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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. a campaign of fear opposition activists in the east african state of burundi accuse security forces of intimidation ahead of next year's election. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up colombian protesters defy a curfew to march against inequality as reports of birds of a number of deaths. for like his minority tamils worry about their future as politicians who crushed this separatist movement a back in power. song of freedom people on
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the pacific island of bogun still close on whether to become the newest nation in the world. the ruling party in the east african studies of burundi is being accused of using fear and intimidation to crackdown on dissent opposition figures attacks are being carried out to smooth the transition of power in a general election that's expected next year and the united nations is warning of a new wave of atrocities the ruling party has told al jazeera the election will be free and fair catherine saw reports from burundi's commercial capital which. protected by you can to cross memories of what happened 4 years ago remain true for they span he tells us his young son was shot by police while on his way to buy bread. right. it started in 2015 when president. grant
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and warn a 3rd time that his opponent's aid was unconstitutional street protests a field vigilante like attacks and assassinations threatened to tear the country apart another election is due next year and the believed father says people are still being intimidated by security forces and members of the ruling party you've been called in one at a. number i am talking to you is putting at risk if the police know what i'm talking on my find out and tell i can be arrested kill. people here have not forgotten buddhas history of war at this ceremony they celebrate men and women who fought in another conflict in the 1990 s. the fighting stopped after an armed opposition group brought president to power he promised civil liberties ethnic cohesion and improving people's livelihoods at the
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height of the people could not use this word because of him and 5 president including other of illusionary craighead brain and keeping the country relatively stable but now people appears him of abusing the they were right for almost 2 years ago. for saying. all those things on the run. i just have one word they just need to. repent. spreading false and ignore on the blanket they're not here to see her and it is not and what evolution and what progress the people have made. some opposition leaders say brew indians have no freedom to express themselves many have been forced into exile and independent media organizations remain shut many people in the
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administration. just trampling on the constitution and nothing. they are trying to do to secure our space for only seeing the day of the end its allies and others are suppressed after this father who lost his son so brutally hopes politics will not drive the country to the edge again catherine saw al-jazeera. protesters in colombia defying a curfew imposed by the president after a day of confrontations with police protest is concerned about tax increases and changes to the pension system the government says it's investigating the deaths of 3 people on thursday on sunday a rugby 80 has moved from bogota. it's been another day of undress and demonstrations of people saying you to protest against the unpopular government
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press event the van to save a spontaneous demonstration in various parts parts of town throughout the day the main event was happening just a couple of blocks from here in central flats believe people have gathered there thousands of people gathered there peacefully when all of a sudden the police decided to move in using tear gas and rubber bullets to this person the crowd clashing patients continued until the evening again people are out at night hitting on pots and pans to continue their approaches however the mayor announced a total curfew in the city starting and 9 pm also the president of colombia. spoke saying that he will start a national conversation next week to try to deal with this rest
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a while leader of one of the leaders of the opposition group called for a major massive rally he said next monday people are telling us that they feel energized and that they're angry for what they considered a very violent response some parts of the police and they say that they want to continue protesting in the coming weeks just as other people have been doing in other countries across south america for now more. in a month. there's been looting and demonstrations in cities across chile the country is now into its 5th week of protests that have been often turned violent 23 people have been killed the defense minister has dismissed concerns over the use of excessive force so i soldiers have been professional and disciplined rights group amnesty international says lethal weapons are being used indiscriminately on at least 4 occasions. but livia's parliament is discussing legislation that is
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expected to lead to new elections 2 weeks after president ever morale is was forced to leave the country protests following a contested election forced the army to step in which then asked morale as to resign prosecutors and now launching an investigation into him mariana sanchez reports from la paz was the protests in bolivia are not only confined to the streets but also reached the house of deputies the agreed to pass a bill that paves the way for new elections but it came after a heated debate that so legislators pointing fingers and hurling insults at each other was. but some lawmakers they know elections can happen before the deaths of 32 believe ians are investigated and hundreds of detained protesters are freed deputy henrico data is with exiled president morales is party he said they will go to elections without him its leader not paul is a leader our president evo morales is our natural leader for 50 percent of
