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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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struggling to cope with rising soon and asked whether those who have the power to stop it appreciate the true cost of failing to act on al-jazeera. the goal. this is al jazeera. everyone on come out santa maria this is the news from al-jazeera protests carry on into the night in chile now interest 2nd month. chaotic scenes in colombia and police move in to break up crowds in the capital. which. place the town people still have questions over their role in ending the country's civil war. and
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a round table on president donald trump meat industry executives health advocates push for a ban on flavored cigarettes. so we're looking at south america in this news hour with protests in several countries that have crippled major cities and brought many of them to a standstill 1st of all chilly the protests which began last month when students in santiago started demonstrating against a subway fare increase since then though it's widened out it's grown with demands for political and economic reforms then there is colombia a proposal to change the minimum wage and to introduce possible pension and tax reforms as led to a strike and a huge rally or number of rallies in bogota and in bolivia as well protests was sparked by a disputed presidential election former president evo morales denied any electoral fraud but he eventually resigned under pressure from the military and fled to
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mexico but his supporters kept protesting and calling for his return so let's start with the protests which ramped up again after the defense minister alberto spinner dismissed the concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers who were deployed for 9 days in a state of emergency were professional they were disciplined. but the rights group amnesty international says the weapons have been used indiscriminately on at least 4 occasions but start without latin america. in something. anger seems to be the common denominator among chilean protesters who've been on the streets for 5 weeks. but not all express that anger the same way some do it by going into the battle against riot police armed with stones sticks and even molotov cocktails they describe themselves as the front line of defense. i'm here to defend our people against police repression that's who we've come to
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fight. the vast majority are young like one in peril not their real names. it's unfair that we've had to resort to these extremes to be heard we protested peacefully for years and only now that there's upheaval does the state take notice both are 17 year old students from a public secondary school who want to go to university but both of their parents are still struggling to pay off their own studies. my mother is $39.00 and she still owes $9000.00 it's terrible it's a case in water health all of a person's basic needs are a business here and that's why we're so angry. they say the only use violence against security forces not to destroy property. but there is another type of protest or the kind that justifies for example the looting of this wholesale supermarket and not just looting but also other types of destruction and violence
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as a means to an end. according to the government criminal gangs and drug traffickers are responsible for around 30 percent of the widespread damage to public and private property. but who are the rest many are young men and women from santiago's poor neighborhoods where anger. there has been simmering for decades. that are. also not their real names describe themselves as radical opponents of chilis socially an equal system but. it's a system to make us the crumbs while the upper class accumulates more well all the anger there marginalization people look down on us because we're on the periphery they distrust you no matter how hard you work or try your shot out. more and that might be a wanted to study architecture but instead says she was lucky just to get a job as a security guard in a posh uptown building now they say it's time for the political and economic
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establishment to feel safe here but i guess i will need to be shaken from their comfort zone they better not think i will just go and march down the street with signs and go back to sleep in our beds let them feel afraid to direct action to force social change. they know they risk prison if they're caught destroying property or attacking police but like a great many of those who vent their rage like this they seem convinced that as things stand now they have little to lose you see in human. amazing scenes actually in chile and in colombia as well where the president has ordered a curfew in the nation's capital after police say they were forced to use tear gas to disperse the anti-government protesters in the main square. demonstrators filled plausibly on friday to oppose possible changes to the country's minimum wage protesters say they're also concerned about tax increases
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and changes to the pension system the government also says it's investigating the deaths of 3 protesters. with more now from bogota. confrontations continue behind me close to some of the protesters are still confronting the police there we hear explosions tear gas is still being thrown we had to move further into neighborhoods here in downtown. to be away from from the trouble people were gathering and were peacefully holding a demonstration implies a. couple of hours ago holding pots and pans hitting them demanding the resignation of president but again it was an absolutely peaceful demonstration when the police all of a sudden attacked throwing tear gas starting to push the people outside the plaza
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people started moving to the streets surrounding the plaza and some of them were hit by rubber bullets. shot by soldiers on the sides of the streets it was totally unexpected that the protesters don't understand what may have pushed the police to respond to what was a peaceful demonstration that way it has been another day confrontations in here in the capital. many demonstrations have been spent 10 years most of them around transit system the bus stations especially in the north and the south of the country. and finally bolivia where the parliament is looking to approve legislation to pave the way for new elections former president evo morales meanwhile has been calling on his supporters to maintain the blockade which has caused food and fuel
