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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2019 1:00pm-2:02pm +03

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by qatar airways going places together. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the get this is that you live from coming up in the next 60 minutes everyone was in the loop building a case against donald trump one of his former allies sticks to his story that there was a quid pro quo between the president and ukraine. trump rejects testimony but democratic presidential hopefuls keep up the pressure. here is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america. a political family affair in
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sri lanka former president banda rajapaksa is sworn in as prime minister joining his brother to run the country. back with support joins him a raynier takes training at tottenham for the 1st time and says he'd relishing the chance to develop the club's younger player. a man once considered an ally of donald trump has linked the president's decision to withhold military aid to ukraine with a push to have kiev investigate his political rival but gordon sandland said that he has no evidence that trump ordered that directly the us ambassador to the e.u. testified before the impeachment inquiry on wednesday sandland implicated other top officials saying that everyone knew what was going on and the inquiries a major topic in the latest democratic presidential debate candidates attacked trump accusing him of being corrupt and a criminal. in
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a few hours they'll be more testimonies we're expecting to hear from the white house's top russian expert fiona hill and from david holmes a stuff at the u.s. embassy in ukraine let's wrap it all together now with an official in washington. from the u.s. ambassador to the stunning testimony. said it was abundantly clear to everyone ukraine would not receive military aid from the u.s. or a meeting at the white house unless it announced an investigation into a company connected to the son of political opponent question joe biden was there a quid pro quo as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes. sunderland previously denied the security it was conditioned on the biden investigation but he told the impeachment panel it was in the absence of any credible explanation for the suspension of aid i later came to believe that the resumption of security aid would
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not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and were recently and he insisted senior figures on the administration knew what was going on including the vice president and the secretary of state everyone was in the loop the suggestion that we were engaged in some irregular or rogue diplomacy is absolutely false i'm not sure how someone could characterize something as an irregular channel when you're talking to the president the united states the secretary of state the national security adviser the chief of staff of the white house the secretary of energy he said trump insisted u.s. diplomats what with his private attorney rudy giuliani on handling ukraine so we followed the president's orders sundin says giuliani's direction on ukraine became more insidious with time in early july a coveted white house visit for ukrainian president let him use
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a lengthy was dangled as an award for ukraine's cooperation which but later so england testified it became upon that the $400000000.00 in security aid was also on the line someone testified that in a phone call with the oval office he asked trump an open ended question what did the president won from ukraine the answer he wanted nothing and republicans and the president claims that proves the impeachment hearing is a waste of time it's over and some of the fair friends of which there is a deal mike said this thing is over nancy pelosi said competent she's gotten nothing done in congress and now with their big star witness is going to be their star witness and. so you know i don't know very well from a little witness confirmation the ukrainians asked why it was being held up as i think quality coming sooner than previously reported my staff showed me 2 unclassified emails that they received from the state department one was received
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on july 25th at 2 31 pm that e-mail said that the ukrainian embassy and house foreign affairs committee are asking about security assistance democrats called sunderland's testimony a seminal moment it goes right to the heart of the issue of bribery as well as other potential high crimes or misdemeanors but we also have heard for the 1st time that knowledge of this scheme was pervasive republicans continue to insist the president did nothing wrong that the hearings their waste of time and money the latest attempt to remove an elected president but this testimony from a trump loyalists mean democrats moving closer to impeachment and republicans rethinking how to defend the president alan fischer al-jazeera washington well as we reported u.s. presidential hopefuls heavily criticized donald trump during their latest debate with think impeachment inquiry an unavoidable backdrop 10 candidates took to the
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stage in atlanta they included front runners joe biden bernie sanders and elizabeth warren each made accusations against trump all of bernie sanders said they shouldn't become obsessed. we the president was not only a pathological liar he was likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america but we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump because if we are going to walk we're going to lose the election american people of is that the congress can walk and chew bubble gum at the same talk it over words we should deal with trumps corruption but we also have to stand up for the working families of this country we have a criminal living in the white house and there is no question that in 2020 the biggest issue before us until we get to that tender moment is justice is on the ballot and what we saw today is ambassador by his own words told us
