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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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thank you for talking to al jazeera. programs to inspire you on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. hong kong police used tear gas and water 10 of those protesters tried to reach a group of demonstrators holed up in a university campus. catalonia is regional leader goes on trial accused of disobedience for refusing to remove separatist symbols from public buildings. in georgia's capital tbilisi police move against protesters blockading the
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country's parliament. and i'm leo harding and sport australia's prime minister slams rugby star israel folau for his comments on the country's bushfires claim the fires are god's way of punishing australia for passing same sex marriage and abortion law. protesters are confronting police in hong kong as they try to rescue people caught up in a university standoff demonstrators have been holed up inside the campus now for several days before dawn on monday police entered the grounds and faced a barrage of petrol bombs and arrows they responded with tear gas and water cannon . most alarming. they did weapons were used in the 43rd at university rich has become a bit unfair treat despair as a refugee for extremely violent viruses 50 betterman so really this reached
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a critical level rochus. so intention. or cost well later a number of demonstrators fled the university building some on motorbikes several were arrested but it's not known how many remain inside now large groups of people have been marching to the campus to try to break through the police cordons and free people inside well let's cross now to rob mcbride who is standing by in hong kong give us a sense of what the situation is there right now rob. well stan it has been another crazy how monday evening here in hong kong with running street battles between protesters and police let me just tell you where we are we are in a square that's just a about a couple of blocks away from the university campus now the word went out on social media for people to gather here to protest to be in support of those besieged
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students and thousands of people i would reckon probably points of a 1000 to 2000 people did gather here and it very quickly realized it was going to be a standoff with police and you wouldn't realize this but about 10 minutes ago this was a almost like a battleground this is basically a square and then this leads onto a narrow road that runs through this part of hong kong it's a pretty swish swank. loon they go through a couple of nice hotels here designer stalls and this is about half an hour ago was an absolute battleground with police that want to and with their water cannon and protesters ripping up bricks passing them to the front line also hastily putting together yet more mullets off cocktails little police petrol bombs that they throw police of turned up they fought back and have now taken up positions on bridges around here and they protesters are simply melted away i think they want to many of
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them went off down in this direction we can assume that there will be going off with these hit and run style tactics try to set up a barricade try to block a road in another place all with the intention of trying to stretch police resources as much as they can in the hope at least that they are taking some of the police attention away from the campus maybe allowing some of their fellow protesters who are holed up there giving them a chance at least of trying to break out. all of this of course is meant to be local council elections on sunday how the environment for those to go ahead. well that's right i mean people that are here though do definitely want to lections fall the most part and officially they are still going to to go ahead i mean
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these riots have been getting steadily worse than the levels of violence have been increasing but people generally still want to have these and these elections people are still out campaigning so it doesn't mean to be seeing just just what will happen but as far as the protest movement is concerned i think that there has been an end pact in effect this resilient holdouts by these die hard students in the public technic university was the last campus where students were holding out and resisting and you do get a sense that that is given to an added stimulus to this protest movement and we have been surprised at the numbers of people who come out on this monday evening but also that the kind of people who've been coming out yes you see the people who are out of building the fire bombs and that clad in black and obviously very much
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the hard core of this movement but you do see least were seen on this monday evening a number of a much younger people many of them not with the usual gas masks that students tend to be equipped with just face mask they have been sputtering badly in all of this tear gas but you do get a sense that maybe some of these people it is a kind of a catalyst it's a kind of give them gives them motivation to go out almost like a rallying point for this movement and as long as the students are held out. that rallying point continues. thank you for that broad live there from home call joseph chung is a political activist and a member of a pro-democracy. of course he has my his comments about this as well moving on to georgia now riot police in georgia moving in on protesters need the country's parliament police used water cannon to dispose the demonstrators earlier protested
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to set up barricades around the pollen to prevent m.p.'s from entering and they calling for all the elections off to parliament filed to pass a promise to electoral reform bill robin forest of walker is now joining us live from tbilisi tell us about the situation there that's unfolding in this the security issue 1 1. leading the way with. clearing the streets around the. economy 9. here. organized calling for people to stay right. there just
