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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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you know. where every. protests carry on into the night in chile as they enter a 2nd. i'm sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from down also coming out. of the. chaotic scenes in colombia as riot police move in to break up crowds in the capital. some positive news from yemen the u.n. envoy says as strikes by the saudi led coalition the drop by 80 percent. and
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take. time. to heal. after a bloody civil war could bovill become the world's newest country. let's begin in south america where protests in several countries have crippled major cities bringing many of them to a standstill chill a protest initially began last month when students in santiago demonstrated against a subway fare increase since then demonstrations of grown was demands for political and economic reform in colombia a proposal to change the minimum wage as well as introduce possible pension and tax reforms of led to a strike and huge rallies in bogota and in bolivia protests were sparked by a disputed presidential election president evo morales denied any electoral fraud
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but eventually resigned under pressure from the military and fled to mexico his supporters they've been on the streets protesting and calling for his return. well it starts with chile where protests have ramped up after the defense minister. dismiss concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers who were deployed for 9 days during a state of emergency were professional and disciplined but the rights group amnesty international says lethal weapons of being used in this criminal plea on at least 4 occasions a latin america for the syrian human has moved from santiago. anger seems to be the common denominator among chilean protesters who've been on the streets for 5 weeks . but not all express that anger the same way some do it by going into the battle against riot police armed with stones sticks and even molotov cocktails they
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describe themselves as the front line of defense. i'm here to defend our people against police repression that's who we've come to fight. the vast majority are young like one in peril not their real names. it's unfair that we've had to resort to these extremes to be heard we protested peacefully for years and only now that there's upheaval does the state take notice both a 17 year old students from a public secondary school who want to go to university but both of their parents are still struggling to pay off their own studies. my mother is $39.00 and she still owes $9000.00 it's terrible it's a case in water health all of a person's basic needs are business here and that's why we're so angry. they say the only use violence against security forces not to destroy property. but there is another type of protest or the kind that justifies for example the looting of this
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wholesale supermarket and not just looting but also other types of destruction and violence as a means to an end. according to the government criminal gangs and drug traffickers are responsible for around 30 percent of the widespread damage to public and private property. but who are the rest many are young men and women from santiago's poor neighborhoods where anger has been simmering for decades. that are. also not their real names describe themselves as radical opponents of chile's socially unequal system but. it's a system to make us the crumbs while the upper class accumulates more well all the anger there marginalization people look down on us because we're on the periphery they distrust you no matter how hard you work or try your shot out. more and that
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might be a wanted to study architecture but instead says she was lucky just to get a job as a security guard in a posh uptown building now they say it's time for the political and economic establishment to feel fear that i will need to be shaken from their comfort zone they better not think that i will just go and march down the street with signs and go back to sleep in our beds let them feel afraid to direct action to force social change. they know they risk prison if they're caught destroying property or attacking police but like a great many of those who vent their rage like this they seem convinced that as things stand now they have little to lose you see in human scent i will. well in colombia the president has ordered a curfew in the nation's capital after police say they were forced to use tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the main square. demonstrators filled plausible of on friday to oppose possible changes to the
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country's minimum wage protesters say they are also concerned about tax increases and changes to the pension system the government says it's investigating the deaths of 3 protesters who died. on a sunday i'm p.f.c. has more from bogota. it has been another day of undress and demonstrations of people hanging out to protest against the unpopular government press event even to save a spontaneous demonstrations in various parts parts of town throughout the day the main event was happening just a couple of blocks from here in central florida. people have gathered there cousens of people gathered there peacefully when all of a sudden the police decided to move in using tear gas and rubber bullets to this person the crowd clashing patients continued until the evening again people
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are out night hitting on pots and pans to continue their approaches however the mayor announced a total curfew in the city starting and 9 pm also the president of colombia. spoke saying that starting a national conversation next week to try and deal with this i'm dressed while leader of one of the leaders of the opposition group called for a major massive rally he said next monday people are telling us that they feel energized and that they're angry for the what they consider to. very violent response from parts of the police and say that they want to continue protesting and the coming weeks just as other people have been doing in other countries across south america for now more than a month. bolivia's pollard's is looking to approve legislation that will pave the