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that everyone was in the loop that means it is a criminal enterprise engaged in by the president from what we heard today the vice president the secretary of state and the chief of staff jocelyn sage mitchell is assistant professor at northwestern university and he said she says that impeachment was always going to be a big talking point for the democratic presidential hopefuls there was a focus on the impeachment especially at the beginning i actually thought it was a really good move on the part of the debate organizers to start with the question because it's the elephant in the room or the circus in washington d.c. you might say but at the same time i don't think they dwelt on it because the candidates really don't have any daylight between them on this issue which is virtually everyone on that stage agrees that president trump may have committed impeachable offenses and that it's important for congress to take seriously their their constitutional duty to protect our democracy so after that original question
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we we seem to move forward into actually quite a substantive and strong debate for many candidates you know it was interesting the speculation at the begin. of this of this debate previous was that people may get a lot of attacks by his fellow candidates and this is because he has just had a very strong holing in the state of iowa and the reason why iowa is important is because it's the 1st state for the primaries in in february of this next year and he was the top the top candidate in that recent poll but we didn't actually see this huge ganging up on on people we did see elizabeth warren once again have an extremely strong debate the main focus was on her from the start she dominated the 1st hour finish strongly ended up with the most speaking time but actually all 4 of the top tier candidates including bernie sanders joe biden and people. had strong debates and so did the 2nd tier candidates cory booker harris and. and also
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which are and the most important thing here was that the message in tone overall was this message of civility and unity it's very clear that the democrats are trying to portray themselves as the adults in the room and in direct contrast to the circus that is the trump white house. china says that it's ready to retaliate for the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill calling for human rights to be upheld in hong kong the legislation has already been approved by the senate and now goes to president trump china's accused washington of interfering in its an internal affairs of the someone to an american diplomat in beijing in hong kong around 100 student protesters inside a university campus surrounded by police let's take you live now to hong kong on the scene as scott hyla can tell us more about what's been happening today scott. if you will we know that at least several is the best way to characterize it
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students have left the public technical university did they've been holed up in there for the last 5 days we know several have kind of come out trickled out i should say over the last 24 hours you know and word coming out from the protesters who are still in there the team didn't characterize as hardcore protesters that are still in the university itself they are standing strong they stand there looking for support getting word out to people who are coming to take care of them to talk to them who have come out and that message has been in day don't why we're here we're at that you long empty are the metro station now this is something we'll probably see some protesters come out in the next hour or so age and that is because if 4 months ago today there was really a turning point in this protest movement and that was when the protesters returning from a gathering deeper into central hong kong came here to this train station and they were attacked by a mob now part of the reason why they mark this day every month is because they view it as yes because that was an attack a turning point where there was violence perpetrated against the protesters
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specifically because of who they are but also because they feel as though justice hasn't been has prevailed by those who carried out those attacks so probably see several 100 gathered here later they're characterizing it as a sit in that should happen in about the next hour adrian and scott what's been the reaction now that but the house and the senate have passed this hong kong democracy act in the states. well the government here in hong kong came out almost immediately and condemned the passage of the bill in both the senate and now we know in the house of the what's left to be signed by president coming out of beijing demanded actually that he vetoes presence of. that bill but also here the local government came up pretty quickly condemned it saying this is internal matter for hongkong and these bills are really only making things worse for the situation actually feeling the fire it kind of has a knock on effect we've seen in the markets in china and here in hong kong dipping a little bit lower today for the 2nd day because there's concern that if this bill
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moves forward it will have economic implications and that could prompt retaliation china and the united states when it comes to ongoing trade wars are going to knock on effect on the economy as it already has here in hong kong but it's built to provide even more impact to that al-jazeera scott highly reporting live from hong kong scott many thanks indeed this is the news hour from now c.n.n. still to come on the program we meet the iraqi women challenging tradition as anti-government protests sweep the country. taking aim at the government thousands of india's indigenous people protest outside home and against plans to the victim. and in sport tennis section for the davis cup as the hosts play the defending champions. lanka's newly elected president go to rajapaksa has sworn in his own brother as
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prime minister mahinda rajapaksa served as president for 10 years ago to buy rajapaksa has vowed to be tough on security issues in light of the east of bombings that happened earlier this year let's go live now to colombo smell fernandez well tell us more about the swearing in ceremony. basically adrian after the victory of good hobby rajapakse on the 16th of november he obviously has the ability to appoint a prime minister of his choosing but that was enabled by the fact that the serving prime minister running a vicar missing her actually tendered his resignation now obviously his 1st and most obvious choice was his elder brother the former president by that rajapaksa. political experience he had said during the campaign that mind the rajapaksa would be appointed the prime minister under his watch so obviously the parliament the term of parliament will can go on until march 2020 but in the meantime with the