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a minute ago i still people moving in one direction. seem to think it's going to be different. because i think the opposition 1 has no intention. from. the police. seem very very quickly i think the opposition were hoping that they could. they were going to be pretty sort of along so it seemed they had made a tentative. they would move very very quickly seems like. the police. are trying to clamp down on the situation. the protesters. here. rob and just explain to us again why we have seen these protests and. electoral reform the peoples of being calling for moving from a mixed system i have now to a proportional one what impact would that have and why has there been this
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resistance to it at a political level. right i mean i think. briefly we got to the summer when there were mass rallies against the government and when the opposition was accusing the government of being complicit and of saying to. russia friend they ought to stop russia and russia is saying no sign. many days i've seen. people. actually all sick so i just want to say but i just i don't recognize very seriously what is this people so she said it's a retreat thing it's a tricky little government. the country is not processing the summer and the peace concert. well 'd if you look it was systemic crisis would have been 5 purposeless now let me just say simply if you look what is given them as a group of chunks of control of power here because this government is clean in the
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in. the last 56 years. we. think you can be ok it's a great a challenge i think that represents been following all segments from. yeah we haven't we seem to be losing robin there but we'll move on now to catalonia where the leader kim torah is on trial the boss a lawyer for alleged disobedience tori's accused of ignoring orders from the spanish electoral power to remove a symbol of support for the separatist movement from a government building tension to being high in the region since the jiving of a number of catalan leaders last month one of the i got joins us live now from boss alone now of course toure would say he disobey this because he considered it any legal border it's also considered a mine. what could the consequences but. what the consequences stand really is is that it's more symbolic than anything else the
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maximum penalty that daughter would receive would be just barman. basically being disbarred from public offices for up to 20 months that it's what the prosecution is seeking there as well as a fine of some $32000.00 have been there off but he is if you look at it in this sort of recent spate of of of history here in in catalonia he is the 3rd consecutive regional president to fall and fall of of spanish laws and with that he is putting his name down to that sort of. recent trend of history that there is has been occurring here which is accumulated into this political crisis which is proving to be quite divisive not just in spain but also in catalonia as well now there have been plenty of criticism about kim taught us actions that he
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hasn't really. spent his tenure as president so much as being a unifying force but more as an activist that's the criticism from his detractors there and that he has been really vocal and given a lot of of thought to presenting symbols which have been really in favor of the separatist movement the procession this movement here as well with that he said that he did understand that he was disappearing the laws but when he made a statement in the court on on monday he did state that he could not have gone against his own all the illegal manifestation of taking down those symbols because that would have been a form of say. the ship itself however in spanish that really goes against what the actual governing what neutrality is in the election campaign remembering
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this took place in the lead up to the april general election campaign and of course if you settle this in the bigger picture as well it is still this on going political crisis that there has been between the central government in madrid and the government in catalonia and of course particularly pointed out there's just been a general election the leader of the socialist party pedersen just won the most what votes but still not enough to be able to form a government he will need to rely on the catalan parties to be able to push through some kind of government if he's going to have any success in this and that is going to require not just some favors but also some serious sort of. suggestions as to how they can come from the catalans as to how they can actually resolve this issue so that by they would actually need to spam some kind of dialogue to resolve this. issue so it's. politically it's also would be no credited with driving people to the right and seeing the increased support for the far right
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in spite of his role sonia you covered the the protests that erupted after the jiving of separatist leaders last month. expecting a similar reaction is this enough to ignite people once again. well it's difficult to say but really what was the focus of the those sort of scenes the violence that you saw on the streets was really the wave of anger is that you saw which came from some on one hand from the grassroots movement the c.d.r. known the self-proclaimed committees for the defense of the republic they're very much sort of neighborhood base crosstrees protests who really have come into force since off to the 2017. illegal referendum but also there is this other phenomenon the so-called tsunami democratic which is this leaderless organization all dealt
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with gives its sort of orders as it were on social media networks as well that was also really fundamental in galvanizing people it was responsible for getting people for example to that great huge protest and subsequent riot that took place at the airport in barcelona which then triggered off for a further nights of of violence on the streets here with those interesting late enough to see there has been more of a quiet time and certainly they've since seem to have suspended the more mass protests that we've seen so far but there's no telling to see how really that can develop if there is a stalemate in talks if it seems that there there is another stumbling block who knows what the organization. democratic organization could call for further protests further mass movement which could trigger off yet another crisis so that you know you're joining us live there from barcelona. it's putting more ahead on
