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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's about telling the stories of those human beings out there with the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and welcome to the news out of life from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth coming up in the next 60 minutes a day of dramatic violence in hong kong as police and protesters fires around a university campus. opposition candidates go for a pox on claims victory in sri lanka's presidential election. the preliminary evaluation of the saudi arabia state owned oil company falls short of some
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expectations. i'm joined again with the sports controversial quarterback colin kaepernick holds a tryout session in front of team scouts but only on last minute change of venue we'll tell you why in the next 60 minutes. police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon on protest is that a university campus who's been throwing petrol bombs large fires have been in this around the hong kong polytechnic university and some of the most dramatic scenes 5 months of on the wrist all schools have been told to stay closed on monday because of the violence let's go to our correspondent vehicle pollen she is joining us live from hong kong it has been a hectic day there via what's happening there now. that's right elizabeth all day long you've seen police confront the protesters have barricaded themselves in front of their university trying to firing tear gas water
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cannon at them trying to get them to disperse protesters move back a little bit then they come back for then they hurl petrol bombs and stones and other projectiles and in all those hours we've seen the protesters basically move about 10 meters back after all that effort so basically what's happening here is this at the moment this area is the focal point of the protests the protesters are trying to barricades off not the university in particular but a highway behind the universities that have occupied a major highway behind the university it has it leads to a tunnel that goes connects the hong kong island to the rest of the city so that funnel also has been shut down and surrogates have put this on. the bill. logan firing $300.00 gas. cans from the other end of the street to. which you are getting tear gas we have to.
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this has been a lot if i were is not the main objective of these protesters is to protect that hand why we have got a lot of protesters have moved to words that i will not and the police have moved there to and from a lot of the focal point of the protests are moving our students here there are barricaded necessary and teaching our * police there still are brough of riot police are over there waiting to move forward at any point to clear this area so far they have been extremely restrained bonaire brought not so far been firing our party rather shining laser lights on them but one of those things they do to you i know i am and try to distract the police also so this is the scene here are going to act the young universe only technique university and this is the epicenter of the protest today on sunday and the v a it looks and sounds like
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a potentially volatile situation have we heard anything from hong kong authorities about what's happening. well the mcconnell parties have made to move to close down schools are as far as talking about the protests happening today no they haven't actually said anything about it but they have been trying to model actually not of certain areas where there are barricades have been set up and you'd see in a stone's across the street yesterday with they have the help of the p l a that's the chinese army to clean up the streets they came in their sports gear i would say probably not to alarm the hong kong residents here are wearing t. shirts and shorts and interestingly i have to point out is that in front of me there is a barracks of the chinese liberation army also the people's liberation army as this
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protest is taking place under the watchful eye until oct to see them or that's tear gas being fired again so you often see them coming out to take a look at what's happening but they're not intervening so far it is time not here and this is the main area of the protests but so far we're not seeing any major moves to try and defuse the situation. the view thank you for that for now that is the vehicle pile and with the latest live from those protests in hong kong thanks via. going to move on to other news now to sri lanka where the opposition party led by go the biologic park so has declared victory in presidential elections as rival sergeants play with us or conceded as early results put rajapaksa over the 50 percent mark needed to avoid a 2nd recount rajapaksa is the brother of former president mahinda rajapaksa and was defense chief when the tamil tigers were defeated 10 years ago the election was dominated by rising religious tensions and a slowing economy and a statement of theme of the masses said he'll stand down as the deputy leader of
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the united national party he went on to say we have just witnessed the most peaceful presidential election in the history of our independent republic this was a result of the democratic gains and institutional reforms that have taken place over the past 5 years that empowered and independent elections commission and restored the rule of law my appeal to the incoming president is that he take this process forward and strengthen and protect the democratic institutions and values that enabled his peaceful election as the 7th president of sri lanka a correspondent bernard spence is joining us live from colombo now so a return of the rajapaksa is to power burnet and this is a controversial rajapaksa. yes that is interesting in a statement from sergeant premadasa alluding to the changes made during the last administration changes made because of
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a suggestion the joy in the time of the rajapakse as there was an erosion of civil liberties of freedom of press as well as human rights abuses of those of the changes here if you're burning to the rajapaksa is a controversial because it was gazza by a rajapaksa who was running the defense ministry during the dying months and weeks of the civil war when the tamils were ruthlessly crushed the u.n. estimates some 40000 people were killed and there are human rights of accusations of human rights abuses hanging over pirate rajapaksa and his brother mahinda who was president at the time he was kicked out in 2015 now rajapakse as a back and then and what does that mean for the country. well we've seen that what's happened this time around is that the rajapakse is were very successful in corralling the vote from the sinhala buddhist majority is about 70 percent 75 percent of the population here and they lost some of those votes in
