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el al jazeera has teams on the ground and that's a story the thing right here to bring you moon mood we need documentaries and light leaves. let me come back and finish my term bolivia's former president makes a plea from exile in an interview with al-jazeera. and how much he's in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. iran's leaders stand by their decision to increase fuel prices and rationing despite a furious response. a car bomb kills at least 19 people in northern
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syrian town controlled by turkish backed fighters class the study questioning whether surgery is really necessary for many people with heart disease. bolivia's former president's able morale assess hold out as iraq he should be allowed to return and completes his final term in office he spoke in mexico where he fled after resigning last week following weeks of unrest the united nations is warning that the ongoing violence in bolivia could spin out of control and prevents new elections on friday 8 supporters of morale this were shot dead cheering fighting with security forces. well on saturday even marilyn spoke sanchez here is john home and. up until sunday if more rallies was
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latin america's longest standing current leader now pressured to resign by the military after accusations of electoral fraud he suddenly believe he is former president and in exile in mexico but after less than a week he told our dizzier he's already planning to go home. i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship the coup he says if allowed back he wouldn't seek to run in fresh elections that's a bone of contention between him and the opposition but he still wants to complete the last 2 months of his term. i don't know why they're so scared of evo they don't want me to participate that's ok everything's for life but for democracy i retire my candidacy but they should let me finish my term is that understood then you will not understood by now interim president to me and yes she said he could face
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charges if he goes but it's the culmination of discontent that started back in 2016 when moralists to change the constitution from for a full time there was a referendum the majority voted against you having a 4th term and afterwards. if you did it you did run again and that seemed to go against the spirit of democracy in the country where you could interpret it like that but so you know on the 21st of february 2016 the lie won enough lies to beat us with 70000 votes moral lesson the right united and beat us based on the lie you and c.n.n. were in on it the u.s. embassy prepared that lie he's on repentant the little and he also insists that there was some fraud in the elections a month ago this by investigators from the organization of american states saying that they too was diverted to a secret service that there were clear manipulations he says that organizations
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politically motivated. i had a lot of trust or some trust but now i don't have any in the oas i should be called the organization of the states of north america not america he did call fresh elections after the oas preliminary report but by then it was too late many c.f.l. morale is as a good leader who simply stayed too long you managed to almost half of poverty the economy grew under you and you brought stability. now. given what's happened if you could go back in time would you run again for this 4th term would you have gone against that referendum or if you could have your time again would you have bowed out gracefully god of war was a war you don't look for the post of presidency that seeks you out that's my experience in the unions in my experience in the presidency and i want to tell you that after the 1st mandate i was happy content to go back to cochabamba is that
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when you win people's trust and go again and. that in may have been his undoing and then his way libya is in crisis with police killing protesters and violence from both sides. you can only look call from a fall john holmes now does it or mexico city. venezuela's opposition leader is using the situation in bolivia to make a fresh push for president nicolas maduro to step down thousands of people to into the streets of caracas in support of materials main rival. quite a major speech outside the bolivian embassy telling his supporters to keep protesting until free elections are held in venezuela. iran's leaders say they won't back down from their decision to increase fuel prices despite protests across the country one person has been killed and several others injured as they try to
