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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. where every. record turnout for hong kong's local elections after months of anti-government protests. hello welcome to others there live from doha i'm martine there is also coming up voting for a new president gets underway in guinea this hour where there are deep political divisions. blocking the way rescue efforts i hunted in northwestern kenya off the dozens of killed in landslides. and how climate change is affecting the golden blown of a world heritage site in the western pacific. the
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demand for change in hong kong is being expressed in a record turnout for the district elections that are taking place right now the poll follows months of increasingly violent protests against the pro beijing government so far more than 2000000 people have cast their ballots will go live together an update from hong kong in a moment 1st of all this report from sarah clarke. as polls open to the people lined up around 4000000 her bridge stood to vote in hong kong's district council elections after months of citywide on rest the people want their voices heard i'm optimistic but i think for the teenagers. at least battery out is going on at least for. a bit longer trying to be hyper you can. have different
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opinions isn't that what is important for you to see this show what your. candidates will face off in 18 districts with $452.00 seats up for grabs parties currently hold the majority in district councils but anger against the government could have broad their support for the 1st time the pro-democracy camp has candidates running in every seat past few months i can't sleep the young people just want to ask for just thank us for us for. 11 the government to give them the chance to to live by the. simple problem of pro-democracy activists joshua was disqualified for running in this election he cast his ballot urging others to do the same if they 1st police brutality call for free action is hard for them to but every vote is caught. well we still have to actually police have been deployed to monitor the polling birds after months of clashes the city's lady has called for
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calm on sunday as the arch we are facing an extremely challenging a situation in all the nice thing this year's elections but i feel is to say that with the concerted efforts of all parties including our laws over $30.00 to settle so many things question today we should have a relatively peaceful and calm and vibrant to conduct these elections successfully the post kept my bear the brunt of public anger but analysts say it's unlikely the pro-democracy parties will secure a majority i expect the democrats maybe get a number of extra seats but it will be very difficult for them to really get an overall majority the district elections are normally a low key affair with campaigns focusing on local issues like garbage collection and bus routes but it's the only election in hong kong which is decided by direct suffrage and a small group of district counsellors. play
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a crucial role sitting on an election committee which chooses the city's next later the protests were initially triggered by opposition to an extradition bill which would have allowed fugitives in hong kong to be sent to the mainland for trial but it's now a wider anti-government movement opposed to china's tightening grip on the former british colony after months of often violent clashes the city's $30000.00 strong police force is on duty for the 1st time in the history of district elections whatever the result of this one it's unlikely to stop further on wrist sarah clarke out 0 hong kong. right let's go live now to another of our correspondents in hong kong rob mcbride and rob. does a record voter turnout benefit the most. well and the it is generally perceived here that the more people who vote state is going to benefit the pan democrats and of course we have seen as well as this record turnout
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a record registration ahead of this poll of people wanting to vote some 4000000 people registering out of a population of 7000000 with several 100000 of those being young people registering for the 1st time so the more people who vote is generally considered to be the pan democrats pro democrats who are going to benefit as of an hour and a half ago we've had $2300000.00 people voting which is now a turnout of 56 percent and it's worth bearing in mind that in the last district council election of 4 years ago the total turnout was 47 percent so we're up at 56 percent still got a few more hours to go so it's obvious the past of previous district council elections it's also very close to another record here in hong kong and that was 3 years ago at a legislative council election which is hong kong's mini parliament that had a record 58 percent people voting so the turnout now 56 percent so we're likely to
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see this being the biggest turnout of any election here in hong kong and if the pro-democracy contingent therefore in successful in these elections what what sort of power would they gain given that these are just local councils at the end of the day. actually very little that these are as you mentioned district councils the kind of councils that will be concerned with street lighting the position of a bus stop and cetera but as everybody here has been saying in all of the different political camps what if the importance of it is it is almost like a referendum it is an opinion poll you know we have massive demonstrations in the streets here up to 2000000 people out marching but until you can actually see a poll like this it's very difficult ever to claim that you know you have the upper hand that you are in the majority so if the pan democrats can show that this is an affirmation of the opposition of people here to the to the government and it's
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closer ties with their beijing and what they see is the rolling back of some of their autonomy then that will be the importance of this martin all right thank you robin wright live in hong kong and the polls of a friend in a presidential vetting guinea-bissau now that many hope will end years of political instability the president just a matter of hours in seeking reelection after a 1st term pretty much mobbed by political infighting and claims of corruption the country has struggled with 9 kids and attempted can use within the past 4 decades our correspondent nicholas her reports from the capital this hour. people come to nurse clementina to talk about their aches and pains but there is something that keeps coming up in her consultations politics is making people anxious. and so she tells them there's only one way to deal with it it's to vote in this presidential election. it's as if politicians forgot about us that what they do actually affects