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2015 this time they got them all out and it seems most of those people have voted for them. premadasa was unable to get enough of the minority vote to secure a majority he got did get huge support from the tamils in the north but it wasn't enough he got support from the towns in the north because they are worried about rajapaksa they are worried about that some of the process progress that's been made in human rights in the progress that's been made in holding in accounting for the people missing during the civil war small progress only small progress and maybe even that may be rolled back by the rajapaksa as we also see perhaps a return to a strengthening of the relationship with china it was the rajapaksa is the took out a lot of loans from the chinese infrastructure loans a quarter of his of his 4545 percent of sri lanka's national debt g.d.p. is get a quarter of our 0 to china china leases
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a port on the southern coast very strategically important in lieu of payment of that debt we could see the roger roger practices warming again to china. that it thank you for that then it's now through the nation's live in colombo. now influential iraqi cleric. has called for a national strike on sunday protests totted in a toga against a neck of jobs and public services but the call in and to cause for regime change more than 320 people have been killed in the demonstrations natasha going to name as the nation strong baghdad. other roads were quite clark coming into tahrir square we're seeing a lot of students in the numbers do seem to be bigger than we would typically see this time of day on a sunday if you look behind me you can see pretty significant plume of black smoke there's likely the remnants of a tire fire i'm guessing that has been set by protesters you mentioned that the prominent shiite cleric sartor called for an issue not wide strike in iraq it's
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probably because his followers comprise the largest bloc in parliament they are the primary opposition and they are united with the protesters in calling for the resignation of prime minister. and calling for elections in baghdad as i said we're expecting more people in tahrir square than we would typically see on a sunday in basra things appear to be quite tense the ports the operations there are once again halted as protesters block the entrance we're told that they've blocked the roads to several oil fields in the lock the primary road leading from basra to baghdad there's no school today in basra in may soon and the local councils have actually given people the day off from work and school so we expect to see significant numbers of people attending protests there so really what we're seeing is that protesters are continuing to maintain their momentum and try to keep
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the pressure on a government that they believe has not gone far enough in its reforms right now we have drafts of an election law and a new electoral commission that are waiting to be reviewed by the parliament but of course the one thing that protesters want which is for the prime minister to step down has not happened. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali harmony has voiced support for a fuel price increase that sparked nationwide protests he denounced what he calls hooligans for taking part and sabotage this as riot police and security forces again forth with demonstrators across dozens of cities on saturday protestors unhappy with petrol being rationed and prices rising by as much as 200 percent barri has more from fed on. a number of incidents have been reported overnight and early morning by the official state news agencies here they include the setting a gas station on fire as well as attacking a police station in the city of shiraz and
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a number of religious right leaders have been arrested in the city of mashhad as well as about 60 people have also been arrested in a muslim their own province now all these incidents are being carried out by what the supreme leader has called hooligans the highest authority in iran has been speaking to religious students in tehran early sunday morning where he voiced his opinion on the latest news about the fuel price increase let's hear what he had to say. i'm not an expert on this issue but i said if heads of government make a decision i would support it and i will the heads of 3 branches have made a decision based on expert study so it should be implemented meanwhile the special committee has been meeting behind closed doors in parliament to discuss the developments of these fuel that's happened the speaker of parliament ali larijani has said that the parliament will support this decision as it stands and there will
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be a series of committees looking into how this price increase will affect the rest of the country and they will try to minimize the impact that this increase will have on other prices in the country to make sure that the people's concerns are addressed about rising cost of goods in the cities across the country. now military sources in democratic republic of congo say rebels from the allied democratic forces armed groups are attacking the eastern region of benny at least 15 people were killed in attacks in the same area on friday night the a.d.f. rebels are retaliating after the army and u.n. peacekeepers launched a new offensive against the group last month it is mainly based in dense forests near the ugandan border while staying in d r c and political security and cultural implications have made it difficult for health workers to contain an abattoir outbreak that's killed at least 2000 people
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since it began last year where doctors are now using the local leaders in a vaccination drive targeting one of the most hard to access communities in the country the pygmies catherine solar reports from benny. health workers in bailey have set up a medical camp next to an open child service on the sunday morning this service is attended by a reclusive bigley community living in villages in the congo forest doctors tell us the community has also been affected by it but convincing them to come to treatment centers will get vaccinated has been difficult. as many people as possible will say yes to the vaccine. and to convince them to bring in community leaders like esther months to talk to the rest. i was vaccinated in man dinner to show my people there's nothing wrong with it i tell them this is a war we're fighting. jerry jacqueline has brought her 3 children to be vaccinated
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. she is reluctant past the tells us she now sees the importance of it in general. i was convinced by our community leader i came for docs initial with my children because they don't want this disease to find us in our house i was told it kills people horribly. pygmies in the democratic republic of congo have been historic. marginalized. from hospitals or schools this is a community that moves around a lot leaving in villages such as this one in the forests those here have been vaccinated but accessing many others has been difficult this doctor tells us sometimes it takes hours walking through dense forest where rebel fighters also hide where we are now in this village work and come into. so they moved the village to another place is for that that we are working where we close with them get involved in the vaccination make them aware of the that they have.