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resignation of the prime minister on a victim missing her. has brought in mind the rajapaksa as the new prime minister like i said this was enabled with the bowing out of run over missing her as we saw yesterday. running the vicar missing who went on television to address sri lankans about his decision to step down by the about very opposite people not even though we had a majority in parliament we accept the mandate received by mr rajapaksa decided to allow him to form a new government as he wishes. his announcement came after he called his cabinet to a meeting at his official residence on wednesday for some members of his party it's high time for change even the united russia party needs new leadership to move forward new people need to come and take responsibility and particularly because the general election will be coming closely because singh has led the united
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national party for 25 years drawing increasing criticism for not handing over the leadership he's party helped defeat the government of bahrain the rajapaksa brother of the new president in 2015 but lost support when it failed to keep election promises to bring changed. and stamp out corruption he was sacked by prison might upon the city seem to belong. only to be reinstated by the supreme court which ruled that was unconstitutional. and basically the rajapakse is have gotten down to business just behind me the official prime minister's office and the crowd and the excitement you see is just within the last 2 minutes we've had the rise of the new prime minister mine the rajapaksa he's come here to formally take up his work to start work as his brother did after his swearing in so it's an all rajapaksa show the president go to harvard rajapaksa and
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his brother behind the rajapaksa they have their work cut out for them obviously during the campaign national security was earmarked as a top priority particularly after the east the bombings in april i mean that was one of the cornerstones of the entire rajapaksa campaign that they would work to bring back national security the cheers you hear again is the support base sort of rising up and cheering for that arrival of why and the rajapaksa but beyond this euphoria they're going to be sort of very conscious of the mountain that they have to surmount in terms of not just the national security element but the economy shrank an economy has taken a hit after those easter bombings and already sort of a weakened economy with huge debt repayment and pretty bad economic indicators so all of these things are sort of a big challenge for the rajapaksa it will be 6 sort of new $42.00 days obviously
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celebrating that victory of the rajapakse sort of taking control but there will be sort of the reality setting in and they'll have to get down to work and fast. enough amanda's reporting live from colombo you know many thanks d.g. is executive director of the national peace council in. dependent non-governmental organization he joins us now live via skype from colombo good to have you with us sir let me just get something straight here the president has the right to appoint a prime minister but but where does the power lie in the sri lankan with the president or with the prime minister whether that remains to be seen. usually used to be the president but. in 2015 that was the 19th amendment to the constitution which reduced the president's powers significantly. this is going to be a new ariens matter really now because. that was a transitional process which given the previous president some powers some
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instruments it remains to be seen how desboro about. tumblr i don't accept we did a very big majority if you've got 200 people who will indeed we'll consider a vote. but the new prime minister the president's brother will only oversee out a former president himself will only ever see an interim government it's that right they'll be parliamentary elections sometime next year yes he will expect that let me mention them or let somebody else after much so your prime minister is what you have a short time but he's a very experienced politician and he actually doesn't really buy in that 'd people are very popular with the people so it's their mother coming very much and he get it brother brought up their big contest and together it was a team that kind of test and so we expect to see some coherent decision making in
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that next 3 months as part. of the priorities go as far as governing the country is concerned where do they start. well i think one thing that they would need to do very much would be to try and bridge their not start with the mine because they're not a nice country where the minorities that are what they are all of them are the leak against president would have been rather rather the sum of the country what at all of the spirit so there is a need for him to bridge that gap and i wasn't doing this trim down all that enthusiastic supporters who are not only here because i have become an identity minority that can be my challenge that the challenge economy takes time in some way because during the previous government divisions that one been prevented in the economy from really taking our rich lead to increased numbers of frustration among
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the general population so i anticipate that in your administration we'll move very swiftly to try and make some sort of concessions that the body cannot meet and 2nd cannot think that development initiatives after the next election and there are economic concessions the way that they they will over the communities that. they bypassed in the election campaign as you say there are so few votes from from the ethnic minorities and also those that the hateful comments that we saw during the campaign particularly against the country's muslim population. yes those would be a great challenge like think the middle of the process would be you that starts some economic activities in the not that you know really. but there must be if you know something to anything that gets beat and then they tell you about. a saluting that happens and most equals that is a look this country. has this in fact yes i said i don't know that i but my
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thoughts from sitting on a majority we didn't want that and so most want to do that but nevertheless. nonetheless practised and it was a dear little fart you must be solved with those lovely racist. rants against mine are. pretty good to talk to so many thanks indeed you have for other from the national peace council in colombo a 3rd general election within a year in israel appears increasingly likely following the latest failure to form a government benny gantz the main rival to prime minister benjamin netanyahu was unable to assemble a coalition by wednesday night stead line netanyahu also failed to win enough support after 2 inconclusive elections both were hoping to win the backing of the former defense minister avigdor lieberman but his party refused let's go live now to western loosely are a force that is there harris what happens next. well
