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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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like all the news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength . al-jazeera. the arab. footy back to this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes big gains for hong kong school democracy candidates in local elections as voters send a clear signal of support to the protests move its. top indoctrinated and punish leaks documents reveal new evidence of china's repression of more than a 1000000 ethnic minorities in chin jiang province also this hour rescuers struggle to reach areas of kenya devastated by landslides that have killed dozens of people
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. and with his country in the grip of massive protests colombia's president begins what he's calling a national dialogue. the big. thank you for joining us pro-democracy candidates in hong kong have won an unprecedented and symbolic victory in district council elections voters turned out in record numbers after almost 6 months of protests that have cause a territory's worst political crisis in decades live to soft rock in hong kong in just a moment but 1st this report from scott hyde. in a sweeping victory pro-democracy candidates made huge gains in hong kong's district council elections gaining control from pro beijing parties. the voters sending a clear message in the 1st polling since the protest movement began. even before the polls closed it was clear that this was an extraordinary election and
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a record breaking day for hong kong elections the highest voter turnout ever over 70 percent of registered voters cast their ballots after nearly 6 months of at times violent demonstrations the polling was seen as a way for voters to officially take sides in this deeply divided city of 7000000 back the probation candidates in the hong kong government or those who support greater democratic freedoms for hong kong in line with the protesters who've been fighting to push back on what they see as increasing control of the mainland china . this election meant a lot to hong kong the older generation who. of the younger generation hopes for change. it's usually a sleepy election to select a low level local government positions but many will couple early to vote as there was concern that unrest could mean the polling could be cut short for the pro-democracy camp is about a vote of confidence on no confidence on the kerry lamb government and on the
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excess use of police force against protesters but a probation can there was say this is also a defacto referendum on the protests and the violence there was an un easy calm during the few days leading up to the election just a week after some of the worst violence in these nearly 6 months of protests that's mainly because both sides knew this election is critical to their cause. kong's leader kerry lamb while casting her vote recognise the challenging times for the city and the importance of peaceful elections. andrew chu won his 4th term as district councillor the pro-democracy candidate was brutally attacked earlier this month part. his ear will bitten off. howard which can have a very strong increase. to a new method for the home from the beijing for it and also the international community does the home as they stand firm together trying to
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keep on fight for our freedom and democracy so even though more people voted than ever before and this is a significant election it's unclear if the victory for the pro-democracy parties will ease the violence or help to mend the divisions here got our phone call. and joins us now live from hong kong just bring us up to speed with the latest results just how big are the gains made by the pro-democracy candidates. for the latest official figures at the moment a $388.00 seats in the district council elections to the pro-democrat a democratic parties and $58.00 to the party so it's clearly a landslide victory for the pro-democracy movement and this is obviously normally a traditional and a bit full kind of electional vote but we saw this record turnout of 70 percent of people in hong kong or voters registered going to the polls on sunday now to look at the analysis and give us an insight of what this means for the protest movement
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i'm joined by and is an old town boy and been on the front line for months but these protests what does this mean does this mean that the people are behind the pro-democracy protests have been causing some coyotes in the city for more than 6 months i think it's hard to see it any other way going into this people thought it would be a referendum on the protests and the government's performance the government of the pro beijing parties talked about there being a silent majority who would finally have a chance to speak out against the protesters but it seems like that silent majority in fact were behind the protests after all do you think this could certainly have the protest movement do you think they'll be is a morale boost and the. demonstrations well it certainly gives them an opportunity for something of a pause one of the things you hear protesters saying on the streets these last several months is we can't give up with nothing we paid such a high cost in terms of injury and arrests and so on this really gives them something that's a tangible political outcome that might be an opportunity for them to take a step back and reassess the next steps for their protest movement do you think