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and so efforts continue to get this community vaccinated how far it is run to reduce the cases. to 0 by the end of the year and for that to happen they tell us no one can be left out catherine. benny is the democratic republic of congo. there are plenty more ahead of the news hour including the latest impeachment testimony spells more trouble for u.s. president donald trump we meet a trailblazing journalist at afghanistan's 1st for female t.v. station and youth triumphs of the experience of a terrorist 80. data. saudi arabia has put a preliminary valuation on that stage and oil giant a ram co of between $6.01 trillion dollars that is short of crown prince mohammed
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bin man's target of 2 trillion well the kingdom said it's looking to raise more than $25000000000.00 by selling a 1.5 percent stake in its oil company taking bids from investors and the final price will be set after that phase which ends on december 5th well let's bring in al-jazeera as economics editor said to put that 20 and a context but the world's most valuable companies like microsoft like apple a valued at around of what m.b.a.'s once that's right. the whole idea behind this was that basically the saudis would international markets so they encourage investors from overseas to invest in the country but so that they could do diversify the economy now m.b.'s of back in 202016 wanted 2 trillion dollars for this particular company but investors how baltar that particular price there's
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different variations and ways about to valuing completes now in this case it's all price it could have been free cash flow could have been a dividend but whichever way the investment bankers who were hired into valley the company they couldn't get up to that 2 trillion dollars valuation and then when they spoke to international investors and said you know what price would you put on this particular company many of them said. listen and think about 1.5 trillion we're just not interested in investing and now it appears to be the case that according to reuters for example who are saying that there wouldn't be an international roadshow so that when we go into national investors to see if they can raise money from those particular people now you talk about valuations of companies like apple and microsoft. current the world's most valuable company is worth $1.00 trillion dollars now investors know exactly what they're getting when they when that when they're investing again in microsoft they know exactly where the money is coming from where the money is going but in the case of the saudi
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aramco it's a totally different world completely slowly slowly through the prospectus and everything else that we're seeing and when it does list on the on the stock exchange will get to know a lot more about the company but right now there's too many obstacles for investors to invest in this particular company and not not just include in those but also the geopolitical risks involved. and how important is international investment to. to crown prince mohammed bin plans to diversify the economy for has an economic future so the whole idea as you know the what the saudis were initially wanted was to say to the international s's listen you know we want to move away from hydrocarbons you want to move away from the oil economy we want to invest in other parts of our economy. nancy's plan to build a $500000000000.00. city on the on the coast by and by jordan and
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egypt and they wanted people to invest in that particular project now. the problem for the problem for investors is that you know ok listen you know we want to put money into into saudi aramco but if you start to use saudi aramco as a piggy bank to invest in other things then we don't want to know we know that saudi aramco is good at producing oil and cheaply at that that the price as well so we are only willing to invest in that we don't want to be passengers in the in a vehicle which is driven by the saudi government which is going to say in the future in the future date listen there's another project that we want to invest in just like gazprom in russia the gas problem was forced to call for $50000000000.02 pay for the sochi olympics so investors are very keen to avoid other costs they want to see saudi aramco just investing in oil and that's what they're willing to invest in but at a lower cost lower price that is the economics editor abbott thank you abbott.
