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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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0. and. still angry a year on violence in the french capital as protesters mark the anniversary of the fist but. this is al jazeera live also coming up iran raises the price of fuel and introduces rationing we'll tell you why that's triggering protests a car bombing near a busy bus station in the northeastern syria turkey blames why b.g. fighters for the attack that's killed 19 people. vote counting begins in sri lanka
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where people have been voting for a new president the top issue national security. it started as a protest against rising fuel prices in france a year on people who are part of what's known as the yellow vest movement are still showing their anger there have been demonstrations to mark the anniversary police of gas to try to break them up the movement turned into protests against the cost of living with anti-government violence across the country at its peak $300000.00 people took part in those protests that number has dwindled in recent months they've baka has more from paris to the plaster italy in the center of paris it's very much become the epicenter of clashes between demonstrators from the yellow press movement lines of police many a good couple of 1000. straight as
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a mast here earlier on they have permission to do that but the scenes quickly became violent you can see probably a tremendous amount of damage around us what's left of some wooden buildings over here smoldering the fire brigade have been over here trying to put fires out and the police over here have been doing what they possibly can to remove the square of the remaining protesters they've been firing tear gas that live and that over there is a water cannon this being used very very liberally in kenya to push people out of this area we just found ourselves unfortunately on the wrong end of that water cannon just a few minutes ago let me explain that what we're looking at here is really a hard core element within the yellow best movement this isn't anything like the huge process that we saw earlier on in the year where many tens of thousands of people took to the streets of paris and other cities like bordeaux and to lose these people oh very much the fringe as it were and we did also come across some
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people who had come by bus from power some the outskirts of the city very disappointed by what they're seeing here and i feel that it doesn't send the right kind of message it doesn't strike a chord with what the other best movement is all about but the reason perhaps why the movement has dwindled over the last few months primarily that's going to be just going off that few of them the reason why is dwindling support over the last few months just because they see one of its main aims of overturning a new tax on diesel fuel and also present a manual back crawl and it's being forced to cough up $11000000000.00 in aid to help the poor sectors a french society. at least one person has been killed in iran during protests against an increase in fuel prices several other people were injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery in the southern city of st john the government says the rise is needed to combat fuel smuggling dorsett. anger
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frustration and growing concern in tehran as people protested against a 200 percent increase in fuel prices. many simply turned off their engines on major highways across the city to show their disappointment at the sudden decision to raise petrol prices overnight. as heavy snow blanketed the capital people still lined up at the gas stations to fill up the quota for remarriage child this is not a wise decision considering our horrible economy and sanctions we are under it's a cruel decision because it won't affect the wealthy people only the poor people will pay the price. this will 100 percent impact everything else it's not just about the press of gas or commodities will be impacted by those issues this will only hurt low income families they were supposed to increase subsidies 1st then raise the price of fuel they will find another excuse to cut their subsidies later . the protests have not been limited to the capital this was the scene in the
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southern city of abidjan enclose a sun province overnight here state t.v. announced a number of individuals it described as unknown elements fired into crowds of people injuring some. the shock of this news has yet to sink in here with the new prices motorists now pay about $0.13 a liter that's a 3 fold increase the government expects to earn nearly $2500000000.00 from the price increase and says that it will help millions of families in need had that said is that if the 1st payments will be handled within the next week or 10 days and transferred to the families in model year eastern president believes that if there is going to be petrol price reform all of the new revenues will be paid back in full to the people. that many people here fear that this decision could have far reaching consequences it stems from a number of issues while iran has huge energy reserves its refining capability is
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limited and that makes it difficult to get fuel to the pumps. the government is also fighting fuel smuggling to neighboring countries that's because iran has some of the cheapest prices in the world due to its heavy subsidies and a weak currency the economy here has been struggling for years but since the united states withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal last year and reimpose a series of new sanctions on iran things have been getting much worse inflation is just over 40 percent with unemployment rates at over 14 percent officials here say that this fuel price increase will help people but it's proving very difficult to convince ordinary iranians door so to pary al-jazeera town. turkey is blaming kurdish y.p. . northeast syria at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion it happened a busy bus station in the city of al-bab in the. eastern turn to side us raf is an
