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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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by the desert sands the yellow fleet on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. cards a home run when you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a record turnout for hong kong's local elections after months of anti-government protests. also voting for a new president begins in guinea-bissau where there are deep political divisions. and blocking the way rescue efforts are hampered in northwestern kenya after dozens are killed in landslides i'm going to ask a with the sport as they aren't
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a wilder defends his heavyweight boxing title yet again the american produced another devastating knockout to win his rematch with luis her teeth in left vacant . welcome to the news of the passion for change in hong kong is being expressed in a record turnout for district elections taking place right now now the poll follows months of increasingly violent protests against the pro beijing government so far more than 2000000 people have cast their ballots we've got a live update from hong kong shortly but 1st this report from sarah clarke. as polls open to the people lined up around 4000000 who are registered to vote in hong kong's district council elections after months of citywide on rest the people want their voices heard i chose up after your busy partner a friend i think teenagers. at least battery nowadays in all always right on
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time and and be on the change to be high profile and we can have different opinions isn't that what is important for you to see this show what your. candidates will face off in 18 districts with 452 seats up for grabs parties currently hold the majority in district councils but anger against the government could a road they support for the 1st time the pro-democracy camp has candidates running in every seat past few months i can't sleep the young people just want to us will just thank us for a 4. 11 the government given the chance to live by that it's very simple problem pro-democracy activist joshua wall was disqualified for running in this election he cast his ballot educate others to do the same if they 1st to stop police brutality call for free action is high for them to put every boats cars
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boats well we still have to actually police have been deployed to monitor the polling booths to months of bonding clashes the city's late has called for calm on sunday as the which we are facing an extremely challenging us situation if all the nice thing this year is elections but i'm just to say that with the concerted efforts of all parties including of all over 30000 civil so many things question today we should have a relatively peaceful and calm and current to conduct these actions such as the post i kept my bear the brunt of public anger but analysts say. unlikely the pro-democracy parties will secure a majority i expect the democrats maybe get a number of extra seats but it will be very difficult for them to really get an overall majority the district elections are normally a low key affair with campaigns focusing on local issues like garbage collection and bus routes but it's the only election in hong kong which is decided by direct
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suffrage and a small group of district councillors play a crucial role sitting on an election committee which chooses the cities next later the protests were initially triggered by opposition to an extradition bill which would have allowed fugitives in hong kong to be sent to the mainland for trial but it's now a wider anti-government movement opposed to china's tightening grip on the former british colony after months of often violent clashes the city's $30000.00 strong police force is on duty for the 1st time in the history of district elections whatever the result of this one it's unlikely to stop further unrest sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. well our the correspondent robert pride also joins us now live from hong kong and the sun has set where are we in terms of the voting rob because sources were suggesting that this was a higher than normal turnout. absolutely so yes it is we are seeing record numbers we knew that from the lines of people who
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were queuing up for the 1st polling stations to open early this sunday morning we're now into sunday evening here voting is still going ahead smoothly across all districts of hong kong the polls been open i guess for nearly 12 hours and that's all for an hour and a half ago we had 2150000 people casting their votes we know that just over $4000000.00 people have registered for this election that includes many young people voting for the 1st time this is a record registration so we're seeing something like a 52 percent turnout so far and we still got another 4 and a bit hours to go for people to vote so we are going to see at the end of this very high turnout and bearing in mind the total turnout for the last district elections 4 years ago was 47 percent which it has to be said that is a fairly high turnout anyway for what is local district council elections anywhere
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in the developed world so we are seeing of course. that there are police on standby in case any unrest but we haven't had any reports of such there have been a couple of scuffles but nothing serious and we have had several 1000 complaints being registered 5 some candidates about wrongdoing allegedly by their competing candidates such as campaigning close too close to a polling station and search so on it's all the small stuff of elections but this is what is largely considered as a clean and fair election and these small complaints will be investigated in what is you have to remind yourself just in a district election normally looking of course at the local issues but we know that this is anything but an ordinary event and indeed looking at reported earlier in the day you get the suggestion that perhaps. those that are pro beijing parties
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might lose out in this particular vote if it is one that is being registered by the voter a about the current political situation on the island whoever does make gains or losses how is this actually going to impact on the much wider issue of hong kong's fractious political situation at the moment well this is being very being seen very much as a litmus test if you like as a very good opinion poll it's very difficult here in hong kong where you don't have universal suffrage but you do have freedom of expression of just trying to gauge what the sentiment of the public is and none normally it's a real numbers game and often the numbers that you concentrate on the people out in the street voting with their feet and their your because of course that at the very start of all of this unrest way back in june which seems like a lifetime ago now we have this said demonstration this march by 2 1000000 people
