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sure but what the client. counted results 30. 0. 000 i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. riot police in hong kong threaten to respond with live bullets if protesters use lethal weapons in the standoff as a university campus iran's president says subsidies for the poor will begin on monday paid for by the fuel price rise that spock's protests around the country. and anti-government protesters killed in iraq and made clashes for control of
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a strategic bridge in baghdad. and now the rajapaksa wins franco's president see this time it's got to buy a defense minister who oversaw all the blue silk end of the country's civil war. to serve in doha with all the very supporters dug strother marxist up and really since the victory of the brazilian grand prix better and much more major in the program. welcome to the news hour police in hong kong have warned a live rounds of protesters don't stop using lethal weapons. in a standoff with demonstrators have barricaded themselves in a university campus this off to another day of clashes in the city during which protesters hope petrol bombs at the police. reports on the story now from hong kong . a long day of fighting at this college campus has continued well into the night
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to most of the battling has been taking place at this junction behind me but in recent hours more police have been arriving and they have been confronting protesters that the number of different other entrances and to this campus most notably a fly over behind me where protesters have set up a barricade and there have been fierce exchanges between them and police the police firing volleys of tear gas and also i think like rubber bullets the protesters responding with more fire bombs and at a number of different barricades around here many protesters have been getting ready expecting that at some point the police will try to retake this campus another sunday another home called street turned into a battle. at the end of a week that seen a marked escalation in the level of violence. between protesters and police students took over several college campuses polytechnic university is the last
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under their control and they seem determined to hold on to it i think. because. we have a path for the freedom. they say we're not behaving like students but we are fighting for a better future. violence began early sunday when people turned up to clear surrounding streets of bricks and barricades and students resisted police quickly arrived with water cannon and write big goals. and broke the mortar cannon are now working as they sound the barricades as they do so the protesters seem to be falling back but are still responding with more and more. the college campus is located next to an important cross harbor tunnel which is being closed for days it will likely remain closed until police can retake the campus also close by is
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a camp occupied by china's people's liberation army p l a soldiers looking on closely police say they've been targeted with long range projectiles fired from the campus buildings with one officer hit in the leg with an arrow. they say the students now inside the campus face riot charges which carry a lengthy prison sentence in spite of the warning the students show no sign of giving up just what the plan is for these protestors if one when the police do storm in is not clear except for some vague idea that they will fall back into the campus buildings that they have occupied which then poses the prospect and the very dangerous prospect of doing battle in the corridors and rooms of this building. wondering why is an associate felony asia pacific program at chatham house he says there's basically a battle on the university's campus we've always been surprised by the length and
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duration of the protests but clearly they had been escalating much more quickly into a much more serious situation in the last few days especially since the police decided about a week ago to go into university campuses and we now have. a virtual pitched battle only on the campus at the university where it all ends goodness only knows i mean i think the police really have the resolution and the ability to eventually clear the campus what that will entailed in terms of. tactics and injuries and arrests still very much remains to be seen. oh the united states has condemned the use of lethal force and communications restrictions against protesters in iran demonstrations broke out across iran after the government announced
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a controversial fuel price hike late on friday iran's president says poor families will begin to receives subsidies on monday paid for by the price rise. says the decision was made by consensus and has criticized those protesting the increase authorities have shut down internet access across the country in an attempt to thwart the protests well since then more than 87000 people have demonstrated according to security services quoted by the fires news agency around a 1000 people have been arrested and in one province alone more than 100 francs and 57 stores have been damaged or set on fire by demonstrators well iran supremely to has backed the government's decision to raise fuel prices and has a blame to iran's foreign enemies for the violence. our support the decision taken by the freer for teasin it should be implemented have to make sure that the implications of such decision will not affect citizens' lives and increase prices for sure there are some people who are concerned about the decision and who don't
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see it as beneficial to the interests but burning down banks and public entities can never be to work with the people it is the work of criminals or to force these antagonistic to us have supported such acts dosage of barley has more on the story now from teheran. president hassan rouhani has been making a few comments following his weekly cabinet meeting on sunday evening in the capital he said that it is the right of every iranian to protest but it is not their right to cause riots he's referring to over a 1000 people that have been arrested over the past 48 hours as a result of a number of incidents that have taken place over all over the country in number of cities over $87000.00 people have turned up to demonstrate and show their frustration at the news that the price of fuel has tripled overnight at the government made this announcement from the president was defending the government's decision on sunday evening saying that they were trying to help the poor families