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answer an all refinery in the southern city of syria john d'arcy reports from the capital. anger frustration and growing concern in tehran as people protested against a 200 percent increase in fuel prices. many simply turned off their engines on major highways across the city to show their disappointment at the sudden decision to raise petrol prices overnight. as heavy snow blanketed the capital people still lined up at the gas stations to fill up. quite a few remarks are this is not a wise decision considering our horrible economy and sanctions we are under it's a cruel decision because it won't affect the wealthy people only the poor people will pay the price. this will 100 percent impact everything else it's not just about the press of gas or commodities will be impacted for those shoes this will only hurt low income families they were supposed to increase subsidies 1st then
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raise the price of fuel they will find another excuse to cut their subsidies later . the protests have not been limited to the capital this was the scene in the southern city of abidjan enclose a sun province overnight here state t.v. announced a number of individuals it described as unknown elements fired into crowds of people injuring some. the shock of this news has yet to sink in here with the new prices motorists now pay about $0.13 a liter that's a 3 fold increase the government expects to earn nearly $2500000000.00 from the price increase and says that it will help millions of families in need had that sort of out of the 1st payments will be handled within the next week or $10.00 days and transferred to the families in model year a strong president believes that if there is going to be petrol price reform all of the new revenues will be paid back in full to the people. that many people here fear that this decision could have far reaching consequences it stems from
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a number of issues while iran has huge energy reserves its refining capability is limited and that makes it difficult to get fuel to the pumps. the government is also fighting fuel smuggling to neighboring countries that's because iran has some of the cheapest prices in the world due to its heavy subsidies and a weak currency the economy here has been struggling for years but since the united states withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal last year and reimpose a series of new sanctions on iran things have been getting much worse inflation is just over 40 percent with unemployment rates at over 14 percent officials here say that this fuel price increase will help people but it's proving very difficult to convince ordinary iranians door so to pary al-jazeera town. at least 19 people have been killed in a car bomb attack in northeastern syria that's workers defense ministry says the
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attack was carried out by syrian kurdish fighters but there have been no claims of responsibility for 2. he has this report. was the car bomb exploded in a busy residential area in the turkish controlled syrian town of al-bab this was the chaotic scene moments afterwards residents who've enjoyed more than 8 years of war have had enough was enough that i met him and we were walking and suddenly we heard an explosion haven't you had enough of this for a decade isn't it enough that you've made us homeless you've attacked our dignity isn't it enough that you slaughtered us you've made us go hungry why do you want us to go back do you want us to migrate to. the lead up to the attack was captured on this office security camera people going about their everyday lives until this. we were over there when the car exploded i came to check on my father and i shot we
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saw people burning on the floor and others were blown away. the turkish defense ministry blames kurdish y p g fighters who it regards as terrorists but the has been no claim of responsibility from any group turkey and its syrian rebel allies have mounted 3 separate offensives in northern syria against kurdish militia what we will see is more of these incidents. as the confusion over who controls walt who is responsible for what and who is saying was becomes ever more increased over time. the injured are being treated in hospital civil defense workers say they're trying to identify the bodies of those killed. victoria gate and be al-jazeera. yemen's transport minister has criticized the paris sharing deal signed last week with separatists in the south so there are just one these said
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this a deal brokered deal threatens the legitimacy of his own government's job one e was targeted in a car bomb attack just hours after an initial deal was announced the riyadh agreements aims to end months of violence between government forces and fighters large fires have been burning around hong kong university after protesters hurled petrol bombs towards police security forces fired tear gas back at demonstrators in some of the most dramatic scenes of the last 5 months of protests in the city china's also confirmed it sent its army into the streets on friday to help clean up their brainier one of the universities and host government says it didn't ask for any assistance. still to come on al-jazeera we'll have to get me to find out why so many people are in despair in which the protests despite the recent violence also a trailblazing journalist at afghanistan's 1st all female t.v.
