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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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they'll send back 20 if we were given citizenship in myanmar and there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is charged with bribery and fraud after a lengthy corruption inquiry. elephant oh hi everyone i'm come all santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera our support for ukrainian democratic resistance to russian aggression became overshadowed. more revealing testimony in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump as the public hearings go into a 5th day. police fired tear
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gas on a massive funeral procession in bolivia where violence over the political transition is turned deadly and we'll tell you how the british opposition is planning for the next election which isn't all about. so israel's attorney general has charged prime minister benjamin netanyahu with corruption but then you know he faces charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases or false reports from western is a. there's never been anything like it in israeli politics on the day the grinding stalemate over forming a new government and to the new unprecedented phase the attorney general was ready with his own historical 1st. today i informed the representative of the prime minister mr benjamin netanyahu about my decision to try him under an inch and
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excludes 3 charges a day in which the attorney general decided to serve an indictment against a seated prime minister the serious crimes of corrupt governance is a heavy and sad day for the israeli public and for me personally. and i later shocked looking benjamin netanyahu began his battle to stay in office while indicted. tonight we are witnessing an attempted coup against the prime minister using false accusation and a systematically tainted and vice investigation. investigations began in december 26th seen into 3 separate cases case $1000.00 involves gifts including cigars and champagne worth more than $200000.00 received and often demanded by netanyahu and his wife sarah from billionaires. and james packer the charge and breach of trust the same charges apply in case 2000 in which newspaper magnate on moser's is alleged to have offered favorable coverage in return for his hampering the
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activities of a rival but it was case $4000.00 involving show the main stakeholder in the country's biggest telecom company that attracted the most serious charge bribery netanyahu and his wife accused of dictating precise elements of coverage on elevates his news site wallah in return for regulator benefits worth $500000000.00 a recurring theme runs through these indictments netanyahu is obsession with his media coverage and the alleged lengths to which he was prepared to go to try to control it that these charges were expected hasn't lessened their impact this is an explosive moment in israel's political and legal history now the focus intensifies on netanyahu future. was ahead of him a twin battle to head off any contest for the party leadership in the run up to a likely 3rd election next march and a potential supreme court case challenging his legal right to stay in office if he was a minister he would have to resign or be fired because he's the prime minister it's
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not clear what is clear is that there's a moral problem right now because it's not just that the attorney general recommended indicting him including for bribery these are things that happened while he was prime minister earlier israel's president officially gave the parliament the job of finding a member with enough support to form a government and prevent another election unprecedented and in the view of most unlikely to succeed. so you should these are harsh dark days in the annals of the state of israel he said they may be harsh and dark days to come for its longest serving prime minister for will sit out 0 west jerusalem to get some thoughts now from owen bashar al senior political analyst here at al-jazeera he reckons this indictment brings an end to netanyahu is political future if i did call if it's israel but it does sound familiar and listening to all the. long. impeachment hearings in the united states clearly the similarities 1 between what's
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going on in washington and jerusalem are quite quite paradoxical i would say not just impressive. look what we have here is a prime minister who served longer than any other israeli prime minister and he still complaining that israel is unfair to him which is really amazing considering that he did every took in the book he lied he incited and he ran the most you know uncultured like coalitions if you will within the country he won by dint guys he solicited the help of donald trump and so on and so forth and he still couldn't muster these raids or at least the judiciary system still could indict him on fraud didn't and breach of trust and most importantly of bribery he according to the prosecutor general basically used his office for for his own
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personal benefit that does sound like what apparently or allegedly happened in the united states however unlike in the united states where the presidential system is quite. protective of a very strong presidency in a parliamentary system like in is that the prime minister doesn't have as much protection as an american president and that's why i think prime minister netanyahu will probably find it more difficult to resist the political pressure coming forward and the political pressure is forthcoming and i think in ateneo will not be able to stand or the pressure of the final day of scheduled public hearings in donald trump's impeachment inquiry is wrapped up with more dramatic testimony to ukraine foreign policy experts spoke of their concerns about an irregular channel run by trump's personal lawyer how did your counter reports from washington. raise your right hand i will begin by swearing the day's testimony began with a warning from the former white house policy expert on russia and ukraine some of