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shortages in the parts you remember moralities resigned and fled to mexico on november 10th following protest over last month's disputed presidential election since then at least 32 people have been killed in the violence so let's talk to marianna son shares who's in the past for us charges against eva morales even though he is in exile can you tell us more about those. that's right the prosecution has launched this investigation charging former president evo morales with terrorism. because that's after the interior minister. revealed this video of a phone call of apparently former president they were more or less talking to one of the cocoa farmers leaders telling him that the blockades should continue and that they should. not allow food to come into the pass well that
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those charges of sedition and. terrorism as well against. the former minister of the presidency called one arm own. who has been talking to the press and said. has turning into a new or a modern vietnam as he put it. into a minister asking here the prosecutors to also charge the former minister as well but at the same time firm former president. spoke from his exile in mexico saying that this is a set up and that the prosecutors instead should be looking at investigating the deaths of 32 believed and who have died in the past few weeks confronting are clashing with the police and the money and i can ask you about the political side of things this was old of course brought about by
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a disputed election there is now talk about a new election being called will be getting any closer to the. that's right i think the believe the answer very close to that now. bill to call for elections has been passed by the house of deputies after a heated debate where the supporters of this interim government accused members of the mass party that's the party of a what i list of of delaying this bill however there's been consensus there's been an approval tonight and. both sides. have agreed to the demands on. the side of the mass party they were. questioning or demanding that the supreme decree that says that neither the police or the army will be held accountable in their effort to impose peace and security
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in the streets of believe. that it will be withdrawn and on the part of the government of the interim government saying that all the road blocks should be lifted immediately we'll still have to see how that plays out in the streets of . viable deviants of protesters who are not happy with what's going on in bolivia in general but that bill has been approved and it will go to the senate on saturday and then back to the deputies for that for it to be sent to the executive and for them then to start rolling the ball if you will to call for elections but i have a sense as we update from thank you we'll look at the news from the rest of the world of course on this news hour including this. years of the law beyond
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accounting. us print inquiry texas right counts for a week of testimony but president from l. says he wants a senate trial if the house is going to impeach. also one of the most significant elections in decades as millions prepare to vote in district elections in hong kong and in sport serbia out of the davis cup beaten by russia in the quarterfinals in a match mobbed by on its. return to iraq now where the government is denying reports that at least 4 people have been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters on friday the killings that the total number of deaths since the demonstrations began in october to at least $330.00 demonstrators angry at what they say is widespread corruption and mass unemployment simona 14 reports from baghdad. the victims from the night before had not yet been laid to rest when new clashes claimed more lives on
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friday protesters threw stones and petrol bombs toward security forces on baghdad's historic rush it street and breached a concrete barrier protecting iraq's central bank. security forces responded with tear gas and life ammunition many of the wounded were brought to makeshift hospitals like this one run by volunteer medics like many of her colleagues this doctor says she has been threatened for helping injured protesters and spoke on condition of anonymity and am on energy today treated more than 15 people with my own hands their injuries are from my bullets and some have had wounds from being beaten with iron sticks we see between $150.20 injuries each day. at. one of those killed last night was 27 year old ahmed haitham a volunteer medic he was shot in the neck when he tried to treat injured protesters
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dozens gathered. for his funeral in tahrir square to bid a final goodbye heartbroken over another young life lost seething with anger at those responsible. he didn't carry anything not of just bandages and he was treating the injuries he wasn't a threat to anyone he's not throwing stones he's not using a sling shot shame on you to. resign now and yet the prime minister appears intent to remain in office as the casualties rise so does the determination of the protesters to keep going friday's killings are further fueling anger at the iraq government parliament is due to discuss important reforms including a new election law on saturday but demonstrators are not convinced they remain adamant in their demands for the government to step down one of 14 al-jazeera. the united states has imposed sanctions on iran's information minister mohammed.
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amin has been accused of wide scale internet censorship washington announce that move on its treasury website as it tries to pressure iran to restore internet access iran imposed a 5 day long blackout to quell the nationwide protests against fuel price increases by 100 key figures that leading the protests have been arrested. the united nations envoy for yemen has told the security council that the number of air strikes by the saudi led coalition has dropped dramatically in just the past 2 weeks autograph it says that reduction in violence could possibly pave the way for an end to the conflict a diplomatic effort to james bays has the support from u.n. headquarters in new york the u.n. has long described yemen as the country with the worst humanitarian situation all earth but the regular security council meeting the 1st positive news for months. in the last 2 weeks the rage of that war has dramatically reduced.
