have lost 5 people have lost homes one person even lost a testicle as
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a result of stun grenades or rubber bullets and a liberal use of tear gas being fired at the demonstrators and that's what's really playing out here again now on the plaster it's only a year on the formation of the l a vest movement many of these demonstrators want to use this state to show that the movement is still alive and kicking but the rest movement themselves have criticized your thirty's for what they say as heavy handed tactics that are already fueling scenes like this which. some of the remarkable pictures there while you were speaking we saw what looked like gaston as you say that was stun guns being used there as well and you can see the police and the protesters just interesting there where you say this is a poor element a fringe group from what you've been able to see and your vantage point what sort of numbers though would we be talking about would you call that significant numbers . i would say here the plaster italy we're talking about the
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low thousands probably no more than a couple of thousands and when i say hard core element let me explain exactly what that means within the context of the yellow vests movement it attracted a range of people from across the political spectrum from the hard right the hard left and people in the middle as well so people that claim to have no politics at all it started as a protest movement against a hike in the price of diesel a tax that was being applied to the $2.00 diesel cost in order to reduce carbon emissions that was seen very much as a tax on poor people outside big cities like paris used to cause war and quickly grew into a movement against president micro-loan himself because of that confused political identity the movement really hasn't continued to gain traction it remains of protest movement rather than a political one we know that certain members of the yellow vest movement have
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trying to get elected as members of the european parliament but failed so right now despite the scenes that you're seeing here the wind really isn't in the sails of the 11 been. they thank you for that. from paris will fuel is also the source of anger in iran at least one person is being killed in protests there against an increase in prices several other people were injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery in the southern city of jon the government says the rise is needed to combat fuel smuggling dosage of. anger frustration and growing concern in tehran as people protested against a 200 percent increase in fuel prices. many simply turned off their engines on major highways across the city to show their disappointment at the sudden decision to raise petrol prices overnight. as heavy snow blanketed the capital people still
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lined up at the gas stations to fill up. the quota for america this is not a wise decision considering our horrible economy and sanctions we are under it's a cruel decision because it won't affect the wealthy people only the poor people will pay the price. and this will 100 percent impact everything else it's not just about the press of gas or commodities will be impacted for those shoes this will only hurt low income families they were supposed to increase subsidies 1st then raise the price of fuel they will find another excuse to cut their subsidies later . the protests have not been limited to the capital this was the scene in the southern city of abidjan inclose us on province overnight here state t.v. announced a number of individuals it described as unknown elements fired into crowds of people injuring some. the shock of this news has yet to sink in here with the new prices motorists now pay about $0.13 a liter that's
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a 3 fold increase the government expects to earn nearly $2500000000.00 from the price increase and says that it will help millions of families in need had that sort of out of the 1st payments will be handled within the next week or $10.00 days and transferred to the families in model year a strong president believes that if there is going to be pivotal process reform all of the new revenues will be paid back in full to the people. that many people here fear that this decision could have far reaching consequences it stems from a number of issues while iran has huge energy reserves its refining capability is limited and that makes it difficult to get fuel to the pumps. the government is also fighting fuel smuggling to neighboring countries that's because iran has some of the cheapest prices in the world due to its heavy subsidies and a weak currency the economy here has been struggling for years but since the united states withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal last year and reimpose
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a series of new sanctions on iran things have been getting much worse inflation is just over 40 percent with unemployment rates at over 14 percent officials here say that this fuel price increase will help people but it's proving very difficult to convince ordinary iranians door so to al-jazeera tower on. let's discuss this further now most of the is a professor of political science at university joins us live from the iranian capital professor nice of you to be with us i wonder if you could 1st just give us a sense of how this is going to impact on ordinary people in iran who have already seen their economy declaw on by of a non percent and already battling increased inflation as well. well i mean it's a very complicated situation on the one hand the ukrainian government up to now has been a huge subsidies on fuel and we have to understand that the uranium government no longer has the money used to have i mean the government of wrongly is having severe
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budget issues a very serious budget deficit because of. oil exports due to u.s. sanctions so from the government perspective they actually had no choice now from the other side the other perspective the people of iran especially the middle and poor classes they have been under economic pressure for over a year i mean some goods have increased by over 100 percent in the past year and a lot of people fear that the rise in fuel prices will impact other prices were up so in a very complicated situation what we're hearing though is that this increase in fuel prices and the rationing will then go towards subsidies for lower income people the sense they're taking is one hand in giving with the other what impact would those with those payments have to lower income people in iran would that be significant enough to to offset the increase in fuel.
