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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 325  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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here to be the source of these conspiracy theories that ended up and then fact costing ambassador you're gonna bitch her job and holmes said that that was unlike anything else he'd seen in his career but some other interesting things he testified to and important things that really get to the heart of the accusations against trump in this impeachment inquiry is whether or not there was a quid pro quo coming from the white house that was leveraging the u.s. security aid and a white house visit for president the lewinsky in exchange for the investigation into the bidens and on those questions holmes testified that it was made clear to him that the oval office invitation to the lewinsky was contingent on investigations into the bidens and that later he said in his words it was his clear impression that the security aide hold was likely intended by trump to pressure the ukrainians for those investigations so connecting the dots there that indeed the
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aid and the investigations were linked we heard similar language yesterday coming from ambassador a solemn who said he presumed the 2 were linked but if you'll notice in their careful wording that still there's no direct connection there's no exact quote of trump saying that these 2 things were connected and in fact we've heard the president did not i time and time again that those 2 things were linked in his mind . heidi and let's just remind viewers the hearings are in recess they're not missing anything once the hearing reconvenes right there on capitol hill we will get back to that and it will be the republicans questioning the witnesses at that time so stay close. and we do have breaking news we're following out of israel as well the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been formally charged with fraud breach of trust and accepting bribes the attorney general announced the decision
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a short time ago we are expecting a news conference to get more details on these charges but netanyahu has denied wrongdoing this some investigation is actually going on for 4 years so let's go to our carrie fawcett who is covering this as well heidi what i mean i'm sorry harry pardon me we will get to the context of all of this the political situation 1st though harry tell us about this investigation and these charges that's fun and exciting to get my own name in the swirl of israeli politics of the moment these investigations have been going since december 26th there is 3 separate cases those cases 100-200-4000 were expecting the attorney general. at his home and i'm sure the mostly telling us not to that we shouldn't a good look for him shown on the same begin of that will come the watches for which you don't need we don't conserve that sort of you cannot that's. the be punitive
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both when the shoe. is a. new sim and then new leaf so that's. been and always have been in is pretty indictment hearings as to whether the lawyers had managed to get into to drop the bribe recharged but so far it but it seems that that has not happened in fact it has not happened and this extremely serious charge to a sitting prime minister has indeed been launched so we are going to return now to the attorney general of israel making an announcement about benjamin netanyahu going to have translation now. how does this lead it to mean that the nia then demand that's on the. shelf so on is the time and the person. and. that decision. is there. but i feel you must. be
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worried because this indictment my to be on the say is a citizen. as really had this is not a choice this is my be eyed beauty that. this is my responsibility and this is my duty towards the people of israel. who have to live in a state. where any indictment violation to blow must be examined and investigated that's what i consider today at difficult day but also an important day in the history of the country i will talk to you about the indictment on the charges.
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i have decided to go out in the 1st case. charge. of bribery. to indict and not on the whole of bribery. up through. the link between the. prime minister and the center of communications. so as to help his interests. also. talk about hundreds of requests from nuts on the how. and in so many cases these requests have been met.
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and co-operation with best company as well. was that the company accepted. the requests and responded positively to all of these requests and this led us to indict the owners of the base of company. the 2nd in line meant is related to the breach of trust represented in receiving gifts. upshall so much and look at. this moses. has agreed to do a control for things for the sake of benjamin netanyahu. a cold chill a look at an illusion and she has not said you know him self has to. do with some
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so as to have as well we decided not to enlighten is no resistance regarding. the. dishonesty she must. and. regarding deception because the aim was to left factor for the result with bits of actions and we decided to call the she munch us. and diet netanyahu of on the 3rd and sides mention was a breach of trust gain and this was related to which allusion of him wrongfully receiving gifts including
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champaign and cigars that caused. the loss of dollars. and not to now in this case and his wife has also should do them favors because. this she has had at t.v. and he's a private and personal interests for all these. things related to the diet. just don't women are based. on. things that have nothing to do with any political and or pressure. and. anything you can. already told us that these women relate. on political matters is. really. not correct it's
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not all and should not. be put in this context. we think also about protecting the low and preventing the people from violating the law but. no shop on the. show we call it. no more out of pocket money there's no place he don't know for conspiracy and i think the league. games are baseless and wrong by shouting we would never allow anyone to put pressure on us and in this connection. we cannot decide anything that is not for the sake of the protection of our citizens so much i'm sure that's why
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by deciding. what netanyahu following months of investigation and collecting information gathering information on should be subtle in the for the sake of these cases. it is good that if you look at. all of the accusations then diamants loss like you have been made and taken to making sure that everything he's going to come should be complete and you can not doubt our procedures. because i don't want them. i don't care about rumors are told because the looks on all don't give you what i can some trade on the accusations and the thought that he and i come to some trade also on you because when you look. at
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the efforts made by the police as well as. the police some of your lives have made a great job. and we have not just because a lot of evidence is that the good which has us to work closely with the security agency is what during the investigations. and when they go into the ocean the relations between netanyahu and his moses were clear in this regard. but. i don't. buy that everyone has a chance to. appeal much and express. his opinions throughout the legal. channels and throughout the law
