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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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record numbers turned out to coast the ballots in hong kong for new collections that many are treating as a proxy referendum on months of anti-government protests. i mean aren't there are live from london also coming up bolivia's congress approves a bill that seeks to quell weeks of unrest i allow in for new elections but exclude the country's former president. the death toll from heavy rains that unleashed floods in western kenya has risen to 60 at least 7 of those are missing. and
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a small passenger plane crashes into a densely populated neighborhood in the city of goma in eastern democratic republic of congo at least 27 people have been killed. there counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territory's local elections the burj is seen by many as a test of public opinion on hong kong's relationship with beijing after months of sometimes violent protests at least 2900000 people cast their ballots that's more than 70 percent of all registered voters results are expected in the coming hours in a moment we'll cross to rob mcbride who's standing by in hong kong but 1st scott hardly takes a look at the record breaking election and how it unfolded. in a hong kong neighborhood hardest hit by battles between protesters and police voters in manchaca cast last minute ballots just moments before the polls closed on
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a record breaking day for hong kong elections the highest voter turnout ever after nearly 6 months of violent demonstrations the polling was seen as a way for voters to officially take sides in this deeply divided city of 7000000 back the probate candidates and hong kong government or those who support greater democratic freedoms for hong kong in line with the protesters who have been fighting to push back on what they see as an increase in control from mainland china. he said that she needs a lot to hong kong the older generation has 1st to believe that the only generation hopes for change i think more people are actually coming out to have a say in what they want rather than. like some other countries cities that are leaving. like china to decide what we want for hong kong it's usually a sleepy election to select a low level local government positions but many woke up early to vote as there was concern that unrest could mean the polling could be cut short for the pro-democracy
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camp is about a vote of confidence on no confidence on the carrier government and on the excess use of police force against protesters but a probation camp there was say this is also a de facto referendum on the protests and the violence by 130 in the afternoon more voters had cast their ballots than the final count in the 2015 district council election there was an uneasy calm during the few days leading up to the election just a week after some of the worst violence in these nearly 6 months of protests that's mainly because both sides view this election is critical to their cause funk kongs leader harry lam while casting her vote recognize the challenging times for the city and the importance of peaceful election. enter. she has served 3 terms as a district councillor he's vowing for his for the pro-democracy candidate was brutally attacked earlier this month parts of his ear were but now howard. can
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have a very strong and clear. the beijing for it and also the international community that's the home as they stand together trying to keep on the fight for freedom and democracy even though more people voted than ever before and this is a significant election much more still needs to be done to mend the divisions in hong kong got harder al-jazeera hong kong. and is in hong kong joins us from there now so we're starting to get some early indications understand of how it went. absolutely laurin we're in well into the early hours of monday morning here and for the last couple of hours we've been getting the results starting to come through we've had around 30 percent of the preliminary results returned. indicating it does seem to be showing an absolute route to the pro establishment
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pro beijing camp there are $450.00 seats up for grabs here and of those seats the preliminary returns show that 121 have gone to the pro-democracy camp and just 14 have been taken by pro establishment prob aging candidates now if this is borne out then this will be a complete transformation of the of these districts boards these local councils here in hong kong what makes it worse for the pro establishment probe ageing camp is that before this election they were in control of more than 2 thirds of all of these seats almost 3 quarters so it has been a complete swing in the opposite direction basically in favor of the pro-democracy camp one party alone the democratic alliance for the betterment of hong kong it's probably the biggest of the probe aging parties they alone have lost more than 80
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seats so this is being described by one the pro-democracy activist as a tsunami also. another activist jimmy sham he has won a seat tonight he was involved in the organization that 1st began organizing these massive demonstrations for the withdrawal of this extradition bill for greater freedoms within china that brought 2000000 people out onto the streets he has as i said won its own seat tonight but he's been quoted as saying that the hong kong government carry land could ignore 1000000 people out on the street what they cannot ignore is a result like this because as we mentioned there this effectively counts as a de facto referendum it remains to be seen just what hong kong government will make of this and by association beijing lord by thank you very much indeed. bolivia's interim president jeanine aeneas has signed legislation paving the way for new elections that bar former president ever more honest from running on
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a step down 2 weeks ago after a wave of violent protests after a disputed election result 30 people have been killed in the unrest. joins us from la paz so tell us about the negotiation to reach a deal that's right lauren has been a very difficult. days of negotiations here at the national assembly. where members of the government demanded that protesters stop protesting on the streets of bolivia and they also demanded that rolled blocks had to be lifted around the country because there were fuel and food shortages especially here in the capital. but members of the mosque party the. party representing the bases of farmers and miners around the country demanded that the government withdraw supreme decree that the interim president. issued last week where they
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said that neither the armed forces or the police would be held accountable in their efforts to impose security in the country that has been lifted it was announced after the interim president signed this this new. this new law now what happens now is that the. national assembly will appoint. a new electoral tribunal the supreme electoral tribunal of 7 members 2 of which have to be indigenous 3 of them women and they will have 20 days to officially call elections and then there comes a pure period of about $120.00 days for elections to be hailed it's unclear so when that will happen. thank you very much.