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that's out of a population of 7000000 people and so the people in the pan democratic camp were say my goodness look at this opposition to the government of 2000000 people take to the streets you can extrapolate that and then figure out maybe there's another one or 2000000 people who are sitting at home who must be opposed to where this government and yet people in the conservative camp would say there is a silent majority out there well hopefully by the end of this and do this voting by monday morning we should get a very clear indication of just what people think in hong kong and where people stand indeed will be coming back to in the coming hours as the vote continues and as it ends and of course analysis when we get those results too thanks rob. let's head over to africa now because guinea bissau is holding its presidential election with many hoping the vote will end years of political instability president jose vance is seeking reelection after a 1st term marred by inviting claims of corruption that faces strong opposition
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including 2 of the prime ministers that he fired during his 5 years in office the west african nation has had 9 coups and attempted coups over the past 4 decades nicholas haq is our correspondent for us in the capital this hour just give us an idea where you are right now nicholas and what you're seeing. so we're outside a polling station there are $3000.00 polling stations opened up across the country and this is for many a crucial election because at stake is a president that hopefully will bring back the ability of us as you mentioned he has been the root cause of political instability just weeks before the election he called on the military to force the prime minister out of office and so just days before this vote hundreds of extra west african troops were called in and so we're expecting today more than 760000 voters to come out and cast their vote
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take a look at this report. people come to nurse clementina to talk about their aches and pains but there is something that keeps coming up in her consultations politics is making people enemies. and so she tells them there's only one way to deal with it it's to vote in this presidential election. it's as if politicians forgot about us that what to do actually affects us once they come into office they completely forget about the people they're meant to represent. the santos is disappointed with the president as a mario vosh who's running for reelection he said he would put the country back to work instead elected officials squabbled threatening each other unable to pass laws or approve budgets the government stopped paying teachers and nurses do some to us who was left without pay for 10 months her clinic has no running water and it had no electricity until the charity installed solar panels. to get treatment people
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come to a hospital run by the west african soldiers stationed here as part of a stabilizing force because of the political deadlock. treatment and drugs are free this is an effort to win hearts and minds because presidential candidates have been critical of the presence of foreign soldiers in their country. in rallies they peel to patriotic crowd celebrating to be south. it will take more than a good show to convince the 760000 voters they will come out to vote because many of them are 1st time voters and while this campaign has been about trying to bring to an end the political crisis where these young people want more jobs. but you brewer has a master's degree in political science in a country where half of the population doesn't know how to read and write and yet he couldn't find a job now he works as a caretaker in an empty building site sleeping on
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a concrete floor. it is you mediating him painful to have gone through this i sleep on the floor i am not sure why i bother to study what is this country done for me. it's a feeling shared by many there is no quick remedy to give you peace i was problems but for a nurse just on to us expressing yourself can help alleviate the pain and perhaps bring change. rosa vos the incoming president is about to make history no matter what the outcome because he's the 1st head of state to complete his time in office there's been dozens of curtail attempts and political assassination and while he succeeded to complete his time in office peacefully many people are unhappy with what he's done during his time in office joining us now is retired fernandez gomez now you are a writer you wrote a book calling it's a long time coming referring to the political instability and you voted for george
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zimmerman of us during the 1st election why because i he has the support of the party and. and so i was hoping that he will make some change for the better in the country and did he in my opinion not not not even i'm not even close he didn't came close to that so this time i will not vote for him i don't know what he did in this past 5 years for our country so it's it's a feeling that i am hearing from a lot of voters a disappointment especially young vord voters why are people so disappointed because i think we are tired of waiting for days stability to come if i can say that way so at the same time you still have hope we still have whole that the country will be in the right pants for development someday so i think we
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will started today may so there's 12 candidates and you've been following the campaign would you expect from a new president i expect a man that will be. concern about the unity of the people someone dead will be able to. make us feel. someone did we can trust that will lead us to our country did we all dreamed about that cabral dreamed about so. i still have more but i'm a believer and i think. for now there's going to thank you very much and here you're referring to i mean look at her brother who was the man who brought independence to this country and had that peer u.g.c. the main political party and never has there been a president that has been elected that hasn't been part of this party they have a candidate domingo seymour spira who is the frontrunner but he's up against other
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rival candidates among them. so we expect this to be a tightly run race but for the moment it's all about the voting and so far we've seen people come out in numbers to cast their vote back to you so thanks very much nic of course we'll follow vents with you through the day also on the african continent a small plane has crashed in the democratic republic of congo went down in a residential area just after taking off from the airport in goma in the east now at least 18 people were on board including the pilot sources have told al-jazeera at least 3 people survived. and rescue efforts are underway in northwestern kenya to flooding and landslides at least 36 people have been killed but the full scale of the disaster is still unclear rescue efforts have been delayed because of flooding cut off roads and bridges in the area 10 years president has responded to the emergency saying to those who've whose loved ones are yet to be found i assure
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you that the ongoing multi agency rescue operation will continue until after every missing person is accounted for. peter of our is the public relations and communications manager the kenyan red cross he joins me now via skype from nairobi good to have you with us live on the program what is the situation like at the moment is it still a rescue and recovery mission absolutely what we what is happening is now is that our teams on the ground are going through the village trying to find if any people may still be stuck in the debris where there are still alive or casualties to be able to rescue them how difficult is the task of helping those that have survived or getting to them where landslides have hit what is a very remote area. you're absolutely right area is really more but.
