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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it's and in the process mobilizes her community as long as people are free to talk and there is a good chance the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. the u.s. government is forced to release documents on its dealings with ukraine revealing multiple contacts between the president's personal lawyer and the secretary of state. yet i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up search and rescue efforts are underway in kenya where dozens are dead following a landslide triggered by heavy rains. self-confessed chinese spy turns on his government and gives details of china's interference aboard.
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song of freedom people on the pacific island of bogun ville votes in the hope of independence. in the u.s. the state department has released records related to its teachings with ukraine that a $100.00 page document was made public after a freedom of information lawsuit was brought by an ethics watchdog it confirms multiple contacts between secretary of state mike bump a.o. and donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani earlier this year the exchanges took place in the months before the then u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie evanovich was recalled it supports testimony at the impeachment inquiry that senior officials were aware of efforts to pressure kiev into investigating trump's rival job by let's go live to washington john hendren is there john what more is in these documents. well these documents are the kind of
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documents that the congressional impeachment firey has been looking for they've repeatedly asked the trumpet ministration for information of the treatment ministration has stonewalled saying it's not a legitimate inquiry so they're not going to turn over the information the state department any other department is not turning over documents well this organization or group called american oversight did something different they went through the freedom of information act and requested these documents and they got about $100.00 pages of them and what they do is confirm much of what we have heard from witnesses in the impeachment inquiry those witnesses were saying that they were too diplomatic channels to ukraine there was the official channel and then there was an unofficial one run by rudy giuliani the president's private lawyer and that the goal of that one was to try to get a commitment from the president of ukraine to investigate president trump's political rival joe biden whose son was working for a company called barista at that time and energy company in ukraine and what these
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documents do is lay out repeated calls calls in which sometimes might pompei oh the secretary of state called giuliani in order to coordinate and in doing so he used the president said personal assistant madeline wester hout and that just suggests that this was really all above board in terms of it being directed by the president wasn't rudy giuliani going rogue there was coordination and that confirms what we heard in impeachment testimony the other day from ambassador gordon sondheim the ambassador to the european union he said everybody was in on the loop everybody knew that this was happening he mentioned mike pale rudy giuliani at the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney so this really just adds some paper confirmation to the verbal testimony and much of that has been denied by the administration and how john did these documents come to be published. well they filed it if i had a freedom of information act which is an act saying that many documents which are
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should be accessible to the public can be made public upon request and that's exactly what they did it but it's interesting that this private group has been able to get this these documents out of the state department at a time when congress could not do so congress is being completely stonewalled so you've got about 100 pages here that this organization was able to get ahold of that congress was not able to get hold of and this will undoubtedly be used in the impeachment inquiry to show that the trumpet ministration was using official channels in order to help the president's private attorney persuade ukraine to investigate the president's political rival. john hendren reporting live from washington john many thanks well scott lucas is professor of international politics at the university of birmingham he says the giuliani schools to pump a 0 were made in the backdrop of an alleged plan to discredit joe biden his son
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hunter and marie event of its. but the phone calls are not the most important things in the documents the phone calls on the 26th in the 29th of march between pompei on giordani each was 4 minutes we don't know what was in the calls we just know they took place but what we do know from the other documents is that someone probably joy yannis camp was giving the state department records of meetings that your yani his 2 associates indicted businessmen love parness and igor for him and were meeting with the current and former prosecutor general's of ukraine in january in new york and the records of those meetings make explicit that the meetings were there to discredit joe biden and his son hunter or a board member on a ukrainian gas company and to discredit the u.s. investor marie of out of edge who was subjected to 8 months on a campaign of disinformation by giuliani till she was moved from her post in may now we don't have anything that says that those documents were specifically
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provided to pump a 0 but the day before pompei 0 2nd call with giuliani there was a time line prepared which set out all of the material about biden his son hunter and marie of on a bitch trying to set up in other words a paper trail for the secretary of state of these alleged alleged activities by biden and yavanna bitch that weren't in the best warranted an investigation by ukraine landslides in western kenya have killed at least 36 people they hit several remote villages in the county of west focus after heavy rain rescue efforts of been put on hold because bridges and roads have been washed away more than 20 people a missing journalist. is in the area and gave us this update. well the little people are missing and. or have been recovered. but. we've not
