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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth doesn't lie with us that's what this job. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is charged with bribery and fraud following a long corruption inquiry. hello i'm don jordan this is obviously around live from doha also coming up our support for ukrainian democratic resistance to russian aggression became overshadowed. more revealing testimony in the appeasement inquiry into u.s. president donald trump as public hearings go into a 5th day. chaos in colombia's capital as police used tear gas on protesters marching against new pension untouched reforms. and palestinian
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journalists where eyepatch is in solidarity with a colleague shot in the eye by israeli forces. we begin in israel where the attorney general has charged the prime minister benjamin netanyahu with corruption that stems some 3 cases in which netanyahu was accused of bribery fraud and breach of trust are a force that reports from western recent. there's never been anything like it in israeli politics on the day the grinding stalemate over forming a new government and to the new unprecedented phase the attorney general was ready with his own historical 1st. today i informed the representative of the prime minister mr benjamin netanyahu about my decision to try him under an inch and excludes 3 charges a day in which the attorney general decided to serve an indictment against
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a seated prime minister the serious crimes of corrupt governance is a heavy and sad day for the israeli public and for me personally. and i later shocked looking benjamin netanyahu began his battle to stay in office while indicted. tonight we are witnessing an attempted coup against the prime minister using false accusation and a systematically tainted and vice investigation. investigations began in december 26th seen into 3 separate cases case $1000.00 involves gifts including cigars and champagne worth more than $200000.00 received and often demanded by netanyahu and his wife sarah from billionaires. and james packer the charge and breach of trust and the same charges apply in case 2000 in which newspaper magnate on moser's is alleged to have offered favorable coverage in return for his hampering the activities of a rival but it was case 4000 involving show the main stakeholder in the country's
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biggest telecom company that attracted the most serious charge bribery netanyahu and his wife accused of dictating precise elements of coverage on elevates his news site while or in return for regulator benefits worth $500000000.00 a recurring theme runs through these indictments netanyahu is obsession with his media coverage and the alleged lengths to which he was prepared to go to try to control it that these charges were expected hasn't lessened their impact this is an explosive moment in israel's political and legal history now the focus intensifies on netanyahu future. was ahead of him a twin battle to head off any contest for the party leadership in the run up to a likely 3rd election next march and a potential supreme court case challenging his legal right to stay in office if he was a minister he would have to resign or be fired because he's the prime minister it's not clear what is clear is that there's a moral problem right now because it's not just that the attorney general
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recommended indicting him including for bribery these are things that happened while he was prime minister earlier israel's president officially gave the parliament the job of finding a member with enough support to form a government and prevent another election unprecedented and in the view of most unlikely to succeed. these are harsh dark days in the annals of the state of israel he said there may be harsher and darker days to come for its longest serving prime minister are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. well modern bashar assad is either a senior political analyst he says the indictment brings an end to netanyahu political future what we have here is a prime minister who served longer than any other israeli prime minister and he's still complaining that israel is unfair to him which is really amazing considering that he did every took in the book he lied he incited and he ran the most you know one course should like coalitions if you will within the country he bombarded gaza
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he solicited the help of donald trump and so on and so forth and he still couldn't muster the israelis or the at least the judiciary system still could indict him on fraud didn't and breach of trust and most importantly of bribery he according to the prosecutor general basically used his office for for his own personal benefit that does sound like what apparently or allegedly happened in the united states however unlike in the united states where the presidential system is quite protective of a very strong presidency in a parliamentary system like in is there the prime minister doesn't have as much protection as an american president and that's why i think prime minister netanyahu will probably find it more difficult to resist the political pressure coming forward and the political pressure is forthcoming and i think at any hour will not
