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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the teams 1st time they arrested i was 11 years old jason it's on al-jazeera. a university campus that's become a battleground police in hong kong want people to leave for their own safety. i'm stan grant this is al jazeera live also tell me. rajapakse of the man accused of human rights violations during the fight against tamil rebels is the quaids for like his next president. help for the poor iran's leader announces subsidies to try to subdue petrol price protests. falling short the initial valuation saudi arabia's
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state owned oil company is lower than some expect. to study in hong kong where police are on the brink of trying to break up a standoff with protesters that have been battling demonstrators for hours who have barricaded themselves in a university campus right mcbride has more from hong kong. another sunday afternoon another homecoming street turned into a battleground. at the end of a week that seen a marked escalation in the level of violence between protesters and police students took over several college campuses. polytechnic university is the last under their control and they seem determined to hold on to it i think. they call it cool but i mean it's not about we have a plan for the freedom. that i think without own they say we're not behaving like
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students but we are fighting for a better future. violence began early sunday when people turned up to clear surrounding streets of bricks and barricades and students resisted. police quickly arrived with water cannon and right vehicles. and probably more of the cannon are now working as they run some they barricades and they do not protest the thing to be falling back but are still pondering where more and more. the college campus is located next to an important cross harbor tunnel which is being closed for days it will likely remain closed until police can retake the campus also close by is a camp occupied by china's people's liberation army p l a soldiers looking on closely police say they've been targeted with long range projectiles 5 from the campus buildings with one officer hit in the leg with an
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arrow. they say the students now inside the campus face riot charges which carry a lengthy prison sentence in spite of the warning the students show no sign of giving up the pride al-jazeera homecoming. a familiar name in sri lankan politics is back in charge former defense minister got to rajapaksa has been declared the winner of saturday's vote his rival. conceded early results put rajapaksa at more than the 50 percent mark needed to avoid a 2nd count bernard smith reports from colombia. to his supporters mainly from the senhor put this majority by a rajapaksa is the president sri lankan. they believe he can strengthen security after the easter sunday suicide bomb attacks $263.00 people were killed the government ignored intelligence warnings that the bombings were imminent it's paid the price for that and other perceived failings at this election national security
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was. a car coming the. training people were crying in fact every other day there was some agitation and obviously they were waiting for opportunity to turn the government rajapaksa is a divisive figure many tamils in sri lanka's north believe the former defense secretary should be tried over allegations of killings and disappearances during the final stages of the war against the tamil tigers the country's muslim council says his victory realizes all our worst fears their fear food because this. election campaign stressed national security and national security to the ethnic minority is something a little bit fearful because it means that they are the ones being viewed as security threats and for the muslims in particular they have bad memories of the period before 2015 because there were riots against them even though there was
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a very good military. the military and the intelligence didn't protect the muslims and i hope that that will change in the future as all the brother and former president mahinda may now become prime minister as the rajapaksa family return. to frontline politics. excited and super excited and happy for the country and that majority of the sri lankans have been expecting what a long time up the ideal of the say up we wanted someone like this to save the country so that our children the future generation will have a country one of gotta buy a rajapakse as priorities is to rebuild state intelligence and surveillance networks he says they were dismantled by the outgoing administration and international pressure and when asked about those allegations of human rights abuses when he was defense secretary the now president elect says people should stop talking about. byrne it's an al-jazeera. iran's
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president has just announced that poor people will start receiving subsidies or mundo to help pay for fuel price hikes it's hussen rouhani whose response to protests against the increases dorsetshire bari joins us now from tehran also these subsidies were going to be implemented in any case but now they've they've been brought forward. yes they've been moved up for about a couple weeks i would say given the response that the general public had to the announcement that was a surprise announcement of the fuel increase on friday morning when they woke up to the news the general public had no warning given to them that the price of petrol was going to go up threefold overnight the president has said that this was because there was a need to provide more subsidies to nearly 60000000 people that were living near the poverty line in iran and the government was trying to remedy that he said that
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the government had 3 choices one that was to raise taxes to that was to increase its sale of oil and 3 to increase the price of petrol and then they decided to go with a 3rd option because it was the fastest $1.00 obviously for them at the moment but they weren't expecting this kind of reaction from the general public because many iranians believe that this is not just about the increase in fuel prices that this increase will have far reaching consequences that price of everything else will also go up just to give you an idea of what the numbers are like here an average person has a salary of about $200.00 u.s. dollars a month prior to friday a full tank of do ordinary car was about it would cost about $3.00 to $4.00 and now it costs them about $10.00 the subsidies that they're going to be receiving from the government it's still not clear how much they will be but the previous subsidies that were in place that have been in place for years for people living below the poverty line is about $5.00 per month per person so they range in general