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actually been because the ball rolled through the crowded lee we had that. thought. about playing up in a bit on the back or near the area. by the happy because. that is being a 1000000000 in the area a self-confessed chinese spy in australia says that he's offered its government valuable intelligence information wang chang says that he's turned against beijing and revealed the identities of senior chinese military intelligence officers in hong kong has also provided details of how beijing's operatives fund and conduct interference operations in hong kong taiwan and astray wang is now seeking asylum and says that he could face the death penalty if he returns home australia's government hasn't yet indicated whether it will grant him asylum well these are very disturbing reports the matter is now in the hands of the appropriate law
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enforcement agencies and so i wouldn't comment on the particulars of individual cases but what i would say is that the government makes no apologies for the strong measures that we have taken to ensure. that we have foreign interference in place that we have brazil seeing now law enforcement intelligence agencies like never before and that will stand up for our national interest players on matters of foreign policy foreign investment or other related issues when nick mckenzie is an investigative journalist at the age and sydney morning herald he spoke to and believes what he said. i think it's fair is that it's extremely valuable the world for some time intelligence agencies are experts at wests have written a lot about how they suspect chinese intelligence operates chinese interference operates in vices like a strong hong kong taiwan and elsewhere but to have an insider's account somebody
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who says this is what i did this is what i saw this is what i heard and this is happened is that my rights and this is how we undermined the independence movement in hong kong says how election meddled in taiwan is of course extremely valuable we naive that the chinese government has one of the biggest intelligence apparatus in the world in this case this intelligence operative was working in according to his account of hong kong from company it was the hong kong company now it has links to the chinese military samoa's link so a quite easily publicly found using that cover is a homegrown businessman and he conducted various operations perhaps one of the more notable operations involved in the kidnap one of the causeway by book shop. this is where 5 booksellers were disappeared rented to the mainland one climb see had personal involvement in the kidnapping of one of these people it conveyed information to the kidnapped. just simply one of them fairly stunning revelations
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he's made to us into australia not henri's in burundi elections are still 6 months away but there are concerns over security opposition leaders say that there's a climate of fear and intimidation against those who are critical of the governing policy the un has issued a warning but the government has told al jazeera that the election will be 3 unfair catherine sawyer reports now from burned his commercial capital. protected by when you can to cross memories of what happened 4 years ago remains row for this man he tells us his young son was shot by police while on his way to buy bread. riots started in 2015. and worn a 3rd tom but his opponents say it was unconstitutional street protests a failed coup vigilante like attacks and assassinations threatened to tear the
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country apart another election is due next year and the be real father says people are still being intimidated by security forces and members of the ruling party youth we call him born in. number i am talking to you is putting at risk if the police know what i'm talking on my find out and tell i can be arrested. kill . people here have not forgotten buddha's history of war at this ceremony they celebrate men and women who fought in another conflict in the 1990 s. the fighting stopped after an armed opposition group brought president to power he promised civil liberties ethnic cohesion and improving people's livelihoods at the height of the people could not use this word because of him and 5000 president and other revolutionary craighead bring peace and keep the country relatively stable
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but now some people accuse him of abusing that they were right for almost 2 years ago. for saying. all those things on the run. i just have one word they just need to. repent. spreading false and on the run they're not here to see what we're in that is now and what evolution and what progress. the people have made. some opposition leaders say bru indians have no freedom to express themselves many have been forced into exile and independent media organizations remain shut many people in the musician. just trampling on the constitution and nothing. they are trying to to say to us peace for the only sin that they have been there and its
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allies and others are suppressed after this father who lost his son so brutally hopes politics will not drive the country to the edge again catherine saw al-jazeera. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera a wave of car port and the french capital as people march with a message for the government. trunk us tunnels are worried about their future as new leaders take up the posts. the weather slushy trying to se him pasta trying to at the moment so i set that in hong kong for example the think of cloud is further north of pushing up towards sinking a little further south was running over towards shanghai some wet weather here as
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we go through sunday make the most of the bright skies over towards the east because it will cloud over that cloud just toppling in as we go on to the early part of next week still try and sunny in hong kong on show showers in that northeast the monsoon fading somewhat to weather there into central parts of vietnam and the same breeze the anselmo should also bring some wet weather into southern parts of india further north into new delhi into pakistan this is the whole stand 2nd city hazy conditions here and i believe the blame is being put on the stubble burning from the indian fama say the clouds and the hopefully a little bit damp weather will just push a little further south which in the east which as we go through the next day or syslog the cleverer i was talking behind but really too much rainfall to speak of is the truth benign that we get with the north easterly winds pushing some showers there into double nadu into sri lanka maybe also into carol as you go on through the next couple of days but for many it is dry fine and sunny.