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you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a company against a country and that perhaps somehow for some reason you craned it this is a fictional not a sieve that has been perpetrated in propagated by the russian security services themselves the on a hill testified russia was watching the impeachment hearings and ultimately would benefit from republicans repeating the quote fictions that ukraine meddled in the 26000 elections with the help of democrats she said she had warned gordon sagal and the e.u. ambassador the same when she realized he was carrying out the president's personal political agenda by requesting ukraine open investigations into trump's political rivals and i did said to him and gordon i think this is all going to blow up and here we are david homes of foreign service officer in the kiev embassy testified ukraine has been cleaning up corruption under its new president billowed amir's
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alinsky homesteads alinsky wanted an oval office meeting with trump but it was made clear that the linsky would wouldn't get the meeting unless he announced on c.n.n. that ukraine was investigating joe biden this was a demand that president selenski personally commit on a cable news channel to a specific investigation of president trump's political rival holmes testified he also had a clear impression that a hold on u.s. military aid was likely intended by trump to pressure ukraine for the investigation home said he overheard a phone call between trump and ambassador some land discussing whether his alinsky would cooperate so you heard president trump ask ambassador son when is he going to do the investigation yes or. what was ambassador sunless response he said oh yeah he's going to do it he'll do anything you ask that urn holmes of
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this rebuke from republican congressman mike turner your statements that your interest of protecting ukraine are very dubious when you embarrass president zelinsky by making those statements even have to make who cares that investor someone said who cares that question sums up a republican defense strategy to counter these 5 days of public testimony that democrats say showed trump at best misused his office and at worst committed bribery but is that enough to move the american public the latest polls show that americans remain evenly divided on whether to impeach trump and remove him from office and the vast majority say that these hearings will not change their minds hi peter castro al-jazeera washington. now police in colombia fired tear gas at protesters have been marching against government plans to introduce pension reforms
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workers unions and students gathered. in what's been described as the biggest demonstrations in recent years or just as also blame president even because government for the failure to prevent killings of human rights activists and so widespread corruption. how are things now asunder about an hour or so ago we could see the riot police and the tear gas behind you. well come out confrontations and clashes continue now it's. already 7 pm here in downtown. we have heard the explosions a few blocks away just minutes ago as you can see protesters some protesters are still behind me with the police blocking them from and entering here central plaza a believer clashes continue throughout the afternoon but the majority of the day
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have been absolutely peaceful and what has been a massive demonstration one of the most and not only one of the biggest but also one of the most diverse that we've seen in colombia in there many years there were students members of the unions but also members of the growing middle class in that . feel that even if the economy is growing here is in colombia this is not benefit them and that's what we've heard over and over from the people who were demonstrating throughout the day here as you said in your introduction this demonstration was organized now over a month ago over a proposed reform of the pension system that actually has not been formally presented by the government but that worked as a lightning rod. for spread this dissatisfaction with the government.
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to 26 percent from more than 50 to 50 percent when he took office year. year and a half ago thank you for that. police in bolivia have fired tear gas as well breaking up a funeral procession in the path thousands of people took part in the procession that began in a loud so it coincided with a debate in congress over when to hold new elections that people were killed on tuesday after police and military moved in on a few plants that have been occupied by the project is more than a sanchez now with more from the party. we're waiting for the government to give some answers to everyone that wants to know why would they throw tear gas at this profession the funeral procession the. people have been coming from walking from allowed to escorting these 8 coffins of the 8 men who died in clashes with the
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police and the army. on tuesday in the city of aleppo and they were arriving in the perimeters of the presidential palace in fact they can never go into the parade to the area of the presidential palace but they were going to hold a vigil. in the big avenue and i can tell you there were people who were not holding sticks or they were not holding rocks they were not throwing rocks at the police and certainly. couldn't what could have happened is that the $1.00 coffin was put on top of a police car could that have triggered a for the police to to throw tear gas maybe but it was clear that people were not responding they were not throwing rocks in fact they had to flee and the saddest part of this is that the vans that were carrying
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a couple of vans that were carrying coffins they were stuck there they were trying to go out men that were carrying 2 coffins they had to leave the coffins on the floor and flee the gases so it was a very sad scene of these people who had who had come all the way from a lot or nearly 4 hours walking claiming for justice for the killings of these 8 men. in the news ahead now you know we're going to be we're not let. iraqi women define tradition and raise their voices to think oh my climate change is being bad blamed i'm sorry for driving villages from their homes in sudan. now when to take a step back briefly in the far north of china what's it done for the south well.
