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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 7:00am-7:35am +03

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but there are 3 still lies in the hands of the colonizers. another paradise a witness documentary on a. protest carry on into the night in chile as they enter a 2nd month. i'm sam is a dan this is live from coming up. chaotic scenes in colombia as riot police move in to break up crowds in the capital. from and. to. heal. after a bloody civil war could move in will become the world's newest country. we are
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takes a vision in london that's making a point of highlighting the environmental impact of climate change. well let's begin in south america where protests in several countries have crippled major cities bringing many of them to a standstill in chile protests initially began last month when students in santiago demonstrated against the subway fare increase since then demonstrations have grown with demands for political and economic reform in colombia a proposal to change the minimum wage as well as introduce possible pension tax reforms led to a strike and huge rallies in bogota and in bolivia protests were sparked by a disputed presidential election president evo morales denied an electoral fraud but eventually resigned under pressure from the military and fled to mexico his
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supporters have been protesting calling for his return. that's kicked off with cheney though where protests have ramped up after the defense minister dismiss concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers deployed during a state of emergency were professional and disciplined but the rights group amnesty international says lethal weapons have been used indiscriminately on at least 4 occasions when latin america. has more from santiago. anger seems to be the common denominator among chilean protesters who've been on the streets for 5 weeks. but not all express that anger the same way some do it by going into the battle against riot police armed with stones sticks and even molotov cocktails they describe themselves as the front line of defense. i'm here to defend our people against police repression that's who we've come to
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fight. the vast majority are young like one in peril not their real names. it's unfair that we've had to resort to these extremes to be heard we protested peacefully for years and only now that there's upheaval does the state take notice both are 17 year old students from a public secondary school who want to go to university but both of their parents are still struggling to pay off their own studies. my mother is $39.00 and she still owes $9000.00 it's terrible it's a case in water health all of a person's basic needs are a business here and that's why we're so angry. they say the only use violence against security forces not to destroy property. but there is another type of protest or the kind that justifies for example the looting of this wholesale supermarket and not just routine but also other types of destruction and violence
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as a means to an end. according to the government. women all gangs and drug traffickers are responsible for around 30 percent of the widespread damage to public and private property. but who are the rest many are young men and women from santiago's poor neighborhoods where anger has been simmering for decades. that are. also not their real names describe themselves as radical opponents of chile's socially unequal system but. it's a system to make us the crumbs while the upper class accumulates more well all the anger there marginalization people look down on us because we're on the periphery they distrust you no matter how hard you work or try your shot out. more and that might be a wanted to study architecture but instead says she was lucky just to get a job as a security guard in a posh uptown building now they say it's time for the political and economic
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establishment to feel safe here but i guess i will need to be shaken from their comfort zone they better not think that i will just go and march down the street with signs and go back to sleep in our beds let them feel afraid to direct action before social change. they know they risk prison if they're caught destroying property or attacking police but like a great many of those who vent their rage like this they seem convinced that as things stand now they have little to lose you see in human scent i will. in colombia the president has ordered a nighttime curfew in the nation's capital after police say they were forced to use tear gas to disperse and begun protesters in the main square. demonstrators filled plaza mall evolve on friday to oppose possible changes to the country's minimum wage protesters say they're also concerned about tax increases
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and changes to the pension system and says it's investigating the death of 3 protesters who died on thursday on the run petit has moved from bogota. it has been another day of unrest and demonstrations of people saying you know to protest against the popular government the president. a spontaneous demonstrations in various parts parts of town throughout the day the main event was happening just a couple of blocks from here in central flats. people have gathered there thousands of people gathered there peacefully when all of a sudden the police decided to move in using tear gas and rubber bullets to this 1st crowd clashing patients continued until the evening again people are out at night hitting on pots and pans to continue their approaches however the mayor
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announced a total curfew in the city starting and 9 pm also the president. spoke saying that he will start a national conversation next week to try to deal with this arrest while leader of one of the leaders of the opposition group called for a major massive rally he said next monday people are telling us that they feel energized and that they're angry for what they consider to. violent response from parts of the police and say that they want to continue protesting and the coming weeks just as other people have been doing in other countries across south america for now more than a month. bolivia's parliament is looking to approve legislation that will pave the way for new elections former president evo morales has been calling on supporters
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to maintain a blockade it's called food and fuel shortages in the city of la dollars resigned and tried to mexico on november 10th when protests over last month's disputed presidential election at least 32 people have been killed in violence. but on a sanchez has more. bill to call for elections has been passed by the house of deputies after a heated debate where the supporters of this interim government accused members of the mass party that's the party of abel morales of of delaying this bill however there's been consensus there's been an approval tonight and. after both sides. have agreed to the demands on the on the side of the mass party they were. questing or demanding that the supreme decree that says that neither the police or the army will be held