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bolivians farmers indigenous people workers youngsters now he needs to send a message to pacify the country but the message and legibly from dallas is the opposite prosecutors opened an investigation for sedition and terrorism after audio of this call emerged. apparently in it martellus can be heard telling an ally to continue blockades and preventing food from entering the capital. despite this the presidency minister hid his said deals with mass party members and other marvellous supporters from coca farmers to miners were reached days ago the name of the field where the we have already signed agreements on all the demands they are making and we agree to those demands. one of those demands west for the interim government to withdraw a decree that gives the military and police the green light to shoot with impunity
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as part of the talks the government wants all the world lifted around the country as they have cost of food and fuel shortages. the political uncertainty is the dominant topic for many residents in the. hope new elections will bring change. we will be happy because there will be new candidates we want to new constitution no more corrupt officials a total change. but others say the interim government went too far in the crackdown on the protests and the damage is done. there would have been dialogue of people hadn't been killed with people the disappeared detained but above all we cannot have talks having brothers deed while the interim government hopes new elections will bring calm many are doubtful this will be enough without 1st making sure those responsible for the deaths of protesters are brought to justice by innocent.
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hundreds of parents and the children of marched in hong kong against the use of tear gas territories government has recently dismissed the harmful effects of tear gas on health and the environment hong kong has seen months of protests that have often turned violent demonstrations 1st began over a bill that the extradition of criminal suspects to china the proposed law was later abandoned. the use of the tear gas from the police is really like. because it's like more than $10000.00 tear gas in the such a crowded place and the tear gas left over everywhere like they are even in schools or parks and it's really affecting our children's health. iraq's parliament is preparing to discuss a new electoral reform bill politicians are hoping this will come protests that have been raging for weeks security forces opened fire on demonstrators on friday at least 4 people are reported dead but the government denies that at least 330 people have died since protests began in october there's been anger of
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a corruption high unemployment and poor public services 6 june joins us now live from baghdad to strew what this electoral reform bill is going to be looking at. will stan i should add 1st that there was a lot of skepticism here into hers were about whether this electoral reform bill will actually be discussed for the 2nd time they have scheduled to have its 2nd reading as of now we're told parliament is going to meet at 1 pm but there's been many times over the course of the last few weeks when parliament was supposed to meet and they couldn't make quorum or they didn't meet and certain issues they were supposed to take up they did not end up doing so so while it is scheduled to happen the folks that we're speaking with out here are skeptical that it will and they add that even if it is voted on and that's not scheduled to be voted on today but even if it were to be voted on today even if it were to be a law they don't believe that they have heard enough details yet about what this
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electoral reform law will actually entails this is supposed to be a law that would make among other things the electoral commission more representative of the population at large in iraq but again that's vague and what you have here are these huge unprecedented demonstrations across various cities in there at all in which people are demanding not just electoral reform they're demanding an end to corruption they are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system and so because of that they don't believe the parliament has done enough to actually show that they are listening to the. people look today right now it's just a little after 10 in the morning already there are hundreds of people out here it's going to get more fit and more full as the day progresses and people say they're going to continue to come out day after day until they feel the government is actually listening to their demands and mumbled something about really wondering about those protests that we've seen more than $300.00 people killed we've seen
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thousands wounded it cuts across whole sick terry in areas of the country and it's a very young protest movement but we've seen protests movements in the past what makes this so different and so resilient. as a very good question is and one of the things that really differentiates this is you have it up these coming out united around this idea of patriotism this is a movement that the people who are participating are saying this goes beyond political parties this goes beyond sectarianism the people that are coming out day after day they are carrying it off the flags they are wearing at the flags draped around their shoulders many of them young of course it's led by the youth but there are many elderly demonstrators here and in other cities that are coming out people that lived through the era of saddam hussein people who lived through other conflicts that say they want to support the youth that it's time that this country
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moved beyond the tribal politics that have mired it in this kind of corruption as so that it has not advanced the one bit they say since the invasion of iraq 16 years ago they are tired of the in demick corruption they are tired of lack of opportunity say that this country makes so much money from oil revenue and that the people here the population they are not seeing the benefits of that that it's only the political class to see the benefits so you're seeing this real unity of people coming together across generations across sectarian lines to demand a better at uk stand mama thank you jim lie. from baghdad well thousands of students in india's capital are expected to resume protests there over the increased cost of housing on tempest students at the joe our own you're in a row university have been demanding a rollback of fees for $2.00 weeks of monday around $100.00 students were detained during a march towards parliament students say the increased fee will make education inaccessible