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apart from that most of the road network has been cut off because of the landslides and and the debris that resulted from the landslide so our team used. to walk as long as 4 hours to just be able to reach the affected villages and we're not forcing your efforts with the government and their agencies in terms of the relief and rescue effort or how are the government reaching out to you as an aid agency to say how can we coordinate our efforts. actually working with government because the government has set up an emergency rescue center in nairobi which. team in fact as i speak now our head of disaster response is in that meeting they are discussing how to coordinate their efforts better and on the ground our regular manager in that region is walking closely with the county government. with backcourt and their you know county commissioner ican to commissioner of the
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affected areas so those efforts are being coordinated jointly with government and other agencies you are aware that yesterday the president sent the armed forces rescue teams so these are mighty edge in the effort that is going on on the ground is not just the kenyan red cross so was rescued where other survivors being looked after what facilities have been set up in safe areas where landslides won't affect them again certainly for the for the for the short term. here this has been worked out very carefully we. might imagine the teams have identified a number of primary school schools and public institutions that have been determined to be safe where those that have been rescued are temporarily being supported and you know and shifted or you know your hands are certainly very full and busy at the moment and we'll continue to monitor events with you from the kenya red cross peter about acts a joining us from nairobi thank you. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour
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libyan war cleaver have to declare as a no fly zone in the skies over the capital tripoli. also we take a look at some of the other ways chileans are protesting against that government. and we'll tell you about hope of celebrations in brazil but have been there to 8 years in the making that's coming up with cho. thank you both african hour to libya where i spokesman for the ward cleaver have to says a no fly zone is in place over most of the capital tripoli now the city's only functional airport is mitiga in and that is except i have to forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national called the tripoli administration says any threat to civilian aviation is a crime under national and international and you'll know in the today we declare
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a no fly zone we're flying is totally prohibited without prior coordination with the general command of the armed forces this no fly zone is as per this plan no flying is permitted within the parameters of this black square it extends from all nom de guerre a bully then to the south east point then it extends to the west up to all right peter cap and up to milan this square area is a no fly zone where flying is completely forbidden mahmoud of the wide has more from tripoli. this is a part of the tactics used by the eastern a camp led by the world really for have to specially after he's been losing momentum among the international players remember that the declaration by his spokesman. last night seems to be ironic because they have been already targeting the only operational airport in tripoli in may to get airport over 30 times since
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the beginning of the fighting back in april and up remember this statement by miss marty imposing a no fly zone in the west of the country comes only a few days after they shut down have to force a shutdown and talian remotely controlled that draw. that belongs to the italian air force as you know that admitted that they have shut down this italian drawn with italian flag on it but meanwhile the italian embassy according to reports stated that they lost this drawn over tripoli and that drone was part of a mission over demitted freeney and see which is called maddie secord or safe sea to monitor the activities of illegal immigration and tourism over the course of libya. asama koba is a senior consultant and strategic adviser at the cattle strategic studies center
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joins me now here in doha qatar be with us on the program i mean is there any legal basis for general khalifa haftar to declare the western skies of libya a no fly zone no he doesn't have this kind of a legal basis but whatever is happening to libya it doesn't really start with any illegality or with the authorization. have that is basically just the face front of an international coalition that is really attacking libya and attacking tripoli i would like to don't boars their world and their project but it could project over libya have to take a not really a day or 2 to say anything or to do even he doesn't have the capability of what it is even to attack a terrible attack in a small city without having the support of friends united arab emirates egypt and now russia that you know there are many american reports are saying there are 1400 russian soldiers whether they belong to
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a private company or to the russian government to this is that is beside the point but there are russian will train soldiers with the defense missile capabilities are basically around tripoli are basically in ground and the drone and the american drone basically they were not really shut down by a half there is a capability no it is basically by the russian capabilities so what i see here is basically there's an international attack. on libya and have sort of just the face of front for it there is not that he's not really capable even to. gather libyans from the inside of libya to to fight if that if that is the case and says so why then declare a no fly zone even if you can't enforce it what's the message no no he it's not him it's basically those who are behind him there is this certainly conflict. and force it russia and france united arab emirates they do have the capability to info to
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enforce a no fly zone for libyan planes. italy is a business lee a weak link here i was really surprised that american drone was really shut down especially like last week there was an agreement signed between the libyan interior minister and the 3 com to to work together and try to protect or calm down the fighting around tripoli yet now we have seen that american drone has been shot down this is to me really surprise and have to would not really not have to i mean those who are behind have there were not really there to do that without having sort of like leeway from the americans as well but there are there are many fighters there obviously that are libyan and a lot of fighting with khalifa haftar then one has to wonder that if you don't have actually aircraft in the skies because neither the u.n. backed government or khalifa have to forces have as superiority how the u.n.
