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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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if you like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's national studio unscripted on al-jazeera. big gains for hong kong's pro-democracy candidates as voters send a clear signal of support to the protest movements that's the territory. back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead rescuers struggle to reach areas of kenya devastated by man's side that half killed dozens of people. with his country in the grip of massive protests colombia's president begins what he's calling a national conversation and the pacific ocean calls that have adapted to warmer
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seas offering hope for greece dying elsewhere in the world. pro-democracy candidates in hong kong have won an unprecedented and symbolic victory in district council elections voters turned out in record numbers after almost 6 months of protests that have cost the territories worst political crisis in decades we'll go live to sock cock in hong kong in just a few minutes 1st this report from scott. in a sweeping victory pro-democracy candidates made huge gains in hong kong's district council elections gaining control from pro beijing parties. the voters sending a clear message of the 1st polling since the protest movement began. even before the polls closed it was clear that this was an extraordinary election and a record breaking day for hong kong elections the highest voter turnout ever over
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70 percent of registered voters cast their ballots after nearly 6 months of at times violent demonstrations the polling was seen as a way for voters to officially take sides in this deeply divided city of 7000000 back the probation candidates in the hong kong government or those who support greater democratic freedoms for hong kong in line with the protesters who have been fighting to push back on what they see as increasing control of mainland china you know. this election meant a lot to hong kong the older generation who. the younger generation hopes for change. it's usually a sleepy election to select a low level local government positions but many will couple early to vote as there was concern that unrest could mean the polling could be cut short for the pro-democracy camp is about a vote of confidence on no confidence on the carrier government and on the excess use of police force against protesters but a probation camp there would say this is also
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a de facto referendum on the protests and the violence there was an uneasiness calm during the few days leading up to the election just a week after some of the worst violence in these nearly 6 months of protests that's mainly because both sides knew this election is critical to their cause. kong's leader kerry lamb while casting her vote recognized that challenging times for the city and the importance of peaceful elections. and you chew one his 4th term as district councillor the pro-democracy candidate was brutally attacked earlier this month parts of his ear were bitten off. howard you. can have a very strong and clear to a new method for the. debate of forward and also the international community to be home. for. together trying to. fight for our freedom and democracy so even though more people voted than ever before and this is
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a significant election it's unclear if the victory for the pro-democracy parties will ease the violence or help to move the divisions here it's got 0 on cause. as peter clarke in hong kong the pro-democracy candidates doing extremely well according to these early results what have been the reaction this morning. where hong kong is waking up to a new landscape particularly at the local election in front of the latest count we have is 351 seats going to the pro-democracy movement and 45 to the pro beijing camp so until sunday the probation has the majority clearly a huge shift towards the pro-democracy movement and political parties running so as we mentioned or scott hard to mention in his story nearly $3000000.00 people voted in sunday's district elections that's a 70 percent voter turnout that's a really interesting decisions or certainly some victories we've got joe sure won
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he was disqualified for running in his district election his plan b. fellow called kelvin lam he has won 51001000 votes unseating the incumbent candidate we have another couple of really interesting people who've lost their seats we've got junius hote he was the. existing accounts he was the one who accused all labeled as the triad supporting a politician he was accused of of deploying triads to beat up protesters during this campaign he has lost his seat we have another one jimmy sharon here's the it was behind the. civil human rights front that was the organization that ran these mass rallies the one and 2000000 people i marched joining this campaign against the anti extradition bill and then of course the anti-government movement he has won his seat so certainly extraordinary times and a massive landslide victory for the pro-democracy french these are local council elections usually you know there is not that much attention. on these elections
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what does this mean then as far as you know where hong kong is headed politically what can we expect from this result and what it could mean for the protests that we've seen over the past 5 months. or so it's a huge of a morale boost for the pro-democracy front as well as the protesters it also has implications for the lives of council this is all to the power of hong kong's effective parliament here in the city because $117.00 of these district councils are selected to stand on that committee which plays a crucial part in voting for hong kong's next leader now that election will be in 2020 carolan is very unpopular at the moment but certainly if the pro-democracy groups in the pro-democracy parties have the majority in these district elections you've got to assume that a large part of those $117.00 district councils selected will be from that side of politics so there are rock on or implications for hong kong's parliament but certainly
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a massive win for the pro-democracy political parties and thank you for that clock live for us in hong kong. highly classified chinese government documents are giving us talk inside into the mass detention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim way horse rights groups estimate that more than a 1000000 people have been locked up in camps in the shin jan wage and the documents have been obtained and verified by the international consortium of investigative journalists they detail how police use an artificial intelligence driven data system to select who will be detained once inside the camps every aspect of their life is controlled from frequency of toilet use and haircuts to visits from loved ones a point system dictates punishments and rewards inmates the documents say are ultimately judged on ideological transformation study and training and compliance with discipline in china's government though its embassy in london through its embassy in london has rejected the leaks document s.