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the news including 3 naval ships captured by russia a return to ukraine in a sign of goodwill. a chance to finally grieve how survivors of a massacre in colombia remembering dozens killed 17 years ago. i did support the bron james is on fire for the allies like yours in the n.b.a. . all of that extra. for the u.s. president has tweeted that he may be willing to testify in his impeachment hearings donald trump wrote crazy do nothing speak of the house nervous nancy pelosi who is petrified by her radical left knowing she was soon be gone and suggested on sunday's d. face the nation that i testified about the phony impeachment which aren't she also said i could do it in writing even though i did nothing wrong and don't like giving
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credibility to this no due process hoax i like the idea and willing order to get congress focused again strongly considering where to make sense of this we go to our white house correspondent kimberly how couldn't complete we saw the full range of donald trump on display in that tweet calling it a hoax calling it a witch hunt then also saying that he would maybe potentially testify what do you make of it. well the disrupter in chief has done it again this is a man who campaigned that he wanted to come in and do things differently it's pretty astounding for a sitting president to suggest that he would go and appear as a witness at public hearings on capitol hill that he suggested in there that he would also potentially do it in writing he's left open all the possibilities leaving everyone guessing and once again setting the agenda in the news cycle now this is also astounding for another reason that is because dahl trump went to great
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lengths not to testify publicly in the hearings involving the previous investigation into his presidency whether or not there was collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign of russia when the special counsel robert muller was conducting his probe so the fact of the president now is being much more open potentially willing saying he would consider it is remarkable but what's also remarkable or perhaps not so remarkable in all of this is that donald trump has once again shown he's agitated even as he tries to sound in control he's responding directly to an interview that was given just one day previously by the house speaker nancy pelosi in it she suggested if the president was innocent she he should come forward he should speak all the truth that he wants well his replying directly to that so i am on the one hand this is certainly a president a reality t.v. show star turned president who is trying to keep control of the media narrative but at the same time it's shown that he's a rattled just
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a little bit of this and of course the hearings continue and a lot of focus this week on the ambassador gold someone very close to donald trump some are saying that this could be absolutely crucial to how these ultimately plays out. yeah absolutely crucial because the saarland has since stated that some of his previous testimony he left out some pretty big emissions emissions that were revealed through other witness testimony namely these telephone calls where he was speaking with the president about the investigations for guarding the investigations the us president was hoping to have conducted in ukraine when he spoke with the ukraine president back in july 25th with ukraine president in one of 2 phone calls that we know about now so this is certainly a study will be looking ahead to that they're going to be 3 days of public hearings all star witnesses kimberly thank you can be healthy joining us live there from
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washington d.c. a new report from human rights watch says a violent crackdown on protesters in sudan in june could about 2 crimes against humanity the rights group says sudanese forces opened fire on protesters they also committed crimes of 6 you will violence witnesses members of the forces were seen throwing bodies into the river nile paramilitary unit commanded by the deputy head of sudan's traditional government is accused of leading those attacks activists demanding an independent inquiry and that those responsible a held to account here morgan has more from counter walking down the street brings painful memories for idea of a key he says he was here on june 3rd one of found participating in a sit in it had been going on for 2 months when soldiers read it he gets in the car to show is the scar left by the bullets. the soldiers came from all directions and
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started firing at the protesters they burnt the tents where some of the protestors we ran and hid inside a nearby building but they raided that and started beating us when i saw them beating the girls who were also hiding i told them to let the girls go and beat the men instead that's when one of the soldiers took an aim and told them to shoot. the sit in started in april after a month of anti-government protests against former president bashir the demonstrators demanded bashir step down accusing him of corruption and mismanaging the country which he ruled for 30 years these after the sit in fact the military council forced him from power and took over but it continued even after he was gone as talks between protest leaders and the military council dragged on they argued over who should run the country during its transitional period protesters demanded a civilian rule. after nearly 2 months the system came to a deadly end. medical groups aligned to the protest movement say 120 people were
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killed and over 400 were injured during the raid by soldiers dozens were reported missing. the june 3rd attack did not just involve shooting it on armed protesters women and men reports of being raped as survivors reported witnessing protestors some still alive being tied to a block and thrown into the river while a few feet away oh the rights group human rights watch says what's happened bad day could amount to crimes against humanity the evidence points to a clear pattern that is widespread and systematic and points to a policy that the government had adopted of using live ammunition against peaceful and unarmed protesters when crimes like this of the serious nature are committed as part of a systematic pattern of attack they can qualify as crimes against
