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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and in the process mobilize his her community and one his people are on him there is a large chunks of the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. un peacekeepers up and fires protesters stormed a united nations compound in democratic republic of congo 2 people have been killed in the on greatest. threat this is al jazeera live from the also coming up pro-democracy parties with a landslide victory in hong kong's local council elections the trial follows months of protests. a human rights watch director is forced to leave israel saying his deportation is an attempt to silence. the death toll rises off the landslides in
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kenya rescues the trying to reach thousands of people in desperate need of help. we begin with breaking news in democratic republic of congo u.n. peacekeepers a fired live rounds as thousands of protesters stormed a u.n. base in the town of banning 2 people have been killed in the unrest the u.n. denies its forces were responsible the protesters are angry about an increasing number of attacks by rebels in the area the city appears to be on lockdown gunshots have been heard earlier at least 8 people were killed in an oven and assault blamed on a rebel group calling itself the allied democratic forces al-jazeera produce a lie in your county is on the line from benny where the protests are continuing bring us up to date on those protests. yeah you have to do that we still have up. 4
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on the ground we have seen we have just seen other protesters away. from this city to 1 see most of it as they don't disturb them a new school and also in the morning for example during the day you have seen the 1st thing they will like you when you don't camp where they are quite a few more at least they are the more dishing the most part of the main building of the un the town why they're doing this they're saying that they have to retire yes it does take you to situation going on here in the town of been so we don't know what will happen tomorrow but yes you know on the ground you can hear the gun shoot everywhere in the city or khamenei after now. a line this is been building hasn't it because there's been tension between the u.n. and people on the streets as well and basically what they're saying year is that you don't believe that they're being protected. yeah because they said the u.n.
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has a mandate normally. security council to protect the civilian and also been the is the hmong this will you find. number the big number of u.n. soldiers trying to deal with me to tell you but sometimes some weeks or even a year now people are saying this mandate is not walking on the ground you and he's doing absolutely nothing to support them this u.n. must leave the area so that the government is also unable to think the government also filled the civilians so they want to leave the area so that the government can finally take easy that's mostly be true this is a was staying and this tension almost like it 2 weeks ago right now. really. protesting against around the city. just fill us in as will make
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history of this because this is the result a culmination of years and years of this fighting the allied democratic forces and of course the congolese forces as well and as a congolese force of stepped up their attacks on the i.d.f. we've seen an increase in violence an increase in civilians being killed. yeah. in business. in one of the big forest of belief that we join a cage right now that thinking thinking what do you get from. me is on me a lot more than 10 military operations but they did not succeed to get over is. beneath this is why they really believed there was not any results coming from different official distributors they have even attacked the un soldiers last year more done for. time than them so again we kill to prove enough how they can take
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over whatever place they like just yesterday talking again and even like to now we've a been discussing with the general on the d.v.d. and you have notified the president is suspect because it presents presents so it's might have it might happen again tomorrow that's if you don't need to kill again because he's an idiot for it off nothing they don't have anything to be a critical decision this is bin this is why the proposition they want to take over the security forces. and a fluid situation is a silent people have been killed people injured as you were speaking you can still hear gunfire echoing around the town israel alone thank you for that. voters in hong kong were handed pro-democracy candidates a sweeping victory in district council elections the city's prob aging government has promised to humbly listen to the voice of the people there have been months of protest against what many see as beijing's increasing influence in hong kong has
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more. as dawn broke hong kong to a new political landscape more than 70 percent of voters cast their ballots in sunday's district council elections the pro-democracy party secured a record number of seats a lot of people actually sacrificed a lot as they suffered a lot in the last 6 months to actually get this result and i think people are very . united and they are so together to actually try to win something joshua long was disqualified for running but his party claim victory in his electorate unseating the incumbent councilor remarkable achievement in that this election is the efforts of callers especially. protests are a hotline for lying there's the pray the price span the time or even sacrifice in