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public believes that even though they are going to get some kind of subsidies as a result of this increase it's not going to be nearly enough for them. there's been criticism from the government of the pros just it's big given that there are still concerns even allowing for these subsidies these are they speak to the protests will continue. well we've heard this morning from the highest authority in iran the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei he backed of this decision to increase the price of fuel and he said that the people that are protesting are causing riots are thugs and they're being driven by outside forces his ward is the final word and as a result of that statement the intelligence ministry issued a statement saying that now that he's issued his. which way he's going his his belief we are going to carry her as the final word as a go ahead to confront these rioters and thugs and make sure that security and
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stability returns to the country there has been over 87000 people taking part in demonstrations across the country in various cities there have been over a 1000 arrests so far and officially there has been 2 deaths reported we don't expect these protesters to expand or to get more out of hand but there is certainly a feeling of discontent among the ordinary iranians they believe that this was not a fair process even the parliament members are voicing their concerns saying that they were not consulted there's a general sense that even though this may have been a necessary step there must have been a better way of going about doing it thank you do us a saudi arabia has a preliminary evaluation on that study oil john of $1.00 trillion dollars that's well below the beaches target of crown prince mohammed bin salma 3 big prize to the dollars each rising just slightly more than $25000000000.00 but international
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investors to get that across as yours economics editor explains why. back in 2016 crown prince mohammed bin some man wanted to float around co with a valuation of 2 trillion dollars immediately investment bankers hired to promote the i.p.o. could not make the math add up or argued with oil prices at $75.00 a barrel the company could be worth $2.00 trillion dollars but opec is warning all demand will slide over the next 4 years and that current prices it's only worth one point $75.00 trillion but there are other ways of following companies one method is dividend and our run co has guaranteed $5000000000.00 over the next 5 years which valued the company at $1.00 trillion dollars even after the sale of the saudi government will only 98 percent of aramco which means the government can decide how aramco spends money there is other geopolitical risks which take
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a huge chunk. like the attacks on saudi oil facilities in september and the killing of journalists jamal khashoggi so what is a complete worth investors say a fair prices between one trillion dollars and reluctantly $1.00 trillion. still ahead on al-jazeera the study questioning whether surgery is really necessary for many people with heart disease while violence in northern ireland a generation ago may soon take center stage in the u.k. is general election. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecast well across china not looking too bad along the coast temperatures are fairly nice for this time of year it's really
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in the interior that we are seeing the rain in the cooler air as well so for many areas into the mid teens a lot of rain a lot of clouds across the region as we go towards tuesday the rain starts to subside but we are still going to be seeing that cool air in place temperatures could only reach into the high single digits for many before hong kong looking quite nice with a temperature of 25 degrees there while for india not looking too bad for the central areas fairly clear across much of the region we are still picking up some rain showers down here across much of the south and some of those could be heavy at times should i expect to see the rain char activity maybe increasing in intensity as we go towards tuesday for colombo it is going to be rainy as well $29.00 he's there up towards new delhi though we do expect to see attempt a few into the mid twenty's and then here across the gulf the big problem of the next few days is going to be the rain that is sliding in from the north across many areas particularly here on tuesday in doha we could be seen as a very heavy rain across much of the area attempt of $26.00 of course beltane will
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be seeing the problem as well but for riyadh it is going to be a cloudy day for you with a temperature of 20. a career in doomsday cultist would hundreds of followers to a tropical. one o one a student mr gates the secretive sect accused of abuse and violence in fiji. on al-jazeera. told to notice their own. they don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. this
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is al jazeera here our top stories this hour. police in hong kong are on the brink of trying to break up a standoff with protesters now that big bad thing demonstrators for hours barricaded themselves at a university campus. sri lanka's former defense minister going to. has won the presidential election his rival subject from adults conceded as early results. over the 50 percent needed to avoid a 2nd count. iranian president hassan rouhani has responded to protests against fuel increases the government has announced that poor people will start receiving subsidies on monday to help pay for the fuel price hikes. lebanon's former finance minister has withdrawn his name from contention to be the next prime minister mohammad safadi said it would have been difficult to form a harmonious cabinet is