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fake news it insists the centers are for education and vocational training a salon if the car is a human rights lawyer he says despite china's denials the documents confirm what many have suspected about the camps if you can so he or william system of ethnic cleansing where china you know with their beijing political nerve center is acting as big brother not only ensuring the detention and a 1000000 in the concentration camps but again you know this person really and system of you know when people can go to the bathroom or when they can you know call their family when they are current you know there's a point system inside of yes you know where you get more points for being indoctrinated with you know the sort of central chinese communist propaganda and removing in releasing your honest. it's the most orwellian thing that ever seemed or human rights were. rescue efforts are underway in kenya's west backcourt county
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after heavy rain triggered landslides at least 56 people have been killed but the full scale of what happened still isn't clear victory a gay to be reports. william and his 6 year old son gilbert have been searching for alice but so far there's no sign of gilbert's missing 8 year old sister or 4 year old brother. it was about midnight we heard loud noise and then we were swept away by floodwater i heard my son screaming i risk his mother and one other child but 2 of my children were swept away way yet to recover their bodies. this mother is searching for her 16 year old daughter who was at a friend's house when the landslide hit on saturday in kenya's west polka dot county. i'm here looking for my daughter's body i want to know who can help me get her body back. red cross aid workers are recording the names of people who are
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missing relatives are reluctant to leave but politicians worried about the possibility of more flooding and landslides arranging them to evacuate the area as soon as possible i know some people might want to stick with this is my life to go but. situation like this where we are losing 19 children 19 in all. i am requesting all of us to leave this on go to serve our ground. president uhuru kenyatta has sent the armed forces to help but with roads and bridges destroyed rescue efforts have been delayed we have recovered about 4 bodies. yet to. retrieve that. 7. bodies we don't know where they are accounted for but because it was very bad. the governor of west says the shoot of medicine clothes and blankets he's appealing for help victoria gayton be al-jazeera
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in colombia president even duke is meeting newly elected mayors and governors to hammer out a deal on reforms the so-called national dialogue follows days of anti-government protests many are angry about corruption and possible changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes a curfew was imposed in the capital on friday but it didn't deter people from returning to the streets a daily to. report some got bogota. this is for today this straightforward thing which there have been demonstrations as you can see behind me tauzin people are out with banging on their part. about the same happening in other parts of the city embassies. and the west of the city and this is happening and growing bigger and bigger every every day the difference today is that there hasn't been any of the violence that we have
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seen and previous days the police has not shown up a lot of these demonstrations were broken up by the police moving in violently and actually f. police brutality is one of the region's people are out there mending changes from the government yesterday an 18 year old was seriously injured by the police he was hit in the head and a lot of the people here are chanting his name saying that they are all the land crews the name of the person that was that was hit in the head when he was demonstrating and people are saying that they will continue staying in the streets staying out until they manage the changes that they are demanding from the government. coming up shortly trump's top man in the navy's fired after a dispute over a soldier accused of war crimes past votes are being counted in guinea bissau is election where this pain deep political division.
