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and the similarities of cultures across the. aisle to 0. 0. 0 i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes more questions for the white house over ukraine the state department is forced to release documents that show trump's lawyer was in close contact with the secretary of state. heavy rains triggered landslides in western kenya killing dozens of people and washing away roads. and pressure on the french government activists demand tougher laws to stop violence against women. and i'm lee harding
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with sports and football jose marino leads his new team tottenham to a big win in the english premier league. the us state department has released records related to its dealings with ukraine the near $100.00 page document was only made public after a freedom information lawsuit was brought by an ethics watchdog so it confirms multiple contacts between the secretary of state mike pompei o and donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani earlier this year those exchanges took place in the months before then u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie bitch was recalled it supports testimony at the impeachment inquiry that senior officials were aware of efforts to pressure kenya and to investigating donald trump's rival joe biden all right so let's go to john hendren for more on this he's live for us in washington d.c. tell us what else was in these documents john. well as you know there are
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a call logs in these documents you were talking about those contacts between rudy giuliani and the officials in the administration those call logs confirm that official channels were used the u.s. secretary of state was using the president's own assistant madeline western in order to contact rudy giuliani why is that important it's important because it confirms what we've been hearing in the impeachment hearings in which administration officials have been saying there were essentially 2 channels for u.s. foreign policy one of them the official channel the other one essentially directed from the president through rudy giuliani and the goal of that seemed to have been as alleged in the impeachment inquiry that they were pressuring the president of the crane amir's lenski in order to launch an investigation into announce an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter biden and his role in an energy
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company there we know this through the impeachment hearings through the testimony of gordon sondheim the u.s. ambassador to the to the european union who said basically everybody knew about this he named mike pompei o rudy giuliani make movie the acting chief of staff in the administration so what this does is it adds some paper confirmation to the verbal things we've been hearing in those impeachment hearings things that often the u.s. administration has been denying or show ok so we know about these things that about these documents now because of a lawsuit as we said brought by at that watchdog group it seems that this information these documents what a big key in the impeachment hearings that we just went through the last week why did the investigators not have them. it would have been key and the investigator did ask for this information but the administration has been stonewalling them they've been using the rationale that this is not a legitimate impeachment inquiry and therefore they are not obligated to offer
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documents and certain people to testify that's a battle they're ultimately likely to lose but they know that they can drag this out you know the democrats are trying to act very quickly in the impeachment inquiry and so they're going on without this information well this group american oversight simply filed a freedom of information act request saying we want these documents and for whatever reason the state department went ahead and release them and indeed it does suggest some damaging facts about the administration's case on ukraine in that impeachment inquiry so that you've got an outside group that got lucky getting information that congress was unable to get ok john hendren at the latest from washington d.c. john thank you landslides in western kenya have killed at least 36 people at several remote villages in the county of west pocket after heavy rains rescue efforts are put on hold because bridges and roads have been washed away more than 30 people are missing awestricken high is
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a local journalist covering the story he gave us this update. going to fuel people are missing and that those people have been made. but what do they give in the book club. but don't see we've not actually. because the but the boat that we didn't see got in we had about a break we have got so and that. is about playing up and i've been told that. that's one of the behavior that is big in the area. iran is restoring internet access after the government imposed a shut down last week in response to widespread protests the demonstrations followed a government encrease and fuel prices by up to 200 percent amnesty international says more than 100 demonstrators have been killed by security forces
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a figure that iran's government is rejecting a said they joins us live now from tehran my apologies we will try to effort that story as our correspondent is trying to gather more information about what about what is going on there and iran so in the meantime let's move on u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in iraq on an unannounced visit he met u.s. troops stationed at an air base in iraq has been dealing with weeks of violent anti-government protests demonstrators are angry about corruption unemployment and poor public services parliament is preparing to discuss a new electoral reform bill. and vice president says he has raised concerns about iranian influence and discuss the recent protests regarding our conversations with prime minister ahmadi we we spoke about the un rest that's been taking place in recent weeks here in iraq he assured me that they were working.