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way for new elections former president morales has been calling on his supporters to maintain the blockade which is called few. jews in the city of la. resigned and fled to mexico on november 10th following protests over last month's disputed presidential election of these 32 people being killed in violence. on assumptions as more or less. built to call for elections has been passed by the house of deputies after a heated debate where the supporters of this interim government accused members of the mass party that's the party of able morales of of delaying this bill however there's been consensus there's been an approval tonight and. that after both sides. have agreed to the demands on the on
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the side of the mass party they were. questioning or demanding that the supreme decree that says that neither the police or the army will be held accountable in their effort to impose peace and security in the streets of believe . that it will be withdrawn and on the part of the government of the interim government saying that old the roadblocks should be lifted immediately we'll still have to see how that plays out in the streets of believe bible the protesters who are not happy with what's going on in bolivia in general. the united nations envoy for yemen has told the u.n. security council the number of air strikes by the saudi led coalition has dropped dramatically in the past 2 weeks martin griffith says the reduction in violence could possibly pave the way for an end to the conflict our diplomatic editor james
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bays reports from u.n. headquarters in new york the u.n. has long described yemen as the country with the worst humanitarian situation on earth but the regular security council meeting the 1st positive news for months. in the last 2 weeks the rage of that war has dramatically reduced. there were reportedly almost 80 percent fewer strikes nationwide them in the 2 weeks prior and i realize these are short periods but nonetheless it is striking and in recent weeks there have been an entire 48 hour period without drugs at all the 1st time since the conflict began we call this the escalation reduction in the tempo of the war and perhaps we hope a move towards an overall cease from yemen the current president of the u.n. security council had this reaction there was lots of interest in deescalation in
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yemen and then the council once again me offend it's very strong support for marching if he says efforts to pave the way for the yemeni parties as i said to come together in this inclusive process it's believed the developments followed back channel talks involving the u.k. and amman the plan now is to get the 2 sides the who the yemeni government together for fresh talks the last time that happened was almost a year ago in stockholm when they came up with an agreement on the port of the data it's an agreement that still hasn't been fully implemented james al-jazeera at the united nations. turkey's government is offering a $700000.00 reward for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader says was involved an attempted coup back in 2016 and korea has placed mohammed dahlan on its
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most wanted list it accuses him of having links with a u.a.e. spy network and channeling funds to the outlawed glamis movement the group behind the attempted coup well here's what we know about mohammed dahlan he was a former security chief for the palestinian authority before being exiled in 2011 over claims he poisoned yasser arafat's the. vost media network that spans the u.a.e. egypt and jordan ankara says he also meant tains ties with several news media outlets in turkey to edition telegin so the plan helped the u.a.e. and israel in a plot to destabilize tokyo iran and qatar they say he did this by channeling funds into certain media organizations the han is also accused of being behind the 2013 coup in egypt which toppled the country's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi a bill and tell it as is director and senior associate for the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies he says turkey's crackdown on
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supposed external influences doesn't end with. the timing is interesting the interior minister. announced the sex part of a new drive against unanimous which turkey calls for a go. and it follows a conversation with the palestinian authority that i met about us who opens he has his own axe to grind against. so this may be partly because of. producing evidence or relying on every city that has against it may also be a cloud on the closer relationship between us and turkish president. there is nothing at allegations that there had been there there was external support for a good man and his followers in turkey that is included not just that but also.
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because they were there that united arab emirates israel and of course parts of the us government which us as the night but the fact that you learn something extra that. to turkey despite many many attempts on the part of the egyptian including most recently. when a president i don't have a meeting with president trump just last week at the white house. leaves many charts and said it was not much stablished and fearful and i pranced it over the external links for this moment. well still ahead on al-jazeera a roundtable on vaporing the u.s. president meets with industry executives as health advocates push for a ban on flavored cigarettes. along shift tesla's futuristic side of a truck shatters expectations along with on the glass windows.