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backed government is going to react to this in tripoli they are helpless they cannot really act they are waiting for the international community community to support them they're waiting for the their security council who backed this this government by somebody solutions to act on this one but they have failed the government they have filled the libyans over and over again this is not really the 1st time just the fact that have that i thought that tripoli on the day when the u.n. chairperson was was i was giving a speech in tripoli this is just say volume of the international backing for have to. fortunately we are really handicapped the national. government backed international is a handicap and the libyan fighters are the handicapped we are really stuck in the situation we cannot even attack because we. i don't really have the tools to do this kind of overall attack to destroy have to and those libyans who fight with
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have to they're really minorities that we we know and ginger we had from sudan are fighting with have their way no. mission there is a fighting would have there and now we're russians. sions like how how can how can we really stand up in this kind of wave to see what happens in the coming days for the moment to osama thanks for joining us from doha. in iraq security forces have opened fire on anti-government protesters in basra killing at least 2 people they were dispersing crowds near the main port of more than 70 others were also injured. earlier security forces killed 3 protesters in the southern city and . dozens of others were wounded at least 330 have been killed in demonstrations across iraq since last month that angry over corruption high unemployment and poor public so. full of a few minutes for half the weather with chad in but still ahead here. as the
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international court of justice in the hague prepares to try a charge to genocide against the writing of al-jazeera sheds new light on the alleged crimes plus why the this process is going on in the capital situation here at the frontline this very different soldiers still die here every week on stuff class and reporting from the law and going bust in eastern ukraine. and we'll tell you why this college football came ground to home that story coming up in school do stay with us. i know that i'm afraid is not looking very good at all across europe in particular the central areas a mass of activity here honestly is sitting there for last 24 hours and it is not
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about to move any time soon and have a look at this this is calm the city there on the south coast and the has been some torrential amounts of rain and just look at it pouring through the streets and in fact the french metal phase had read warnings in place they've just changed them to orange the brought down the warning level and then just at the coast from now from connor got nice 73 millimeters of rain in just 24 hours now the october average november a pretty even is $94.00 millimeters that give you an idea of just how much has come down and then across the border into italy into genoa 177 millimeters again in 24 hours and that is more than the no. total of $109.00 millimeters and unfortunately there is more to come to the north again southern france and also to the south we could be saying another $200.00 millimeters in the next 3 days this is the system it is on its way eastwards still some pretty heavy rain into southern areas of if it begins to push on up towards the balkans and then as we go monday into tuesday
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we finally do get a break across the center as it should begin to dry up rain into the southeast unfortunately as another big flood making event pushing into the northwest of europe. was sponsored by countdown and one. day one of the new iraqi television news we badly need at this moment leadership and that this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism turns to the public has resigned after only long lines the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people on the suffering and dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army like wasted in the city disappear before
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the. common security to miss song to come to me. on some good. pick. welcome back you're watching counters arrives a whole rob a reminder of our top stories this news a record number of people have turned out to vote in hong kong's district elections more than 2000000 people have already cast their ballots it follows months of increasingly violent protests against pro paging policies people are choosing
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a new president for years political infighting claims of corruption of power lies parliament being company president jose maria vastly seeking reelection. and rescue efforts are underway in the north western area of kenya after flooding and landslides hit the region at least $36.00 people have been killed including 7. mammals leader is expected to defend her military against allegations of genocide at the international criminal court of justice the army is accused of targeting the muslim minority and al jazeera documentary sheds new light on the abuses a warning that osama bin javits report contains some disturbing images of. nearly a 1000000 muslim rangar live in the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh as the international court of justice prepares to begin hearing allegations of genocide and forced deportation of the rangar a new documentary uncovers testimonies of abuse and the involvement of me in my eyes government officials. the prosecution has gone on for decades but since
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2017 hundreds of thousands of rangar were forced to flee after the military accused the rebels of terrorism as early as 1966 the burmese military started to see the real hinge or the problem. through the years myanmar's government has even set up special forces to deal with its ruling the minority british government. grew up these problems with. homes have existed since the british rule because they brought labor from bangladesh. well you know not only must we're not migrants from bangladesh this is their birth place and i was born in this house that was built 18 or 19 our mosque was also built on 990 by my great grandfather. through the years myanmar's government has even set up special forces to deal with its running a minority. was essentially the burmese equivalent of s.s.