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to avoid violence with the kind of repression that we see taking place even as we speak you know rahm and he he pledged to me that the that they would work to. protect and respect peaceful protesters as is a part of the democratic process here in iraq i also encouraged him to listen to those who are protesting and their calls for reform. jamison back to head. this was an unannounced visit mother u.s. vice president he arrived and he we are told is at the airbase that's in western iraq visiting u.s. troops there these are u.s. troops that lead the coalition that help the iraqi troops battle what remains of the group eisel now it is very interesting timing because as you mentioned it comes at a time when there is this instability here because of these protests we've heard in the last few weeks the u.s. has called on the government to actually hold early elections and implement these
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electoral reforms that we keep hearing the government talk about here but nonetheless we don't yet know if vice president pence is going to be meeting with the prime minister are that optimality there is one source we spoke to in the office of the prime minister who told us that he might meet him another source we spoke with said that the vice president may only call the prime minister it will be interesting to see how this plays out because if you'll recall just about 11 months ago u.s. president donald trump made a trip to an airbase while he was in iraq he spoke on the phone with the prime minister but he did not meet him and that was taken as a grievous offense by minute office who said that the u.s. president coming here and not visiting with officials in the government was really something that not only was not expected but really could be seen as a bit of an insult so it will be interesting to see what exactly plays out how long this visit lasts and what will be accomplished during my pincers visit. one of the
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top stories we're following the internet apparently is being turned back on in tehran in iran where there have been weeks of protests or us have begun gathering more information for us so i said as we have set a few minutes ago it's been it's been about a week that the internet has been down what do we know about it being switched back on. well as of this moment it's back up to 70 percent and that's up from 5 percent when it was shut down last week that was following demonstrations and riots that took place as a result of the announcement by the government of a fuel price increase of up to 50 percent now that was a very sophisticated shutdown according to analysts that iran has made to shut down the internet inside the country stopping people from communicating outside of iran but the internal network inside the country still was up and running so banks could carry out transactions you could order taxis and absent access news websites within the country those are based inside the country but we still don't know how many
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people died during this last week now the official iranian 12 that's including security forces amnesty international has put the figure as over 100 now iran denies denies and rejects that figure but business is have been affected exchange currency exchanges travel agents people trying to communicate with family outside the country now iran says it was necessary to maintain stability in the country but what they did manage to do is stop people communicating organizing and sharing videos of those demonstrations not only within iran but outside iran too ok so what is the atmospherics like there now. there's still a lot of anger and frustration not just at the fuel price increase but the way that this has been handled expression in the internet shut down young people have not been able to access media sites such as instagram or messaging apps such as what's up so for this social media generation you can just imagine how frustrating the last week has been but the united states has sanctioned the telecommunications
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minister but this was not one person's decision it was taken by the supreme national security council which is made up of the different heads and branches of government and they make that decision it goes forward to the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei and then he clears it so this was a collective decision but i've been speaking to people outside on the streets of the run and they have likened the situation the internet such as shut down to north korea now that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it's an indicative of the feeling outside on the streets here into iran all right i said with the latest from tehran i said thank you. when you're out of the news hour and creating a campaign of fear and burundi opposition activists accuse security forces of intimidation and of elections or some escalation and colombia's protesters defy a government curfew will have the latest from bogota and in sport canada battle brush her for a place in the davis cup finals all of that just ahead in the program.
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elections in burundi are 6 months away but there are already concerns over security opposition leaders say there's a climate of fear and intimidation against those who are critical of the governing party the u.n. has also issued a warning about the government tells al-jazeera the election will be free and fair catherine soy reports from rooney's commercial capital which. protected by women a quarter you can to cross memories of what happened 4 years ago remain true for this man he tells us his young son was shot by police while on his way to buy bread . riots started in 2015 and. run through and warn a 3rd tom that he's opponents it was unconstitutional street protests a field vigilante like attacks and assassinations threatened to tear the country
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apart another election is due next and the be real father says people are still being intimidated by security forces and members of the ruling party youth we called in one at a. number i am talking to you is putting them at risk if the police know what i'm talking on my me because find out until i can be arrested or was killed. people here have not forgotten buddhist history of war at this ceremony they celebrate men and women who fought in another conflict in the 1990 s. the fighting stopped an armed opposition group brought pride. that n.p.r. includes into to power he promised civil liberties ethnic cohesion and improving people's livelihoods at the height of the conflict people could not use this world because of him and fighting president included and other revolutionaries craighead bringing peace and keeping the country relatively stable but now some people accuse
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him of abusing the same right he fought for almost 2 years ago. was saying. all those things on the run. i just have one word they just need to. repent. spreading false and fake news on brenda they're not here to see what her and it is now and what evolution and what progress the people have made. some opposition leaders say bru indians have no freedom to express themselves many have been forced into exile and independent media organizations remain shut many people in the musician. just trampling on the constitution and nothing. they are trying to to secure our space for only say in the day of the day and its allies.