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the one years paper referred to what's about to start as injury time in this entire process it's never happened before but for the next $21.00 days the israeli parliament the knesset will theoretically have the power to nominate one of its members it could even be benny gantz or benjamin netanyahu even of a failed so far to try to form a coalition government if they get the magic number a majority 61 seats in that knesset to recommend anybody who they view has the realistic possibility of forming a government but so far there seems little prospect of that happening everybody is sticking to their positions very rigidly netanyahu is refusing to go 2nd in any rotational deal with his rival benny gantz benny gantz says that he won't sit under a prime minister who is under or facing indictment and he wants netanyahu to negotiate only from the basis of his own party not the wider bloc of other allied
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right wing and religious parties that he currently comes with as a package deal and the other thing that could be thrown and turned into this whole process even as early as today according to some reports certainly not later than next early next week according to most reporting is the final decision by the attorney general whether or not to indict benjamin netanyahu in 3 separate corruption cases and in one of them whether or not to include the charge of bribery how that will play out of course will also be very important in what happens in the next 3 weeks so avoiding a 3rd election is. very slim to say the least and how if there were a 3rd election in a year harri how the people there feel about it. well certainly it's extremely unpopular with the israeli let electorate everybody is making that point everyone especially the president of the country riven riven has
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been trying to engineer a unity government between guns and netanyahu along with the king maker and all of this having to leave him in his 8 knesset seats could tip the balance if he chose to go either way. they are all saying that we must avoid a 3rd election at all costs but at the same time there is no prospect so far it seems of the kind of major sacrifices on each side that would have to be made to change the calculus as things stand if netanyahu is indicted it might make more sense for him to go to a 3rd election according to a lot of the analysis because that means that he remains in office almost certainly and his long been trying to stay as prime minister to fight these charges from a more powerful political position and so if it all collapses within the next 21 days if there's no progress then automatically an election is called
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and that's likely to happen in march next year the polls suggest that a very similar result would eventually 8 even then and so we could be in this position all over again. serious very fortunate live in west jerusalem harry many thanks. at least 2 people have been killed in fighting between protesters and security forces in baghdad on wednesday police used tear gas to disperse people who are getting too close to the capital cities green zone that houses government buildings demonstrators are occupying the main bridge leading to the area and to others in the capital more than 300 people have been killed since protests began in iraq 7 weeks ago well iraqi women have turned out in large numbers at the demonstrations a significant difference from previous occasions as mohammed john june has met some of them at a protest in baghdad. this is a moment that could not be missed. as she accompanies her 3 daughters to 3 square
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the epicenter of anti-government demonstrations in baghdad and tells us how it was a sense of patriotism the compelled her to come out and show her support by not seeing him next to 0 my daughters feel exactly the same and i say mom we have to go out this is our country while we staying home or going to school while the other a rockies a sacrificing themselves this is the 4th time they've visited it likely won't be the last in my at least poet our generation is strong they have the pioneers now there will be a change god willing. anti-government protests in iraq which have been massive began in early october since the start women have joined in large numbers now you know we're not being we're not going at i'm not activists nadia mahmood makes regular appearances and tahir square urging her audiences to demand equal rights and opportunities for everyone she tells me seeing so many women out
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here has been encouraging and inspiring this is something new it is absolutely new and it's so refreshing and so pleasant think to see because the reason why women didn't participate before because pamela is you know prevent them from taking part in the most races but this time i think families as well where what is to end the quotas they were meant to come down and up here many of the women protesters also volunteer as medics treating the wounded even as they call for change. but in other parts of the 2 square a more creative form of dissent. murals paying tribute to the spirit and strength of the women created by women admired by them to the presence of so many female protesters here women who represent virtually every segment of it off the society is remarkable not only here they continue to come out day after day
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but they insist they'll keep on doing so no matter how dangerous the situation may become until the government meets their demands. paint isn't only going up on the walls all must suffer her face covered in the colors of the iraqi flag wants to make sure everyone can see clearly how proud she is of this movement. the law will stay out here for the sake of the young men and women and i'm not afraid not from political parties not from info long live iraq long live iraq. around me and cry the traverses gender lines and transcends the generational divide by iraqi women but for all these. but that. next up on that is our meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with the weather forecast for us then. why the greek government says it will close down several migrant camps housing thousands of people. were in sudan where climate change is
