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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm +03

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ridicule to their cause. hong kong's leader harry lamb while casting her vote recognize the challenging times for the city and the importance of peaceful elections. entered she has served 3 terms as a district councillor he's vying for his 4th pro-democracy candidate was brutally attacked earlier this month parts of his ear were bitten off howard. can have a fairly strong and create mass. the beijing of 14 and also the international community that's be home from people as they stand together trying to keep on the fight for freedom and democracy even though more people voted than ever before and this is a significant election much more still needs to be done to mend the divisions in hong kong got harder al-jazeera hong kong. one of america's richest man has just entered the race for the white house former new york mayor michael bloomberg is joining an already crowded democratic field he says he's running for president to
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defeat donald trump and rebuild america kristen salumi. mike bloomberg the party affiliation has changed since he was a republican mayor of new york but his opposition to donald trump has been consistent trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business god help us the 77 year old billionaire has funneled millions of dollars of his personal fortune into progressive causes like gun control and climate change but is considered a moderate and were he to run as a democrat a potential threat to former vice president joe biden were he fits sort of an even keeled even tempered political leader with a track record of getting things done in the city of new york with the specially with 2 you can on the key issues economic development and think things of that sort which has a certain amount of appeal to more moderate. mainstream type democratic voters
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bloomberg has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current field of democrats suggesting some are too far to the left to beat the president who shrugged off speculation the former mayor would enter the race little michael will. spend a lot of money michael bloomberg made his fortune here to help lead the financial information a media company the co-founder he's the richest man in new york with far exceeding president trump's but among some democrats that could be a liability what we need is a dynamic democracy particularly among the party base not billionaire who just started a walk to run for president of the united states while bloomberg may be targeting white suburban voters who went for trump in 2016 he recently apologized for a policy. that put him at odds with the minority community called stop and frisk many saw this police tactic as a form of racism and harassment. i got something important wrong i got
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something important really wrong i didn't understand that back them the full impact that stocks were having on the black and latino communities an apparent recognition of the need to unify the opposition and a late apology that appears aimed at smoothing the way for a late entry in the race kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. let's go to john henry live in washington d.c. john there is so much about that this that is so intriguing and the timing is interesting here he's entering this race off the democrats have been slugging it out what does a do to the democratic field who has the most to fear. well that's true stan conceivably this race could come down to 2 aging white billionaires from new york and how much more democratic could that be. this really does throw a monkey wrench into the race for the democrats and for president trump after all
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bloomberg is very like trump in terms of age demographics even where he's from he is a billionaire he's got about $50000000000.00 he ranks 11th on the forbes list of the wealthiest people that compares to trumpet about $200.00 and what is it $93.00 i think it is. with about $3000000000.00 those 2 men know each other and they have have been fighting for years over various things that bloomberg is a moderate and that puts him straight in the competition with people like joe biden and the fact that he's in the race suggest dissatisfaction among democrats with who they've got i think by now a lot of democrats not the joe biden would have run away with the democratic nomination process that he would be leading ahead in polls even though we haven't held any elections yet and bloomberg is entering at a time where it's just really a couple of months until february 3rd which is when the iowa caucuses begin that is
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the 1st primary and he's got a lot of catching up to do and he's already spent $30000000.00 in an initial traunch of advertisements for this race but he has also ticked off the competition bernie sanders was mentioned in that story he tweeted out a couple days ago. i'm disgusted by the idea that michael bloomberg or any billionaire thinks they can circumvent the political process and spend millions of dollars to buy elections and then there's a lizabeth war and also on the left she says i understand rich people have more issues in the rest of us but they don't get a bigger share of democracy. so this is really a fight for the center in the democratic party bloomberg is strong on gun controls immigration climate change but his positions aren't terribly radical it's really anything could happen at this stage in this race but it's a sign of the dissatisfaction with the current field that he's there. john thank you for join hands on live there from washington d.c. . polls of closing guinea-bissau us presidential election many are hoping that
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sunday's vote will end years of political instability in one of the world's poorest countries president. is seeking reelection after his 1st term was marred by infighting and accusations of corruption vast faces a strong opposition including 2 prime ministers he dismissed during his 5 years in office ports from the capital. people come to nurse clementina to talk about their aches and pains but there is something that keeps coming up in her consultations politics is making people anxious. and so she tells them there's only one way to deal with it it's to vote in this presidential election. it's as if politicians forgot about us that what they do actually affects us once they come into office they completely forget about the people they're meant to represent. the santos is disappointed with the president who's running for reelection he said he
