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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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right to live if you will of no color but exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot in the movie studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. fires and explosions as hong kong police the only university held by protest. hello i'm a senior this year without is there live from doha also coming up food and fuel shortages in bolivia's main city is supporters of former president morales lot growed stopping supplies. return of the rajapaksa as former defense chief wins sri lanka's presidency promising strong leadership after the easter attacks. and
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find out how doctors in the democratic republic of congo a convincing reluctant villages to get vaccinated against. the 1st hong kong police have stormed a university campus being held by protests is following a standoff that lasted all through the night some protests history petrol bombs and shot arrows at police who responded with tear gas and water cannon sarah clarke reports from hong kong. with part of the polytechnic university a blaze police moved in to clear the protesters they barricaded themselves on campus students fled as riot police fired tear gas and made arrests. with the help of wealth and we are told. this time after
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a marathon standoff with protesters blocking all access to the university making petrol bombs and devices to keep police and riot squad surrounded the university after a day of violent confrontations with an officer shot by an arrow some students fled on roads and an overpass others refused to leave i wanted democracy and freedom will come home call that is sincere from dallas the still let's just fights at the last moments to see this. and just get. hong kong central coast harbor tunnel with mines blocked causing major traffic congestion on monday schools are also shut for a 2nd week as well as classes at major universities this area remains in lockdown major roads are blocked in one of the busiest parts of hong kong as ripe place move in to make arrests and crackdown on those protesters who by this area the new battleground the anti-government movement. demonstrations now in their 5th month
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the government has warned it will escalate its efforts to still come in a city that's been rocked by its worst political crisis in decades. all right we'll go live now to sara to get the very latest and you just mentioned in your report sara that the government is now threatening to escalate its efforts to restore calm using your words what exactly would that entail. well that certainly is what we've seen over not to when the police have stormed into this particular campus the polytechnic university. campus it's a very busy part of hong kong and these students have been holed up inside this particular campus since around friday they've been building what the police describe as a weapon factory where they be creating petrol bombs using bows and arrows as well as of nile devices which have been scattering across roy they've also blocked major thoroughfares all the access points to carry into this particular university and when the government said it wanted to escalate its attempts to try and. clear these
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protesters out they have it's been described as a bloody showdown overnight on this particular campus when the riot police moved in to clear them out earlier a couple of hours ago we saw a quite a few fleeing out the side on the road so this is when the police fired a number of rounds of tear gas on those students and those protesters as they left the campus but we do believe there's still quite a number of them holed up inside and the right place have reentered the campus again in the last half an hour and what we believe is the last effort to remove the protesters who are rich treating and certainly hiding behind us behind the overpass you can see all the umbrellas within those buildings on this campus here now at the start of this 5 month protest movement these major protests were taking place at the weekend and they were pretty much nonviolent but as the months have gone by we've seen the violence intensify and we've also seen the police response tough and as well the tone of this protest movement has changed it seems very much.
