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tv   Decline  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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i'm how he'd seen the top stories on al-jazeera sri lanka's ruling party candidate such as prime adult son has conceded defeat stude his rival good to buy at rajapaksa in the presidential election rajapaksa was the defense chief in the tamil tigers were defeated 10 years ago he's promising strong leadership in the aftermath of the easter sunday attacks let's go live now it's bernard smith in colombo burnitz sri lanka seems has a new president. does such a criminal us or accepting defeat an offering his congratulations to you got
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a pile rajapaksa it's a return of the rapture packs of brothers to power in 2015 mahinda rajapakse of the younger brother sensationally lost the presidential election kicked out by an electorate that was frustrated with constant reports of nepotism and corruption and concerns over the very brutal crackdown on tamil tiger fighters towards the end of the country's civil war this time around it seems like the rajapaksa is not let the made the same mistake twice they made sure that they got out the similar buddhist vote that 75 percent of the population of this island is similar buddhist they got the majority of the support they got them out of the polls and they got just over that 50 percent needed to win which is why. conceded and sat on the office congratulations saying we've just witnessed the most peaceful presidential election in the history of our independent republic our ok ben it's both in colombo thank
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you. the united nations is warning violence in bolivia could spin out of control and prevents new elections on friday at least 8 supporters of former president over morales were shot dead cheering finds in the security forces speaking soldiers here in mexico city morale is said he is now looking at how he can return home to bolivia. i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship the coup. fresh violence has erupted surrounds a hong kong university campus with protesters higher than petrol bombs and bricks police police in foreign tear gas and water cannon demonstrators in return for a 2nd day in a row bring you live pictures there from the scene in hong kong where the unrest continues iran's government is standing by its decision to increase fuel prices
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despite protests across the country one person was killed and several others injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has backed the price hikes and called those certain farts public property bandits and the conservative u.s. state of louisiana has voted to keep a democrat says as governor john bell edwards a stunned republicans again by narrowly winning a 2nd term this despite 3 campaign visits by president donald trump in an effort to return seat to republican controlled meanwhile u.s. impeachment investigators a question the white house official about president trump's decision to block military aid to ukraine what sandy is the 1st person from the office of management and budget speak at the inquiry trying to pressure on ukraine is at the heart of a democrat led probe the president is accused of using the aid as a bargaining chip to encourage ukraine's government to investigate his political y.
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vote joe biden. and yemen's transport minister has criticized a power sharing deal signed last week with separatists in the south. the said these saudi brokered deal threatens the legitimacy of his own government's job when he was targeted in a car bomb attack hours after an initial deal was announced the riyadh agreement aims to end months of violence between government forces and the u.a.e. backed fighters and turkey is blaming kurdish y p g fighters for a car bombing in northern syria but no one has claimed responsibility for the attack at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion that happened near a busy guy station in the city of bob in aleppo countryside. those are the headlines here in al-jazeera to stay with us the news continuous after the color of .
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the caliphate. a form of rule in islam. that lasted for almost 13 centuries. from the death of the prophet muhammad. to the overthrow of the last ottoman caliph and $924.00. the arabic term for caylee's 8th 25 which actually in essence simply means a successor or a adept. the ruler of the islamic world would call himself caliphate resort in law the success of god's message. through the centuries. the title of color is a term that has been used. in the time abuse. in june 2014. a militant group calling itself the islamic state in iraq
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and the levant or ice or. declared the establishment of a caliphate. they call rejected by most muslims around the world. reached into the past to appropriate the title of caliph. the group claimed its leader abducted by the dead. as a descendant of the prophet muhammad's own tried. to look into it and i don't know what i should want to cut off when i had a bit of flesh. that could have been offered an out of the flesh. they have should be out there would be plenty maybe if you'd have a look. this is the story of how the title of caliph began in the prophet's tribe. and how 9 centuries later
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the title was used by people of a different race. how different dynasties rosenfeld. ending with the decline of the ottoman caliphate. this is the story. of the caliph. saudi arabia. the holy city.