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in the country by increasing subsidies to them and that's why they had a decision to make and that the situation was made it wasn't an easy one he said they had 3 choices one was to increase taxes across the board inside iran the 2nd one was to increase the sale of oil that was not going to happen because of u.s. ascensions of the moment on the rainy and and the 3rd was to increase the price of fuel for iranians that's what they decided to go with this decision has had some very serious consequences number of people have turned out across the country to protest and show their anger there have been 2 deaths reported so far one of a policeman in kemah city and another a protester in. one protester has been killed in clashes over a strategic bridge in baghdad medical officials say they were hit in the head by a tear gas canister as police try to retake the crossing to the green zone government buildings and located 2 others were wounded as police you stun grenades
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to stop demonstrators from reaching the other side of the bridge sunday so demonstrations across the country off the influential. hold for a national strike and how you're going to aim has more now from baghdad. are the roads were quite card coming into tahrir square we're seeing a lot of students in the numbers do seem to be bigger than we would typically see this time of day on a sunday if you look behind me you can see pretty significant plume of black smoke you mentioned that the prominent shiite cleric what else thought or called for an issue you know why the strike in iraq it's probably that because his followers comprise the largest bloc in parliament they are the primary opposition they are united with the protesters in calling for the resignation of prime minister maliki and calling for elections in baghdad as i said we're expecting more people in tahrir square than we would typically see on a sunday in basra things appear to be quite tense the ports the operations there 2
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are once again halted as protesters block the entrance we're told that they've blocked the roads to several oil fields in the lock the primary road leading from basra to baghdad there's no school today in basra in may soon and 3 of the local councils have actually given people the day off from work and school so we expect to see significant numbers of people attending protests there so really what was the is that protesters are continuing to maintain their momentum and try to keep the pressure on a government that they believe has not gone far enough in its reforms right now we have drafts of an election law and a new electoral commission that are waiting to be rich. by the part of love it but of course the one thing that protesters want which is for the prime minister to step down has not happened elsewhere in the region at least 9 people have been killed several others injured in an ass strike in northwestern syria the attack hit
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2 villages on the main road from damascus to aleppo an area that remains under the control of rebels. president bashar assad says he aims to retake the region soon syrian observatory for human rights says the strikes were conducted by russia a power transmission towers collapsed in egypt at least 5 people were killed when the pilot came down local media reports say several others were injured in the incident it happened in giza governorates just outside of the capital cairo. saudi arabia has put a poem or evaluation on a state owned oil giant aramco between $6.01 trillion dollars short of the crown prince mohammed bin some months target of 2 trillion dollars the kingdom is looking to raise more than $25000000000.00 by selling a one and a half percent stake in the state owned oil company could make it the world's biggest of a company flotation taking bids from investors on the final price will be set after that phase which ends on december the 5th. with the news hour live from london much
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more still ahead bolivia's ousted president evo morales tells al-jazeera he wants to return to finish off his time. getting the message out how medical staff are reaching out to the democratic republic of congo's most reclusive communities and their battle to eradicate it. and find out why in this n.f.l. superstar at play at a high school to get the media coverage he wanted. a former defense minister revered by sri lanka's ethnic majority but failed minorities has won saturday's presidential election gutted by rajapaksa is also the brother of the former president mahinda rajapaksa early results put him more than 50 percent mark needed to avoid a 2nd count prompting his nearest rival to concede defeat but it's myth reports now from colombia. to his supporters mainly from the sin hello produce majority got
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a buyer rajapaksa is the president sri lanka needs they believe he can strengthen security after the easter sunday suicide bomb attacks 263 people were killed the government ignored intelligence warnings that the bombings were imminent it's paid the price for that and other perceived failings at this election that's the real security was going mr. cobb in the. caribbean people were crying and in fact every other day there was some agitation. obviously they will get in for a opportunity to join the government rajapaksa is a divisive figure many tamils in sri lanka's north believe the former defense secretary should be tried over allegations of killings and disappearances during the final stages of the war against the tamil tigers the country's muslim council says his victory realizes all our worst fears their fear food big. was
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this. in his election campaign stressed national security and national security to get at least minorities something a little bit fearful because it means that they are the ones being viewed as security threats and for the muslims in particular they have bad memories of the period before 2015 because there were riots against them even though there was a very good military under god. the military and the intelligence didn't protect the muslims and i hope that that will change in the future as all the brother and former president mahinda may now become prime minister as the rajapaksa family returns to frontline politics. excited and super excited and happy for the country and the result that majority of the sri lankans have been expecting for a long time up the idea without all say if we wanted someone like this to save the country so the taught children the future generations will have a country one of got