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it certainly has and the escalation of violence certainly from both sides and the confrontations between the police and protesters escalated last week we saw that as you mentioned the 1st time we've got the week day protests this is where the students in the protests described what they believe was a tactic called the general strikes where they were trying to create major traffic and transport disruptions across hong kong and as a result we've seen hong kong schools again close for a 2nd week of the universities have finished their term at the end of the early as a result and so certainly the tactics from both sides have escalated as a result as these protesters try and get their message across i should say in the last hour and a half or so we've seen a number of arrests around this campus we saw more than 100 people arrested in front of me and when the road in front of me and also as i mentioned earlier in my story this whole area is in lockdown the place to try to push not just the protesters out but certainly the public in onlookers as they attempt to try and remove the last of the the students who are holed up inside at the polytechnic
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university all right sara thanks for that sarah clarke there with the very latest from hong kong. now bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages as supporters of the former president ever more or less continue to block roads the new interim government says it's created what it calls an air bridge to the main city liberals with military planes delivering supplies they're working on similar plans for other cities well as resigned and fled to mexico after winning an election that many thought was rigged but he still has a lot of support in poor rural areas our correspondent today is a boat reports from one of the former president strongholds in central bolivia. the city of sack of or in the province of bison morning. a fetus was shot during the protest carried out by evil more or less supporters here his relatives say she was shot in the head. we are said and her to because he is not the only one that
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was killed he took the others a few hours away we want a solution because when we took him to the clinic we had to pay a lot we want justice. even when alice resigned last week after being accused by the oas of committing fraud in the presidential elections but for these people he was the man who dignified that. most of the people are from indigenous communities and are coca leaves growers and they were trying to go through the main road towards the capital pass by they were prevented by the police be had to escape and they're telling us that they were ambushed right in this. piece facebook live video was filmed by one of the protesters sister. was 18 years old and was shot in the stomach while filming the clashes live. she was killed that day. militarizing this because they want to believe we are criminals they shot at us
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from everywhere and they can do it because we are. the actions of security forces are being investigated they're accused of using live ammunition and. at least 9 people were killed and over 130 were injured. man says the response by the military was disproportionate. what happened was a massacre in this country they want to say it was a confrontation on friday the government issued a decree that exonerates the armed forces of any killing and one hour after that decree the police and the military started using live ammunition against protesters . the government says the protesters were infiltrated by foreigners and were using improvised weapons. we have asked the attorney general to investigate what her unit he told me the delay was we couldn't rule out of did not want to give the bodies we
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have asked the attorney general to investigate this as soon as possible because obama tropic was the launching pad for it will more or less political career as a leader of the growers federation many people here remain loyal to him and do not trust in the new interim administration many say at call for elections and political negotiations a crucial to prevent further loss of life. as president has condemned the police of violence during the 4 weeks of protests over social and economic equality or inequality that this is the 1st time that sebastian pinera has criticised the police of using excessive force prosecutors are investigating more than a $1000.00 geishas of abuse $22.00 people have been killed thousands of been injured during the past month of rallies last week the government agreed to hold a referendum to replace the current constitution which protesters say discriminates
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against the poor. during the past 4 weeks chile changed the chileans changed the government changed we have all changed because the social pact under which we have lived cracked down and showed its wounds and cracks we all need to renew the social pact together. ecuador's congress has rejected president modernise package of economic reforms making it the latest setback in the country's attempts to reduce its heavy budget deficit the measures would have improved tax collection and given moral ptolemy to the central bank the reforms have been part of a loan agreement with the i.m.f. the government had to backtrack on plans to remove fuel subsidies after 2 weeks of protests in october they've been 2 explosions in the afghan capital kabul they were suicide blasts and they happened near a military training center according to the interior ministry at least 4 members of
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the security forces were injured. war time defense chief has won the presidential election after a campaign marked by nationalists rhetoric and promises of better security got a buyer rajapakse and now has the task of lifting the country out of an economic some there's been made worse by devastating bombings earlier this year but as with reports from the capital. to his supporters mainly from the senhor put this majority got a buyer rajapaksa is the president sri lankan mean they believe he can strengthen security after the easter sunday suicide bomb attacks 263 people were killed the government ignored intelligence warnings that the bombings were imminent it's paid the price for that and other perceived failings at this election national security was. a car coming the. training people were crying
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in fact every other day there was some agitation and obviously they were waiting for an opportunity to change the government rajapaksa is a divisive figure many tamils in sri lanka's north believe the former defense secretary should be tried over allegations of killings and disappearances during the final stages of the war against the tamil tigers the country's muslim council says his victory realizes all our worst fears their fear food because this. election campaign stressed national security and national security to the ethnic minority is something a little bit fearful because it means that they are the ones being viewed as security threats and for the muslims in particular they have bad memories of the period before 2015 because there were riots against them even good there was a very good military under god. the military and the intelligence didn't protect the muslims and i hope that that will change in the future is all the brother and
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former president mahinda may now. become prime minister as the rajapaksa family returns to frontline politics. excited and super excited and happy for the country and the result that the majority of the sri lankans have been expecting for a long time up the outlook and also up we wanted someone like this to save the country so that our children the future generation will have a country one of got a buyer rajapakse as priorities is to rebuild state intelligence and surveillance networks he says they were dismantled by the outgoing administration and international pressure i asked about those allegations of human rights abuses when he was defense secretary but now president elect says people should stop talking about past. burnitz al-jazeera. at least 9 people have been killed in airstrikes in northwestern syria the attacks took place in rebel held territory in the province local media reports that the attacks were carried out by
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russian planes several people were also injured and one persons died in violent confrontations in the northern syrian border town of al-bab protests is a try to soon the police station which was holding a suspect in saturday's car bomb explosion one person was killed in the skirmishes as the protesters demanded justice for the killing of 19 people in saturday's attack if he multiple explosions in the al-bab since turkey and its allies took control. still to come here at al-jazeera campaign is celebrated as a death row inmate in the u.s. state of texas gets a temporary reprieve. iran's president promises payments for the poor as he tries to calm fury and the higher petrol prices.