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be able to stand or the pressure of. the final day of scheduled public hearings in the donald trump impeachment inquiry has wrapped up with more dramatic testimony 2 foreign policy experts on ukraine spoke of their concerns about an irregular channel run by trump's personal lawyer on his or castro reports now from washington d.c. . raise your right hand i will begin by swearing you in the day's testimony began with a warning from the former white house policy expert on russia and ukraine some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a company against a country and that perhaps somehow for some reason you craned it this is a fictional navas of this has been perpetrated in propagated by the russian security services themselves the on a hill testified russia was watching the impeachment hearings and ultimately would
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benefit from republicans repeating the quote fictions that ukraine meddled in the 26000 elections with the help of democrats she said she had warned gordon sagal and the e.u. ambassador the same when she realized he was carrying out the president's personal political agenda by requesting ukraine open investigations into trump's political rivals and i did said to him garden i think this is all going to blow up and here we are david holmes of foreign service officer in the kiev embassy testified ukraine has been cleaning up corruption under its new president billowed amir's alinsky homesteads alinsky wanted an oval office meeting with trump but it was made clear that the linsky would wouldn't get the meeting unless he announced on c.n.n. that ukraine was investigating joe biden this was a demand that presidents lansky personally commit on a cable news channel to a specific investigation of president trump's political rival holmes testified he
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also had a clear impression that a hold on u.s. military aid was likely intended by trump to pressure ukraine for the investigation home said he overheard a phone call between trump and ambassador some land discussing whether his alinsky would cooperate so you heard president trump ask ambassador son when is he going to do the investigation yes or. what was ambassador sunless response. oh yeah he's going to do it he'll do anything you ask that are in homes of this rebuke from republican congressman mike turner your statements that your interest of protecting ukraine are very dubious when you embarrassed president zelinsky by making those statements even have to make who cares that investor someone said who cares that question sums up a republican defense strategy to counter these 5 days of public testimony that
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democrats say showed trump at best misused his office and at worst committed bribery but is not enough to move the american public the latest polls show that americans remain evenly divided on whether to impeach trump and remove him from office and the vast majority say that these hearings will not change their minds hi peter castro al-jazeera washington. well after the hearing was all wraps up white house spokesman hogan gidley released this statement saying that president trump wants to have an impeachment trial in the senate because it's clearly chamber where he can expect fairness and receive due process under the constitution we would expect to finally hear from witnesses who actually witnessed and possibly participated in corruption like adam schiff joe biden hunter biden and the so-called whistleblower to name a few were brought in as a director of global engagement in the white house under president obama he
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believes the republicans are starting to change their approach to the inquiry. what they've been trying is just to throw everything up against a wall and see what sticks the problem is they're losing ground they are this defensive position that has significantly retreated sense last week when these hearings began at 1st it was well they didn't hear directly from the president then it was well yes embassador sunland saying it was a quid pro quo but did the president actually ever use that term and when you are moving your defensive position you are certainly in a weak position and i think that the real question now is whether or not we will see some of these fox news observers from the conservative channel here in the u.s. start to entertain the idea that maybe the president did something wrong which will give political cover to those republican senators who will ultimately have to vote
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to remove the president. police in colombia have tried to disperse demonstrators who've been marching against government plans to introduce pension tax reforms workers unions and students gathered in the capital bogota and what's been described as the biggest demonstrations in recent. test is also a bank president event took place government for the same to prevent killings of human rights activists and widespread corruption from petty has the latest now from bogota. despite the rain this is been by far the largest and most diverse demonstration of the comment cup it's seen many years students are union members but also people from a different the walk of life taken to the streets to protest the government. to get protest the number of measures that this government can see reforms to the pension systems education but most of all what people are protesting against is just the new record in general this government and also things that are specific to like the
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killings of social being there's an indigenous leave there's a and the lack of implementation of the peace deal on part of the government. is more this is a very significant for us because we are demonstrating that we are tired that we don't want to continue living with the government treating us this way there's a very powerful youth movement in colombia that's not afraid anymore and older people like me feels it has nothing else to be but what have been an absolutely peaceful and massive demonstration a turned into violence as some of the protesters confronted the police and anti-riot gear here in downtown the streets surrounding central plaza believe are where most of the protesters have gathered we also have reports of. clashes in other cities where there were demonstrations in particular in the city of cali where the mayor has decided to impose