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station tells us her story. hello there is a bit of a coastal flood risk at the moment because this circular is running at the eastern side of the u.s. but the real story has been the cold recent dana if this and the cold came together to be huge amount of snow you can see what might happen because here's the forecast the rain in the carolinas moving northward as well just on the coast really and the snow not much of it but there in the midwest it's the 2 came together to be a blanket is there they're not quite going to make it this sort of diverts up to the east in canada and the rain meets it up there so yes east encounter could see a lot of snow but the u.s. gets away with it 3 degrees in chicago but the sun is out stop that warm anyway 3025 in miami come to think of it and the pacific coast looks fine is wet when you
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read when you reach washington but it's rain you know it is not snow this time now you could argue and you'd be right to that this line here is a cold front that's bringing the cold around the u.s. so only 25 in have on a significant rain and thunderstorms quite possible down in nicaragua as a result of the meeting of the 2 air masses if you like of the sun's out in cuba on monday and even in mexico the sun is out very few showers and is still $22.00 surprisingly in mexico city. this to some make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania. to a stage wait for the jobs they come entrance to makes a statement pizza deep on becoming the world's best. music site
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a little bit shorter so i wanted to. put this before the club. make the top your goal. this is al jazeera or mind over the top stories the united nations is warning violence in bolivia could spin out of control and prevents new elections on friday at least 8 supporters of former president abel morales were shot dead sure in fighting the security forces iran's government is standing by its decision to increase fuel prices despite protests across the country one person was killed and
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several others injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery the interior minister is warning security forces will act to restore calm if needed. turkey's going kurdish y p g fighters for a car bombing in northern syria at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion happened to the city of al-bab in aleppo countryside. u.s. impeachments investigators have questioned a white house official about president donald trump's decision to block military aid to ukraine mark zandi is the 1st person from the office of budget management and budget to speak at the inquiry trying to pressure on ukraine is that the hearts of a democrat lead probe or the president is accused of using the aid as a bargaining chip to encourage ukraine's government to investigate its political rival joe biden shihab rattansi has the latest from washington d.c. . wednesday's public testimony by the current u.s. ambassador to the e.u.
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gordon sundin is now turning out to be the one of the key moments in this investigation he's already raised eyebrows because in his initial deposition to congress he said he knew nothing about any kind of quid pro quo and then subsequently a few weeks later he submitted written test of it said oh you know i said i didn't know anything about a quick break or in fact it was me who told you queen officials that if they did some digging on the bidens or maybe the military aid that we promised you might be released quite a change he didn't tell congress that at the time now on friday we had information from a staff that the ukrainian embassy that he was present at a lunch i saw them hold on trump on his cell phone and from said so are they going to do the investigation words to that effect and some of them said not ever going to do it i love you though that having anything you want again something he didn't tell congress during his initial deposition or the subsequent written written deposition and then on saturday we have information from the national security
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council's expert on russia and europe and by and large there was a very good day for donald donald trump this deposition does support many of the old trump's assertions that i was nothing wrong with the july 21st call that it was only classified into a secret because of a mistake and and so on but and in fact far as he was concerned no one really knew about any quid pro quo of the ukrainians themselves weren't necessarily aware of an arms freeze until late august until september the 1st one golden some of them told them that maybe a quid pro quo might work again all of this information hasn't been hasn't been shared with congress by some grand himself on the key question now will be when golden sun and i'm told the ukrainians give us the burden and other and that the arms the arms will be released was he acting on his own initiative or was he acting under the orders of gold trump that's going to be key it's interesting that
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morrison the person who from the n.s.c. seems to think might be acting on his own initiative perhaps but that's not going to be a key question. vote counting is underway after elections in sri lanka that were dominated by releasing religious tension and a slowing economy former defense secretary rajapaksa and such is providence or are the chief main candidates muslims who make up 10 percent of the population say they faced her services since attacks on churches and hotels in april that killed more than 250 people has more from colombo the crucial fears of the 200-1000 presidential election is underway the count as you can see the ballot boxes coming in buses like this to the main counting center here in colombo one of the main centers royal college the election commission chairman. has spoken about the conduct of the election today the 1st. the 1st.