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beijing will be listening to this election result what beijing will certainly have got the message what they choose to do or that will be an interesting question it may be a sign that rather than listening to the protesters more they may try and crack down even further to try and bring hong kong under control and thank you very much for joining us. i was just spoken to another probation legislator in the midst of council he's a portray anything and indicated that that the government the lips of counsel and kerry lamb must listen to this voice he's also suggested protect potentially even a cabinet reshuffle of course this is looking ahead to the bigger lection which is appointing hong kong's next chick a chief executive which will be in 20 twentieth's and next year thank you for that for us in hong kong in other world news highly classified chinese government documents are getting a stock insight into the mass detention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim way course rise groups estimate that more than a 1000000 people have been top in camps in the region the documents have been
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obtained and verified by the international consortium of investigative journalists they detail how police use an artificial intelligence driven data system to select who will be detained once inside the cab every aspect of their life is controlled from frequency of toilet use and haircuts to visit some want. a point system this dictates punishments and rewards a maze of documents say i'll timidly judge on ideological transformation study and training and compliance with discipline in china's government though through its embassy in london has rejected the leaks document as fake. news it insists the centers are for education and vocational trade ask not if the car is a human rights lawyer he says despite china's denials the documents confirm what many have suspected about the caps. is a completely orwellian system of ethnic cleansing where china you know with their
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beijing political nerve center is acting as big brother not only ensuring the detention and detainment of a 1000000 muslims in these concentration camps but again you know the sources the record really and system of you know when people can go to the bathroom or when they didn't you know call their families one day our current you know there's a point system inside of these camps you know where you get more points for being indoctrinated with you know the sort of central chinese communist propaganda and removing in a recent year on islamic identity it's the most orwellian thing that ever seen before as human rights or if. to colombia now a president has been meeting newly elected men as then governess to hammer out a deal on reforms the so-called national dialogue follows days of anti-government protests many people are angry about corruption and possible changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes a curfew was imposed in the capital on friday but he didn't deter people from returning to the streets a day later as the talk respondent. for
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a sane but what tata sons are still president duke is opened this so-called national dialogue what exactly is he proposing. well foley were waiting to hear from him in just a few minutes at the end of this 1st day of dialogue as you were saying that with you in your introduction he met with the mayors and governors elected that will start governing in january to start discussing what changes what policies could be presented to the protesters the leaders of the protests the leaders of the union to try to assuage their anger that we've seen in the streets with the thousands and thousands of people demonstrating now for 4 'd days in a row during the day and during the night what we know is that he wants this to be
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a dialogue to to build together these new policies that that eased he said will go on at least until next march the issue though at least for now is the fact that he's decided to start this dialogue and that speaking to the leaders of the protests the leaders of the unions of the student movements but the with other politicians and that also on monday is going to meet with the leaders of private enterprises in in the country so people are demanding that he sits down as soon as possible with the leaders of the protesters. try and control the situation and start a dialogue directly with them a lot of the mayors that are here also think that this is the wrong strategy if you want to bring under control the demonstrations that we've seen on monday there's a lot of expectation for another day of national strike and a major demonstration here in the capital. and people have been protesting and it's
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on there for a 4th day tell us what it's like on the streets right now. well again people were out today in different parts of town holding demonstrations the difference was that fortunately there was no violence no confrontation with the police this is also something that as an energized the people made people more angry the fact that there is a feeling the security forces that have been very violent in their response 3 people have died on thursday yesterday. 17 year old that was demonstrating in the center of bull but that was hit by a stone grenade by the police and is in critical conditions in the hospital people are tired of this response they're saying that. my joy the of people are demonstrating peacefully that these have been massive peaceful demonstrations and
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they don't want to police to mill move in as they've been doing to disperse people as soon as they try and march on on the streets which legally they can do but people are saying that they are not afraid anymore and that they will continue demonstrating again today it has been an absolutely peaceful day of demonstrations and we're going to have to see what happens tomorrow that promises to be as big as a national strike that we've seen on thursday when more than 250000 people were marching to go without thank you for that alessandra live for us in bogota in bolivia interim president jeanine signed legislation paving the way for new elections that bar former president ever maraniss from running away the violent protests after a disputed election results force more honest to step down 2 weeks ago more than 30 people have been killed in the armrests mariana sanchez reports on the pass. into