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and. priests after this father who lost his son so brutally hopes politics will not drive the country to the edge again cathy. well it's not just central africa director at human rights watch joins us via skype from burlington in the u.s. state of vermont thank you very much for your time what else can you tell us about about what the allegations are against the security forces and the type of campaign affair that they're waging. i mean much of what you've seen in those segment that you've just shown matches very much what both the united nations and human rights watch have been documenting for a number of years since the crackdown really began in earnest in 2015 and that is a complete monopoly of the political space by the ruling see india t.v. which includes locking up arbitrarily detaining members of the opposition which includes in some instances cases of beatings and cases of murder this is to anyone
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who's either in the opposition or perceived to be against the ruling seen the d.f.t. and what we've seen on fold is the use of this militia tied to the ruling party these are non-state actors but it's a militia use militia tied to the party known as the inborn or a query being used increasingly as in forcers especially outside the capital bujumbura to make sure people stay in line and they do not question either state policy or more importantly the policy or actions of the ruling sunidhi we continue to to declare that this is in advance of the upcoming presidential elections in may 2020 and it's high time that the world really really recalibrate its focus back on burundi before things us kool aid ok so so who or what can do something about this yes the at the attention is there that's absolutely important is that the african union i mean why. body can really take this on and try to do something
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about it and it's 6 months away. there's space for both the african union and the u.n. to burundi absolutely in our opinion must stay on the un security council's agenda they need to have routine updates on what's happening and keep abreast of the situation and the brownian government needs to know the world is watching but in terms of actual things that can be done on the ground the you really needs to get that can play a role in the african union is going to be chaired next year by south africa this is a country with a long history of brunetti. engagement with the ruby nelson mandela actually brokered the famous or russia peace accords in burundi back in the mid 2000 and so south africa and african union need to get involved what does that mean they can fully deployed human rights observers on the ground in burundi and they should take advantage of the fact that the burundian government has requested electoral assistance from the a.u. they can use that as an occasion to actually get those human rights observers on
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the ground and start getting eyes on the ground the fact is i heard nancy mentone on on your segment saying that people need to repent recognize what's going on and human rights watch we say that's fine let us recognize it this is a government that has kicked out the un human rights watch dogs it has kicked out organizations such as ourselves we can operate on the ground it continues to persecute and lock up journalists who try to tell the truth of what's happening what is happening in burundi unfortunately it's very much happening in the shadows and so we need to get people on the ground to both documents and announce what's happening in denounce it but more importantly to let the party and the government know that what is happening will not go unnoticed all right list much with human rights watch thank you very much less appreciate it thank you back to our top story now the u.s. state department documents that show donald trump's a personal lawyer rudy giuliani was in contact with the secretary of state mike pompei o during negotiations. with ukraine thomas gift is like for
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a political science at university college london he joins us now from london thank you so much for your time so obviously the the intelligence committee portion of the impeachment hearing is done so these documents did not come out then but we know about this now what might the impact of this be all on the impeachment and corey well i think what we can expect is that this is essentially a confirmation of details that have already been disclosed by other individuals who have granted testimony so to some extent it corroborates those stories and reinforces the narrative that there was in fact this dealing this very irregular dealing with ukraine and that that a number of individuals were involved including pompei of the secretary of state including rudolph giuliani the. president's personal attorney and also that kind of
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the relationship or the way that these 2 individuals were being able to contact with one another was through the president's personal a sort of sensually kind of connects a lot of the dots and say as you know everyone was kind of in the loop on this ok so separate and apart from specifically the impeachment and cory the impeachment investigation let's talk more about mike pompei oh this documentation that the that the secretary of state was involved in something that really was about the president's personal politics at some point is my pompei are going to have to answer questions about this. well i think you could say it's highly inappropriate and irregular behavior you would certainly expect that the secretary of state would be trying to defend and act on the best interest of diplomats who are under him here we see the exact opposite that he is involved directly in what's presumed to
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be a smear campaign against marie you have on of it so this is kind of exactly the opposite sort of behavior that we want to thank him for the secretary of state exactly exactly ok so these documents came out because of a afraid of information act like a lawsuit but it did not come out because the white house or the state department to turn these documents over what does that say because they've stonewalled on almost all documents at some point. it will that not be ok to continue to not turn over documents does that play in into the obstruction of justice allegations well i think that it very well may be the case you know the really interesting thing about this as you know is that congress has been trying to get these documents for quite some time they haven't been able to they've issued subpoenas but they've been blocked on every single level so this was essentially an independent group who
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filed a freedom of information act and a federal judge ultimately said that the state department had to disclose this information otherwise we might not get it but to your point right many say that the white house has been engaged on obstruction of justice and so that could be added i think ultimately to the articles of impeachment ok we'll have to see what other freedom of information lawsuit some turned up some documents that's for sure thomas get thank you very much thank you. purchasers in colombia have been out on the streets ignoring a curfew that was imposed by president. the move was announced sees the anti-government movement or testers have been concerned about tax increases and a change in the pension system so far 3 people have died and dozens have been injured and it's an inspiration. he joins us live from the capital so what is the latest there also.