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being blamed for driving villages from their homes. and that in sports and all the dominant performance by this dallas mavericks rockhold be here with all the n.b.a. action a little later. this hour going to take you to australia we're dealing with extreme heat in australia announced wednesday adelaide reach 42 degrees that is just shy of making a record for the south part of australia now for parts of melbourne it was a record we saw 41 degrees here next record this was the highest temperature since 1894 hobart also 37 degrees this was the highest record said set november record
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since 1937 and we're still dealing with some heat and some locations what's going on is we have a funnel body pushing through now adelaide has cooled down there back to about 22 degrees today but still ahead of this front it is still quite warm across much of the area and with this front we are also dealing with some very gusty winds in many of these were really cations the winds along the front anywhere between 50 and possibly 70 kilometers per hour and of course that is not good when you are dealing with while far as i want to show what is happening here in new south wales while farms are still in the burn of course it has been quite hot it has been quite windy across much of this area and the visibility is coming down in some locations because of the while far today we're going to be seeing that system making its way more towards the east temperatures will be coming down but the gusty winds are not going to be helping the while far as in many parts over here toward city though it is still a one day at 26 degrees. the winds are sponsored by town and. the british iraqi journalist who's visualizing complex statistics and
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a simple. i think you're off as a summary sites of opportunities to break apart from most systems of power and to collect data in a way that paints a represents a different community challenging mainstream misconceptions and hope that by creating 100 industry sions it doesn't alienate people it doesn't make people feel like i'm not smart enough to understand this truth is that anyway. al jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't use the word bribe will give you a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today it's $250.00 then the price will go to well over a month involving some of the region's highest officials. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the getting here with the news out from up 0 the headlines gotten some blood has told the impeachment inquiry it's donald trump that the president wanted to withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. also implicated other c.d.o. officials. to head back up to the u.s. house of representatives approved to build support human rights in hong kong the senate passed the same bill on tuesday in hong kong around 100 student protesters remain surrounded by police on a university campus for a 5th day now. amanda rajapaksa answer is sri lanka's new prime minister the 2 time
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former president was sworn in by his brother got a buyer who was elected president last week. thousands of people living in india's forests are protesting against a government decision that could see them evicted the government is trying to amend the law that's meant to protect their rights to the land many of these indigenous people have no legal documents to prove ownership al-jazeera is on hold bora is live for us now at the protest what's the mood down. i'm sorry i do not mean to you very well but just to give you a sense of what's happened here all day over 2000 people indigenous people from all over india are gathered here in the national capital. it looks like we're having problems with the signal from new delhi i'll tell you what we'll do we'll move on we'll try and sort that out and get back to one child in
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just a few moments in the meantime iran's president is claiming victory over people demonstrating over increases in petrol prices how some rouhani is blaming what he calls foreign enemies including the us israel and saudi arabia for plotting days of nationwide on rest petrol prices went up 50 percent to the government which is on the u.s. sanctions fuel subsidies. at least 8 people in bolivia have been killed in fights with police and the military who are trying to secure a fuel plant that's been unrest since last month's election with supporters of the former president ever what are less demanding his return he fled to mexico 10 days ago after allegations of voting irregularities 0 sanchez reports now from. in a tiny church in illinois 6 men with covered with blankets and laid on praying benches they died in tuesday's protest families mourned in shock waiting for an explanation
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of what happened. to live in a part of the load my cousin they all had a life ahead not even a rapist or murderer is killed this way. he can assist his young nephew was not protesting he was hit by a bullet in the head immediate looks but i don't get it because he was shot from a helicopter they destroyed his head. outside the church angry bolivians demanded justice blaming security forces for the deaths. of human rights organizations here say social unrest is spiraling and security forces were given a green light to quell the protest. on tuesday a government minister said the army hadn't shot one bullet but stopped short of saying the same about the police. these images show police shooting towards protesters 1st in cochabamba last friday and in atlanta on tuesday. neighbors shared images on social media of the army also appearing to fire live
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rounds thembi any most of the stuff we have also seen the shootings and now there has to be an investigation to know who shot them. protesters blame interim president jenin and his for the killings and they're demanding her resignation. people. say they want to withdraw. 3. that the police and the military have not be held accountable and there you have a full security the interim government released it says is an audio recording of former president it will muddle is ordering allies to reinforce blockades that have stalled much of. the protests prompted jenny nonuse to say she will color elections immediately the more recent than though we are presenting the bill for the transitional electoral regime for the 2020 general elections. back in the church the families of the victims say they don't trust