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a statement he added that he hoped that outgoing prime minister saad hariri. would be renominated jamal joins us now from beirut people behind you there what's the reaction been to this to this announcement. well it's been welcomed by the crowd sure i knew the moment scott my mother suffered his name was counted a few days ago but they say falls short of their at the mountains of the month for a total new governments one that is made up of technocratic ministers one the books the country above sectarian or political party politics and interests and obviously got something that is very difficult to achieve in a political system here on up and on which is built on the very foundations of sectarianism and that's where there is not standstill however aside from the withdrawal of hama suffer you dobbin some other positive signals that the protesters have been pointing towards what they believe has come about from the one
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month long protest of for example earlier on sunday there was an election for the union of journalists brothers or union of lawyers who are in 'd lebanon for the 1st time in a very very long time an independent person one that's against candidates from 2 of the bigger political blocs so there is some sort of acknowledgement tightly store that say the resignation of the voices warning for. more technocrats of independent governance more democratic and technocratic rather independent civil society but it's still short of what these people have been calling for and while the longer of course it goes on the more difficult it is to form a government and very interested too in what happens with saad hariri who's been in this situation before when he's resigned and then come back saying he'd like to see saad hariri as 9 put forward again. of course i mean
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a lot of the skeptics or those who are maybe looking at this from a critical eye would say doubts sakit hati never generally wanted to resign but he resigned illinois there to essentially gain some sort of popularity among the protest movements and then force the opposition or not rather the bigger bloc in parliament which is there has been law and we should also you could try to movements it's actually coming back and you know back to be prime minister and him suggesting that somebody like michael somebody could be accepted is something that many saw as disingenuous because any kind of graduates of but it's was i'm so ready basic monitor out of the situation in lebanon would tell you from the start that's not to suffer you would never have been accepted amongst the protests go so many believe that there are a lot of critics bump into things but as you say the longer this goes on the more difficult to become for number one because of the economic situation it's in the banks have been closed for a long time what's important to note here just very quickly is that the makeup of
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a lot of these protesters if you look at it is actually many of the middle class you are in lebanon of course there are working class of course there are different sections but let's say the bulk of it appears to be more of a middle class uprising and this is something that obviously which translates into the stamina that such a movement will hire once the economic pinch gets even grates are the possibly that could it's higher the mountain of something that's definitely the president's fault fede. are probably counted wrong as well from our shot live from beirut thank you. influential iraqi kurds has called for a national strike on sunday a store in baghdad has caught fire witnesses as a result of violence between security forces and protesters demonstrations started last month against a lack of jobs and public services but have grown into calls for change in
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government more than 320 people have been killed in the demonstrations and protesters in the iraqi city of basra have erected barricades and blocked the highway they set the roads on fire to prevent people from going to work and school the city's own car support has been closed because of growing violence in nasiriyah my son says he's with already has declared a holiday to allow people to attend protests. the united states and south korea postponing joint military drills that was sheer drop for this month as an act of goodwill to bolster stalled peace talks with north korea u.s. defense secretary marcus but denies the move amounts to a concession to pyongyang but says it's an attempt to keep the door open to diplomacy talks between north korea's leader and the u.s. president donald trump broke down in february without agreement. political
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security and cultural complications of made it difficult for health workers to contain an ebola outbreak that has killed at least 2000 people since it started last year doctors are now using local leaders in a vaccination drive targeting one of the most hard to access communities in the country the pygmies catherine saw reports from burning. health workers in beni have set up a medical comp next to an open chart service on the sunday morning the service is attended by reclusive beagley community living in villages in the congo forest doctors tell us the community has also been affected by it 6 but convincing them to come to treatment centers or get vaccinated has been difficult yet they hope as many people as possible will say yes to the vaccine. and to convince them to bring in community leaders like. to talk to the last one i was vaccinated in man gaynor to show my people there's nothing wrong with it i tell
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them this is a war we're fighting. jerrine jacqueline has brought have 3 children to be vaccinated. she is reluctant fast but tells us she now sees the importance of it in general. i was convinced by our community leader i came for docs a nation with my children because i don't want this disease to find us in our house i was told it kills people horribly. pygmies in the democratic republic of congo have been historically marginalized. from hospitals or schools this is a community that moves around a lot leaving in villages such as this one in the forests those here have been vaccinated but accessing many others has been difficult this doctor tells us sometimes it takes hours walking through the dense forest where rebel fighters also hide where we are now in. so they more defeated.