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nasa the executioner this former intelligence chief says the priority was to stop people crossing into me in my or illegally you know so i created a sucker to stop people from crossing the borders it was the right thing to do they were migrants our objective was to control our border they are guests from bangladesh and we didn't want to accept guest otherwise there would be no more rakhine just got more and more muslims that. now decades later u.n. investigators have warned genocide threat for me in my eyes running is greater than ever i want into earlier the famous soldier held a gun to my head in seed what if i shoot you right now then he seed we have in order to kill all of you muslims we are invincible. once their villages were burnt down were funneled into what is now the cum complex where 122140000 were
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injured are basically imprisoned there are concentration camps detention camps if not into communal violence this is the burmese state organizing and watching over the destruction of ruins of villages and the rounding up of hundreds of thousands are injured into camps. some ringers say they hid their children in graves of theirs had their babies burned alive but they threw the children into the fire that turned our heads the other way so that we wouldn't see it at the beginning we have never been soft on human rights in this country we must military denies carrying out mass rape and murder homeowner that any critical media a lot of news about what kind of state is fake there is fabricated news that the military has raped women it's not true and. they raped us right there in the paddy field after 5 months i knew he was there i felt him growing in size only there i
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want to call them all while they are there are 5 of us women were separated from the crowd and taken into the house. but they closed the door then they blindfolded us and then they did whatever they wanted to do with us hundreds of thousands of those simmering anger are waiting for justice and a chance to return home some of the job they held as their and you can see the full program which is called exiled when it 1st 20100 hours g.m.t. and that's on sunday. going to is the director of that film joins me now live from london good to have you with us on al-jazeera there have been so many documented recordings of the horrors that many reading have experienced what new light that does your film shed on a situation that we believe we know so much about. but the aim of this film was to show that the genocide against iraq in the minority in the mar was
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happening as early as 978 or whatever we saw in 2017 the mass exodus of people from myanmar to bangladesh was just the last straw in the campaign systematic campaign by burmese authorities throughout the years that was the final solution as far as one of the burmese generalists said final solution to the issue indian law but the problem started as early as 978 when the 1st ever exodus of a hangar happened from the un lot of bangladesh so incredibly long timeline you seem to have gained access to some extremely compelling voices and eyewitnesses from military officials to radical buddhist monks why in your opinion have they spoken to you or not to the various un and international officials that have tried to conduct inquiries into the exact circumstances of what's going on within the borders of me and more well i approached them from the point of view that i want to
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hear their view on the issue i do not judge people i told them that this is the reports about them as rapes killings and murder i want to hear your point of view and i generally wanted to do so and i think i was in a way lucky that they believed me and they wanted to say whatever they wanted to say for me it was very important to show wall sides of the stories rocking us in burmese and i managed to do that you're not a politician you're not a legal expert myanmar leader and son suchi heads to the u.n. court to debunk the accusations that our country has been accused of in terms of genocide how do you read the way she's going to fight her corner from the people you've spoken to. she has no chance absolutely not i really am surprised that she's behaving this way this woman has taught the delusional she isn't denial she cannot justify the actions of the military which is effectively
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under her command she knows what's going on she knew was going on for years and i am really waiting to hear her arguments against the accusations of genocide this is so clear everyone is talking about it and she just completely still continues to defend the corner with no possibility of poorly otherwise as far as an interest in it is another legal i'm not a legal expert but what i have seen is a genocide indeed of course the has been a flurry of legal activity in recent weeks the obviously issue native initiating the $148.00 genocide convention on the 14th of november we saw judges at the international criminal court also authorized another investigation into the alleged deportation and persecution of rigging of the 13th of november in argentina rights groups there have also taken legal action to try and prosecute military and