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us once they come into office they completely forget about the people they're meant to represent. the santos is disappointed with the president who's running for reelection he said he would put the country back to work instead elected officials squabbled threatening each other unable to pass laws or approve budgets the government stopped paying teachers and nurses some to us who was left without pay for 10 months her clinic has no running water and it had no electricity until the charity installed solar panels to get treatment people come to a hospital run by the west african soldiers stationed here as part of a stabilizing force because of the political deadlock. treatment and drugs are free this is an effort to win hearts and minds because presidential candidates have been critical of the presence of foreign soldiers in their country voters have 12 candidates to choose from each of them promising the end of the political deadlock
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has been paralyzing this country for so long it's a promise that's been made before and so among those that are taking part in the vote most of them are 1st time voters they want to see a change in the political culture and the new president that will bring them jobs. has a master's degree in political science in a country where half of the population doesn't know how to read and write and yet he couldn't find a job now he works as a caretaker in an empty building site sleeping on a concrete floor. in painful to afghans to do this i sleep on the floor i am not sure why i bother to study what is this country done for me it's a feeling shared by many there is no quick remedy to give you peace i was problems but for still santos expressing yourself can help alleviate the pain and perhaps
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bring change i mean go live now to nick his in bizarre and. on top of all of these problems a litany of problems of malfunctions in this country there is the additional. situation that has to be contended with and that is that it's become a hub for the international drugs trade. that's right i mean drugs in forstmann agency the american drug enforcement agency calls this a norco state just under the under the mandates of just more of us there's been 22 tons of cocaine that has been seized in the past year 2 tons of cocaine now that's the market value of over $60000000.00 that's that's the budget of the ministry of health and ministry of education of this country money that could have gone to pay people's salaries instead it seems that it has gone towards this
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political campaign in the hands of the political politicians and the military are accused of profiting from drug trafficking or team and the people a crying out then for a change in political culture that was the expression you see 71 candidates that stands out that might have the slightest chance of being able to deliver that. well there is one candidate in particular that stands out it's the candidate of the historical party in this country's name is domingo she more spit it out and of course we've been following this campaign for the past week and what one striking element is how people how young people have come out to follow the campaigns to come out and listen to their candidates and although this is a country where half of the population doesn't know how to read and write and most live on less than 2 dollars a day there is
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a feeling your sense that young people are interested and have a form of agency in this particular election and that has been really striking you know this country is described by some analyst as a failed state but what we've seen is is people that are engaged in the political system that believe in their political system but perhaps less in the politicians that are running it and this time today is their chance to get their voices heard or seen right nicholas live in the capital of guinea bissau which is thank you. small planes crashed in the democratic republic of congo it went down in a residential area after just taking off from their holding game and that's a nice of the country there are 16 passengers 2 crew members on board including the pilots and sources have told. the 3 people walked away they survived this crash and rescue efforts are under way in north western kenya after flooding and
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landslides at least 36 people have been killed but the full scale of the disaster has yet to him rescue efforts have been delayed because flooding because of friends and bridges in the area. the president kenyatta he's quickly responded to the emergency saying to those whose loved ones are yet to be found i assure you that the own going multi-agency rescue operation will continue until after every missing person is accounted for well peter is communications manager at the kenya red cross and he gave us a an update on the situation what is happening is now is that our teams on the ground are going through the village trying to find if any people may still be stuck in the debris where are. these to be able to rescue them actually working with government because the government has set up an emergency rescue center in nairobi which. team in fact as i speak now our head of disaster
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response is in that meeting discussing how to coordinate their efforts better and on the ground our regional manager in that region is walking closely with the county government of westport and their you know county commissioner county commissioner of the affected areas so those efforts are being coordinated jointly with government and other agencies you are aware that yesterday the president sent the armed forces rescue teams so these are mighty agency effort that is going on on the ground is not just the kenyan red cross. coming right out is hearing including the libyan war little if i have to declares a no fly zone in the skies over tripoli. i would take a look at some of the other ways chileans are protesting against their.