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the protest movement until now the probation parties held the majority in the district councils but anger against the government eroded their support they've apologized to the public for misreading the vote those aligned to the post camp say it's a nightmarish result and the city's government will need to reassess the people's demands have spoken quite loudly and clearly haven't so i believe what we now do is such a quote of 5 major demands and without invent any of them can be dealt with by the more satisfactory than before the district council elections are traditionally and on a vengeful poll but after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and increasing violence this election was considered a barometer of public support for the protesters this is a win for the protesters that could be a point for them to say we've we've i reference on the street have converted into a tangible political outcome of this is a good opportunity to step back and take stock and and think about what next for
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the protest movement so it may see a period of relative calm for hong kong after a very turbulent 6 months the pro-democracy movement celebrated their victory on monday but some protests is rallied to show their support to those who are still holed up inside the polytechnic university for more than a week the district council vote comes ahead of the midst of council election next year sunday's record turnout is considered a message from voters to reopen the discussion on the city's political reform the government now has 10 months to make changes before voters go to the polls once again. al jazeera hong kong. but despite the scale of the victory beijing says it will continue to back home calls me to carry law and her government andrew thomas has the view from beijing. in mainland china hong kong's election results are being effectively ignored asked about the landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates a spokesman but china's foreign ministry of voided the question drew ball to an
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ending violence and restoring order is the priority for hong kong hong kong is a passive china in hong kong a fears a purely china's internal a few. chinese media 2 said nothing about opposition parties doing well this is monday's china day printed on sunday night before the results came out inside it suggests the high turnout is good news for promise stablish from parties but since the results are come out nothing no update on the website of this newspaper at all and nothing in any of china's official media on the substance of the results. we stopped people in beijing to ask them what they thought of the result. the response was confusion there was this how you go on like have no one we spoke to had heard anything about them without him being the one man who did want to talk said this broad throughout history i haven't paid
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too much attention this vote in hong kong yet but i think stopping the violence and chaos is the priority now we are too soft on the honker facts tolerance has to have a limit. the chinese central government should strike them hard. but do you know the result of the vote no i don't know the result yet i've been busy all day with work and. official media coverage before hong kong's vote and of the turnout but not the results suggest speccing thought those results would be different it seems unlikely though that the actual results will change beijing's attitude towards hong kong i don't think there will be any change in the positions on the chinese central government why because this is a matter of upmost importance to the child in me it really impacts on the one country 2 system it impacts on china's sovereignty over the whole car already the
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government has expressed renewed confidence in chief executive kerry lam and it shows no sign of making concessions on any of the protesters demands andrew thomas al-jazeera. israel has deported a senior human rights watch official earlier this month the supreme court upheld the government's decision to expel i must look here who is a us citizen has been accused of supporting a global campaign to boycott israeli goods and services and israeli law from 2017 bars in 3 to people who publicly support the movement. despite my deportation today the israeli government has failed to muzzle human rights watch or the human rights movement this case shines a light on the reality we face today as we stand in this room where near 53 of an ugly occupation with no end in
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sight characterized by institutional discrimination by systematic repression and rights abuses and particularly the palestinian people if the israeli government can deport somebody documenting rights abuse without facing consequence how can we ever stop rights abuse up to a 1000000 people across the south africa struggling to cope with severe flooding and landslides at least 52 people have died in kenya rescue workers in west poco close to the border with uganda trying to reach thousands of people in need of help because of rain damaged roads and destroyed bridges from nairobi mohamad abdalla explains how river dad's a making things worse. these kind of flooding are becoming almost unusual events last year we sold dumbs breaking them bunks the last thing the bunks and
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killing as so many people read was all the flooding and inundating villages and towns along the banks and many people asking why was the small to avoid it but the government is quick to say that these east due to climate change and beyond their control they are also sending out to various parts of warning to people living only in low lying areas also along the riverbanks not the banks are bound to the bomb to a bus that banks once again on that they should go to higher ground and the east i'm a sieve. of a question going on right now in the west of course but also in other parts of the consumed where there's been extremely. bad conditions and also have bit of rainfall going on and the dumps are also being released in
