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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sand it's the yellow fleet on al-jazeera. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is charged with bribery and for following a lengthy corruption was. blown down in jordan this is our sara live from to also coming up our support for ukrainian democratic resistance to russian aggression came overshadowed more revealing testimony in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump as public hearings go into a 5th day. i chaos in colombia as capital as police used tear gas on protesters marching against new pension and tax reforms. alast i'm
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in germany is where i purchase in solidarity with a colleague shot in the eye by israeli forces. we begin in israel where the attorney general has charged prime minister benjamin netanyahu with corruption it stems from 3 separate cases in which netanyahu was accused of bribery fraud and breach of trust or a force that reports from western. there's never been anything like it in israeli politics on the day the grinding stalemate over forming a new government and to the new unprecedented phase the attorney general was ready with his own historical 1st. today i informed the representative of the prime minister mr benjamin netanyahu about my decision to try him under an inch manilla concludes 3 charges a day in which the attorney general decided to. 7 indictment against prime minister
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the serious crimes of corrupt governance is a heavy and sad day for the israeli public and for me personally from an hour later a shock looking benjamin netanyahu began his battle to stay in office while indicted. tonight we are witnessing an attempted coup against the prime minister using false accusation and a systematically tainted and biased investigation. investigations began in december 26th seen into 3 separate cases case $1000.00 involves gifts including cigars and champagne worth more than $200000.00 received and often demanded by netanyahu and his wife sarah from billionaires. and james packer the charge and breach of trust the same charges apply in case 2000 in which newspaper magnate on moser's is alleged to have offered favorable coverage in return for his hampering the activities of a rival but it was case $4000.00 involving show the main stakeholder in the
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country's biggest telecom company that attracted the most serious charge bribery netanyahu and his wife accused of dictating precise elements of coverage on elevates his news site wallah in return for regulator benefits worth $500000000.00 a recurring theme runs through these indictments netanyahu is obsession with his media coverage and the alleged lengths to which he was prepared to go to try to control it that these charges were expected hasn't lessened their impact this is an explosive moment in israel's political and legal history now the focus intensifies on netanyahu future. was ahead of him a twin battle to head off any contest for the party leadership in the run up to a likely 3rd election next march and a potential supreme court case challenging his legal right to stay in office if he was a minister he would have to resign or be fired because he's the prime minister it's unclear what is clear is that is a moral problem right now because it's not just that the attorney general
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recommended indicting him including for bribery these are things that happened while he was prime minister earlier israel's president officially gave the parliament the job of finding a member with enough support to form a government and prevent another election unprecedented and in the view of most unlikely to succeed. these are harsh dark days in the annals of the state of israel he said there may be harsher and darker days to come for its long. just serving prime minister for our equal set out 0 west jerusalem. well i'm our bashar is al-jazeera senior political analyst he says the indictment brings an end to netanyahu political future if i recall if it's israel but it does sound familiar and listening to all the long. impeachment hearings in the united states clearly the similarities between what's going on in washington and jerusalem are quite quite paradoxical i would say not just impressive. look we have here is
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a prime minister who served longer than any other israeli prime minister and he still complaining that israel is unfair to him which is really amazing considering that he did every trick in the book he lied he incited and he ran the most you know uncultured like coalitions if you will within the country he won why did god he solicited the help of donald trump and so on and so forth and he still couldn't muster these raids or that at least the judiciary system still could indict him on fraud in and breach of trust and most importantly of bribery he according to the prosecutor general basically used his office for for his own personal benefit that does sound like what apparently or allegedly happened in the united states however unlike in the united states where the presidential system is
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quite. protective of a very strong presidency in a parliamentary system like in is that the prime minister doesn't have as much protection as an american president and that's why i think prime minister netanyahu will probably find it more difficult to resist the political pressure coming forward and the political pressure is forthcoming and i think it will not be able to stand or the pressure of. the final day of scheduled public hearings in the donald trump and pitchman inquiry has wrapped up with more dramatic testimony 2 foreign policy experts on ukraine spoke of their concerns about any regular channel run by trump's personal lawyer. to reports from washington d.c. . raise your right hand i will begin by swearing you in the day's testimony began with a warning from the former white house policy expert on russia and ukraine some of