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head are there some more wet weather in the 4 calls to cross into central areas of japan particular to the north we've got the cold air in place so plenty of snow on the go through the next couple of days sapporo 8 celsius with that snow on monday not a bad day across the korean peninsula was the weather on its way east was feeling pretty chilly them pyongyang it just to celsius but failing fairly mild in tokyo 21 degrees with that rain cloud now as that system works its way eastwards still leaving aside the cloudy down she's day but the time which has a considerably cooler at just 12 degrees and again it does clear away from the korean peninsula and also so cooler but clearer as we head through tuesday plenty of case sky stream will southern areas of china quite a ass of cloud across the central areas pushing east toward shanghai again keep in that time and certainly on choose day we could see some rain and some snow across
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into bay but it is generally clear further to the south 24 celsius the high in hong kong and then we head south across into indonesia monday across much of the philippines luzon will see a few more but that beginning to die away that fairly widespread rain through through much of borneo even as far south as western regions of java and fairly widespread across sumatra. stranded 8 long years on the. greeting their own community and dick. the me there was you know president bush used to go when you were a al-jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sands the yellow fleet on
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al-jazeera. or others have a top stories here it is they are a record number of people have turned out to vote in hong kong as district elections 2300000 people have already cast their ballots and now for those months of increasingly violent protests against prey beijing policies people in getting this hour choosing a new president for years political infighting and claims of corruption have paralyzed parliament incumbent president jerzy mario vazquez is seeking reelection . rescue efforts are underway in north western kenya after flooding and landslides at least 36 people have been killed including 7 children. though iraqi security
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forces have opened fire on anti-government protests as embassador killing at least 2 people they were trying to disperse crowds near the main port of. protesters burned tires to block the main roads more than 70 others were injured. and earlier security forces killed 3 protesters in the southern city of nasiriya dozens of others were wounded. at least 330 people have been killed in demonstrations across iraq since early last month they're angry about corruption high unemployment and core public services. and 14 palestinian factions have agreed with president mahmoud abbas's request to hold parliamentary and presidential elections but has yet to hear from his main rivals hamas major hurdles remain before a date can be said in code and whether israel in the u.s.