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there were reportedly almost 80 percent fewer strikes nationwide them in the 2 weeks prior and i realize these are short periods but nonetheless it is striking and in recent weeks there have been entire 48 hour periods without drugs at all the 1st time since the conflict began we call this the escalation reduction in the tempo of the war and perhaps we hope a move towards an overall cease fire in yemen. the current president of the u.n. security council had this reaction there was lots of interest in deescalation in yemen and then the council once again we offend it's very strong support for marching if he says efforts to pave the way for the yemeni parties as i said to come together in this inclusive process it's believed the developments follow back
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channel talks involving the u.k. and oman the plan now is to get the 2 sides the who through these and the yemeni government together for fresh talks the last time that happened was almost a year ago in stockholm when they came up with an agreement on the port of the data it's an agreement that still hasn't been fully implemented jamesburg zira at the united nations. turkey's government is offering a $700000.00 reward for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader who it says was involved in an attempted coup back in 2016 place mohamed behind on its most wanted list accusing him of having links with a u.s. spy network and for challenge channeling funds to the outlawed good honest movement which was the group behind the attempt to coup this is what we know so far about mohammed dahlan a former security chief for the palestinian authority before he was exiled in 2011 over claims he poisoned yasser arafat the high nose. a vast media network that
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spans the u.a.e. egypt jordan ankara says he also maintains ties with several news media outlets in turkey turkish intelligence alleges the plan helps the u.a.e. and israel in a plot to destabilize turkey as well as iran and carter they say he did this by channeling funds into certain media organizations that runs also being accused of being behind the 2013 coup in egypt which toppled the country's 1st democratically elected president mohammed morsi let's talk to about this director and senior associate for the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies is with us on skype from washington thank you for your time just as i read through all of those things that is a lot of stuff he's been accused of and some very high level stuff not just the attempted coup in turkey but one in egypt in this media empire that he has is turkey offering up proof of his involvement in all of this.
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invective and accusations against that man in the turkish press and by their issue professionals ever since the failed july 2000 same crew which turkey has named as a lucky man the mention you mentioned in your intro. continues to have been the united states but the timing is interesting the interior minister announced the cesspit of a new drive against your venice which turkey calls for him to go. and if i was a conversation with the palestinian authority that i'm at that bus who opens the has his own axe to grind against. so many but me because i'm. pretty sick evidence already i'm going to every city that has against that not that man so i will be
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a part of probably closer to ship between about us and and turkish president betting on cheaply explain to our view is why this good honest movement is seen as such a threat to turkey. well i was in a 2nd because exam in july 2016 is being laid at the door at 11 pm and his followers in turkish military base that bush wants that as well as outside and many generals and and or. rank offices have been pushed out of the turkish military have been put on trial and be sentenced but they've been making at educations that they had been there there was external support for a united and his followers and charity that is included not just that and but also . does that will there that it be an act of arab emirates israel and of course
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parts of the u.s. government which the u.s. has the night but the fact that you're not in the next year that that could. to turkey despite many many attempts on the bottom of the egyptian including most recently when the president and i don't have a meeting with president trump just last week at the white house. it means many turks and certainly these are establishment fearful and pranced get on with me external mics for this moment so then realistically the chances of them getting their hands on mohammad dahlan what i'm think. now and. i think if your charity could it would certainly get a hold of people not just that none but not in itself but he's beyond the reach of the. judicial system and i assume that that man who i believe there is and that the united arab emirates specifically another guy is is
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is also the only reach it was. the state. leaders that thank you for joining us son and explaining the story to us we do appreciate it. president trump has met executives from the cigarette industry and public health advocates at the white house he is considering a federal ban on flavored east cigarettes back in september trump said he wanted to ban every flavor except tobacco flavor but during the meeting he raised concerns over unregulated east cigarettes then flooding the market if that ban took place well this is the very big subject and it's a very complex subject probably a little bit less complex than some people think but i'm here to listen and i have read the region used. well when trump initially announced a ban on most favoring products it caused a lot of damage to the businesses selling them gabriel elizondo looks at that now from gaithersburg maryland. a man in a cowboy hat relaxing in the countryside with
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a cigarette dangling from his lips that's all smoking was portrayed back in the 1960 s. in a commercial for barbara's cigarettes highlighting the taste of a cigarette the comic add ins with the words come to where the flavor is more than 50 years later smoking has changed a lot to bacco users can now smoke through electronic devices it's called beeping and according to the world health organization 41000000 people do it at vapor worldwide in maryland a store that sells all things babying that means business was good with record sales thanks to more than 100 customers a day but that all changed quickly and now we can be as low as 30 to about 60 on the i haven't seen more than 62 people in one day since september 11th that's the day president donald trump announced he was considering banning some forms of