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agnes or any public servant they say they didn't let their loved ones be taken to the morgue autopsies were performed in the church a family's waited for answers. yes i have no idea what this spro tester's escorted yet another dead man into the church. of the innocent just. riot police and soldiers have been deployed in colombia for what's expected to be its biggest national strike in years and border crossings a closed to prevent foreigners from joining anti-government protests. reports now from bogota. it has been a tough 1st year for a colombian president. but the last 30 days of been worse. is them a critic center party suffered heavy losses in regional elections filling even in areas that had once been strongholds. in 5 indigenous leaders were killed by an
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armed group that happened at the army struggles to contain violence in areas where the implementation of a peace deal with rebels has been delayed by government opposition to the agreement . finally his defense minister was forced to resign after it was revealed that at least 8 children have been killed in an air attack against the dissident faction of the fark. the president's response to that. what are you talking about dude normally the 1st year you said good year for the president did he have this haunting with that public opinion and people are not convinced at this point of the story that this is a good government that they are at best in the country they don't think that the hatha an overall 'd project for the country. support for the president in polls is falling to 26 percent with growing discontent over government actions and proposed economic reforms opposition parties unions and students of called for
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a national strike that's expected to be the largest in years. this is what we are the 3rd most unequal country in the world the 6th worst in education and with the protests across south america from ecuador to colombians have been emboldened people are asking if we are worse off why don't we also do it the biggest fear for president and the government is that this strike could spark in colombia the same kind of rest that is seriously stabilized the number of countries in the region i know. for president has accused foreign agents of inciting violence some critics say that could be a way to criminalize the protest but government representatives say that's not the case and i believe every comment has a right to protest it whether it is wonderful spread on the right. but at the same time we have to question those people who want a national strike even if they are really if they really have the columbus
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interests in mind or if they have political benefit in mind. despite such comments many colombian say they're ready to join people across south america in the main being social in the konami reforms they feel they've been denied for too long alison that. greece is moving 20000 asylum seekers. island refugee camps that are overcrowded that being relocated to new camps on the mainland hotels are being used. for stuff from the northern region of macedonia where there's growing demand for refugees to be deported back to their home countries. this hotel in northern greece is surrounded by cotton fields far from the sea and the tourist sites it would most likely be closed for winter instead the international organization for migration is paying it almost $2000.00 a day to house 135 syrian afghan and iraqi asylum seekers moved here from the greek
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islands where there's no proper accommodation for them. who spent 2 years on the island of heroes has been granted asylum and can now dream of the future here now to find other work on this and we used to get moved from wherever we pitched our turn to us it was a small place nobody wanted us now i plan to go to work for another barber and in time i will save money to open my own shop but not everyone in the local town of kalak you gonna thinks refugees should be allowed to work here the economic crisis has left nearly 20 percent of people unemployed including the local mothers i spoke to. they're not refugees they're illegal migrants refugees are from war zones afghanistan isn't at war nor is kuwait no the african countries they pick up their i phones and tell their relatives back home there's free accommodation and free food free healthcare and free transport and our children have nothing they have unemployment and they get bullied by the migrants in the nearby camp of the of
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a 1000 people have sponsored cash cards to spend on local groceries locals also find work caring for refugees and 4 and a half 1000 apartments nationwide a rented 2 asylum seekers paid for with e.u. money but this refugee economy is not addressing growing greek concern the government has moved about 4000. people from the islands since september and plans to move a total of $20000.00 by the end of the year but many greeks are beginning to feel this is a pointless exercise the islands quickly fill up again with new arrivals and camps like this one in northern greece a growing greece is now hosting about $100000.00 asylum seekers arrivals from turkey are averaging almost $10000.00 a month more than triple the numbers at the start of the year the greek government recently us to its e.u. partners to take $4000.00 unaccompanied minors off its hands only one country
1:43 pm
responded the benefits of the refugee economy are giving way to refugee fatigue and the feeling that greece is facing a global migration crisis all on its jumpstart awful us al-jazeera in the greek region of macedonia. a former egyptian army contract inspired street protests against the president has announced what he calls a roadmap for political change. barker reports from london. he describes himself as an accidental revolutionary but muhammad ali is now embarking on something very deliberate a plan to unite egypt's opposition and the country against president abdel fattah el-sisi. he says he's assembled a team of experts who will present the egyptian people with a political program in a matter of weeks without going into any further detail on the program or who the so-called experts early then wants to hold an online referendum on the plan and if he gets enough support he's hoping for a change of leadership within
1:44 pm