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is for that that we are working we would close with them get involved in the vaccination make them aware of the weeks that they have. and so efforts continue to get this community vaccinated how far it is to reduce the cases . to 0 by the end of the yeah and for that to happen they tell us no one can be left out catherine. benny is then democratic republic of congo. the conservative party in the u.k. is pushing for new legislation to protect soldiers from what prime minister boris johnson calls unfair trials now under the proposed law veterans would not be prosecuted for historical offenses committed during operations in iraq afghanistan and closer to home northern ireland where british forces bring gaged conflict with irish republicans for decades lawrence lee explains. as well as being bogged down
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in elections it's that time of year when the u.k. honors its war dead and the sacrifices they made in the 2 world wars when asked to go and fight the conservative party now wants that unequivocal support to extend to the actions of soldiers in more controversial conflicts. it's widely expected that in the coming days the conservatives will include in their election manifesto the pledge to protect by amnesty all british soldiers who fought in northern ireland during the conflict there including those already accused of crimes the newly appointed veterans minister in boris johnson's last government said as much on twitter suggesting the new law of armed conflict with a plan the battlefield and would override the human rights acts to protect soldiers past and presence from prosecution the implications are politically volatile one former soldier has already been charged and is awaiting trial over the killing of civilians on bloody sunday in northern ireland in 1972 would his case be dropped
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under the new law that would be explosive in republican parts of the province already deeply unhappy over bracks it's i think a lot of these things will depend a political reality on where it sits on the political spectrum possibly you know island is in play politically for all sorts of other things but like a blanket amnesty is it you know it's a major precedent because certainly bouts of. the new law would also provide blanket legal cover for any party soldier accused of a war crime or a human rights violation in any recent conflicts in the middle east or afghanistan . would have been soldiers found guilty of torture being let off and as well as protecting rank and file soldiers but also give cover to more senior officers who gave illegal orders i would say that prime issue with all of this. is that there are attempts to prevent those high about those.
