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tv   Hulusi Akar  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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past 24 hours and to government protests are gripped several cities in the south as well as the capital baghdad dozens of others have been wounded at least $330.00 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in october. more than 70 african migrants are stranded in the mediterranean sea after being rescued off a dinghy near the libyan coast they were picked up by the spanish a vessel open arms but italian authorities have so far refused to another ship to dock instead suggesting the boat should turn back to libya. there's the headlines do stay with us talk drowned his ear is next with turkey's defense minister discussing the recent operation in northern syria meantime to get those catch up on our website al jazeera dot com we'll see you soon more news.
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it is all on you to. see. last month turkey launched a military operation in northeastern syria saying it's preventing the predominantly kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. from keeping a presence on the border area operation feast spring was condemned by the u.s. and the international community but for the turkish government it's a crucial step to ensure national security. and this week i would be speaking to the touchiest defense minister about that operation cooperation with russia and iran and strained ties with the u.s. and they took over there as 400 defense systems all of this as the turkish defense
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minister. talks to al jazeera. see a car thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera let's start by talking about the joint patrols with russia in north eastern syria how is this going on and have those patrols achieved their goals from your perspective the ability of the. us was there was a target the most captured close to church was about the color no longer possible for the march to be there to terms only through i don't. measure average and they really didn't go to christmas eve. because for me to make. up to do that for the long work. i was on the day really kind of going up. they're literally ripped a little look up their little. park where they make. it up in my place. that was. there to make these
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changes are there or they could get it's going to go back to. the. rich always want to sue the makers but the bar was all marked. with that when you. talk to a bunch of other were going on your of mine can you give us an idea about what you plan to do next are we going for example to see the joint patrols moving closer to teller a fat and then bitch for example. or the. issue of. the 100 and the start of a. problem i'm very attracted to that i've taken because of this was a band that almost went well as it was too long. and that was the only way out
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almost a distinction that it. took a broadcast from the regular progress when we should be on the moon about. not just going to get made and it's just so to be clear from your perspective as turkey's minister of defense as the fighters are still present in the safe zone and . soon the other. vehicle on. us if you lose well there's a busy. woman. called mr o'connor the visit. to another church that i come to. you as it was for. thank you videos. it's probably a test as a method and democrats they need it will get every seconds when called into their
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lenders bulletin that i'm going to tell my children you know who stole it was recorded so i'm sure they will know them because when the one i got the optimus scripture met again it. was committed in the good column down the boss or that it was a terrorist it. was those because you said all the. city how could general model check. that as part of the muscle the military separate all the other material in a quote an object that can emerge to tell us what we should do it is so natural that i. should was holding him as he should i think question time where saddam was a head case in video shot when i've been messaging the elected ever in the top part on his heavy machine he's normally the guy that i'm just reduced because they're getting a lot of mr leggett it was actually happiest there will be check mitchell shows are you planning to establish of the patient post interstate sale at
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a later stage but others have been you see better than the bus at. all under government control it's almost when you're looking at him sell it with a lot of really millions of misrule or coordinate it all muslims are who the choice was and some of us wanted to make it a lot but it was a good show and it was again some that no one's ever done made a media or a solo album is british better come on i get attacked even used to be in jail on this clip enjoy the true record as much as ever and ever top of the no prize winners were. there whether he actually had. ever next year and will still receive . childish whether whether celek with that instead of. how to curtain the article to take a lot of that week. a 2nd ago make them when you're born with that as an equal to. your political ideas i wonder what other. alone other than
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a lot of holcomb's i would measure and make it in public it would be a really observation post of the coolidge culture the call that i can start to construct when take a look at sinister jets president bashar al assad said that your presence in the states and it's a violation of sovereignty of syria that his country will take all necessary means in the future to take back those areas what does it mean for you. because it was your will because it was targeted to other fathers. because of the talk was because this in take the. credit of it we can simulate it was in vain we can that. that particular terrorist or that. it is going to that you didn't give them but if you don't boast of it target terrorists that are other than was it true that it was at this to do make this the conclusion that you have a huge they could tell is one of the target which actually up there was challenged by. columbia back then was that these were other guests. to get in. that on
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monday up to 11 partners are going to let so little missa how comes it is that an. article on. those 11. or that he is on a higher than is it his image it was written was him given how good was incrementally early. sellers on the machine that been accused be measurable and look at themselves so that there was a current item is it possible that it was the truth is and it took what on the ship . but all those little blue. balloons or whatever is going to just get we're getting any sort of been taken much most talented people. he's going to do a lot of good little ultimate as you very. top doing and solomon so i understand after the save is stopped fully established the plan basically is
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to resettle syrian refugees back into those safe areas. so you. talk to you 2 of them or the other make them go into a medically old where they are at their will marked up where they were going to get all the terms and truly. told them. you all who know about that they get together and whichever there is in which else well i'm sure make the book. for them those will notice whether they're in the in the. one brother. and it's i wonder. whether i lose one really because there's television un very good news and then at the top of the enemy i wish i watched some of the wounded talk to t.v. show you that is. their. normal it was it took them.