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would put the country back to work instead elected officials squabbled threatening each other unable to pass laws or approve budgets the government stopped paying teachers and nurses some to us who was left without pay for 10 months her clinic has no running water and it had no electricity until the charity installed solar panels. to get treatment people come to a hospital run by the west african soldiers stationed here as part of a stabilizing force because of the political deadlock. treatment and drugs are free this is an effort to win hearts and minds because presidential candidates have been critical of the presence of foreign soldiers in their country voters have 12 candidates to choose from each of them promising the end of the political deadlock that has been paralyzing this country for so long it's a promise that's been made before and so among those that are taking part in the vote most of them are 1st time voters they want to see
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a change in the political culture and the new president that will bring them jobs. has a masters degree in political science in a country where half of the population doesn't know how to read and write and yet he couldn't find a job now he works as a caretaker in an empty building site sleeping on a concrete floor. it is you mediating him painful to afghans to do this i sleep on the floor i am not sure why i bother to study what is this country done for me it's a feeling shared by many there is no quick remedy to get peace i was problems but for a nurse still santos expressing yourself can help alleviate the pain and perhaps bring change because hawke al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera where the rescue efforts in western kenya where dozens are killed by floods and landslides. transformed into i want. the protests sparked
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a revolution in street. i know that off the recent rain showers and snow is a fairly quiet picture for the next couple of days across much of the middle east a sunny plenty of cloudy can see here on the satellite and there all the chance of wanted to show is certainly the way south is through areas of iraq the far west and south of iran and monday into tuesday we have got the next round of rain pushing its way into western and central areas of turkey said he this time which is low in anchorage is 12 celsius but still saying 30 fine through the eastern end of the med so $26.00 degrees in by readers now the same time we could also see a few showers into northern sections of a saudi arabia at one of the scattered showers certainly and quite a lot of cloud generate cross the region that will tend to work its way across
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bahrain and also across into catalyst to clarity by cheese day 27 celsius in doha woman that has been in riyadh up to 25 quite cloudy skies you can see here along this coastal areas of yemen and then down into southern africa plenty of rain showers across into madagascar and the raising really fairly widespread further to the south east was right there across towards may be can stay not that really monday and on into choose day and again there's a chance of a shop perhaps into durban as you had to choose day with a high of 25. i'm counting the cost as russia uses mercenaries in conflicts from syria to libya the future of emco $2.00 trillion dollars the saudi state owned oil company lot of. google takes on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost on i'll just
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see if. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i was that's what this job. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. votes are being counted in hong kong's district council elections which is seeing the largest voter turnout in the city's history more than $2900000.00 people cast their ballots the elections followed months of widespread anti-government protests. former new york mayor michael bloomberg has officially entered the race for u.s. president the media mogul is joining an already crowded democratic field he says
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he's running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild america. polls have closed in guinea bissau presidential elections. he's seeking reelection after his 1st term was marred by infighting and accusations of corruption. security forces in egypt of right of the country's only independent news publication. its news editor was detained on saturday but he has now been released 3 other journalists who were taken to an unlocked ocean location have also been freed. at least a dozen people have been killed across iraq in the last 24 hours in basra security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters killing at least 3 people there they were dispersing crowds near the main port of 1000 protesters burned tires to block main roads across the city more than 70 others were injured. and in the southern city of nasiriyah security forces killed 3 protesters and injured several
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others at least 320 people have been killed in demonstrations that began last month there angry over corruption high unemployment and poor public services at least 26 people have died in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the passenger plane carrying 17 people came down soon after takeoff in goma city it crashed into a residential area killing several people on the ground. with my family when i saw the plane spinning 3 times in the air and missing a lot of smoke between me fleet and after that we saw the plane crash into this house. rescue efforts are underway in kenya after heavy rain triggered landslides at least $41.00 people have been killed but the full scale of what happened is still not clear 7 current reports. these men are assessing the damage caused by saturday's flooding and landslides in kenya's west pockets county rescue workers
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are still pulling bodies from under the months and rubble at present who are kenyatta has said the armed forces to help he promises that every missing person will be accounted for but with roads and bridges destroyed rescue efforts have been delayed in many parts of the county parties. to walk as long as 4 hour us to just be able to reach the affected religious west because gov has been helping to distribute food parcels here. i mean i other east african countries have also been affected by weeks of heavy downpours several people have been killed in a few and tanzania and hundreds of thousands of others displaced in somalia and south sudan scientists warn the weather event known as the indian ocean dipole is
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making the flooding worse this year it happens when the western parts of the indian ocean become significantly warmer than its eastern sides causing increased evaporation and consequently heavy rains across parts of the african continent and they're off it is more of this type of weather is headed to the region so high that al-jazeera. to witness the widespread.