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so so so the head spin the idea of the government to help the poorer classes in that way but the problem is that if they increase in the fuel prices if it's going to impact other prices because i mean fuel is used in the production of many goods then it might actually the inflation that will come about as a result of this might make people worse off especially the poorer classes so we still don't know what kind of an impact it will actually have in the rainy economy and we have to also understand that it also has psychologic or repercussions for example the iranian currency has lost some of its value today because of this very mess to prison most of all i want to get a thought from you on the political implications of this of course there are a parliamentary elections in february what's this going to mean for president rouhani given that he's not just battling anger on the streets here but of course that the weakening economy because of the sanctions over the new it is.
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frankly i think it will have a very devastating impact for the political fortunes of the so-called moderates and the reformists who are currently running the government because it's a very unpopular decision also the conservatives have used the opportunity to criticize the government even though again it's very difficult to imagine what kind of alternative the reigning government has a nevertheless i think we still have to wait a few days if the protests get worse there is a chance that the government might back away because that has happened in the past few years in iran prison most of the thank you so much for giving us a time. well turkey is blaming kurdish y p g fighters for a car bombing in northeast syria at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion it happened near a busy bus station in the city of al-bab in the lipos eastern countryside. is an
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assistant professor of international relations at the university of nottingham he joins us live from london sir thank you for giving us your time as well there's been no claim of responsibility here but turkey and are supposed to be predictably as well is blaming the y p j the kurdish forces how do you see this. well i think that i have no greater knowledge than you do and i think we will have to wait for any claim of responsibility the 2 main culprits could of course be the way p.g. or the reminiscence of the so-called islamic state darvish there are many of her supporters still now returning back to the communities from which they came i think what we are seeing here is turkey taking an active role this is the worst bomb attack of several within the recent few days and weeks and i think
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what turkey is trying to do is to expose to forward in a narrative that proves justifies the decision to. have an incursion into syria which is that they believe the y.p. g. is an offshoot of the terrorist organization the p.k. k. and so i think we will get this sort of narrative being pushed and we must accept that this in doing so turkey is not really doing anything very different from the other states that have been involved in the syrian crisis we got very few. damning or critical reports of of of the. the y.p. gee when or or the syrian democratic forces when they working under. american support so we are going to get some tainted news reports from down on what does it
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also tell us about this so-called site zone that turkey had to look to set up the demand that y.p. g. forces pull back and of course russia's ongoing role there in trying to keep the peace if you will. well i think that what it tells us is that we have a very confusing and complex situation where there is no overall control in the state we've got as you pointed out several players the russians the syrian regime the turks and also some others who are involved in the state and whenever you get this lack of governance in control as we discovered in iraq and in the understand you create a situation where terrorism is rife where you will have these sort of events happening and so what we will see is more of these incidents. as the confusion over
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who controls what who is responsible for what and who is saying was becomes ever more increased over time so i think the solution to this really has to be to restore the territorial 'd and and and governance integrity of the state of syria if we are to ever hope for induction in these sort of terrorist incidents as you were speaking the you talking about an increase in just these types of incidents we've seen others of course in recent days as well something is that at the start there though that this could of course be why p.g.a. could also be eisel and this was a concern wasn't it that this entire operation would lead to a resurgence of vice or at least create the opportunity where us will be able to carry out these types of attacks what's your assessment of eyesores capacity on the ground there and their ability to carry out attacks like this. well i think that
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they will only know what their capacity is when they've demonstrated and if this is as a result of ice all then that gives us an indication of their capacity but i don't think anybody will find this unexpected it's even if this isn't caused by ice all and it is caused by y p g as the turks say we will and we should expect isis members in parts of syria not just the in this particular region but elsewhere but also in very much so in iraq who will be conducting these form of attack they will go back to what they did before they declared the islamic state in 2014 and that is to revert to being a terrorist movement and the other thing we mustn't forget is that many of those members have returned to their homelands whether it's in north africa or whether it's in europe whether it's in central asia or the far east they have gone back and