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just in their geo screen much to see that tropical storm running up to the east that will have some influence the cloud that was over the philippines dissipated gnabry in the south china sea again this sort of circulation there both will have an influence and maybe be able to walk back in certainly temperatures have risen 21 as a forecast to shanghai for friday 27 for hong kong i'm up in the high teens again for a good part of inland china so the brief cold day pass retreated some degree and might stay retreated throughout the whole weekend as rain with almost tropical air catches the east coast just sassed the shanghai otherwise it's dry nice but if brief are to of warm summer won't last of course the rainy season it should be going sas again is a bit of a disappointment to sydney concentrating his more peninsular malaysia across into borneo and sumatra to the north's most to southeast asian mainland looking fine so the south it's still dry you might catch
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a shower in jakarta but for most of indonesia it's a pretty dry picture that berm on this is the rainy season the rain tends to tamp down the rather poor condition of the air at the moment but not immediately. the weather sponsored by chance on anyone else. 50 years ago britain forcibly removed the inhabitants of this tropical haven and leased it to the us military. for 5 decades geragos islanders have preserved their culture in exile and they're now as collating their struggle to return home. was their fate is still lies in the hands of their colonisers. another paradise i witnessed a documentary on a. al-jazeera
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with the headlines this hour and israel's attorney general has said prime minister benjamin netanyahu for corruption who's charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases he faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery alone. u.s. embassy official they were given a key testimony in the impeachment inquiry into donald trump he described a phone call he overheard between the president and the u.s. ambassador. where the ukraine was willing to investigate his political rival. police in colombia tear gas of protesters who've been marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reforms workers unions and students have gathered in bogota in what's been described as the biggest demonstration in recent years. at least 5 people have been killed in fighting between protesters and
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security forces in baghdad on wednesday police used tear gas to disperse people getting too close to the capital cities green zone that houses the government buildings demonstrators are occupying the main bridge leading into the area and 2 others as well more than 300 people have been killed since the protests began 7 weeks ago. but iraqi women have turned out in large numbers at these demonstrations which is a significant departure from previous years jim has met some of them at a protest in baghdad. this is a moment the could not be missed. as she accompanies her 3 daughters to read a square the epicenter of anti-government demonstrations in baghdad and tells us how it was a sense of patriotism the compelled her to come out and show her support the nazis can look at the serial my daughter's feel exactly the same and i say mom we have to go out this is our country while we staying home or going to school while the other
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iraqis a sacrificing themselves this is the 4th time they've visited it likely won't be the last it's in my at least poet our generation is strong they have the pioneers now that will be a change god willing. anti-government protests in iraq which have been massive began in early october since the start women have joined in large numbers now you know we're not be we're not going at a non activist nadia mahmood makes regular appearances and tahir square urging her audiences to demand equal rights and opportunities for everyone she tells me seeing so many women out here has been encouraging and inspiring this is something in you it's is absolutely new and it's so refreshing and so doesn't think to see because the reason why women didn't participate before because pamela is you know prevented