a year if sisi fails to go quietly at least threatening to provoke more protests. in the coming days our program will be presented to egyptians will then ask if he doesn't leave will start a revolution against him ali was once the head of a large construction company raking in lucrative contracts from the army and police he describes it as the shady world of bribes and nepotism he says he built a palace for sisi intelligence headquarters and hotels owned by regime members but he fell out of favor with powerful people and was blocked from further business. this is how he responded i'm scripted videos ridiculing c.c. . the alleged corruption at the highest levels. the clips quickly went viral inspiring some protests in several egyptian cities in a country where more than 30 percent of people live in poverty during those
1:45 pm
protests more than 4000 people were arrested. and he says he stopped the videos for now fearing a personal responsibility for those who had his calls to protest but for someone with no political experience who made his fortune working as a contractor for the egyptian military part of the corrupt system he wants to overturn early is now trying to build some credibility. you know somebody that's done very well working with the current egyptian already and. can you explain when the moment happened where that relationship but what is motivating you to do this. i was brought up in a culture that made me believe that our leaders knew what they were doing and that they were honorable and respectable people were told not to talk about politics will get involved in it that it was longer than us who were frightened of it but we understood that a single person controls the destiny of everyone that's when i began to understand how the government works. the sisi leadership is dismissed as a troublemaker and
1:46 pm
a traitor something he would janks social media has given him the power to mobilize some people to fight against sisi he says is entering a new phase. in sport both these fighters agree on one thing before they step into the ring raul because tell me what that thing is in just a few moments. well
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
again sudan has been named by the red cross as one of the 10 countries most vulnerable to global climate change is there as have a morgan has been in the state of north korea funk where the encroaching desert is forcing villages from their homes adam youth it has seen throughout his village twice that was back in the 1980 s. he says both times people weren't forced to leave but in the past few years a buildup of sand dunes has forced them to move their homes and muscled up that must have been 20 years ago there are only a few dunes and there weren't as high as there are now we used to have so much grass between the houses here that when the rainy season came we had to cut through them to make our way now is the rainy season but there are only sand between the houses. adams village life on the set hill built in sudan's north kordofan state it's one of several states the international committee of the red cross says is being affected by global climate change once known for its lush vegetation that's
1:49 pm
rapidly changing as the horrid desert in the north expands southward according to authorities dozens of villages have already been buried as a result of expansion herders here say that's all to reducing their livestock or less than mother we should be able to easily feed our animals but in the past few years is becoming hard to find food not to travel for miles to look for grass and try to give them water but in the meantime they're slowly dying like. people are now relocating settlements that have been around for generations to survive not every part of is covered by sand in some areas plants like bees commonly known as the apple of sodom and this called the broom brush can be seen and people here say they help keep the landscape as it is but and where mentalists argue they show that the area is close to becoming a desert. expanding deserts can also be deadly international observers say the seeds of the dark cold war that killed at least 300000 people and displaced more
1:50 pm
than 3000000 were sown in the eighty's bagmen drought forced villages to move further thousands and that led to violence in areas where people were already dealing with country sources it's seen by some as the world's 1st modern day climate. as people leave their historic lands in north korea phantom scientists are working on ways to help them limit environmentalists damage. some people cut the trees to make charcoal to build homes without realizing that they're removing the barriers that keep the desert so we've started raising awareness but also planting trees that fix the soil like gum arabic and planting them but climate change is a worldwide phenomenon and any mitigation effort to work is not affected by it here in colder than it's also have to act. and others in his village are being told if they don't act now they could be forced to leave and he says the younger
1:51 pm
generation will never know the lands of their ancestors as they lie buried under the desert people morgan north korea fun. times. many thanks joe as a marine you're says he's looking forward to working with the young players at tottenham after taking over as the new head coach but even 24 hours after the club sat his predecessor murdered to report to tina. taking his 1st training session with the spurs squad his 1st game in charge will be against london rivals west ham on saturday well speaking to tottenham's in-house t.v. channel moreno couldn't resist a subtle dig at song with former teams specifically the why they develop young talents. that is not one manager in the world that doesn't like to play. young players into helping players to develop that is not one the problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that these below you is not good enough to produce and display is when you say beautiful stadium we want to one you have to
1:52 pm
say the best stadium in the world i think is a reality trending around these 2nd one probably can be only compared with. american football training grounds you cannot compare with me to be in football at any level and i've been in the majority of the best places for me should just play a match after match the next match we want to in that arena or has won 3 premier league titles all with another london club chelsea his former captain that path to check is now a technical advisor at stamford bridge and he's welcome the return of his former boss on the time will tell but i think it's great for the premier league good to have the personality of yours in where you are and one of the most successful coaches in past 15 years back in the independently you can just leave him well but . you know we have our targets and we hope to concentrate on on our goals doing using deceit and you know i can't help but only when i don't know what hearing it without anyone trust me it's done you know in our. sauna i need
1:53 pm