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we already know that some of them have committed acts of terror in their homeland so this issue of isis or ice all of that is a big one and this may this particular incident may or may not be a symptom of it but the issue is far bigger than this particular incident. thank you again for your analysis. polls have closed in sri lanka's presidential election former defense minister got a bio rajapaksa and rival also probably does the 2 main candidates national security has been a major issue in the campaign after an attack killed hundreds of this year bernard smith reports from colombia. got a pirate to pax and knows as he prowls to the british priest that he could rely on support from voters with in sri lanka's majority faith. but he also needs support from minority muslims and tumbles to if he is to win this presidential election
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many of them are nervous of the prospect of a return to power of the rajapaksa. got a pie was defense chief and his brother mahinda was president at the end of the civil war which the u.n. estimates killed 40000 people that party also courts nationalists this is a good clue lanka get in with. some stuff in sri lanka a sense of a monitoring election violence say the poll has been free but not necessarily fair with reports of people being pressured on how to vote we have never seen that much influential factors like leaders leaders are coming forward from or one particular political party. such as prima das is the only other realistic contender in this election he gets support from rural buddhists and minority groups who could swing the result in his favor. the ruling coalition is choice but this is
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a government that ignored warnings about the easter sunday suicide attacks that killed 263 people prompting rajapaksa to announce his candidacy we are hoping for a new future 3 lanka and. there are a candidate and the same there are many candidates so it's going to be a very competitive place so i just hope there. you know whoever gets elected can deliver on their promises and ensure a safe nation and a prosperous nation and everyone can sort of believe in peace 60000000 people were eligible to vote they had 35 candidates to choose from. the run up to sri lanka's last presidential election was marred by violence and widespread intimidation this time it's been more peaceful it is though a tight race where passions are running high earner to make out is there a colomba. at least 14 civilians have been killed in attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo it happened in 2 locations in the beni region of north kivu
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province a local official says rebels used machetes on civilians and looted shops and homes police say it's revenge for the army's offensive against rebel strongholds as britain's political parties fight for undecided voters ahead of next month's general election they're increasingly turning to online platforms much of the content is sleek and well produced but in the dim barber reports they're also creating amateurish manes designed to go viral. we will leave the e.u. . it's made to raise a lot but it also makes a serious point about the conservatives failing to deliver when they said they would this online video is the work of momentum the grassroots movement that supports labor leader jeremy corbyn one example of how political parties are using eye catching digital content in the battle for undecided voters and boris johnson's conservatives are firing back with a series of memes all with
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a similar message but with different treatments depending on whom they're aimed at sean top him and ben gearin the young new zealand is behind many of them were hired after helping australia's center right liberal party score an unexpected election victory this year we are posting 30 posts a day and more than 250 a week that means we have to generate and publish a new piece of content every 20 minutes. that's how you get what we call the boomer means because you have to crank stuff out quickly i love this one here this sort of horrible mix of a very bold canary yellow this advertising professional who runs his own blog on the latest political means says this deliberately garish content is often counter-intuitively popular with older voters we have seen some of the advertising in the conservative party. under 30 five's and i actually it's got more of a sort of retro cool eighty's vibe to it where it's actually quite polished and
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well crafted in the way that uses. the visual language of the internet in quite a quite nice way for the digital team momentum the emphasis is on spreading content with real people talking about their lived experience of issues like health care but they say they'll continue to put out satirical videos too you can talk very seriously about the things that government can talk seriously about things like grand fell into it seriously about things you know like excess deaths as a result of austerity but then you can also talk reverently because i think you know people are just always communicating one time in their communicating and so many in this campaign we're seeing online content that's generating lots of laughs and then we're seeing content that's getting laughed at now some experts say what really matters is simply that people are engaging with the outputs but are sounding alarm bells i think the important thing is that in trying to get those simple catchy messages across they don't lose sight of the importance of being honest with
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the electorate because sometimes the simple message isn't necessarily the most accurate message well i can't hide it from you i've been thinking a bit about this general election campaign what's clear is more than ever before the search for hearts and minds is happening online as much as it is on doorsteps al-jazeera. well matt was a senior lecturer in journalism the cardiff university in the u.k. and he joins us now and scott that good to have you with us is this is really a symptom of the modern political age isn't that we live in very heavily politicized partisan trouble lies times is this about look find your people target them get the message to them and get them to get out and vote yes in part absolutely this is partly a kind of about energizing your supporters about creating a community that's in on the same jokes that understands the same language and trying to persuade them to kind of get out talk to people and share that