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them from taking part in the most races but this time i think the families as well were inquired as to what the end of course they were meant to come down and up here many of the women protesters also volunteer as medics treating the wounded even as they call for change. but in other parts of the outer square a more creative form of dissent. murals paying tribute to the spirit and strength of the women created by women admired by them to the presence of so many female protesters here women who represent virtually every segment of the society is remarkable not only here they continue to come out day after day but they insist they'll keep on doing so no matter how dangerous the situation may become until the government meets their demands. paint isn't only going up on the walls all must suffer her face covered in the colors of the iraqi flag wants to
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make sure everyone can see clearly how proud she is of this movement. will stay out here for the sake of the young men and women and i'm not afraid not from political parties not from infiltrators long live iraq long live iraq. around me and cry the traverses gender lines and transcends the generational divide by iraqi women but for all. but that sri lanka's newly elected president got the biologic sworn in his brother mahinda as the country's new prime minister this is the 1st time in sri lanka in history that 2 siblings have held both top political positions those reports now from colombo. rules reversed between the brothers rajapakse. the former president sworn initial lanka's new prime minister by his former defense secretary brother now the new president 2 time president mahinda rajapaksa backed his brother good
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for the top job the constitutional amendments prevented him running for a 3rd. now in the must name his cabinet. to the. american board of the i would be should be dramatically more keeping the president's promise of a limit of 15 cabinet members would be one have his 1st challenges. it appeared to keep money in the in long talks on his 1st day in office mind the rajapaksa swearing in complaints the brothers double up on power with them now controlling the presidency and the premiership and now have the mandate to address reconciliation development and economy if they have the will to do so might the rajapaksa replace strong has become a singer who resigned on wednesday. his united national party still holds the parliamentary majority but saw its presidential candidate lose to go to.
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the p.d. banda history will judge us on our performance. of missing the loyalists have asked the speaker to name him opposition leader but critics say it's time he handed over the party leadership despite allegations of violating human rights cracking down on dissent and attacking the media the rajapakse is still command wide support observers say their test of being true statesman will be how they lead. and all its communities in their fernandez. colomba. exactly 3 weeks before britain votes for a new parliament and the opposition labor party has published its election manifesto it is pledging a radical programme to transform the u.k. among the policies promised by party leader jeremy coleman our plans to course renegotiate brigs it and within 3 months or so he wants to create
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a 1000000 new green jobs as well as levy a one off windfall tax on oil companies the document was launched in birmingham from where paul brennan reports. a radical manifesto because the u.k.'s problems need radical solutions that was the message from jeremy corbyn flanked by his senior m.p.'s and in front of a largely supportive audience of party faithful and it's 105 pages the labor election manifesto promises include a plan to introduce a minimum living wage reform the state benefits system extend maternity pay and social care for the elderly and bring the water and energy companies back into public ownership when labor wins the nurse wins the student wins the pensioner wins the 10 wins the young couple wins we all win. he set himself squarely against what he described as the rich and powerful vested interests quoting franklin d. roosevelt corben said i welcome their hatred i accept that the opposition and
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hostility of the rich and powerful is inevitable i accept the opposition of the billionaires because we will make those at the top pay their fair share of tax to help fund the world class public services for you that's real change. labor says it would really go within 3 months put the new deal to a 2nd referendum but out campaigning in bedford prime minister boris johnson again attacked corbin's reluctance to say which way he would actually vote in that new referendum corbin comes center stage drum roll and he completely misses his cue because what we want to know is what he sees plan to deliver breaks it and what's the deal he wants to do and which side would he vote on that deal students will be a key demographic in december's poll many were too young to vote in the 2016 e.u.