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impressive in jenin elected the bill to collections he believes 2 weeks of nationwide turmoil nothing. it hasn't been easy to reach and. 3 meant so i congratulate all legislators that work towards the steel it's the result of bolivians who say enough with impunity and violence the national assembly approved a bill unanimously hoping to construct violence including members of ousted president mass party i. hope this helps or believe ins to begin to have a dialogue we don't want any more dead or repression we don't want people to tamed off and all without our responsibility is to open a national dialogue. the deal was reached after protesters began clearing road blocks around the country. and the government withdrew the decree that allowed the armed forces and police the use of force. dozens of people have died since the
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election but international organizations say were full of irregularities now the national assembly will appoint the 7 member supreme tribunal that must think 3 women and 2 levy and they will have 20 days wolfishly elections. the effects are being felt already in central a pass some stores remained closed while other vendors began unpacking their products. she's lost a lot after being closed for 2 weeks. i feel much better now although sad for what happened i want peace in bolivia and i hope that the person who wins the election will take the country forward. some people however say peace will be restored until those responsible for those killed in the protests are brought to justice. i'm not satisfied nothing has been resolved authorities say nothing happened that's a lie to have to be investigations however most believe you and say the sooner and
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actions are held the sooner peace will be restored but the innocent just are just. meanwhile a new guy with just over 80 percent of the ballots counted then no party has declared victory in the presidential runoff center right candidate. who has a slim lead and is hoping to topple the leftist broad front which has been in power for the last 15 years about 2700000 voters are choosing between 4 and the ruling parties danya martina's plenty more ahead on this news hour including media magnate michael bloomberg joins the democratic crowded democratic presidential field in the u.s. saying his moderate credentials are the best bet to take on donald trump's class promises promises we take a closer look at the u.k. prime minister's manifesto ahead of december's election and in sport the long range park that came with a record prize we'll be here with the details and. rescue
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efforts are underway in kenya westcott county after heavy rain triggered landslides at least $56.00 people have been killed but the full scale of what happened still isn't clear victoria gates and be reports. william and his 6 year old son gilbert have been searching for hours but so far there's no sign of gilbert's missing 8 year old sister 4 year old brother. it was about midnight we heard loud noise and then we were swept away by floodwater i heard my son screaming a risk his mother and one other child but 2 of my children were swept away where yet to recover their bodies. this mother is searching for her 16 year old daughter who was at a friend's house when the landslide hit on saturday in kenya's west polka dot
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county. i'm here looking for my daughter's body i want to know who can help me get her body back. red cross aid workers are recording the names of people who are missing relatives are reluctant to leave but politicians worried about the possibility of more flooding and landslides arranging them to evacuate the area as soon as possible i know some people might want to stick with this is my life to go but one situation like this where we are losing 19 children 19 in also. i am requesting all of us to leave this on go to serve our ground. president to or kenyatta has sent the armed forces to help but with roads and bridges destroyed rescue efforts have been delayed we have recovered about 4 bodies and yet to. retrieve all. 7. bodies we don't know whether they are accounted
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for but it was very bad. the governor of west says they're short of medicine clothes and blankets he's appealing jintao victoria gayton be out there al-jazeera is evelyn earlier went to west county to witness the widespread damage there.
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in lebanon supporters of the. have clashed with anti-government protesters in the capital they were armed with clubs demonstrating.
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last month. one of america's wealthiest men has entered the race for the white house new york mayor michael bloomberg. joining an already crowded democratic field he says his running for president in order to defeat and rebuild america christensen only reports. mike bloomberg party affiliation has changed since he was a republican mayor of new york but his opposition to donald trump has been consistent trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business god help us the 77 year old billionaire has funneled millions of dollars of his personal fortune into progressive causes like gun control and climate change but is considered a moderate and were he to run as a democrat
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a potential threat to former vice president joe biden were he fits sort of an even keeled even tempered political leader with a track record of getting things done in the city of new york with especially with 2 you can on the key issues economic development and and think things of that sort which has a certain amount of appeal to more moderate. mainstream type democratic voters bloomberg has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current field of democrats suggesting some are too far to the left to beat the president who shrugged off speculation the former mayor would enter the race little might go will. spend a lot of money michael bloomberg made his fortune here at bloomberg to help lead the financial information a media company co-founder he's the richest man in new york with far exceeding president trumps but among some democrats that could be a liability what we need is a dynamic democracy particularly among the party base not the billionaire who gets