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information with people that they they know now that's part of what they're trying to do with these sorts of pieces of political could mean question but what they're also trying to do is trying to use the spillover effect so you might share that piece of content on your facebook wall you might put it into a private messaging group want or not face book or whatsapp and that spillover effect all also means that people who are perhaps not quite as engaged as you are would but it's not content also consuming the political content and they may be a getting the message for the 1st time so there are there is serious intent in some of these operations as well as humor. is better at this do you think this may lean slightly more to labor given the type of activity you see online perhaps the numbers of younger people who may be more inclined to vote progressive who are active online does that give labor and advantage here of the conservatives or not. well look labor has been better at this kind of communication this kind of
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engagement particularly with video over the past couple of elections in 2017 in particular they were very very good at this sort of operation that could serve what's happened here is that conservatives have caught up they're also starting to use these sorts of methods of communication and they've got a better active definitely making it more impact we replace them than they did at the last election where they had a candidate to perhaps wasn't terribly well suited to appearing on these sorts of videos so yes certainly late there have made the running and part of what's what's making of the advantage in labor's direction is what nadine was just reporting about there which is the the impact of momentum as a campaign group so momentum a campaign group set up to support jeremy corbin's leadership campaigns he ran to the quick succession in 2015 or 26 and so therefore they they're battle hardened
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they used to using this in these methods of communication they're very good at distributing not only humorous content and humorous messages so they had a video out last week which was which was quite amusing which portrayed batman as a capitalist and the joker is somebody compressing him and revealing his his apocryphally to him but they're also good at sharing serious political intent as well serious political messages to as you were speaking there of course we saw that online video bars johnson and that's being used i see that people who are involved in the australian election campaign are also involved in this one an online had an impact there where the prime minister scott morrison read the utilize he's unpopularity what do you say about the johnson factor in his ability to get that message that says look we need to get out of breaks that we need you to vote and how that would resonate particularly for those who are really motivated to see breaks it down. yes i mean they don't somebody it's very interesting i think because clearly that's already one of the most watched videos on twitter. in the
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campaign thus far and part of the reason why that being so successful is that people are sharing it because of the joke about it it's humorous it's amusing and they're passing it around to people as part of the lab so lots of people making the same joke on twitter about how this is like a. scene from the office with ricky gervais's well yes sure that it is it is funny but as as a result of that they're then pushing that content around to other people they're sharing it to their own communities their own followers and those people are perhaps seeing it for the 1st time so there is a there is a certain element here where the the butt of the joke is actually the price of entry to absorbing the political message that sits within the video so yeah absolutely they may be laughing at him but is he having the last laugh well after witnessing a place of his beside and this is it's best that you know this is the white
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politics is is done now that good to have you on the program thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera will head to guinea to find out why suddenly people are in despair and want to protest despite the recent violence and troops of my lead china make a rare appearance on the streets of hong kong. in sport the finishing touch celebrations after a major achievement by finland football team played as an. alice bits of useful and heavy rain in lebanon has been snow in iraq not much she'd think from the satellite picture but what is there is traveling south and changing the season before crosswise it looks like will be fine 11th more as the whole event however that's not true of iraq where rain is like to fall to it's been snowing on
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the high ground in iran and tear on my get some more is probably 7 degrees it won't last long if anything this area of iraq is getting slowly colder this is all high ground of course come down to the sea level and you've got a lot of rain and probably sundry and to be hanging around kuwait drifting south as a possible these thunderstorms in society of course they might reach bahrain even counter on sunday or monday now north of it is not particularly kabul is will be the winter change i think south of all this still quite warm 30 in the middle of oman but we are talking about squeezing 39 not easily getting to say you can see how we're heading towards wintry weather the present time of year is also quite undone in southern africa particularly south africa or so storming kwazulu natal the rains and head across to madagascar though it does look like sunday is dry and jo'burg nicely warmer 28.