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was here in the spring of the year 571 but muhammad the prophet of islam was born into a family belonging to a tribe called. well aged man and more covered less as i'm a fugitive a lot of me you know how to just get out of. what i can that. modifies the act well be that then i'll be what i use gonna die if not i'm going to gamble up up. 61 years later. homage to medina the capital of the new islamic states. in the problem of success in. one thing seemed clear to new kind of how to come from the prophets trying.
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they had the in front of a milk the i that i love being in a lefty had the. lack in how the us and the other to have a shot of your own womb is emmanuel snow any other 30 feet in modern one and gun after. all of that if you listen. for 300 years after the prophets death the kind of it remains strong. but by the mid 10th century. the most of the road had from. divided now between 3 colors all 3 descendants of cornish.
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and centuries to come one by one. each of those 3 kind of fits would crumble and fall. short. who are forward. looking to spain. competent of the undersea into my youth kind of. distance running the way you did history that drew from the mask. in the 7th and 8th century. the death of the 2nd caliph of hakan. in the hof a century of chaos among members of his family. and
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1031 the 9th and last minute callous the shan. was forced to stand down. i'm going to the most of the. a look on the board in the lobby what you know but you know yes you know. that's all i'm going to answer. then is that you know full well. that out of. the. the. across the mediterranean the 40 minutes in cairo also fell victim to better inform the. 102106 callous attack and.
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mysteriously disappeared in the book at them hills outside his capital. his death almost certainly at the hands of his own family. would be the start of the fact that it's long claws. from the late 11th century onward. it's increasingly losing control of affairs and that the political and military elites are starting to take over the state. in baghdad. the ambassador was suffering a similar thing. by the middle of the 11th century. jukes a rising turk in a city that seized control of the colors. etc.
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i love the moon what go on in but out the lack in the 11th yeah let me. why in the am i gonna shout son but. me. the subject rulers were the 1st to take the title song tong. an arabic word meaning authority. and in the trials to come the defenders of islam. would be sold thongs of known arab birth. clapham all fronts. the structure of pope urban the 2nd pointing east.
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in november 1095 from the city. he launched a christian campaign to recapture jerusalem in the holy land from the muslims. the crusades. clear more was planned by the pope to be an s.m.b. where he resorts his authority to declare war. in attend 96. the crusaders set out on arduous overland eastward journey. after 3 years of demanding travel and fierce battles. they finally reached their goal. in july 1099 kristie and it's
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captured jerusalem. there's a major massacre muslims died jews dead even some eastern christians who the pins in recognize as christians died and the chroniclers from the crusaders perspective present this is vengeance for the blasphemy that these saracens had done to the jesus's holy city of jerusalem. for another century sturdier jerusalem that surrender to the 2nd caliph of this land on. the 10 my tonight. has muslim song to confront the marauding crusaders. a slam faced a burning question where was the caliph. be
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a bastard at that point had no military force which they could have sent the father caliphate they had lost their syrian lands to. local warlords so when they saw the crusaders coming in they probably were quite happy to see that these was up us we're now facing a major problem with these clearly quite strong military contingency moving in from europe. large areas of the levant were occupied. divided by the christians into 4 distinct fiefdoms. but after half a century of crusaders success muslim slowly began to fight back. but it was not the caliphs were led to fight.
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damascus syria. in the middle of the 12th century this city was the capital of the zinc it's a turkish dentist founded by a magic. the governor of northern living. in 1144 he had secured the 1st muslim victory against the crusaders. wellwood him out of the whole product he him out of the. eleusinian we have an interest and that he intended. and to. be and then to be in kenya. in 1146. succeeded his father in the struggle against the crusaders and deliverance.
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2 decades later he would be fighting over another crisis. one of the habits of the so. full of as how tim it's all to me. movie begins in key and you 2nd dolphy watch out so me in such a subtle ascended call what time you can mature of course a lot could be said. after 5 years of. should call noted dean's kurdish general succeeded both in defeating the crusaders and seizing control of the fata caliph. he was succeeded by his nephew salaheddine. the man known to the west
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a solid. so he thought that his political career as the was leader of the falcons so he had to acknowledge the supremacy of the father of the for 2 years. but 1171. so long switched his allegiance. bringing an end to a hop centuries of the faults of its caliphate and declaring egypt's loyalty to the opposite caliph and but that is. why i said i had seen that this is but most certainly is that i've been had one problem that he had no legitimacy. so the main selling point for sale he didn't throughout his career was about. the car cost jordan. one of the largest crusader forts in the levant.