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is. the mission. an extension full 5 months in all would tubes gather model evidence and prepare a lot of things in proper time. as i said i was king and then i am keen and i will be keyed into. the right evidence and i appreciate the professionalism of the lawyers and the members of the general counsel and we have received hundreds of pages. young. that having clue did almost
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everything. and. the deeds between the prime minister netanyahu and the other parties will also mentioned clearly in these hundreds of pages that we have received much i discussed full days and days a lot of things with the concerned lawyers for us. on the ship. there were claims and rumors. about conspiracy. in order to harm the investigations and. i want to stress that their investigations were very professional and very serious . and that we all live like you have been keen to do our draw
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properly without any favoritism we are keen to be in parts and who are keen to make the picture clear in front of everyone in the live in. the 9 months out of based on hundreds of evidence that have been collected and verify you must investigate it. and we have investigated we have examined each line of evidence in depth in all would take the right decision what. now can the dentist and i have decided to in diets really just prime minister netanyahu. and. then the team and for a lot of. bribery an awful lot of role that's
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a breach of trust and these feel for the accusations they saw and violations to the local mom a total of. comical not. gonna hog a shot of a short. one should mention no it's got coffee push a letter the ocular legal hit the small talk a bit i'm sure you like but i'm just bought a shelf and i'll shove it in before. i call with you crying you watch one of our lows of the autumn the sort of starvation he does with the bottom of that sort of chicago not everyone is innocent until proven guilty i mean he's got a caucus that's why he should be glad we got to see every one of us on the stock market that is not what we are not but she like a legion of gentlemen we see every one as a man assents until the cool don't know hot chick you'll see if we can assure people that that's our say is the last to complete the nomic you want she would have us on the fishing 45 to be a national issue i'm sure lots of the kids
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a lot of exemption let's include receiving gifts that shock gifts of what the other 2 worth more than $1100000.00 to bob. is a violation. major. primus and that's in the. that's why it is. within the context. within the framework over the. prime minister that's and you know this is my job. and this is my duty and i need to make this squad clear to the israeli pete when i'd like to think. many people who had me to prepare this indictment. you know worked to gether in order
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to reach the right clear decision thank you very much well. you've been listening to the attorney general of israel i'm explaining the charges that have been brought against prime minister benjamin netanyahu this investigation this has been going on for years so this wasn't totally unexpected but there's a few separate charges that basically relate to corruption and bribery he went on to say that this was not about political pressure stressing that everyone is innocent until proven guilty or harry foster has been following all this as well from some so what all that you hear. well i mean it was a very strong statement from the attorney general trying to take the political temperature out of what is a real explosive political moment in israeli history saying that this was not about as you say about politics about left or right that there is no room for conspiracy
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here this is not a politicized investigation this was an investigation of the facts he said it was a sad day for israel a sad day for him personally but an important one he said he was doing this with a heavy heart but with a full heart because he said this was not a choice but to the people of israel said was a difficult but in important day in the history of the country and then he went through the key charges that he was bringing against a sitting prime minister of israel the 1st time that this has happened in the history of the country charged for crimes that he is alleged to have carried out while in office and the most serious of those crimes is alleged have taken place in what's known as case 4000 the bezerk while a fair in which there can yahoo is said to have given regulator and benefits to the owner of the busiek or the key stakeholder numbers aek telecoms company worth to that man show of it some $500000000.00 u.s. dollars in return for much improved coverage and even specified requests of the
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type of coverage the kind of headlines the positioning of stories and he said there were hundreds of contacts between netanyahu through intermediaries and the wall or news site and because there was a quid pro quo to use a fashionable phrase of the moment because of that could pro quo it is bribery media bribery and therefore that is the charge with which netanyahu had to be brought by the attorney general in the other 2 cases there was a similar attempt at least he said by the owner of the most widely read or the one of the most widely read newspapers in the country offering netanyahu better coverage. again in favor in return for regulator benefits for hampering his main competitor saying that he would turn the coverage around make it more even more appealing to netanyahu the fact that netanyahu entertained that didn't reject it out of hand was enough it only general says for him to be charged with fraud and
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breach of trust but not bribery because there wasn't the completion of the quid pro quo in that case and in the other case case 1000 that's the case where netanyahu said 2 of his wife 2 accepted not just accepted but requested demanded very lavish gifts from billionaires such as are not. a hollywood producer a us israeli citizen and this training billionaire james packer again the key relationship there has been between netanyahu and the attorney general saying that netanyahu tried to give him favors try to help him with a u.s. visa request trying to ensure that his finance minister helped him with extended periods before he had to file taxes and other things again there wasn't enough of a completed quid pro quo for a bribery charge there but nonetheless this is a hugely significant moment for the country and for that and he's been charged criminally including bribery for things that he's done in office talk about the
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potential politics and this area the fact that an israeli government has been in islamabad for a while how do these 2 things mesh. well they mean they mesh in all sorts of ways i mean that the very fact that the country is in this political crisis stems pretty directly from these corruption cases netanyahu called the initial election for april last year ahead of time in order to try to get out in front of the attorney general many analysts would say from recommending before he recommended his judges in the end he recommended those judges in february before the election he wasn't able to form a right wing government because one of his longtime allies and rivals decided to pull his support of the last minute of coalition negotiations so that led nessun you know to. dissolve the knesset the israeli parliament call a 2nd round of elections which have also been inconclusive and many would say that