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a ping response to several high profile deaths attributed to it at issue is the flavored electronic babying liquid that makes up the different flavors that makes it so popular this is what trump is considering banning here at this baby shop they sell hundreds of different kinds of flavors of the liquid there's blueberry banana mango iced berries lemon just to name a few eric the owner says that the perception that this is dangerous is simply wrong when we read the headlines that people are dying from east cigarettes invading that connotates that they're dying from this from vaporing nicotine liquids nicotine liquids that are regulated by the f.d.a. we know what's inside here but the black market courts or what. it has killed people and made them sick so that to me is the biggest misconception but some health advocates in the u.s. disagree and are encouraging trump to ban babying the american lung association
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knows that the only thing anyone should inhale into their wangs is clean air and tragically we've had misperceptions and misconceptions coming from the cigarette industry official advice in places like the u.k. remains that babying is much safer than smoking regular cigarettes but the future of the e cigarette industry in the u.s. is now in the hands of president trump gabriels on doe al-jazeera gaithersburg maryland we spoke to marcus pleasure a little bit early the chief medical officer for the association of state and territorial health officials in the u.s. he says the community agrees on the need to raise awareness on the dangers associated with taping. i think the medical and public health community are pretty well united that very thing is not safe and we really don't have much information about it particularly adults but we know as a fact that it's not safe in kids and that's really what
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a lot of the focus of these conversations have been about we're seeing huge increases in the use of a ping products by kids and we know that those products can have significant health effects for them those of us in the public health and health care community are very helpful that he's going to that the administration is going to stand strong on this and that they're going to do we're going to go ahead left the food and drug administration do what they are able to do by law and that is ban these products and enforce those bands we believe that there should be a complete ban on the flavors that are in electronic cigarettes and except for the tobacco flavor that we we know i mean the science tells us the data tell us that's what's drawing kids to electronic cigarettes it's these 3 flavors meant and menthol so the thing that's been being talked about and what president trump came forward back in september was that he was going to have he was going to enforce a he's going to put into place a complete ban on those levers that means that companies can't manufacture and sell
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cigarettes that happens flavors in the. u.s. president says he wants a trial in the republican controlled senate if he is impeached by the house of representatives he was speaking to fox news a defended using his private lawyer rudy giuliani to work on ukraine policy calling him a great crime fighter house intelligence committee has now wrapped up its 2nd week of impeachment hearings looking into accusations that trump pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals. there was no due process as you can have lawyers do we couldn't have any witnesses to where we want to go to whistleblower but you know what i want is the 1st witness because frankly i want to try you know i can think i could have it you want to try whatever you want oh i would let you look number one they should never ever impeach more on this now from the white house correspondent. all explain 1st of all why he was at trial is because it's
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controlled in the senate by republicans members of his own party but the other reason all this you heard the president say off the top there no due process he feels that this has been a politically partisan process up to this point controlled by the democrats the opposition and as a result he feels that he would get a fair shake if this were to go to the senate essentially heard his own words there that he believes in a century that he wouldn't be and so that's the goal here the president is trying and already campaigning for reelection but it is going to be a challenge because we have heard very clear cut arguments that the president abused allegedly his political powers in order to seek an investigation on a political rival but what didn't seem to happen is minds being changed so well the republicans don't have the votes in the house of representatives to avoid that impeachment vote what they do have are the numbers in the senate to see that the
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president is not removed from office that's what donald trump is counting on. in the news ahead on al-jazeera. lebanon's latest put on a show of unity on national day as protesters called for real independence. it's fun to take. time to create. the healing. after a bloody civil war could bogan feel becoming the world's newest country and sport the man known as the godfather of snowboarding that's done we look at the legacy of jack compton. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well across china really not looking too bad the main event is happening here in the pacific now we
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do have a storm system you can barely see it on the edge of our map right there that is a system really dying out but brings some very heavy rain across the rico islands as we go towards the next couple of days what we will see though here for taiwan is probably some winds up here towards the northern part of the island also some storm surge on the northern coast so for taipei expect to see a windy day at $27.00 degrees and then as we go towards sunday things are really going to be improving we're going to see really some clearing skies there but over here towards hong kong it is going to be a nice day with a temperature of 28 while the very heavy rain here across much of south asia is going to lie anywhere from malaysia all the way over here towards the west down here towards the south really not looking too bad java bali we expect to see some clear skies so for jakarta expect to see 32 degrees there holtzman though expect to see more clouds in your forecast at 32 possibly some rain by the time we get towards sunday and then very quickly over here towards parts of india the rain continues down here towards the south including sri lanka maybe
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a break in the forecast as we go towards saturday but for tonight expect that rain to come back with a tempter there of 30 degrees and for colombo at $29.00. the weather sponsored by countdown and. white supremacist violence is on the rise in america he was involved in this whole underground network 8 full time speaks to the victims of recent attacks when he shot me i turned around and he would kill my daughter and asks how an ideology of loathing has found its way into the mainstream or can you draw a through line between the rhetoric of president trump and the conservative media in america to what happened here in el paso license to hate on al-jazeera al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't use the word bribe we'll just use a token of appreciation expose. seeing trade and diplomatic passports today.
