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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. record numbers turned out to cast their ballot in hong kong but local elections that many are treating as a proxy referendum on months of anti-government protests. the death toll from heavy rains the town least floods in western kenya has risen to 60 at least 7 of those are missing. and a small passenger plane crashes into a densely populated neighborhood in the city of goma in eastern democratic republic
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of congo at least 27 people have been killed. and i'm we are hearty and doha with sports spain just won the davis cup for a 6th time and prescient home fans and then an 8 year drought. counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territory's local elections the vote is seen by many as a test of public opinion on hong kong's relationship with beijing after months of sometimes violent protests at least 2900000 people cast their ballots that's more than 70 percent of all registered voters results are expected in the coming hours in a moment we'll cross to rob mcbride who's standing by in hong kong but 1st it's called harlow takes a look at how the record breaking election unfolded. in hong kong neighborhood hardest hit by battles. between protesters and police voters in manchaca cast last
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minute ballots just moments before the polls closed on a record breaking day for hong kong elections the highest voter turnout ever after nearly 6 months of violent demonstrations the polling was seen as a way for voters to officially take sides in this deeply divided city of 7000000 back the probating candidates and hong kong government or those who support greater democratic freedoms for hong kong in line with the protesters who have been fighting to push back on what they see as an increasing control for mainland china . he said that she needs a lot to hong kong the older generation who is forced to believe that the only generation hopes for change i think more people actually coming out to have a say in what they want rather than. like some other countries cities that are leaving father like china to decide what we want from hong kong it's usually a sleepy election to select
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a low level local government positions but many woke up early to vote as there was concern that unrest could mean the polling could be cut short for the pro-democracy camp is about a vote of confidence on no confidence on the carrier government and on the excess use of police force against protesters but a probation camp there was say this is also a de facto referendum on the protests and the violence by 130 in the afternoon more voters had cast their ballots than the final count in the 2015 district council election there was an uneasy calm during the few days leading up to the election just a week after some of the worst violence in these nearly 6 months of protests that's mainly because both sides view this election is critical to their cause. funk kongs leader harry lam while casting her vote recognize the challenging times for the city and the importance of peaceful election. injured she has served 3 terms as a district councillor he's vowing for his 4th. the pro-democracy candidate was
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brutally attacked earlier this month parts of his ear were bit now howard. can have a very strong and clear. method for. the beijing for it and also the international community that's be home from people as they stand together trying to keep on the fight for freedom and democracy even though more people voted than ever before and this is a significant election much more still needs to be done to mend the divisions in hong kong got harder al-jazeera hong kong. and is in hong kong and joins us live from there now so we're starting to get some early indications on how it went. absolutely lauren we are well into the results here in the early hours of monday morning here in hong kong that over the past few hours a picture has emerged of the pro establishment camp taking an absolute drubbing in
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this election it has all been in one direction basically seat to seat has fallen has changed hands as moved over to the pro democracy the pan democratic camp we are about halfway through the preliminary counting the political pressure the preliminary results let me just remind you of the numbers here we have 452 seats being contested with around half of those being counted 196 now gone to the pro-democracy camp with the with the pro establishment probe aging parties only holding on to $27.00 so that's $196.00 for all of those in this plan democratic can't be they parties be they independents they loosely group themselves together is this pro democracy force and so very quickly coming up to that magical 50 percent mark when they would actually have the majority hold the majority in the
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district councils it this result is all the more all the more terrifying for the establishment in the pro establishment camp because of course before this election they were very strong at this level at this grassroots level of these district councils they held something like 2 thirds to 3 quarters of all of these seats so in the course of this one election basically the whole the whole landscape has changed the whole balance of power has shifted over towards the pan democratic side and to give you an example of just how badly the probe aging parties have fed one of the main parties it's called the da be the democratic alliance for the betterment of hong kong it's estimate. that they love lost around $100.00 seats or so this is being described by one of the pro-democracy activists as a political tsunami i don't think that is any over exaggeration also there's been an interesting quote from