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humanity a committee to investigate better back was to to by the transitional government sworn in in september it includes members from the military and the police sides protesters accuse of being involved in the attack of. offenses. and that took place on that the. offenses of all is or was committed by individuals not even even if it is executed by a 4th. protesters say they want justice for the lives lost bad day and they won't rest until it's delivered morgan al-jazeera. iran has reportedly breached another limit of the 25th day nuclear deal the un's nuclear watchdog says it's exceeded $130.00 told of havey water it's a for the breach of the agreement after iran announced it was increasing your enrichment capabilities but will the of this month. iran's revolutionary guard says
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it has arrested 150 people accused of leading riots this announcement comes as the death toll in the violence sparked by a rise in petrol prices went up to for those reports from tehran. to go hooligans and thugs that's how rainy and authorities are describing these demonstrators who have come out for 30 days in a row. there are no rallies or marches instead petrol stations have been set on fire banks and even police stations attacked. these scenes are not taking place in the capital tehran but in other major cities including shiraz as fond masha. and now a security crackdown has been ordered to make sure they don't happen again. the intelligence ministry the revolutionary guard and local police say they will be out in full force the violence started when the government announced a sudden 3 fold increase in fuel prices
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a decision which the president says was not made lightly the government says the revenues raised will be used to help the poor. we explored all avenues to try and help those in need we had 3 choices 1st to raise taxes across the country 2nd to increase the size of oil and 3rd to increase the price this fuel we need the revenue to help millions of people who are struggling it was not an easy choice to make the spike government reassurances that this fuel price increase want to fecht the price of other goods in the country many iranians are not helpful almost on a man's in a matter of course it will affect other prices the press of gasoline has always been important here are we supposed to make up the difference with a small subsidy from the government it was in the some people's lives lose dependent fuel and this will impact the lives you do in the present fuel goes up it impacts the price of other things. the government defends its decision and maintains that those causing it this. services are not part of what it considers to
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be the general public. the government recognizes the people's right to protest but a protest too is different from a brighter i think today's demonstrations are 80 percent less than yesterday and i think by tomorrow it will all be gone in the capital security forces were highly visible in certain parts of the city on monday aiming to prevent any further unrest it's not just the security forces that have been deployed across the country officials have also announced a complete internet blackout and as nearly 60000000000 iranians wait to receive their subsidies many are wondering if the disruptions will be worth it. tehran. russia has returned 3 captured naval ships to ukraine ahead of a planned peace summit next month the vessels had been moved to a handover location in the black sea russia seized the ships off the coast of crimea a year ago more than 13000 people have been killed in eastern ukraine over the past
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5 years in fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian forces alexander steele one of his go for it reports from moscow. 3 ukrainian ships started their hours long journey back to home to home port of their ukrainian black sea port they've been transferred or released to ukrainians by the russians in the neutral waters of the black sea today some 30 kilometers off the coast it has been a year since russia arrested after opening fire and wounding several are sailors are arrested this 3 ships nearby crimean peninsula territory russia actually alex from ukraine in 2014 now un maritime tribunal as a provisional measure ordered russia to release both the ship and the sailors say lives have been released as a part of an exchange of prisoners a deal in september and now comes the ships the russian says they are not. in this
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because of this order but because they finished their investigations since russia says that ukrainian ships actually violated started toward real waters of russia and the this step comes ahead of the 4 way summits on east ukraine and that is a summit between the presidents of ukraine russia france and chancellor of germany will discuss how to solve the conflict in the east ukraine that has been lasting for 5 years this is the last in a line of positive steps towards returning to the negotiating table. on al-jazeera power shortages. causing hardships for the poor. we will leave the rest of the people with the drive to make the bloodhound the world's fastest car.
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while brazilian grown fruit that's coming up in. hello it is still raining and snowing to some degree in iran and i think you could work that i just by looking at the satellite picture this is active weather stretching away across the gulf in society to the east the sun clad doesn't get much out of it to the west the sun is out so the temperatures are reasonably good there it's at $22.00 but the snow which has been destructive in terror and other parts of iraq is just going to repeat itself at best you've got ted in the city so the snow from the city will melt in the suburbs and elsewhere it's a bit of a nuisance to be honest that's a picture to see on wednesday to some degree but equally the cloud to the east shows itself rather more active snow is creeping up through afghanistan as well but
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you saw what was happening across the gulf such a wet looking day no longer in kuwait but in bahrain in the east in saudi in qatar and further west tails off to a few thunderstorms that say for example in riyadh the front is going soft bringing heavy rain towards u.a.e. during wednesday the show strong normally comes in afterwards and temperatures drop to be 22 years and max in doha 16 in other yad in southern africa it's been windy and wet in many places recently things are a little calmer the main rain up towards malawi and mozambique. the british iraqi journalist is visualizing complexity stakes and a simple. i think some really exciting opportunities to break apart from the systems of power and to collect data in a way that represent different. challenging mainstream misconceptions.