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civilian officials including uncertain suchi one wonders how your film fits into that flurry of both legal and international legislations going on right now. well i wanted my film to tell the whole story over again the people in myanmar and young maher is a racist country in that only they don't only like the bombers the me i mean look the like even muslims they don't like christians there are a lot of problem in that country i wanted to concentrate on one particular minority which suffers as far as i'm concerned the most i spoke to a lot of legal experts i gave my film to watch to the process to the investigators an international criminal court i work with activists who are totally support the film and i want this one of the steel to be a postcard for to illustrate what everyone is talking about that we can gather evidence isn't the experts can talk to the witnesses but this is a full picture of what happened to writing of people in myanmar over so many years
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i'm sure it will be fascinating won't she the nova thanks so much for joining us from london. now is really opposition leader of any guns has offered a compromise to avoid a 3rd election this year he proposed a rotating leadership of to the roy the likud party if prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cleared of corruption charges imran khan has more than tel aviv. well against time to statement perfectly full the evening news and this was very much a message not just to the israeli electorate but to the likud party he said itself as he spoke in that building just behind me here in the television expo center where he had an offer for prime minister benjamin netanyahu take a look at what you had to say. surely a call for unity government is a lodge is possible i will be the prime minister for the 1st 2 years while netanyahu can deal with his legal issues it's clear he can come back as prime
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minister this is the only way to prevent an unnecessary election. so the idea is that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be appalled all of the government but he won't have any ministries and certainly won't be prime minister instead what benny gantz is just thing is that he fights his court cases and then that is result that they can take a look at any idea of a power sharing agreement and anything that might take place in the future between the good and the blue and white party whether that's going to be acceptable to netanyahu remains to be seen but the entire game at the moment seems to be avoiding a 3rd election we're in a period of about 17 days left where any member of the knesset can try and form a government if that doesn't happen then the country goes to a 3rd election which is what all the politicians seemingly are trying to avoid so this was not a generous offer to netanyahu but a very practical one to try and avoid going to a 3rd election that see what the prime minister has to say about this he's also
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under tremendous amount of person from within his own the coup party as well gideon saw is a pretender to these really throwing and he says he wants the likud party to have a primary election internal election and to choose a new leader and to move on with the process of forming a government so netanyahu under a tremendous amount of pressure right now. well the conflict in ukraine has been in the headlines for its links to the u.s. president's impeachment inquiry but away from the diplomatic wrangling fighting still rages in the east with both the ukrainian army and russian backed separatists blaming each other for the violence so vasant reporter from the front line. europe's forgotten war fought in old style trenches to show support for peace both sides agree to pull back one kilometer to where a new front line is being dark because of this catherine if a village of 150 people has ended up caught between the ukrainian army and the
1:43 pm
russian backed separatists they can only hope they won't be caught in the cross-fire care for her of chernobyl you see what i'm even scared to go down to the basement to get it because i'm afraid i won't get out so i stay in bed close my ears and pray. the ukrainian army says it's ready for peace but doesn't trust the other side the spokesman does not want his full name to be used. so difficult as with her history teaches us and has a sense of trash as an enemy and you can trust now it's right to trust them again and prove that we have a civilized country which sticks documents. but observers say both sides break agreements in the frontline donmar inka we witness a ceasefire breach it's not clear from where. this is there something that happens every event like telling us here as soon as
1:44 pm
the sun goes down the shelling. i mean if i'm quiet you can actually hear in. this town has been i have under heavy attack like for many years already and. i really fear for me and me as well. the war in donbass which started in 2014 has not only left a deep impression of destruction it has root economy and frozen the lives of many now a new ukrainian president zelinsky is pushing for peace but these old people who travel for a whole day to collect their pensions from the other side of the front line are far from convinced it would series yes i'm sitting here for a few pennies i worked 45 years for ukraine and nobody can solve this not pushing car not selenski nobody is solving my problem by plane in person so he's guilty but posing as a fine fellow person helps us. you. was