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now lebanon's former finance minister has withdrawn his name from contention to be the next prime minister mohammad saffi said it would have been difficult to form a harmonious cabinet and the statement he added that he hopes outgoing prime minister saad hariri would be renominated. or the news will be welcomed by these crowds have been protesting outside of these home in beirut they consider the billionaire to be part of the same elite establishment they want dismantled. the united states and south korea are postponing joint military drills for this month as an act of goodwill to bolster stalled peace talks with north korea u.s. defense secretary marcus for denies the move amounts to a concession to pyongyang but says it is an attempt to keep the door open to diplomacy talks between north korea's leader and u.s. president donald trump had stalled with no resumption inside. now the phone call
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between u.s. president donald trump and the ukrainian leader a lot of his lenski has been described as inappropriate by a senior aide to the vice president a transcript from jennifer williams who testified behind closed doors of the impeachment hearing last month has been released in it she also said trump's insistence that ukraine carry out politically sensitive investigations struck her as unusual she is due to appear again in a public hearing next week as is the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sandlin she had her chance she has more from washington d.c. . wednesday's public testimony by the current u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sundin is now turning out to be the one of the key moments in this investigation he already raised eyebrows because in his initial deposition to congress he said he knew nothing about any kind of quid pro quo and then subsequently a few weeks later he submitted written test of it said oh you know i said i didn't
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know anything about a quick break or in fact it was me who told you queen officials that if they did some digging on the bidens and maybe the military aid that we promised you might be released quite a change he didn't tell congress that at the time now on friday we had information from a stall for the ukrainian embassy that he was present at a lunch i saw him hold on trump on his cell phone and from said so are they going to do the investigation words to that effect and some of them said no to me we're going to do it i love you though that having anything you want again something he didn't tell congress during his initial deposition or the subsequent written written deposition and then on saturday we have information from the national security council's expert on russia and europe and by and large there was a very good day for donald donald trump this deposition does support many of donald trump's assertions that i was nothing wrong with the july 21st call that it was only classified into a secret because of a mistake and and so on but i don't fact as far as he was concerned no one really
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knew about any quid pro quo and the ukrainians themselves weren't necessarily aware of an arms freeze until late august until september the 1st one golden some of them told them that maybe a quid pro quo might work again all of this information hasn't been hasn't been shared with congress by some grand himself and the key question now will be when golden sun and i'm told the ukrainians give us the burden and other and that the arms the arms will be released was he acting on his own initiative or was he acting under the orders of gold trump that's going to be key it's interesting that morrison the person who from the n.s.c. seem to think that someone might might be acting on his own initiative perhaps but that's not going to be a key question. now this year's pay and unfair prize which honors outstanding work to promote democracy has been awarded to an afghan journalist. works for the 1st all female television station in afghanistan the country is regarded as one of the
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most dangerous in the world for journalists was speaking to al-jazeera alamy describe the dangers she and others face now while me and my name is not dry let me i've been a journalist with zine t.v. for the past 3 years in a host of them i go off to my home haven't you got i remember the day i realized i wanted to be a journalist i decided i would study to become one but my family was against it they said i could never become a journalist you just buy a car and then are paid a capital i would like to believe i'm a feminist and want to be able to work for women so i decided to join zan t.v. afghanistan's 1st all female t.v. station. i would like to dedicate this prize to all the women of afghanistan those big kingbird and. those getting beaten by their husbands those raising their children and facing abuse and to those nameless women who are yet to discover their own identity and the purpose of their life let me get this it takes
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a lot of courage to be a woman in the afghan society in a place where the most common answer you get is no and you're told that your rightful place is your home and you do not have the right to raise your voice to ask for your rights. it's as if we're lesser humans. about how. i will continue being a journalist until the last breath of my life which means that i have chosen my red line if the terrorist groups including the taliban return we fear that the few rights we have achieved would be taken back rights like me bravely introducing myself in front of the camera or other rights that afghan women have today they would aim to take those back from us and throw us back to all those dark days but i will stand against them this is my responsibility to defend myself and all the women around me we will defend all our rights and achievements not a moment to have the weather with the kevin but still ahead on the new sound i'm
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looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people. i play from exxon even my eyes tells al-jazeera he wants to return to bolivia and finish his presidential. by violence a moment and a generation ago may soon take center stage in the u.k. is janet election and how christiane of an elder could be about to reach and not a big milestone in his career that's coming up a chance for. we are continuing to follow our storm here across europe notice of the clouds here on our satellite image all the way up through central europe where that we have seen a lot of flooding we have seen a lot of winds and we're now seeing some snow heavy snow across parts of austria as well as switzerland across the region they have been dealing with heavy snow over