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a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story line of dentist. the count of. 3. every war makes a devastating impact sponsors earthrise explores some of the efforts to recover those lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant comes life up to conflict on
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al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera but you can be with a series reminder about top stories police in frights of used water cannon fired tear gas to break up protesters mocking the 1st anniversary of the yellow fist movement demonstrators in paris are wrecked barricades and set cars on fire 41 people have been arrest. at least one person has been killed during protests in iran over an increase in fuel prices the government introduced rationing as it struggles to combat fuel smuggling revenues to be. used to help poor families.
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turkey is blaming turkish y p j fighters for a car bombing in northeast syria at least 19 people were killed dozens injured in the explosion that happened near a busy bus station in the city of alba. protests in the west african nation of guinea have led to at least 20 deaths since that began last month thousands are demonstrating against proposed constitutional amendments which they say would allow a president to run for a 3rd term in office vole reports. the family. is devastated they say who was shot dead during the protest in the name capital conakry on fisting his wife was left to bring up the 3 month old baby on her own she says she tried to prevent him from going out to join the protest. and your mother that you weren't my husband did not come home and after his friend called my sister and said they had killed him i said it's a joke we had just parted before he left i told him don't go out and i tried to
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call him and ask him to return but he was not picking up my calls and he never came back. police killed 2 other people opposition supporters wearing a hooded jacket stoop to the streets to voice their anger at president up for condi and to object his plan to change the constitution so he could run for a. new and i'm going to. read the good man knew the protesting in order to prevent the foundations of the republic from being destroyed in order to keep the men in power we are not against him in person but we are against him remaining in power beyond his term in office. the latest demonstrations were called for by the national front for the defense of the constitution the alliance leading the protests young protesters been tireless in the streets of the capital torched abbas police said they used force off to protest as subtle stones at them. 7 7 public anger against constitutional reforms began several weeks ago and there have been
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many violent confrontations with security forces since then at the least 20 people have been killed. i'm listing to national has condemned what to describes as a human rights abuses in guinea including the deaths of protesters and a huge number of arbitrary at us how to divide our desire sudan's former president has been in court facing charges of possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption. admits receiving millions of dollars from saudi arabia but says he didn't use it for private purposes police discovered foreign and domestic currency stockpiled at his home after he's a wrist this year was forced out in april after months of anti-government protests . protesters in lebanon have been on the streets for almost a month now among the list of demands electricity consecutive governments of to provide people with 24 hour power since 1975 stephanie decker reports from beirut.
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they're making a point of being here around the clock the 24 hour protest calling for 24 hours of electricity the problem is we don't have 24 hours electricity provided by the government this is. so huge of the fact we have each person has to have a house we have to have a generator to fill the gap where we don't have electricity. so we will end up being. city so the electricity is 6 hours a day. the government electricity and we have provided electricity for our eating our money literally the reform of the electricity sector is part of caretaker prime minister's sad how to reform plan but with the ongoing political stalemate those reforms are as abstract as the idea of an interrupted electricity
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let alone has had functioning 24 hour electricity since before the civil war that's before $975.00 that's why everyone has to rely on alternative sources and that translates to a mess crisscrossed electricity cables running streets and it's like this across most parts of the country this couple tells us the situation is unbearable. your government doesn't provide enough electricity to your house why we have to use generators but if you go to the areas where the politicians live electricity is 24 seventh's so they don't feel all problems as they don't live in a blackout the demand of those on the streets government supplied uninterrupted 24 hour electricity for all it's a demand that is. my parents have been asking the same you know it's it's insane that my parents 3040 years ago have the same. things that they need the same things i would ask you right now you know we pay taxes what we get nothing in return.