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a curfew starting at 7. tonight now the question here is if these protests will continue and colombia beyond the today and if this country will join the continuous turmoil that we've seen in other countries across south america time for a short break here and i'll just when we come back. with a stack of massive funeral procession in bolivia we have gotten some of the country's political transition this time deadly. and why climate change is being blamed for driving villages from their hands and so that more and strengthens. the ego. a good. hello the heavy snow and the rain falling in this part of iran has moved eastwards in the forecast takes it almost over the border you've got snow for in the high
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ground afghanistan and beyond right on the ground and possibly even in pakistan behind it's largely fine but that kodiak across the caspian by produce a thunderstorm within sight of terra which is now 9 degrees the most the most part the sun is out there and further west in the sense that in fact still quite warm 21 in beirut and 30 in ankara thank you is doing well but the tide is rebuilding in iran and that marjory's bit more rain all started about in the height above sea level what rain we have seen in the last 23 days anywhere from bahrain sciences through the u.a.e. and our man there's been significant in this area this indecent some storm rainbow sorts of things that's cleared away now you might get a shower maybe in the edge of this cloud might produce something maybe in saudi otherwise look at a fairly dry picture and a warming one high temperature 26 in doha is an improvement in riyadh for $922.00 the sunshine more than scott that's an improvement is a federal breeze down the coast of amman there and that takes its several times the
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horn of africa where showers could well develop. stranded 8 long years on the su is canal. creating their own community and economy it was you know president bush used you go when you were in al-jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sands the yellow fleet on al jazeera.
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welcome back a come out of our top stories here on al-jazeera israel's attorney general has indicted minister netanyahu for corruption that's me on the charge of bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases in faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery and the. u.s. embassy official david holmes has given key testimony in the donald trump a pitchman inquiry he described a phone call in the overheard between the president and the u.s. ambassador he says trump asked them whether ukraine was willing to investigate his political rival joe biden. and police in colombia have fired tear gas at protesters who have been marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reforms workers unions and students are gathered in the capital but what was been described as the biggest demonstration and recently. dozens of protesters trapped inside a hong kong university are still trying to escape after being stuck there for days
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earlier this week the polytechnic university witnessed some of the worst violence in. in months of demonstrations in the city meanwhile hong kong's new police commissioner held a press conference just over an hour ago well our correspondent sara clark is there and joins us live now from hong kong sara said the new police commissioner has been talking to the media will more than he have to say that. all this weekend is the district council elections and this is going to be the 1st test of government support as well as the 1st political test for both sides the other pro-democracy groups as well as they probably stop spent parties now 4130000 people have registered to vote in this district election we've had the new place commissioner chris tang he's just had a press conference and he's responded to reports unconfirmed reports that riot police will be guarding obesity be manning those polling booths on sunday's election and he simply stated that this is to guarantee public safety after we've seen 6 months of violent confrontations and this is what he had to say
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a short time ago at that particular press conference. weiland. people go to war but by having sufficient police presence to ensure the safety of the water so we dared to ensure safety so there's a reason why you know. if there's any violence we would be immediately if not any hesitation. and sir just bring us up to date with what's happening there at the university and how many students are still holed up inside. this is about the 6 desire that they see continued we've had around 1000 of these protests is led by the voluntarily all have been arrested of the last couple of days around 300 of those were under the age of 18 but we still have several dozen holed up inside and we believe those protesters are either refusing to leave because they standing their ground and trying to hold on to that message of the anti-government support others are simply scared because we saw on monday a number of violent confrontations between the police and those protesters who tried to dramatically skype this campus there fired upon by tear gas as well as