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than the price will go to one of them involving some of the region's highest officials. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. here on the news here al-jazeera want to take you through our top stories now protests which of ramped up once again in chile after the defense minister alberto spinner dismissed concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers who were deployed for 9 days during a state of emergency work professional and disciplined. police in colombia have used tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters there in. the main square in
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bogota the president has now ordered a curfew in the capital and bolivia's the interim government's filed a lawsuit against former president evo morales accusing him of sedition and terrorism what are those who words in exile now in mexico has been calling on his supporters to maintain their blockade in parts. sri lanka now and the voting in the recent presidential election highlights the split that still exists along ethnic lines most of the majority sinhalese buddhist community voted for the winner by rajapaksa but his support dipped in majority tamil areas people there haven't forgotten the rajapaksa role in the civil war but of smith with the support from colombo. killing archie the former capital of sri lanka's tamil separatists is sometimes called the land of the missing. their relatives fear it's a name that will never be shaken off now gotta buy rajapaksa is in power and the
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moment their. son and daughter in law were taken away by the army the day after the war ended 10 years ago and they were they ever got a buyer has said that our children or at least they have not come to us and where are they i'm asking about my children who i handed over to them they did not just go missing 20000 people mostly tamils estimated missing since the civil war no one has ever been held accountable for the disappearances new president got or by rajapaksa his defense secretary towards the end of the war with his brother mahinda as president then they defeated the tamil tiger fighters who wanted to create an independent tamil state the un estimates 40000 sure lankans were killed in the last few months of fighting because the government disputes and the un says both sides committed war crimes. my daughter went missing there was heavy shelling and we separated and i have never seen again i tried to stay strong
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for my other children but when they're not in the house i create thinking about my daughter i wanted to come back i know they have her just give her to me the government has set up an office for missing persons which is investigating 15000 cases but none has been resolved got a buyer rajapaksa says the priorities for people in the north and east are development education and jobs on the family still looking for their loved ones the new president says when they go to war people go missing. when it's met al-jazeera colomba. candidates in guinea bissau presidential election of held their final rallies ahead of sunday's vote the incumbent president chose a money of ours is running against $11.00 candidates which include 2 prime ministers he fired during his time in office reports now from. while this presidential campaign feels and sounds like
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a carnival. neighboring countries fear it could end in disaster some of the candidates like domingo's see more speeded up have west african soldiers protecting them and not the country's armed forces. from delete all for a conflict that you may not even know whether. women who have a gun in the in stable. process you have to say. just weeks before the vote president who's running for reelection asked the military to force his prime minister out of office after he refused to step down vast has overstayed his time in office delaying elections but he has the backing of the armed forces. period chua additional west african troops have been deployed as part of a stabilizing force days before the vote. the un security council is urging the armed forces not to intervene in politics you to be seen as military have been behind
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dozens of coup attempts and political assassinations with several of its commanders under un sanction. these are soldiers that are voting early because they will be deployed during the election to ensure they say that it is a free and fair vote and so the military are keeping a close watch on the ballots. $6500.00 soldiers will be positioned at polling stations across the country. outspoken former military commanders who worries the ballot will be rigged the political outsider he's been gaining popularity among young voters on the side of this is the expression of your default against the system but is why these people that are voiceless right behind me is the leader for this nation but all 12 candidates are making this similar claim promising change in political stability this is a young electorate tired of all the political rhetoric and looking for