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assistant professor of international relations at the university of nottingham he says that violence is likely to continue as long as syria remains under an unsteady regime i think that what it tells us is that we have a very confusing and complex situation where there is no overall control in a state we've got as you pointed out several players the russians the syrian regime the turks and also some others who are involved in the state and whenever you get this lack of governance in control as we discovered in iraq and in the honest down you create a situation where terrorism is rife where you will have these sort of events happening and so what we will see is more of these incidents. as the confusion over who controls what who is responsible for what and who is saying was becomes ever
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more increased over time so i think the solution to this really has to be to restore the territorial and and governance integrity of the state of syria if we are to ever hope for induction in the sort of terrorist incidents israel says it's carried out is strikes targeting hamas in response to rockets fired from gaza 2 rockets struck the israeli city of bush ever in south. kept some distance from the recent exchanges of fire between israel and the palestinian group islamic jihad 34 palestinians were killed in that violence the worst cross border fighting in months. at least 14 civilians have been killed in attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo it happened in 2 locations in the beni region of north kivu province a local official says rebels used machetes on civilians and looted shops and homes
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police say it's revenge for the army's offensive against rebel strongholds police and protesters in hong kong have faced off again these are the scenes just in the last hour police using tear gas on demonstrators return through fireball slightest round of violence this week has forced the city to shut down schools and universities will rob mcbride is on the phone from hong kong it's deep into the night where you are but we're still seeing these protests and these clashes with police bro. stannis the last hour of these classes ever since this is the polytechnic university is due to one of the large campuses on the cow loon side of hong kong it is one of the areas where. barricaded themselves into the campus is the building goal purpose defenses that's why police been facing off
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against them the campuses the students have been forced back they've been forced to give up to the safe territory but polytechnic university this is one of the places where they have been resisting they have been building schools using. bricks in cement or don't so still ring a number of bullets of actual bomb. regulus for an attack by the police now it does seem that in the last hour or so the police have been testing the defensive of this of this particular campus they've been moving full with police riot squad to be moving forward they have been met by high heel of brian petro bombs response and seem at this moment at least to have pulled back as a result there have been clashes 'd at this particular campus and it has to be said that this day as saturday here in hong kong weekends we can normally expect.
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not sick in violence there have been violent clashes but a early saturday here has been tom throughout the day and it's only now in the evening that there has been these clashes remains to be seen exactly what will happen next what the police are boasting of and forcing forward trying to clear the protesters from this particular campus to deal with all the weapons that they 'd have amassed in. whether they are going to pull back in the route does remain to be seen whether this standoff will. through. sunday and as rob's been speaking of course you've been watching these very dramatic live pictures out of hong kong we've seen fires we've seen fire bombs being thrown of course the police then pushing back those protesters rob thank you so much for bringing us up to date there well earlier in the day soldiers from mainland china bar on the streets of hong kong for the 1st time since anti-government protests began 6 months ago the
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troops helped beijing supporters dismantle the fence and clear road blocks near calvin tome garrison hong kong's government says it did not ask for the hope the soldiers rarely leave their barracks they were last seen a year ago pointing up after thai food and blankets but county has begun in sri lanka's presidential election that has seen rising religious tensions and a slowing economy takes center stage former defense minister got to. the 2 main candidates security has been a talking point on the campaign trial after the easter bombings that killed hundreds of people bernard smith reports now from columbus. to the priest that he can rely on support from voters within sri lanka's majority faith. but he also needs support from minority muslims and tumbles to if he is to win this presidential election many of them are nervous of the prospect of