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real. day we. see incidents and counting all of the votes is going on right throughout the night this process ease being duplicated in counting centers in every single district obviously security as you can see around me is very tight to ensure the security of the ballot now what we've heard in terms of voter turnout we've heard that there has been around 80 percent the main question is going to be which of the frontrunners go tubby rajapaksa the former defense secretary or sergeant perimeters of the minister of housing which of them secures more than 50 percent of the vote if they are not able to do that the count goes into a 2nd round where preferential votes will be counted that becomes a little bit more complicated but sri lankans throughout the country are waiting to
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find out the results of those processes. and parents met this also in colombo with more on the main contenders. next president. got a pirate ship packs and knows as he goes to the buddhist priest that he can rely on support from voters within sri lanka's majority things but he also needs support from minority muslims and tamils too if he is to win this presidential election many of them are nervous of the prospect of a return to power of the rajapaksa got a pie was defense chief and his brother mahinda was president at the end of the civil war which the un estimates killed 40000 people that party also courts nationalists this is a big clue lanka get in with. some stuff in sri lanka a sense of a monitoring election violence say the poll has been free but not necessarily fair with reports of people being pressured on how to vote we have never seen that much
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influential factors like leaders leaders are coming forward from or one particular political party. such as prima das is the only other realistic contender in this election he gets support from rural buddhists and minority groups who could swing the result in his favor. the ruling coalition is choice but this is a government that ignored warnings about the easter sunday suicide attacks that killed 263 people prompting rajapaksa to announce his candidacy we are hoping for a new future 3 lanka and. there are a candidate and the same there are many candidates so it's going to be a very competitive. and i just hope that. you know whoever gets elected can deliver on their promises and ensure a safe nation and a prosperous nation and everyone can sort of believe in peace 60000000 people were eligible to vote they had 35 candidates to choose from. the run up to sri lanka's
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last presidential election was marred by violence and widespread intimidation this time it's been more peaceful it is though a tight race where passions are running high furnace smith al-jazeera columbus. protests in the west african nation of guinea have led to at least 20 deaths since they began last month it's feared proposed constitutional amendments will no president colm say to run for a 3rd term mohamed file reports. that the family of abdullah is devastated they say he was shot dead during an government protest in the guinean capital conakry on fears that his wife was left to bring up the 3 month old baby on her own she says she tried to prevent him from going out to join the protest. i am of the military one my husband did not come home and after his friend called my
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sister and said they had killed him i said it's a joke we had just parted before he left i told him don't go out and i tried to call him and ask him to return but he was not picking up my calls and he never came back. police killed 2 other people opposition supporters wearing red jackets took to the streets to voice their anger at president up for conduct and to reject his plan to change the constitution so he could run for the new lives in a. really good man knew the protesting in order to prevent the foundations of the republic from being destroyed in order to keep him men in power we are not against him in person but we are against him remaining in power beyond his term in office. the latest demonstrations were called call by the national front for the defense of the constitution the alliance leading the protests young protesters been tireless in the streets of the capital torched abbas police said they used force off to
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protest as little stones at them was public anger against constitutional reforms began several weeks ago and there have been many violent confrontations with security forces since then at the least 20 people have been killed. i'm listing international has condemned what to describes as a human rights abuses in guinea including the deaths of protesters at a huge number of arbitrary arrests her advice or desire. military sources in the democratic republic of congo say rebels from the allied democratic forces armed groups are attacking the eastern region of benny at least 15 people were killed in the attacks in the same area on friday nights the a.d.f. rebels are retaliating after the army and un peacekeepers forced a major new offensive against the group last month it's mainly based in dense forests near the ugandan border. lebanon's former finance minister has withdrawn his name from contention to be the next prime minister mohammad safadi said it
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would have been difficult to form a harmonious cabinets in a statements he added that he hoped i would go in prime minister saad hariri would be renominated sudan's former president says be back in courts own corruption charges or marlborough's shearer admits receiving millions of dollars from saudi arabia police found piles of foreign and local currency at his home after he was arrested the sheer was forced from office in april after months of anti-government protests. many patients with severe but stable heart disease could benefit from medication and lifestyle changes rather than surgery that's the finding of a major study backed by of us governments which observe more than 5000 people over 7 years is the biggest yet to compare invasive options like stents with more conservative treatments including cholesterol lowering drugs an aspirant the study says if adopted into practice the findings could save hundreds of millions of