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a controlled way and on to leave was i expect that to exacerbate the situation. still ahead on al-jazeera a month of protests and a growing terrorist in crisis in lebanon. in guinea bissau a whiting the results of an election that both sides hope will change the country's political culture. hello again and welcome back we're here across parts of china things are looking quite nice down towards the south to the north though it's a little bit cooler a cloud here as well as maybe some rain across much of the central and northern area. we're only getting to a temperature a high temperature for you on tuesday of about 8 degrees we do have some snow just to the west of you hong kong a little bit cooler than you have been at 24 but by the time we get towards
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wednesday getting a little bit warmer with plenty of sun at about 26 degrees there well as we make a word over here towards india we do have the possibility of seeing some rain making its way towards new delhi over the next few days now we did have some clouds pushing through earlier we're going to be seeing some cloudy conditions here on tuesday a spot of rain just towards the west really helping to clear out the atmosphere as well only getting to about 22 here on tuesday and by the time we get towards wednesday the temperature comes up the rain possibility though makes its way up here a little bit more towards the north to the south the rain hasn't been as hard it has been over the last few days but for colombo more rain in your forecast for the tempter there of 31 degrees and still quite unsettled across parts of the gulf we did see some rain showers here on monday passing through parts of doha we're going to be seeing some clouds still in the forecast across the region here on tuesday temperature of $26.00 degrees over towards abu dhabi $26.00 and must cut $26.00 degrees also.
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on counting the costs as russia uses mercenaries in call these places from syria to libya all the future all of them go $2.00 trillion dollars but it's the saudi state owned oil on the ballot process google takes on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost on out just the. new yorkers are very receptive to town to see it because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that obviously our lives. you're watching al-jazeera his top stories this hour. u.n.
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peacekeepers using helicopters to shoot at protesters in the democratic republic of congo many people believed to be injured in the town of benny earlier they killed 2 people after more than a 1000 demonstrators stormed a u.n. base as anger over the un's alleged 5 year to protect people from rebel attacks. in hong kong of one of the overwhelming majority in district council elections chief executive has promised to listen humbly to the voters. of people killed in landslides and flooding in northwest kenya has risen to 52 rescue workers have been sent to close to the border with uganda being hindered by bad conditions. in the latest piece of political turmoil to hit washington president donald trump is drawing widespread criticism for forcing the resignation of his navy secretary richard spencer was forced out on satis sunday night his resignation letter highlighted differences with the president over how the military justice system
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should function go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly how good in washington d.c. kimberly this comes down to the fact that the defense secretary says he lost confidence and trust in spencer how did that happen. it has so many layers but essentially this is another debate in washington over whether or not there is a limit to presidential power as we've seen in the impeachment inquiry as we've seen throughout donald trump's presidency various layers of bureaucracy in this case now it is the military potentially pushing back on efforts by the president to intervene in this case it involves a navy seal who was accused of misconduct and when the navy secretary pushed back on the president's efforts to restore his job to restore his ability to identify as a navy seal with his trident pen as it's known that is when it cost richard spencer
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the navy secretary his job now in the midst of all of this we have had in the last hour confirmation from the defense secretary that in fact there was a demand by the u.s. president as we saw on twitter for the accused navy seal eddie gallagher who is accused of war crimes and 2017 exonerated on those charges but convicted of posing with the corpse of an iso fighter and that's why he was facing reprimand internally the president demanded that his try to pin according to the defense secretary be restored so it as we pull back from the specifics of this case there is now a wider debate in washington at what point does the military have a duty to push back against the commander in chief that is president trump if they feel that there is an order that is illegal or even just an ethical or immoral it's a very fine line and while most are saying this was a legal demand by the president many are questioning its morality and that is where
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this debate is coming in and it does extend into the far reaches of the government because this is yet the latest example that we've seen a level of bureaucracy pushing back on the president many accusing him of abusing his presidential powers so a lot more to be known about this kimberly thank you so much come as a media show you tell me i'm being home and i'll tell him he has been meeting turkish president richard type who want a love song and 8 agreements including financial and civil planning some of the divided has to something. it's the 5th session of turkey but there are strategic dialogue between the president of turkey and the emir of qatar issues pertaining to bilateral ties as well as international issues were discussed in this meeting we've been told matters pertaining to finance or been a zation standardise asian as well as bilateral trade came in the discussion the turkish foreign minister says that although both of these countries have
