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tv   Lifeboat  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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out of an economic slump made worse by the easter bombings protesters in georgia have set up barricades around the country's parliament to prevent m.p.'s from entering it calling for early elections after parliament failed to pass a promised electoral reform bill it would have moved the country's electoral system to full proportional representation as opposed to its current mixed system. and bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages supporters of the former president evo morales continue to block roads and so the interim government has created a so-called air bridge instead to the main city la paz with military planes delivering supplies resigned and fled to mexico after winning an election many believe was raked up witnesses next on al-jazeera and then elizabeth is here with the news. in china cancer drugs can be pretty a bit of league spent some desperate patients travel to india to buy cheap generic versions but what cost when
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a stroll is the smuggling to survive on how does iraq. some of. us because of the template it's not on the stand. was that it was a post that was. going to. come
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up with the. utmost. for the. life of. another tragedy in the mediterranean about 200 migrants trying to cross the sea fell overboard earlier this week more than 4600 people have drowned or gone missing this year desperate people from syria africa and india but the boat sank less than
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10 miles off libya's coast people are risking their lives to sail from north africa to europe the migrants were fleeing poverty and war in. sudan and somalia as many as $900.00 migrants were said to be on board only handful survived reshipped wrecks in just 3 days claims $709.00 large just the most recent tragedy involving migrants trying to meet you in the week.
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to suddenly get a mass migration of millions it's a pick shot so in the system. we've got a lot of people in trouble you know lease or pull little boat songs those folks so going to last very long no way you know. or work for 22 years counting nobody listen see. in the home. but i know the home to sing we have pits.
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but when we're looking for the throat the bugs. for instance. this a bit. here is the gold the chinese here over here. libya here. occasionally we go for food fuel somewhere over the. we go 12 more alone here draw. in the 20 full mile.
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and the libyan will soar to seoul whoever of the all star says a lot to think that's when the full mile says they're sowing in so it. so normally we stay outside 24 miles. and we've got a she said. that's where all of the same thing coming from. we've done the number on the bull 0012 degrees 35 minutes.
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mr. tucker well that might be the 2nd one was this i mean you know we have 3. i think knowing at least racing. back. from her. you're. going to think it was ok my birds. would start to die for us. really want to talk about it and i know we're going to defer on. this i'm not enough to have 7 i want to build everything is nice but it's
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a matter of time everybody was. going to try to jump load up with us we're going to have a single family that i didn't think about yeah a little time but just so we i can all find low was such a good amount of time that you wanted to be a mom oh do you want to get it done with that. you know. i. thought. i. looked. at. least a 1000 people. are. our
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. own times it's a little. bit . like. our hair where we do those 1st we did live on the life jackets to the wooden boat a sparse as possible and then we see what we can do to the rubber boats ok. i'm not above that's a man to. his recovery but has been the tour coming to. our legal system because the. ultimate kind of young lawyers on. board is something i would love to know how much damage on.
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and this is the rumble like this one with. a little bit left space on our side will it take. that moment of the baby. to get a little lazy to go eat. the serious issue is if. you have one or any one. getting them didn't. like it. is approaching. to sleep.
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sleep sleep. sleep sleep. sleep sleep. sleep sleep. it's. such. a long time on our. air that our lifestyle up there.
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and it is just a high school diploma. the sauna topples on us all of our bianca's companies. all fall sick on that song. almost. oh my new. awful awful. on hooked up shock usually worn on top members on policy. on madonna's on sale and either feel they have to put on the sunday mirror. if you are born and then playing in society she is just a. pretty boy comment no even thought many people into my club
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to get to. what it was if it appears only. in the mind that video will follow the game resumed so. no secret faith should the women of the. not use your. own water only and that for me see only because if you know you've got a pretty. good going was a highly highly assuming. this year is it still yet discussed was glad to hear you know most.
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i want to see do you want to see a sunset think you can see. this is. just as. well. as fast.
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when the very political story of the world today and current mental state of the world. and it's still going to hell in the hand. so i might be the hope and the human says so so we met the russian mold thing we got. and the way.
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you know russia now let's see is swirled leo footplate you know. the frame in the mind you see useful. tool but it's where you are. i think it comes. from.
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many people. all together that say early verticals illicit. or they are. very high because i. it's a big deal. but not a moment at all and i remain all. over.
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who knows what's in the nothing to them. look he says most certainly most lawyers. but we can money to what we do. so we more will come from upsets and things like this. slum this we rescue some people. who are still.
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like them and.
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the further away you off from a problem with humans. the spirit is to rush from the law as you see them as they proclaim. to close to the problem like a car crash feel something then it's not just a mass of people living there surprising in 200 feet chills. and then the effects different expressions so my face is. when you have to stop believing with the most people. and then you have. her eating mold in your head. and you till so truth when we listen to
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it. i'm sure one more of the historical saw a colon or culturists will please a very poor countries and we'll pay the whole of only employed pay fools not one sids. not heard the. refer. we could be those people. in the end we have to remember. that those are all fellows.
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that other mail caught up in the. last election that we didn't get me. we change also i love the look so you might help it.
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if you. live in florida. i.
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the 50 years ago britain forcibly remove the inhabitants of this tropical haven and least it's to the us military. for 5 decades geragos islanders have preserved their culture in exile and they're now as collating the struggle to return home the last of their fates still lies in the hands of their colonisers. another paradise i witness a documentary on a. business update scroll to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable people that are involved in the h one n one push is that what if a kid like you know a w h o has those who says w h
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o z trust that you trust who. 0 . 000 of the parana member of the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes un-constitutional hong kong against a bad on face masks amid a violent standoff between police and protesters at a university. iran's president condemns protests over the rise in petrol prices and says poor families will stop seeing the benefits from the revenue. because new president is sworn and after a new.


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