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accountable in their effort to impose peace and security in the streets of believe . that it will be withdrawn and on the part of the government of the interim government saying that all the road blocks should be lifted immediately we'll still have to see how that plays out in the streets of believe. protesters who are not happy with what's going on in bolivia in general. the united nations envoy for yemen has told the u.n. security council the number of air strikes by the saudi led coalition has dropped dramatically in the past 2 weeks martin griffith says the reduction in violence could possibly pave the way for an end to the conflict our diplomatic editor jane spays reports from u.n. headquarters in new york the u.n. has long described yemen as the country with the worst humanitarian situation on
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earth at the regular security council meeting the 1st positive news for months. in the last 2 weeks the rage of that war has dramatically reduced there were reportedly almost 80 percent fewer strikes nationwide then in the 2 weeks prior and i realize these are short periods but nonetheless it is striking and in recent weeks there have been entire 48 hour periods without airstrikes at all the 1st time since the conflict began we call this the escalation reduction in the tempo of the war and perhaps we hope a move towards an overall cease from yemen. the current president of the u.n. security council had this reaction there was lots of interest in deescalation in yemen and then the council once again we offend it's very strong support for
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marching if this is efforts to pave the way for the yemeni parties as i said to come together in this inclusive process it's believed the developments follow back channel talks involving the u.k. and amman the plan now is to get the 2 sides the yemeni government together for fresh talks the last time that happened was almost a year ago in stockholm when they came up with an agreement on the port of the data it's an agreement that still hasn't been fully implemented james burrows' al-jazeera at the united nations turkey's government is offering a $700000.00 reward for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader it says was involved in an attempted coup back in 2016 ankara has placed mohamed that lying on its most wanted list it accuses him of having links with the u.s. spy network and channeling funds to the outlawed cologne this movement that's the group turkey says was behind the attempted coup well here's what we know about
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mohammed dahlan he was a former security chief for the palestinian authority before being exiled in 2011 over claims he poisoned yasser arafat that owns a media network that spans the u.a.e. egypt and jordan and korea says he also meant tains ties with several news media outlets in turkey turkish intelligence alleges that plan helped the u.a.e. and israel than a plot to destabilize turkey iran and qatar they say he did this by channeling funds into media organizations that man is also accused of being behind the 2013 coup in egypt which toppled the country's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi. is director and senior associate for the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies he says turkey's crackdown on supposed external influences doesn't end with mohammed the plan. the timing is interesting the interior minister. announced the cess pot of
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a new drive against you then this which turkey called spread go. and it follows a conversation with the palestinian authority that i'm at that boss who opens the has his own axe to grind against that not so this may be partly because of all. producing evidence or i'm going to evidence that it has against than not it may also be a cloud on the closer relationship between about us and the turkish president or gypped i don't there is nothing at educations that they had being that there was external support for a united and his followers in territory that is included not just that but also. as they will that united arab emirates israel and of course parts of the us government which the us has the night but the fact that you're not an expert
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that you could. to turkey despite many many attempts on the part of the egyptian including most recently when the president and i don't have a meeting with president trump just last week at the white house. names many charts and said it was not much stablish been fearful and iran skip over the external links for this moment. so i had an al-jazeera crush on palm until georgia mounting as opposition protesters try to force new reforms. it's almost voting day and getting the saudis the president goes up against a host of challenges including mrs he 5.
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hello again it's good to have you back well if you take a look at the levant map right here what you going to be seeing on our satellite image is a lot of gray across parts of iran as well as iraq this is actually not clouds as the cold air that the satellite sees in the morning watch as we put this into motion going to see a lot of this begin to dissipate with the heating of the day now we do have a system that is making its way across still parts of afghanistan and into india bring a lot of rain as well some snow in the higher elevations in terms of snow though we're going to be seeing on saturday still cross the caspian and for tehran it is going to be a chilly day for you where the temperature there of 9 getting very close to freezing by the time we go towards the overnight hours a little bit better more sun in the forecast there at 8 degrees by the time we get towards sunday well here cross the gulf looking quite nice for many people we're going to see doha at about 25 degrees but across the red sea we're going to be seeing a little bit more activity here some clouds along the coast of saudi arabia from mecca
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a cloudy day for you at 29 to 28 degrees as we go towards sunday though medina you'll be seeing more clouds as well there we don't expect to see too much in terms of any light showers and then very quickly across parts of africa johannesburg it is going to be a warm day for you as well as a wet day at 30 and durban some winds in your forecast with a temperature of 27 degrees for you. it was sponsored by cats only. to notice their own. they don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i am anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there. is and we don't.