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rubber bullets the police commissioner in that particular press conference has also said he's asked for these protesters to please leave peacefully he said that that will not face any confrontation when they leave but i may face arrest and they'll certainly be interviewed he also confirmed that those under the age of 18 who left this campus they can leave hong kong but those over the age of 18 could face charges that's driving charges which incurs penalties of up to 10 years for writing but they can't leave hong kong they must stay here for further investigation it's all right to sort of talk there in hong kong sara thank you. bolivian riot police have fired tear gas to break a funeral procession in the capital la paz thousands of people are demanding the president's resignation and blame her for the latest deaths of protesters and clashes with police and the military but i'm a sanchez reports now from. the was a peaceful march of thousands of believe the ends mourners escorting the coffins of
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8 victims of clashes with the military and police on tuesday. they were about to hold a vigil near the presidential palace and then the unthinkable the police opened fire with tear gas as police dispersed the funeral procession one van with the coffins tried to make its way out another one pushed by the police were stuck on the road other mourners had to leave other coffins on the ground and flee the gas the 1st to enter the we've come here empty handed i want to die kill me i'm ready the protesters didn't clash with police no rocks were thrown they just fled the gases which are not actually traveling that we've come here with are dead how is it possible that they fired tear gas at us we even came with our children. they had been marching for nearly 4 hours from demanding the entering precedence for signees sion 29 years past the supreme decree that clears
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the military and police from any responsibility in securing peace in the country. these believe ians blamed the police for the deaths. an autopsy preliminary report says the 8 victims died after projectiles were fired at them but an investigation is pending. was that they're killing our people there's no justice for our humble people. the government says security forces must bring peace to believe. 15 believe ians have died. in clashes with police since president ever mandalas resigned and took exile in mexico leaving the country in turmoil. only way these bully girls will stop protesting it will give them the assurance that their voices will be heard in the new vote in a late night session on wednesday members of a woman ellis' mass party agreed to recognize jenny i knew as the interim president
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they said they will participate in the next elections without it will more or less . for many bolivians here the days of seem to be over the are in demanding his return anymore but they say they will continue to fight for their right to justice over the deaths of 8 men who still cannot be laid to rest in peace but in a son just i just. violence has broken out between police and protesters in the chilean capital santiago at least 22 people have been killed and more than 2000 injured since protests began just over a month ago i must internationals published a report detailing a range of human rights abuses by security forces. trying his newly elected president got to buy a rajapaksa sworn in his brother mahinda rajapaksa as a country's new prime minister and finance minister is the 1st time in sri lankan history that siblings have held both top political positions as reports from
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columbus. rules reversed between the brothers rajapakse. the former president's worn in new prime minister by his former defense secretary brother now the new president 2 time president mahinda rajapaksa backed his brother for the top job after a constitutional amendments prevented him running for a 3rd. now in the must name his cabinet. are going to bow to. him but i guess the dream of the could be more keeping the president's promise of 15 cabinet members would be one have his 1st challenges. it appeared to keep in long talks on his 1st day in office mind the rajapaksa swearing in completes the brothers on power with them now controlling the presidency and the premiership and now have the mandate to address reconciliation
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development and economy if they have the will to do so. rajapaksa replace. his united national party still holds the parliamentary majority but saw its presidential candidate lose to go top erasure of. history will judge us on our performance. missing the loyalists have asked the speaker to name him opposition leader but critics say it's time he handed over the party leadership despite allegations of violating human rights cracking down on dissent and attacking the media the rajapaksa still c'mon wide support observers say that test of being true statesman will be holiday. and all its communities in their financial al-jazeera. 2013 as people have protested in new
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delhi against the threat of being evicted from their land the government's trying to amend the law that protects their rights to the area conservation is on you the forest one is on encroaching on this describe it as theft a new thing of resources. 2000000 indigenous people in india. as their. ancestral lands have been rejected by the local governments the supreme. and asked the local governments to follow procedure these people have been protesting in states across the country but today they are 'd in delhi the national capital of the seat of political power this is because they were they were. before the supreme court hears the case again next week but the activists have to be spoken to say that this whole exercise is basically to grab these people for the benefit of the corporates this happened. on the capitalist forces.