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a buyer rajapakse as priorities is to rebuild state intelligence and surveillance networks he says they were dismantled by the outgoing administration and international pressure and when asked about those allegations of human rights abuses when he was defense secretary the now president elect says people should stop talking about. bernard smith i'll just era. so for more on this i'm joined in the studio by a similar who is a senior lecturer in international relations at king's college here in london it's quite a comfortable victory actually forgot supply rajapaksa because he won over 50 percent of the vote in this election just help us to understand what prompted so many people in the country to vote for someone who is facing allegations of corruption and torture and someone who is known for his nationalistic authoritarian tendencies well i think that over the just going back to the sort of end of the sri lankan civil war was a moment of absolute sort of highlighting of cleavage is within sri lankan
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society between between the sort of buddhist majority and. the tamo minorities as well as the most minorities and i think that one of the things that has highlighted especially since the easter bombings is the bombings last easter where an islamic state affiliate killed hundreds of people in the main hotels in in colombo has highlighted the need for a strong national security with a very strong majority very soon have these buddhists. flavor and it really is the return of the rajapakse is from this election because got to buy it seems to want to appoint his brother mentor rajapaksa as his prime minister as his prime minister right and so that might be an election that will come up in the new year but one of the things that's even more high it's even more
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worth highlighting is the fact that mahinda was very very very visible in the campaign and so the idea is that the 2 brothers have actually been sort of capturing this this presidency not just go to by as the prime the president but him running on. essentially his his brother's record. what then does this mean for the country how troubling is it going to be well how frightened should muslims be feeling at the moment well i think of them. all the different minorities within within sri lanka are now. are now treated to a government that is. mostly almost entirely speaking towards the ethnics and how these majority. and as you mentioned.
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go to by defense secretary as the civil war ended is sort of accused of a number of the disappearing zeman rights abuses around them so i would think that there's a lot of fear right now what happens to those allegations i'm not really certain what is going to happen because i think one of the aspects of such a such a vicious civil war is that political institutions themselves have have been sort of quite divided and there hasn't really been sort of a center that has a strong center that has risen up to protect different political institutions there hasn't been much of a reconciliation process in the country since the end of the civil war thank you very very much for sharing your thoughts with us dr adnan mesilla from thank you very much college chair in london well now the new york times is obtained leaks chinese government documents it says reveal new details about the crackdown on
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muslim week as in the chin jiang region they include instructions to local authorities on how to handle students returning home and finding relatives to tangle missing and how to mass control week as well as plans to extend restrictions on islam to other parts of china they also reveal that president xi jinping called for absolutely no mercy. in private speeches off the weaker rebels killed 31 people at a train station in 2014 the documents reveal how the crackdown worsened after a hardline local party chief took control of gen jang in 2016 they also seem to suggest as more resistance to the crackdown within the communist party than previously known richardson is china director of human rights watch and says the documents now increase pressure at the chinese officials to be held to account for this as a legal matter it's now incredibly clear who is responsible for these highly abusive policies at the same time one reads the story and thinks about all of the people in
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the we get the extra worldwide who are reading the same information and really having their worst fears about what's happened to their family members confirmed and that must just be an excruciating reality for them and i think increases the pressure for chinese officials to be held accountable. now to bolivia people are facing serious food and cooking fuel shortages as supporters of the ousted president evo morales continues to blockade roads government says it's created a temporary average to the capital with military planes delivering cargo is of meat products officials hope to do the same with other major 11 says he's cut off from supplies began after the nation's october 20th election and continued until it was ousted as president and fled to mexico is tell our jazeera he is determined to return to bolivia evo morales spoke to john holliman in mexico city where he outlined his next moves. open to sunday if more rallies was latin america's longest
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standing current leader now pressured to resign by the military after accusations of electoral fraud he suddenly believe he is former president and the next in mexico but off the less than a week he told 00 he's already planning to go home. i can't be outside of the country i'm used to being with the people as a union leader president doing work i miss it a lot that i'm looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship the coup he says if allowed back he wouldn't seek to run in fresh elections that's a bone of contention between him and the opposition but he still wants to complete the last 2 months of his term. i don't know why they are so scared of evo they don't want me to participate. in everything for life or for democracy or a time my candidacy but they should let me finish my term is that understood not understood by now interim president cheney and years she said he could face charges