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the last 24 hours or more we have a lot of power outages in the region a lot of trees down as well as cell service is down across some of the areas as well and what you were going to be seeing more snow over the next few days the amount of moisture pumping in from the mediterranean continues over those colder and higher elevations so that's where the snow is going to be a big problem here is what we're seeing right now this area of low pressure continues to bring a lot of rain not only for italy but also up here towards parts of austria as well so this is what it looks like in this region where we see the snow we could be seeing another $120.00 centimeters of snow just in the next 2 days so that's something we'll be watching very very carefully we're going to break in the rain here as we go towards monday across italy but notice just to the west here we have another impulse this is spinning and it's going to bring some more heavy rain in the area so that's going to also lead to some more snow and those higher elevations in terms of accumulations it is going to be quite heavy across the region we're going to be seeing another $150.00 millimeters of rain so flooding is still on the
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rise across much of the area. whether sponsored by cancer. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable the people that are robbed of the h one n one is it difficult for you now. as in terms of trust that you trust on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for the chance to live out in the but to be because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism
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we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. and is a problem and these are the top stories this news hour police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon on protesters at a university campus has been thrown petrol bombs all schools have been told to stay closed on monday because of the violence. as election commission has formally declared. parts of a winner and the country's presidential election has rivals. conceded as early results put rajapaksa over the 50 percent. needed to avoid
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a 2nd recount and saudi arabia has pushed a preliminary evaluation of state owned oil giant to ram cargo of between $6.01 trillion dollars the kingdom says it's looking to raise more than $25000000000.00 by selling a 1.5 percent stake. now the new york times has obtained leaked chinese government documents it says reveal new details about beijing's crackdown on muslim weekers in the region it includes instructions to local authorities on how to handle students returning home and finding family members detained all missing how to mass control week is and plans to extend restrictions on to other parts of china president xi jinping private speech is calling for absolutely no mercy after a week of rebels killed 31 people at a train station in 2014 and the documents reveal how the crackdown worsened after
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a hardline political party chief took control of sion jang and 2016 the league also suggests there's more resistance within the communist party against the crackdown well let's get more on this we're joined now by max or min associate professor of asian history at georgetown university catherine he's joining us here in doha mr weightman very good to have you with us on al-jazeera it is an extraordinary leak i mean we've all heard about what's happening at these camps and shin jang but we have never seen the scale how methodical it is yes these documents are very important and among the various things that they do is they give us a lot of insight to the parts of this policy which are outside of the camps so for instance most of your viewers will be hopefully a little bit aware of the fact that china has been. involuntarily detaining large numbers of we are citizens citizens of the people's republic of china for the us to
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you. years that we don't know or many people don't know a lot about the sister policies the ways in which local branches and local street level offices of the congress party handle the children of the people detained how they do propaganda work on the streets how they manage information how they think about what's going on in the camps so this is really unique information gives us a lot of new insight into space for you how the government is trying to legitimate and work with local people in sin john and it's very significant me the one thing i would really want to stress here is that these are important documents because they shed light on what are clearly ongoing crimes against humanity. and do you think that these documents could change anything for the people. because again we have known about these camps for a long time the chinese government has been completely visit to any kind of
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international criticism or pressure about this i think that your your question is quite right in the sense that i don't think that the release of these documents and subsequent discussions and globally are going to change the chinese government's calculus on these issues i do think it's been certainly very embarrassing and these documents contribute to a broader knowledge about the indoctrination system these involuntary detentions and you know the tide of public opinion in many parts of the world is really shifting and this will play an important role there so i don't know if they necessarily cause the chinese to change their policies but they're definitely going to change attitudes in important neighboring countries like pakistan kyrgyzstan kazakhstan possibly pakistan as well and what the plans you know to extend restrictions on muslims around the country how much more important is it for other countries to put pressure on china. i think it's certainly important it's important