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how the weather set farah crossed southern parts of china once again a little cloud further north this cloud maybe thick enough from time to time to just squeeze out to a spot sorts who are right but for the most part i think it's largely going to be settled and try some water use on charges say it's a chance of seeing some of that what the weather will be down towards the southwestern corner pushing a little further north which of these was as we go on through tuesday come further south hong-kong dry and sunny temperatures here at around $24.00 degrees celsius it's sunshine and showers meanwhile across southeast asia a scattering of showers into the philippines across much of malaysia in the most widespread showers will be over towards northern parts of smarter towards the
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malaysian peninsula maybe seeing what it is pushing up into the gulf of thailand as well southern parts of it now could also see a shower at say but i think you could feel it dry weather and sunshine in between a fair amount of dry weather too across india at the moment we have got some lovely showers some warnings in falls into the far south of in the i just around the mall not to just around carola sri lanka are also seeing some lively downpours say a bit of dry weather she pushed a little further north i'm hopeful we'll see things started to clear up for new delhi as we go on through the next couple of days as rain they've seen. the weather sponsored by cats owner is. stranded 8 long years on the su is canal. creating their own community and the call to me there was you know president bush used to go when he would al-jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite
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a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships of the desert sun it's the yellow fleet on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories early results from hong kong's district council the elections show major gains for the pro-democracy candidates it follows months of anti-government protests leaked classified documents from china's government have reveals new details about the mass detention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim way course includes intelligence briefings that describe how police use a data system based on artificial intelligence to select who is detained and
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colombia's president even dukie is meeting recently elected mayors and governors to hammer out a deal long before the call for a national dialogue after days of nationwide anti-government protests. u.s. defense secretary marc esper has fired the navy's top official as for today against richard spencer over allegations that spencer proposed a deal with the white house behind his back the matter has to do with a navy seal accused of war crimes whose case has been championed by president donald trump as being in a gave you a great gabriel is under in washington to further explain this gave tell us 1st about what this high profile case is about. yeah this all stems from the case of eddie gallagher who is a navy seal who as you briefly mention there was arrested in 2800 for alleged war crimes during several of his deployments in iraq war crimes included allegedly
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killing unarmed civilian iraqis of and also a stabbing to death the teenage iraqi boy that was held captive by u.s. forces there and he went to trial in a military trial in the united states. and he was acquitted of all of the most serious charges by a military court however after he was released seal commanders including the secretary of the navy still demoted gallagher this navy seal saying that he just did not act appropriately they were still investigating more allegations against him however the president donald trump just a couple weeks ago said that he was going to restock for all of the honors that this navy seal had any gallagher and was going to restore his highest rank that he achieved so there is this real tension between the white house and the pentagon particularly the navy secretary they you baby to hecker terry who wanted to kick eddie gallagher out of the navy seals donald trump did not he wanted to restore
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every all of his. all of his titles and ultimately it was richard spencer the navy secretary that was fired because of this and his handling of all what why did president trump get so involved in this case came. yeah that's a lot of people are asking that question and there's simply no clear answer to that but trump donald trump has been an advocate for eddie gallagher from the very beginning trump claims that the trial was never handled properly even though he gallagher was acquitted of the most of serious charges and. at a very strong lobbying effort to try to get his case to donald trump his lawyer was had connections to trump gallagher's family would often go on fox news imploring the president to support him fox news is a channel that the president watches almost every day so this all up and this was a case the president felt very strongly on and as the commander in chief of the
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armed forces the united states he has a lot of power to make decisions like this and overrule top pentagon officials as was the case here because so many of them wanted this navy seal to be demoted even though he was acquitted of work crime charges thank you for that gave. washington d.c. . interim president signed legislation paving the way for new elections that brought former president running again. allegations that he was reelected unfairly. elected the bill to call elections after weeks of nationwide turmoil. it hasn't been easy to reach an agreement so i congratulate all legislators that work towards the steel it's the result of bolivians who say enough with impunity and