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if he goes but the coalition of discontent started back in 2016 with morally so to change the constitution from for a 2 time there was a referendum the majority voted against you having a 4th term and afterwards. if you did it you did run again and that seemed to go against the spirit of democracy in the country where you could interpret it like that but so you know on the 21st of february 2016 the lie won enough lies to beat us with 70000 votes moral lesson the right united and beat us based on the lie you and c.n.n. were in on it the u.s. embassy prepared that lie he's on repentant the moment and he also insists that there wasn't fraud in the elections a month ago this by investigators from the organization of american states saying that they too was diverted to a secret service that there were clear manipulations he says that organizations
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politically motivated. yells that i had a lot of trust or some trust but now i don't have any in the oas i should be called the organization of the states of north america not america he did call fresh elections after the oas preliminary report but by then it was too late many c.f.l. morale is as a good leader who simply stayed too long you managed almost half of poverty the economy grew under you and you brought stability. now. given what's happened if you could go back in time would you have run again for this 4th term would you have gone against that referendum or if you could have your time again would you have bowed out gracefully walk was a you don't look for the post of presidency at 6 you out that's my experience in the unions in my experience in the presidency and i want to tell you that after the
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1st mandate i was happy content to go back to cochabamba is that when you win people's trust and go again and. that's in may have been his undoing and in his way libya is in crisis with police killing protesters and violence from both sides. you can only look call from a fall john holmes how does it make scarcity. political and cultural complications of made it hard for health workers in the democratic republic of congo to contain an ebola outbreak that's killed more than 2000 people since it started last year doctors are now using local leaders in a vaccination drive targeting pigmies on most reclusive communities in the country from benny in north kivu province catherine sawyer reports. health workers in beni have set up a medical comp next to an open chart service on the sunday morning the service is attended by reclusive pygmy community living in villages in the congo forest
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doctors tell us the community has also been affected by it but convincing them to come to treatment centers i'll get vaccinated has been difficult we have a hope as many people as possible to say yes to the vaccine. and to convince them to bring in community leaders like. to talk to the rest and i didn't want them there i was vaccinated in man gaynor to share my people there's nothing wrong with it i tell them this is a war we're fighting. jerrine jacqueline has brought her 3 children to be vaccinated. she is reluctant to fast but tells us she now sees the importance of it in general. i was convinced by our community leader i came for docs a nation with my children because i don't want this decease to find us in our house i was told it kills people horribly pygmies in the democratic republic of congo have been historically marginalized. from hospitals or schools this is
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a community that moves around a lot leaving in villages such as this one in the forests those here have been vaccinated but accessing many others has been difficult this doctor tells us sometimes it takes hours walking through dense forest where rebel fighters also hide where we are now in this village work and come into mali. so they move the village to another place is for that that we are working where we close with them get involved in the vaccination make them aware of the weeks that they have. and so efforts continue to get this community vaccinated how far it is run to reduce the cases of it. to 0 by the end of the year and for that to happen they tell us no one can be left out catherine story benny is 10 democratic republic of congo still ahead for you on the program russian moves 3 ukrainian navy ships were
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captured last year saying it's getting ready to return up on monday venice is hit by its 3rd exceptional high tide in a week sending a surge of water through the city and christiane are now the edges closer to a 100 international goals for portugal tito astore and the sport. venice is still suffering from heart. ties are also yet more rain is gathered in north misleading across lavinia and into the tearaways fullness no it's just this perpetual motion now on monday the focus is light to still be in it's a bit of a gap beyond that whereas the cold has been pushed back a little bit to western germany the high ground at least in southwest germany in the sun's out in vienna and there just the warms up a book quest is it $28.00 in warsaw 14 it's all relative of the should not be at
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these temperatures the code is further west but the extremes it was but dreads but to get the sunshine to bring up to 12 degrees but paris is going to be disappointing and london other raining well windy or bugs that the picture between monday and cheesy doesn't change in the same draw of wards means more rain for its lee more rain is lavinia more snow for the tour of the east and out spec towards switzerland you can see otherwise things haven't changed a huge amount but some about what has been spilling off into our jira are not showing any snow in the atlas mountains it certainly rains in the forecast near the coast for north korea it's all part of the same system for drugs clearly eastwards is goes from 14 to 16 in the sunshine and tunis gets to rain on tuesday. i was taken to. a millimeter not.
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enforce them or say the intention was to make sure that we're no longer entitled to basic rights more citizenship rights one 3rd villages were burned down were funneled into what is now become complex where a moving car may secure prison exile coming on al-jazeera. white supremacist violence is on the rise in america he was involved in this whole underground network 8 full time speaks to the victims of recent attacks when he shot me. if you were killed my daughter and asks how an ideology of loathing has found its way into the mainstream can you trawled through law in between the rhetoric of president trump in the conservative media in america to what happened here in el paso license to hate on al-jazeera.
