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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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0. hello i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up a little. 4 people were killed as crowds tried to storm a u.n. camp in the democratic republic of congo accusing peacekeepers of. protesters emboldened after a landslide victory for pro-democracy policies in district council elections.
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opposition to this march to georgia's capital block entrances to parliament as they snap elections. on the united nations says greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new high. and i'm we are hearty and doha with sport politics aside saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in their football teams on a direct flight to doha for the gulf cup a 1st in the neighboring countries imposed a blockade of qatar in 2017. below a hearty welcome to the program top story the united nations is calling for calm in the democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern town of benny stormed un buildings and set fire to the mayor's office at least 4 people were killed by gunfire during the clashes though the united nations denies that its peacekeepers shot it demonstrates is but people say they are angry at the
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government and the u.n. mission for their failure to stop the rise in deadly rebel attacks in the region. now reports. imo this is the moment protesters in beni were shot from inside a united nations compound was people accuse the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo of failing to protect them against the allied democratic forces rebel groups. determined to kick out one of the biggest peacekeeping missions in the world protesters stormed this u.n. building and a few others. said was suffering a lot because of killing in the one hearing to leave i've lost my mother and father to the rebels on the a niece of baba the u.n. must celebrities deliberately un won't leave them we won't stop with strong people who lost many of our brothers and sisters to rebel killings was struck today 8 people were killed in an attack and benny was blamed on the rebels that put up with
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the violence people caught the victims' bodies to the protests was i think that this is my dad says the right to come from her temple to visit me last week but the rebels killed the protesters set the town hall and maze office on fire there's been a week long shutdown of shops and businesses but. the congolese army wants an offensive against the allied democratic forces in october but locals say it's not enough oh with roots in uganda the rebel group has been fighting in the north kivu region for more than a decade. jim vowell it's killed more than 1500 people in the area in the last 5 years and it's one of many armed groups fighting for control of the mineral rich border region. in solidarity with those in beni people in the eastern border city of goma also protesting i remember showing us that they can finish up we're
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blocking the road and we reject all of the un's work here because it remains silent when people are killed in better and other areas the u.n. does now. but the u.n. mission here has defended itself saying it does not shoot at protesters and cannot engage in operations in a war zone without strict coordination with the congolese army but it has also warned it will use force when needed to protect its star. meanwhile the violence in belize hampering efforts to contain an ebola outbreak that's killed more than 2000 people since august sort of al-jazeera. hollands is director of the eastern zone for the charity world vision joins me live via skype from goma and i just want to pick up on the point you had at the end of the report there that the d r c is suffering from the well 2nd largest outbreak of the highly contagious ebola
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disease this sudden upsurge in violence has led to the suspension of aid agency efforts at prevention and containment of the disease what can you tell us about the situation as that grave situation of great concern to us asked after carney and able to reach communities with vital messaging around out there prevent . responds to a very low and what to do if they become infected moreover the movement of population as a result of some of this conflict is also causing us concern as we're worried that there will be continued contamination and we will see an upsurge in cases as well as a result of this harm tell us more about the risks then if people if aid agencies like yours can't respond to a boat and all the diseases that you mentioned there it means people will die who will be what most affected by this presumably it's it's the vulnerable and children . yeah farewell vision it's very much
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a concern is for children and for their families every cannot reach them with messages around protecting themselves from the boat and from diseases present in the region there is a very strong risk that children will die as a result of some of this conflict and that is why we also are calling for calm in the area so that we can resume work it really is vital lifesaving work that is ongoing in nearby response and also child protection what's happening in the region can you talk to me a bit more about benny which is the scene of these this recent upsurge in violence it's been a hot spot for it hasn't it there was a period of calm has what why the resurgence in cases. so the area where any finds itself is an area of large population movement as i mentioned there's been conflict about in europe for a number of years and people are fleeing their homes their livelihoods and their
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villages to seek safe refuge where they can feel that they are protected from violent conflict and clashes and this means there are a number of people moving around the area which is very difficult to trace contacts but those who become infected with the bone and to really break the chain of contamination and stop disease spreading any further beyond your efforts that disease prevention and contamination and so forth what are your colleagues telling you about what they have witnessed in beni about acts of violence that have been committed and who the perpetrators are what have they seen. our staff of witness protests in the streets their heads the gunshots and they've also had the reports that. you've outlined earlier but i'll stop really are very concerned that we need to get back to where we need to be working with the communities and preventing the