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a deep understanding of each other's issues and support each other on their standings there is room for improvement resign aid agreements or more you to strengthen the legal basis of foreign relations and we have been we have been discussing also the regional issues turkey and qatar has the same position and we have excellent cooperation on the regional issues so. this region and even beyond after meeting the emir of qatar or the turkish president or visiting the bases the military bases that turkey has established under a 2015 agreement this is one of those areas where turkey and qatar have become closer after the blockade imposed by its neighboring countries. because of very profound roots in this region it means we have always given great importance to the top security turkish troops presence here is not only for our brothers in qatar but for peace and stability of the entire gulf region. and there's been widespread
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concerns over lebanon's economy a shortage in u.s. dollars it's caused several businesses to cause and many of lost their jobs the crisis is triggered growing fears about the country's economic future so in a horror as war. there is a shortage of u.s. dollars in the lebanese market it's causing a crisis and adding to the political and certainty as the campaign against the leadership gathers momentum the economy doesn't rely on the local currency the euro importers pay in dollars and many businesses demand payment in the u.s. currency strong arm. i'm going to move from my apartment because the owner is insisting on taking that i'm. not willing to pay it because this really means up my grant will increase approximately 3035 percent. the official rate of $1500.00 liras to the dollar has it changed but banks are limiting access and that has created a black market where the local currency lost up to 25 percent of its value it's
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driving up the cost of goods in a country where almost everything is imported. now and. this is an increase in prices with you deal with dollars or not it makes no difference prices of goods are going up we're buying in layers and it's lost value. businesses have been closing and staff are being laid off the local currency which had been stable for decades began devaluing before the nationwide protests against the ruling elite began in september 11th aunts leaders to learn what they called them and on the state of emergency it was their plans to raise taxes to fund government expenditures that sparked the demonstrations a month later. the country's also in political turmoil facing what many describe as its worst crisis since the end of the civil war in 1990 those in the governing alliance are blaming the protesters who are calling for a nonpartisan government and early elections for contribution to the economic
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collapse it's an accusation they deny. us blocking the road at this point in time is not going to leak harvick within the region or cause any traffic more than there are the is but rather stand as a symbol of what we need to the fact that we will not be stopped by fear and that regardless of what happens we will continue to move forward because we are very persistent words like. they have opponents the mainly sectarian parties in power supporters of the shop parties hezbollah are hostile towards the protests and they have used violence against those in the streets there is a fear the relative calm just now may not hold. beirut. presidential elections sunday's vote follows years of power struggle and social and political turmoil early results are expected life in this way because our reports from. this is i said 2 buddies 1st presidential election
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since early sunday morning she's kept a close tally of the votes in her neighborhood as an independent observer for candidates. for this election campaign isn't just about choosing a new president but it's also about changing the country's divisive political culture when candidate faced. other candidates and i think kind of behavior shows the kind of person you are and what you can do for your country in the future. is the front runner in this election he's the candidate of the powerful african party of the independence of cape verd and get to the south also known as the. president julie maria vance who is seeking reelection for a 2nd term has accused of paying people for votes saying the election was rigged. there were scuffles in some polling stations but international observers say
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overall the voting was peaceful. one player on the asked for the quality of the vote itself we noted in general people were prepared for their roles there were minor incidents minor irregularities but nothing that could undermine the process. whoever gets elected will have to share power with the p a g c the majority party in parliament there's a sense of fear and apprehension that the outcome of this election could create divisions instead of uniting a country weakened by years of political instability and as a result this parliament has not been able to vote any laws or budgets paralyzing this country. fought with us over the management of resources he enjoys the support of angola who is looking to exploit box site in this unexplored mineral rich country nigeria and senegal if you angle as interest in guinea bissau with suspicion the west african body known as eco osce deployed additional troops as