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pretty much in tranquility is it looks like a normal saturday morning at least for now after today's precedented demonstration protests and some cases of looting in parts of the city and after a night of curfew the 1st curfew in 42 years in a here in the capital. as you were saying in your introduction hundreds of people defied the curfew and held. these protests in which they hit on the pots and on the streets and they've been chanting hours after the start of the curfew. dozens of them in front of the house of president the. most of these protests against his government to most people here believe the government hasn't done enough to implement a peace deal with fark rebels that was signed in 2016 hasn't done enough to
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defend the lives of socially there's indigenous leaders that are being killed and alarming rates in many parts of the country there's also konami issues and proposed reforms to the pension system and labor reforms that the people are protesting again there were calls for moat more protests this morning. but nothing has happened yet where one where at one of the gathering points but we haven't seen any any protesters arriving at this point and now the question is if this curfew and also the fact that the city has been militarized there are soldiers and police on the streets pretty much everywhere. on the way here if this had squelched the protests or things will. be heated up later during the
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day the opposition also called for another massive demonstration on monday and finally the president called for a national dialogue to start next wednesday and we're waiting for a response to this overture part of the president from the opposition and union leaders. with the latest there from thank you. so ahead on al-jazeera awaiting justice 10 years on a court in the philippines is set to announce a verdict on a massacre last based around the 90 s. it would have allowed him to post 32nd ads on his solution to the jewish. trial on history to raise fears about our digital future actor sasha baron cohen criticizes social media companies for allowing the spread of hate online also the. lighting up plame affair to performance from fans i had
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a south america's club football final details with me and just about. how we have still got some unsettled weather an awful cost across the middle east at the moment so areas of cloud just rolling across iraq pushing into iraq heading over towards afghanistan the possibility of some wintry flurries there over the hard ground we see some clouds was a possibility of a specialty of rain coming through beirut still getting up to around 21 celsius in the sunshine on sunday as we go on into monday little cloud just toppling across at least the side of the but it's rainy and we can run a. in cyprus for example italy's its way back across syria maybe you'll see getting into 11 in as well a little bit of clout say pushing up it was a caspian it should be dry cold enough 7 celsius the tower ronnell so into couples
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the little more cloud here but it should not see the snow at least easing away meanwhile across the raven peninsula we have got some bits and pieces of plowed into central parts of saudi arabia over towards the red sea so again a possibility of a special sea of lot right or drizzle for the race but the law's the clear and dry and sunny little cloud just pushing into the gulf as we go on into monday that we've seen a fair bit of cloud to the east the sort of south africa recently with some of us here that making their way it's amazing. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest solution author missed and passed from that it is. yet to pay. the main things that
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sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok. a little more complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going to move to walk the face of the work you're doing here is amazing but there i am so many fossils and it feels like this is just a damn what was your relationship with joe not normal we're ok that's it because in this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now records of the u.s. state department's dealings with ukraine have now been made public they confirm contacts between secretary of state mike pompei o n donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani earlier this year landslides in western kenya have killed at least 36 people they had several remote villages in the county of west after heavy rain more than 20 people are still missing and this president mike mike pence has arrived in iraq on a. an announced visit he urged the iraqi prime minister to show restraint over violent anti-government protests that rocked the country for weeks. thousands of demonstrators in france have gathered in central paris to show their solidarity with female victims of violence according to the justice ministry there's been a systemic failure to protect women from domestic violence activists say 130 women have been killed this year alone the government is set to announce new measures
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including police training and recognizing a psychological violence or as in speaking to victims she has this report from paris. joanna tilly thought she'd finally escape her violent partner when she moved out of their home with their children she'd suffered years of abuse but then one day in september he killed or join his friends in the northern french city of love say her murder made them determined to help other victims of domestic violence so they teamed up and launched a telephone helpline they've been flooded with calls. when we saw how joanna had tried hard to get help her death made us think we have to do something we have to be heard there are some organizations that help but it's not enough. in our city john a story touched our shocked many people you raise the awareness we hope our suspicion will get people talking and. it was outside her local supermarket the joanna tilly