1:45 pm
while the war has become a daily routine for many in this local community center children are focusing on their future a future without war. but to end this war the trust is needed on both sides and while troops have some more likely retreated fresh attacks can happen any time step fasten al-jazeera solar to eastern ukraine. now the u.s. state department has released records related to its dealings with ukraine they support testimony at the impeachment inquiry against the us president donald trump the documents show that several senior officials were in the loop on efforts to pressure kiev into investigating trump's rival joe biden secretary of state mike pompei it spoke to president tribe's personal attorney rudy giuliani twice in march just before ukraine ambassador marie you know which was removed from office
1:46 pm
i'm not going to use myself unless i know precisely what american policy was with respect to ukraine i was working on it and i'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished. chile's recent and to government protests are the most important since the end of military rule in 1990 demonstrators are expressing their anger through slogans and graffiti on walls across the capital santiago our latin america today lucien newman is there and takes us on a tour of the so-called talking walls. in few if any countries has a social explosion left its mark as quickly and provide a severely as here you probably all heard of the phrase if only the walls could talk while in chile that is exactly what they are doing so i thought it would be interesting to show you exactly what it is that they're saying starting with this. far leading eyes represent the unprecedented number of protesters who've lost one
1:47 pm
or both eyes as a result of being shot by riot police with pellets these walls reflect the evolution of chile's social outburst this was one of the 1st to go viral the time has come chile has awoken no more student loan debt no more a.f.p. chillies private pension system no more collusion from big business anger against chile's neo liberal economic system predominates with slogans like taking a bullet costs less than staying in the system. one of the most widely seen messages is this no more abuses in this case written over the name of president peña while above a more disturbing message that reads at war against order. another one screams let everything burn. anti-establishment graffiti and messages are everywhere this one says kill yourselves of capitalism what
1:48 pm
a great percentage of what's on these walls targets the riot police and this new one shows the face of the directors the national police with a rope around his neck and underneath it says the night will fall and we will dance over their bodies. but many others who flocked more hope than rage and in recent weeks the graffiti has become more sophisticated and artistic. we met muralist phillipa got real as he began his latest work. most so many people that are shouldn't be just decorative reflect the historic and political moment we're living and we're live in a moment that i think could transform into a latin american uprising is starting in chile and it's our mission. to represented to show what's happening. to the finish work features the monopoly mascot rich uncle penny bags calculating that hundreds of protesters eyes are worth less than
1:49 pm
30 basis the tiny amount at the metro fare went up last month that was the detonator of a social explosion that has destabilized the region's most stable nation. the explanation on this wall it wasn't peace it was silence. al-jazeera. now the head of the catholic church has demanded world leaders renounce atomic weapons saying they decrease security waste money and threaten humanity pope francis was speaking of the japanese city of nagasaki which was devastated by a nuclear bomb in august 1945 he paid tribute to the victims calling the bombing an unspeakable horror the positive says nuclear weapons are not the answer to a desire for peace security and stability. convinced as i am that a world without nuclear weapons is possible and necessary i ask political leaders
1:50 pm
not to forget that these weapons cannot protect us from the current threats to national and international security we need to ponder the catastrophic impact of their deployment especially from humanitarian and environmental standpoint and reject heightening a climate of fear mistrust and hostility formatted by nuclear doctrine. well still ahead here on al-jazeera tenet says davis cup will be decided later we'll tell you to use later today that story coming up i. am counting the call says russian news is mercenaries in conflicts from syria to libya the future of the ram go isn't worth 2 trillion dollars but is the saudi state owned oil company boss google takes on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost just to.
1:51 pm
go 150000000 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from cycling to save the. finds the famous yellow dress thanks from blue jeans. to conserving the wells dwindling wetlands free of the aids world's global bird migrations life intersects right where we are the basic discovered a treasure it is one of the most special wetlands in the plan after ice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera.