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at least 16 people have been killed in severe flooding in northwestern kenya the unusually heavy rains began on friday in west pocket county causing mudslides that swept away 4 bridges and cut off an entire village so high right reports. these men are assessing the damage caused by saturday's flooding and landslides in kenya's west because county rescue workers are still pulling bodies from under the months and rubble. present who will kenyatta has said the armed forces to help he promises that every missing person will be accounted for the roads and bridges destroyed rescue efforts have been delayed in many parts of the county parties. to walk as long as for us to just be able to reach the affected. west because gov has been helping to distribute food parcels you know. but you.
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know. me oh other east african countries have also been affected by weeks of heavy downpours several people have been killed in a few and tanzania and hundreds of thousands of others displaced in somalia and south sudan scientists warn the weather event known as the indian ocean dipole is making the flooding worse this year it happens when the western parts of the indian ocean become significantly warmer than its eastern sides causing increased of operation and consequently heavy rains across parts of the african continent and they're off it is more of this type of weather is headed to the region sort of al-jazeera. even guy who has more from west pokot county. but are you hearing. i got a job. back everybody that there are right.
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there right now for the record i'm not very. funny. but i think i carry my current crop of people that i probably die. build something very bad looking for what is going to be nothing can find the national government offensive sense and i'm ok just to help out with every time i have popped out but help. the people i've spoken to say stand up in an effort to get to the ground because i'm a member just like this one i've been stabbed always. the 5000 companies have been displaced by the scotch floods and a lot of them are staying with friends that seem at all but helping with the rest go buy a truck i think a few things about a puppy there should be a lot about trying to tame frogs and then i think the pressure that's being slapped on top but from a doctor because everybody comes through can identify but i can't because there's a lot about them i'm from the plains all the pike in the west bank i've got the
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measure not to quantify them as people wanting about this we should expect random about 45 minutes outside in the next 3 weeks that this is going to talk about a frightening at the prospect of the fuss of spending out as protecting the lying areas we've learned to experience and i think in some on the south for done that has been ethiopia the last i made some people don't have the distance so far. and he's 26 people have been killed ultra small plane crashed into a densely populated neighborhood in democratic republic of congo's it came down shortly after takeoff in the eastern city of goma 70 people will involve a propeller aircraft and a number of people on the ground are among the dead frank a group to report. this is what's left of a passenger aircraft that crashed into homes near an airport golmaal 18 passengers and 2 crew members scorn both the busy bee and landslides none of them survived i do ya know what i mean i was as
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a restraint with my family when i saw the plane spinning 3 times in the air and missing a lot of small bits when we fleet and after that we saw the plane crash into this house. i know the small plane left go through flight to the city of beni 350 kilometers away it crashed shortly after takeoff killing several people on the ground in a busy residential area i just doubt someone at this point we're collecting all the necessary information it's our duty to fight those killed on the plane and in the buildings we must set up the universe quickly to deal with this crisis and will involve all of the specialized services. the congolese rescue teams initially found it difficult to access the crash site but they now have retrieved many bodies from the wreckage the your mission in democratic republic of congo is providing help to the i air accidents are fairly frequent of the sea as
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a result of poor aviation standards the european union has banned all congolese airlines including busy from its air space last month 8 people were killed when a cargo plane crashed soon after taking off for the same airport in goma. all dizzy or. you're watching al-jazeera live from london's to head a number of hurdles remain before palestinians get the chance to go to the polls. and resistant griefs how palauans super corals are giving scientists hope for the world's oceans. i want to play say we should say some quieter weather coming into southeastern parts of france the northwestern parts of just around the riviera where we have seen the recent flooding this area of low pressure this is our offending low loss