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by creating control ministrations it doesn't alienate people it doesn't make people feel like i'm not smart enough to understand this truth is it any way al-jazeera. every piece of devastating impact. tries explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important south we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so let's. simulating what happens when an elephant. to conflict on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. a tense standoff is continuing in hong kong between riot police and protesters at a university demonstrators have barricaded themselves inside the campus for days there are a large groups of people in the streets of the city reportedly making their way towards the building. police in georgia moving in on protesters outside parliament police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators there calling for early elections after that failed to pass a promised electoral reform bill. which is president has arrived to court for a trial of disobedience he's accused of defied orders from the spanish electoral faulty not removing the yellow ribbon that's a symbol of support for cattle on independence from a government building. the inauguration ceremony has been held for sri lanka's new
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president rajapaksa claimed victory after a campaign marked by nationalist rhetoric and promises of better secured. if you now have the task of lifting the country out of an economic slump it was made worse by the easter bombings that killed more than $260.00 people. banks will reopen in lebanon on tuesday a week after staff went on strike nationwide the museum has agreed to new security measures after employees complained of face intimidation from clients demanding money lebanon's been embroiled in ongoing protests across the country. president has promised reforms after weeks of violent protests the best in piñera announced a referendum on replacing the constitution which dates back 30 years to the pinochet dictatorship he criticized police actions in the past month with at least
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22 people killed in protests prosecutors are investigating more than a 1000 cases of alleged abuse. joins us now from santiago santiago how the people have responded to these comments from pin year who is criticizing the police as these investigations continue into human rights abuses. that's right stan it's actually the 1st time that we've seen this sort of rhetoric come from the chilean president admitting specifically the fault of the country's security forces and again we're at one at the one month mark since the start of the unrest here in the country after a sort of quiet weekend we're hearing calls for and convening for more protests and demonstrations to take place today a month today monday now on sunday night what we did hear from the president was quote regrettably despite the firm commitment to protect human rights abuses were committed so again referring to this heavy handed crackdown by security forces who
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have been known to use live ammunition who have been known to use lead helots to disperse the crowds this is been one of the main focuses of i are one of the reasons why we continue to see thousands of people take to the streets of the capital and cities elsewhere in chile this is drawn the condemnation of international human rights groups and it's one of the main focuses when you're out on the streets you're seeing signs that say no more lead hell it's no more live ammunition specifically calling out the security forces of the country for this heavy handed crackdown to disperse the ongoing the crowds amidst the ongoing unrest and also almost protests. to get people out on the streets and. to the constitution. there is an expectation that despite this being the one month mark there will be more protests to continue and large ones because that's what we've seen take place up until now in terms of the constitutional reforms there is
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a referendum that is announced that will be taking place in april of 2020 of course many of the people that we're hearing from here in the country say that they would like that referendum to take place soon or one of the things that we're hearing from people is from an opinion poll that was conducted nationwide is that 63.5 percent of chileans are in favor of a constitutional convention. for the drafting of a new constitution but they do not want the input from politicians there is a large mistrust of public figures here in the country there's a mistrust of distrust of the president so now what we're hearing apart from these calls against. 1 against a generalized inequality in the country they're calling for the resignation of the president so part for wanting a new constitution for the formation of a constitutional convention they want the resignation of the president it's become one of the most front and center topics when you speak to people at these at these demonstrations which again stand are expected to continue we're expected to see one
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start to take place within the next hours in fact stan and all thank you for that moment joining us live there from santiago let's take a closer look now at the economic effect of a number of these protests around the world 5 months of anti-government demonstrations are causing more alarm for hong kong which is regarded as a prosperous territory just days ago it plunged into recession for the 1st time in a decade it's a call to be shrinking by 3.2 percent since july lebannon was already on the brink of recession before protests began last month growth is to just point 3 percent this year the slump is bearing demonstrators who are calling for political overall and in chile there are fears for the future of what was a latin american economic success story growth slumped from nearly 4 percent last year to 1.9 percent last quarter and protests of a metro fears have turned into demands as we just heard from one well to social equality and a new constitution in big is
6:38 pm