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hard to be walked the run for president of the united states while bloomberg may be targeting white suburban voters who went for trump in 2016 he recently apologized for a policy that put him at odds with the minority community called stop and frisk many saw this police tactic as a form of racism and harassment. i got something important wrong i got something important really wrong i didn't understand that back them the full impact that stocks were having on the black and latino communities an apparent recognition of the need to unify the opposition and a late apology that appears aimed at smoothing the way for a late entry in the race kristen salumi al jazeera new york. u.s. defense secretary mark esper has fired the navy's top official as far as accuse
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navy secretary richard spencer proposing a deal with the white house behind his back the matter has to do with a navy seal accused of war crimes whose case had been in champaign and by president donald trump in his resignation letter richard spencer indicated he didn't agree with tom's demands as bringing in gabriel alexander in washington to explain this further gabriel of the firing of the navy secretary all sense from one high profile case tell us about it 1st. yeah this is a case of eddie gallagher a navy seal commander special forces commander who was in iraq and he was actually jailed in a military jail and went on trial in 2018 for alleged war crimes for allegedly allegedly murder of iraqi civilians in iraq and apparently killing a teenage iraqi detainee with his knife as well he was acquitted of the most serious charges in july of this year but was convicted of
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a much lesser crime and because of that even though he was acquitted and he was happy the navy commanders were very much not and they want demoted him and wanted to kick him out of the navy but this particular person gallagher had a very strong ally in president donald trump who had been supporting his cause all along and trump came out and pardoned him of any wrongdoing and restored his rank this came in direct. against the advice of the navy commanders include including a richard spencer the navy secretary and that's why ultimately spencer was relieved of his duties on sunday evening why did president try and get so involved in this case kate. yeah that's a mystery in a lot of ways i mean spencer. lawyer i'm sorry gallagher's lawyer was an ally of donald trump or they knew each other trungpa also watches
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a lot of fox news and gallagher and his family went on fox news a lot imploring for the president to support him in this cause but trump as commander in chief has the right to do this of course he is the leader of the military and trump as showed in the past that he's been willing to defy the pentagon let's look at in october when he pulled u.s. troops out of northern syria that was against pentagon advice this is just one more example of this president using his title as commander in chief to defy military commanders when he deems it necessary this is just another example of that thank you for that gave any forests in washington. at least a dozen people have been killed across iraq in the last 24 hours in basra security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters killing at least 3 people they were dispersing crowds near the main port of them cossar protesters burned tires to block main roads across the city more than 70 people were injured and in the
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southern city of nasiriyah security forces killed at least street protesters any injures several others at least 320 people have been killed in demonstrations that began last month protesters are angry over corruption high unemployment and poor public services still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour fighting for in depression we follow the plight of the poor do speaking community living in crowded camps across bangladesh also ahead breathing new life into the world's coral reefs how the pacific waters off the law are becoming a beacon of hope and in sports spain break an 8 year drought to claim the 6 davis cup tie to.
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follow the weather slushy set baracus southern parts of china once again a little cloud furthermore this cloud may be thick enough from time to time to just squeeze out to a spot sorts who are right but for the most part think it's largely going to be settled and russian war series on charges say it's just a series of about what the weather will be down towards the southwest corner pushing a little further north which is nice which as we go on through tuesday come further south hong kong dry and sunny temperatures here actually around $24.00 degrees celsius it's sunshine the showers meanwhile across southeast asia a scattering of showers into the philippines across much of malaysia the most widespread showers will be over towards northern parts of smarter towards the malaysian peninsula but you see what is to those. shasta's pushing up into the gulf of thailand as well southern parts of it knob could also see as charlotte's a but i think a good deal of dry weather and sunshine in between a fair amount of dry weather too across india at the moment we have got some lovely showers some warnings in falls into the far south of in the air just around the
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will not do just around carola sri lanka are also seeing some lively downpours fair bit of dry weather she pushed a little further north i'm hopeful we'll see things started to clear up for new delhi as we go on through the next couple of days as rain leaves in. the weather sponsored by qatar and its. ancient embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of law remain central to the world's oldest living civilization in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex coming soon on. from the al-jazeera london pool cost center to special guests in conversation when society is divided when women are divided and the only thing that benefits from this