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function the government the ministries are functioning well and yet the people are surviving and yet the people are still here still working imagine how much more productive they can be when the government gives them just their basic living standards electricity is just one of a long list of grievances including water infrastructure waste management we're told that decades of widespread corruption and mismanagement means that hardly anything works here the way it should stephanie decker al jazeera beirut soldiers from mainland china have been sent on to the streets of hong kong for the 1st time since saturday government protests began 6 months ago the troops helped by supporters dismantle a fence and clear road blocks new talent on garrison the soldiers rarely leave their barracks they were last seen a year ago cleaning up after typhoon banknote mcbride has more now from coal.
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it was a very quick operation lasted less than an hour and the soldiers didn't have to travel far this is their base here the sentries are standing just off to my right here and basically they came out there they didn't travel very far they came up this this road here moving bricks as they went and turned the corner at the top long the perimeter up there and then were back inside inside the camp where they weren't wearing a uniform they were in their sports a kit so they could be looked at is quite symbolic depending on your politics and as we go there is a lot of politics here on the one hand it could be seen as a fairly innocuous gesture this is just a public spirited action by the local garrison coming out as you mentioned that it's not the 1st time that troops have been deployed they came out a year ago to help clean up in country after thai food so it has happened before but then this is not the country parts we are in the nerve an area the middle of callaloo and over on this side is one of the university campuses where we've seen
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protests and there have been an angry standoff between students from this campus and soldiers inside here who they were show pointing their lasers at having said that we have not seen any angry responses from protesters that the removal of their bricks in fact if anything they've been really played it cool they've kept a very low profile there's been some chatter on social media saying it doesn't really matter we'll just replace the bricks when we are good and ready but there will be others in the pan democratic camp who will see this you know as a further gesture as a further symbol of more erosion of hong kong's autonomy and the autonomy it's meant to have within china. a long top white house employee is expected to testify at the impeachment hearing investigating u.s. president donald trump bock said he worked in the office of man. and budget his
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testimony could fill details on the holdup of military aid to ukraine meanwhile trump has been accused of intimidating a witness after he attacked a former ambassador on twitter during her testimony on friday aree event of its was removed from her post so ukraine in by rob reynolds has more from washington d.c. . on saturday the house committee that is investigating the possible impeachment of president donald trump will hear from mark zandi he is an official with the office of management and budget that is the government agency that held up a to ukraine military aid that is for several weeks and it is thought possible that mr sandy could shed some light on a very crucial matter which is what rationale president trump gave to the o.m.b. agency for holding up the aid but overshadowing all of this is news that broke
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of a senior u.s. diplomat in kiev who said that he overheard president trump in a phone call asking about whether the craney and officials would undertake an investigation politically motivated investigation into president former vice president joe biden and his son hunter david holmes in embassy official was with gordon sambal and the american ambassador to the e.u. on july 26th that's the day after the famous phone call between president trump and ukrainian president of the mirror zelinsky in it according to holmes president trouble speaking very loudly so it was easy to overhear the conversation the president asked will the you create means do the investigation and sandland
6:44 pm
a reportedly according to home said that selenski he would do anything that the president asked of him. 2 people were wounded after a gunman opened fire at a high school football game in the u.s. police say one of the wounded easy young boys used to disarm them and serious plot players and spectators ran for cover as the shooting began during a playoff game in new jersey on friday. a u.s. court has blocked the execution of a black man just days before it was be carried out 51 year old rodney reed has been convicted of murdering a white woman in $9096.00 but the texas appeals court says new evidence of his innocence must now be considered john hendren has more from austin texas. when rodney reed awoke on friday morning his days were numbered numbered to 5 he was scheduled to die by lethal injection at the hands of the state of texas on