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that people when they learn about these types of crimes against humanity that they speak up about them. people in neighboring countries i was just recently traveling in his back to stan and i had met with many people were very concerned about what they were hearing news they were hearing from sin john and of course this changes the way they may accept or not accept chinese foreign aid or participate in china's huge infrastructure project called the one road one belt initiative so i think that may have some knock on ramifications for china's foreign policy especially within eurasia mr waxman thank you very much for your time on this we do appreciate it for now that is next watchmen live here in doha thank you. now bolivia's for president evo morales has told al jazeera that he should be allowed to return and complete his final term in office the united nations warns that violence and bolivia could spiral out of control and prevent new elections on friday 8 moralists apportions
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was shot dead fighting with security forces and there were further clashes between security forces and supporters of iran on saturday police have been marching from the region. to the central city of course well even madonna spoke to al-jazeera as john heilemann and outlined his next. up until sunday if more rallies was latin america's longest standing current leader now pressured to resign by the military after accusations of electoral fraud he suddenly believe he is former president and in exile in mexico but after less than a week he told our dizzier he's already planning to go home. i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship the coup he says if allowed back he wouldn't seek to run in fresh elections that's
1:37 pm
a bone of contention between him and the opposition but he still wants to complete the last 2 months of his term. i don't know why they're so scared of evo they don't want me to participate that's ok everything for life and for democracy i retire my candidacy but they should let me finish my term is that understood not understood by now interim president cheney and years she said he could face charges if he goes back with the coalition of discontent that started back in 2016 when moralists to change the constitution program for a full time there was a referendum the majority voted against you having a 4th. and afterwards. if you did it you did run again and that seemed to go against the spirit of democracy in the country where you could interpret it like that but so you know on the 21st of february 2016 the lie won enough lies to beat
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us with 70000 votes moral lesson the right united and beat us based on the lie you and c.n.n. were in on it the u.s. embassy prepared that lie he's on repentant the moment and he also insists that there wasn't fraud in the elections a month ago this by investigators from the organization of american states saying that they too was diverted to a secret service that there were clear manipulations he says that organizations politically motivated which of yells i had a lot of trust or some trust but now i don't have any in the oas i should be called the organization of the states of north america not america he did call fresh elections after the oas preliminary report but by then it was too late many c.f.l. morale is as a good leader who simply stayed too long you managed almost half of poverty the economy grew under you and you brought stability now. given
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what's happened if you could go back in time would you have run again for this 4th term would you have gone against that referendum or if you could have your time again would you have bowed out gracefully a look out of what was a was you don't look for the post of presidency at 6 you out that's my experience in the unions in my experience in the presidency and i want to tell you that after the 1st mandate i was happy content to go back to cochabamba is that when you win people's trust and go again and. that in the end may have been his undoing and then his way livia is in crisis with police killing protesters and violence from both sides meanwhile you can only look on from afar john home and out is it a mexico city. the u.k.'s conservative party is pushing for new legislation to protect soldiers from what promised abbas johnson calls unfair trials under the proposed law all veterans
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would not be prosecuted over historical offenses committed john operations in iraq afghanistan and closer to home in northern ireland where british forces were engaged in a conflict with irish republicans for decades lawrence lee explains. as well as being bogged down in elections it's that time of year when the u.k. honors its war dead and the sacrifices they made in that sea world wars when asked to go and fight the conservative party now wants that unequivocal support to extend to the actions of soldiers in more controversial conflicts. it's widely expected that in the coming days the conservatives will include in their election manifesto the pledge to protect by amnesty all british soldiers who fought in northern ireland during the conflict there including those already accused of crimes the newly appointed veterans minister in boris johnson's last government said as much on twitter suggesting the new law of armed conflict with
1:41 pm
a plan the battlefield and would override the human rights acts to protect soldiers past and presence from prosecution the implications are politically volatile one former soldier has already been charged and is awaiting trial over the killing of civilians on bloody sunday in northern ireland in 1972 with his case be dropped under the new law that will be explosive in republican parts of the province already deeply unhappy over the bracks it's i think a lot of these things will depend a political reality on where it sits on the political spectrum possibly you know in this in play politically for all sorts of things but like a blanket amnesty is it you know it's a major precedent because certainly bouts of. the new law would also provide blanket legal cover for any purchase soldier accused of a war crime or a human rights violation in any recent conflict in the middle east or afghanistan. would have been soldiers found guilty of torture being let off and as well as
1:42 pm
protecting rank and file soldiers but also give cover to more senior officers who gave illegal orders i would say that prime issue with all of this. is that there are attempts to prevent those higher up those with the greatest. from being looked at the law is aimed directly at traditional conservative so you think the british military has to a by far too many laws while enemies like i still and al-qaeda don't follow any rules at all but for all that there are concerns that soldiers already accused of serious offenses might simply be let off and also how exactly military commanders will interpret the new law on the battlefields of future wars. support for military veterans sponge raising job opportunities better mental health care are normally uncontroversial and are widely backed by the british public blanket protection from