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a number of people one of them is jimmy sham he is one of the organizers of the original committee that started organizing these massive demonstrations out on the streets of up to 2000000 people during the summer against this controversial extradition bill he has he has been attacked twice the most recently a few weeks ago when he was beaten up with hammers he's don't need just come out of hospital and he has just been elected as one of these new district counselors he has been quoted as saying the government can ignore a 1000000 people marching in the streets what it cannot ignore is people voting in an election like this which is effectively as you mentioned there a de facto referendum on and on that front i mean what kind of reaction can we expect from the government given that these were originally almost or still are local elections which are now tend to have as you say the largest significance what reaction will the government have if it is a landslide for the pro-democracy camp. going
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into this that they were i think quite pleased that things had settled down enough that you could hold this election they said it shows that hong kong is still working as a functioning city it's. it was important to hold these elections so one level obviously they will be pleased but i think they will be completely stunned by the outcome of this there was a hope i think from many in the establishment that there would be this large moderate section of the population who would be worried about the levels of violence that are associated with the these protests and people going out and protesting and that people may well have voted more conservatively that then they have it seems as though people have not been bothered by the fact that they have been voting in favor of these protesters it remains to be seen just what to the hong kong government and by association beijing will now do well not right thank
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you very much indeed at least 60 people have been killed in severe flooding in northwestern kenya and usually heavy rains began on friday in west pocket county causing mudslides that swept away 4 bridges and cut off an entire village so our hired reports. these men are assessing the damage caused by saturday's flooding and landslides in kenya's west because county rescue workers are still pulling bodies from under the months and rubble at present hurricane yeltsin has said the armed forces to help he promises that every missing person will be accounted for but with roads and bridges destroyed rescue efforts have been delayed in many parts of the county parties. to walk as long as 4 hour us to just be able to reach the affected. west because gov has been helping to distribute food
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parcels you know. what. they know all of the. other east african countries have also been affected by weeks of heavy downpours several people have been killed in a few and tanzania and hundreds of thousands of others displaced in somalia and south sudan scientists warn the weather event known as the indian ocean dipole is making the flooding worse this year it happens when the western parts of the indian ocean become significantly warmer than it eastern signs causing increased of operation and consequently heavy rains across parts of the african continent and they're off it is more of this type of weather is headed to the region. al-jazeera even who has more from west county. but i am hearing that. i got it. back everybody not that there are
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right. there right now for the record i'm not very. funny. but i think i carry my current crop of people that i'm.
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a small plane has crashed into a densely populated neighborhood in the democratic republic of congo killing at least 29 people it came down shortly after takeoff in the eastern city of goma 17 people were on board the propeller and a number of people on the ground are among the dead. this is what's left of a passenger aircraft that crashed into homes. 18 passengers. on flight none of them civilized 6. with my
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family we don't see the plane 3 times. that we saw the plane crash into this house. the small plane left airport for a flight to the city of beni 350 kilometers away it crashed shortly after takeoff killing several people on the ground in a busy residential area i just outside saw at this point we're collecting all the necessary information it's our duty to identify those killed on the plane and in the buildings we must set up the universe quickly to deal with this crisis and will involve all of the specialized services. the congolese rescue teams initially found it difficult to access the crash site but they now have retrieved many bodies from the wreckage the your mission in democratic republic of congo is providing help to the i air accidents are fairly frequent to the sea as
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a result of poor aviation standards the european union has banned all congolese airlines including busy from its air space last month 8 people were killed when a cargo plane crashed soon after taking off for the same airport in goma. all to 0 . and more still ahead on news hour including dozens of african migrants stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean appeal to italian authorities to let them land safely . and as for the long range pot it came with a record prize near will be here with details later. libya's interim president genyen years has signed legislation paving the way for new elections a former president is barred from running more honest doubt it 2 weeks ago after
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a wave of violent protests after disputed election results although 30 people have been killed in the unrest there and a sanchez reports from the. interim president journeyman yes elected the bill to column. action scene believe after weeks of nationwide turmoil. it hasn't been easy to reach an agreement so i congratulate all legislators that work towards the steel it's the result of bolivians who say enough with impunity and violence the national assembly approved a bill unanimously hoping to calm street violence including members of ousted president it woman ellis' mass party i. hope this helps all bolivians to begin to have a dialogue we don't want any more dead or repression we don't want people to tamed off and all without our responsibility is to open a national dialogue. the deal was reached after protesters began clearing road