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a return to power of the rajapaksa. got a pie was defense chief and his brother mahinda was president at the end of the civil war which the u.n. estimates killed 40000 people that party also courts nationalists this is a good clue lanka get in with. some stuff in sri lanka a sense of a monitoring election violence say the poll has been free but not necessarily fair with reports of people being pressured on how to vote we have never seen that much influential factors like leaders leaders are coming forward from or one particular political party. such as prima das is the only other realistic contender in this election he gets support from rural buddhists and minority groups who could swing the result in his favor. the ruling coalition is choice but this is a government that ignored warnings about the easter sunday suicide attacks that
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killed 263 people prompting rajapaksa to announce his candidacy we are hoping for a new future 3 lanka and. there are a candidate and the same there are many candidates so it's going to be a very competitive place so i just hope there. you know whoever gets elected can deliver on their promises and ensure a safe nation and a prosperous nation and everyone can sort of believe in peace 16000000 people were eligible to vote they had 35 candidates to choose from. the run up to sri lanka's last presidential election was marred by violence and widespread intimidation this time it's been more peaceful it is though tight race where passions are running high earner to make out is there a colombo. still ahead on al-jazeera. i am scared i could lose her if she gets briley sick where in zimbabwe where both doctors and patients are suffering to
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bounce into a strike to demand better pay. at the power struggle in lebanon the lack of electricity is just one of a long list of grievances. hello again it's good to have you back well over the next few days luzon is in store for quite a bit of rain we do have a tropical storm that's making its way towards luzon and you can see the clouds right there just on the edge of the map so heavy rain is expected we do expect to see a landfall here from monday probably into tuesday morning as well and heavy rain is expected across much of luzon in total we could be seeing anywhere between $250.00 or higher millimeters of rain so flooding is going to be a big threat across much of the area for the rest of china though look to the north we're going to be seeing plenty of rain crossing the central regions temperatures coming down into the mid teens there shanghai you'll be seeing some clouds in your
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forecast with a temperature of 17 degrees well across parts of india of course the smog situation to the north has been a big problem down towards the south though we do have a few scattered showers that are pushing through much of the area they're going to get a little bit more intense as we go here towards sunday with china seeing a rainy day for you at 30 degrees getting even more stormy here as we go towards monday there up towards kolkata though it is going to be a fairly nice day for you with a temperature of 29 degrees and then here across the gulf we are going to be seeing some stormy conditions across many regions for around parts of saudi arabia as well here in doha expect to see the showers in the region but we don't think it's going to be a washout a temperature of $29.00. like . it is sitting. the ideological battle lines over abortion we've. had one of the. kids challenging
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a woman's right to cheese the groups that's been ignored now for decades has been. against those lined up to defend that choice we're talking about being able to make decisions for our body fault lines investigates the abortion bans on. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. police in france have used water 10 of them fired tear gas to break up protesters marking the one year anniversary of the yellow vest but that protest is in powers of raped and barricades and set cars on fire 41 people have been arrested. at least one person has been killed during
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protests in iran over an increase in fuel prices the government introduced rationing as it struggles to combat fuel smuggling. police and protesters in hong kong when facing off again riot police used tear gas on protesters who returned through 5 books latest round of violence this weight has forced the city to shut down schools and universities. u.s. president has pardoned 2 army officers accused of war crimes in afghanistan trump also restored the rank of a navy seal platoon commander convicted of misconduct critics could undermine military justice and send a message that battlefield atrocities will be told all right let's go to rob reynolds who is live from washington d.c. rob give us a bit of background about these particular cases and why the president has decided to intervene now. well the president appears to have decided to intervene in keeping with his often stated remarks about how
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the irregular nature of warfare in afghanistan requires a. sort of leniency for a misconduct or at least. fierce conduct by u.s. troops the 3 service members who are involved here stan have been praised and supported and really made into sort of a cause celeb by conservative politicians and conservative news outlets and websites and especially the television networks fox news the television network to portray the 3 men as heroes rather than as war criminals and as we know president from watches a lot of fox news the president himself expressed his frustration over the prosecution's in a tweet last month saying we train our boys to be killing machines then prosecute