1:43 pm
prosecution and abuse of power written into law may prove slightly more difficult to argue for largely al-jazeera london. now there's been violence in paris on the 1st anniversary of the yellow vest protest movement police fired tear gas and water cannon demonstrators after they build barricades and set cars and rubbish bins on fire and the movement began rising fuel prices and the high cost of living it quickly turned into a wide of revolt against president kong. reports from paris. it was meant to have been a moment for the yellow vests movement to shine again after a dramatic drop of support it weekly rallies with a brief but 1st anniversary brought a violent fringe up to the streets of paris with protesters building barricades against police. after firing tear gas at as they started to target the crowd directly at a car is to hit me in the head we are struggling to determine even though this
1:44 pm
isn't really representative of the whole movement across the country this is the side of the yellow vest protesters alienated much of from this movement it's trying to achieve these people a hard call. a group of individuals calling themselves members of the yellow dress movement were clearly bent on vandalism. but it didn't start like this it began as a leaderless revolt against the rising cost of living and a planned tax on diesel an attempt by president emmanuel mccrum to reduce carbon emissions it morphed into a movement against mccrone himself drawing many tens of thousands of people from the far right far left and everything in between my chromos forced to scrap the green tax and do more to help the poor but the yellow vests confused identity has led to its slow decline it has failed to transform into a political movement it has. been unorganized it has destroyed
1:45 pm
every spokesperson that has emerged and it has failed to go into election so on one side it's it has a huge impact on 'd the political landscape and on the other side has failed to put its mark on that landscape. micron has dampened tensions by holding town hall debate up and down the country half a 1000000 people have taken pass allowing micron to win back some support in opinion polls but activists have accused the government of excessive force against demonstrators 24 people have been blinded 5 have lost homes the victims blaming a liberal use of stun grenades and rubber bullets. the french economy is among the fastest growing in europe but poverty is growing to its powerful trade unions are calling for strikes and protests in december over pension reforms the yellow vests say they would join them micron may face a turbulent winter ahead. paris. at least 20
1:46 pm
people have died in protests and guinea thousands of demonstration against a proposed change to the constitution that would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term while the volga holds. the family of abdullah is devastated they say he was shot dead during an album of protest in the name capital conakry on fears that his wife was left to bring up the 3 month old baby on her own she says she tried to prevent him from going out to join the protest. i can look over the one my husband did not come home and after his friend called my sister and said they had killed him i said it's a joke we had just parted before he left i told him don't go out and i tried to call him and ask him to return but he was not picking up my calls and he never came back. police killed 2 other people opposition supporters wearing a hooded jacket stoop to the streets to voice
1:47 pm
a president up for condi and to reject his plan to change the constitution so he could run for the new i'm going to. read the d.n.a. in youth protesting in order to prevent the foundations of the republic from being destroyed in order to keep him men in power we are not against him in person but we are against him remaining in power beyond his term in office. the latest demonstrations were called by the national front for the defense of the constitution the alliance needing the protests young protesters been tireless in the streets of the capital and torched abbas police said they used force off to protest as little stones at them was public anger against constitutional reforms began several weeks ago and there have been many violent confrontations with security forces since then at the least 20 people have been killed. i'm listing to national has condemned what to describes as a human rights abuses including the deaths of protesters and huge number of
1:48 pm
arbitrary arrests 105 to 0. now many patients with severe heart disease could benefit from medication and lifestyle changes father then surgery that's the finding of a major 7 year study in the us it is the biggest yet to compare invasive options like stents but conservative treatments like cholesterol lowering drugs and aspirin the study says the findings could save hundreds of millions of dollars in health care costs because dean of the university of nebraska medical center college of public health and he says the study backs up the findings of early every said. i absolutely would represent recommend the more conservative therapy and so this is now the 2nd time in over a dozen years that i think we've really for once and all answered the fundamental question that if you have stable heart disease should you use medical therapy and lifestyle marked occasions or should you go on and include invasive treatment such
1:49 pm
as dancer or a cardiac bypass and the data is pretty clear 5000 people 37 countries one $100000000.00 to do this study stick with the drugs in the conservative therapy the findings apply to people with stable cardiac disease if you have if you're having a heart attack then yes you should go on and get some other invasive therapy but if you have stable disease then you will do just fine with conservatives there however people who have severe stable heart disease so you know if they're walking and they have severe chest pain then the studies suggest that they'll have a better improvement in their quality of life however they're not more likely to live longer or not have a heart attack or not require hospitalization. we have a sports news still ahead on the news hour a surprise in sao paulo we'll tell you who is on the sundance there's only one point.