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would allow an election given that hamas could win a large share of the vote this with has more from gaza it's dormant for 13 years the palestinians legislative chamber could now flicker into life that's because the main palestinian factions of hamas and fatah have agreed it's time for new polls well in. full saw what the how the elections are a legitimate right for the palestinian people and. it's an opportunity and a challenge an opportunity for achieving an equal solution and rearranging the palestinian house and to find an exit from the current crisis. in 2006 president mahmoud abbas handed a smile one ear the prime minister's job after hamas shocked everyone including themselves by winning 60 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections. but within 2 months the hunch shakes gave way to conflict the facts are on abas is watch
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seized control of important ministries. hamas took over the gaza strip after fighting broke out between the 2 groups. since then gaza has been crippled by an israeli blockade and in the west bank political life has ceased it seems to me the . woodwork in the girls are still without any problems and in the meantime hamas would win in the west without any problems which means that the majority of the palestinians in the west bank and gaza hear their own governments and would like to have a change whether in the daily life conditions in gaza or in terms of the political situation in the west bank the. fattah and the palestinian authority have been criticised for clinging on to power way beyond their mandates his 4 year term supposedly ended in 2009 the m.p.'s it was 2010 and when and now
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it's time to see enough for division it's time to go back to the people it's not enough to say that i as a factional party claimed i represent depend on people we have to find a way out of this conflict. is designated a terrorist group by israel and the us and the likelihood it would be given renewed democratic legitimacy in an election means it's not just the palestinians who must agree to a poll israel will have to agree to facilitate the vote in occupied east jerusalem and some analysts say the u.s. and other arab states will also have to give the go ahead because what bothers the most is what happens the day after the votes are being counted as usual the destiny of the palestinians is left in the hands of outside forces bernard smith. now to libya where the spokesman for the warlord hell if i have to says a no fly zones in place over most of the capital tripoli the city is only
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functional airport is. and that is exempt after us forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national accord the tripoli administration says any threat to civil aviation is a crime under national as well as international nor what we've been speaking to or samar cobar is a senior consultant at the cats house or teaching studies center he says half there is supported by several foreign powers who are vying for influence in everywhere what the what is happening to libya doesn't really start with the legality or with any authorization. have to is basically just the face front of an international coalition that is really attacking libya and attacking to pull the i would like to do bores their world and their project political project over libya have to take a not really a day or 2 to say anything going to do or even he doesn't have the capability could
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it even to attack it to be able to attack in a small city without having the support of friends united arab. and now we're russia like you you know milli american reports are saying that $1400.00 russian soldiers whether they belong to the private company or to the russian government to this is beside the point but there are russian will train soldiers with the defense missile capabilities are busily around tripoli are basically in ground and the drone and the american drone basically they were moved to shut down by i have to know it is basically by the russian ability. chile's recent anti government protests are the most significant since the end of military rule in $990.00 demonstrators are expressing their anger through slogans and graffiti across the capital santiago latin america and is a lucy a new mini is there and takes us on
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a tour of the so-called talking war. in few if any country is a social explosion left its mark as quickly and provide a severely as here you probably all heard of the phrase if only the walls could talk well in chile that is exactly what they are doing so i thought it would be interesting to show you exactly what it is that they're saying starting with this. meeting eyes represent the unprecedented number of protesters who've lost one or both eyes as a result of being shot by riot police with pellets these walls reflect the evolution of chile's social outburst this was one of the 1st to go viral the time has come chile has awoken no more student loan debt no more a.f.p. chile's private pension system no more collusion from big business anger against chile's neo liberal economic system predominates with slogans like taking
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a bullet costs less than staying in the system. one of the most widely seen messages is this no more abuses in this case written over the name of president peña while above a more disturbing message that reads at war against order. another one screams let everything burn. anti-establishment graffiti and messages are everywhere this one says kill yourselves of capitalism but a great percentage of what's on these walls targets the riot police and this new one shows the face of the directors the national police with a rope around his. neck and underneath it says the night will fall and we will dance over their bodies. but many others who flocked more hope than rage and in recent weeks the graffiti has become more sophisticated and artistic. we met