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and back a look at the headlines now police in hong kong are locked in a standoff with protesters who've hunkered down in a university campus they've warned they'll fire live bullets if any protesters throw petrol bombs or use other lethal weapons against the police iran's president has announced that poor families will begin to receive subsidies on monday raised from a controversial fuel price hike the increase sparked widespread protests around the country and one protester has been killed in clashes over strategic bridge in baghdad 32 other people were wounded as bases stun grenades to stop demonstrators reaching the other side. now to lebanon the country is to deep into political crisis after
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a top candidate withdrew his name from contention to be the next prime minister a former finance minister mohammad safadi had the backing of 3 major lebanese parties but he said it was too hard to form a harmonious government and he hoped outgoing prime minister saad hariri would be renominated. however he was forced to resign last month of a widespread anti-government protest with a troll from the palace has been celebrated by testers in a way it's the consent of the. establishment they want to get rid of. has more from favorite. the withdrawal of mohamed suffer the from becoming the next prime minister something that has been received positively by those protesting a sunday marks the one month anniversary since this uprising began here a movement against corruption against the sectarian set up of the government one not wants to do away with all the symbols of lebanon's political elites and lebanon's political stablish which obviously they were angered that mama suffered
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his name was even considered considering his name has been linked with corruption from the days when him self was minister however it is far from enough the people here say that they want a technocratic government one that does not belong to any political party and the crowds are continuing to gather they may not be huge in numbers however there is still a few 1000 cure in martyrs square in central beirut their numbers are expected to increase over the next few hours in the evening and their messages are aside from not technocratic governments they once they're saying that they will continue their protests not just in terms of gathering but there are for example general strikes that will be taking place on tuesday they are calling for the banks that have been closed for several weeks now they were expected to reopen on monday however their workers union said they will not reopen allegedly because of fears for their security so this is all power lies in their country that has already had to grapple
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with their economic woes and downturns over the past couple of years and another government is assigned in the coming few days there is fear that this crisis could drag on a lot longer. algeria's presidential campaign is officially kicked off after a week a protest ousted. the long time leader earlier this year 5 candidates are vying to replace i'm delighted these beautiful eco's forced out of office in april all of them have links to the former leader vote will be held on december 12th protests of continued demonstrations calling for an end to algeria's post-colonial political system now to georgia tens of thousands of people have been rallying in the capital tbilisi to demand a snap election protest was called off to parliament felt a passive promised electoral reform bill the measure would have moved the country to a full proportional representation system of voting as opposed to its current system which is mixed constitutional change fell short by 12 votes as legislators from the ruling georgian dream party oppose the reform fearing it could cost them their
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seats in next october as election russia says it will return 3 captured naval ships to ukraine on monday ahead of a planned peace summit the 3 vessels have been moved to a handover location agreed with kiev reportedly in the black sea russia sees the ships in november last year off the coast of crimea or than 13000 people have been killed in eastern ukraine during fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian government forces over the past 5 years summit aimed at ending the conflict is due to be held next month. i'm joined now by global affairs analyst michael secu who's a former spokesman for the organization for security and cooperation in europe special monitoring mission to ukraine so we know that ukraine was pushing very hard for the release of these ships as a gesture of goodwill ahead of the peace summit does this bode well then for negotiations over eastern ukraine. good to be with you well maybe christmas is coming early for president's a landscape for sure this could give him
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a bump in popularity at home of course the most important thing where the return of the sailors that happened quite a few weeks ago now but to the return of the ships comes at a interesting time ahead of that peace summit now scheduled to be on december 9th in paris however remains to be seen whether the boats are even sea worthy whether they've been tampered with whether they're handing back the i mean ocean a number of questions there but for sure this is going to moralize good news for the landscape at that summit is that definitely going to be a peace summit this year it's been mentioned by all policies but then also they have been some interesting noises from the kremlin seeming to suggest that no precise date has been set for the meeting. a good question i don't look at on president mccone as pushing very hard for this he now goes considers himself a kind of statesman of europe and theirs would be a win for him too but it remains to be seen we will not know for sure until the
12:36 am
very day whether president putin would show up but if he does this would be the 1st time that putin and zelinsky meet face to face and the dynamics of that relationship will be very interesting to see but i'm not holding up but top that things will go well for the ukrainian side is specially given that russia knows ukraine doesn't have the full backing of the u.s. president who has been a traditional backer of that country right now i suppose perhaps recent developments in washington around the impeachment inquiry have revealed some details that put ukraine at disadvantage in negotiations with russia. oh absolutely you know the ukrainians did of course get that $400000000.00 in aid economic aid military aid however going forth whenever they're going to be sitting at the negotiating table with russia with putin who is known to be very very minute bulleted. going in there and not having the backing of the u.s.