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from this powerful position the crusaders began to harass muslim trade caravans. threatening even make it so. some had been unified to syria and egyptian political landscape and the only remaining. you would polities with it was say the states so it was natural for them to move again. in july 11th 87 here in northern palestine but the place known as the horns of the tongue. so a lot of these forces crossed the crusaders. 00. 00. 004 months later jerusalem surrendered but.
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this time not to an arab calif but to a kurdish soltani. aleppo not for some time machine but can you make any feel beautiful if. and if allowed bessie . life and. let it be when it was leaving be shaken i am like a lot of different. check in. the defeat at the team was a turning point for the crusaders. driven back to a strip of much to rein in coastline. they consolidated their position with massive costs and strategic points like side 11. but just as this threat to the islamic world was subsiding. a danger of even
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greater proportions was gathering strength. this time. in the east. an ancient school in back that. built by the ambassador caliph. it was part of a desperate effort to recapture the golden age of the early our best caliphate. in 1242 and most awesome succeeded his father as the 37th calif. but he would soon face a new danger. the approach of the moment boards.
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of the patients by the mongols overall was seen as the major turning point in the recent history and when the moments came there was a clear sense of. the way of holding things. they will continue to. generate 1258. among groups reached. within 2 weeks the opposite. of been brought to its knees. the caliph and the stasi was execute. the great city reduced to ashes. a 500 year caliphate had come to an end. it was a moment that was but
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a watershed but also a confirmation of a situation which it actually existed for quite a long time. some scholars of agi that it was of not any great significance because the real power of the apostates had faded away hundreds of years ago when they were just sitting around in that baghdad's palace and that their existence had very little meaning for the majority of mr. islam was now in peril. the only remaining hope was the new soto's of egypt the man who looks. brought the slaves from central asia to form an army for the e.u. bits. they had supplanted some other demons dentist.
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in september 1216 here at the in general in palestine. remember army but the mongols and that's. was a decisive victory for the most. the member looks at save the muslim world. and their tenuous legitimacy. was about to be strong. there was a member of the abbas and family who managed to escape from the slaughter in baghdad and make his way to cairo where the mamelukes of egypt subsequently recognized his descendents as kate lives in cairo and derive benefits in the sea from this kind of shadow puppet caliphate. bolstered by the caliphs indorsement in 12 months you won. the man looks put an end
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to 2 centuries of christian crusades. baker. the last crusade the fortress on the mediterranean was captured. meanwhile in anatolia a new muslim power was on the rise. of power which would carry the banner of islam to the gates of constantinople. in 629 joining the life of the prophet muhammad. the 1st ever battle between muslims and by sun times took place here in. southern jordan.
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oh the fight ended with the muslims defeated and their withdrawal to medina. but the setback would be temporary. the great progress. as of constantinople still back. stumbled into the paper on that f. and the miss that one alicia 50 how these again you let the costantini of an m.l.a. meet him it'll have any measure. you can only see the stumble of 50. you read arab jargon for most of the 10th and 11th century constantinople has described is the apple the ultimate prize that someday muslims will win and often the taking of constant no pulis presented almost apocalyptic terms of something that will bring on the final victory of islam.
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that final victory would fall to the ultimate ends of turkic most i'm trying to emigrate from central asia to settle and i'm told. they get these a month i have to do shut a lot of my demon of it that protestant on mammoth that it died in it is that in a quarter to that yeah. yeah then he stumbled a little. in april 14th 53 minutes army siege to the great city. 7 weeks later the whole timmons baffled their way to constantinople.