6:45 pm
wednesday nov 20th that is for the rape and murder of stacy stites in 1996 but late on friday the texas court of criminal appeals issued a stay demanding that new evidence be considered among other things his lawyers got an affidavit from a friend of the victim that seemed to corroborate his story that he was having a long term affair with stacy stites and that that would explain why his semen was found on the victim when she was found dead in another explosive piece of evidence an inmate in jail along with the fiance of stacy site says that that fiance confessed to her murder he has since through his lawyers denied that he has done so but that of another piece of explosive new evidence this happened just hours before the texas parole board recommended a 120 day stay of the execution so that they can consider new evidence or the
6:46 pm
court's consider consider new evidence that is a very rare thing 566 people have been executed in the state of texas since it reinstituted the death penalty in 1982 the parole board has only asked for a stay 5 times it's only been granted 3 times and now rodney reed hopes to beat the odds. for nationals living in the libyan capital have been left with a stock choice they can study in tripoli where they risk their lives because of the fighting or they can head to poverty buffaloed up the wide reports on why some have chosen to stay. feud has haunted this moroccan family since disrupted in judah did his son and brother in it be. for him and his sisters their lives would turn into a nightmare rockets landed on their house in the salon de neighborhood in southern tripoli the explosion blast to chop into every corner of the whole. ibrahim says he came to libya along with his family to earn
6:47 pm
a living as an electrician 5 years ago he is grateful his family survived but his wife says their children can no longer sleep properly at night. we're explosions every hour in this area my children have been so frightened that even the sound of thunder in the sky scares them in my son wakes up at night crying . forces loyal to the world flee for hefted have been targeting residential areas with airstrikes and heavy weapons rights organizations say some attacks could constitute war crimes. a u.n. panel of experts has recently blamed have to as a military often civil in tripoli for creating throughout the country but also revealed that the u.a.e. jordan sudan and turkey have violated the arms embargo imposed on libya by supporting the warring factions many civilians have been killed or wandered by
6:48 pm
a random rockets or strikes since fighting began in april the tripoli based government says the united nations mission in libya is not doing enough to protect them and those displaced by the fighting say they're called for help have gone unheard lucinda a british national says the house of her libyan father in law next to hers in gaza have been a shared area was targeted by an airstrike her husband they brought him as the escaped after have to his forces came for him because he campaigned against their war to seize tripoli the family moved to this house in their neighborhood but it is not far from the front line as we were speaking to them a rocket exploded nearby embedded themselves. despite such a threat lucinda has decided to stay on well i've tried to reach the international
6:49 pm
community because i see this very little voices in the media. in english for them to and some what's going on and of course the same much propaganda you know i have to came to save tripoli from terrorism and isis and everything which of course isn't true. and there's no voices out there saying what is true and what isn't what's really happening here on the ground. every friday in the main square in tripoli lucinda has been joining the protests she's worried the united nations might not take action against have to this forces since they're supported by some member states like france and russia. ibrahim in iraq a as a as a family they face a bleak choice either to leave and face poverty. and face the threat to their safety. and. tripoli. the italian
6:50 pm
city of venice is bracing itself for more floods putting people's homes at risk the waters have already damaged several historic sites including setbacks basilica on tuesday high tides caused the worst floods in 5 decades. well still ahead in sport peter will have more on this. but its impact on the wrist writes it's coming . i was taken to. and i was sitting in a minute and not in force to ever say don't think the intention was to make sure that group injures and went no longer entitled to be the basic rights or citizenship rights once their villages were burned were funneled into what is now become complex we're moving into our basic your prison exiles coming soon on
6:51 pm
al-jazeera. from the ounces in around london through content tax t.v. special guests in conversation as the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do their unprompted uninterrupted why are all of the people of color and they're just one color this is like that is why i think it's a very very people have no problem with exactly pattern that meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot they look like a bad movie studio to be on script dates on al-jazeera.
