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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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mainstream misconceptions keep the pride claim to any stations doesn't alienate people it doesn't make people feel like i'm not smart enough to understand this truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. constitutional a hong kong court rules against a ban on face masks and made a violent standoff between police and protesters of a university. when i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al jazeera iran's president condemns protests over the rise of petrol prices but says poor families will start to see some benefits also protests outside of a court in barcelona as the regional leader goes on trial. i'm from
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a dumbbell and i'm in the kalahari desert in south africa with the world's fastest cars being tested to break the land speed record. so hong kong's high court has ruled an emergency law which banned face masks worn by the pro-democracy protesters is in fact unconstitutional remember chief executive carol announced the ban back in october she tried to stem the violence the law that dates back to british colonial era and this court has now ruled that's actually incompatible with the basic law of today the ban on facemask didn't really work that would only inflame the situation there was an escalation in the protests and the violence and the destruction most recently monday here they were right police surrounding a university campus after protesters who were holed up inside threw petrol bombs and also fired arrows at them police have started to arrest
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a number of protesters trying to leave that campus they say the weapons being used by the demonstrators are becoming more lethal we've also heard from china's. and ministry which which says it supports the actions of the police. i don't know if you've been following closely the developments in hong kong if you haven't if you are viewing the factories an impartial view you can see that what is happening in hong kong is no longer a simple demonstration it is a handful of violent criminals conducting violence against the civilians and they have affected social order and safety in hong kong but the police are doing is protecting the citizens lives and safety and keeping order. mcbride now in hong kong for us just bring us up to date 1st of all after everything we saw that happened overnight the situation right now. that's right well throughout the day as you mentioned there has been very tense scenes here at this
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campus where it's sealed off by lockdown by riot police waiting to see exactly what the fate of those still inside will be not even knowing exactly how many students are inside some estimates talk about scores or dozens some say a 100 some say several 100 it really isn't quite known just how many are still inside but there are still developments here going on throughout the day just a little over half an hour ago there were some very big explosions coming from corner of this campus building from inside the campus and big poll of black smoke was coming up from that corner fire engines quickly arrived we understand that earlier in the afternoon there were more explosions assuming that those explosions are coming from inside the campus we assume that they must have something to do with the students being in there but we can't know exactly what the cause of these explosions has been there but it's extremely unsettling especially for people who
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are around here there's a lot of local residents here there's also a number of parents of students who are inside are clearly very distressed and wanting to know what will become of their children besides. the large scale arrests that we saw earlier in the day whether these were people surrendering or people trying to make a break for it and then seized by police we saw just over an hour ago about now a half ago 3 students living along this walkway behind us here and then suddenly making a dash presumably to try to get away the police who were all around this area gave chase with firing rubber bullets firing tear gas and then surely those those 3 were arrested which then again raises emotions here amongst the local people and also obvious the relatives of some of those students who are still inside come out with all this focus in the last 2 days on the universities in hong kong is that to say that protests in other parts of the city of died down and things are able to sort
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of function a little more normally there. this is seems to have been the focus certainly of the protest movement over the past 2448 hours in fact police figures just released within the past hour or so give a figure of a brown 158 arrests over the weekend of most of those arrest will have been from this campus area but it's interesting the. repercussions of this particular siege and the resistance or resilience is seen by fellow demonstrators on the protest movement because we have in the streets around here in cows lou and an awful lot of destruction and rest from people setting up temporary roadblocks some people just using vehicles to block roads and this is all it seems as part of an effort to stop the police reinforcing the their bad numbers here to try to disrupt the police operations here and also have been calls going out for other
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demonstrators to set up these hit and run style roadblocks and small barricades around this part of kalou and again to try to stretch out the force numbers police numbers to try to. to reduce the impact of the police here is a way of helping those inside and you do see on social media other calls for demonstrators to gather at certain locations near to these campuses not exactly sure what they are going to try to attempt to do whether it's just to be there is show moral support or whether to take some more direct type of action to try to support the people inside but it has certainly had a wider repercussion on the whole protest movement here here in hong kong come on thank you robyn pride in hong kong to other news and iran's president says families will start receiving financial assistance from monday money that will come from a steep rise in petrol prices which triggered protests around the country the government has confirmed 3 people though have died since the demonstrations began