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muralist philippe got real as he began his latest work and that was so many people that art shouldn't be just decorate but reflect that historic and political moment we're living in and we're live in a moment that i think would transform into a latin american a prices starting in chile and it's our mission a sort is the represented to show what's happening in the finished work features the monopoly mascot rich uncle penny bags calculating that hundreds of protesters eyes are worth less than 30 basis the tiny amount of the metro fare went up last month that was the detonator of a social explosion that has destabilized the region's most stable nation the explanation on this wall it wasn't peace it was silence. to see in human al-jazeera santiago. an archipelago in the western pacific is home to
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some of the most intact coral reef systems in the world and the spectacular range of biodiversity that is facing pressure from climate change tourism and overfishing nicholas cripples from the western pacific nation of palau. it is an extraordinary sight space structures of ancient coral reef framed in an expansive turquoise the rock islands of palau the u.s. going to world heritage site and beneath the surface the profusion and variety of life is stunning one of the highest rates of biodiversity on the planet but the challenges are numerous. in amongst a jumble of islands a series of marine lakes hold more wonders this is a. lake it is connected to the sea but only through a series of small correction fishes in the rock it's effectively isolated a sealed ecosystem and beneath the surface lies a unique subspecies golden jellyfish they've evolved to harvest energy directly
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from sunlight there are more than 2000000 of them and indeed that's a significant reduction in the pos there have been as many as 30000000 in this lake but fluctuations in the weather have recently taken their toll. the biggest challenge that we face in terms of the jellyfish snake is climate change very recently within the past. year and a half to 2 years saw. the golden jellyfish that the site is famous for around the world completely disappear because of climate change the salinity of the lake grow so the temperature of the water to freeze these ranges are on the lookout for illegal fishing in protected so called notes implemented to try and conserved wind lng for species along the coast for the commercial fisherman and little fish share it using the big ships mother ships it's everything from giant clams to search engines to secure cumbers to fish and then from next year the marine protected area
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will be massively extended into the open ocean but. 2020 all the stuff sold will can only be pissing about 20 percent of the water and the reason for that is that we want to make sure that 80 percent of. the ensure the sustainable the more than resource we're seeing that when we don't. give area a refuge of conservation area you can see it's 5 times as much space in the earth open there is another ultimately overriding concern not just on parallel but for the 2000000 islanders across the pacific sea level rise can 0 has lived here for decades and he says full moon tides are getting. and that can have a devastating effect this is a 1st time i've seen these kind of. high thanks come in and it's hard because you have to find another place to move to and if you don't have the money to build a new house then you won't be able to do that so pretty people are pretty much to
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stop. the wonders of this part of the pacific are many but so too are the precious allow is standing tough when it comes to environmental protections but its people are going to need all the resolve they can muster in the coming years nick clarke al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera a record number of people have turned out to vote in hong kong's district elections 2300000 people have already cast their ballots for those months of increasingly violent protests against pro beijing policy his problem bride has more from hong kong it is generally perceived here that the more people who vote study is going to benefit the pan democrats and of course we have seen as well as this record turnout a record registration ahead of this poll of people wanting to vote some 4000000
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people registering out of a population of 7000000 with several 100000 of those big young people registering for the 1st time so that the more people who vote is generally considered to be the pan democrats pro democrats who are going to benefit people in getting this hour choosing a new president for years political infighting and allegations of corruption have paralyzed parliament the incumbent president jerzy mario vargas is seeking another . at least 3 people they said her survived a small plane crash in democratic republic of congo a plane went into a house just after taking off from an airport in goma that's in the east of the country there are 16 passengers and 2 crew members including the pilot rescue efforts are underway in northwestern kenya after flooding and landslides at least 36 people have been killed including 7 children. iraqi security forces of opened
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fire on anti-government protesters empowers or killing at least 2 people more than 70 others were injured earlier security forces killed 3 protesters in the southern city of nasiriyah at least 330 people have died in demonstrations across iraq since early last month there angry about corruption high unemployment and poor public services. a spokesman for the libyan more low to leave after says a no fly zone is in place over the capital tripoli except for mitiga airport have to his forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national accord the tripoli administration says really threat to civil aviation is a crime under national and international law planet as o s is next.
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mcclung bring new planets s.o.s. from palau in the western pacific a beacon in an ocean of change where despite the warming in the city case and coral reefs here are in pristine condition but the paddle to save them is intense. allows coral reefs defying the odds there stunning and made the intact for now but around the world reefs are being decimated by bleaching events pit will see the pioneering science taking place in the battle against nation warming and the efforts to conserve coral and fish the spectacular sight of 2000000 golden jellyfish and you know.


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