1:50 pm
was taken to military or our city millimeter not. in forced labor sit down the intention was to make sure their group injures we're no longer entitled to be the basic right for citizenship rights once their villages were funneled into what is now become complex. basically. exile coming on al-jazeera. and inspiring quest for knowledge that led to remarkable achievements al-jazeera wells meets the algerian entrepreneur. who helped pioneer computing in the arabic language and the egyptian islamic scholar honored for his contribution to arab culture both building successful lives
1:51 pm
abroad but never think getting beverage. arabs abroad the translator and the innovator on al-jazeera. it's time to support his joe thank you controversial quarterback calling cap an excess he's ready to play anyway despite refusing to attend a tryout session organized by the n.f.l. in atlanta the 32 year old instead switch the venue to a nearby high school and how the loan session he says it was to allow the media to be present reports. this was billed as the 1st step in calling company journey back to the n.f.l. instead it became a slightly fossil chapter in the ongoing battle between competent and the league
1:52 pm
and f.l. bosses how to organize an official tryout in atlanta in front of $25.00 leagues counts they said in an effort to get him playing again although several players and commentators had suggested the whole event was a p.r. stunt by the league but at the last minute the quarterback moved the session to a nearby high school where kappa nick held his own tryout he said to allow the media full access obviously with everything today was making sure we had transparency what went on we were getting that elsewhere so we came out here is important here ground here we're ready. ready to go anywhere my agent jeff now he's ready to talk to any team interview a team any type of they're ready and stay ready now continue to be ready for their part the n.f.l. released a statement saying we are disappointed that colin didn't appear for his workout call his decision has no effect on his status in the league he remains an
1:53 pm
unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any club. well for the last 3 years no n.f.l. franchise has been willing to take captain it on ever since he left the san francisco 49 is at the end of the 2016 season cap and it made headlines in that season for kneeling during the u.s. national anthem ahead of games in a protest at racial injustice it prompted similar protests from other players as well as criticism from u.s. president donald trump after leaving the 4th you know on his cap and it became a symbol for civil rights and social activism to know if your dreams are praised but while his celebrity helped him win lucrative endorsements it didn't get him an n.f.l. contract in 2017 cap'n it took legal action against the n.f.l. and its commissioner roger goodell claiming team owners were conspiring not to sign him because of his protests the case was eventually settled out of court so we're waiting for the $32.00 owners that are to roger goodell all of them to stop running
1:54 pm
stop running from the truth stop running from pete stark happen excess he's ready to play but if saturday's events have proven anything is that there's still plenty of mistrust between the players and the n.f.l. al-jazeera. on to tennis now and stefana says a pass will play dominic team for the title at the a.t.p. finals later teen knocked out defending champion and best friend alexander's bear of in the semifinals on saturday 875 $63.00 the austrian also now moves up to one before. it will be a maiden final for both him and since a past who beat roger federer in his semifinal the 21 year old greek henri knocked out rafael nadal on friday beat federer who's 17 years his senior 636 for. the humans is the biggest one i can have and. today's the day swing victory. probably one of my only one of my best matches and of the season and. these are the
1:55 pm
ones that i always. wait for and these are the moments that i want to prove the best of my game. 4 time world champions germany have east past belarus to book their place at euro 2020 the germans led at half time thanks to mathias going to go in the 2nd half play on got at sky and toni kroos double wrapped up the formal way in germany top their group ahead of the netherlands. well the dutch 3 no mail in northern ireland which also ensures they qualify for euro 2020 there are also wins for belgium croatia wales austria and poland. portugal getting ready to face luxemburg in their qualifier on sunday the reigning european champions still need a win to confirm their place in next year's tournament also on the cards is another historic landmark for christiane are now doe number 2 goals would take the portuguese captain to 100 international goals in his career while that might sound
1:56 pm
like a pretty major achievement the man who holds the record is iran's early day who's the world's all time leading goalscorer on a 109 christianne are now is 2nd on 98 having scored a hat trick midweek in portugal 6 their victory over lithuania warmer now those big rival in our message is down in joint 16th place on the all time list having scored 69 goals for argentina. to play uruguay in a friendly in tel aviv on monday see messi face his barcelona teammate louis suarez you require arrived in israel late on saturday the match in front of 30000 fans had been in doubt because of intense fighting around the gaza strip and pressured to boycott the hosts last year argentina called off its world cup warm up against israel because of threats to the national team. that strive and will start from pole position for sunday's brazilian formula one previous stop
1:57 pm
and was fastest in saturday's qualifying at the into longer circuits in sao paulo the dutchman beating for all the sebastian vettel to hold position by just no point 123 seconds with world champion lewis hamilton in that this is the 2nd time in his career that misstep will start. to be the key for his age creating one prefix tree . car is really good i think drug courts are and you know the tractor mature is changing a bit so we had to just. yesterday away from q one the car was flying and there was actually a really really enjoyable to drive so are very happy with this because you should. be more french when fabio what i know will start from pole position at the season ending valencia moto g.p. on sunday the on her right of grabbing his 6 ball in his maiden season. all right that is a useful for now i have more from you later joe thank you very much for that and that does it for the news hour do stay with us from have all the updates from those
1:58 pm
protests in hong kong in just a few minutes thank you for watching. to . come up.
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with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in a big applying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off air and being seen pinned to realize in witness history in the making. the british iraqi journalist who's visualizing complex statistics in a simple. i think you're off as a summary sites of opportunities to break apart from those systems of power and so you collect data in a way that makes a represents different community challenging mainstream misconceptions the bike rates and handle ministrations doesn't alienate people it doesn't make people feel like i'm not small instances sons whose truth is that anyway.
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a day of dramatic violence in hong kong as police and protesters fires around a university campus. and i missed all the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. rajapaksa has declared the winner in sri lanka's presidential election. iran's leaders stand by their decision to increase fuel prices and impose rationing despite a furious response. for a legal way to go back to the people.


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