a professorial research fellow for the europeans jude at the london school of economics and political science he joins us now from london so if these protests have begun because people are concerned politically in some cases concerned economically is that now starting to work against their interests as the economies of these countries july for instance lebannon hong kong start to worse. well you're so into it's always going to be the case that if you're a disruption on the streets it's going to detract from economic prospects one thing it does is to tend to slow down investment in general and particularly foreign investment because of foreign investors going to look at a country that's undergoing some kind of crisis and say no we don't want to go there but i think there's also a wider and deeper challenge going on here to globalization which lies behind some of the protests we're seeing the people who are protesting often feel that they're not benefiting from globalization all the money's going to the elites and societies
6:39 pm
and their and their creaming off what ought to be shared much more widely so is the sense of inequality as a result of globalization which explains much of what you're saying by way of protest of course it is different in different countries you know hong kong of course protesting against what it sees the encroachments of china but just picking up on that issue of globalization there is a response that's different in different countries isn't there you see in july people saying well here liberalism is born here it will die here hong kong which is already prosperous concerned about about mainland china of course in lebanon they want real structural political reform as well so we see a different pushback don't we in different countries to what is the impact do globalization in the liberal politics. yes i mean one of the reasons for this that's been started by a number of academics is that when you are much more open world your challenge to persevered with democracy with the liberal economic model and still to achieve
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social cohesion the equality of women i was talking about before and sometimes you have to choose between them in hong kong because that has been on autonomy and democratic rights in some other countries it's been a clampdown on social benefits the protest in france for example has been against some of the reactions to do with environmental politics but also the sense that the poorest in society are not benefiting so you do see these different pathways because it's hard to reconcile these different influences what academics refer to as a try lemma 33 different options of what you can choose and best to any time and in the protest is uniformly a young is a generational shift perhaps people who missed out on the benefits of globalisation the neo liberal politics not the people who lifted out of poverty but the people who felt that they didn't get the future they were hoping for i'm just wondering is
6:41 pm
as you look around at these protests whether you think they're very different in each case but where do you think they can bring about the change that they particularly want whether it's political change or economic change or in hong kong is it guys resisting the ongoing influence of mainland china. well yes there are ways through this and protest movements tend in the end to lead to some form of social economic or constitutional change we saw it in across europe in the 1960 s. with the famous protests that broke down charlotte a goal led the student revolutions in many countries to lead to a form of equality and now we're seeing it around different topics like environmentalism and i think what you start to see is some attempt by political authorities to recognize the depth of this and in some cases to draw back from globalization one way of interpreting what trump has been up to the united states is that it's
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a backlash against globalization putting america 1st putting displaced workers in america 1st whether it's correct or not to say that trump a billionaire is really on the side of the little guys or maybe taking it too far but that's the kind of reaction you get in some countries a big pleasure to have you on the program thank you for your analysis thank you. food in most south asian countries wouldn't be complete without some onions but they've become affordable for many families in bangladesh prices have soared to record highs off tonight bring india exports 2 months ago reports from dhaka. one of the most state. bank. it is also the hottest topic right now in bangladesh media it has also taken over the social media by way of. what. $0.36 per. kilogram government providing
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subsidized for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery but the people here . fear iraq. these are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince the too high and we have no choice as poor people. some of the reason why. is because our bang of the government's failure to import onion in timely fashion india's ban on export of onion to bangladesh and some unscrupulous trader holding on to manipulate market price. you can't get onions because there's a lack of. planning exposure which is also why an in prices have gone up and in prices too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle class stop using onion as a cooking ingredient. we have stopped buying onions because the prime minister has forced us to cook or dishes without it is not possible for us ordinary people to
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buy onions such a high price. as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has not to use onion as an ingredient in our dishes although the price is up slightly going down because the government started their listing on importing onions from middle and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people. still ahead in sports. take a look at what a remote control. look like it's coming up with we're going. to. be a. wheel. we'll . we'll
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we'll. we'll we'll. we'll we'll we'll. we'll. we'll. we'll we'll we.