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blocks around the country. and the government withdrew the decree that allowed the armed forces and police the use of force. dozens of people have died since the election and international organizations say were full of irregularities now the national assembly will appoint the 7 member supreme electoral tribunal that must include 3 women and 2 indigenous bolivians they will have 20 days to officially call elections. the effects are being felt already in central a pass some stores remained closed while other vendors began unpacking their products. she's lost a lot of have been closed for 2 weeks. i feel much better now although sad for what happened i want peace in bolivia and hope that the person who wins the election will take the country forward. some people however see peace will be restored until votes responsible for those killed in the protests are brought to
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justice. i'm not satisfied nothing has been resolved authorities say nothing happened that's a law i have to be investigations however most believe you and see the sooner elections are held the sooner peace will be restored but yes i just i just believe you at least one person has been killed in the afghan capital kabul after a grenade was thrown at a united nations vehicle 5 others were injured in the attack including 2 local u.n. staff no group has claimed responsibility. and the 6 people are being killed after ugandan rebels attacked the city of beni in the democratic republic of congo security officials say fighting is still ongoing between armed forces and the rebels the governor of north kivu province says more than 46 civilians have been killed in many by rebels since november the 6th. un's humanitarian chief not local because made his 1st visit to sudan since the transitional
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government was formed in august 8 and a half 1000000 are in need of humanitarian assistance as sudan's economic situation worsens when 300000 people have been affected by the heavy rains and severe floods across 17 states since september at least 11 people have died in an outbreak of rift valley fever which is a water borne disease the rains of also caused a rise in color in blue nile and soon our state's 300 people of. my cock spoke to al jazeera earlier and said the new administration has a tough job ahead. we have a new situation in sudan a new government your thirty's i've talked to them during this visit but they've inherited an extremely difficult situation of you've as you've just described to me know your headlines are exactly what we're seeing 800000000 people food insecure disease outbreaks conflict and so on but some really big important things are changing the new government is giving all the aid agencies much more access to deal
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with these problems they want to work in a different way with this they want to normalize their relations with the wider international community and put the past behind them and i think the international community really man needs to step up and to seize this opportunity and for my my particular responsibility i would like to see more humanitarian assistance all over the country but also foster humanitarian assistance so all those people who came out onto the streets demanding change start to see some improvement in their lives heavy flooding in the south of france has killed at least 4 people hundreds of others have been evacuated from the could as you region and around 4000 homes are without electricity to mention rain has disrupted air and rail transport well many roads have been cut off. well the 70 african migrants stranded in the mediterranean sea after being rescued off a dinghy near the libyan coast they were picked up by the spanish aid vessel open arms but italian authorities have so far refused to allow the ship to dock instead
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suggesting that it should turn back to libya letting barbara ports going to every. one circling for all don't worry they've been at sea for days with no idea where they'll end up this is the moment 73 migrants were rescued by open arms a spanish charity but now the search is like. they're packed rubber dinghy was found around 70 kilometers off the libyan coast after its engine broke down among them is 5 year old brain. he made the journey from nigeria with his parents they're all safe now. put the seas extremely rough with waves of up to 3 meters. and while they're trying to make it didn't venture for him for his mom it's been traumatizing i was afraid i didn't know the sea would be like if i knew i wouldn't have come i would have gone back to my country. see that was i thought about myself
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a little fellow michael vicks just open up for nothing you know the crews tried and failed to get permission to land in italy. they say italian officials suggested the ship should dock at the libyan port of tripoli. to embrace father that's not an option he said he said you know. i wanted to come to europe he says it wasn't easy but i said if i have to die on the water it's better than returning to libya i'd rather die at sea i really don't want to return to libya even. though we continue to ask for a safe port to disembark which is a legal obligation for the government according to international conventions we have people on board who probably minister in that crater to do to health issues yes it was wonderful but that much made. italy has allowed another group of migrants onto its shores on saturday it's coast guard saved 149 people from
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a sinking boat near the island of lampedusa but survivors said up to 20 people were unaccounted for and several bodies have already been recovered. according to the international organization for migration there have been nearly a 1000 confirmed deaths on the 3 main migration routes across the mediterranean this year the al-jazeera. you're watching live from london still ahead british prime minister barak's johnson unveils his conservative party's election manifesto calling it a radical agenda for the u.k. . one of us is richest man democrat to join the race to take on in 2020. and in sport there's a hero's welcome for the new champions of south american football.