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you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a company against our country and that perhaps somehow for some reason you craned it this is a fictional not a sieve that has been perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves the on a hill testified russia was watching the impeachment hearings and ultimately would benefit from republicans repeating the quote fictions that ukraine meddled in the 26000 elections with the help of democrats she said she had warned gordon sagal and the e.u. ambassador the same when she realized he was carrying out the president's personal political agenda by requesting ukraine open investigations into trump's political rivals and i did said to him garden i think this is all going to blow up and here we are david holmes of foreign service officer in the kiev embassy testified ukraine has been cleaning up corruption under its new president billowed amir's
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alinsky homesteads alinsky wanted an oval office meeting with trump but it was made clear that the linsky wouldn't get the meeting unless he announced on c.n.n. that ukraine was investigating joe biden this was a demand the president's a lansky personally commit on a cable news channel to a specific investigation of president trump's political rival holmes testified he also had a clear impression that a hold on u.s. military aid was likely intended by trump to pressure ukraine for the investigation holmes said he overheard a phone call between trump and ambassador some land discussing whether his alinsky would cooperate so you heard president trump ask ambassador son when is he going to do the investigation yes or. what was ambassador sunless response he said oh yeah he's going to do it he'll do anything you ask that urn holmes of
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this rebuke from republican congressman mike turner your statements that your interest of protecting ukraine are very dubious when you embarrass president zelinsky by making those statements even have to make who cares that investor someone said who cares that question sums up a republican defense strategy to counter these 5 days of public testimony that democrats say showed trump at best misused his office and at worst committed bribery but is that enough to move the american public the latest polls show that americans remain evenly divided on whether to impeach trump and remove him from office and the vast majority say that these hearings will not change their minds hi peter castro al jazeera washington. bruin was a director of global engagement in the white house under president obama he believes the republicans are starting to change their approach to the inquiry. what
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they've been trying is just to throw everything up against a wall and see what sticks the problem is they're losing ground they are this defensive position has significantly retreated sense last week when these hearings began at 1st it was well they didn't hear directly from the president then it was well yes embassador sunland saying it was a quid pro quo but did the president actually ever use that term and when you are moving your defensive position you are certainly in a weak position i think that the real question now is whether or not we will see some of these fox news observers from the conservative channel here in the us start to entertain the idea that maybe the president did something wrong which will give political cover to those republican senators who will ultimately have to vote to remove the president. police in colombia have tried to disperse demonstrators have
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been marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reforms well because unions and students gathered in the capital bogota and what's been described as the biggest demonstrations in recent. protests is also blamed president even 2 days government for the failure to prevent killings of human rights activists and widespread corruption. as the latest from bogota. despite the rain this is been by far the largest and most diverse demonstration that the government capital is seen many years students union members but also people from a different the walk of life taken to the streets to protest the government and. to get protests number of measures that this government can see reforms to the pension systems education but most of all what people are protesting against is just a new record in general this government and also things that are specific to like
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the killings of social being there's an indigenous leave there's a and the lack of implementation of the peace deal on part of the government. is more this is a very significant for us because we are demonstrating that we are tired that we don't want to continue living with the government treating us this way there's a very powerful youth movement in colombia that's not afraid anymore and older people like me feels it has nothing else to be but what had been an absolutely peaceful and massive demonstration of turned into violence as some of the protesters confronted the police and anti-riot gear here in downtown streets surrounding the central plaza believe are where most of the protesters had gathered we also have reports of. clashes in other cities where there were demonstrations in particular in the city of cali where the mayor has decided to impose a curfew starting at 7. pm tonight now the question here is if these protests