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hello iran has not done with the trouble from snow although you don't see very much in satellite pictures these great tools here and the north a lot more what talk from q.a.t.'s was this is rain and this because the height above sea level of course in a good part around is more snow we've seen snow in terror on that we know of a lot more in the mountains just to the north a little bit further south shiraz looks very wet q 8 city the rain is moving towards iran out of kuwait and out of iraq so the picture for monday is a dry one still 18 aleppo units and 16 ankara's or was really the time of year but this is the active weather moving south and it will move south that's where it gets to by tuesday so let's follow it down towards the gulf it runs for saudi arabia of course it hits bahrain home monday might start to show itself in qatar as well is quite slow moving so it'll be rain with some sun storms and maybe some decent
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downpours as well a wet day seems likely in die hard and a draw day in riyadh but occasionally thunderstorms south of that nice weather 30 for example reasonably dry in the into code or in eastern. as for southern africa well the winds are swirling still but i don't see many shows for cos the johannesburg is going quite healthy again though it would hook. weather sponsored by. the stories generate thousands of flights these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison there's a me right stop at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking down the misinformation from the journalism is about telling the stories of those human beings out there with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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take a look at the top stories hear it out is there this morning everyday explosions in hong kong where a university campus was the scene of a standoff between police and protesters the police stormed the area early on monday morning after hundreds of demonstrators threw petrol bombs and shelter behind barricades through the night. bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages a supporter of the former president continued to block grades the interim government says it's created an air bridge to the main city of la paz with military planes delivering supplies. from a war time defense chief got
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a buyer rajapakse will become the country's next president is rival conceded the rajapaksa pass the required 50 percent mark in early results. iran's president says families will start to receive financial assistance on monday and the money will come from a steep rise in petrol price. this is would have triggered protests around the country has some rouhani also condemned the protests in which at least 2 people have been killed in clashes with police youth or it is a shut down the internet in an effort to thwart the protests or more than 87000 people have taken part in demonstrations across the country since friday that's according to security officials quoted by the fars news agency around a 1000 of those were arrested and in one province more than 100 banks and 57 shops were damaged or set on fire. having more that we have witnessed how some people
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have gone to the streets after the implementation of the decision to increase the price of petrol people have the right to protest but we will not allow the targeting of security or the spread of chaos and riots in the country the decision to increase the price of petrol belongs to the regime and not only to the government the people should not worry about the implementation because its revenue will be distributed back to the people. more now from toronto from our correspondent ari president has time rouhani has been making a few comments following his weekly cabinet meeting on sunday evening in the capital he said that it is the right of every iranian to protest but it is not their right to cause riots he's referring to over a 1000 people that have been arrested over the past 48 hours as a result of a number of incidents that have taken place over all over the country in a number of cities over 87000 people have turned up to demonstrate and show their
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frustration at the news that the price of fuel has tripled overnight the government made this announcement and the president was defending the government's decision on sunday evening saying that they were trying to help the poor families in the country by increasing subsidies to them and that's why they had a decision to make and that decision was made it wasn't an easy one he said they had 3 choices one was to increase taxes across the board inside iran the 2nd one was to increase the sale of oil that was not going to happen because of u.s. sanctions at the moment on the rainy and and the 3rd was to increase the price of fuel for iranians that's what they decided to go with this the citizen has had some very serious consequences number of people have turned out across the country to protest and show their anger there have been 2 deaths reported so far one of a policeman in camel city and another approach has.