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i want to play say we should say some quieter weather coming into southeastern parts of france the northwestern parts of just around the riviera where we have seen the recent flooding this area of low pressure this is our offending low loss of cloud here some very choppy waters strong winds in the process nothing a little further south with and eastwards for monday the west the weather will be across the fos out of italy pushing over to ward c. ionian say easing over towards greece southern parts of the balkans further north it is generally dry a fair bit of plaid further west the fair bit of cloud here for the dry weather but over towards the west side if you have very thick cloud over towards parts of spain and portugal western areas of france back into the united kingdom i think monday a slightly dried out but blustery showers continue to rattle in as we go through the day some pretty keen winds as we go on into choose day longer spells of rain piling in that wet weather coming back in across a good part of eastern england easing down through the low countries across the
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northern and western parts of france and back down towards spain and portugal by this stage we will see that western weather easing over towards greece western parts of the northern part of libya could see some blustery showers from time to time for much of north africa it will be dry. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and films this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all the laws the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems books elapsing we are in the beginning of
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a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag voice that high in the city just before the. movement's a good 2 missiles the planet about a 100 meters away from us were in the front line but sometimes end up in my lap and out the back. reminder the top stories here not just counting is underway in hong kong after a record turnout for the territory's local elections early indications are that pro-democracy candidates have secured a significant increase in support. and 60 people have been killed in severe
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flooding in northwestern kenya. in west county have swept away 4 bridges and cut off an entire village. bolivia's interim president has signed legislation paving the way for new elections that bought former president ever more on his from running around a step down 2 weeks ago after a wave of violent protests over disputed election results. so here's the forces have opened fire on several protests across iraq killing at least 13 people in the past 24 hours and to government protests have gripped several cities in the south as well as the capital baghdad 3 people died when security forces trying to disperse crowds in the main port of. earlier 3 protesters were killed in the southern city of nasiriyah dozens of others have been wounded at least 330 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in october. where he was a man is
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a journalist and former media adviser to former iraqi president jalal talabani joins us now via skype from thanks for much for being with us so that the death toll is really quite severe now is it is there any indication that the security forces are changing the way they police these demonstrations. the security forces that were. the same exact. problem is with. the. change the. killing of protesters. others. may have proved.
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the protests. and i spose if there's a higher turnout but a sober some would argue that they don't protest is that we have a clear platform and structure is that one of the weaknesses that they have that they want different things. they don't have leadership. they have a choice of course let me turn around the country we have seen over the past 2 months whenever they decide to. strike the whole country about. the protests. abided by by the. songs. of theirs the months. 3 months are just the same as resignation of the kind of government bringing the killers of the perpetrators of violence to justice and
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election and there are the 3 main demands. protesters from all around the country. around. protests today. political trial has. now you're in abbeville and vice president the u.s. vice president mike pence made a surprise visit. on saturday. he said that he'd spoken to the iraqi prime minister about the protests and he said he pledged to me that they would work to protect and respect peaceful protests as part of the democratic process here in iraq and he drew he drew a contrast with what was going on in iran is it your impression that what mike pence says will make any difference to the way that the iraqi government handles this. no really you know what some of the bottom line is in iraq iran has the upper say or the current government i mean big
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part of the guys in government dates they say ok ok to the americans but the reality beatle really listen to the americans and that's why mike pence whatever he says to the prime minister or to others they will just tell him ok but in reality whatever time some silly money. come in a sense works with the with the people in government here in iraq this is on one hand on the other hand whatever america says has become. something that people do not really take seriously or do they don't really trust looking at the syrian example and the way they present to abandon the syrian kurds with a treat. kids are generally for the principle very warily that it could be a matter of a tweet before the americans are abandoning them and to look at the american promise to do something in the middle east it's all about money so again the
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protesters really do not give much weight to what my current sense if they are serious they could be imposing sanctions economic sanctions on certain iraqi officials who perpetrated the violence who killed the protesters that they are serious they could work towards an international investigation into the killing of nearly 400 people and injuring 412000 iraqi protesters of that strategy to blunt the number is astronomy and is unheard of for the last one we in the days of said to have been saying this for boys were. taking place the large scale killing at the hands of government he was taking place he was and i thank you very much indeed for your thoughts there from emily in iraq thank you. you can prime minister boris johnson has launched his party's election manifesto promising a triple tax law credit next 5 years that means the conservatives won't increase