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dollars in health care costs well ali khan is dean of the university of nebraska medical center college of public health he says the study backs up the findings of earlier research. i absolutely would represent recommend the more conservative therapy and so this is now the 2nd time in over a dozen years that i think we've really for once and all answered the fundamental question that if you have stable heart disease should you use medical therapy and lifestyle marta cations or should you go on and include invasive treatment such as dancer or a cardiac bypass and the data is pretty clear 5000 people 37 countries one $100000000.00 to do this study stick with the drugs and the conservatives there are people the findings apply to people with stable cardiac disease if you're if you're having a heart attack then yes you should go on and get some other invasive therapy but if
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you have stable disease then you will do just fine with conservatives there however people who have severe stable heart disease so you know if they're walking and they have severe chest pain then the studies suggest that they'll have a better improvement in their quality of life however they're not more likely to live longer or not have a heart attack or not require hospitalization this year's fair under prices been awarded to not a journalist and t.v. it's the 1st all female t.v. station in afghanistan one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists the pair underprice owners are stunned and work to promote democracy well speaking to all just syria this year's winner described the dangers she and others face. now you all mean my name is not to allow me i've been a journalist with design t.v. for the past 3 years in a host of to my home have been about what i remember of the day i realized i wanted
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to be a journalist i decided i would study to become one but my family was against it they said i could never become a journalist you just buy a car and then i paid a capital i would like to believe i'm a feminist and want to be able to work for women so i decided to join zhan t.v. afghanistan's 1st all female t.v. station i would like to dedicate this prize to all the women of afghanistan. those big king bread and. those getting beaten by their husbands those raising their children and facing abuse and to those nameless women who are yet to discover their own identity and the purpose of their life let me get it takes a lot of courage to be a woman in the afghan society in a place where the most common answer you get is no and you're told that your rightful place is your home and you do not have the right to raise your voice to ask for your rights it's as if we're lesser humans with another sonia but i will
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continue being a journalist until the last breath of my life which means that i have chosen my red line if the terrorist groups including the taliban return we fear that the few rights we have achieved would be taken back rights like me bravely introducing myself in front of the camera or other rights that afghan women have today they would aim to take those back from us and throw us back to all those dark days but i will stand against them this is my responsibility to defend myself and all the women around me we will defend all our rights and achievements. and finally american football's free agents can compare nick has held an audition work and hoping to return to the n.f.l. he previously accused the league of blacklisting him over his protests against racial injustice the venue of the triad was moved out the last minutes with copernic saying the n.f.l. wasn't allowing media to attend the original location representatives of at least
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25 teams were set to attend the event. mothers much more on this story and the rest of the day's news on our web sites the address of course al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera and these are the top stories the united nations is warning violence in bolivia could spin out of control and prevents new elections on friday at least 8 supporters of former president ever marlice were shot dead during fighting with security forces speaking to al jazeera in mexico city of amara says he is now looking at how he can return home. as i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship of
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the kurds. turkey is blaming kurdish y p g fighters for a car bombing in northern syria but no one has claimed responsibility for the attack at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion it happens near busy bus station in the city of all in aleppo countryside. iran's government is standing by its decision to increase fuel prices despite protests across the country one person was killed and several others injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery the interior minister is warning security forces will act to restore calm if needed yemen's transport minister has criticized a power sharing deal signed last week with separatists in the south. and the said the safety brokered deal threatens the legitimacy of his own government's job one he was targeted in a car bomb attack just hours after initial deal was announced the riyadh agreements
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aims to end months of violence between government forces and u.s. backed fighters large far as have been burning or owns a home kong university after protesters hold petrol bombs towards police security forces far tear gas is back at demonstrators and some of the most dramatic scenes of the last 5 months of protests in the city. and forecasting is underway after elections in sri lanka that were dominated by rising religious tension and the slowing economy former defense secretary go to buy it rajapaksa and such as prime adults are the 2 main candidates muslims who make up 10 percent of the population say they faced a still iffy since attacks on churches and hotels in april that killed more than 250 people all that show up states to stay with us here on al-jazeera the use continuous after counting the cost. was taken to military or was that our say millimeter not. in force they were sector the intention was to make sure
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and their routine jurors were no longer an entitled to their basic rights for citizenship one servility were for when you want to become complex where a moving car basically your prince exiled coming soon on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week are we witnessing the end of globalization as we know it breaks it make america great again make in india is this a backlash against trade or just another economic. this man is worth more than $100000000000.00 he's overtaken bill gates to become the 2nd richest man we find out how a why france like many other western nations is becoming more unequal. and can
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christine legarde heal the rift inside the european central bank from ultra cheap money to the way the bank votes the.


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