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washington is preparing for another week of high profile hearings at the impeachment inquiry into donald trump the u.s. president's allies and his foes and also been dominating the airwaves all going over whether he improperly sought help from ukraine to boost his chances of reelection reports with week 2 of televised impeachment hearings approaching democratic house speaker nancy pelosi pushed back against president donald trump's complaints that the process is unfair he has every opportunity to present his case but it's really a sad thing i mean what the president did was so much worse than even what richard nixon did but it some point richard nixon cared about the country and to recognize that this cannot continue palosi said trump made
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a serious mistake when he tweeted criticism of former u.s. ambassador to ukraine mario van of it even while she was testifying on capitol hill that the words of the president weigh a ton they are very significant and he should not frivolously throw out insults but that's what he does i think part of it is his own. insecurity as an impostor i think he knows full well that. he's a gnat office. way over his head and so he has to do nation everywhere now one of trump's most ardent congressional defenders insists there is no 1st hand evidence trump sought a quid pro quo with ukraine to hand over military aid in return for a ukrainian investigation into his political rival joe biden and biden's son hunter who served on the board of ukrainian energy company no one's testify that there's
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been a quid pro quo i was got 2nd 3rd hand for 10 information another republican lawmaker who worked closely on ukrainian affairs suggested the entire matter being investigated in the impeachment inquiry should simply have been hushed up having this all come out into public has weakened that relationship is has exposed things that didn't need be exposed so this would have been far better off if we would just taken care of this behind the scenes this week the hearings will pick up steam with 8 heard or former u.s. officials due to testify one of them is gordon sawmill and the u.s. ambassador to the european union and saddam will be on the hot seat because it omissions he made in earlier testimony about he phoned calls he had with trump over ukraine rob reynolds al-jazeera washing. the family of an american man whose execution was stops just days before it was due to be carried out as how
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to thank you vigil outside the texas governor's mansion in austin was convicted of raping and murdering a 19 year old woman in 1906 the same stuff appeals court blocked the execution on friday afternoon evidence emerges raising serious doubts about his guilt rights group the innocence project says race played a key part in these convictions. there haiti's president says he's holding talks to form a unity government he says his country needs international support after 2 months of antigovernment protests that made a dire humanitarian situation even worse there's widespread anger over high inflation crime and allegations of corruption haiti's been without a functioning government since march because of a stalemate in parliament the former malaysian prime minister najib razak is back in court on new corruption charges he's already involved in 2 other cases currently
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passing through the courts then he faces allegations that he and his family looted estate investment fund in a multi-billion dollar fraud scandal spanning 6 countries this latest case will examine accusations that he tampered with an investigation looking in to the financial scandal that denies the allegations and says the charges are politically motivated. the french yellow vests demonstrators of occupy the top paris department store a day after protests marking a year since the movement began overall numbers for the anniversary marches were quite small but as the tasha butler reports that doesn't mean people's grievances are being resolved. at one of paris's top department stores a group of yellow vests supporters staged a brief protest before being removed by police.