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part of a stabilizing force in to be sour be used as a launching pad for drug traffickers and transnational organized crime and that's why at hawesville together with us we're determined to support legit to move government to fight criminality caught in this regional power play by the people of this out like nurse to santos who has gone almost a year without pay because of the political crisis or unemployed graduate student. who can't find work for this election is a chance to finally get a say in the direction of her country. because hawke al-jazeera. the presidential race in europe is too close to call and a recount of ballots is being ordered center right candidate luis look up who has slimly the and he's hoping to topple the leftist brewer front which has been in power for the last 15 years about 2700000 voters are choosing between the cop who
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and the ruling party's daniel martin s ride sharing services has lost its license to operate in london i have a safety concerns the city's transit authority transport for london or to phil has cited several breaches that passengers safety at risk saying aber is not currently fit and proper but the company has vowed to appeal the decision that now has $21.00 days to do so can continue to operate while the appeals process is underway paul brennan has more from london. the license to operate in london by about was due to expire at one minute to midnight tonight and it will expire they've decided not to extend that license to operate on the reasoning for that and i'll read you some of the statement that here tell it put out it's because what we recognize that dubai has made improvements it's unacceptable that allowed passengers to get into many
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cabs with drivers who are potentially unlicensed and uninsured basically what t.f. l. found was that there was around 14000 occasions where drivers who were not necessarily the same driver who had been given the license to operate were picking up passengers it arose from an anomaly within the system which allowed authorized drivers to upload their photograph to the profile of an authorized driver and essentially were to fell or saying well the systems are clearly not secure enough to the us has $21.00 days to lodge an appeal and then you've got a matter of perhaps 18 months 2 years perhaps certainly on an extended period of time while that could possibly go through to court action says in the meantime it's been vigorously updating its software and its processes a statement from saying we have robust systems and checks in place now to confirm the identity of drivers and will soon be introducing a new facial matching process but in the meantime they're going to have to actually
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fire fight this legal action although in the short term what we're looking at is continuing to operate on the streets of london even though t f l are trying to stop them. this is al jazeera these are the top stories u.n. peacekeepers they use helicopters to suit protesters in the democratic republic of congo many people are believed to be injured in the town of beni earlier they killed 2 people after more than a 1000 demonstrators stormed the u.n. base there is anger of the un's alleged failure to protect people from rebel attacks. voters in hong kong have handed pro democracy candidates a sweeping victory in district council elections the city's pro beijing government has promised to humbly listen to the voice of the people there have been months of protest against what many see as beijing's increasing influence in hong kong israel
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has deported a senior human rights watch official earlier this month the supreme court upheld the government's decision to expel a mushroom here who is a u.s. citizen he's been accused of supporting a global campaign to boycott israeli goods and services and israeli law 2017 bars entry to people who publicly support that movement despite my deportation today the israeli government has failed to muzzle human rights watch or the human rights movement if the israeli government can deport somebody documenting rights abuse without facing consequence how can we ever stop rights abuse. up to a 1000000 people across east africa struggling to cope with severe flooding and landslides at least 52 people have died in kenya rescue workers in west park or close to the border with you can and are trying to reach thousands of people in need of help because of rain damaged roads and destroyed bridges way to what is
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a quick look at your urging of people to move from the lower areas where there are mudslides and go to the evacuation center because we don't know for how long it is going to rain and then we are going to get food and other relief and medical supplies to help those affected need to ride sharing services has lost its license to operate in london over safety concerns the city's transit or farty transport for london or t f l as cited several breaches that could passengers safety at risk saying it is not currently fit and proper but the company has vowed to appeal the decision and hours 21 days to do so continue to operate while the appeals process is underway those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the costs.
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hello i'm sammy's day than this is counting the cost of al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week private military contractors as russia uses mercenaries in conflicts from syria to libya and china steps up to protect its workers overseas what the future of. what's a few $100000000000.00 here and there isn't worth 2 trillion dollars that is the saudi state owned oil company relevant. google and apple are muscling in on computer gaming with their own platforms what does that mean for the multi-billion dollar gaming ecosystem.


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