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was fatally stabbed by her former partner in front of her 3 young children just weeks before her murder she filed a complaint with police but they'd done little to help. a woman is killed by her partner or ex partner every other day in france many others face daily physical sexual and emotional abuse campaigners say that even though violence against women is widespread police judges and prosecutors rarely take it seriously every woman knows because she heard that sure not nobody is going to listen to her go there is already the culture that if you go to the police you're not going to be understood you're not going to be listened and your case is going to be closed. for months sees activists in paris have been running an underground campaign after dark they put up antiviolence feminist messages in the street as. people realize that this is mass killing disguised as crimes of passion one of our messages says you will never
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kill because of love so we're raising public awareness and often women who are suffering violent tell us these messages help them to. the french government is working. no new legislation to tackle violence against women but campaigners say the proposals so far failed to address the root causes of abuse they say what's needed is to change attitudes to women and better educate children and adults domestic abuse often thrives because it is hidden these striking messages of bringing the problem out into the open where it can't be ignored natasha partner al-jazeera paris after 10 years families of the victims of a massacre in the philippines may finally get justice 58 people traveling in a convoy in the south were killed by a group of gunmen after a difficult investigation a court will deliberate verdict next month allen are going to war from manila. it is the single deadliest attack against journalists in global history and one of the
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philippines worst incidents of political violence on the vendor 232-0098 group of gunmen working for a powerful political clan in the southern philippines herded everyone in the convoy to a hilltop and executed them $58.00 people were killed $32.00 of them were journalists they were on their way to cover a local electoral event they were shot multiple times and were buried in mass graves using a backhoe the basic facts of the case are undisputed the armed men were working for the powerful empire too and clan state forces were also implicated to have. my wife said back in times they shot her on her breast her prey big bird such and they were going to be cruelty my siblings were killed to expect nothing more than a conviction for all the major suspects at the very least when it happened we all
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saw the. drug abuse grow without government into our. just popping the. it was a violence that shocked the international community and yet 10 years on not a single conviction has been made 'd this is a case that has been complicated from the beginning with over $300.00 sauce facts over 100 of them are in jail but over 18 of the accused remain are large the judge hearing the case as the supreme court for more time and the high court has granted her request giving her until december 23rd render a decision. on the. journalists and activists remember there's an callie they hope for a conviction for all suspects the see it will act like a beam of light at a time of political darkness 2 governments have come and gone with the culture of
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impunity continues this spite of being threatened with their lives filipino journalists continue to hold the powerful accountable with courage and conviction. and al-jazeera manila or u.s. court has ordered iran to pay a washington post on a list and his family $180000000.00 jason rezaian was detained in tehran for more than a year on espionage charges back in 2014 and the u.s. and the paper called the accusations absurd and said he was denied legal representation iran never responded to the lawsuit or never manes unclear how and if the money will be paid. it's a curious thing step ahead of hong kong's local council elections on sunday the ballot follows months of often violent anti-government protests and rest was triggered by a post extradition deal that's been scrapped a record 4000000 people have registered to vote the vote is seen as
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a major indication a public feeling towards mainland china reports. coming amid unprecedented unrest everyone agrees this will be an election like no other. many seats are being contested by a new generation of candidates some molded by the protest movement. sign can wing an independent is out on bail after being arrested and charged for unlawful assembly. people have been paying close attention to the process the excessive use of force by police and their wrists and they've been studying the views of the candidates on these things and making up their minds in a city of 7000000 people a record 4000000 have registered to vote. it's tough we don't know which side to take but beijing is in charge in any case so all signs indicate that the pro-democracy parties are poised to win a big victory. this is important for hong kong people it's like an opinion poll
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normally dominated by local issues this election will instead focus on the much bigger question of hong kong's relationship with mainland china. with pro china parties having the majority of seats up for election they are seen as having the most to lose given the groundswell of anti-government feeling pro-democracy candidates are contesting every seat with thousands of new young voters registering for the 1st time the probe aging camp seems to be bracing itself for losses this year the elections have been highly politicized and violence have become a central issue and there are people for and against so local issues will be sidelined campaigning on streets that bad the scars of months of unrest leo chu is a candidate for the democratic party. he's not hopeful about the chances of this
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vote forcing the government to concede on any of the protesters demands i do not have a very strong. the mistake of mine about they were kept out of the people. in this direction but that's a. very important matter for the international community that people what people are thinking in hong kong. this ballot will likely prove the strength of feeling in this deeply polarized city the question then will be want to impact it has on the escalating violence of mcbride al jazeera hong kong. japan and south korea have agreed to hold a summit next month and the latest sign of improving diplomatic relations the talks will focus on japanese inflicted on koreans during the 2nd world war it's a longstanding issue that has strained high south korea extended an intelligence pact with japan on friday and tokyo responded by agreeing to resume trade talks.