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will continue and colombia beyond the today end if this country will join the continuous turmoil that we've seen in other countries across south america. to come here not just here including. police attack a massive funeral procession in bolivia i went down and some of the country's political transition has turned deadly. and fighting to keep the peace why dozens of people have been killed this month in the democratic republic of congo more nuts things. however the heavy snow and the rain that was falling in this part of iran has moved
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east woods in the forecast takes it almost over the border you've got snow for in the high ground afghanistan and beyond right on the ground and possibly even in pakistan behind the fine but the cold occur across the caspian produced a thunderstorm within sight of terror which is now 9 degrees the most the most part the sun is out there and further west in the sun's out in fact still quite warm 21 in beirut and 30 in ankara to argue is doing well but the tide is rebuilding in iran and that marjory's bit more rain all started putting the hardship of sea level . what rain we have seen in the last 2 or 3 days anywhere from bahrain science or the usa and a man that's been significant this area this indecent sums to him rainbow sorts of things that's cleared away now you might get your share maybe in the edge of iran this club might produce something maybe in saudi otherwise look if any dr picture and a woman one high temperature 26 in doha is an improvement in riyadh from $920.00 to
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the sunshine more than sky that's an improvement is a federal breeze down the coast of amanda and that takes its several times the horn of africa where showers could well develop. the weather sponsored by catherine is. every war makes a devastating impact. both rise explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws and we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to coexist with nature ok so what's going on there there simulating what happens when an elephant life on to conflict on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour israel's attorney general has indicted a minister in the netanyahu for corruption netanyahu is charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery along. u.s. embassy official david holmes has given key testimony meet donald trump and he's going to pirate he described a phone call he overheard when the president of the u.s. ambassador says trump also ambassador to ukraine was willing to investigate his political rival joe biden. and police in colombia have fired tear gas at protesters who've been marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reform workers unions and students are gathered in the capital bogota what's been described as the biggest demonstration in recent months. bolivian riot police have
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fired tear gas to break up a funeral procession in the capital thousands of people are demanding the interim president's resignation and blame her for the latest deaths of protesters in clashes with police and the military. but reports from the us was a peaceful march of thousands of believe ians mourners escorting the coffins of 8 victims of clashes with the military and police on tuesday. they were about to hold a vigil near the presidential palace and then the unthinkable. police opened fire with tear gas as police dispersed the funeral procession one van with the coffins tried to make its way out another one pushed by the police were stuck on the road other mourners had to leave other coffins on the ground and flee the gas. was the we've come here empty handed i want to die kill me i'm ready the protesters didn't clash with police no rocks were
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thrown they just fled the gases which are not the truth telling that we've come here with our dead how is it possible that they fired tear gas at us we even came with our children were they had been marching for nearly 4 hours from demanding the entering president's resignation 29 years past the supreme decree that clears the military and police from any responsibility in securing peace in the country. these believe ians blamed the police for the deaths. that was an autopsy preliminary report says the 8 victims died after projectiles were fired at them but an investigation is pending. was that they're killing our people there's no justice for our humble people. and the government says security forces must bring peace to believe. 15 believe ians have died in clashes with police since president ever medalist resigned and took exile in mexico leaving the
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country in turmoil was that it was the way these bali girls will stop protesting in. well given the assurance that their voices will be heard in the near vote in a late night session on wednesday members of a woman ellis' mass party agreed to recognize jeanine i knew as the interim president they said they will participate in the next elections without it will more or less. and many believe the ends here the days of it will seem to be over the are in demanding his return any more but they say they will continue to fight for their right to justice over the deaths of 8 men who still cannot be laid to rest in peace but in a sentence i just believe. violence has broken out between police and protesters in the chilean capital santiago at least $22.00 people have been killed and more than 2000 engine since protests began just over