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to the underprivileged and so forth joins us now live from new delhi i can see some people moving behind you some security beyond you just take us through what's playing out there. well over a 1000 students have gathered here today and massive security presence as well they'd also protested a few days ago and as you rightly said over 100 students were detained many were also beaten up by the police so this time or all around as well we see massive security presence behind me we've seen a huge march of these students and after we speak to you we're actually going to go chase them what they're saying is that most of the students at the university as. many of them are 40 percent of them they've told us are either coming from families which are under the faulty 9 or right on it so a lot of students from very poor families study in this university and they just cannot afford any sort of hike if the accommodation that in the university goes up
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then that something many students would not be able to afford we also see a lot of female students a lot of women and they're saying 2 things they're saying that a fee hike any sort of the hike is going to impact them even more than the male students they're also saying that that against what they describe as a. dress school to the university now wants to bring about in the hospital which is where the students of the university state so the women students are also here in higher numbers they're saying that the government is coming up with this because if the be a goes up then many students would not want to go to this university that perhaps choose another private university to go to and that will also diminish the status of this university which has produced many many intellectuals in this country the last one is actually the nobel laureate in the economy until as you were speaking there we saw people just ling and pushing in that protest behind you so we'll leave
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you with that financial thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera a campaign of fear opposition activists in peru accuse security forces of intimidation ahead of next year's election. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across the eastern part of europe we have seen a fairly big weather system pushing through across parts of france they are been peninsular with very heavy winds with that system now as we go towards saturday we're going to be seeing that system push into the mediterranean and for france as well as italy it means a lot of rain phew a lot of winds over the next few days the eastern part of spain seeing a lot of winds as well tempter up here towards earth we'll be seeing 10 degrees but overnight going to be soon come nation of rain as well as snow as those
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temperatures get close towards 0 over here towards italy though on sunday we're going to be seeing a lot more rain coming into play particular down here towards the south and over here towards greece you'll also be seeing an increase of clouds as well as rain by the time we end the weekend lisbon you did see some very gusty winds those winds will be back by the time we get towards the middle of the weekend and the rain will continue as we go towards monday as well well for the northern part of africa it is going to be quite messy with that same weather system clouds as well as rain across parts of algeria as well as into tunisia it's going to be fairly chilly so for algiers expect to see a rainy day at 18 degrees and then as we go towards sunday conditions get a little bit chilly we're going to be seeing 15 degrees there for tunis rain for you at 60 degrees. what are you protesting about how does this impact you when they're on line well i face mental state i'm directly out of trance like it's playful or if you joined us
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on sat this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely they say is a dialogue minard is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions announces iraq. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. the u.n. says burundi's security forces are white in your campaign of fear and intimidation ahead of next year's presidential election it says voters are being pressured to
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show support for the ruling party. iraq's parliament is preparing to discuss a new electoral reform bill politicians are hoping this will tom protests over corruption at high unemployment that have gone on for weeks at least $330.00 people have died since early october. demonstrations in chile have now into their 5th week the protests began over a hike in metroid fares but later expanded to include economic and social inequality. sri lanka's minority turmel's are worried about their future the new president got a rajapakse of the military operations that crossed their armed separatist movement in the last decade tens of thousands of tamils died or went missing during the 26 year old civil war bernard smith met some of them the victims of the violence. killing archie the former capital of sri lanka's tamil separatists is sometimes called the land of the missing their relative spirits
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a name that will never be shaken off now gotta buy rajapaksa is in power. there. the son and daughter in law were taken away by the army the day after the war ended 10 years ago and they were they ever got a buyer has said that our children are released they have not come to us and where are they i'm asking about my children who i handed over to them they did not just go missing 20000 people mostly tamils estimated missing since the civil war no one has ever been held accountable for the disappearances new president got a buyer rajapaksa his defense secretary towards the end of the war with his brother mahinda as president then they defeated the tamil tiger fighters who wanted to create an independent state. the u.n. estimates 40000 were killed in the last few months of fighting think as the government disputes and the un says both sides committed war crimes.