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president hassan rouhani says while people have the right to protest they can't spread insecurity not. more doubt it we have witnessed how some people have gone to the streets after the implementation of the decision to increase the price of petrol people have the right to protest but we will not allow the targeting of security or the spread of chaos and riots in the country the decision to increase the price of petrol belongs to the regime and not only to the government the people should not worry about the implementation because its revenue will be distributed back to the people. so does the job ari with us now from toronto also petrol prices go up which will make life more difficult however now people are supposed to start receiving this money i guess it will only make a difference once they know they're actually going to get it in their hands. yes come all and this money that's coming to them in the 1st batch will be released into their accounts later on that monday evening according to the president there
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is about $16000000.00 iranians that are eligible for this subsidy and that's because there are they're living below the poverty line or very close to it the spokesperson of president rouhani ali robbie has been speaking in the capital on monday where he's explaining that the government made this decision because they were trying to help the general public as a result of the economic pressure that iran finds itself in after the united states left the 2015 nuclear deal and imposed a series of sanctions on iran the government is saying that look we're trying to help and the 1st 20000000 people will receive this money tonight the rest will happen on thursday and then the last batch will be on sunday but the average iranian that i've been speaking to there is telling me that it's not enough 1st of all that it doesn't make up for the price hike that they've seen the price of petrol has gone up 3 faults overnight and also the price increase will have an effect on other goods in iran they're worried that prices of ordinary things will
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also go up as a result of this and this is why we've seen this unrest people have been setting fire to gas stations and attacking police stations of various different cities across the country as a result of which even the supreme leader was forced to make a statement on sunday saying that he backs the position the government has taken and he supports the decision and he says anybody who's trying to create unrest in the country will be classified as hooligans and they will be dealt with the intelligence ministry has also issued a statement saying that they will force the rule of law at any cost inside the country the people that are taking to the streets there in small numbers i have to say cross the country and they're trying to show how strong this stress they are at this news it's not every day that they see this kind of an increase and also it was without any warning but in general they are waiting to find out how much money they will receive into their accounts and whether or not that will really make a difference in the long term on their daily lives. thank you.
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separatist president is on trial in boston on this day for disobedience is accused of defying orders made by the spanish electro orthogonally tensions been high in the region ever since the jelling of a number of separatist leaders last month in botswana for us to go home so i knew exactly what is kim told her facing today. well essentially come on he could be facing up to 2 years of disbarment from public office if he is found guilty in this trial the thought of being the electoral board said that his decision to put up the yellow ribbons outside public offices the yellow ribbons showing support for the jailed separatist leaders in effect amounted according to the electoral borders tools of political propaganda in the meantime can talk about how to counter this by saying that in effect he is
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not turning up to defend himself but to defend put it to accuse the central government in madrid of violating his rights and the rights of of other cattle and so this is also plays into the greater picture of what is occurring here in catalonia certainly since the failed referendum failed illegal referendum of 2017 in the facts of exactly what role the president does have in this region the regional president that is there have been complaints that from some quarters that president daughter in effect is more of an activist role rather than being a role of keeping the new role with neutrality in representing all catalans plus the board certainly that is the argument that is being put forward to the prosecutor by the electoral board himself also the electoral board and prosecutors also have support from the hard right fox party which made substantial. gains in
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this last election as well so. really well how can daughter will manage to come out of this will be found out if not days than weeks to come this is going to be some concern as well sonia from those other cattlemen leaders about the wider impact of this case and on them. well yes exactly kemal it does races whole issue of how entrenched these positions top become and how the attitudes of hardened over the last couple of years and certainly the recent elections that took place earlier this month have certainly not made any clearer of that and of course it sort of has given up a whole another kind of political deadlock with which the. leaders themselves do have their role to play in that as well if they can get on board with the acting spanish prime minister certainly the. head of sunshine to try and form
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a government then they will have to be concessions that will be made if it's going to work out for them but the president can't do it by himself has been acknowledged to really be white vocal on the parts all of the sentencing of the 9 political leaders and civil society members as well he has made his pro separatist views well known and that has that been the complaint of the electoral board as well as other rule for which he's you say that really this is not the role that he should be taking and in fact it is just inflaming the situation here by not reaching out with some kind of consensus among when you're in barcelona still ahead for you on al-jazeera the violent crackdown on protesters in sudan why a new report says it could actually amount to crimes against humanity. i'm sure because new president is sworn in after a national campaign promising to crush what he calls religious extremism.