a friend and you know. i can we came out on the best to many people to. write about you know you up with memories. mavericks look at dawn teaches the red hope in the n.b.a. at the moment he's now up to 7 shuttle doubles for the season and after a 42 point triple against san antonio on monday the 20 year old slovenian followed it up with another one against the golden state warriors $35.00 points this time around remarkably $33.00 of them were in the 1st half and he is the 1st player in history to hit a 35 point triple double in 25 minutes or less the injury hit warriors' last 48 points that's their worst defeat since 973 now the new revamped davis cup for might need a bit of tweaking after yet another late finish in madrid more on that in a moment spying into the quarterfinals they were already ahead against defending
1:54 pm
champions croatia when rafa nadal took to the court against god joe and the world number one wrapped up in straight sets 6463 to give spain an unassailable 2 lovely out of buying into the last 8. australia all sorry through a victory over belgium. that same 22 aces in his straight sets win this steve darcis australia captain the party canada in the quarter finals. and spare a thought for the american team they kept themselves alive in the tournament with a win over italy but the deciding doubles match didn't finish until past 4 am the dritte time you're still waiting to see if they go through is one of the 2 best runners up. now history will be married all of friday when india the world's number one cricket nation will finally host its 1st day night test match of the dominance of t 20 cricket has resulted in really small crowds for the longer test format in india
1:55 pm
but hopes are high that this game could revive its popularity with a match we played at the iconic eden gardens stadium in kolkata the ground has been turned pink for the occasion and this is why pink bowls will be used during the game the color contrasts well with the players white clothing and improves visibility for batsman during the night sessions and the game has already been a huge hit with fans with the 1st 4 days at the $68000.00 capacity stadium a sellout normally test matches in india attract just a handful of spectators. i think it's a big part of history i think effect is going to be similar. and i think the way that people. manage their time. tricky so if you can extend to not bring people into a more experience is only from watching. t.v. you know i'm not really sure next year will be held in saudi arabia for the 1st
1:56 pm
time since 979 the race for the ridglea run in senegal but in 2007 security issues forced the events to move to south america on wednesday in paris the organizers announced that saudi arabia would be the new host from 2020 the race will start in jeddah on january the 5th and last 12 stages covering 9000 kilometers to finish. and. i think the country is so huge and with so little road networks we will feel very tiny in the middle of the desert and that's exactly what we want we want to feel completely small among the immensity of the nature and that's what we will find back in saudi arabia all 36 boxing referees and judges from the rear lympics have been banned from officiating at tokyo 2020 they were all suspended after the rio games following several questionable decisions and now a task force set up by the sea have decided to use a completely new set of officials the task force is organizing all olympic competition after the i.o.c. suspended but governing body. about its finances and governance the anti while
1:57 pm
there are limits both say their rematch on saturday will end in a knockout the pair held their final press conference in las vegas ahead of friday's y. and while of the defending w.b.c. heavyweight champion beat cuba ortiz back in march 28th. you guys are in for tree as always you know despite we not noted this is so as i said before gets a pop cola go get a piece of go to the bathroom and i was always say these guys would be too perfect to our lines only have to be perfect 2 seconds in the blink of baby good night so i can wait guys you in for treat this is going to be amazing call it amazing fight and i came away baby but still alive. i thought for now how many thanks david painted i'll be back to update you in just a few moments here on al-jazeera but i don't have for you so thanks for watching the scene again.
1:58 pm
50 years ago britain forcibly removed the inhabitants of this tropical haven and least it's to the u.s. military. for 5 decades geragos islanders have preserved their culture in exile and they're now escalating their struggle to return home a lot of their free still lies in the hands of their colonisers. another power of the us i witnessed a documentary on a jersey you know. we understand the differences
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and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera what do you protesting about how does this include where their online life face minstrelsy comes directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sand this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come to that everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera i mean this is different not just whether someone is going for someone's favorite doesn't matter we think it's how you approach an official enough that it is a certain way of doing it to congress by any judge historian fly out.
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everyone was in the loop. building a case against donald trump one of his former allies sticks to his story that there was a quid pro quo between the president and ukraine. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead a political family affair in sri lanka the former president mahinda rajapaksa is sworn in as prime minister joining his brother to run the country. thousands of india's indigenous people protest outside the parliament against plans to victims.
2:01 pm
who are in sudan where climate change is being blamed for driving villagers from their homes. and once considered an ally of the us president donald trump has linked to the presidential decision to withhold military aid to ukraine with a push to have kiev investigate his political rival however gordon tsonga and said he has no evidence that donald trump ordered that directly the us ambassador to the e.u. testified before the impeachment inquiry on wednesday some land implicated other top officials saying everyone knew what was going on and the inquiry is a major topic in the latest democratic presidential debate candidates attacked donald trump accusing him of being corrupt and a criminal in a few hours they'll be more testimony we're expecting to hear from the white house's top rush.


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