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them when they kill as you mentioned top military officials oppose the pardons the defense secretary mike s. mark esper as well as the army secretary ryan mccarthy said that this would undermine or degrade the uniform code of military justice and that it would perhaps encourage further disobedience to that code and possibly for similar incidents of the type that that the 3 were convicted of or accused of one of them was major matthew goldstein he was accused of killing an unarmed afghan he had not actually gone to trial yet the other former army lieutenant clint lorenz had been convicted of murdering 2 civilians in afghanistan members of his own platoon testified against him in that case and finally the navy
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officer who's. whose rank was restored edward gallagher had been acquitted of killing a teenage afghan who he believed was a bomb maker he was acquitted on those charges but then convicted of posing for photographs with the corpse of that individual so his rank has been restored by president. rob thank you for that robyn is joining us live there from washington d.c. sudan's former president bashir has been in court facing charges of possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption but shia has admitted receiving millions of dollars from saudi arabia but says he didn't use it for private purposes police discovered foreign and domestic currency stockpiled at his home after his arrest this year was forced from office and i pulled after months of government protests so bubblies government is threatening more disciplinary hearings if doctors don't return to
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work they've been on strike now for nearly 3 months of a poor pay and working conditions rheumatoid has more from harare. principle was fired earlier this month along with hundreds that i think genia doctors in zimbabwe. the government dismissed him for going on strike to demand better pay and work conditions in public hospitals he says he wasn't paid in october and because he's now unemployed he won't get paid in november soon he will have to move out of this apartment. 2 weeks. and opinions. that's our best. in terms of the bar was once busy public health facilities on usually quiet the waiting areas in awards are deserted the strike has dragged on for more than 2 months most doctors were fired after they failed to attend disciplinary hearings the reason was that they couldn't afford to pay for transport
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zimbabweans are struggling to deal with the worst economic crisis in a decade they are shortages of foreign currency fuel power and medicines this doctor strike is a now the hardship that many people here say they have no choice but to enjoy. for watching her daughter braxton suffer is painful the 3 year old's temperature is very high but neither nurses nor doctors are working at a local clinic. nice and. a lot of people are going to die if my child starts having fits in the middle of the night she could die if the hospitals were working doctors would tell me what medication and injections she needs i am scared i could lose her if she gets really sick. mary says she understands doctors want to better pay like millions of others in zimbabwe story inflation has eroded salaries and life is hard but the worried mother just
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wants her daughter's pain to end. she thinks it's a tonsils but says right now there is no one willing to help her. security forces in bolivia have shot and killed 5 protesters in the town of secada . it is the most violent incident since president obama rallies resigned earlier this week an interim government is in charge but rallies calling for a democratic transition of power are continuing. protesters in lebanon have been on the streets for almost a bounce about variable. electricity stephanie decker has that story from beirut. they're making a point of being here around the clock the 24 hour protest calling for 24 hours of electricity the problem is we don't have 24 hours electricity provided by the government this is. so huge of this fact we have each person has to have
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a house we have to have a generator to fill the gap where we don't have electricity. so we will end up paying for electricity so the electricity is like 6 hours a day. just the government electricity and we have provided for the electricity for our eating our money literally eating our money reform of the electricity sector is part of caretaker prime minister saad had a reform plan but with the ongoing political stalemate those reforms are as abstract as the idea of an interrupted electricity let alone has had functioning 24 hour electricity since before the civil war that's before $975.00 that's why everyone has to rely on alternative sources and that translates to a mess crisscrossed electricity cables running streets and it's like this across
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most parts of the country this couple tells us the situation is unbearable. your government doesn't provide enough electricity to your house why we have to use generators but if you go to the areas where the politicians live electricity is a valuable 24 seventh's so they don't feel all problems as they don't live in a blackout the demand of those on the streets government supplied uninterrupted 24 hour electricity for all it's a demand that isn't new my parents have been asking the same you know it's insane that my parents. 3040 years ago i have the same. things that they need the same things i would ask you right now you know we pay taxes what we get nothing in return our own functioning well the government the ministries are functioning well and yet the the the people are surviving and yet the people are still here still working imagine how much more productive they can be when the government gives them