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throughout all of this the key motivating driving factor for netanyahu has been to try to get a mandate to form a government stay in office because from the prime minister's office that his way has the best chance of fighting off the charges that he knew were coming and right now this is a historical day in israel for 2 reasons not just because a sitting prime minister has been charged with crimes alleged to have been committed in office but also because today is the start of what's been called injury time in this long running a tent to get a government together after the last election both benjamin netanyahu and his rival benny gantz of failed in that so now there's a $21.00 day period kicked off today by the israeli president in which any member of the israeli parliament the knesset who gets enough support could theoretically try to form a coalition government and so this explosive development comes right at the beginning of this very uncertain period this is never happened before in israel either and so one of the key questions is will netanyahu be able to marshal his
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forces within the likud party despite the potential fallout from this to stay leader of that party remain just as solid as he has up until this point in all of his. jacksons of any any attempt to make him sit by the 2nd in a rotational prime minister arrangement all or stand down at all and it's notable that on this day his main potential rival get ansara has said that if there is going to be a 3rd election which would happen if this $21.00 days elapses with no resolution. likely in march next year he is calling for a leadership primary within likud and he wants to challenge netanyahu for the leadership so that's the politics there's also another key legal question is very quickly there is a difference of opinion as to whether the mandatory stepping down of an israeli minister if charged with a crime whether that also applies to israeli prime minister netanyahu obviously argue that it does not that a prime minister is a different thing from
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a minister but there is likely to be a charge or a challenge to that going to the supreme court so the supreme court may well have to rule on whether an of neo's even allowed to stay in office if we do go through our 3rd round of elections next march ok harry all thought what the breaking north out of west press on harry thank you very much. yahoo is not the only one head of state facing legal jeopardy or at least potential legal jeopardy us president on the focus of an impeachment inquiry the hearings have been in recess for quite some time the head of the television's committee the ranking member adam schiff called recess so that the members could go to the house and cast votes that have nothing to do with this impeachment but it's been a pretty explosive morning there have been 2 witnesses so far of the their russia expert dr fiona hill and also david whole career foreign service officer who
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was based at the embassy in ukraine he is one of the people that said he heard a phone call between a u.n. bassier accord song when you testified yesterday and because president onil trompe said he could hear the phone call because the president was rather loud and had a distinct voices happen on an unsecure line at a restaurant he says that what he overheard was a president an ambassador wharton's on basically talking about getting ukraine to do what they wanted them to do these investigations into the bidens that would basically personally benefit the president so we will as soon as the testimony begins again we'll get you back to that room let's bring in a voice to kind of help us dissect what we have heard so far today chris adelson is an assistant professor in the department of government at american university joins us from washington d.c. so i'm sure you've been listening in this morning and just to let our viewers know
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the adam schiff the chairman has returned to the room and once this all gets going again it's actually going to be the republicans who have the floor but i just wanted one to let our viewers know that so if we can get back to our guests now mr adelson so what have you heard this morning that you think. might potentially have the biggest impact. i think it's mostly a continuation of what we've heard i was struck dr told me the point which is an important one that. we have to make sure that russia doesn't advance its narrative one of the things that we've heard from testimony is that president trump and is associates were pressuring ukraine to show that russia didn't actually attack the u.s. election to 16 dr who was making clear that's a mistake that's that's counter to u.s. national interest for a minute mr holmes those are at least of all the gravity of that for a moment the intelligence community has said repeatedly that russia meddled same's
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like too small of a word attacked us and us elections correct and i said this repeatedly and donald trump has repeatedly countered that and now the context of the same dr hill was putting this in is is not only does russia deny that what they want they want people to blame ukraine how significant is that is what you're framing exactly the right way metal is too weak a word they attack the u.s. election the u.s. intelligence community concluded this and president his advisors were trying to advance a narrative that comes straight from russia so donald trump was doing things that would help him personally and things that would help russia but nothing he was doing would help would advance the u.s. national interest ok so just to let people know what we're saying it seems that all the committee members are back in the room there is this photo op that usually happens and and as soon as they get talking again in talking to the they guess we will. is it about time tell us
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a sin as they think it go i will will let them know but i. let me say so their stay home is returning to the let's talk with a phone call and chris that dave home says that he that he overheard such an unusual thing that he described being in a restaurant with gordon song live and gordon is on his cell phone talking to u.s. president donald trump that he could over here this conversation just how rare or unusual is a situation that the day holmes described pretty much on press and then as one of your guests i think mentioned before it places the president at the center of what looks like a criminal conspiracy based somewhat investor sentiment to us about you and importantly ambassador song than agrees with mr holmes as a counter of the call the only thing you object susie about your son says he doesn't didn't mention the bidens but apart from that he said yes this is what we talked about we talked about advance in the investigations and i told the president
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president from ukraine selenski president slow.


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