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you consider the why peachey to be an extension of the p.k. k. however the u.s. considers the s.d.f. of the what i would like to do business with the s.d.s. . as they have been almost to the billionaires you know why politically if you. want to. talk to articulate their lives you've got to be drawn to. watch to go to the beauty of it is they will go to. hell you know. what up with them is articulate sort of the. public people american can you tell. i thought after. looking at those through the. rhythm of this i would like to ask you a question about the criticism that was aimed at operation peace spring the u.s.
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and the international community basically were saying that civilians were targeted in that military operation has this been addressed by but by turkey in the. religion has the most to give other than what you ultimately get sick then you could. go. on the tyrion was there you go jail the podium is there the. polish it was looted. and all of them with their churches and here you accuse them of the. clock and the . busy and get up there was presumably nearly a. 1000000 mile every mistake there are limits what moral there is one of these.
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little markers or should he need tidy up or crush a chariot he can all move the car that. will i believe. the u.s. was particularly concerned about operation peace spring saying that it would undermine the international coalitions fight against i said that it could pave the way for i said to states a comeback how do you respond to that. sort of book. because there are still as i say. there are. other than the. 1000000000 or turkey or. 2 so i'll quit if you are not all 2 in the flock and i can't think you should bin jawad and.
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get to maturity that ted only bialek always make it to ourselves rather constantly columns or article in particular to avoid dodge that is which i didn't is it economically opulence to you dosh. you can use the all to simulate on the cut that they ship by malala we've changed the shale in the op with the. terrorist watch list altered what the measurement of cut there was when i got it when other terrorists in a car hit the uphams yet again this there have been other so she was a student who not a strict one most exalted almost the opposite in michigan much of the truth here she waited a bit in it to quit and it does to me to others it nic are that good at that cup some although not. since we're speaking about ice as their leader will talk about that he was killed in a military operation in a village in syria not far from the border with turkey and some think that turkey has massive military and intelligence capabilities why has turkey failed to
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identify the whereabouts of alcohol but that it. would be a limited ability to give it. a shit. honestly i managed to get occasional use to you. jim. said it was part of an issue under control that will make that a lot when i get a belligerent signal that the internet don't bother nadine into much you can assume that i'm a cancer that was in charlotte with them to get a courthouse from the balloon to be got a vision a balloon the. bitch that the order to sell equipment to them that you called it mixed with the letter had one he will show you the overdose one of the one that is if not a little militia in other terms ecologically good except that all that follows it moves ipsa loquitur monopolise ones are they optimistic who are. listen to the. other old who knew there was an. american
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remailer toxic which always did it on the. record as to all the other american history where the talking to make the car let's talk about another issue which is basically the deescalation zone around it that you have been working closely with iran and russia since 2017 to implement the deescalation so but there are strikes happening almost on a daily basis government forces the syrian government forces are staging a push to take over areas south of italy as the standard agreement failed do you think it has to be reviewed once again when. you have. been accused. of the. who talk of church of us in the elite in. their own. where they. don't want to look there's a lot of them up close what you know not on the ultimate. or
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. the most negative rather look that's the most negative question what really quick that this world muslims are going to get you on which i was going up to talk to that under. the regime. of the head start because it should because they're the political order and they were taken to a 2nd alternate surely this is the head of what this case and there were many. messages up there was how much the. can you. learn. regime in. solomon ours or the fact that. most of us in the. the television set and one person i give my the because they lick their mice if you don't lose them sold a cut of them how are they up to learn the truck just to show you the chevy is
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a lot better that we're sure and i could almost say it about an ultimate say to either. he was knocked whether been used been accused of shooting what and there's been i think a bit to see not impute were abusive it. alters being to sit in there and they did take it in the videos so there's a truck duty it is one of the damned. of it and most of us there's still a shortage of either truly or you to him who sternly optimus close might go. through the regime as well keep on him that you're coming you know visit me up there was. because it's all the most intricate and all to. ourselves kind of them now more than they should be up to solve the solution under. the coalition in. college when are the ideas of under. standard has an edge and then. there's little doubt that. because it's all or most are consumed through the most you can assume the. most with i was
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a little too limiting it to your resume talk. their truck. up your. astana lady. look at their civilian or she may have are suppose our mother who made the army do it or the. terrorists for that big terrorist is pretty sick and. poor i look at the model because the mitchell show he's. under you can use the witch doctor ultimate going to war in the dirty trick or this was me so i did yours sure and i got that top on but jim is a miss could learn to love you wonder how hard it was for those. structural rejected and you could decide that i was able to check on the arctic to get a calmer. america. let's move on to another issue which is as $400.00 as a fan system which has created
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a diplomatic crisis with united states of american and nato are you still determined you activate the system. over the net. between. the $2.00 to $1.00 of the ticket there. are you there to do you are coming from you this. talks on the. community mission however just so i'm assuming sawyer mcclurkin done. so much just tell me about the military quitting which is. the. only those who like to turn to the world. however just so much for 7 sizeable moms who are your particular guy that there was a student. there the choice when the woman called what the hospital because she took turns for a not all churches. in an earlier other. although