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but for the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for our cultural society it's not all you. really damning allegations that would allow you to go how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me maddi house and i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on out there.
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again this is al-jazeera that's for much of the main news this records of the u.s. state department's dealings with the prenup it made public they can phone contacts between secretary of state by pump a on donald trump's possible rudy giuliani earlier this year. and slides in western kenya have killed at least 36 people they had several remote villages in the county of west after heavy rain more than 20 people are missing. this presidential election may still be 6 months away but there are concerns over security in the country opposition leaders say that there's a climate of fear and intimidation against those who are critical of the governing . u.s. vice president mike pence arrived in iraq on an unannounced visit he's met u.s. troops stationed at an air base his visit comes as the country is dealing with weeks of violent antigovernment protests demonstrators angry of
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a corruption high unemployment and poor public services iraq's parliament is preparing to discuss a new electoral reform bill politicians are hoping that this will quell the anger out as soon as perhaps a jump june reports now from back that. this was an unannounced visit my the u.s. vice president he arrived and he we are told is at the airbase that's in western iraq visiting u.s. troops there these are u.s. troops that lead the coalition that help the iraqi troops battle what remains of the group eisel now it is very interesting timing because as you mentioned it comes at a time when there is this instability here because of these protests we've heard in the last few weeks the u.s. has called on the government to actually hold early elections and implement these electoral reforms that we keep hearing the government talk about here but nonetheless we don't yet know if vice president pence is going to be meeting with the prime minister are that optimality there is one source we spoke to in the
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office of the prime minister who told us that he might meet him another source we spoke with said that the vice president may only call the prime minister it will be interesting to see how this plays out because if you'll recall just about 11 months ago u.s. president donald trump made a trip to an air base while he was in iraq he spoke on the phone with the prime minister but he did not meet him and that was taken as a grievous offense by many adoptees who said that the u.s. president coming here and not visiting with officials in the government was really something that not only was not expected but really could be seen as a bit of an insult so will be interesting to see what exactly plays out how long this visit lasts and what will be accomplished during my pincers visit. in colombia demonstrates is subject to the president's promise of a national conversation and to fight a curfew in the capital they're concerned about tax increases and changes to the pension system the government says it's investigating the deaths of 3 people on thursday politicians in bolivia have agreed to hold new elections talks to resolve
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the crisis the demonstrations began after allegations of vote tampering have now turned into calls for electoral reform mariana sanchez reports from la paz was the protests in bolivia are not only confined to the streets it also reached the house of deputies the agreed to pass a bill that paves the way for new elections but it came after a heated debate that so legislators pointing fingers and hurling insults at each other. but some lawmakers they know elections can happen before the deaths of 32 believe are investigated and hundreds of detained protesters are freed deputy henrico data is with exiled president morales is party he said they will go to elections without him it's only that i'm not bill is a leader our president evo morales is our natural leader for 50 percent of bolivians farmers indigenous people workers youngsters now he needs to send
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a message to pacify the country but the message and legibly from it will morales is the opposite prosecutors opened an investigation for sedition and terrorism after audio of this call emerged. apparently in it marvellous can be heard telling an ally to continue blockades and preventing food from entering the capital. despite this the presidency minister hid his who said deals with mass party members and other modellers supporters from coca farmers to miners were reached days ago the name of the field where the we have already signed agreements on all the demands they are make. and we agreed to those demands. one of those demands west for the interim government to withdraw decree that gives the military and police the green light to shoot with impunity. once all the world lifted around the country as they have cost of food and fuel shortages.