12:37 am
president puts them in a very very big disadvantage i think it could be left up to european countries france germany and especially to show very clearly that they are on the ukrainian side and they have their backing but without the united states is a very very big disadvantage for ukraine russia might have the upper hand in these talks but there is a great deal at stake conflicts going on for 5 years many innocent civilians have been caught up in the violence 13000 killed is it not in russia's interest to bring this to a peaceful resolution. one would think i mean i've been in the conflicts on many many times i've seen the destruction for myself but i think what russia will be pushing for which the ukrainian side will find it difficult to swallow what they'll push for is a election in the territories that have been occupied by the russian backed rebels and election that will give us those 70 autonomous status so that could relieve russia of some of the burden of keeping this war up but at the same time the same
12:38 am
time it will give them quite a bit of leverage over going forward so really a lot up in the air and a lot that could very badly damaged the let's keep politically at home. all right well thank you for sharing your insight on this with us so we do appreciate it michael also king former spokesman for the organization for security and cooperation in your special monitoring mission to ukraine sharing his thoughts with us on that story of course we've been speaking about ukraine being in the spotlight you know nations the united states where president trump's detractors and defend his have been speaking on the sunday shows for the next round of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry rattles reports on this now from washington. with week 2 of televised impeachment hearings approaching democratic house speaker nancy pelosi pushed back against president donald trump's complaints that the process is unfair he has every opportunity to present his case but it's really
12:39 am
a sad thing i mean what the president did was so much worse than even what richard nixon did that at some point richard nixon cared about the country and off to recognize that this cannot continue palosi said trump made a serious mistake when he tweeted criticism of former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie avan of it even while she was testifying on capitol hill that the words of the president weigh a ton they are very significant and he should not frivolously throw out insults but that's what he does i think part of it is his own. insecurity as an impostor i think he knows full well that. he's a gnat office. way over his head and so he has to do nation everyone now one of trump's most ardent congressional defenders insists there's no 1st hand evidence
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trump sort of quid pro quo with ukraine to hand over military aid in return for a ukrainian investigation into his political rival joe biden and biden's son hunter who served on the board of ukrainian energy company no one's testify that there's been a quid pro quo i was got 2nd 3rd hand 4th hand information another republican lawmaker who worked closely on ukrainian affairs suggested the entire matter being investigated in the impeachment inquiry should simply have been harsh up having this all come out into public has weakened that relationship is his expose things that didn't need be exposed so this would have been far better off if we would just taken care of this behind the scenes this week the hearings will pick up steam with 8 heard or former u.s. officials due to testify one of them is ordered sawmill and the u.s. ambassador to the european union and saddam will be on the hot seat because it over
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missions he made in earlier testimony about key phone calls he had with trump over ukraine robert oulds al-jazeera washington i want to bring you more now on hong kong where the police appear to be trying to clear out a university campus where protesters had barricaded themselves inside some very warring and dramatic pictures coming from in and around this university campus at the moment you can see clearly part of the building is on fire smoke billowing into the air what is very worrying about this is that police had threatened to use live rounds against demonstrators but they said that that action would be in direct response to the use of lethal weapons against them they. they have spoken about molotov cocktails and all the lethal weapons being hold them and police had threatened to use live bullets against the demonstrators who basically throughout
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sunday during the day have been continuing to occupy this university campus which has basically become the center of this. protracted clash between police and protesters in hong kong as those protests continue rob mcbride's is following this story for us from hong kong rob what are you hearing about this now. that's right while it does seem to be a long gun to supply the final push to clear out by the police it does seem to be on the way continuing growing because the nation throughout. the afternoon and into the evening and. local time is approaching 6 am here police have quite. the examples of protesters have when to decree that they think now is the time to act.
12:43 am
they do seem. to be entering the complex now that just explain that this campus this is the last campus that the students were holding on to after holding several campuses during that week and they were determined to try to hold on to this campus for. other students come join them. the pictures we are seeing. the. barricades sweeping goes away from outside but it does push the battle that's been raging with police in the actual buildings themselves a little don't waste the concern because of course you are you're doing. that from the police you think gas things that shouldn't be used obviously in
12:44 am
compliance places and if this battle continues in the building we. can. see. some sort of fires have been started in battery park now of the complex itself of the building and. progress. of the police it seems have always. say. the. problem with this building is that the protests they really build up quite sophisticated. we went through so many and we can count that they have those. can't get it every time but the police are trying to get close to the building with their water apparently. by a bomb. of the building him up.