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contract itself unprompted uninterrupted is the 1st words good girls are those who work toward florida in a shop vac meets well he's playing catch it will like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists and studio be unscripted on al-jazeera. they're watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder our top stories early results from hong kong's district council election show major gains for the pro-democracy candidates it follows months of anti-government protests leads classified documents from china's government have reveals new details about the mass detention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim
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with force it includes intelligence briefings that this prime property seems a data system based around artificial intelligence a suspect who is detained and colombia's president even duke is meeting. recently elected mayors and governors to hammer out a deal on reforms to call for a so-called national dialogue after days of nationwide anti-government protests. more on our top story and the big gains made by hong kong for democracy politicians and district council elections joining us now is victor tell who's a professor at the university of hong kong thank you so much for being with us these elections normally people don't pay attention to them but obviously a big deal this time around in light of the protests that have been going on in hong kong what are the implications of these results for the next state of council and hong kong's political establishment well i think this is a real between the democratic and i think it will bring them because the democrats
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have been actually not. district council level also in the immediate future i think. beijing will consider democratic and more seriously. the result they say probably. accounts all the moms in the consideration. so i think this is the way a lot of the democratic camp will lost its credibility of course what. the government let's hope. it's interesting that you say that because almost 5 months now of anti-government demonstrations the central government in beijing doesn't seem to have taken this protest movement seriously why would they now that this election has come about. well i think. i think the chinese government the central government and the local government do take the focus very seriously the problem. the
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politically monster that has been made of the central government and the whole government by the protesters cannot be met that easily under the current look of $1.00 and $1.00 system so it's not a question of beijing i don't think it's a question of beijing government being boring every month as the protesters frame it it's more a question of whether they can actually implemented this and implemented this without. hurting your own goals and interests. particularly the. question of sovereignty and all of this is also linked to other issues like iran in sudan where beijing have taken a very lengthy stance so. yes they there are those who say that these results for perhaps help calm the demonstrations and bring about you know calm to the streets of hong kong but there is still a great time in
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a big gap between what the pro-democracy camp one center and what the probating establishment wants how do they break. i don't i don't i don't see how they can bridge has to be honest and i think the car is shortly and the reason is because the results actually and those elections the democratic camp now we we cannot. allow. assuming a sort of biggest would be the statement who said it all the democratic can and it . has happened when it's transpired over the past 5 months but i can say that a substantial number of them have been at the forefront of the if you like to call it the riot or yet rest so all these yes the people of the democrats said well perhaps if we did it we actually get the endorsement of the wrong people so the exodus election there's no guarantee that the democrats are not going their turn as the sitting back strategy to try to garner votes with the support so this is the
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meaning well remember i'm not concerned about the long run but in the short run yes i've been pretty happy for most people in congress are they to taylor thank you very much for speaking to us a live thank you for your time. more than 60 doctors say they fear imprisoned wiki leaks founder julian assange could die soon in prison the doctors are calling on the british authorities to transfer out of a maximum security jail to a university hospital they say he is suffering from psychological problems including depression as well as dental issues and a serious shoulder m. and a songes extradition hearing is yet to begin in february he is wanted by the u.s. on espionage charges relating to his wiki leaks work counting is underway in guinea bissau presidential election there violence and west african nations have deployed troops to try to ensure peace nicholas hack reports from the capital. and this is i said to his 1st presidential election since early sunday morning she's kept
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a close tell you of the vote in her neighborhood as an independent observer for candidate seymour stimming go. this election campaign isn't just about choosing a new president but it's also about changing the country's divisive political culture when candidates may start. candidates and i think this kind of behavior shows the kind of person you are and what you can do for your country in the future. is the front runner in this election he's the candidate of the powerful african party of the independence of keep bird and also known as the sea it was founded by independence leader move. in to this day all presidents have been from this party and it continues to hold the majority of seats in parliament important to note however is that the function of the president is limited to nominating a prime minister. whoever gets the most votes and is elected into office will have