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my daughter went missing there was heavy shelling and we separated and i have never seen her again i tried to stay strong for my other children but when they're not in the house i cry thinking about my daughter i wanted to come back i know they have her just give it to me the government has set up an office for missing persons which is investigating 15000 cases but none has been resolved got a buyer rajapaksa says the priorities for people in the north and east are development education and jobs on the family still looking for their loved ones the new president says when they go to war people go missing. burnitz met al-jazeera colomba. u.s. president donald trump says he used his personal lawyer rudy giuliani to develop policy on ukraine because he is quote a great crime fighter giuliani's influence on foreign policy has been criticized by
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witnesses during the 2nd week of impeachment hearings in washington the inquiry centers around accusations that trump pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals in an interview with fox news trump also said he wanted a trial in the senate there was no due process you can have lawyers we can have any witnesses we want to call the whistleblowers but you know i want as the 1st witness because frankly i want to trial you know i can think i could have it you want to try out every one 0 i would look number one they should never ever impeached. turkey's government is offering a $700000.00 reward for the capture of an exiled palestinian leader it says was involved in an attempted coup back in 2016 ankara has placed. on its most wanted list it accuses him of having links with the u.a.e. spy network and channeling funds to the outlawed goole in the movement the group
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believed to be behind the attempted coup the dutch government has won an appeal against a court ruling that would force it to repatriate the children of ice or fighters a court in the hague ruled that more than 50 children in the whole camp in northern syria should be brought back some with their mothers but a higher court overturned that decision saying repaired was a political issue rather than a legal one candidates in guinea-bissau presidential election have held their final rallies ahead of sunday's vote incumbent president jose maria is running against 11 candidates including 2 of his prime ministers who have become political rivals the reports from the capital. while this presidential campaign feels and sounds like a carnival. neighboring countries fear it could end in disaster. some of the candidates like domingo's. have west african soldiers protecting them and not the
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country's armed forces. off. that you may not even know whether. women who have a gun in the in stable. process you have to say. just weeks before the vote president who's running for reelection asked the military to force his prime minister out of office after he refused to step down has overstayed his time in office delaying elections but he has the backing of the armed forces. period chua additional west african troops have been deployed as part of a stabilizing force days before the vote. the u.n. security council is urging the armed forces not to intervene in politics you to be sounds military have been behind dozens of coup attempts and political assassinations with several of its commanders under u.n.