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hello there is a a building typhoon will just be typhoon strength just the top of your screen there heading towards luzon it's a very small storm but it will hit northern luzon do some damage but beyond that there's not much in the sky these masses thunderstorms here could produce some i'm hoping useful rain for weather western java or southern sumatra is the area where showers are developing some of it reaches as far north as southern thailand still this is singapore and kuala lumpur involved but for a rainy season so far this is quite poor have to say and once you've seen typhoon one go through another one cooky develops at least tropical storm to the east of the philippines philippine sea is still quite active in developing these things the story in the in a stroller is more one of moving heat rather than the us after tremendous
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thunderstorms in queensland yesterday we've got nothing in the sky and in the forecast we don't produce anymore temperature wise a not so far out from normal 30 in adelaide keep an eye on that and that's 25 in perth however come wednesday we're up to $42.00 in adelaide this wind is focusing the warm south the interior and take it down through south australia has a degree of record levels if he stays for one day after that the heat goes east towards melbourne. this december make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania. to a stage made full fledged. make connections makes a statement peak for the on becoming the world's best city excite to shore to say i want to be. this fee for. make cuts on your goal.
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deal with al-jazeera and these are the top stories a victory for pro-democracy protesters in hong kong after the high court ruled a ban on face masks was unconstitutional but it isn't always a violent standoff with riot police sashay university iran's president says families will start receiving financial assistance from monday that money will come from a steep rise in petrol prices which has triggered protests around the country the government's confirmed the deaths of $3.00 people since the demonstrations began.
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and catalonia is the president kim torah is in court for a trial of disobedience is accused of defying orders from the spanish electoral college and by not removing a symbol of support for catalan independence from a government building. you know gratian sermon has been held for sri lanka's new president got to by about japan except he claimed victory after a campaign marked by nationalist rhetoric and promises of best security now that he has the task of lifting the country out of an economic. slump it was made worse by the easter bombings as has more now from on the order to put out. there were basically all roads leading to the rule. in sion historic temple dating back centuries where gautama rajapaksa has decided to take the oath of office it's a known door to the huge majority of single of british voters that placed their faith in him with an overwhelming sort of a good number in terms of that victory i mean essentially on the outset and
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particularly coming into the campaigns that sort of security angle national security post the easter bombings were a big big factor official lankans who had had the kind of ground pulled from underneath them after those bombings and the huge loss of life and that was one of the key sort of advantages go tubby rajapaksa played to in his campaign but the huge task he has ahead of him in lifting the sri lankan economy out of the dodgems is a mammoth task for him now obviously the country the economy has a huge debt burden the paternity explosions in the afghan capital kabul suicide blasts happened near a military training center your interior ministry says at least 4 security forces have been injured. a new report from human rights watch says a violent crackdown on protesters in sudan in june could amount to crimes against humanity the rights group says sudanese forces opened fire on protesters and
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committed crimes of sexual violence witnesses say members of the forces were seen throwing bodies into the river nile a paramilitary units commanded by the deputy head of sudan's transitional government is accused of leading the attacks activists demanding an independent inquiry and that those responsible are held to account for the support from khartoum that have a morgan. walking down the street brings painful memories for he he says he was here on june 3rd one of found participating in a city that had been going on for 2 months when soldiers raided it he gets in the car to show us the scar left by the bullets. the soldiers came from all directions and started firing at the protesters they burnt the tents where some of the protesters were and we ran and hid inside a nearby building but they raided there and started beating us when i saw them beating the girls who were also hiding i told them to let the girls go and beat the
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men instead that's when one of the soldiers took an aim and told them to shoot me this it in started in april after a month of anti-government protests against former president bashir the demonstrators demanded bashir step down accusing him of corruption and mismanaging the country which he ruled for 30 years these after the sit in fact that the military council forced him from power and took over but it continued even after he was gone as far as between protest leaders and the military council dragged on they argued over who should run the country during its transitional period protesters demanded a civilian rule. after nearly 2 months the fits in came to a deadly end. medical groups allied to the protest movement say 120 people were killed and over 400 were injured. during the raid by soldiers dozens were reported missing. the june 3rd attack did not just involve putting it on are protesters
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women and men reports of being raped i survive was reported witnessing protestors some still alive being tied to a block and thrown into the river nile a few feet away. the rights group human rights watch says what happened bad day could amount to crimes against humanity the evidence points to a clear pattern that is widespread and systematic and points to a policy that the government had adopted of using live ammunition against peaceful and unarmed protesters when crimes like this of the serious nature are committed as part of a systematic pattern of attack they can qualify as crimes against humanity a committee to investigate better cause to to by the transitional government sworn in in september it includes members from the military and the police sides protesters accuse of being involved in the attack of. offenses.