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thousands of students in india's capital are again protesting the high cost of campus housing students at a leading universities have been demanding a rollback of accommodation fees for $2.00 weeks now and monday more than $100.00 students were detained during the march towards parliament they say they fear increase will make it difficult for more students to attend class has more from new delhi. what they're saying is that most of the students of the university as. many of them 40 percent of them they've told us are you know coming from families which are under the 1490 right on age so a lot of students from very poor families study in this university and they just cannot afford any sort of hike if the accommodation there in the university goes up then that something many students would not be able to afford we also see a lot of female students a lot of women and they're saying 2 things they're saying that a fee hike any sort of be hiked is going to impact them even more than the male
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students they're also saying that they're against more to it they describe as a. dress school the university now wants to bring about in the hostel which is where the students of the university state. social media especially facebook twitter knew to have been called the greatest propaganda machine in history actor and comedian baron cohen made those comments that anti-defamation defamation league gathering in the u.s. for in force this point he said if facebook had existed in the 1930 s. they would have let hitler buy anti-semitic advertisements democracy which depends on which truths is in retreat and all talk recy which depends on shared lives is on the march hate crimes of searching as a murderous attacks on religious and ethnic minorities now wouldn't move these dangerous trends have in common i'm just a comedian and actor i'm not a scholar one thing is pretty clear to me all this hate and violence is
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being facilitated by a handful of internet companies that amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history. a facebook has responded saying the actor has misrepresented its policies and that nobody including politicians can advocate or advertise hate violence or mass murder on facebook that's their statement but the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been criticized for his decision to allow political advertisement that contains lies on facebook twitter though has banned all political advertising globally a recent report found evidence of social media manipulation by a government agency or political party in 70 countries that is triple the figure in 2017 it says facebook is the number one social network for dissin formation with organized propaganda campaigns in 56 countries larry magid is the technology analyst and co-author of the booklet parents and educators guide to combating hate speech he joins us via skype from palo alto california thank you so much for your
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time so. one of the things that cohen said is that basically this is not about free speech do you think that facebook in particular is misrepresenting what free speech actually means it seems some people just fundamentally misunderstand what free speech means. you know b. 1st of all i want to say that if he had made this speech 2 or 3 years ago he would probably get widely criticized in silicon valley for promoting censorship saying given this speech now i think it will be taken very seriously because people are moving their thinking patterns are changing facebook may be a holdout but in general it's a lot more thought about how we can stem the tide of hate speech and misinformation but having said that i do think it's a really interesting dichotomy here because on one hand i think it's a lot of bull that facebook and twitter and other social media companies are promoting a community of ideas and free speech but on the other hand because of misinformation
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and the lack of shared truths what we call free speech of the really become as as he said an opportunity for propaganda and misinformation so the question is what is the responsibility of private companies remember the 1st amendment in the united states applies to the government it doesn't apply to private companies larry that is exactly the point that sasha baron cohen made but that free speech is about the constitution that has nothing to do with what social responsibility i mean if someone makes a comment on my facebook page and i don't like it or i can delete it because it's my particular space there no one summer hydel to do that so why does facebook not have that type of responsibility well he was would argue that it's in their financial interest and i'm not going to necessarily dispute that but i also would say that they do struggle at the if you know it may know i'm been involved in advice thing them on the internet safety issue through my nonprofit but at the end of the day there is a struggle over this issue and a lot of people in the united states who have no vested interest in the money here
6:44 pm
are concerned about the balance between protecting people's you know decency and in a lack of i hate speech versus the the idea of a free speech billeted for people to express themselves it is a it is a balance of rights that people are trying to figure out how to get it right is it is it really though a balance of rights or is it as a. balance of what kind of company you want to be well i'm talking about the society in general if i were running facebook i think i would clamp down on it and in fact they have to some extent as you pointed out they've made some efforts the problem is that sure they can ban really violent vicious attacks on ethnicities and and bad words and things like that but there are a lot of what we call dog with so there's a lot of subtle comments and misinformation that doesn't fit into the traditional definition of what you might ban and that's having an impact and i think that made the point you people should read or watch that speech and by the way you can find the video in the transcript on my web site larry's world dot com and if you do it