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and as the victorious. entered the city through this gate. an 800 year old prophecy had come to pass. this invalid importance was known to muslims and also for european christians suddenly one of the major capitals of cristen them become a muslim. but just as they tasted the fruits of victory. at the far end of the mediterranean. 800 years of muslim civilization. was about. to come crashing down. big stories generally found sense of headlines with different angles from different
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perspectives separate the spin from the facts. with the listening post on al-jazeera. and how i had seen and oh how the top stories on al-jazeera so long because it really was a candidate such as can feed it conceded defeat see his rival go to buy a rajapaksa in the presidential election rajapakse as the brother of former presidents mahinda rajapaksa and was the defense chief in the tamil tigers were defeated 10 years ago is promising strong leadership in the aftermath of the easter sunday attacks. the united nations is warning violence in bolivia could spin out of control and prevents new elections on friday at least 8 supporters of former president evo morales were shot dead securing facing with security forces speaking
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to al jazeera in mexico city of amara says he's there looking at how he can return home to bolivia. i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship of the coup. there's been more violence around a hong kong university campus with protesters filing petrol bombs and bricks at police police or fire tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators for the 2nd day in a row large fires have been burning around hong kong polytechnic university and some of the most dramatic scenes of 5 months of demonstrations. iran's government is standing by its decision to increase fuel prices despite protests across the country one person was killed and several others injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has backed the price hikes and call those setting fire to public property bandits and yemen's transport minister
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has criticized the parish sharing deal signed last week with separatists in the south so there are said these saudi brokered deal threatens the legitimacy of his own government's job when he was targeted in a car bomb attack hours after an initial deal was announced the riyadh agreement aims to end months of violence between government forces and u.s. backed fighters. the conservative us state so louisiana has voted to keep the democrats as is governor john doe edwards has stumped republicans again by narrowly winning a 2nd term this despite 3 campaign visits by president trump in an effort to return seats to republican control. that's you up to date got more news for you in a row 30 minutes time for knight is back caliph.
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the al humber. a muslim citadel callus. one of spain's most famous spawn humans. for more than 2 and a half centuries this palace in granada was the scene of the nasir. the last muslim dentist in the idea of insulin. sas a jack one or they don't pick a new or a no not study the roads with a straight up and if they get the nod body or they in calif up to the court of the
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president out of all circles he will not get to a overseas is the notice with either tonight i'm busy. in the early 8th century. muslims conquered most of the eye derian peninsula the province they called and that of sia. her. but the compering on me was on able to drive home their success. the remnants of the former rulers the physical fights took shelter in the mountains in the north. of the cult at the altar that it's called a lot of you want. a lot of. d.-day a camel it's a bloody see a lot of it's the. mountains of northern spain
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would become the cradle of new christian kingdom. thanks. kingdoms that would start a holy war not a complete stop 3 conquered by barry and peninsula and and what they saw as most of the capacious. last. can. last that it will cause all kind of look at that and did anyone see the least notion that it can it's a party to feed his body up. look at that a gun and do 70 m. hota hai no a minute no i mean the old silly you know i mean it's how dad hokum no i mean is that i did it. in 1031 after the
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fold they're made promises of called the ball. under the sea a broke up into several minor city states. easy prey for the christian. help was needed from across the mediterranean. america she. founded the 11th century capital of the moral. the sperber then esteem on the success of. the young one who's cross the sea to
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under the sea and to confront the threats from the spanish christian kingdoms. good and wonderful that have been eaten up is that it also if don't know that the hut that we know that's a symbol to muddy will go to what in your feet does the see what you missed in the few minutes of the most. bud oh heck if the let the hamburger was the whole jihad if it defend one if you know that and then else. the whole while the i thought one . for more than a century that a computer was held at bay. until the year 1212 when the christian kingdoms of custody. are gone. portugal united against them walking. here east of cordoba. a battle took place which immortalized the name of this man
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for the. last thomas thomas. and forces heavily defeated by the united states. and has money to what has been is what he did was to me but i can. go to the house of this was a vote of libya why they wanted to have the feel of that you know if it's not if. they wanted what the are. the you has. with them what you know if you monica above me and i don't. pristine forces continue to press south winds and by the late 13th century the muslim presence in spain was reduced to the tiny mustard kingdom of granada. genesis. and its many who do almost seem heady and
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medina above couple who can also get the more i mean the guy that's why me to forget it it's going to smoke. how do you need the money idea to win with. this animal it's a what's what. you're doing at home mellon misdeeds is used as the wow team. in 1491 united on these of the 2 christian monex green. and king fernando vida gong made seeds to bring out the. muhammad the 12th the not so it's a long sentence desperate your quest for help. but this time there was no answer.