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income tax national insurance or be 18 and a manifesto also promises to get the breaks it withdraw agreement back for a parliamentary vote before december 25th paul brennan has more from telford. the conservatives are riding comfortably ahead in the latest opinion polls 47 percent support compared with labor's 28 percent the party faithful greeted boris johnson with a sense of growing belief a belief that the prime minister is happy to promote. i want you to imagine what the country could be like in just 10 years' time if we can get a working majority on the 12th of december i want you to look forward to a britain where the streets are safer where the air is cleaner where we've built 40 new hospitals are the direct result of the decisions taken in the last 3 months the 59 page manifesto pledges not to increase income tax national insurance tax all the 85 years as more money for child care the road repairs 50000 new nurses and keeping
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the triple lock guarantee increases to the state pension will play well with conservative voters but it remains the central point of this election campaign we will get bricks it done and we'll end the at committee and the chaos where they want to rip up our deal and negotiate a new one. but we don't yet know of a single labor m.p. or indeed any other m.p. who would support this deal with tax rises ruled out the conservative plans will be funded by more than $100000000000.00 of borrowing it's a big ask according to analysts well in a sense the biggest announcement is the promise not to not to do something rather than to do something so that's not to increase rates of income tax national insurance obviates see that's the kind of promise that can come back to you later on if you do need to raise more tax revenues the opposition parties are also critical by the mound of earth of an offer any hope to anybody out of the continuation of what we had for the past 9 years very disappointing the question
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facing the wavering voters is this manifesto have enough in it. this is a see through this very very serious. situation such as the recession there. would be. a very good chance you could see. it. or you know speak to patrick diamond he is an associate professor of public policy at the queen mary university of london thanks very much for coming in so as paul mentioned it just 2 and a half weeks left but you know which is an eternity in politics isn't it and what does always he started off as a breakfast election is it still now that people have set out their stalls and said what they going to do is that still the meat of it or do people are people focusing on the issues a bit well i think certainly the hope of the conservatives is that it is a break election the manifesto laws that we saw today was really designed to keep
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the focus on bragg's whether that will remain the case the next 2 and a half weeks is an open question there are other issues out there that could really rise up the agenda i think the warmest most likely to do so is the national health service the state of health care that could become a much more prominent issue but at the moment it looks like this will be a breakthrough election so how do people get around the. big public spending differences i mean the conservatives are promising i think it's an extra $2900000000.00 a year by the end of next parliament and that compares with labor's promise of an extra $83000000000.00 lib dems or 63000000000 how do voters view these figures well i think most voters view them with utter in comprehension because it's very hard to know what that means for you as an individual i think certainly labor's manifesto has clearly created a sense that there could be big tax rises on the way for some voters the question is whether the conservatives can really promise to do the things that they want to do on health and social care and as they say keep taxes low and even cut taxes for some voters so voters will be thinking does this really add up is this credible and for the conservatives i mean the moment there had the polls and what was this
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manifesto mainly about kind of not not making a mistake not saying too much so that they didn't get sort of hijacked by something in there that the people reacted to in a way they didn't expect and i think if you go back to the 2017 election the conservative manifest there was a real problem for the reason may that then leader because the social care policy in particular promised to raise taxes in effect on some voters became instantly overnight extremely unpopular so i think this time around they're trying to say as little as possible while also giving reassurances on the n.h.s. but of course as we were saying really keep the focus on bricks as much as possible it's interesting on the dimension thing they've said there's going to be 1000000000 available but they have and they are going to look for. cross party concensus but people are satisfied that would you think that in the end people don't really care what's in manifestation they vote instinctively anyway well it doesn't like a cop out because i'm not saying anything definitive on social care and of course this is a huge issue out there in the country but i think the problem is it seems you start spelling out solutions at those points what's big tax rises which we know are very
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unpopular with some voters so i think the conservatives are chosen to kick into the long grass rather than last time around being very honest with people but frankly causing themselves big political difficulties so it's a safety 1st approach in general correspondence that just want a quick question i have a other polls you see the polls do you think they're accurate well depends which poll you look at certainly the conservatives appear to be ahead but turn off weeks is a long time in politics as you were saying things could change i thank you very much indeed patrick them thank you for what. rumania as president looks at to win a 2nd term by a wide margin exit polls show close your highness gaining 66 percent of the presidential runoff vote his main challenger the recently ousted former prime minister of eureka of the social democratic party got just 33 percent a runoff was needed after both candidates failed to get the 50 percent needed during the 1st poll earlier this month. but counting has begun in guinea-bissau presidential election the president. is seeking reelection after
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a 1st term marred by infighting and claims of corruption many are hoping the vote will end years of political instability in the west african nation faces strong opposition including from 2 prime ministers he dismissed during his 5 years in office. urging is under way in the run off of a presidential election a year ago i know a. conservative lawyer whose father is a former president is why do you see in as the favorite to win his center right national party could topple the ruling the broad front party after 15 years of liberal rule about 2700000 voters will choose between 2 and incumbent martina's. the congressman leading the impeachment hearings against donald trump says this week's revelations have done him severe damage adam schiff has hinted house