6:45 pm
if you if you look at and he makes a very good point but it's often very subtle i mean the president for example president trump doesn't usually go out there and say things that are clearly hate speech but he said things that contribute to that and get his audience riled up so it is it is a very difficult situation and it's gotten a lot worse and something we're going to have to grapple with and figure out for sure larry magid thank you so much for your insight appreciate it thank you so much . elaters of a case biggest parties have faced questions from a t.v. studio audience ahead of next month's election and one of the issues that dominated of course was bricks it. people voted 3 and a half years ago thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you the people of israel before every other party that you've had on tonight is basically trying to
6:46 pm
for us great that outcome we have a deal thank you for you my role and the role of our government will be to ensure that that referendum is held in a fair was fear and we will abide by the result of it and i will have dropped as prime minister if i am at the time a neutral stance so that i can credibly carry out the results of that to bring our communities and country together rather than continuing an endless debate about the e.u. and brics we are being very straight forward to the party that we want to stop break that you may agree with both you might disagree with i don't think you could accuse us of not being up front about wanting to stop breaks that we have been crystal clear about from the very beginning. paxson has divided the united kingdom and contributed to a high level of political polarization china has more from london. ask a simple question and you get a simple answer how important in this election do you think breaks it is very important and that's why facebook i think is going to be the most important person
6:47 pm
in the bank so it's a really important and so you know for britain at the moment and so it's hard to separate it from their legs him but dig deeper and things get more complicated is there anyone in particular that you think is better placed than anyone else to sort breaks it out of. so i won't break up. whatever outcome of the election makes that more likely would be good for me conservatives would get it over they low i mean i would believe. that would you want to see happen not not necessarily. opinion polls indicate that the number of people who will base their vote on breaks it has more than doubled since the last election from 18 percent to 40 percent now add the prominence of breaks it as an election issue to the huge divergence of views on breaks it and what you get is bad news for
6:48 pm
a settled result vote for the party that wants to still brags that labor has a clear plan to get bricks it sorted within 6 months we can get the brakes it done now one way or another almost everyone you talk to wants breaks it over with but what if the voters are so bored brits that they screwed know the issues remember exit the vs screen all out and they decide to vote on the domestic issues that were them whether it is the n.h.s. or housing or all those other issues and those are areas where by and large the opposition party the labor party have got the strongest policies and the biggest support that's one. many variables in the coming election the country's issues have been puts the book food. talking about bricks and bridges so i don't know if anyone is competent enough i'm a bit confused revealed to be honest with you see there is a very different code of the polls do point to
6:49 pm
a conservative victory though and if boris johnson wins a majority that could mean the u.k. leaving the e.u. he says by christmas but there is every chance that no single party position dominates another hung parliament then and the deadlock continues jonah how al-jazeera london. for a self-confessed chinese spy in australia says he's offered a trove of intelligence information weighing leaching says he's turned against beijing and reveal the identities of senior chinese military intelligence officers and hong kong is also providing details on how beijing's operatives fund and conduct interference operations and hong kong taiwan and all strelley it is now seeking asylum and says he could face the death penalty if he returns to china australia's government has not yet indicated whether it will grant him asylum well these are very disturbing reports the matter is now in the hands of the appropriate law enforcement agencies and so i wouldn't comment on the particulars of individual
6:50 pm
cases but what i would say is that the government makes no apologies for the strong measures that we have taken to ensure. that we have foreign interference rules in place that we have brazil seeing now law enforcement intelligence agencies like never before and that we will always stand up for our national interest players on matters of foreign policy foreign investment or other related issues. still ahead on al-jazeera. we know with common well we don't know when is coming and when a calm good night. and sport they had to wait boxing champion talks at this chance as the head of his latest title defense. white supremacist violence is on the rise in america he was involved in this whole underground network 8 full time speaks to the victims of recent attacks when he
6:51 pm
shot me i turned around and he would kill my daughter and asks how an ideology of loathing has found its way into the mainstream can you trawled through line between the rhetoric of president trump and the conservative media in america to what happened here in el paso license to hate on al-jazeera al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't use the word bribe would just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today just to look down. on the price will go to all of them involving some of the region's highest officials. working with. the. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale.