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of cloud his'n very choppy waters strong winds in the process nothing a little further south with and a swiss for a monday the west the weather will be across the fos out of italy pushing over towards the ionian say easing over towards greece southern parts of the balkans further north it is generally dry therapist of plaid of the west affair but a cloud for the dry weather but over towards the west side if you're very thick cloud i was it will pass by in portugal western areas of frogs back into the united kingdom i think monday a slightly dried out but blustery showers continue to rattle in as we go through the dice pretty cane wins as we go on into choose day longer spells of frank piling in that west weather coming back in across a good part of eastern england easing down through the low countries across northern and western parts of france and back down for was spain and portugal by this size we will see that western weather easing over towards greece western possible nor the possibly be a could see some blustery shasta in time to time for much of north africa it will
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be dry. the oppression of an ethnic minority and me and my many. they intend to make sure that rangers we're no longer entitled to basic rights for citizenship brian's in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution after him and me and my. exile. on al-jazeera.
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a lot of the top stories here on our 0 counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territories local elections early indications are but pro-democracy candidates have secured a significant increase in support. for libya's interim president has signed legislation paving the way for new elections this fall for the president even more on those for running around step down 2 weeks ago after a wave of violent protests over disputed election results. and at least 60 people have been killed in severe flooding in northwestern kenya mudslides in west for cook county have swept away 4 bridges and cut off an entire village. security forces have opened fire on several protests across iraq killing at least 13 people in the past 24 hours and to government protests have gripped several cities in the south as well as the capital baghdad 3 people died when security forces tried to disperse crowds in the main port of. earlier 3 protesters were
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killed in the southern city of nasiriyah dozens of others have been wounded at least 330 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in october. the un's humanitarian chief mark lowe koch has made his 1st visit to sudan since the transitional government was formed in august with an 8000000 naira need if humanitarian assistance of sudan's economic situation worsens and 300000 people have been affected by the heavy rains and severe floods across 17 states since september at least 11 people have died in an outbreak of rift valley fever which is a water borne disease the rains of also caused a rise in color and blue nile states 300 people a form. well they. said the new administration has a tough job ahead we have a new situation in sudan a new government your thirty's i've talked to them during this visit but they've
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inherited an extremely difficult situation of you've as you've just described to me know your headlines are exactly what we're seeing 800000000 people food insecure disease outbreaks conflict and so on but some really big important things are changing the new government is giving all the aid agencies much more access to deal with these problems they want to work in a different way with this they want to normalize their relations with the wider international community the past behind them and i think the international community really now needs to step up and to seize this opportunity for my my particular responsibility i would like to see more humanitarian assistance all over the country but also foster humanitarian assistance so all those people who came out on to the streets demanding change start to see some improvement in their lives . well then 70 african migrants are stranded in the men train in c. are to be rescued off a dinghy near the libyan coast they were picked up by
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a spanish aid vessel open arms but the italian authorities have so far refused to allow the ship to dock instead suggesting a boat to turn back to libya the dba reports going to every last. one month circle we have for all don't worry they've been at sea for days with no idea where they'll end up this is the moment 73 migrants were rescued by open arms a spanish charity late 95 which is a problem for the play their part to rubber dinghy was found around 70 kilometers off the libyan coast after its engine broke down. among them is 5 year old ibrahim . he made the journey from nigeria with his parents they're all safe now. but the seas extremely rough with waves of up to 3 meters. and while they're trying to make it an adventure for abraham for his mom it's been traumatizing i was afraid i didn't know the city would be like if i knew i wouldn't have come i would have