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referendum but a straw poll of students here in birmingham found them unimpressed so far for now i'm not like conservative labor i think both of them at the moment i just don't like the leaders so i think the best thing for me to do is just look at the m.p.'s in my local town i'm going to vote and all i'm going to vote for most not something on the interested in anymore at a time has gotten a lot lower we see politicians falling around playground insults when there is 21st years ago that would be entirely on heard of and they would have been laughed out of the building and back down white hall. with 3 weeks to go until polling day labor is still lagging behind in the opinion polls the latest aggregate suggest the conservatives have 42 percent support labor 29 percent corbett has a mountain to climb. this is a radical manifesto with a radical strategy to sell it jeremy call been urging the public to judge how good this manifesto is by how strongly its opponents attack it essentially reflecting the criticism back at the critics will the public find it you'll find out in 3
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weeks time or brennan i'll just hear a family. sudan has been named by the red cross as one of the 10 countries most vulnerable to global climate change it will morgan's been to the state of north. where the encroaching desert is forcing villages to move. adam you said has seen throughout his his village twice that was back in the mine 980 s. he says both times people weren't forced to leave but in the past few years a build up of sand dunes has forced some to move their homes and was a lot of the muscle built 20 years ago there are only a few dunes and they weren't as high as they are now we used to have so much grass between the houses here that when the rainy season came we had to cut through them to make our way now is the rainy season but there are only sand between the houses . adams village lies on the sat hill built in sudan's north kordofan state it's one
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of several states that the international committee of the red cross says is being affected by global climate change once known for its lush vegetation that's rapidly changing as the horrid desert in the north expands southwards according to authorities dozens of villages have already been buried as a result of expansion her days here say that's all to reducing their livestock or less than mother we should be able to easily feed our animals but in the past few years is becoming hard to find food out we travel for miles to look for grass and try to give them water but in the meantime they're slowly dying and people are now relocating settlements that have been around for generations to survive not every part of is covered by sand in some areas plants like bees commonly known as the apple of sodom and this called the broom brush can be seen and people here say they help keep the landscape as it is but and where mentalists argue they show that the area is close to becoming a desert. expanding deserts can also be deadly international observers say the
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seeds of the dark cold war that killed at least 300000 people and displaced more than 3000000 were sown in the eighty's bagmen drought forced villages to move further thousands and that led to violence in areas where people were already dealing with countries tourist is it seen by some as the world's 1st modern day climate come. as people leave their historic lands in north korea found i would find this are working on ways to help them limit environmentalists damage we're here as. some people cut the trees to make charcoal to build homes without realizing that they're removing the barriers that keep the desert said big so we've started raising awareness but also planting trees that fix the soil like gum arabic and planting them with them but climate change is a worldwide phenomenon and so for any mitigation effort to work those not affected by it here in codifying also have to act and. adam and others in his village are
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being told if they don't act now big could be forced to leave and he says the younger generation will then never know the lands of their ancestors as they lie buried under the desert people morgan all my share of north korea from. past the hour on al jazeera these are the headlines israel's attorney general has indicted prime minister benjamin netanyahu for corruption and then you're his charge with bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases he faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery alone because. the polluted investigation against me erode the public's faith in the system they should worry every citizen we have to put an end to this the public has the right to a clean investigation that seeks the truth and only the truth the only way to restore the public's faith in the system is to establish an outside independent committee
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that investigates the method that puts an end to this it is about time to investigate the investigators. headlines u.s. embassy official david holmes and former white house russia expert fiona hill have given key testimony in the impeachment inquiry into donald trump holmes described a phone call he overheard between the president and the u.s. ambassador talking about a deal for an investigation by ukraine fiona hill spoke about a 2nd channel of policy on ukraine that she was not part of describing as domestic and political in nature. believe in riot police have fired tear gas to break up a funeral procession in the powers thousands of people took part in the procession that began in the city of. coincided with a debate in congress over when to hold new elections bolivia's interim government is hoping elections would help defuse the street violence that's killed at least 32 people since october. police in colombia fired tear gas at protesters who've been
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marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reforms workers unions and students gathered in the capital bogota in what's been described as the biggest demonstrations in recent years her sister is also blaming president even dukas government for the failure to prevent killings of human rights activists and for widespread corruption and at least 5 people have been killed in fighting between protesters and security forces in baghdad on wednesday police used tear gas to disperse the crowds getting too close to the capital city of green zone houses government buildings demonstrators are occupying the main bridge leading to the area as well as to other bridges in baghdad. they go you up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the latest edition of inside story is coming up next.
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who's to govern israel another deadline to agree a government has come and gone after benny gantz gave up trying the mandate is now with the knesset but will it be able to move things forward and what's causing this breakdown in israeli politics this is inside story. or welcome to the program. israel is facing an unprecedented 3rd selection in under a year that's after opposition leader benny gantz was unable to form
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a coalition government at a 10.


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