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democrats would like to move quickly to send articles of impeachment to the republican controlled senate john hendren reports from washington. the head of the u.s. impeachment inquiry says the evidence against president donald trump is now clear and compelling the evidence is already overwhelming that we have a nother election in which the president is threatening more foreign interference house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff hasn't set a timeline for a vote it would send articles of impeachment for a trial in the senate but he says he will move fast some democrats say they want to wrap up the inquiry by the end of the year we're not willing to go the months and months and months rope a dope in the courts they seem to be saying unless donald trump writes out i bribed ukraine the evidence will be insufficient what every juror is told and i don't think that the senate is different than a jury here at least it shouldn't be is they don't leave their common sense at the door there was no plausible explanation none and that was the president wanted this
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leverage to get ukraine to do his political dirty work the democrats running for trump's job including the senators who would act as jurors in and pietschmann trial all agree he should be removed from office i made this very clear that i think this is an impeachable offense this is the global version of watergate where our president is trying to get dirt on a political opponent from a world leader republican say they have not seen proof of an impeachable offense and they say the american public is increasingly with them if you're going to try to remove the president the united states from from office you need concrete. evidence and and the other person on the part of the so-called would pro quo denies that there was a quid pro quo the president at tax those he called the do nothing democrats saying their focus on impeachment comes at the expense of approving trade deals military
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funding and other priorities and with so many administration officials seeming to turn on the president in the impeachment inquiry. his own lawyer who is facing rising scrutiny seemed to warn the president not to turn on him and all of these comments which are totally insulting i mean i say i say things like he's going to throw me under the bus when they say that he isn't but i have insurance what that insurance is and whether giuliani will be the next trump lieutenant in legal jeopardy could come up in an impeachment trial if that case moves forward john hendren al-jazeera washington. after weeks of speculation one of america's richest men is just and to the race for the white house former new york mayor michael bloomberg bloomberg story is joining an already crowded democratic field he says he's running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild america christensen you may as well. mike bloomberg party affiliation has changed since he was
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a republican mayor of new york but his opposition to donald trump has been consistent trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business god help us the 77 year old billionaire has funneled millions of dollars of his personal fortune into progressive causes like gun control and climate change but is considered a moderate and were he to run as a democrat a potential threat to former vice president joe biden or he fits sort of an even keeled even tempered political leader with a track record of getting things done in the city of new york with the specially with 2 you can on the key issues economic development and think things of that sort which has a certain amount of appeal to more moderate. mainstream type democratic voters bloomberg has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current field of democrats suggesting some are too far to the left to beat the president who shrugged off
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speculation the former mayor would enter the race little might go will. spend a lot of money michael bloomberg made his fortune here at bloomberg to help lead the financial information the media company the co-founder he's the richest man in new york with far exceeded president tribes but among some democrats that could be a liability what we need is a dynamic democracy particularly among the party base not the billionaire will get targeted he walks the run for president of the united states while bloomberg may be targeting white suburban voters who went for trump in 2016. he recently apologized for a policy that put him at odds with the minority community called stop and frisk many saw this police tactic as a form of racism and harassment i got something important rod i got something important really wrong i didn't understand that bad therm the full impact
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that stocks were having on the black and latino communities an apparent recognition of the need to unify the opposition and a late apology that appears aimed at smoothing the way for alleve entry in the race kristen salumi al jazeera new york security forces in egypt have raided the country's only independent news publication. its news editor was detained but has now been released 3 other journalists from the new site were also held for several hours and have now been let go in a statement so the raid highlights the increasing erosion of media freedom in egypt to libya now or a spokesman for the warlord holly for have to says a no fly zone is in place over tripoli except around it's only functional airport. after us forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national accord which are pretty administration says any
12:45 am
threat to civil aviation is a crime under national and international law. syria's constitutional committee has reunited in geneva for its 1st meeting the group has a long way to go before any progress can be made but the u.n. insists it's a significant step getting all the parties sitting at the same table james spader's reports. the un has been putting a positive spin on what was achieved at the 1st round of these talks in geneva the reality though is that there was very little progress made in actually drafting a new constitution for syria but the 2 sides as well as a 3rd group of representatives of civil society showed up and the talks didn't collapse it would be too early to say there is agreement on constitutional principles nor is there yet agreement on which issues should be addressed in the future constitutional text and which should be addressed in other ways but there
12:46 am
was a solid initial discussion and there are commonalities on which to build i word to the members during the recess to reflect on what was discussed and return ready to build on it. the co-chair of the constitutional committee on the government's side because bari has said that any constitution needs to preserve what he describes as national constants in syria now that's a code word for the. who've been running the country for almost 50 years it is the key issue and it's likely to be a crunch point soon for these talks james by his era at the united nations still ahead of the news out resistant reefs. super corals are giving scientists hope the world's oceans. and in sport the bronze bomber lives up to his nickname it's another devastating knockout when the heavyweight champion dante wilder.