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a new beginning for the country nicholas hawke al-jazeera the south. the dutch government has won an appeal against a court ruling that would force it to repatriate the children of i saw fight as earlier a court in the hague ruled that more than 50 children and the whole camp in northern syria should be brought back some with their mothers but a higher court overturned that ruling saying repack treasure was a political issue rather than a legal one. and the cheaper rides are giving way to protest marches as lebanon marks its 76th independence day demonstrators have been calling there for political and economic change jamal shell reports from beirut. operates a market of an arms independence day as the country gives president at times. this was a display of civil society united against the political system many now want to change
5:39 am
. the protests which began on october the 17th of course prime minister started how do you need to resign but that hasn't been enough for demonstrators. they want to see the back of this entire political beliefs and revolution is seeking to upload the entire political system the banking system the social system it's all everyone here is demonstrating against that and for the 1st time in the history of love it is decentralized as a revolution and it is not 6 teria based on lebanon sectarian constitution consensus must be reached between all sides to form a government that needs to be approved by parliament on the one side how do you want his sunni bloc in their eyes refused to accept a government that isn't formed totally off technocrats experts and professionals rather than politicians president michel on on his husband and i say that's a coup against democracy since very have a majority in parliament that's
5:40 am
a military parade earlier on friday an admission by both sides that's a solution have to be found i think it's pretty deep i think it's very deep. and we have to eventually sit on some sort of a table so that we can try to with each conversions and and the friends used i mean offered by the 2 sides so if we don't do that pretty soon i think we will in my opinion we have to find a combination of political support for any government that we formed because of the vote of confidence that is needed at the parliament at the same time those blocks that are willing to name a government the name ministers they should understand that we cannot do things business as usual and things are different no we heard the voice of the people we respect that we should respect the. at the core of the rest is the dire economic situation here the lack of public services the constant electricity cuts and demick
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and institutionalized corruption that sucks away at lebanon's resources. for that protesters blame leaders on all sides of the political divide. as lebanon celebrates its independence day there is an acute awareness of just how dependent this country's future is one of outside forces other protest movements has been an attempt at achieving and realizing some sort of self-determination but there is a fear amongst many regional powers be it saudi arabia or iran won't allow that to succeed. people from the pacific on and of bogun village you to take part in a long awaited referendum to decide whether they should become the world's newest nation it is the culmination of a lengthy peace process which ended the decades long civil war it cost thousands of lives in the gauge has a record. even though you can feel rugby is lucky religion jackie
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joseph is running a training session with teenagers and at the same time educating them on issues like violence against women she's returned to her homeland to wook after fleeing the country with her parents during the island's devastating civil war i think it's been quite a journey growing up as a child and being able to to be where i am today the conflicts centered around pan do you know a huge coppa and gold mine many locals filch their resources will being exploited. unrest and subsequent fighting between the bogan feel revolutionary army and p. and g. forces led to a full blown war an estimated 20000 people were killed but it's quite hard to profit because. because we have crippled our nation i'm in a province worse was shut down for years for the wrong reasons.
