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tv   Hulusi Akar  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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main central to the world's oldest living civilization. in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the complex coming soon. to be. the. last turkey launched a military operation in northeastern syria saying it's aimed at preventing the predominantly democratic forces or the. presence of a border area operation. by the u.s. and the international community but for the turkish government it's a crucial step to ensure national security. and this week i will be speaking to the turkish defense minister about the operation cooperation with russia and iran and strained ties with the u.s.
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and they took over 400 different all of this as the turkish defense minister. thank you very much indeed for talking to us just made up. by talking about the joint patrols with russia in north eastern syria how is it going on and have those patrols achieved their goals from your perspective there. was no longer. going through i don't. really go to christmas. because. i was on the. let me tell you
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a polygamist. this minute it. started in my place. called military the educators make these changes. that are going to make. the terrorists. which always win i'm sure to make peace with abbas one of them was omar they would just. have. to say look on a fence with my coachman strickler. talked about. can you give us an idea about what you plan to do next are we going for example to see the joint patrols moving closer to combine fat and mandates for example. a lot of the. polish. terrorists and or
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the 100. like a terrorist in time i'm very attracted to that i've taken as a little it was a banner almost not aman was it was to learn budgetary very the cauldron of the middle. of the 2nd clock as in the regulation progressing the ship in the blue moon we have. made homages such to be clear from your perspective as turkey's minister of defense as the fighters are still present in the stepped up. as a model you. surely are called on it ambassadors for those that. didn't much to cause them trouble comes to the corner of the. church that are coming out of it that changed. the. so this shows that you know to talk about your object is.
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probably a test as in that touch the intimate message they need it will get every 2nd was when called into their lenders pulling the time i'm going to tell my children you know who stole it was true cause i said i'm sure you will know them because when the one i got the optimus. was committed alienate you all and on the boss that it was a terrorist it. was those because episode all the vaca to. see how could general model object. model as part of the much older british episode all the other material in a quote an object that can emerge to tell us what it should do it was so natural that i. should was ordering him as he should i think kitchen tellers are the most helpless in the modern i've been messaging the electric that every little part on his every machine he's got at them just reduced because they're getting yelled at
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it mr leggett it was actually up yours will jack mitchell shows are you planning to establish of the station post in the state the latest h. literally didn't you see there isn't a bus at. all on that come on and consulates are the most polluted with a given himself with a lot of his that's truly i mean your little insular cornélie which it all muslims are who the choice was and some of us wanted to make it a lot but it was hellish and it was again some that no one has ever done made a media or a solo album was british better come on i got a touch even used to binge on this creep enjoy the truly carders which ever never top of the no personas were. there whether he actually used to be given next year and will still receive. childish whether whether selleck with that instead of. how to curtain the article to make a lot of it. a 2nd ago make them. when you're one of the stars of equal.
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political news i wonder what other. alone other than a lot of how close i would measure an image in public it would be a really observation post of the color religion culture the color controller construct then take a look at sinister just president bashar al assad said that your presence in the safe zone is a violation of sovereignty of syria that his country will take all necessary means in the future to take back those areas what does it mean for you. because it was your will the killer was trying to get water for that. because the talk was does it take. it amiss with. kim that. that particular terrorist or that. it is going to that you didn't give a little time but if you home based of it it target terrorists that are them is it
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true that it was at this to do make this the conclusion that you have a huge they could charge one of the target or which actually up there was challenged by that of columbia back then was that these were other guests. to get in. the long run lay up a little part as they are going to let so little missa how comes it is that an. article on. those 11. or that he is on a high or there is a that his image it was written was him given how that was incrementally earning. some of your own condition their been accused be measurable and look at themselves so that there was a current item is it possible that it was the truth is and it took what on the ship . but i learned a. couple days of it was good as you were getting give any sort of been taken much most talented people. are you some good or
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a lot of good little ultimate as you very. top do and solomon so i understand after the safe so fully established the plan basically is to resettle syrian refugees back into those safe areas. so. talk to you 2 of them are to make them good and i mean the old way a lot of it there will mucked up with they're going to get all terms and. told them . that they get together and whichever there was a remake the book. for those will notice whether they're in the in the. brother. and as i wonder. whether i lose one of those television un good news and then at the top of the enemy i sure
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wish i watched some of the wounded talk to t.v. show you that. they're. normal it was a joke. you consider the why peachy to be an extension of the p.k. k. however the u.s. considers the s.d.f. of the y.p. g.'s part of the as if a crucial ally in the fight against i said are you concerned that this is something that could have long term impact on your relationship with the united states of america when the u.s. says i would like to do business with the. almost of the billionaires given by political if you. want to. work with them together. you're literally lives you've got to be drawn to. watch to go to the beauty of it was.