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all go back here watching out just the right time to recap our headlines protests have ramped up again in chile after the defense minister to a speedy dismiss concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators he says soldiers deployed during a state of emergency worker fresh and disciplined. police in colombia have used tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters employers are bothered by the main square in bogota the president has now imposed a nighttime curfew in the capital. bolivia's parliament is looking to approve legislation that will pave the way for new elections former president modelers has been calling on supporters to maintain the blockade it's called food and fuel shortages in the city of la paz. people from the pacific island of bougainville are
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due to take part in a long awaited referendum to decide whether they should become the world's newest nation it's the culmination of a long peace process which ended a decade long civil war and cost thousands of lives because. reports. rugby is lucky religion jackie joseph is running a training session with teenagers and at the same time educating them on issues like violence against women she's returned to her homeland to work after fleeing the country with her parents joining the island's devastating civil war i think it's been quite a journey growing up as a child and being able to to be where i am today the conflict centered around pan guna a huge copa and gold mine many locals felt their resources were being exploited.
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unrest and subsequent fighting between the bogan field revolutionary army and p. and g. forces led to a full blown war an estimated 20000 people were killed. because . of course we have crippled our nation i'm in a province where we're. here for the wrong reason. to him as part of the peace agreement bogan billions were promised the opportunity to vote for independence all for greater autonomy from p. and g. 20 years later they getting that chance we are preparing for the referendum and that's why we are holding our polls will stay open for a fortnight to ensure those in remote villages have a say with the results expected in december there's been a massive investments in terms of awareness raising. the expectations of the voters
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be managed. the standing of the process because here it comes at a time when china is increasing its presence in the south pacific while next door in indonesia west pup was independence movement has led to dead. protests we have many similar situations around properly learned owners are being marginalized by corporate giants coming in people currency or pressure them from. while many are expecting an overwhelming void for independence what that will look like in terms of building an economy and breaking away from property guinea isn't entirely clear yet another step beforehand though it will take place here in paintings powerman where the government will need to approve any outcome reaching mineral wealth and you see this may not be a region papua new guinea will want to easily lose gauge al-jazeera.
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catherine wilson is a journalist and writer focusing on the pacific islands she says the poll is likely to be just the 1st step towards gaining independence people have been looking forward to this for a very very long time aspirations and hopes are very high as you can expect and there is absolutely no doubt. from the perspective of expect commentators and people themselves and bergenfield leaders that probably up to 80 percent or more may vote for independence as opposed to gratian autonomy that is certainly the easy part but the critical factor is that this is a non-binding referendum therefore a majority outcome for independence it's not going to translate immediately into a new nation there will be a considerable period of months not weeks of negotiations between the pantry and the bergenfield governments about the political status of poken ville what that
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will be. candid sells presidential election and how their final rallies ahead of sunday's vote come and president. is running against 11 candidates including 2 the prime ministers he fired during his time in office legless hoc reports from the capsule. while this presidential campaign feels and sounds like a carnival. even countries fear it could end in disaster some of the candidates like domingo's see more spread out have west african soldiers protecting them and not the country's armed forces. from doing this all for a conflict that you may not be the know when it comes women who have a gun in the in stable process you have to say. just weeks before the vote president josie maria vos who's running for reelection asked the military to force his prime minister out of office after he refused to step
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down vast has overstayed his time in office delaying elections but he has the backing of the armed forces. period cool additional west african troops have been deployed as part of a stabilizing force days before the vote. the u.n. security council is urging the armed forces not to intervene in politics you know be sales military have been behind dozens of coup attempts and political assassinations with several of its commanders under u.n. sanction. these are soldiers that are voting early because they will be deployed during the election to ensure they say that it is a free and fair vote and so the military are keeping a close watch on the ballots. $6500.00 soldiers will be positioned at polling stations across the country. outspoken former military commander who worries the ballot will be rigged the political outsider he's been gaining popularity among
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young voters the sounds of these is the expression of your default against the system that is why these people that are voiceless are behind me as the leader for this nation but all 12 candidates are making this similar claim promising change in political stability this is a young electorate tired of all the political rhetoric and looking for a new beginning for the country nicholas hawke al-jazeera the south. opposition protesters in several cities in georgia have attempted to shut down state buildings using padlocks and chains in follows more than a week of demonstrations over parliament's failure to approve planned electoral reforms the opposition is adopting new tactics to keep the government under pressure problem for us or walker reports from tbilisi. another day of protests in tbilisi this one outside the interior ministry to force your thirty's
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into confrontation with the opposition. this week activists looking to parliament for failing to reform the electoral system was sentenced that tbilisi city court to short prison terms. spoke to us before being jailed for 13 days. they haven't any evidence and they can't threaten us with violence we'll continue to protest from prison or on the streets until we kick this probe russian regime out of that country. but not everyone sympathizes a passer by heckles irakli his opposition party was once in power it still has enemies polls suggest georgians have lost faith in politicians from across the spectrum but the public does approve of democratic reforms a recent national democratic institute poll found that most georgians support the plan to introduce fully proportional representation in elections that's why
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opposition parties united after the government renee gets on its promise to change the electoral code. the governing party is unapologetic the final say for the constitutional amendments and legislative amendments is up to the parliament of georgia and you've citizens disliked this decision of the parliament i am sure they will they will put their positions next election and sing 2020. 2 which is opposition wants to say now. this is a new tactic by you which is opposition activist making lots of noise creating excitement raising attention popping up in different places around the city to show the government that they're not going to go anywhere to get it continue to put pressure on them. that decision not to allow electoral reform to go ahead.