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come back to my country. see that was i thought what might serve the government services of you know talk about. the cruise tried and failed to get permission to land in italy or baltar they say italian officials suggested the ship should dock at the libyan port of tripoli. brigades father that's not an option he said love but he said. i wanted to come to europe he says it wasn't easy but i said if i have to die on the water it's better than returning to libya i'd rather die at sea i really don't want to return to libya the e.c.u. must be an indoor football but we continue to ask for a safe port to disembark which is a legal obligation for the government according to international conventions we have people on board who probably needs to evacuated due to health issues yes it was wonderful but that much made. italy has allowed another group of migrants onto its shores on south at least 2 people have died after heavy flooding in the south
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of france hundreds of people have been evacuated from the quote does you region and around 4000 homes are without electricity to rental rain is disrupted air and rail transport while many roads have been cut off. 14 palestinian factions have agreed with president mahmoud abbas his request to hold parliamentary and presidential elections but he has yet to hear from his main rivals him us there are other major hurdles remaining before date can be set israel and the us would have to give their go ahead and they might be wary given that hamas could win a large share of the vote when it smith has more from gaza. dormant for 13 years the palestinians legislative chamber could now flicker into life that's because the main palestinian factions of hamas and fattah have agreed it's time for new polls well in. full saw what the how the elections are a legitimate right for the palestinian people and that is it's an opportunity and
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a challenge an opportunity for achieving good equals relation and to be out of ending the palestinian house and to find an exit from the current crisis. in 2006 president mahmoud abbas handed a smile one ear the prime minister's job after hamas shocked everyone including themselves by winning 60 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections but within 2 months the hunt shakes gave way to conflict. the facts are on opposite watch seized control of important ministries. hamas took over the gaza strip after fighting broke out between the 2 groups. since then gaza has been crippled by an israeli blockade and in the west bank political life has ceased it seems to me that . there would one in the gaza strip without any problems and in the meantime hamas would win in the west without any problems which means that the majority of
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the palestinians in the west bank and gaza head their own governments and would like to have a change whether in the daily life conditions in gaza or in terms of the political situation in the west bank the. fattah and the palestinian authority have been criticised for clinging on to power way beyond their mandates his 4 year term supposedly ended in 2009 the m.p.'s it was 2010 and when and now it's time to see enough for division it's time to go back to the people it's not enough to say that i as a factional party claimed i represent depend on people we have to find a way out of this conflict. is designated a terrorist group by israel and the us and the likelihood it would be given renewed democratic legitimacy in an election means it's not just the palestinians who must agree to
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a poll israel will have to agree to facilitate the vote in occupied east jerusalem and some analysts say the u.s. and other arab states will also have to give the go ahead because what bothers the most is what happens the day after the votes have been counted as usual the destiny of the palestinians is left in the hands of outside forces bernard smith i'll just say are gusta. after weeks of speculation one of the u.s. is richest men has just entered the race for the white house billionaire and former new york mayor michael bloomberg is joining an already crowded democratic field 77 year old says he's running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild the country the media mogul has spent at least $31000000.00 on television adverts which will run across the u.s. over the next 2 weeks. voting is under way in the run off of a presidential election in europe why do we see a conservative lawyer whose father is
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a former president is widely seen as the favorite to win is center right a national party could topple the ruling broad front party after 15 years of liberal rule about 2700000 voters will choose between 2 and incumbent danielle latinas. romania's president looks set to win a 2nd term by a wide margin exit polls show class your hand is gaining 66 percent of the presidential runoff vote his main challenger the recently ousted former prime minister. of the social democratic party got just 33 percent of the runoff it was needed after each candidate failed to get the 50 percent needed during the 1st poll earlier this month. the coral reefs around the globe are dying as oceans warm and become more acidic due to climate change but the so-called super corals of palau in the western pacific proving to be resilient and that holds the possibility for a solution that could save the world's reefs all of irony as this report from the