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to share power with their p.r. agencies in order incumbent president jose maria vos is much to blame for the current political crisis opposition candidates say that they appear a.g.c. in its members have their share of responsibility for the political crisis. fought with vos over the management of resources he enjoys the support of angola who is looking to exploit box site in this unexplored mineral rich country west african countries like nigeria and sinegal view angola as interesting to the south with suspicion when people move on. 'd and all these countries i feel really really comfortable because the same way i talk to our all ins i talked about genius among african additional west african troops have been deployed as part of a stabilizing force some of these countries support
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a rival candidate and barlow sissoko caught in this regional power play are the people who are like nurse to santos who has gone almost a year without pay because of the political crisis or unemployed graduate student. who can't find work for this election is a chance to finally get a say in the direction of her country number 2 because hawke al-jazeera. in romania your line is says been reelected as president easily winning a runoff vote a center right leader defeated former prime minister of eureka danny from the social democratic party dan c. less ari had to resign last month after losing a confidence vote in parliament over corruption allegations. boris johnson is for missing a triple tax law for the next 5 years that means a ukase conservatives on increase income tax national insurance n.v. 80 election manifesto also to get the backs of the draw agreement back for
5:38 am
a parliamentary vote before december 25th paul brennan or some tough it. the conservatives are riding comfortably ahead in the latest opinion polls 47 percent support compared with labour's 28 percent the party faithful greeted boris johnson with a sense of growing belief a belief that the prime minister is happy to promote i want you to imagine what the country could be like in just 10 years' time if we can get a working majority on the 12th of december i want you to look forward to a britain where the streets are safer where the air is cleaner where we've built 40 new hospitals are the direct result of the decisions taken in the last 3 months the $59.00 page manifesto pledges not to increase income tax national insurance tax all the 85 years as more money for child care the road repairs $50000.00 new nurses and keeping the triple lock guaranteeing increases to the state pension will play well with conservative voters but it remains the central point of this election campaign
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we will get bricks it done and we will end the acrimony and the chaos whereas they want to rip up our deal and negotiate a new one. but we don't yet know of a single labor m.p. or indeed any other m.p. who would support this deal with tax rises ruled out the conservative plans will be funded by more than $100000000000.00 of borrowing it's a big ask according to analysts. the biggest announcement is the promise not to not to do something rather than to do something that's not to increase rates of income tax national insurance. that's the kind of promise that can come back to haunt you later on if you do need to raise more tax revenues the opposition parties are also critical. to anybody if you continue what we had for the past 9 years very disappointing the question facing the wavering voters is this manifesto have enough
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in it. this is a safety for this job because it. was it he she said she would be so she. would say this is how these exit. polls are. and it makes sense if you see the. exact probably. does. al-jazeera as investigative units has discovered the secret saying of diplomatic passports has helped keep some caribbean politicians in power dominik as general election takes place on december the states and as deborah davis reports the result may be influenced by payments from wealthy foreigners who want the privilege of becoming an ambassador. this is all of the serafin a former prime minister of domenico using concealed cameras we film him willing to broker a deal for a rich businessmen living in asia i think and also you know we're just in that area
5:41 am
. he says the businessman would then be made an ambassador for the domenica despite having no connection to the country. serafin says the money will go to dominique his current prime minister receive el skerritt to help win a 4th term in power. by the us of a monster. the bring me gently this is the. way to go or as i read. fly in atlanta the. last week police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a crowd demanding an end to what they say is widespread vote rigging our investigation reveals how many rainy and annie resume on fred bought his dominique an ambassadorship he helped fund prime minister skerritt selection when 5 years ago paying for rallies t. shirts and printing the party's manifesto mon friends foreign business partner
5:42 am
witness the deals we don't use the word bribe we'll just use the word adult enough appreciation but definitely without that money he wouldn't have got his diplomatic passport manfredi hope the possible gave him diplomatic immunity it didn't work he's just been sentenced in iran to 20 years for investment both times he's. our investigation has found that 6 caribbean states have appointed dozens of foreigners to be their ambassadors around the world while many are respected business leaders several have been exposed as criminals. american eric restante became an ambassador for grenada he's alleged to have filmed grenada's prime minister keith mitchell accepting cash in a briefcase rest said it was half a $1000000.00 keith mitchell denied any wrongdoing and said he was only paid $15000.00 the travel expenses the video as not be made public the americans kept it
5:43 am