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and it's time to support his present stand you very much it's been almost 3 years since cullen kaepernick played american football but now the former quarterback will get to showcase his talents again to prospective teams in atlanta on saturday 11 n.f.l. teams will attend an official workout for kappa nick who is a san francisco 49 er made global headlines for kneeling doing the pre-game national anthem in protest against racial injustice he previously claimed that the n.f.l. and its teams could looted to keep him from playing the 33 year old will have around 2 hours to demonstrate his skills in the hopes of being signed but there is plenty who question what's motivated the n.f.l. to do this now. given the n.f.l.'s history in this case and the way it's been sort of cobbled together i think the aspersions about the workout are very justified the n.f.l. effectively blackballed capron it for over 2 years they. entered into a settlement over it with kaplan exclusion grievance in february and
6:53 pm
since then no team has expressed serious interest in him. i think this is the n.f.l. zx attempt to try and bring the matter to a merciful and by either cap or nick not showing up to the workout which was hastily arranged or caprona showing up and not doing well in the workout an n.f.l. team can say oh well he doesn't have it anymore the 3rd possible outcome and complications. isn't capron it does work out and is amazing and if a team still don't sign him i mean cab rank has made it clear he's been working out every day for 3 years he wants to come back to the n.f.l. so i think kaplan the based on his career based on his experience he has the right to say i belong in the n.f.l. i think he does roger federer and stephanie. battling it out in the semifinals of the a.t.p. finals in london it's the greek who has the advantage often taking the 1st set
6:54 pm
$63.00 it's currently $22.00 in the 2nd set. the other lake is in sacramento kings produced a friday night thrill in the n.b.a. as ever it was le bron james who played a starring role he wrecked up a game high 29 points along with 11 assists but the whole match came down to the final play with just seconds to go the lakers were leading 9997 when harrison bonds had a chance to time things up for the kings but anthony davis was on hand to provide the block and give the lakers they tend to victory this season. and i will talk to him in orlando as the magic welcome to senate when you're supposed to florida the magic's french star evan fournier was the difference in this one he's 26 points helping his team 28111109 victory and condemning the spurs to a 4th straight loss. there are 10 more euro 2020 qualifiers taking place the saturday with croatia germany and the middletons all in action in well finland have
6:55 pm
been celebrating after they qualified for a major tournament for the 1st time in their history they took their spot at euro 2020 thanks to 3 no win of a distance time when seals progression from group j. alongside group winners its early and marks a huge turnaround in form in 26 team they didn't manage to win a single competitive match because i was far i was i was far far far from our. i 5 but before i. think so i thank you very much i cannot properly. syriani has arrived in canada's a take up his job as the new head coach at montreal impact of arrangement or signed a 2 year contract with the side that won the canadian championship title in september on ri was a star player at barcelona and austin all but his 1st full time manager real job
6:56 pm
ended after just 2 league wins at monaco in just over 3 months. sebastian vettel will be looking to convert pace into a pole later in sao paolo the german later ferrari won 2 in practice ahead of sunday's brazilian grand prix but with an incident full friday afternoon red bulls alex albon crashed out bringing 1st practice to a premature end. outgoing polish driver robert competes also failed to set a time in the 2nd session when he spun off the track to meanwhile the macau motorcycle grand prix had to be abandoned after a pair of crashes brought out the red flags 1st this collision between robert hudson and maddox of any 20 minute delay and shortly after the restart a multi bike pile up ended the race altogether 3 riders were taken to hospital but all were conscious with no life threatening injuries. south africa zander lombard 'd is one round away from taking victory at the net bankole challenge any
6:57 pm
time country shots and even past 72 in saturday's 3rd round it means he is a one shot clear of the form open champion we were stays and also a south african thomas de tree is tied for 2nd with a statesman at the tournament known as africa's major. that's why we leave an hour more sport for me again later stan but i thank you so much for that before we go i want to take you to hong kong now these a live pictures and yes you can see there is fire in the background the. things across the road there that have been blockading the roads bricks that strewn across the road that these protests now have been going for about 6 months they have become increasingly violent and we've already seen those chinese police out on the streets as well as pictures coming to you live more news here on al-jazeera in just .
6:58 pm
a career in doomsday cultist would hundreds of followers to what tropical paradise . one i when a student mr gates the secretive sect accused of abuse and violence in fiji. on al-jazeera.
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50 years ago britain forcibly removed the inhabitants of this tropical haven and leased it to the u.s. military. for 5 decades geragos islanders have preserved their culture in exile and they're now escalating their struggle to return home. but their fate still lies in the hands of their colonisers. another paradise i witnessed a documentary on a. 0
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. and for you. still angry a year all violence in the french capital as protesters mark the anniversary of the yellow fist in the. grad this is al jazeera live also coming up iran raises the price of fuel and introduces rationing we'll tell you why that's triggering protests. bombing near a busy bus station in the northeast and syria turkey blames why b.g. fighters for the attack that's killed 9.


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