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the un's humanitarian. point 5 hour we needed humanitarian. 100000 people. 17 states since september at least 11 people have died in an outbreak of rift valley fever which is a water borne disease the rains of also cause the rising cholera in blue nile and tsunami states $300.00 people have formed an ill earlier i spoke to the un's humanitarian chief marco koch who thinks sudan's new administration is facing a tough challenge we have a new situation in sudan a new government your thirty's i talk to them during this visit but they've inherited an extremely difficult situation of you've as you've just described to me know your headlines are exactly what we're seeing 800000000 people food insecure
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disease outbreaks conflict and so on some really big important things are changing the new government is giving all the aid agencies much more access to deal with these problems they want to work in a different way with this they want to normalize their relations with the wider international community the past behind them and i think the international community really now needs to step up and to seize this opportunity for my my particular responsibility i would like to see more humanitarian assistance all over the country but also foster humanitarian assistance so all those people who came out onto the streets demanding change start to see some improvement in their lives . to libya where the spokesman for the warlord who says a no fly zone is in place of the most of the capital tripoli the city's only functional airport is exempt after his forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national accord to
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tripoli administration says any threat to civil aviation is a crime under national and international move. and. today we declare a no fly zone we're flying is totally prohibited without prior coordination with the general command of the armed forces this no fly zone is as per this plan no flying is permitted within the parameters of this black square that extends from to get a bully then to the south east point then it extends to the west up to i'll repeat a cab up to my own this square area is a no fly zone where flying is completely forbidden mahmoud has more from tripoli. this is a part of the tactics used by the eastern a camp led by the world really for have to specially after he's been losing momentum among the international players remember that the declaration by his spokesman. last night seems to be ironic because they have been already targeting
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the only operational airport in tripoli in may to get airport over 30 times since the beginning of the fighting back in april but remember this statement by miss marty imposing a no fly zone in the west of the country comes only a few days after they shut down have to force a shut down and italian remotely controlled drone. that belongs to the italian air force as you know that admitted that they have shut down this italian drawn with italian flag on it but meanwhile the italian embassy according to reports stated that they lost this drawn over tripoli and that drone was part of a mission over demitted freeney and sea which is called maddie secord or safe sea to monitor the activities of illegal immigration and tourism over the course of
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libya british prime minister boris johnson has unveiled his conservative party's election manifesto he's called it a radical agenda for the u.k. johnson says he will not extend the brig's a deadline beyond december 2020 among other key commitments is a promise to not raise taxes johnson said the stakes have never been higher for the u.k. . get brick sit down. and we can restore confidence and certainty to business and that is get breaks done i will see a pent up tidal wave of investment into this country get bricks it done and we can focus our hearts and our minds on the priorities of the british people the head of the roman catholic church has called for a world without nuclear weapons saying they decreased security weist money and threaten humanity pope francis has been visiting the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki which were devastated by nuclear bombs in august 1945 he's paid
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tribute to the victims calling the bombings an unspeakable horror. dinette he told me that the use of atomic energy for warfare is immoral and so is the possession of atomic weapons and we will be judged on this future generations will rise to condemn our failure if we spoke of peace but did not act to bring it among the global population how can we speak of peace as we build terrifying new weapons of war but live is interim president jenin an is has signed off on new elections it comes after weeks of government protests that forced president evo morales to step down and seek asylum in mexico the bill that allows last month's elections was approved by both houses of congress on saturday morale is barred from contesting but uncertainty still looms over bolivia as mariana sanchez reports from a fox. we haven't seen violent protests or protests if you will in the past couple of days however there is going to be