when they jailed rest on a fraud. all of a serafin and demanded a fee for arranging a dominique ambassadorship. for both serafin and prime minister skerritt later denied any discussion about a diplomatic passport skerritt denied any wrongdoing and said any payments were legal campaign contributions deborah davis al-jazeera. and the documentary diplomats for sale airs in 420 g.m.t. on monday right here on al-jazeera. pope francis has called for a world without nuclear weapons saying they threaten humanity the head of the roman catholic church has been visiting the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki which were devastated by nuclear bombs in august of 1949 he paid should be a to the victims and call the bombings an unspeakable horror. the use of atomic energy for warfare is immoral and so is the possession of atomic
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weapons we will be judged on this future generations will rise to condemn our failure if we spoke of peace but did not act to bring it among the global population how can we speak of peace as we build terrifying new weapons of war. mostly or do speaking biharis live in crowded refugee camps across bangladesh the biharis moved from india over 70 years ago to what was then east pakistan but they were accused of supporting pakistan in bangladesh as independence war and as time their child reports they now feel discriminated against because of their ethnicity . yes mean shafi has been living in this camp since 1971 when she was 7 it's been a long arduous journey since then and now she has a several grandchildren and wants them to have a better life than she has had. we face many fold problems on clean water limited space to sleep frequent electricity cuts and so on it's very hard for us to
5:45 am
sleep eat and live in such a small place you can't possibly stay healthy in such an environment there are 7 of us who share this room which barely can accommodate 2 people. this camp is one of 17 bangladesh it has just one school conditions are dire in this camp nearly 25000 people are crammed into an area smaller than the size of a football field houses are separated by distance of one metre wide passageway used by resident and livestock this small spaces are home to entire families with very limited access to basic services recently biharis where in the news when dozens of people were injured in a fight between police and camp residents the violence was triggered when the authorities tried to cut the electricity supply police say. there were protests in the camp for several days i went to my workshop to get some work done during the fighting with the police suddenly some stray truck and pellets hit my body and one
5:46 am
of my eyes from which i can't see any more most of those living in the camp get no help from the authorities and create their own jobs but they also face constant threats of evictions and now the biharis are facing challenges like camping and the fast of the authorities say the biharis the city you know bang that is affording people for the need for judgment so they are no more instead less already fiji so why they are occupying the government or the private land so the government is trying to evict the camp without any ne or without any settlement. but where the biharis go the government is considering relocating those living in the capital dhaka to a new settlement with 300000 people spanning multiple generations fear they'll continue to face discrimination and richard 3 al-jazeera dhaka bangladesh. coral reefs are on the globe are dying as oceans warm and become more acidic
5:47 am
because of climate change but the core of palau in the western pacific are proving to be resilient and that could house save the world al-jazeera as all other vonnie reports on the seabed asked allows barrier. allows seas are teeming with life most of it concentrated here on the country's barrier reef stretching over 500 kilometers it's one of the planet's few remaining pristine coral reefs but this beauty comes with the fragility of a one of the most pristine reefs of the world or system here is under threat around the world coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate it's estimated over a 3rd of all reefs will be destroyed or seriously damaged within the next 10 years climate change is warming see which has a devastating effect on corals forcing them to reject the colorful algae that normally lives within them and bleaching them white much of the reef here in palau
5:48 am
has been spared and that's in part because the geography of the region water trapped by the lushly forested limestone clips forms a sort of lagoon and warms in the sun but instead of getting bleached the coral here has adapted to these extreme conditions and remains healthy these are so-called super corals and they only exist here in the western pacific and that makes them fascinating for scientists who hope they can be used to repair damage reefs around the world even the forest and then we. stress them increase the temperature. of the water that they're in and we'll see which of them are surviving and those will be our. the efforts that scientists are making here show the healthy reef supports millions of species and on the edge of the reef in the fast flowing currents sharks there are a lot that there are pieces of the brain in the quarter here off the coast and over
5:49 am
that goes are endangered. in order to protect them well outwit the world's 1st factory has their strict laws at the way they want that fish by sharks and rays places that cut off thieves. however it's a lucrative business shark fins fetch big money in the markets of asia where they used in shark fin soup we've only been in the water for a few minutes when we come across this a gray reef shark missing its dorsal fin. is illegal fishing vessels catch sharks hack their fins off and then toss the rest of the fish still alive back into the sea the prospects for this shark a bleak without a fence keep it out right it will soon tire sink to the bottom of the ocean and die as climate change decimates coral reefs and fish bear the scars of humans greed ploughs turquoise waters and the secrets they contain are a small beacon of hope in a vanishing underwater world all of the vanni al-jazeera on palau is barrier reef.