6:52 pm
time for sport with leah thanks for shell oil in tennis russia and canada are battling it out for a place in the final at the davis cup canada's denah shapovalov levelled the tie out one all in the 2nd singles match the 20 year old beat. she is karen in the kitchen of in 3 sets to force a deciding doubles for robert. and on friday rough around the doll powered spain into the semi's as he aims for a 15 title the world number one set up a come from behind victory against argentina by dominating diego schwartzman in the single 6162 he was back on court soon after to combine with marcel granollers in the doubles they overcame the argentinians in 3 sets to reach the semi's for a 2nd straight year spain last won the davis cup in 2011 against argentina.
6:53 pm
to play the craziness today on the doubles we know already everything besides in the few balls and on all the matches that so close so happy for for that big. i think both of us well i think myself well that in the whole match i think i increased the level on the on the 3rd. is a great victory he's not going to enjoy his time to rest right to be able for them or they're going to be a tough one josie merinos made a winning return to life on football's front line his tottenham team beat west ham 32 in the english premier league reno was back in the dugout almost a year after his exit from manchester united he replaced tino at spurs who was fired on tuesday marino saw his team go 3 mill up at the london stadium before they conceded 2 goals 2 late goals it was tottenham's 1st away win in the league since
6:54 pm
january. last year's crop of the bird to doris final had to be moved to europe because of fan violence so far this year that's not been the case. there's just been lots of this lots of excitement for south america's biggest club game fans of brazilian club flamingo were partying before saturday's final in peru's capital however the match was shifted from chile less than 3 weeks ago as a result of political protests supporters of river plate were also getting into the spirit the club won last year's final against argentinian rivals boca juniors after the 2nd leg was played in spain. but. please excuse us if we say anything silly at this news conference we just lift the cap that brought us here very quickly it was some sort of a what we all sang. after some pushing off the price and the throttle we are
6:55 pm
a little bit dizzy but we will work to say coherent things. that age and champions league will be decided on sunday saudi arabia's take a one nil advantage to japan for the 2nd leg of the final against who are wed ready have a chance of becoming the 1st team to win this title for 3 times hello have never lifted the continental trophy the winners will head to qatar for next month's club world cup the most important these kind of games reach out a very tough we. are all born and so we have all of the teams you have all the more divisions. the speed is the most important and when you have experience you can. le bron james and the l.a. lakers have extended their winning streak to 6 games in the n.b.a. and the king was making his moves off the court as well and on it as well this time combining with anthony davis who hit a game high 33 points as the lakers completed
6:56 pm
a 2nd win in 4 days against oklahoma city thunder james finishing with 23 points 14 assist and 6 rebounds in the 13127 which. while the lakers are on the the depleted golden state warriors continue to struggle rivals the utah jazz dominated with donovan mitchell scoring 30 points and might conley 27 the warriors did battle back from 21 points down but still were able to lose 81132109. american skier mchale schifrin started her season by breaking a world cup record she grabbed her 4041st career victory in the slalom in finland on saturday she beat the 32 year record set by swedish great in them are stein mark who won 40 slaloms schiffer and reached this milestone after just 7 years sport. heavyweight boxing champion dante wilder says he's already planning his next fight
6:57 pm
as he prepares to get back in the ring with louis ortiz wilder and ortiz of wade in ahead of their contests in the u.s. city of las vegas later on saturday the w.b.c. champion is also lining up a february rematch with britain's tyson fury before that he must deal with ortiz of cuba who he knocked out and round 10 when they met last year you look good you know as a champion you want to see your opponent look good and look you say so when it comes saturday night i will have no mercy on him when i'm ready to do what i do we know was coming but we don't know when it's coming and women are calm. that confidence will see how that one go for me when you record shuffle band baby good night i mean i'm signed off. joining us in the news hour not good night from us we will be back on the other side of the break with much more news don't go
6:58 pm
anywhere. we went. from ancient empress to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex coming soon on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. i think. the prime minister. should be true to the british on the 31st of october and making this country the
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greatest place. to. follow drama bricks it. forced to release documents on a dealings with ukraine revealing multiple contacts between the president's personal lawyer and the secretary of state. and this is. coming up. search and rescue efforts are underway in kenya where dozens are dead following a landslide triggered by heavy rains. on his government and gives details of. a new wave of purple in the french capital.


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