12:45 am
here although i doubt that the battle don't think the big push from the. perimeter grove back in yet though so just to be clear this is the polytechnic university right in hong kong which was one of several campuses under the control of student protesters but they have lost control of some of the other campuses they were determined to hold on to this one as you say rob they've been urging other students to join them though the numbers of students have been dwindling and then also a line here from reuters saying that protesters inside the polytechnic university campus set the main entrance on fire as police attempted to move in which would explain the scenes that we're seeing around us of police and security forces and we can see that clearly part of the building has been destroyed and you have fire services on the scene trying to get the fire under some control and of course gosh
12:46 am
it does raise the question even though you had a reduced number of students inside the building the sort of casualties we could see from this not just from the fire itself but from that the smoke inhalation this you know there could be a human cost to this. yeah absolutely i mean the casualties have been the building throughout sunday here and into the thing when we have been covering the clashes between the protesters and police which have becoming increasingly violent think also of weapons being used that we haven't seen before such as bows and arrows being you sense yes the casualties have been increasing we have seen a number of protesters being pulled back off the barricades and been hit by this so called the so weaponry that used by police these are things like rubber bullets or so-called beanbag rounds so
12:47 am
a number of casualties have been growing at they are taken away from the barricades by the so-called volunteer fallen tree abed exclaiming around 26 you know that say that they have volunteers helping out on the the medical side people like 1st day so yes said that there have been growing casualties throughout the day and we can probably expect more casualties now i guess the the for the authorities and for the university and for the fire service is the concern now will be having a big blaze. in the actual building itself in this faculty building that this is the if there has been damage at other campuses and colleges around hong kong but certainly from the images that we're now seeing coming out of polytechnic university that this is the campus that will be taking the brunt of these particular protests with the amount of damage that we're seeing they also our troops were already concerned about this building because of the pain and under the
12:48 am
control of students for so long one of their concerns was the students were actually they said breaking into various low power trees in the campus and we're starting to get access to all sorts of chemicals and presumably maybe mixing concoctions are those chemicals so that was a. concern that this is going to contribute further weapons to cause the students there they've also been calling for student protests in other parts of hong kong to go out on. through sunday in the early hours of monday morning to create out the riot destructions to try to take some of the pressure off the students were very much determined that this became the same this protest the moment they want to hold on campus and they were. maybe a focus to join the campus who also set up the protests around hong kong and that
12:49 am
that would take some of the pressure pressure off them the police the way that the police forces at the moment given all that the protests are complete. extremely angry exasperates you cool down most of the point simply over the strict approach and so it's important to just look at what's happening here because we can see part of that to university campus on fire we think the police have launched an operation to affectively clear the student protest as out of this polytechnic university campus they the students have barricaded themselves in the suggestion is that they set part of the entrance on fire in order to create a cordon around themselves to prevent the police from getting in we know that the protesters have been using fire bombs petrol bombs bows and arrows against the police the police have been deploying take gas and water cannon they have
12:50 am
threatened to deploy live bullets against the demonstrators if they continue to use lethal weapons against them and now we're looking at this fire that's been set off and rob in terms of this polytechnic university campus we were saying that several campuses in the city had been occupied by the protesters but it seems as though this is the site of some of the the most violent most intense clashes we've seen in hong kong. i think so i mean it is one of the i'm president today about this whole protest movement that it produces the violent clashes these progress these riots and each one it seems gets worse than the one before that which in turn has been more violent but the one before that it's very difficult to see exactly where it's going to end with each of the riots the protestors seem to be more determined to carry on to. in greater levels of what they see as being
12:51 am
defensive action they accuse the police of being the ones. making the pilot. using lethal weapons now as well as lethal. as is. and it's difficult to say exactly where it's going to escalate to but from the police's point of view they too are simply more exasperated by each protest they seem to be. more level firelands by all levels of violence. of their own. that they have been saying that they are willing to use live ammunition i mean we are in a situation now where sadly we have had a few deaths directly linked to the protests if this continues it could become the norm that more people are going to die and from the police point of view they
12:52 am