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proper burials are at last being given to dozens of people in colombia 17 years after they were killed when the church was bombed survivors of the rebel attack can finally mourn the 74 victims of a sondre rugby a t.v. reports. these miners have waited a very long time for this day the remains of the victims of the worst massacre committed by 5 rebels during the country's civil conflict are finally back where they belong almost 2 decades later oh oh white coffins for children grown for adults the young there is a 1000000 upon last year my father unnecessarily and my mother and i mean all sin he's my brother many of us while i was waiting for 6 of them home for you for the 1st time i feel some peace because we got our family back it's an important step because they will receive a commission that will never forget the pain and time they've left behind a may 2nd 2002 confrontations between 5 gravels and paramilitary forces erupted in
6:47 pm
the riverside town of book in the western jungle province of choco a cylinder bomb blanched by the rebels fell on the church where the community took refuge at least 74 died in what became known as the bohai your massacre nearly everyone here was affected there's not much left of the old city of. the bodies mutilated by the bomb and get up in communal graves and the community fled to the closest city more than 3 hours down the river when they came back they found their town that been razed to the ground. eventually a new town was built not far from the old one but the community remained in a state of suspended grief until the signing of a peace deal with 5 gravels in 2016. then a 2 and a half year long process to identify the remains started with the help of the united nations fark leaders have since asked the community for forgiveness but
6:48 pm
while the rebels are gone many of the factors that led to the massacre remain in new york you know groups or reorganized or we don't know exactly who they are but certainly criminal groups they are there. going to these columbia does not need just a military base in about development social development and this is the most difficult for. residents a fear persists as a remaining rebel group their yellin and paramilitary gangs vie for control of the region were illegal mining and cocaine trafficking dominate in the more you count i think this post says in our work and that all the people that supported us through it only only if we make sure it will never happen again for now the community is finally able to begin the process of healing a wound that had remained open for far too long and listen to them.
6:49 pm
at a stop for sport now he's like thank you stan we'll start in australia where the prime minister there scott morrison condemned comments made by a controversial might made by controversial rugby a star israel folau about the country's bushfires a conservative christian floss suggested it was god punishing australia for passing same sex marriage and abortion laws follows currently in a legal battle with rugby australia after being sacked for anti-gay remarks on social media. i thought these were appallingly insensitive comments. vajra palling comments and you know he's a free citizen he can say whatever he likes but that doesn't mean he can't have regard to the to the grievous offense this would have caused to people whose homes have been burnt down and i'm sure to many christians around the struggle for him that is not their view at all. to american football colin kaepernick former teammate eric reid says the quarterback has proved he's still capable of playing
6:50 pm
and f.l. capper nick held a private workout on saturday to attract a new team it was originally organized by the n.f.l. but kapper to change the venue at the last minute after media were not allowed inside the league said they were disappointed and rapper jeezy weighed in saying who's partnered with the n.f.l. and accuse capper nick of turning a legitimate opportunity into a p.r. stunt their greed disagrees the n.f.l. wants to control the narrative by not letting independent media into the workout to document the work of its columns supposed to trust the organization that by bono is not enough and. the whole goal of this is to show everybody that college is ready to play the game he took his workout to a different location we showed that he proved that it was reported that his arm was has always been that way so was the n.f.l. wise jay z. was all these other pundits trying to slander calling for him protecting himself and wanting transparency. after 119 years the davis cup is introducing
6:51 pm
a new format defending champions croatia and russia are 1st up on center court in madrid the event is now rebranding itself as the world cup of tennis and it's the brainchild of world cup winning footballers gerard piqué this was the official launch in new york last year originally the davis cup was played with a series of matches between 2 countries held throughout the year with the final taking place in the country of one of the finalists the new week long event host 11 of the world's top 20 players this year includes world number one rafael in the doll representing host spain and serbia is world number 2 novak djokovic. you know you see the form that changes has. i think allowed us to share the stage with 18 other teams almost 90 players so it's going to be super exciting because you know there are so many ties it's going to be a lot of matches the people of scouting. hopefully as well
6:52 pm
a lot of fun and good success. so back in october $2800.00 as you are p.k. announced the new format of a one week tournament featuring 18 teams the countries will compete in 6 groups of 3 teams each tile will consist of 2 singles and one doubles match all matches are best of 3 instead of 5 sets the 6 group winners plus the 2 best 2nd place teams will qualify for the quarter finals. to basketball and some incredible teamwork between le bron james and danny green for the l.a. lakers things to moves like this the lakers completely dominated over the atlanta hawks the bron exchanging passes with green before finishing the aluf in style james got 33 points altogether and later in the match he returned the favor sort of he missed the 3 point attempt but green was there to make sure the at least came away with to the lakers won by 21 and condemned the hawks to their 2nd big loss at the staples center in 24 hours having lost to the clippers by 49. to formula one