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just their basic living standards electricity is just one of a long list of grievances including water infrastructure and waste management we're told that decades of widespread corruption and mismanagement means that hardly anything works here the way it should stephanie decker al jazeera beirut the italian city of venice is bracing for more floods putting people's homes at risk the waters have already damaged several major historic sites including setbacks basilica on tuesday high tides caused the worst floods in 5 decades the chinese do more online shopping than anyone else in the world and many remote areas people have embraced technology becoming online for hers and turning once sleepy villages into e-commerce hubs phones louis has more from. in less than a decade legion home has transformed his life the former street snack vendor is now
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c.e.o. of his own company it makes camping equipment and has an annual turnover of there are $9000000.00 puts it down to hard work good luck and the rise in online shopping. as the internet develops our shopping habits change there are also more opportunities to make money we can do business from home whether you are one person 100 people were on the same platform everyone can find something the same scams his success attracted the attention of others in village lost him to teach them how to start an e-commerce business at least 16 family that's about 10 percent of the population here are involved in e-commerce in one way or another mostly as middlemen selling products made by others. but some like lucian friend are more onto printer he sells wood salvaged from old houses in the village.
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doing e-commerce gave me more flexibility i have to work any way either at the factory or at home i make about the same money but i have more freedom doing this i can take care of my children or go fishing if i like. across china there are thousands of villages like. rural communities whose fortunes have changed because of the internet. is owned by chinese multinational. and is china's largest digital platform it's where many economists businesses got their 1st start. villages where at least 10 percent of households are involved in economists and that have a combined turnover of at least one and a half $1000000.00 a year are known as villages. and the government has been supportive of infrastructure like law just sticks and transport this village is mostly operate on
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a free market basis with some gliders or help from the government. not everyone strikes it big in economists but some are showing that the internet and business savvy can be a potent combination florence li al-jazeera village province china. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories police in france have used water cannon and fired tear gas to break up protesters marking the one year anniversary of the best movement protesters in paris put up barricades and set fire several people have been arrested. in hong kong protesters and security forces have again been facing off riot police used tear gas on protesters who in turn threw firebombs latest weeklong violence has disrupted transport services and forced the city to
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shut down schools and universities earlier in the day soldiers from mainland china were on the streets of hong kong for the 1st time since anti-government protests began 6 months ago hong kong's government says it did not ask for their help the soldiers rarely leave their barracks they were last seen a year ago cleaning up after typhoon one got. at least one person has been killed during protests in iran over an increase in fuel prices the government introduced rationing as it struggles to combat fuel smuggling turkey is blaming turkish y p g fighters for a car bombing in northeast syria at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion it happened near a bus station in the city of al-bab in. eastern countryside at least 14 civilians have been killed in attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo it happened in 2 locations in the beni region of north kivu province a local official says rebels used machetes on civilians and looted shops and homes
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police say it's revenge for the army's offensive against rebel strongholds but counting has begun in sri lanka's presidential election that has seen rising religious tensions and a slowing economy take center stage former defense minister got a rajapaksa and. the 2 main candidates national security is a mind talking point on the campaign trial u.s. president donald trump has pardoned 2 army officers accused of war crimes in afghanistan trump also restored the rank of a navy seal platoon commander convicted of misconduct critics say the move could undermine military justice those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after a fall lots. you
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know georgia the governor is poised to sign one of the most restrictive it the abortion laws in the country missouri state senate passed an 8 week abortion ban containing no exceptions for victims of rape incest or to crimes right on the heels of alabama's even stricter legislation in 20199 u.s. states passed laws that would ban abortion in the beginning stages of pregnancy as early as 6 weeks before many women even know they're pregnant. the state of georgia recognized the benefits of providing all legal recognition and i'm born child alabama went the furthest and banned the procedure from the moment of conception. just a few years ago the bills were considered politically toxic. and extreme proposal by a fringe element of the anti-abortion.


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