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elsewhere in the city there was tension as demonstrators gathered for a 2nd day to mark one year since the yellow vest movement began many traveled from far to show their support and pay tribute to protesters they said had been injured by police during months of weekly demonstrations you know it's been a big year people have died or lost arms and eyes all those have been unfairly jailed we can't ignore a system that lets people starve i am a single mother i work but i have no money at the end of each month yellow vests movement began as a protest against high fuel prices it then rapidly became a social movement of the cost of living in against the french president accused by demonstrators of favoring the rich over the poor the scale of the unrest forced emanuel mycroft to change his approach but in recent months the movements lost momentum the number of supporters a rallies has dwindled along with the public's appetite for them fewer people are actually turned out in the streets to mark the 1st year of the yellow vests
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movement than a supporters might of hope for also the question for many of them now is will be the movement's future the yellow vests have failed to unite behind a set of leaders and supporters are divided over its aims nevertheless some believe the movement can survive. the movement can take on a different shape now what is important is that we raise the awareness of gay people who took risks we went to the streets in the not cities in the old. one year on and it's clear the yellow 1st movement has marked the french political landscape and highlighted the plight of working people who struggle financially it's also inspired similar movements in other countries less clear is whether the movement can become a force away from the streets natasha butler al-jazeera paris. the political security and cultural complications of combined to make it difficult for health workers to contain an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo so
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doctors are getting help from local leaders in a vaccination drive to reach one of the most hard to access communities catherine sawyer reports now from. health workers in bailey have set up a medical comp next to an open chat service on the sunday morning the service is attended by reclusive beagley community living in villages in the congo forest doctors tell us the community has also been affected by it but convincing them to come to treatment centers or get vaccinated has been difficult yet they hope as many people as possible will say yes to the vaccine. and to convince them to bring in community leaders like. to talk to the rest when i was vaccinated in man dinner to show my people there's nothing wrong with it i tell them this is a war we're fighting. jerrine jacqueline has brought her 3 children to be
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vaccinated. she is reluctant fast but tells us she now sees the importance of it in general out. i was convinced by our community leader i came for docs initially with my children because i don't want this decease to find us in our house i was told it kills people horribly. pygmies in the democratic republic of congo have been historically marginalized poor relief from hospitals or schools this is a community that moves around a lot leaving in villages such as this one in the forests those here have been vaccinated but accessing many others has been difficult this doctor tells us sometimes it takes hours walking through dense forest where rebel fighters also hide well we are now in this village work and come into. so they moved the village to another place is for that that we are working where we close with them get involved in the vaccination make them aware of the weeks that they have.
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and so efforts continue to get this community vaccinated how far it is run to reduce the cases. to 0 by the end of the yard and for that to happen they tell us no one can be left out catherine story are just 0 beni is the democratic republic of congo. travers take a look at the top stories here it is there this morning they really explosions in one column where a university campus has been the scene of a standoff between police and protesters the police stormed the area early on monday morning after hundreds of demonstrators threw petrol bombs and shelter behind barricades during the night sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. we still have explosions going off on the campus and we got a fire on the overpass in the right place have just come back in this certainly
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indicates what we think is that there are still a number of students still on that campus earlier we saw in the last hour we've seen at least 2 more than 100 arrests on the road in front of us on these the put the police clearing out those protesters the last of what we thought were the protesters on this campus but clearly by the way the right place of move back in now that indicates that are there are still some protesters here at polytechnic university. iran's president says families will start to receive financial assistance from monday which will be paid for by an increase in fuel prices has some rouhani also condemned the protests in which at least 2 people have been killed in clashes with police bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages as supporters of the former president devil morales continue to block roads the new interim government says it's created what it calls an air bridge to the main city with military planes delivering supplies ever more or less resigned and fled to
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mexico after winning an election that many thought was rigged but he still has a lot of support him poor rural areas. of wartime defense chief got up by rajapaksa becomes the country's next president his rival conceded as rajapakse across the required 50 percent mark in early results hate is pro president says he's holding talks to form a unity government is the country grapples with an escalating humanitarian crisis moyes says his country these international support after 2 months of anti-government protests led to food shortages there's widespread anger over inflation crime and allegations of corruption but acing post is next. on counting the cost with briggs's make america great again to make in india are we seeing a backlash against globalization or is it just in the economic war plus france's
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richest man is worth more than 100000000000 dollars we find out if france is an unequal society counting the cost on al-jazeera. the 1st time or knees are accusing saudi arabia of this by. their process of what you would. like. this or is it because they accept those were at this. critical of the saudi government. alone richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week enemy agents within a court case in the us threatens to expose the relationship between twitter and saudi arabia in taiwan they call them the red media news outlets with allegiances to beijing reporters in nigeria are being jailed for what prosecutors call cyber crimes and others.


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