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the political uncertainty is the dominant topic for many residents in the past and many hope new elections will bring change. we will be happy because there will be new candidates we want to new constitution no more corrupt officials a total change. but others say the interim government went too far in the crackdown on the protests and the damage is done. there would have been dialogue of people hadn't been killed with people that disappeared detained but above all we cannot have talks having brothers deed while the interim government hopes new elections will bring calm many are doubtful this will be enough without 1st making sure those responsible for the deaths of protesters are brought to justice by innocent. japan and south korea have agreed to hold a summit next month in the latest side of improving diplomatic relations the talks
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will focus on japanese atrocities inflicted on koreans during the 2nd world war that's a long standing issue that's put a strain on the 2 countries relations south korea extended an intelligence pact with japan on friday and turkey responded by agreeing to resume trade talks. people on the pacific island of bergen ville voting in a referendum to decide on independence or greater autonomy within papua new guinea crowds marched through the streets celebrating the start of the long awaited vote polls will stay open for 2 weeks to ensure those in remote areas have their say will the referendum is the culmination of a long peace process which ended a decade long civil war that led to the deaths of thousands of people they call a gauge reports now from port. even though you can feel the rugby his lack of religion jackie joseph is running a training session with teenagers and at the same time educating them on issues
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like violence against women she's returned to her homeland to work after fleeing the country with her parents joining the island's devastating civil war i think it's been quite a journey growing up as a child and being able to to be where i am today the conflict centered around pan do you know a huge copa and gold mine many locals felt their resources were being exploited. unrest and subsequent fighting between the bogan field revolutionary army and p. and g. forces led to a full blown war an estimated 20000 people were killed and it's quite hard to draw for it because. we have crippled our nation i'm in a province where we're. here for the wrong reasons.
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to him as part of the peace agreement bogan billions were promised the opportunity to vote for independence or for greater autonomy from p. and g. 20 years later they getting that chance we have a very good record number and that's why we are holding the polls will stay open for a fortnight to ensure those in remote villages have a say with the results expected in december there's been a massive investments in terms of awareness raising. the expectations of the holders be managed. the standing of the process because here it comes at a time when china is increasing its presence in the south pacific while next door in indonesia west pup was independence movement has led to deadly protests. we have many similar situations around happening near where lynn owners are being marginalized by corporate giants coming in and people can see oppression in some
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while many are expecting an overwhelming void for independence what that will look like in terms of building an economy and breaking away from property guinea isn't entirely clear yet another step beforehand it will take place here in paintings powerman where the government will need to approve any outcome rechy mineral wealth and you see this may not be a region properly guinea we want to easily lose a gauge al-jazeera post moves be plenty of showing because minority tamils are worried about their future the new president goes by rajapaksa lead the military operations that crushed the tunnel separatist movement in the last decade tens of thousands of tunnels disappeared or were killed during the 26 year civil war but it's myth that family members of some of the victims. killing archie the former capitalists are lanka's tamil separatists is sometimes called the land of the
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missing. their relatives fear it's a name that will never be shaken off now gotta buy rajapaksa is in power and the moment their. son and daughter in law were taken away by the army the day after the war ended 10 years ago and they were they ever got a buyer has said that our children or at least they have not come to us and where are they i'm asking about my children who i handed over to them they did not just go missing 20000 people mostly tamils estimated missing since the civil war no one has ever been held accountable for the disappearances new president got or by rajapaksa his defense secretary towards the end of the war with his brother mahinda as president then they defeated the tamil tiger fighters who wanted to create an independent tamil state and the un estimates 40000 sure lankans were killed in the last few months of fighting because the government disputes and the un says both