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sanction. these are soldiers that are voting early because they will be deployed during the election to ensure they say that it is a free and fair vote and so the military are keeping a close watch on the ballots 6 $1500.00 soldiers will be positioned at polling stations across the country. outspoken former military commanders who worries the ballot will be rigged the political outsider he's been gaining popularity among young voters the sounds of these is the expression of it a fault against the system but is why these people that are voiceless hide behind me as the leader for this nation but all 12 candidates are making this similar claim promising change in political stability this is a young electorate tired of all the political rhetoric and looking for a new beginning for the country because hawke al-jazeera the south. the pacific
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island of bogun still has begun voting in a referendum on independence from pop with new guinea. crowds marched through the streets celebrating the start of the law to vote the ballot will decide when the budget bill will be the world's newest nation. sadi obvious that the people are now at the point of celebration and i join them very much they have every right to celebrate because this is a. full cost of all the beginning of good things to come if we collaborate and work. trust that's something that both parties have. to. now the referendum is the culmination of a long peace process which ended a decade long civil war cost thousands of lives little guys reports from papa new guinea. rugby his lucky religion jackie
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joseph is running a training session with teenagers and at the same time educating them on issues like violence against women she's returned to her homeland to wook after fleeing the country with her parents during the island's devastating civil war i think it's been quite a journey growing up as a child and being able to to be where i am today the conflict centered around pan guna a huge copa and gold mine many locals filch their resources were being exploited. unrest and subsequent fighting between the bogan field revolutionary army and p. and g. forces led to a full blown war an estimated 20000 people were killed but it's quite hard to structure it because. of course we have crippled our nation i'm in a province where we're. here for the wrong reasons.
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to create. the haven as part of the peace agreement bogan billions were promised the opportunity to vote for independence all for greater autonomy from p. and g. 20 years later they getting that chance. we are preparing for the rubber of numbers and that's why we are holding the polls will stay open for a fortnight to ensure those in remote villages have a say with the results expected in december there's been a massive investments in terms of awareness raising. the expectations of the voters be managed. down the standing of the process because here it comes at a time when china is increasing its presence in the south pacific while next door in indonesia west pulp was independence movement has led to deadly protests we have many similar situations around property. owners are being marginalized
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by corporate giants coming in and people can see oppression and some. while many are expecting an overwhelming void for independence what that will look like in terms of building an economy and breaking away from any isn't entirely clear yet another step beforehand story will take place here in paintings palam and where the government will need to approve any outcome reaching mineral wealth and you see this may not be a region papua new guinea we want to easily lose. 0 be. graphed with the headlines on al-jazeera. the ruling party in the east african nation of burundi is accused of using fear and intimidation to crackdown on dissent opposition figures say attacks are being carried out ahead of
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a general election that's expected next year the country sore spate of violence in 2015 when the president won a 3rd term his opponents said it was unconstitutional the ruling party has told al jazeera the election next year will be free and fair iraq's parliament is preparing to discuss a new electoral reform bill politicians are hoping this will calm protests of corruption and high unemployment that have gone on for weeks at least 330 people have died since early october. jim has more now from baghdad there was a lot of skepticism here to here's where about whether this electoral reform bill will actually be discussed for the 2nd time they've scheduled to have its 2nd reading as of now we're told parliament is going to meet at 1 pm but there's been many times over the course of the last few weeks when parliament was supposed to meet and they couldn't make quorum or they didn't meet and certain issues they were supposed to take up they did not end up doing so so while it is scheduled to happen
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the folks that we're speaking with out here are skeptical that it will demonstrations in chile have now into the 5th week the protests began over a hike in metro affairs but later expanded to include economic and social inequality 23 people have been killed the defense minister has dismissed concerns over the use of excessive force saying soldiers have been professional and disciplined. hundreds of parents and their children in hong kong have marched to protest against the use of tear gas that's after government dismissed the harmful effects of the gas on people's health and the environment hong kong's experience months of protests that have often turned violent those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after inside story. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. the new wave of anger in georgia protests to say the government has broken its promise of democratic reform so could this turn into yet another crisis in this former soviet republic and are outside forces involved this is inside story. welcome to the program on how he had seen almost 3 decades after georgia gained its independence protesters say free and fair elections still on soloed demonstrations broke out in the capital of tbilisi this week after the government failed to keep its promise.


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