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the bitters going to take that gives between. turns on the museum i mean it was. just so much is that it was particular church you do want to tell it because the end of the prosecutor now to go into. some of that was old. good job. but well there's a. sort of look to it when you integrated in the turkish defense system or is it going to run as a standalone system the question that will send the order in which i could. not was just. so how do see a car you are the minister of defense of the 2nd largest military in nato what
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baffles the americans and the europeans in particular why would a country like turkey expand its alliance with the russia of the expense with its historic alliance with beta of the united states of america. didn't. even harder than the dig a bit short of your. us being it was poor. hindus rooster book. you can use it let him sit there in economy. going solomon which is public a good measure up to the good or can the president believes yes you should be a good member bombs be there at that. game and never. can be that close to the church over there. there is no submitting is. the editor the courage it. is not all of them are submitted. is not one of us will
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most. truthful who. gets me tell me. the partner limit is there so the water was sure you to fuck that it was. one of the fallouts from the operation spring is that many european countries decided to suspend on sales to turkey are you confident those countries will change their position. totalled with them. and i partially. candy candy. the victim of the other side on the bottle of a girl or. out of the. on the top of the materials for the. regime to do anything he said. that would do any good or they are killers or most of them the pilots of the new government and then the old well there's a possibility up them with
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a language either but i was there was only for the. i don't wish to get the deal is . talking to now so i guess we'll. see it unless the journey down to them but they were told as they had it not when they should be acted on and trinket visit me up to what i garden truck and who will not have been established at their charter this mission that they're charging the building the pollution which that they're going to cause when all the car lot of what we call another truck elevation what the witness because they're going to cause a car load he's an enemy so mark about the. community or their soil or color. will make that. person the other them to look at what some citizens all of them are busy up there was this particular case really good comment that it was religion. so much and all there was a mother who. did it the language
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a little bit saw the deal that. terrorist in a car wreck or shit. and this is going to be my last question president met with president trump recently are you hopeful the americans will reconsider their decision to remove turkey from the f. 35 5th generation joint strike program fighter program. full of the obvious old gestures as a jew much. of the. country. hated us to go spasms of the hand. and i told a couple in the center left of course with ourselves that we can tell if that was it goes for that initial particular quote and that will not damage it. causes you don't like either because i like a little back then was there talk to check with your members and it was what was based on his or touch they were all talk to. or talk a lot of potential terminator the plumber the more the optimist been of the dirty
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energy one a bit got the human ability to large of an auditor demi up to their blue in the editor museum to clear their vision be departures all that type event when she was on the day she parked either became synonymous with jessica concert because there would. have addressed projects and cut corners that idea was a dead industry data america corn let it be and let them under. water color that they will. return with joy like. hockey a negative unit showed last fall as it appears that. america west almost like them was done because it will totally negative you can go stare at them is how such it is because the unchecked they get them and make them equity market has been the big . can get in then. call it what is basic it like other popular that up too much on this one and are likely to. get again nice it will not happen
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and i make deals there you watch them sort of invited them. some on the billionaire boss at the i started yet in a petty thermostatic by some woman girl mother when gold mine just. head hanging michigan is based on the must be himself. we came in late. so almost it shouldn't do any of it do any good then end of years. when all my poor mother talk to the public your dollar is in the wash got most of the good mental nicolo jobs and there goes that i'm going to most of us. thank you very much indeed i really learned your site thank you sir thank you.
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on counting the cost as russia uses mercenaries in cali plates from syria to libya the future of iran co is in for a $2.00 trillion dollars puts the saudi state owned oil on pluto out of the costs google takes on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost on the i'll just see if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of friends that matter to you. al-jazeera.
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god. i know when our intern on the top stories on our jazeera counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territory's local elections the verge is seen by many as a test of public opinion on hong kong's relationship with beijing after months of sometimes violent protests at least $2900000.00 people cast their ballots that's more than 70 percent of all registered voters results are expected in the coming hours scott hanna takes a look at how the record breaking election unfolded. in a hong kong neighborhood hardest hit by battles between protesters and police voters in manchaca cast last minute ballots just moments before the polls closed on a record breaking day for hong kong elections the highest voter turnout ever after nearly 6 months of violent demonstrations the polling was seen as a way for voters to officially take sides in this deeply divided city of 7000000
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back the probating candidates and hong kong government or those who support greater democratic freedoms for hong kong in line with the protesters who have been fighting to push back on what they see as an increasing control for mainland china . this election means a lot to hong kong the older generation hopes for stability but the only generation hopes for change i think more people are actually coming out to have a say in what they want rather than. like some other countries cities that are leaving. like china to decide what we want for hong kong it's usually a sleepy election to select a low level local government positions but many woke up early to vote.


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