5:50 am
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thank you very much will spain won the davis cup for a 6th time after beating canada in the final it is the 1st time the spanish have won the revamped tournaments since 2011 and emotional roberto goo won the opening singles match for the hosts in straight sets he was playing just days after the
5:52 am
death of his father world number one draft on the doll then sealed victory his straight sets victory over a 20 year old initial call for love and giving spain that 2 nil but. i will not be happy and on and i have been and i don't forget about the moments here and this is amazing because there you know me and the crowd rick was just my job and we can thank you not all of them. i want to be able to speed it prevails no way way way by the paddock so morrow will again say thanks a lot for the moment. south korea's say young kim has held on to claim the biggest ever winner's prize in women's golf kim started the final round of a c.m.e. group tour championship in florida with a one shot lead over her rivals but she was pushed away by england's charlie hole who sunk 5 birdies over the last 7 holes kim sinking a $25.00 foot putt for birdie on the final hole to win the $1500000.00 prize by a single shot. spain's john ramey also taking home
5:53 am
a healthy paycheck after winning the world tour championship and with the european tour's race to dubai title the world number 5 birdied the final hole to win the tournament by a stroke from tommy fleetwood he gets $3000000.00 for winning the event and $2000000.00 for taking the overall race to divide title from his only the 2nd spanish player to finish a season as european tour's number one player after biased out of saudi arabian football team have won the asian champions league they beat japanese side reds 2 mill in the 2nd leg over in japan that meant that they won 3 male overall on aggregate it's the 1st time that have won the champions league title having lost in the final in 20142017 when means they qualify for the fifo club world cup in qatar which starts on december 11th and that's significant because saudi is one of the countries currently imposing a land sea and air blockade on qatar. brazilian club flamingo will also be at the
5:54 am
club world cup they won their 1st south american title in 38 years clinching the cope at liberty to dorris in dramatic style there were one nil down to defending champions river play when striker. who's on loan from enter milan equalized in the 88th minute just 3 minutes and 8 seconds after that goal as he's known secured victory with the 2nd goal. and of course thousands of fans have turned out on the streets of rio de janeiro to welcome the flamingo players home the victory parade turning into a double celebration after their nearest rivals oppose metis failed to win meaning they also claimed the brazilian league title. a while others defended his w.b.c. heavyweight boxing title with a devastating knockout win over louis ortiz wilder made a typically theatrical entrance to the ring for their rematch at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas but once the action started the american was trailing on all 3
5:55 am
score cards after the 1st 6 rounds however right at the end of the 7th all he needed was a right hand which dropped ortiz the cuban got to his feet but couldn't recover in time to beat the 10 count while there is now set to fight tyson fury in february when you have power mark on him you know you're not worried about if you win rounds or not i don't want that to be in my mind whether i'm really not around and not you know and because i don't know my mind to be cloudy you know they can about the rounds and rounds you know most of the time these guys were around on me anyway you know but i know that sooner or later you know it's going to come and when you come down baby tonight like i always said i would totally wear that jacket while staying in the u.s. hundreds of climate change protesters disrupted a college football game told to mr plain and simple directions to the stadium. basically to proceed. to. the annual harvard yale game was forced to stop when
5:56 am
students rushed the field at halftime in connecticut demanding that the 2 ivy league universities stop investing in fossil fuels more students in the stands quickly joined in and it took 45 minutes to start the game again with police escorting most of the protesters off the field. the new world cup ski season is just getting started but the battle to fill the gap left by the retired great marcel her share is well underway the austrian who won an 8 straight overall championship quit after last season but there's still plenty of talent left in the field to replace him norway's henrik kristofferson could be one to watch this season he recovered from a disappointing 4th place in the 1st run in livy on sunday to clinch the men's slalom opener in front of a delighted home crowd. all right over to gymnastics where ukraine and japan dominated in the world cup series in germany the ukrainians took 1st place in the men's vault and men's parallel bars their women secured won gold on the floor
5:57 am
routine for japan they won the women's balance beam and men's horizontal bar. oppressive sticks like this. well there's been plenty of drama in the latest round of the cyclocross world cup dutch writer matthew vanderpoel narrowly avoided the big crash on the 1st corner of the elite men's race there he is there missed out on that one and then dominating later on in the sand even powered his way through the field to eventually claim victory in belgium by 25 seconds in the women's race 21 year old carbon alvarado secured her 1st career elite world cup win with a well timed sprint finish well that's all your sports for now we'll have more for you later mayor thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera as always more on our website at al-jazeera dot com for me for me back to the whole team here in doha thank you for watching on a more 18 days with you next summer just very disturbing.
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the oppression of an ethnic minority and man mob goes back many decades the intention was to make sure that rangers were no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution of their own him and myanma. exiled on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know is that it tends to be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live
5:59 am
to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the coming fiscal issue and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you ran for your. big gains for hong kong's pro-democracy candidate says voters send a clear signal that supports to the process movements that's rock the territory. hello that i'm hot. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up rescuers struggle to reach areas of kenya devastated by landslides that have killed dozens of people. al-jazeera uncovers our diplomatic passports are being secretly sold to help keep caribbean politicians in power plus.


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