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hello again it's good to have you back well across united states we are watching one weather system coming up the eastern seaboard that's going to cause a lot of problems in terms of rain as well as snow over the next few days here on saturday the system is going to bring some rain down here towards atlanta up towards the north and the higher elevations that is going to be some snow just to the west of washington d.c. that we're expecting to see about 9 degrees as your forecast high there but then as we go from saturday to sunday the system really gains intensity as it makes its way closer to new york city but up here towards new england it is going to be the snow there wind will be a problem as well so for new york expect to see rain as well as some very gusty winds by the time we get towards sunday but on monday the winds die down and we're
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going to see some sun and your forecast there well cross much of the caribbean really not looking too bad here on the forecast maps saturday some scattered showers and scattered clouds nothing too heavy as we go towards sunday as well have bene though it is going to be quite a nice day for you with a temperature of $29.00 degrees and for rio de janeiro well those storms are still in the forecast about 30 degrees as your forecast high there but then as we go towards saturday and into sunday the storms continue move a little bit more towards the north you can drop down to 23 and what is that is a 24. in china cancer drugs can be pretty beautifully expensive some desperate patients travel to india to buy cheap generic versions but it won't cost $10.00 win a bowler's those smuggling to survive are now does iraq. i mean this was different whether someone is paying for someone to spend rents it doesn't matter we think
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it's how you approach an official and often it is a certain way of doing it to qantas by ending to a story and crying out. you're watching out just here a time to recap our headlines protests have ramped up again in july after the defense minister dismissed concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers deployed during a state of emergency were professional and disciplined. place in colombia have used tear gas to disperse and kill government protesters and plows abolish the main square of the time the president has now ordered
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a nighttime curfew imposed in the capital and bolivia's parliament is looking to approve legislation that will pave the way for new elections for president evo morales has been calling on supporters to maintain the blockade which is called food and fuel shortages in the city of us. in iraq scap told baghdad the government is denying reports at least 4 people have been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters on friday the killings take the total number of deaths since the demonstrations began in october so at least $330.00 demonstrators are angry at what they say is widespread corruption and mass unemployment simona faults and reports from bank that. the victims from the night before had not yet been laid to rest when new clashes claimed more lives on friday protesters threw stones and petrol bombs toward security forces in
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baghdad historic russian street and breached a concrete barrier protecting iraq's central bank. 6. forces responded with tear gas and life a militia and many of the wounded were brought to makeshift hospitals like this one run by a volunteer medics like many of her colleagues this doctor says she has been threatened for helping injured protesters and spoke on condition of anonymity yamani i legit today are treated more than 15 people with my own hands their injuries are from my bullets and some have head wounds from being beaten with sticks we see between 150 and 200 injuries each day. one of those killed last night was 27 year old ahmed haitham a volunteer medic he was shot in the neck when he tried to treat injured protesters dozens gathered for his funeral in tahrir square to bid a final goodbye heartbroken over another young life lost seething with anger at
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those responsible. he didn't carry anything not a fire just bandages and he was treating the injuries he wasn't a threat to anyone he's not throwing stones he's not using a sling shot shame on you are going to resign now and yet the prime minister appears intent to remain in office as the casualties rise so does the determination of the protesters to keep going friday's killings are further fueling anger at the iraq government parliament is due to discuss important reforms including a new election law on saturday but demonstrators are not convinced they remain adamant in their demands for the government to step down simona 14 al-jazeera. president with executives from the cigarette industry and public health advocates and the white house is considering a federal ban on flavor the cigarettes in september trump said he wanted to buy
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every flavor except tobacco but during the meeting he raised concerns over unregulated the cigarettes flooding the market if the band took place. well this is a very big subject it's a very complex subject probably a little bit less complex than some people think but i'm here to listen and i have 3. u.s. president dog trump says he wants a trial in the republican controlled senate if he's impeached by the house in an interview with fox news he defended using his private lawyer rudy giuliani to work on ukraine policy calling him a great crime fighter the u.s. house intelligence committee has wrapped up a 2nd week of impeachment hearings looking into accusations from pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals there was no due process as you can have
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lawyers we could have any witnesses we want to call the whistleblowers but you know what i want is the 1st witness because frankly i want to trial you know i could take i could have it you want to try whatever i want oh i would look number one they should never ever impeached. people from the pacific island of bergen. part in the long awaited referendum deciding whether they should become the world's newest nation it's the culmination of a lengthy peace process which and the decades long civil war and cost thousands of lives the color gauge reports. even though you can feel rugby is like a religion jackie joseph is running a training session with teenagers and at the same time educating them on issues like violence against women she's returned to her homeland to work after fleeing the country with her parents joining the island's devastating civil war i think
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it's been quite a journey growing up as a child and being able to to be where i am today the conflict centered around pan do you know a huge copa and gold mine many locals felt their resources were being exploited. unrest and subsequent fighting between the bogan field revolutionary army and p. and g. forces led to a full blown war an estimated 20000 people were killed and it's quite hard to profit because. because we have crippled our nation i'm in a province where it was shut down for years for the wrong reason. to heal as part of the peace agreement bogan billions were promised the opportunity to vote for independence all for greater autonomy from p. and g.