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with the government and the right wing governments are being elected and i don't want this to be wrong. with my money i want anything and we have come to claim our right we want our land what does the government have to do with our land the government sits in delhi. these people say they're not encroaching on forest land that they are a part of the forest itself this is all they won't protect their rights promised. rights instead they are. regularly beat them. in an attempt. britain's main opposition labor party has launched what it calls a radical and ambitious manifesto aimed at winning next month's general election leader jeremy corbyn unveiled proposals for a shorter working week public sector pay rises and the renationalisation of the
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royal mail water and energy industries says he will get bags it sorted in 6 months the new exit deal to put to a 2nd referendum. sudan has been named by the red cross as one of the 10 countries most vulnerable to global climate change. morgan has been to the state of north kordofan where the encroaching doesn't is forcing villages to move. adam youth it has theme throughout his village twice that was back in the 1980 s. he says both times people weren't forced to leave but in the past few years a build up of sand dunes has forced them to move their homes. and with a lot of the. 20 years ago there are only a few dunes and there weren't as high as there are now we used to have so much grass between the houses here that when the rainy season came we had to cut through them to make our way now as the rainy season but they're only sand between the houses. adams village life on the set hill built in sudan's north kordofan state
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it's one of several states the international committee of the red cross says is being affected by global climate change once known for its lush vegetation that's rapidly changing as the horrid desert in the north expands southward according to authorities dozens of villages have already been buried as a result of expansion herders here say that's all to reducing their livestock or less than mother we should be able to easily feed our animals but in the past few years is becoming hard to find food out travel for miles to look for grass and try to give them water but in the meantime they're slowly dying like people are now relocating settlements that have been around for generations to survive not every part of is covered by sand in some areas landslide commonly known as the apple of sodom and this called the broom brush can be seen and people here say they help keep the landscape as it is but and where mentalists argue they show that the area is close to becoming a desert. expanding deserts can also be deadly international observers say the
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seeds of the darker war that killed at least 300000 people and displaced more than 3000000 were sown in the eighty's bagmen drought forced the villages to move further thousands and that led to violence in areas where people were already dealing with countries tourist is it seen by some as the world's 1st modern day climate. asked people leave the historic lands in north korea finally find this are working on ways to help them limit environmentalists damage we're here as. some people cut the trees to make charcoal to build homes without realizing that they're removing the barriers that keep the desert said big so we've started raising awareness but also planting trees that fix the soil like gum arabic and planting them with climate change is a worldwide phenomena and so for any mitigation effort to work those not affected by it here in codifying also have to act. and adam and others in his village are
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being told if they don't act now big could be forced to leave and he says the younger generation will then never know the lands of their ancestors as they lie buried under the desert people morgan oh my share on north korea 5. times a quick check of the headlines here this hour israel's attorney general has indicted prime minister benjamin netanyahu for corruption netanyahu is charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust in connection with 3 separate cases he faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery alone. but u.s. embassy official david holmes has given key testimony in the donald trump impeachment inquiry he described a phone call the other heard between the president and the u.s. ambassador he says trump with the ukraine was willing to investigate his political rival joe biden but david holmes touched on the moment when he initially began
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feeling it been a different atmosphere at the u.s. embassy in ukraine beginning in march 29000 the situation at the embassy and in ukraine changed dramatically specifically the 3 priorities of security economy and justice and our support for ukrainian democratic resistance to russian aggression became overshadowed by a political agenda promoted by former new york new york city mayor rudy giuliani and a qadri of officials operating with a direct channel to the white house police in the columbia have tried to disperse demonstrators have been marching against government plans to introduce pension and tax reforms. workers unions and students gathered in the capital but in what's been described as the biggest demonstration in recent years protest is also blamed president done because government for the failure to prevent killings of human rights activists and widespread corruption. and even live police have fired tear
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gas to break a funeral procession in the. thousands of people who took part in the march that began in the city of alto coincided with a debate in congress i went to hold new elections to libya's interim government hoping that elections would help defuse street violence that's killed at least $32.00 people since october. trying his newly elected president got a bio rajapaksa sworn in his brother mahinda rajapakse as the new prime minister the 1st time in the country's history the 2 siblings have held both top political positions and the new president has not pointed his brother mahinda as the interim government's new finance minister. those are the headlines of the news continues here on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway that's a much better. way to the prime minister at the end we should introduce the british on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest
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place on earth britain's departure is delayed by how much follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. to. my name is mona taliban and i'm a day to journalist my job is to find numbers in all sorts of different places and then turn them into images that people will understand and connect it. i always try to think of ways to connect the subject matter with the visualization itself so that people can automatically see what the data visualization is all.


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