12:47 am
$115000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from up cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans. to conserving the world's twinning wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird migration intersect right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special plants on the planet after ice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera investigative journalism the world trade center it was like global experts and discussion 3 times you put a deal and you disagreed with that deal because of the terrible twos the worst of the law it was brought to us were you watching the stories from other angles. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on
12:48 am
al-jazeera. american coral reefs around the globe are dying as oceans warm and become more acidic due to climate change the so-called super corals of palau in the western pacific proving to be resilient and that holds the possibility for a solution that could save the world's reefs all of avani has the support from the seabed off hours barrier reef. palau seas are teeming with life most of it concentrated here on the country's barrier reef stretching over 500 kilometers it's one of the planet's few remaining
12:49 am
pristine coral reefs but this beauty comes with the fragility of a one of the most pristine reefs in the world but the entire ecosystem here is under threat around the world coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate it's estimated over a 3rd of all reefs will be destroyed or seriously damaged within the next 10 years climate change is warming season which has a devastating effect on corals forcing them to reject the colorful algae that normally lives within them and bleaching them whites much of the reef here in palau has been spared and that's in part because the geography of the region water trapped by the lushly forested limestone clips forms a sort of lagoon and warms in the sun but instead of getting bleached the coral here has adapted to these extreme conditions and remains healthy these are so-called super corals and they only exist here in the western pacific and that makes them fascinating for scientists who hope they can be used to repair damage
12:50 am
reefs around the world even the forests the lab and then we. stress them increase the temperature of the water that they're in and we'll see which of them are surviving and those will be our hit polar and corals. the efforts that scientists are making here show the healthy reef supports millions of species and on the edge of the reef in the fast flowing currents sharks there are hundreds there to get rid species of sharks and rain the only thing important here off the coast that are out and about that goes are endangered. in order to protect them well outwit the world's 1st shark factory. there are strict laws at play at a white cat fish by sharks and rays places at the top of thieves. however it's a lucrative business shark fins fetch big money in the markets of asia where they're used in shark fin soup we've only been in the water for a few minutes when we come across this
12:51 am
a gray reef shark missing its dorsal fin is illegal fishing vessels catch sharks hack their fins off and then toss the rest of the fish still alive back into the sea the prospects for this shark a bleak without a fence keep it out right it will soon tire sink to the bottom of the ocean and die as climate change decimates coral reefs and fish bear the scars of humans greed ploughs turquoise waters and the secrets they contain are a small beacon of hope in a vanishing underwater world all of the vanni al-jazeera on palau is barrier reef. now or is it his lear with a sport. thank you lauren spain won the davis cup for a 6th time after beating canada in the final it's the 1st time the spanish have won the revamped tournaments since 2011 an emotional rebirth goo won the opening singles match for the hosts in straight sets he was playing just days after the death of his father world number one draft on the doll then sealed victory his
12:52 am
straight sets victory over a 20 year old initial call to love giving spain the 2 nil but. i will not be happy at nona's than i have been and i don't forget about the moments here and this is amazing because there you know the crowd was just a joke and we can thank an awful lot of them. i wouldn't be able to speed it prevails. by that so more will again say thanks a lot for that moment. south korea's say young kim has held on to claim the biggest ever winner's prize in women's golf kim started the final round of a c.m.e. group tour championship in florida with a one shot lead over her rivals but she was pushed away by england's charlie hole who sunk 5 birdies over the last 7 holes kim sinking a $25.00 foot putt for birdie on the final hole to win the $1500000.00 prize by a single shot. spain's john ramey also taking home a healthy paycheck after winning the world tour championship and with the european
12:53 am
tour's race to dubai title the world number 5 birdied the final hole to win the tournament by a stroke from tommy fleetwood he gets $3000000.00 for winning the event and $2000000.00 for taking the overall race to divide title from his only the 2nd spanish player to finish a season as european tour's number one player after biased out of. saudi arabian football team law have won the asian champions league they beat japanese reds 2 mil in the 2nd leg over in japan that meant they won 3 nil overall on aggregate it's the 1st time that i have won the champions league title having lost in the final in 201420172 win means they qualify for the world club world cup in qatar which starts on december 11th and that's significant because saudi arabia is one of the countries currently imposing a land sea and air blockade on qatar. brazilian club flamingo will also be at the