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violence the national assembly approved a bill unanimously to call street violence including members of ousted president. party. hope this helps all believe in to begin to have a we don't want any more repression. we don't want people to tamed over and all we did our responsibility is to open a national dialogue. the deal was reached to protesters began clearing road blocks around the country. and the government withdrew the decree that allowed the armed forces and police the use of force. dozens of people have died since the election and international organizations say were full of irregularities now the national assembly will appoint the 7 member supreme electoral tribunal that must include 3 women and 2 indigenous bolivians they will have 20 days to officially call elections. the effects are being felt already in central
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a possum stores remained closed while other vendors began unpacking their products . she's lost a lot of have been closed for 2 weeks. i feel much better now although sad for what happened i want peace in bolivia and hope that the person who wins the election will take the country forward. some people however say peace will be restored until those responsible for those killed in the protests are brought to justice. i'm not satisfied nothing has been resolved authorities say nothing happened that's a lie to have to be investigations however most believe you and say the sooner and actions are held the sooner peace will be restored but the innocent just i just believe we are at least a dozen people have been killed across iraq in the last 24 hours in a southern city of basra security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters killing at least 3 people they were dispersing crowds near the main port of an
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crasser protesters burned tires to block main roads across the city more than 70 others were injured. counting has begun in guinea-bissau presidential election. violence and west african nations have deployed troops to try to ensure peace. force in the capital. and this is i said to both of these 1st presidential election since early sunday morning she's kept a close tell you of the votes in her neighborhood as an independent observer for candidates. for both this election campaign isn't just about choosing a new president but it's also about changing the country's divisive political culture when candidates may start insulting other candidates and i think this kind of behavior shows the kind of person you are and what you can do for your country in the future. is the front runner in this election
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he's the candidate of the powerful african party of the independence of keep bird and also known as if. it was founded by independence leader. and to this day all presidents have been from this party and it continues to hold the majority of seats in parliament important to note however is that the function of the president is limited to nominating a prime minister. whoever gets the most votes and is elected into office will have to share power with their p.r. agencies and all their incumbent president mario vos is much to blame for the current political crisis opposition candidates say that they appear in its members have their share of responsibility for the political crisis. berra fought with vast over the management of resources he enjoys the support of angola who is looking to exploit box site in this unexplored mineral rich country west african countries
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like nigeria and cynical view and goal is interest in getting the sound with suspicion when people meet me. and all these countries i feel really really awful because the same way i talk to all ins i talked about unions among african additional west african troops have been deployed as part of a stabilizing force some of these countries support rival candidates and go kart in this regional power play are the people who are like nurse to santos who has gone almost a year without pay because of the political crisis or unemployed graduate student. who can't find work for this election is a chance to finally get a say in the direction of her country number 2 because hawke al-jazeera bizarre. the un's humanitarian chief mark has made his 1st visit to sudan since the
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transitional government was formed in all that's more than 8500000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance as sudan's economic situation worsens over 300000 people have been affected by the heavy rains and severe floods across 17 states in september at least 11 people have died in an outbreak of rift valley fever which is a water borne disease the rains have also caused a rise in cholera in blue nile states $300.00 people have fallen ill or mock low cost spoke earlier to al jazeera and said sudan's new administration is facing a tough challenge we have a new situation in sudan a new government your thirty's i've talked to them during this visit but they've inherited an extremely difficult situation of you've just described to me know your headlines are exactly what we're seeing 800000000 people food insecure disease outbreaks conflict and so on but some really big important things are changing the new government is giving all the aid agencies much more access to deal with these
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problems they want to work in a different way with this they want to normalize their relations with the wider international community the past behind them and i think the international community really now needs to step up and to seize this opportunity for my my particular responsibility i would like to see more humanitarian assistance all over the country but also foster humanitarian assistance so all those people who came out on to the streets demanding change start to see some improvement in their lives . security forces in egypt have released 4 journalists detained during a raid at an independence news for break ation among them was my master's editor shaggy's a lot madam aso specializes in investigations into corruption in security affairs it recently published an article imagine presidency son had been transferred to moscow on a diplomatic posting after being criticised by the security of powers. in france at