1:52 pm
the top spot in history thank you let's start with book thing and they ok well the has defended his w.b.c. heavyweight title with a devastating knockout win over luis ortiz while they made a typically theatrical entrance to the ring for their rematch at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas but once the action started the american was trading on all 3 school cards after the 1st 6 rounds however right at the end of the 7th hole he needed was a right hand which dropped ortiz the cuban got to his feet but couldn't recover in time to beat the 10 counts it's wildest 10th straight defense of his title he's now unbeaten in $43.00 fights including 41 knockouts the one by michelle his record as a draw against tyson fury who hopes to fight again in february 2020 when you have power like i have you know you're not worried about if you win rounds or not i don't i don't want that to be in my mind whether i'm really not around and not you know and because i don't know my mind to be cloudy you know they can about the
1:53 pm
rounds in the rounds you know most of the time these guys win rounds on me anyway you know but i know that sooner or later you know it's going come and when you come down baby tonight like i always say. brazilian club from anger have won their 1st south american title in 38 years clinching the couple about to dora's in dramatic style they were one l. down to defending champions river plate when strike again barbosa who's on loan from into milan equalized in the 88th minute just 3 minutes and 8 seconds after that gabby goal as he's known secured victory with the 2nd goal. of the i've lost titles 10 seconds before the end all is clean it only ends after the final whistle from the referee i didn't want anyone to celebrate before it was done because it was not finished yet. but the fans did celebrate when it was all over 4000 kilometers away from the final in lima 13000 of the rio pubs approaches cheered as they watched the game on a big screen at american ass stadium
1:54 pm
a parade is planned later in the brazilian city and it could be a double celebration they'll be crowned a brazilian champions on sunday in the 2nd place pomade us failed to be gremio flamingos 21 win also means they'll head to qatar next month to take part in the fee for club world cup. where gabby go may be on loan from into man but the italian show they've still got plenty of strength in depth when it came to their match with torino in study out on saturday to rancho rain and above the pitch couldn't stop them from cruising to a 3 nil win goals from the 2 of them martina stephan defray and ramona kaku put into within a point of eventis he said talk to me. now spain will play canada in the final of tennis is davis cup in madrid on sunday the 5 time champions booked their place for the win over great britain in semi's with a tie all square after the singles matches rafael paired up with felicity on a lopez in the doubles
1:55 pm
a full heart of produce some superbly unstained tennis to be jamie murray in the us $67676.00 spain will look for their 1st davis cup. in since 2011 canada in their 1st ever final. this competition is that i think now in the way there's no format even more so yeah the thing had been very close we were not able to or don't have no one but i don't know how much i thing would lead the way martin are fairly soft amazing during the home times i think in part the moments here here they did everything well not so just we are super super happy have been an amazing come to forget about living for 4 or 5 a college football game in the us has been disrupted by hundreds of climate change protest is. just plain sick of the reaction to the stadium. basically to this city. big city. on your harvard yale game grounds to
1:56 pm
a halt when students invaded the field at half time in connecticut still managing the 2 universities stop investing in fossil fuels they will quickly joined by more students from the stands the protester laid the restart but i buy at least 45 minutes most of those who took part late and led away from the field by police and security you won the game 5043 and with it ivy league title to florida where south korea's say young kim is on track to claim the richest prize ever in women's golf the $1500000.00 winner's check on the line at the c.m.e. group tour championship came shot a 4 under par round on saturday to put herself on top of the leaderboard heading into the final day but nearly quarter daughter of tennis player putt putt a quarter is just one shot back this whole bunker shot was one of 8 birdies for her in round 3 it's all to play for on sunday. so the n.b.a. and a stunning performance by the chicago bulls sakhalin bain he scored
1:57 pm
a career high $49.00 points against the shallow hornets include new game winning 3 pointer the bulls trailed by 2 with barely 2 seconds on the clock when he stepped up to snatch the victory amazingly that was in the genes $133.00 pointer of the game he's only the 3rd player in n.b.a. history to do that so along with steph curry and clay thompson who has the record with 14 there's also a late drama between the indiana pacers and the orlando magic this breakaway dunk by the magic smoke held folks levelled the match at $106.00 each with just over 8 seconds left aaron holiday nailed a 3 pointer for the paces which was too much for the magic to recover from the paces 18112100. all right that is all useful for me for now but to help thanks very much joe you have been watching the al-jazeera news hour with me and check us off the dennis will be up with another full hard news woman to lead from me on the news team thanks very much for your time and.
1:58 pm
new talk and alaskan village rapidly losing ground to roshan falling permafrost its inhabitants forced to move to safer ground below in the western pacific but 1st the environment one at risk planet says a witness finds people struggling to cope with rising sea there and asked whether those who have the power to stop it appreciate the true cost of failing to act on al-jazeera. thank you very much the prime minister's.
1:59 pm
mission is to deliver british on the 31st of all turned on and making this country the greatest place on a person's departure is delayed by how long follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't use the word bribe we'll just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today just to look stuff bless your heart on the partial good will overlook involving some of the region's highest officials murphy welcome to. all the wall al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. record turnout for hong kong's local elections after months of anti-government protests. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm on team dennis also coming up voting for a new president gets underway in guinea-bissau whether there are deep political differences . blocking the way rescue efforts the hunted in northwestern kenya of the dozens of killed in landslides. and how climate change is affecting the golden blown of all.


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