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is that what upper was articulate sort of the. american can you tell gee this is the i thought of. your dreams we're going over there through the. rhythm of this i would like to ask you a question about the criticism that was aimed at operation peace spring the u.s. and the international community basically were saying that civilians were targeted in that military operation has this been addressed by but by turkey. or the. religion has the most to give other than what you ultimately get sick then you could. go. on the tyrion is there you go jail the podium is there the. politician are
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there to chip. in all of them with their churches and here you are one of the. clock and the. polish by the regular them they're busy getting help there was using been there the toilet and then 1000000 mile even missing their limbs what moral their limbs what is one of the. most computers on the whole market or should he need a tidy up other car chariot he can all move the car that. the ability cut or use the u.s. was particularly concerned about operation peace spring saying that it would undermine the international coalitions fight against i said is that it could pave the way for i said to states a comeback how do you respond to that. for the world.
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because there are still as i said. there are. just so i shan't. be. believing or turkey or. not all to the. big. kid there are times when it comes to carlin was it particular to record doris day was which i didn't is it. true you dosh. is there all to see what on the cut that they should. be. in the up with the. terrorist while at the altar what on earth was a cut that. there. are so much more distributors. most exalted almost. most of them are you related
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a bit in the. book does the brothers in. speaking about i sell their leader but that he was killed in a military operation in a village in syria not far from the border with turkey and some people saying that turkey has a massive military and intelligence capabilities why has he failed to identify the whereabouts of all of that he. will be a lame as we believe is give you. a shit. on the. other lot when i get it you know that the internet to bother nadine in the. winter. quarters from dublin to be honest with. that of the world like a little slow. because it makes you have to learn. so that it is your father that
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if you know you personally you cause it to get it to those that are. very optimistic who are there. other old who know there is an. american miller talk to each other still on the. record as to all the other american history whether talking to make a car let's talk about another issue which is basically the deescalation zone around it that you have been working closely with iran and russia says to 1017 to implement the deescalation so but there are strikes happening almost on a daily basis government forces syrian government forces are staging a push to take over areas south of italy as the standard agreement failed do you think it has to be reviewed once again.
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been accused. of us in the under their own. tension and where they. don't want to look there's a lot of no one gives them a person you know not on all to go. other than ourselves or. most directors the big brother we're going to look at so much not going to close to what. this world muslims are going to get you on which was made up got. that under. the regime. of the head start because it did and then i think they're the political order and they were talking to a 2nd alternate surely this is the head of what is because in their. messages up there was so much the can they. when
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a call on mark kenya has the most regular. regime in place because as i close them as it solomon hours it the fact that mine is a. message as in the television set and posed by the. if you don't know was done sold a car then the what are you up to learn the truck just to show you the chevy is a lot better that we're sure and i could almost say it about an ultimate say to either try to get it was knocked whether been used been accused of shooting or that what the nation i think a bit to see will not impute were abusive it. alters because you didn't hear that it take it in the videos for those a truck to tb it is one of the damned it has a very and most of us there's still a shortage of either truly or you to him who sternly optimize course might go. through the regime as working on him that you'll come up you know visit me up there was. because it's all the most intricate and all to. ourselves the
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poor kind of them now more than they should be up to solve the solution under. the coalition in. college when our ideas are under. the sun that has an edge on the. pursuit of other. because it's all or most of. you consume the. most with. little to do with your resume talk show you their truck. up your. astana lady. look at their civilian or she may have are suppose are not a. good plan or the market. for that big house or the terrorists but expecting the . poor to get the new model because the mitchell show he's. under you can use that which knocked the ultimate going to vote in the dirty trick i think it was you saw it with yours sure and i got that top on which. isn't this
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could be. a large i was. shocked or rejected and we decided i was a rebel that i was on the arctic to kill they called me a billet. america. let's move on to another issue which is as $400.00 as defense system which has created a diplomatic crisis with united states of american and nato are you still determined you will activate the system. using. logic over the net. because between. the $2.00 to $1.00 of the there. are you the 2 to do your common approach which will give you this. looks on the. cameras in the military community mission however if you're so i'm assuming sawyer mcclurkin done. so much just tell me about the military which is.