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was. he. come. with no sign of help appearing. in the city surrendered to the spaniards. done on bought her. son. well. you know we. come.
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in january 14th 92. the spanish and 3 grown up. on a computer stuff. was complete. and then we sure. got off. the scene and that was really. i'm a national couldn't x. could do well and. a father for that i think there's. 1492. marked the end of muslim rule in spain.
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that same year christopher columbus arrived back in grenada. he brought news of his discoveries to a sponsor. is about. a new or was about to open for the christian. while the muslims are about to start fighting each other over an old title. the cattle. call. 1453. istanbul. no longer called constantinople. was made capital of the autumn and. an empire that the already made inroads into christian europe.
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but the soul tom was a remains lay here in this mosque of the difference from. selim the 1st came to power in 1512. 5 years later he had toppled the man looked in history in egypt and tripled the size of the ottoman empire. when the ottomans conquer egypt they take over from the mamelukes they can claim to be protective of their holy muslim sites mecca and medina and they feel like in harry the mantle of being caleb's from shadowline of apostate cain ifs in cairo. so ponce you are
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one of those who do fine if you knew the truth to have been uncovered based on. wasn't it that a good. move on if it did it. they get it or really can get away that you stumble but you don't think. you could try to do it we can do it and hung it's kind of a lot of dumb. but it is the. the topkapi palace. legendary residence of the martin. 1517. the sultan's awarded themselves another honor targets of. the most annoying centuries after the foundation of the cult of 6 there's. the
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title that slipped from the hands of arabs on the project. the prophet strong. the ottomans don't seem to have made a huge amount of being k.f.c. and whilst they did claim the title it was more of an honorific or something that indicated that they were 1st among muslim on. so the ottomans were not initially in the 16th 17th 18th century really claiming to be universal muslim really. yet after a slow decline of 3 centuries. the successors of these great ottomans all tones. were turn once again to the caliphate. in a desperate attempt to rescue their falling empire.
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the. palace istanbul. the residence of savannah the honey the 2nd who came to the throne in 1876. he was a skilled carpenter. crafted most of his furniture. as he chiseled in plain the carpenter salt on was contemplating the gradual loss of territories. by the late 19th century. much of the mighty ottoman empire was disappearing
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from the mouth. of the yet well a couple he left. but if but if it got to jemaah islamiya it's something that's monumental joe oh how. you had that what you thought of a. whole helluva of them about the bonus money and then about the match. that. bob just i mean cut them don't know is funny and people would be of a but she's so ill cut them had to be immediately and i think he's just the only and medina in the world. but those can. use them as a model. but the still tons attempt to exploit the spiritual power of the title kind of could
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not save. in 100009 opted jaime was deposed. mushmouth little shop was installed as the 35th so-called ottoman states. and go his coronation was mocked by lavish traditional festivals and truths he was powerless. little fishies bookings that he divided or smaller then let the they stay down all small a day that did it up the paths shouted out at me i may fade out it here because that that i keep good name is beautifully committed that is you did good by committing got it here. i am in nov 19th 14th. the ultimates entered world war one on the side of the central powers.