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great. from being looked at the law is aimed directly at traditional conservative so you think the british military has to obey far too many laws while enemies like i still and al-qaeda don't follow any rules at all but for all that there are concerns that soldiers already accused of serious offenses might simply be let off and also how exactly military commanders will interpret the new law on the battlefields of future wars. support for military veterans fundraising job opportunities better mental health care are normally uncontroversial and are widely backed by the british public blanket protection from prosecution and abuse of power written into law may prove slightly more difficult to argue for largely al-jazeera london. bolivia's former president has told al-jazeera he should be allowed to return and complete his final term in office and that came as the united nations
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warned that violence in the country could spin out of control on friday people were killed when security forces opened fire on morale as supporters were always used his twitter account to demand that the interim government identify those responsible for the deaths. many patients with severe heart disease could benefit from medication and lifestyle changes rather than surgery that's the finding of a major 7 year study in the u.s. it's the biggest yet to compare invasive options like stents with conservative treatments like cholesterol lowering drugs and aspirin. is dean of the university of nebraska his medical center college of public health he says the study backs up the findings of earlier research. i absolutely would recommend the more conservative there be and so this is now the 2nd time in over a dozen years that i think we really are. for once and all answered the fundamental
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question that if you have stable heart disease should you use medical therapy and lifestyle modifications or should you go on and include invasive treatment such as dancer or are a cardiac bypass and the data is pretty clear $5000.00 people $37.00 countries $100000000.00 to do this study stick with the drugs in the conservative therapy the findings apply to people with stable cardiac disease if you have if you're having a heart attack then yes you should go on and get some other invasive therapy but if you have stable disease then you will do just fine with conservative therapy however people who have severe stable heart disease so you know if they're walking in the apps of your chest pain then the studies suggest that they'll have a better improvement in their quality of life however they're not more likely to live longer or not have a heart attack or not require hospitalization this year's poor anger prize which
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honors outstanding work to promote democracy has been awarded to an afghan journalist leamy works with the 1st all female television station in afghanistan the country is regarded as one of the most dangerous in the world for journalists speaking to al-jazeera a limit described the dangers she and others face. now you all mean my name is not dry let me i've been a journalist with design t.v. for the past 3 years in a host of them i go off to my home have been about what i remember the day i realized i wanted to be a journalist i decided i would study to become one but my family was against it they said i could never become a journalist as you just by all caught in this and i paid a capital i would like to believe i'm a feminist and want to be able to work for women so i decided to join zan t.v. afghanistan's 1st all female t.v. station. i would like to dedicate this prize to all the women of afghanistan. those
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baking bread and. those getting beaten by their husbands those raising their children and facing abuse and to those nameless women who are yet to discover their own identity and the purpose of their life let me get this it takes a lot of courage to be a woman in the afghan society in a place where the most common answer you get is no and you're told that your rightful place is your home and you do not have the right to raise your voice to ask for your rights it's as if we're lesser humans they're not about happy and sonia but i will continue being a journalist until the last breath of my life which means that i have chosen my red line if the terrorist groups including the taliban return we fear that the few rights we have achieved would be taken back writes like me bravely introducing myself in front of the camera or other rights that afghan women have today they would aim to take those back from us and throw us back to all those dark days but i
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will stand against them this is my responsibility to defend myself and all the women around me we will defend all our rights and achievements. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. police and home caller on the brink of trying to break up a standoff with protesters they've been battling demonstrators for hours barricaded themselves in at a university campus from there they shot arrows and bombs police of 5 back with tear gas and water cannon. through lanka's former defense minister got to rajapakse has won the presidential election his rival suggested premadasa conceded early results but rajapaksa over the 50 percent mark needed to avoid a 2nd recount iranian president hassan rouhani has responded to protests against fuel increases the government has announced that poor people will start receiving
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subsidies on monday to help pay for the fuel price hikes. saudi arabia has put a preliminary valuation on its state owned oil giant aramco between $6.01 trillion dollars the kingdom says it's looking to raise more than $25000000000.00 by selling a 1.5 percent stake. influential iraqi. has called for a national strike on sunday meanwhile the story in baghdad has caught fire witnesses as the result of violence between security forces and protesters demonstrations started in october against a lack of jobs and public services that have grown into calls for a complete political overhaul more than $320.00 people have been killed in the protests and protesters in the iraqi city of basra have erected barricades have blocked the highway they set the roads on fire to prevent people going to work and school the city's own car support has been closed because of growing violence the
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united states and south korea postponing joint military drills should drill for this month as an act of goodwill to bolster stalled peace talks with north korea u.s. defense secretary marcus denies the move amounts to a concession to pyongyang but says it's an attempt to keep the door open to diplomacy bolivia's former president evo morales has told al-jazeera he should be allowed to return and complete his final term in office on friday people were killed when security forces opened fire on morality supporters around his use his twitter account to demand that the interim government identify those responsible for the deaths those are the headlines and news continues here on our jazeera after what i wanted just.
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with its beautiful sandy beaches clear blue waters and lush green surrounds fiji is a tropical paradise. hot and humid there that he was going to show. up for some it quickly became a kind of hell. i knew as soon as i like step foot it was just not normal to do that she feels as if you do want to look at a good one no one investigates a secret of cult.


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