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least 4 people have died in fighting that's hit the south of the country hundreds of people have been forced to leave the cold region and these 2 have died and one is missing as high floodwaters swamp cars in turned roads into rivers. that coral reefs around the globe are dying as oceans warm men become more acidic because of climate change but the corals of palau in the western pacific are proving to be resilient and that help save the world's 3 al-jazeera is all of the vani reports from the sea there are flowers barrier reef. plow seas are teeming with life most of it concentrated here on the country's barrier reef stretching over 500 kilometers it's one of the planet's few remaining pristine coral reefs but this beauty comes with the fragility of a one of the most pristine reefs of the world system here right around the world coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate it's estimated over
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a 3rd of all reefs will be destroyed or seriously damaged within the next 10 years climate change is warming sea which has a devastating effect on corals forcing them to reject the colorful algae that normally lives within them and bleaching them white much of the reef here in palau has been spared and that's in part because the geography of the region water trapped by the lushly forested limestone clips forms a sort of lagoon and warms in the sun but instead of getting bleached the coral here has adapted to these extreme conditions and remains healthy these are so-called super corals and they only exist here in the western pacific and that makes them fascinating for scientists who hope they can be used to repair damage reefs around the world even the forest and then we. stress them increase the temperature of the water that they're in and we'll see which of them are surviving and those will be our color and. the efforts that scientists are making here show
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the healthy reef supports millions of species and on the edge of the reef in the fast flowing currents sharks. but that there is a shot of rain in the waters here off the coast and over that goat are endangered. in order to protect them well outwit the world's 1st shut factory but. there are strict laws at play and a wildcat push for sharks and rays places that the team. however it's a lucrative business shark fins fetch big money in the markets of asia where there used in shark fin soup we've only been in the water for a few minutes when we come across this a gray reef shark missing its dorsal fin. is illegal fishing vessels catch sharks hack their fins off and then toss the rest of the fish still alive back into the sea the prospects for this shark a bleak without
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a fence keep it up right it will soon tire sink to the bottom of the ocean and die as climate change decimates coral reefs and fish bear the scars of humans greed ploughs turquoise waters and the secrets they contain are a small beacon of hope in a vanishing underwater world all of the vanni al-jazeera on palau is barrier reef. hello again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera early results from hong kong's district council elections show major gains for pro-democracy candidates what has turned out in record numbers after almost 6 months of protests that have caused the territory's worst political crisis in decades is in hong kong with more on what the results mean. it's a huge of morale boost for the pro-democracy front as well as the protesters it also has implications for the legislative council this is all through the
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parliament hong kong's effective parliament here in the city because 117 of these district councillors are selected to stand on the election committee which plays a crucial part in voting for hong kong mick slater now that election will be in 2020 a kerry lamb is very unpopular at the moment but certainly if the pro-democracy groups in the pro-democracy parties have the majority in his district elections you could assume that a large part of those 117 district council selected will be from outside of politics leaked classified documents from china's government have reveals new details about the mass detention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim way towards rights groups estimate that more than a 1000000 people have been locked up in camps in the sheen john region it includes intelligence briefings that describe how police use a data system based around artificial intelligence to select who ought to be detained colombia's president even. recently elected mayors and governors to hammer out a deal on reforms a call for
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a national dialogue after days of nationwide anti-government protests u.s. defense secretary mark esper has fired the navy's top official as for acted against richard spencer over allegations that spencer proposed a deal with the white house behind his back the matter has to do with a navy seal who is accused of war crimes and his case has been championed by president donald trump in iraq at least a dozen people have been killed across the country in the last 24 hours in the southern city of basra security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters killing at least 3 people they were dispersing crowds near the main or protesters burned tires to main roads across the city you're upset with the headlines here on al-jazeera is coming up next it's inside story do stay with us.
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fear and intimidation and burundi opposition figures accuse the governing party of cracking down on its critics ahead of next year's election so what's all the chances of the free and fair vote and how can you mean rights be protected based is inside story. there and welcome to the program. that were written d. has long been criticised for silencing dissent human rights watch has described the killing rape and intimidation of political opponents and with the presidential election set for next year where india is again coming on.


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