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and that took place on that the. offense is. always noble or was committed by individuals not even even if it is executed by a force protesters say they want justice for the lives lost bad day and they won't rest until it's delivered people morgan al-jazeera. protesters in georgia have set up barricades around the country's parliament to prevent m.p.'s from entering the demonstrators are calling for early elections after parliament failed to pass a promised electoral reform bill the measure would have moved the country's electoral system to full proportional representation as opposed to its current mixed system. bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages as supporters of the former president evo morales continue to block roads the new interim government
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says it's created a so-called air bridge to the main city la paz with military planes delivering supplies they're working on similar plans now for other cities morality resigned and fled to mexico after winning an election many believe was rigged but he still has a lot of support in poor rural areas north korean leader kim jong un has supervised military drills in defiance of calls for diplomacy it comes after the u.s. and south korea called off joint military exercises in an effort to resume stalled nuclear talks on sunday president don't trouble urged kim via twitter to resume the negotiations but north korea won't be attending any summit unless it's offered something substantial. washington scaring up for another week of hearings at the impeachment inquiry into donald trump the u.s. president's allies and foes have been dominating the airwaves the odd giving over
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whether he sought help from ukraine to boost his chances of reelection this reports from rob reynolds with week 2 televised impeachment hearings approaching democratic house speaker nancy pelosi pushed back against president donald trump's complaints that the process is unfair he has every opportunity to present his case but it's really a sad thing i mean what the president did was so much worse than even what richard nixon did that in some point beach at nixon cared about the country and not to recognize that this could not continue palosi said trump made a serious mistake when he tweeted criticism of former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie avan of it even while she was testifying on capitol hill that the words of the president wait time they are very significant and
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he should not frivolously throw out insults but that's what he does i think part of it is his own. insecurity as an impostor i think he knows full well that. he's in that office. way over his head and so he has to do nation everyone now one of trump's most ardent congressional defenders insists there's no with 1st hand evidence trump sought a quid pro quo with ukraine to hand over military aid in return for a ukrainian investigation into his political rival joe biden and biden's son hunter who served on the board of ukrainian energy company no one's testify that there's been. quid pro quo i was got 2nd 3rd hand 4th hand information another republican lawmaker who worked closely on ukrainian affairs suggested the entire matter being investigated in the impeachment inquiry should simply have been harsh up having
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this all come out into public has weakened that relationship is his expose things that didn't need to be exposed so this would have been far better off if we would just taken care of this behind the scenes this week the hearings will pick up steam with 8 heard or former u.s. officials due to testify one of them is gordon somnolent the u.s. ambassador to the european union and sunderland will be on the hot seat because it omissions he made in earlier testimony about he phone calls he had with trump over ukraine rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. the family of a u.s. man whose execution was halted just days before is due to be carried out as hell to thank you vigil outside the texas governor's mansion in austin on the raid was convicted of raping and murdering a 19 year old woman back in 1906 the state's top appeals court to temporarily blocked his execution on friday after new evidence emerged raising serious doubts
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about his guilt the rights group the innocence project says race played a key part and reid's conviction. former malaysian prime minister najib razak has appeared in court for a new corruption trial so already involved in 2 other court cases the g. places allegations he and his family looted a state investment fund in a multi 1000000000 dollar fraud scandal spending 6 countries this latest case will examine accusations that he tampered with an investigation looking into that financial scandal but he denies the allegations and says the charges are politically motivated. finally it's called the bloodhound and those who built it believe it will soon be the fastest car use that term loosely on earth the british team though is testing it in south africa's kalahari desert for me to miller went to have a look. it's developers say it's the most advanced straight line racing car ever built it's aim to break the world land speed record at a speed of 800 kilometers an hour the bloodhound ellice are is one of the world's