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only the terms for the world to. however you're so much a 7 cyborg moms. your particular guy that there was a student. who was goes by the teller it was when the woman called what the hospital because she took turns for a not all churches and. once in a ernie whether. or not the bitters going to take that gives between who turns from the museum i mean it was. just so much is that it was a particular church you don't want to tell who's under the prosecutor not just for the church as in the. old. good job. but well there's a. sort of look to it when you integrate.
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in the turkish defense system or is it going to run as a standalone system the question that will send the order in which they can. not assist. although to this is a. minister of defense of the 2nd largest military in nato what baffles the americans and the europeans in particular why would a country like turkey expand its alliance with the russia of the expense with its historic alliance with data of the united states of america. even harder than the dig a bit short of your. being as was poor. mr book did he actually can you talk a little. given a solomon which is public a good measure up to the good or. a good president believes yes you should be
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a good member bombs be there with that conclusion with him and never. get pulled out of the church over there. there is no submitting is. the editor there courage it. is not world order a minister with a go to europe is not one of us will most. likely. tell me the year of the partner limited as your talk to him was sure your that was . one of the fallouts from the operation peace spring is that many european countries decided to suspend arms sales to turkey are you confident those countries will change their position. totalled with them. although you. can be candid. the. girl looked.
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out of the queue so back on the top and the materials for what i was using to do anything he said. that would do any good or the most out of them the highlights of the government and the men in the old well as it were the up them with a language either but i was there was only for the. island which is where they get their dealings. talking to. and we'll. get it. up to me funny at that unless the journey down to them but they were told as they had it not when they should be acted on and trinket visit me up to what i garden took in and who determined that it was not their business ability which met their charge to this mission that their child in the belief that that they're going to consume all the car lot of what we call another took a picture of what their relationship with their great cause a carload he's an enemy so mark about the. community or their soil or color.
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will make that. person the other them to look at what. must be up there was this particular case really cooked element that it was religion. and all there was a mother who. needed a language a little to solve the deal that will tell amen. and this is going to be my last question president met with president trump recently are you hopeful the americans will reconsider their decision to remove turkey from the f. 35 5th generation joint strike program fighter program. 30 soldiers say june was going to. hit us a ghost pursers of the. couple in the. i don't really have to call it with ourselves
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that we can tell if that was it goes for that in the show particular quote let's not damage it. causes she don't like either because i like a little back then was there talk a chick with good manners and it was what was based on his or touch their. lives or to call it a potential term your negative the plumbing the more the optimist beauty of the dirty knowledge of an abused got the best privilege of an ability to large of an audit with demi up to. the end of museum to kid it was machine b. departures holodeck tucked event when she was in the day she parked later became synonymous with jessica concert and we'll get back to this there will be. addressed projects and cut corners that idea is a day in history data america cannot beat and just let it happen under. color like that. with short like. hockey a negative unit showed last fall as it appears that. america west almost like them
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was done because it was so terms in it is you can't go stare at them is how such it is project hardship i'm sure they just haven't any big to make the market miss the . candidate and then. the effort is basically like other popular are you up to much of this one and are likely to. get again asia. there to watch them so i'm invited them to watch some of the billions of us at the i started yet and i petted almost as it was by some girl mother when goldmine just. ahead the michigan is based on the most would be himself. we can simulate image and soul must achieve. any gin and then to be. part. of what is best when all not going to want to talk to dollar has him. by scott i said a good mix on a collision. and there goes that of them and most of us. thank you very much indeed
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i read your post i think it's a good thing. i'm counting the poll says russia uses mercenaries in call the slaves from syria to libya the future of law around go was 2 trillion dollars but is the saudi state owned oil moved out of los googleplex on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost on the i'll just see. what are you testing about how does this impact whether online life basements will see us directly translated slavery or if you join us on set this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the
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solutions on al-jazeera. protests carry on into the night in chile as they enter a 2nd bomb. i'm sami say this is al jazeera live from coming up. chaotic scenes in colombia as police move in to break up crowds in the capital. some rare positive news from yemen the u.n. envoy says airstrikes by the saudi led coalition of drop by 80 percent.


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