6:53 pm
and for our drivers charles look clerk and sebastian vettel has been summoned to the team's headquarters and marinello italy to explain their crash at the brazilian grand prix on sunday neither driver managed to finish the race into law goes after colliding while racing for 4th place with a look clerk breaking his suspension and vettel puncturing a tire so what's the attitude. with. ferrari weren't the only ones to struggle for space in a wild race to lewis hamilton collided with red bulls alex albon the new world champion was demoted for that and eventually finished 7th in front pole sitter max for stopping twice past hamilton to clinch a brilliant victory with pierre gus lee and carlos owns finishing 2nd and 3rd. international olympic committee president thomas bach has defended the decision to move the tokyo 2020 marathon to sapporo bok says the decision was made with the athletes best interest in mind considering the excessive heat in the japanese
6:54 pm
capital. there are one or 2 boys. feel free to think if they would be better prepared for races to be than the others wanted to benefit from these the responsibility of the u.c. is to take care of their health all the time to make it possible for all athletes if ever possible to complete the race and organizers of next year's olympics are promising the most futuristic games ever the mascots have had a tech upgrade as well japanese schoolchildren have been getting a demonstration of how robots will welcome athletes and guess the mascots developed by the toyota car company are remote controlled by a human and another location and bigger robots have been designed to help some fans find their seats at game spin you. can see them being here they are. well imagine travelling at supersonic speeds without ever leaving the ground or
6:55 pm
british jet engine on wheels called the bloodhound is on the trial of the world land speed record from a bill or has the story from south africa. it's developers say it's the most advanced straight line racing car ever bolt it's aim to break the world land speed record at a speed of 800 kilometers an hour the bloodhound ellis saw is one of the world's top 10 fosters cause but it aims to double that speed next year it's been built to break the record say to more than 20 years ago at 1227.9 kilometers an hour it is very difficult to describe because it's a bit like flying a jet fighter and it's a little bit drop like driving a high performance racing car but since most people haven't done either of those things that probably doesn't help in very simple terms it's very hot the cockpit it's very noisy there's a lot of acceleration there's a lot of g.'s slowing down again and. the simplest thing i can say is the ground
6:56 pm
goes past very very quickly despite the sweltering heat the hugs skin and reagent deep in the kalahari desert provides the ideal testing ground the open flat surface has been carefully prepared by hundreds of local community members who've removed tons of rock for a smooth ride organizers say it's the largest area of land ever cleared for a motor sport event and at full design speed the car covers 1.6 kilometers in just 3.6 seconds it's powered by a rolls royce e.j. $208.00 engine normally found in a euro fighter typhoon jet the thrust produced is equal to $360.00 family cause the 90 kilogram solid aluminum wheels have been specially designed for the desert surface they're built to spin at up to 10200 revolutions a minute more than 4 times faster than the wheels on
6:57 pm
a formula one car at top speed but how projects been going for 10 years. and it's done an amazing job or inspiring people to get involved engineering over the years it almost was too good at doing that and it means the outer party itself almost fell by the wayside because it was too good at doing education charge of it and the project both went bust last year and into a ministration that's when i got involved once testing is complete the car will return to the united kingdom for any modifications before it attempts to break the world record the bloodhound l.s.r. is a combination of fast jet f one car and space ship the engineering team says it's bolt the world's fastest car to inspire people everywhere from either miller al-jazeera skin band in the northern cape. and as it was there is much more. 0. that's it from the ether this news be back in a moment with more of the guys. to
6:58 pm
jerusalem to buy a mob to go with his plans to. form my last man history man bag. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in a struggling communities the 1st time they arrested i was 11 years old a.j. selects on al-jazeera.
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when the news breaks. when people need to be her last and the story needs to be told 145000 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports that month or not i think the project on film al-jazeera has teams on the ground that's a story the seeing right get to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means. in china cancer drugs can be pretty bit of leaks pensive some desperate patients travel to india to buy cheap generic versions but won't cost $1.00 a one aced dollars dollars smuggling to survive are now dizzy or. al-jazeera
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. where ever your. hong kong police used tear gas and water cannon as protesters tried to reach a group of demonstrators holed up in a university campus. i'm stan grant this is al jazeera live from doha also telling up in georgia's capital tbilisi police move against protesters blockading become through parliament. iran's president condemns protests over the rise of gasoline costs and says poor families will start seeing some benefits catalonia is regional leader goes on trial.


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