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i think the government insists nothing will change and that the opposition groups have to take care to avoid breaking the criminal code and finding themselves behind bars. al-jazeera to please. u.s. president donald trump says he wants a trial in the republican controlled senate if his impeached by the house in an interview with fox news he defended using his private lawyer rudy giuliani to roll call ukraine policy calling him a great crime fighter the house intelligence committee has wrapped up a 2nd week of impeachment hearings looking into accusations trumped pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals an art exhibition at london's tate modern gallery is highlighting shocking new evidence of climate change. earlier sun called the show in real life it's all about the environment impact and sustainability jessica baldwin went to meet him. and
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to the natural world of artist oliver elliott. the fog tunnel is called you're blind passenger visitors stumble through the 39 meters. hands outstretched eyes trying to register. a strobe light flashes on a fountain of water the liquid morphs to break. a walk through kaleidoscope of mirrors and colors the visitor becomes a participant in the art. misting rain makes an ever changing rainbow all perfect for the instagram world. underneath the fun in the whimsy of the show lies a serious message for decades elliott and has been highlighting climate change and now the issue is more relevant and more urgent than ever icelandic glaciers photographed by the artist in 1999 are now juxtaposed with the same image taken
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this summer the same glaciers the same angle the same distance there's no denying the masses of ice and snow have receded significantly in just 20 years elissa is more conscious than most of climate change but even he was shocked once i saw that difference because i saw the cases in the ninety's i may sing that kind of still amazing but when i see the 2. you realize there's something that was invisible that became visible something became explicit because you cannot somehow see 20 years besides making popular accessible art to raise awareness of the climate emergency ellie's some provides practical solutions he's invented a solar powered lamp used by more than a 1000000 people in developing countries the light comes from renewable energy that
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won't melt glaciers and harm the natural world jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. well you can find much more on our web site the address from paris w w w dot algis you don't. and let's take you through some of the headlines now protests of ram top again in chile after the defense minister of spain to dismiss concerns over the use of excessive force against demonstrators so soldiers deployed during a state of emergency were professional and disciplined on latin america and into the sea and human and small from santiago people are have been particularly angry by an unfortunate comment made by a police general he said and he was referring 2 to the use of pellet guns that have
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left at least 220 people injured in their eyes some people have lost one or both eyes and the big and for a long time the government had been arguing that they were only made of rubber now it's been discovered that indeed they had lead and other metals elements inside of them and so as of today the use of these pellets was supposed to have been suspended in case unless rather there was danger imminent danger of life place in colombia have used tear gas to disperse antigovernment protesters implausible evolve the main square in bogota the president has now ordered a nighttime curfew being imposed in the capital. bolivia's parliament is looking to approve legislation that will pave the way for new elections former president morales has been calling on his supporters to maintain a blockade that's causing food and fuel shortages in the city of la paris. resigned and fled to mexico on the 10th following protests over last month's disputed presidential election. turkey's government is offering
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a $700000.00 reward for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader aide says was involved in an attempted coup in 2016 i incur has placed $100.00 land on its most wanted list it accuses him of having links with the u.a.e. spy network and channeling funds to the outlawed good earnest movement people from the pacific island of bougainville are due to take part in a long awaited referendum on whether they should become the world's newest nation voting has now begun to decide on independence from power for new guinea it's the culmination of a long peace process which ended a decades long civil war and cost thousands of lives there's a headline sits talk to al-jazeera now. emperors to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain
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central to the world's oldest living civilization. in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the complex coming soon. to be. seen. turkey launched a military operation in northeastern syria saying it's aimed at preventing the predominantly democratic forces or from the presence of the border area operation. by the u.s. and the international community but for the turkish government it's a crucial step to ensure national security. and this week i would be speaking to the defense minister about the operation cooperation with russia and iran and strained ties with the us and they took over 400
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different all of this as the defense minister. thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera let's start by talking about the joint patrols with russia in north eastern syria how is it going on and have those patrols achieved their goals from your perspective their ability to. get the most. of them are still. going through a. period of. up to.


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