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whole evil in the name of the colonists a war that refused disastrous for the coming. on the other side of a treacherous western powers song i'm not sure. but if i'm camping in the caribbean monopoly on my neck and back and may summon monopolists not to. he went up. when he got it from going to know how do you know my. friend said that somebody in the dhamma to have been a formal result of the men who survived. and to encourage the arabs to rise up and revolt. the british to return to the ancient power of the coliseum. and the person. mad as shit for $706.00 of the international law even i would know something the
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white. house and identify the. most a warm and humid. day he had been in kidney of some of. the folks. in june 1016. what was called the great arab revolt erupted in. a desert region in the west of what is now saudi arabia. under the. sun. and with the help of a british officer. lawrence. forces of france northwards supported by the british were tacked on to prague. within 2 years in 1918 the joint forces had taken the whole of the levant and iraq. in october of that here
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an armistice was concluded. the ultimate suffered a humiliating defeat it. in july 19th 80. 4 months before the end of world war one. a new swoop on spring. he was to rule over what was left of the old from an empire. virtually nothing anatolia and istanbul. but even this would soon be lost.
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just 2 days after the end of the war french or british troops marched into lucky boy in the autumn and company. you and i told you was divided between the western powers. to make it what do ya is it and they can't take this fall swan they have it. with them it's. in the things in the the other one changing the bombs as they did just that yoke. turkish nationalist resistance broke out. after 3 years of bloody fighting. the turks succeeded the brits and i took.
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only a stumble was left occupied. and in it was a small town now if you would by nationalist turks as a traitor. be taken to court to select a new president was laid out there like that to follow it up i'll be fair cautious a little not a blush to the same instead of. the it up shit is. i know is a monday signed. but i don't want to mustn't use them yet. how to get a caution given the steady let. in on camera on the 1st of november 19th 22. the turkish national assembly abolished the sultanate. 2 weeks later. midway did. so tongue and calif. left the dome
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a budget palace. the residence of ultimate rulers. through this gate bound for exile. up in madrid the 2nd was chosen to hold the now largely symbolic tie to come. to the kitchen with the mom says they got it down the aisle but they get that. the next civic need that they can order up on the lead up to the honey thing called a must see the same day as that and then all the bushwalk. all the money that had come for them says she will leave it there altogether to be made. on the 3rd of march 19th $24.00. the last vestiges of the caliphates were
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dismantled by the new turkish republic. the title of the university of islam. a title 13 centuries old. and been terminated by muslims themselves. to magick. the last autumn in color. was sent into permanent. washington dualists not me i'm a predator she got an email from a pretty. good on be. one of the top of my. before you jump. that high you feel india. the name your love.
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all over the call the call that all of the. state. of the. honey field ensure that. those that. get on there. that caylee is meant to be a universal figure who draws support from the misnamed community as a whole that is obviously not the case with a bucket and the fact that a long historical record also shows that when people can gain broad based consensus that caliphate automatically becomes invalidate. the caliphate is such an extraordinary entity. as an outsider i wish that the islamic world like. had something represent all that
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shows the traditions of political violence or civil war but about the other side of islam which i'm afraid the west doesn't really understand. eat. eat eat eat eat meat. hello there's been some useful and heavy rain in lebanon has been snowing in iraq not much you'd think from the satellite picture but what is there is traveling south and changing the season the forecast was it looks like we'll be fine 11th moore's the whole event however stop truth iraq where rain is about to fall too
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it's been snowing on the high ground in iran and tear on my get some more is probably 7 degrees it won't last long if anything this area of iraq is getting slowly colder this is all high ground of course come down to the sea level and you've got a lot of rain and probably sundry and it'll be hanging around kuwait drifting south possibilities and storms in saudi of course they might reach bahrain even catarrh on sunday or monday now north of it is not particularly cobbers will be the winter change i think south of all this still quite warm 30 in the middle of a man but we are talking about squeezing $39.00 not easily getting to see how we're heading towards wintry weather the present time of year is also quite undone in southern africa particularly south africa or so storming kwazulu natal the rains and head across to madagascar though it does look like sunday is dry and jo'burg nicely warmer 28.
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from lagos to jerusalem to by a mob. history. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against eviction in their struggling communities the 1st time they arrested i was 11 years old a.j. selects on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. it is just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what
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it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. tree longas ruling coalition candidate concedes defeat and election overshadowed by the easter sunday bombings. and this is out of there alive also coming up tear gas and petrol bombs protesters and police clash as a university campus and hong kong. i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people a plea from exile evo morales tells al-jazeera he wants to return to been there via and finish his presidential.


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