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here as part of the peace agreement bogan billions were promised the opportunity to vote for independence all for greater autonomy from p. and g. 20 years later they getting that chance we are preparing for the referendum and that's why we are holding the polls will stay open for a fortnight to ensure those in remote villages have a say with the results expected in december there's been a massive investments in terms of awareness raising. the expectations of the voters be managed. the standing of the process because here it comes at a time when china is increasing its presence in the south pacific while next door in indonesia west pulp was independence movement has led to deadly protests we have many similar situations around me were. being marginalized
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by corporate giants coming in and people can see oppression in some book while many are expecting an overwhelming void for independence what that will look like in terms of building an economy and breaking away from any isn't entirely clear yet another step beforehand story will take place here in paintings powerman where the governments will need to approve any outcome reaching mineral wealth and you see this may not be a region papua new guinea we want to easily lose gauge al-jazeera. great to be able to look at such an underreported story of what catherine with some with us now a journalist in canberra focuses on pacific island issues thanks for your time katherine this is important isn't it the fact that they've built this up through the peace process and now actually get to the point where i believe 2 thirds of
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those eligible to vote have signed up to vote. exactly it has been a long awaited event years in the making and people have been looking forward to this for a very very long time aspirations and hopes are very high as you can expect and there is absolutely no doubt. from the perspective of expert commentators and people themselves and bergenfield leaders that probably up to 80 percent or more may vote for independence as opposed to gratian autonomy that is certainly the easy part but the critical fact is that this is a non-binding referendum therefore a majority outcome for independence it's not going to translate immediately into a new nation there will be a considerable period of months not weeks of negotiations between the pain g. and the bergenfield government about the political status of bogun bill what that
5:46 am
will be and then of course as you've mentioned it will have to be ratified by the parliament and i'm our right in assuming that it should never assume anything but that the pub and you give me government doesn't want this to happen or are they happy to go along with whatever the wishes are of the people and. you can feel governments have been present that's a real shame we've got connection problems with camera there. i'm just checking again catherine can you still hear me yes oh good look i'm sorry we're having a little problem sometimes the pictures freezing up and we're losing you want to start that answer again or i. or. ok. can feel and the p. and g. governments and their leaders have been presenting a very clear. that ok we're going to leave it
5:47 am
there catherine if you can still hear me i'm sorry wade is having too many problems with that one and we're going to have to leave it there but that was catherine wilson talking about. the independence referendum there ok local elections being held in hong kong on sunday with voting likely to be dominated by the struggle over the territories relationship with mainland china or mcbride has our report. this elections not only a battle at the ballot box but also with the cash registers. in this polarized society months of unrest have changed how people spend. this restaurant has a so-called yellow ribbon business opposed to the government and at lunch times it's overflowing with pro-democracy customers. this chain of tea shops also publicizes its pro-democracy views giving people the chance to express them as with each visit student kyle learn only spends his money in places that support the
5:48 am
protest movement my friends are very aware of which rap restaurants we go to we shall we go to yeah but yes we we're very conscious about that i'm not quite sure about it in fact but we're trying to do what we can do at the moment you know to just to help with the situation to like express our demands in this highly charged atmosphere expressing your political views can invite attack. and much has been directed against businesses with links to mainland china. so-called blue ribbon businesses those that are seen as supporting the government or the police have borne the brunt of protesters anger the promise stablished one camp says it's contributed to hong kong slipping into recession and that the slump will continue as long as the unrest goes on. campaigning to keep his seat as a pro establishment district councillor come and fung has experienced that anger
5:49 am
firsthand. his party's office has been ransacked. and he wears a stab proof vest below his shirt when he's campaigning really sad. just about 6 months ago it was our 1st save city you know the economic was very good but we still have good. but nowadays people lost all their hopes we just we don't know how the next step we don't know how to stop the violence how to stop the camping. whatever the results of sunday's election the underlying causes of hong kong's unrest alike come to remain and businesses will have to navigate through and the economic fallout public broad al-jazeera hong kong . japan and south korea appear to have reached a deal on intelligence sharing off to months of escalating tension south korea said it would extend an agreement just hours before it was going to expire japan now
5:50 am
says it will resume trade discussions with salt tokyo increased taxes on south korean chemical products joran did dispute still ahead of the sports news we're looking at how world number 2 rory mcilroy went from triumph to disaster the world to a championship. stranded
5:51 am
8 long years on the su is kind of. creating their own community and the economy it was you know president bush used to go when you think al-jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite a surprise found myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sun it's the yellow fleet on al-jazeera. obvious but with far thanks very much now back jakovic has serbia team have been
5:52 am