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20 years later they getting that chance we are preparing for the referendum and that's why we are holding our polls will stay open for a fortnight to ensure those in remote villages have a say with the results expected in december there's been a massive investments in terms of awareness raising. expect. patients of the borders be managed for their understanding of the process be clear it comes at a time when china is increasing its presence in the south pacific one next door in indonesia west pathways independence movement has led to deadly protests we have many similar situations around me we learned owners are being marginalized by corporate giants coming in and people can see or pressure them from. while many are expecting an overwhelming void for independence what that will look like in terms of building an economy and breaking away from any isn't entirely clear yet another
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step beforehand it will take place here in paintings powerman where the government will need to approve any outcome richey mineral wealth and you see this may not be a region papua new guinea we want to easily lose gauge al-jazeera. says calling the united kingdom an illegal colonial occupier that's all after the u.k. ignored a deadline to return the chair got silence the british foreign and commonwealth office insists the u.k. has every right to keep the islands the un gave britain 6 months to give the archipelago back to militias britain kept the islands after mirages gained independence then in the 1970 forced the people living there to leave so the us could build a new base of immersion prime ministers condemn the u.k.'s inaction. the united kingdom cannot profess to be
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a champion of the rule of law and human rights while maintaining an illegal kalu new administration in part of the territory of lucious and preventing the return to the shackles. of the former inhabitants it forcibly removed 5 decades ago thereby being in clear violation of international law candidates in going to presidential election are holding their final rallies ahead of sunday's vote incumbent president. is running against 11 candidates including 2 of the prime ministers and 5 during his time in office last month prime minister has refused to step down when the president fired him but this led to a political crisis until vias backed down on the pressure from the international community. local elections are being held in hong kong on sunday the voting is likely to be dominated by the struggle over the territories relationship with
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mainland china that's having a big impact on the economy as more businesses choose sides but mcbride reports this election is not only a battle at the ballot box but also with the cash registers in this polarized society months of unrest have changed how people spend. this restaurant is a so-called yellow ribbon business opposed to the government and at lunch times it's overflowing with pro-democracy customers. this chain of tea shops also publicizes its pro-democracy views giving people the chance to express them as with each visit. student kyle learn only spends his money in places that support the protest movement my friends are very aware of restaurants we go through we shall we go to yeah but yes we were very conscious about that i'm not quite sure about it in
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fact but we are trying to do what we can do at the moment you know to just to help with the situation to like express our demands in this highly charged atmosphere expressing your political views can invite attack. under much has been directed against businesses with links to mainland china. so-called blue ribbon businesses those that are seen as supporting the government or the police have borne the brunt of protesters anger the progress stablished one camp says it's contributed to hong kong slipping into recession and that the slump will continue as long as the unrest goes on. campaigning to keep his seat as a pro establishment district councillor cum and fung has experienced that anger firsthand. his party's office has been ransacked and he wears a stab proof vest below his shirt when he's campaigning really sad because
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just about 6 months ago hong was our 1st same city you know the economic was not very good but we still have good. but nowadays people lost all their hopes we just don't know how the next step we don't know how to stop the violence how to stop the camping. whatever the results from sunday's election the underlying causes of hong kong's unrest alike come to remain and businesses will have to navigate through and the economic fallout. robert bryant al jazeera hong kong. japan and south korea appeared to have reached a deal on intelligence sharing after months of escalating tensions south korea said it would extend an agreement just hours before it was set to expire japan now says it will resume trade discussions with seoul tokyo increased taxes on south korean chemical products during the dispute. now the old testament futuristic new electric
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pickup truck didn't go in time is planned during an ambitious demonstration of its glass in front of c mosque but the audience's expectations were shattered quite literally after its glass windows were put to the test inside the truck stainless steel bodies also designed to be scratch and dent resistant. let's take you through some of the headlines here now the protests of top again in chile after the defense minister dismiss concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers deployed during the state of emergency were professional and disciplined. police in colombia have used tear gas to disperse antigovernment protests is. the main square and the president has now ordered
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a nighttime curfew to be imposed in the trap. livia's parliament is looking to approve legislation which will pave the way for new elections for the president even more dollars has been calling on his supporters to maintain a blockade which is called food and fuel shortages in the. morales resigned and fled to mexico never been the 10th following protests over last month's disputed presidential election. has more from the. supporters of this interim government accused members of the mass party that's the party of a moment or less of of delaying this bill however there's been consensus there's been an approval tonight we'll still have to see how that plays out in the streets of believe the bible the protesters are not happy with what's going on in general but that bill has been approved and it will go to the senate. on saturday and then back to the deputies for that for it to be sent to the executive and for
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that then to start rolling the ball if you will to call for elections turkey's government is offering a 7 $100000.00 award for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader it says was involved in a tempted coup back in 2016 ankara has placed mohammed on its most wanted list it accuses him of having links with the u.a.e. spy network and channeling funds to the outlawed movement in iraq's capital the government is denying reports at least 4 people have been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters on friday the killings take to the total number of deaths since the demonstrations began in october when these $300.00 and.
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this man is a drug smuggler he's a back to board a flight from delhi to beijing. if he's caught people places he's in prison but the drugs he's smuggling are with cocaine. did baasha made a desperately needed to keep cancer patients a long. workload all the way down to their preferred. one when a stick spills health ballston to chinese citizens depend on smoke to survive. every day across china in hospitals like this 10000 people diagnosed with cancer.


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