12:54 am
club world cup they won their 1st south american title in 38 years clinching the cup at liberty to doris in dramatic style there were one nil down to defending champions river plate when striker barbosa who's on loan from enter milan equalized in the 88th minute just 3 minutes and 8 seconds after that goal as he's known secured victory with the 2nd goal. and of course thousands of fans have turned out on the streets of rio de janeiro to welcome the flamingo players home the victory parade turning into a double celebration after their nearest rivals oppose metis failed to win meaning they also claimed the brazilian league title. a while others defended his w.b.c. heavyweight boxing title with a devastating knockout win over louis ortiz wilder made a typically theatrical entrance to the ring for their rematch at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas but once the action started the american was trailing on all 3
12:55 am
score cards after the 1st 6 rounds however right at the end of the 7th all he needed was a right hand which dropped ortiz the cuban got to his feet but couldn't recover in time to beat the 10 count while there is now set to fight tyson fury in february you know how when i got here you know you're not worried about if you win rounds or not i don't i don't want that to be in my mind with i'm really not around and not you know and because i don't know my mind to be cloudy you know they can about the rounds and rounds you know most of the time these guys were around on me anyway you know but i know that sooner or later you know it's going come and when you come down baby tonight like i always say i would totally wear that jacket while staying in the u.s. hundreds of climate change protesters disrupted a college football game. play just play in. the stadium. basically this. is the annual harvard yale game was forced to stop when
12:56 am
students rushed the field at half time in connecticut demanding that the 2 ivy league universities stop investing in fossil fuels more students in the stands quickly joined in and it took 45 minutes to start the game again with police escorting most of the protesters off the field for the new world cup ski season is just getting started but the battle to fill the gap left by the retired great marcel her share is well underway the austrian who won an 8 straight overall championship quit after last season but there's still plenty of talent left in the field to replace him norway's henrik kristofferson could be one to watch this season he recovered from a disappointing 4th place in the 1st run in livy on sunday to clinch the men's slalom opener in front of a delighted home crowd. all right over to gymnastics where ukraine and japan dominated in the world cup series in germany the ukrainians took 1st place in the men's vault and men's parallel bars their women secured won gold on the floor
12:57 am
routine for japan they won the women's balance beam and men's horizontal bar. oppressive sticks like this. well there's been plenty of drama in the latest round of the cyclocross world cup dutch ryder matthew vanderpoel narrowly avoided the big crash on the 1st corner of the elite men's race there he is there missing out on that one and then dominating later on in the sand he then powered his way through the field to eventually claim victory in belgium by 25 seconds in the women's race 21 year old carbon alvarado secured her 1st career elite world cup win with a well timed sprint finish well that's it for me in doha and you back to lauren in london. thank you very much and before that a quick reminder you can always catch up on our web site address for that is al jazeera dot com and you can watch us by clicking on the live icon that said from
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a 1st news out about one a minute. as flames engulfed pianists of the world watched in horror but behind the smoke screen a murky world is devouring the forest and its inhabitants there killing people the person police standing up i'm defending the 4th back elian sends a message to everybody in the community faultlines meets those on the front line of defending their environments and asks who stoking the flames in both scenarios brazil amazon banning on al-jazeera.
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as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to determine if this was a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health conscious we think ok we'll send our you waste to china
1:00 am
but we have to remember that air felician travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. record numbers turned out to cast their ballot in hong kong for local elections that many are treating as a proxy referendum on months of anti-government protests. al-jazeera live from london also coming up the death toll from heavy rains that unleashed floods in western kenya has risen to 60 at least 7 others and missing. bolivia's congress approves a bill that seeks to quell weeks of unrest by allowing for new elections that exclude the country's former president.


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