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sides committed war crimes. my daughter went missing there was heavy shelling and we separated and have never seen again i tried to stay strong for my other children but when they're not in the house i create thinking about my daughter i wanted to come back i know they have her just give it to me the government has set up an office for missing persons which is investigating 15000 cases but none has been resolved got a buyer rajapaksa says the priorities for people in the north and east are development education and jobs on the family still looking for their loved ones the new president says when they go to war people go missing. al-jazeera. in paris thousands of people are marching demanding that the french government take tougher action against domestic violence a report released this month found the police and the justice system failed to protect women activists say that this year alone at least 130 women were killed by
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a current or former partner in france they say that attitudes need to change. joanna tilly thought she'd finally escape her violent partner when she moved out of their home with their children she'd suffered years of abuse but then one day in september he killed or join his friends in the northern french city of love say her murder made them determined to help other victims of domestic violence so they teamed up and launched a telephone helpline they've been flooded with calls. we thought how joanna had tried hard to get help her death made us think we have to do something we have to be heard there are some organizations that help but it's not enough. in our city join a story touched our shocked many people to raise the awareness we hope our suspicion will get people talking. it was outside her local supermarket the joanna tilly was
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fatally stabbed by her former partner in front of her 3 young children just weeks before her murder she filed a complaint with police but they've done little to help. a woman is killed by her partner or ex partner every other day in france many others face daily physical sexual and emotional abuse campaigners say that even though violence against women is widespread police judges and prosecutors rarely take it seriously every woman know because she heard that she will not nobody's going to listen to her go there is already the culture that if you go to the police you're not going to be understood you're not going to be listened and your case is going to be closed. for months sees activists in paris have been running an underground campaign after dark they put up antiviolence feminist messages in the street as. people realize that this is mass killing disguised as crimes of passion one of our messages says you
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will never kill because of love so raising public awareness and often women who are suffering violent tell us these messages help them to. the french government is working on new legislation to tackle violence against women but campaigners say the proposal so far failed to address the root causes of abuse they say what's needed is to change attitudes to women and better educate children and adults domestic abuse often thrives because it is hidden these striking messages of bringing the problem out into the open where it can't be ignored natasha butler al-jazeera paris . it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera records of the u.s. state department's dealings with ukraine have been made public they confirm contacts between secretary of state by pompei and donald trump's possible lawyer
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rudy giuliani earlier this year. landslides in western kenya have killed at least 36 people they hit several remote villages in the county of west after heavy rain more than 20 people are missing journalist oscar is in the area and gave us this update but only 2 people are missing and total of 4 have been moved. by what they give in the book. but. not. because of. the. thought. about playing up in a bit on the back. happy because a little bit heavy down that is being a 1000000 in the area burundi is presidential election may still be 6 months away
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but there are concerns over security opposition leaders say there's a climate of fear and intimidation against those who are critical of the governing party the u.n. has also issued a warning a self-confessed chinese spy and australia says he's offered a troop of intelligence information langley chang says that he's turned against beijing and provided details of how it funds and conducts political interference operations in hong kong taiwan and a strain the us vice president mike pence is arrived in iraq on an announced visit his mess us troops stationed at an air base it comes as bank that is dealing with weeks of violent antigovernment protests demonstrators angry of a corruption high unemployment and poor public services close the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after upfront next. and alaskan village. losing ground to the road permafrost its inhabitants forced to move to safer ground below the west of the pristine environment one at risk planets s.o.s.
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finds people struggling to cope with rise in sea and asked whether those who have the power work to stop it appreciate the true cost of failing to act on al-jazeera . with protests raging in hong kong and a brutal crackdown against muslims and how far is the chinese government willing to go to maintain its iron rule. i made the house and also on the show this week the trumpet ministration i doubt that it no longer considers israeli settlements in the occupied west bank to be a violation of international law but is there any basis for making such as.


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