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sea bed of palau's barrier reef. plow seas are teeming with life most of it concentrated here on the country's barrier reef stretching over 500 kilometers it's one of the planet's few remaining pristine coral reefs but this beauty comes with the fragility of a one of the most pristine reefs in the world but it's high in our system here is under threat around the world coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate it's estimated over a 3rd of all reefs will be destroyed or seriously damaged within the next 10 years climate change is warming season which has a devastating effect on corals forcing them to reject the colorful algae that normally lives within them and bleaching them white much of the reef here in palau has been spared and that's in part because the geography of the region water trapped by the lushly forested limestone cliffs forms
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a sort of lagoon and warms in the sun but instead of getting bleached the coral here has adapted to these extreme conditions and remains healthy these are so-called super corals and they only exist here in the western pacific and that makes them fascinating for scientists who hope they can be used to repair damage reefs around the world even the forest or the lab and then we. stress them increase the temperature of the water that they're in and we'll see which of them are surviving and those will be our it. the efforts that scientists are making here show the healthy reef supports millions of species and on the edge of the reef in the fast flowing currents sharks there are but that you get species of sharks and rays in the quarter here off the coast that are out and over that goes are endangered has in order to protect them well outwit the world's 1st factory has
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their strict laws at play a what cat fish for sharks and rays places that type of thing. however it's a lucrative business shark fins fetch big money in the markets of asia where they're used in shark fin soup we've only been in the water for a few minutes when we come across this a gray reef shark missing its dorsal fin is illegal fishing vessels catch sharks hack their fins off and then toss the rest of the fish still alive back into the sea the prospects for this shark a bleak without a fence keep it out right it will soon tire sink to the bottom of the ocean and die as climate change decimates coral reefs and fish bear the scars of humans greed ploughs turquoise waters and the secrets they contain are a small beacon of hope in a vanishing underwater world all of the vanni on ploughs barrier reef.
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i don't mind the top stories here now jazeera counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territory's local elections all than 70 percent of all registered voters have cast their ballots early indications are that pro-democracy candidates have secured a significant increase in support results the results are expected in the coming hours. bolivia's interim president in years has signed legislation paving the way for new elections but far former president ever marla's from running or on a step down 2 weeks ago after a wave of violent protests over disputed election results and he 60 people have been killed in severe flooding in northwestern kenya the unusually heavy rains began on friday causing mudslides in westport county 4 bridges have been swept away and an entire village has been cut off and there are concerns for a number of other people who are feared missing at least 26 people have been killed
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in the democratic republic of congo after a plane crashed into a busy neighborhood in the eastern city of goma a number of people on the ground are among the dead an investigation is underway to find out what went wrong. i was in a restraint with my family when i saw the plane spinning 3 times in the air and missing a lot of small bits when we fleet and after that we saw the christians of this house. security forces have opened fire on several protests across iraq killing at least 13 people in the past 24 hours and to government protests are gripped several cities in the south as well as the capital baghdad dozens of others have been wounded at least 330 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in october. well than 70 african migrants stranded in the mediterranean sea after being rescued off a dinghy near the libyan coast they were picked up by the spanish
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a vessel in phnom use but italian authorities have so far refused to another ship to dock instead suggesting the boat should turn back to libya. there's the headlines do stay with us talk down to 0 is next with turkey's defense minister discussing the recent operation in northern syria and meantime to get viewers catch up on our website al-jazeera dot com your news. last month turkey launched a military operation in northeastern syria saying it's aimed at preventing the
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predominantly kurdish syrian democratic forces or from keeping up presence of a border area operation the spring was condemned by the u.s. and the international community but for the turkish government it's a crucial step to ensure national security. in this week i would be speaking to the thirty's defense minister about the operation cooperation with russia and iran and uncle has strained ties with the us and they took over 400 defense systems all of this as the turkish defense.


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