would view it may seem extreme using live ammunition against students is just with a mullet cocktail but when you are in these riots you see the numbers of fire problems that these protesters have had time to create to store and they're prepared to use increasingly so from the police point of view they have to have something to protect their offices if they are going to go. into clearance with the buildings like this and they go over that they are going to face all the top of you would say that they would they wouldn't be looking after their offices unless they put in place the kinds of procedures the. dorms that offices cujo to live ammunition to try to protect themselves so that's what we are seeing here i think there have been one or 2 reported cases during the night time of officers using live ammunition go there in recent weeks clear have to use live ammunition one or 2
12:53 am
protesters have been shot. it does feel as though they're prepared to do so again. all right for now thanks very much from mcbride with the latest from hong kong where a fire is burning at the polytechnic university campus. we the confrontation that appears to have reached a dramatic new level between police and protesters we'll get back to that later on bring you more at the top of the next hour not long from now here is the spot with peter. marion thank you very much stephanus to see passes capture the biggest title of his career winning the a.t.p. finals. the green lost the 1st to dominant team but then came back to win the last 2676 last year the 21 year old woman next to james 80 people successfully transitional into the beginning with this victory it's a full moon that a 1st time season finale title list has been crowned. another set of tennis stars
12:54 am
are preparing for the davis cup final set to start on monday in madrid stalls like a raffle odell then current world number one djokovic sure among those training on sunday there is a new revamped format this year with athletes competing on 3 indoor hard courts of elimination similar to that of football's world cup. dutch driver max a stop on has won the brazilian grand prix at the into largo circuit in sao paolo for his 8th career victory for stop and start of the race in pole position only the 2nd time in his career he had managed to do that it would be an eventful race it was twice 3 stars that have the dutchman overtaking hamilton as many times have to be using the lead there was high drama when the ferrari's best vettel and charlotte where collided causing both to fail to finish hamilton also hit the back of alexander out on but the day belonged to full stop and as you claim these 8th career victory the last race of the year takes place in abu dhabi on the same befits. will murder g.p.
12:55 am
champion mark markets has finished off the season in style by winning the valencia grand prix on sunday caps a dominant season for the spaniard this is his 12th victory of the year. quite a lot of who started from pole position finished 2nd 3 time former milegi champion for lauren so was racing for the last time as a professional and finished duty this is the 6th time markets has won the vote title. was if you go again because there were many things but you know we were very very hard all the team and yeah i was one goal this weekend that was try to win the race and i do. they all there on that day in the championship because they were they did amazing job. cristiana rinaldo is now just one goal away from reaching 100 international goals portugal scored in these countries to no euro 2020 qualifier win over luxembourg on sunday but if
12:56 am
a man made school the other go for now those 99 goal for his country wrapping up the win for the european champions who have now confirmed their place in the next year's tournament england's tommy fleetwood has won the tournament known as africa's major that's the lead bank of challenge at sun city in south africa miss all that in the stunning hillside of the country's northwest province fleetwood beat marcus can hold in a playoff inducement fired a spectacular fine run $65.00 clubhouse lead on 12 under par but then had to wait for the rest of the pack to see if he had done enough victory was confirmed in their playoff win the swede bogeyed is now sick of the race to dubai standards. all the same things apply you know just the closer it gets to the end of the season the harder it gets to look at you know stay in the present do your things you know concentrate on what you do best and. happy for the challenge i feel like i'm very ready i mean i might go on as we can play terrible but you know it's golf and this experience a little bit rather so. then what's normally
12:57 am
a quiet sport there was an unexpected interruption during the european cooling championships. a fire alarm went off in the round robin phase of the women's competition frankly they was no fire but friends and the teams the 1st evacuees the fooling the competition later resumed with scotland beating our team. that's what will leave us all back to england america. thank you peter now than it has been forced to close and mark's square after the city suffered a 3rd major flood in less than a week water levels and historic city which to 150 centimeters on sunday and officials are saying the damage is likely to cost at least a $1000000000.00. it's been the worst week for high tides in venice since 872 when official statistics were 1st produced schools shops and museums have all been forced to close flood warnings have also been issued for florence and pisa. that's it for the news hour but i'll be back with a full blitzer 4 in just
12:58 am
a couple of minutes including the latest on what's happening in hong kong. what are you protesting about how does this impact whether online life facing minstrelsy comes directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sat this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and are here to talk about the
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solutions on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extra content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera.
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protesters in hong kong set fire to the entrance of a university campus as police attempt to enter the building. hello i'm watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program protests against a fuel price rise in iran are reported to reach 100 cities president rouhani says the subsidies the hike is funding will start on monday. and anti-government protesters killed in iraq a may clash is the control of a strategic.


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