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a month ago almost international has published a report detailing a range of human rights abuses by security forces bank lou what imus says is a deliberate policy to injure protesters. united nations peacekeepers in democratic republic of congo are being blamed for failing to stop rebels or killing villages congolese leaders in north kivu province say the allied democratic forces have killed dozens of people this month or been money reports from. protesters carry crosses the congolese killed kidnapped and beaten by armed rebels in the north eastern region of danny. was the target of that anger is the united nations they say un peacekeepers have failed to protect them from attacks by the ugandan rebel group the allied democratic forces or the 80 af. but i'm not sure nothing that we are on the street to denounce the inability of the united nations
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to protect the population according to its mandate the protest will continue until they leave binny so you know. we'll continue to protest until we have a solution against the killing it's not acceptable to see people killed while the un forces are present in beni. at least $64.00 congolese a being killed since the army launched a large scale operation against the i.d.f. at the end of last month the a.d.f. is one of dozens of armed groups vying for territory and control in the mineral rich border region was in walking on the outskirts of banning witnesses say a.t.f. fighters used machetes to kill 12 people and to stay. here to congolese say they want to protect it but the u.n. says it's ready to support congolese efforts against armed groups in the song they . were ready to support the on congolese forces and fight against the serviles but
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it's important to start with a plot in order to conduct joint operations we are here for that and it's our mandate to help. army commanders in beni region say they've almost doubled the number of troops 221002 confront the a.d.f. but it's many villages say even with their presence people are still being killed not a get this. we are disappointed we thought we would see one india fighter killed because there was no escape so they crossed the road full of soldiers only one policeman into french by shooting in the year the soldiers didn't support him the european commission has recorded more than 2 and a half 1000 mostly women and children fleeing a.t.f. raids in belize city. and the funerals of congolese killed this week have been perspire and local leaders fear the burials will cause more anger and violence in
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an already troubled region. mally out to 0. syrian activists say at least 12 people have been killed by a missile strike at a refugee camp the white helmets group says it happened in the province near the turkish border is blaming the government and russian forces the group says another 8 civilians were killed in separate raids in the province a ceasefire announced at the end of august has been repeatedly broken. palestinians have launched a campaign in support of a journalist who recently lost was shot by israeli forces or was covering a protest in the occupied west bank when he was hit by a bullet the palestinian journalist syndicate says more than a 100 journalists have been wounded by israeli forces since january you know abraham reports. this is the moment that triggered that international. palestinian t.v. news camera. blinded in one eye while filming
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a protest last friday. his colleagues blame israeli gunfire 2 israel's border police deny targeting the t.v. journalist and released this video saying police used only non-lethal means to disperse the crowd demonstrating against israel. i met i was so badly injured he's lost his left eye and doctors say a piece of metal might have to. removing it could cause irreversible damage they say his wife says her family burden has increased dividing her day between taking care of her 2 children and visiting her injured husband in a hospital in jerusalem. my daughter is very attached to her father when she 1st knew he was shot she put her hand on her heart saying was my dad injured then she disappeared weeping. palestinian journalists started an awareness
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online campaign that went viral to highlight what they say is targeting the journalists by israeli forces. demonstration in bethlehem with the injured journalist turned violent when the israeli army dispersed the crowd protests a regular event and can happen anywhere in the occupied territory safer places are not always available and sometimes to tell the story journalists find themselves becoming a part of it. while a bad news plight is in the limelight many other journalists. nursing injuries without the same attention how do you that wish is a freelance news cameraman in the gaza strip he was hit by an israeli tear gas canister last year while covering 2 tests on the border between gaza and israel he says he partially lost vision in one eye and is having hearing difficulties. as a journalist i can't cover the same events anymore i can't afford being in crowded places like funerals i have platinum implants in my face in any heat could affect
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me the palestinian journalist syndicate says more than 100 journalists have been wounded in attacks by israeli forces so far this year. the occupied west bank britain's main opposition labor party has launched what it calls a radical and ambitious manifesto aimed at winning next month's general election leader jeremy corbyn unveiled proposals for a shorter working week public sector pay rises on the read nationalization of the royal mail water and energy industries he says he'll get bags sorted and 6 months with a new exit deal put to a 2nd referendum. this party this movement this manifesto is different. labor is on your side and there could be scarcely a clear a demonstration of that and the furious reaction of the richest and most powerful