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a march today in favor of the police and the army people who want to support what they have been doing they say that they have been implemented security in the country and it's supposed to be a specific march of course. a lot of people in the streets have been more worried now about what is going to happen it with them if it's racism will be back so many people we've been talking to already on the streets. are telling us the most important thing right now is for elections to be held as soon as possible. 2 eyes recent protests are the most important since the end of military rule in 99 demonstrators are expressing their anger through slogans and graffiti on walls across the capital santiago a lot in america it is only seen human is there and touches on the tour of the so-called talking war. in few if any country is
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a social explosion left its mark as quickly and pervasively as here you probably all heard the phrase if only the walls could talk well in chile that is exactly what they are doing so i thought it would be interesting to show you exactly what it is that they're saying starting with this. meeting eyes represent the unprecedented number of protesters who've lost one or both eyes as a result of being shot by riot police with pellets these walls reflect the evolution of chile's social outburst this was one of the 1st to go viral the time has come chile has awoken no more student loan debt no more a.f.p. chillies private pension system no more collusion from big business anger against chile's neo liberal economic system predominates with slogans like taking a bullet costs less than staying in the system. one of the most widely seen
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messages is this no more abuses in this case written over the name of president peña while above a more disturbing message that reads at war against order. another one screams let everything burn. antiestablishment graffiti and messages are everywhere this one says kill yourselves of capitalism but a great percentage of what's on these walls targets the riot police and this new one shows the face of the directors and national police with a rope around his neck and underneath it said. as the night will fall and we will dance over their bodies. but many others who flicked more hope than rage and in recent weeks the graffiti has become more sophisticated and artistic. we met muralist philippe got real as he began his latest work in the us so many people
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that are shouldn't be just to quickly reflect the historic and political moment we're living and we're leaving a moment that i think would transform into a latin american up prices starting in chile and it's our mission assad he's represented to show what's happening. with the finished work features the monopoly mascot rich uncle penny bags calculating that hundreds of protesters eyes are worth less than 30 basis the tiny amount at the metro fare went up last month that was the detonator of a social explosion that has destabilized the region's most stable nation. the explanation on this was it wasn't peace it was silence. this is al jazeera these are the top stories voters are being counted in hong
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kong's district council elections which have seen the largest voter turnout in the city's history more than 2900000 people cast their ballots the elections followed months of widespread government protests. to hong kong the only generation whose 1st ability. to change i think more people are actually coming out. what they want. like some other country. leaving. china to decide what we want. from a new york mayor michael bloomberg has officially entered the race for u.s. president the media mogul is joining an already crowded democratic field he says he's running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild america balance of being counted in guinea-bissau presidential election. is seeking reelection after his 1st was marred by infighting and accusations of corruption. strong opposition
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including 2 prime ministers he dismissed during his 5 years in office. rescue efforts are under way northwest in kenya after flooding and landslides hit the region at least $41.00 people have been killed including 7 children. at least a dozen people have been killed across iraq in the last 24 hours in basra as security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters killing at least 3 people there they were dispersing crowds near the main port of. protesters burned tiles to block my own roads across the city. and in the southern city of nasiriyah security forces killed 3 protesters and injured several others at least 320 people have been killed in demonstrations that began last month. at least 26 people have died in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the passenger plane carrying 17
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people kind down soon after takeoff in goma city it crashed into a residential area the spokesman for libya's warlord who leave the house says a no fly zone is in place at the most of the capital tripoli the city's only functional airport up to me to get these exams those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. fear and intimidation and bill and opposition figures accuse the governing party of cracking down on its critics ahead of next year's election so what's all the chances of a free and fair vote and how can you mean rights be protected based is inside story
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. over and welcome to the program honest. now we're in d. has long been criticized for silencing dissent human rights watch has described the killing rape and intimidation of political opponents and with the presidential election set for next year or india is again coming on.


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