controversially knocked out of the davis cup tennis tournament they were beaten by russia in the quarter finals in madrid on friday the best of 3 matches came down to the deciding doubt peppers boiled over in the 2nd set when jock of h. and his partner viktor troicki held out play for 3 minutes all reviewing with the umpire over a late call jock which then smashed a ball into the stands after news ing a service game the match eventually going to a 3rd and final sat sarah pair actually had 3 match points but couldn't take advantage russian team of rib lab and catch an off going on to win 2 sets to one to take their place in the last 4 of course it hurts it hurts us really badly me personally as well. there's not much to say you know these kind of matches. happen once in maybe forever and. that's it i mean it's the season is done and we're turning the next page. next morning is
5:53 am
going to be different. meanwhile 3 time wimbledon champion boris becker current inspired to victory against great britain and their quarterfinal rather former wimbledon champion andy murray was absent for team g.b. through injury but they didn't miss him as cow admin here won the opening match against germany's feeling horse riding straight sabs later dan evans won the 2nd singles rubber to complete a 2 nothing win for britain to reach the davis cup sami's for the 1st time since 2016 the world governing body of athletics has suspended the reinstatement process for russia as it awaits the outcome of an investigation into the country's athletics federation the athletics integrity unit suspended federation president dmitri schlozman and several others on thursday for breaching anti-doping rules they've been charged with various offenses linked to an investigation into a high jumper daniella sankoh which the officials are accused of obstructing
5:54 am
federation has been suspended since 2015 over a doping scandal but had hoped to be reinstated before the 2020 alleged pics while a flood express in session co says the suspensions were the right decision the russian federation also wrist being expelled from world athletics altogether so we will get through this process and i'm sorry yes you know nobody would want to be dealing with this but i'm afraid you know so much of the work of the a.r.u. as helped us safe god protect big chunks of our sport that we need to deal with with renegade factions like this. now the man credited with inventing the modern snowboard has died at the age of 65 american jake burton carpenter quit his job in 1987 and founded burton snowboards his vision of riding a surfboard on snow helped propel the sport into the mainstream he died from complications linked to cancer burton came up with the snowboard design after using
5:55 am
something called a snare for which was the predecessor to the modern board and initially as companies struggled as the new snowboards were banned from ski resorts that all changed in 1982 when they held their 1st competition then in 1098 snowboarding became an olympic sport when they appeared at the nagen a winter games since then the sport has gone from strength to strength the industry is now worth a $1000000000.00 globally in fact over the last decade 25 percent of all visitors to mountain resorts in the u.s. were snowboarders golf world number 2 were had a dismal day in dubai after a stellar opening round the northern irishman has slipped down to 5th of the season ending world tour championship meanwhile france's michael runs a vera carded a 3 under $69.00 to extend his lead to 3 shots after day 2. in contrast mcelroy never recovered from a double bogey on the 6th he finished with
5:56 am
a 7410 shots worse than his opening rounds of europe's newest football nation kosovo must win 2 way matches to qualify for next year's european championships kosovo have been drawn against north macedonia in their playoff semifinal the country only gained official recognition from european football's governing body in 2016 and total 4 places at euro 2020 are up for grabs through these playoffs all the semi's will be played next march. diggle marathon is back as coach of argentina team him naisi after quitting only 2 days ago the 56 year old announced he's returning to the side on social media mary donna said he made the decision after both parties had finally cheap political unity in the club argent his world cup winning legend talk the manager's job back in september the new formerly season has got underway in the saudi capital riyadh for the 1st time all 4 of germany's major car manufacturers audi porsche mercedes and b.m.w.
5:57 am
are competing in the same championship however it was another team who were celebrating at the end of the race british driver sam byrd from envision virgin racing winning how to push on during the mater and still call them during and his mercedes i want to boxing's all time greats floyd mayweather has announced plans to come out of retirement next year but to do what isn't exactly clear the 42 year old says he's in talks with ultimate fighting championship boss danny white but he's never previously contested a u.f.c. babs and that is all your support for now more later for thanks for that remember the headlines any time you want them to al-jazeera don't call not just the latest news but there's video and there's analysis there is all our programs as well go up there entire g if you have a mr show you want to see it again that's where you got al-jazeera dot com coming up over 300 hours here on g.m.t. with you in just a couple minutes time with another full bulletin of news. every
5:58 am
war makes a devastating impact. of fries explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important south poles that we have to make sure there are surviving to the refugees striving to coexist with nature ok so what's going on there if we have simulated what happens when an elephant camas life up to conflict on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks new polling shows 70 percent of americans believe president did something wrong regarding the 3 with detailed coverage for the 4000000 followers of the movie brotherhood this isn't just a holy city you put your ritual capital from around the world
5:59 am
a yellow ribbon became a symbol of the full of shots a lot of politicians jailed a sufficient last. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have seen think this great situations where someone seeking but that hope you can afford being clean does investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions we're seeing argentina. money tied to unexplained africa i'm sensitive to publish those things up people don't want to i'm going to doesn't let me ask you whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera .
6:00 am
al-jazeera. where every. protests carry on into the night in chile as they enter a 2nd. this is al jazeera live from also coming up. ok i'll take scenes in colombia as riot police moving to break up crowds in the capital. some positive news from yemen you know and then voice says as strikes by the saudi led coalition the drop.


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