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is the back because billionaires in your starvation thought we represented politics as usual then we could be bought off that nothing was really going to change they wouldn't attack us so for actually. riot police have gathered outside a hong kong shopping mall where hundreds of people have been holding a peaceful demonstration the sit in was to mark 4 months since their time in long when suspected gang members assaulted protestors and journalists the demonstrations spilled onto a side street where police tried to break up the group sri lanka's newly elected president got to buy a rajapaksa has sworn in his brother mahinda rajapaksa as the new prime minister is the 1st time in the country's history the 2 siblings have held both top political positions and the new president has now appointed his brother mahinda as the interim government's new finance minister well fernandez reports that. rules
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reversed between the brothers rajapakse. the former president sworn in as new prime minister by his former defense secretary brother now the new president 2 time president mahinda rajapaksa backed his brother good for the top job after a constitutional amendments prevented him running for a 3rd. now in the must name his cabinet. some argue id going to. get in the boat a bit. but i guess the dream of the could be more keeping the president's promise of a limit of 15 cabinet members would be one have his 1st challenges. to keep in long talks on his 1st day in office mind the rajapaksa swearing in completes the brothers on power with them now controlling the presidency and the premiership and now have the mandate to address reconciliation development and economy if they have the will to do so by the rajapaksa replace singer who resigned
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on wednesday. his united national party still holds the parliamentary majority but saw its presidential candidate lose to go to iraq. to be to buy into his story will judge us on our performance. victimise signal loyalists have asked the speaker to name him opposition leader but critics say it's time he handed over the party leadership despite allegations of violating human rights cracking down on dissent and attacking the media the rajapaksa still command wide support observers say that test of being true statesman will be how daily. and all its communities mean if an end is. colombo. don't forget you can catch up with headlines and news stories on our web site parrot is on the screen press
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al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. talk a quick check of the headlines this hour israel's attorney general has indicted prime minister benjamin netanyahu for corruption netanyahu charging bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases he faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery. remember the polluted investigation against me erode the public's faith in the system they should worry every citizen we have to put an end to this the public has the right to a clean investigation that seeks the truth and only the truth the only way to restore the public's faith in the system is to establish an outside independent committee that investigates the method that puts an end to this it is about time to investigate the investigators. the u.s.
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embassy official david holmes has given key testimony in the donald trump impeachment inquiry he described a phone call he overheard between the president and the u.s. ambassador he says trump asked the ambassador whether ukraine was willing to investigate his political rival joe biden meanwhile former white house adviser fiona hill criticized some involvement in the inquiry or wrongly indicating that it was possibly ukraine not russia that's been interfering in u.s. politics police in colombia have tried to disperse demonstrators marching against government plans to introduce tension and tax reforms workers unions and students gathered in the capital. and what's been described as the biggest demonstration in recent years. protesters also blame the president even do things government for failing to prevent killings of human rights activists and widespread corruption today has denied the allegations balance has broken out between police and
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protesters in the chilean capital santiago at least $22.00 people have been killed and more than 2000 injured since protests started just over a month ago on this day international has published a report detailing a range of human rights abuses by security forces they include what amnesty says is a deliberate policy to injure the testes. palestinians have launched a campaign in support of a journalist who recently lost his eye after he was shot by israeli forces while i'm around it was covering a protest in the occupied west bank when he was hit by a bullet the palestinian journalist syndicate says over $100.00 journalists wounded by israeli forces since january but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's a watching. there of. believing the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that
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pakistan would never start a war i mean. we meet with global news makers and the stories that matter just 0. and you're in the stream today libya the nation is still dealing with the fallout of a disputed election so how will the country emerge from its political crisis we want to hear what you think share your thoughts with us via twitter or in our live you tube top. this i am a journalist and i am make care from and you are in this place. on thursday bolivia's congress is expected to debate in the election bill that would nala disputed october presidential vote the bill would also appointed electoral board tasked with organizing a new vote in the coming months.


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