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top 10 fastest cars but it aims to double that speed next year it's been built to break the record see it more than 20 years ago at 1227.9 kilometers an hour it is very difficult to describe because it's a bit like flying a jet fighter and it's a little bit like driving a high performance racing car but since most people haven't done either of those things that probably doesn't help in very simple terms it's very hot in the cockpit it's very noisy there's a lot of excel aeration there's a lot of g. slowing down again and. the simplest thing i can say is the ground goes past very very quickly despite the sweltering heat the hocks region deep in the kalahari desert provides the ideal testing ground the open flat surface has been carefully prepared by hundreds of local community members who have removed tons of rock for a smooth ride organizers say it's the largest area of land ever cleared for
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a motor sport event and at full design speed the car covers 1.6 kilometers in just 3.6 seconds it's powered by a rolls royce each a $208.00 engine normally found in a euro fighter typhoon jet the thrust produced is equal to $360.00 family cause the 90 kilogram solid aluminum wheels have been specially designed for the desert surface they're built to spin at up to 10200 revolutions a minute more than 4 times faster than the wheels on a formula one car at top speed but our project has been going to turn years. and it's done an amazing job of inspiring people to get involved in engineering over the years it almost was too good at doing that and it means the entrepreneur itself almost fell by the wayside because it was too good at doing education charge of it and a project basement cost last year going to ministration that's when i got involved
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once testing is complete the car will return to the united kingdom for any modifications before it attempts to break the world record. a bloodhound l.s.r. is a combination of fast jet f one car and space ship the engineering team says it's bolt the world's fastest car to inspire people everywhere. al-jazeera banned in the northern cape. the south is a rip these are the top stories there has been a. for pro-democracy protesters in hong kong after the high court ruled a ban on face masks was unconstitutional decision follows a violent standoff with riot police at the university china's foreign ministry those defended the actions of police in the home town we don't usually meet you i don't know if you've been following closely the developments in hong kong if you haven't if you are viewing the fact with an impartial view you can see that what is
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happening in hong kong is no longer a simple demonstration it is a handful of violent criminals conducting violence against the civilians and they have affected social order and safety in hong kong but the police are doing is protecting the citizens lives and safety and keeping order. there the headlines iran's president says families will start receiving financial assistance from monday the money will come from a steep rise in petrol prices which in turn has triggered protests around the country the government has confirmed $3.00 people have died since the demonstrations began catalan separatist president is on trial in barcelona for disobedience is accused of defying orders made by the spanish electoral authority tensions been high in the region since the jailing of a number of separatist leaders last month the inauguration ceremonies been held for sri lanka's new president got the. claimed victory after a campaign marked by nationalist rhetoric and promises of better security he now has the task of lifting the country out of an economic slump made worse by the
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easter bombings. protesters in georgia have set up barricades around the country's parliament to prevent him from entering it calling for early elections off the parliament failed to pass a promise to electoral reform bill that would have moved the country's electoral system to full proportional representation as opposed to its current mixed system. and bolivians of facing food and fuel shortages supporters of the former president evo morales continue to block roads and so the interim government has created a so-called air bridge instead to the main city la paz with military planes delivering supplies around its resigned and fled to mexico after winning an election many believe was raked up witnesses next on al-jazeera and then elizabeth is here with the news. in china cancer drugs can be pretty bit of leaks pensive some desperate patients travel to india to buy cheap generic versions but
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it won't cost $10.00 win a strollers dollars smuggling to survive on how does the era. of a sudden. out of the human. person that wasn't good last august.


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