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spread of the boat but children and families in this area it's really difficult situation incredibly challenging this is a crisis on top of a crisis on top of a crisis these people are incredibly vulnerable and need our support and we we want to be returning to work so we can respond to that basic needs or wish you all the best of luck with your efforts there thank you very much for taking the time speech us this evening from the d.l.c. hadn't bought the hollands tractor of the east in zone for the charity wild fashion . well our other headline story this hour hong kong's leaders pledged to listen to public opinion after pro-democracy parties won an overwhelming victory in local council elections results being seen as a major triumph for the anti chinese protest movement which has turned out in record numbers to kick out a probe ageing parties who previously dominated the 18th district councils and now only control one of them it follows months of protests many of which did turn
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violent as sarah clarke reports now from hong kong. as dawn broke hong kong to a new political landscape will than 70 percent of voters cast their ballots in sunday's district council elections the pro-democracy party secured a record number of seats a lot of hopeful people actually sacrificed a lot as a base of our lot in the last 6 months to actually get this result in i think people are very. united and there are so together to actually try to win something joshua was disqualified for running but his party claimed victory in his electorate on seating the incumbent post councilor remarkable achievement in that this election. is the average of all home callers especially voters. protests are a hotline for lying there's the pray the price span the time or even sacrifice in the protest movement until now the probation parties held the majority in the
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district councils but anger against the government eroded their support they've apologized to the public for misreading the vote those aligned to the post camp say it's a nightmarish result and the city's government will need to reassess the people's demands have spoken quite loudly and clearly haven't they so i believe what we now do is subject to look at what it called a 5 major demands and what are you that any of them can be dealt with but the more satisfactory than before the district council elections are traditionally and on a vengeful poll but after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and increasing violence this election was considered a barometer of public support for the protesters this is a win for the protesters that could be a point for them to say we've we've arafat's on the street have converted into a tangible political outcome of this is a good opportunity to step back and take stock and and think about what next for the protest movement so it may see a period of relative calm for hong kong after
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a very turbulent 6 months the pro-democracy movement celebrated their victory on monday but some protests his rally to show their support to those who are still holed up inside the polytechnic university for more than a week the district council vote comes ahead of the midst of council election next year sunday's record turnout is considered a message from voters to reopen the discussion on the city's political reform the government now has 10 months to make changes before voters go to the polls once again sarah al-jazeera hong kong. well the reaction from china is that result in hong kong has been muted andrew thomas trying to find out what people think on the streets of the capital beijing. in mainland china hong kong's election results are being effectively ignored asked about the landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates a spokesman but china's foreign ministry of voided the question should be all true and ending violence and restoring order is the priority for hong kong hong kong is
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a part of china in hong kong a fears a purely china's internal a few. chinese media 2 said nothing about opposition parties doing well this is monday's china day printed on sunday night before the results came out inside it suggests the high turnout is good news for progress stablish front parties but since the results are come out nothing no update on the website of this newspaper at all and nothing in any of china's official media on the substance of the results. we stopped people in beijing to ask them what they thought of the result. the response was confusion over the this how to go make had no one we spoke to had heard anything about them without him on the move and. the one man who did want to talk said this broad throughout history i
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haven't paid too much attention this vote in hong kong yet but i think stopping the violence and chaos is the priority now we are too soft on the hong kong facts tolerance has to have a limit. the chinese central government should strike them hard. but do you know the result of the vote though i don't know the result yet i've been busy all day with work and. official media coverage before hong kong's vote and of the turnout but not the results suggest speccing thought those results would be different it seems unlikely though that the actual results will change beijing's attitude towards hong kong i don't think there will be any change in the positions on the chinese central government why because this is a matter of upmost importance to the child it really impacts on the one country 2 system it impacts on china's sovereignty over hong kong already the government has
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expressed renewed confidence in chief executive kerry lam and it shows no sign of making concessions on any of the protesters demands andrew thomas al jazeera beijing and with the news hour life in london much more still to tell you about. was hundreds are rallying in care to star know that allegations that hundreds of millions of public funds were stolen. politician fanned by one politician fanned the flames in chile saying the country can't return to normal that human rights being violated and then in sport the world and don't. agency recommends the russian athletes be forced to compete as neutrals may just forcing events for the next 4 years. thousands of march through georgia's capital demanding the government resign and call snap elections they've also blocked entrances to parliament to stop choose day
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morning session from going ahead as well as more than a week i will demonstrations on the government's failure to introduce a promised electoral reform bill the measure would have made the country's electoral system proportional but was blocked by members of the ruling georgian dream party the opposition is saying the current nick system favors the holding party although in farsi and walker's been a protest and says the opposition is united by a sense of queens. once again georgians are gathering in the cup 2 large crowds now outside the blocking the main obvious here is a big police presence there too this is the 2nd week now of the political crisis in georgia resurfaced ever since the governing party really legs on the promise to deliver electoral reform the fields it would have introduced a fee for social system of representation to the elections yet next year that would have given other political chances parties a better chance of getting seats in which they say they would diminish the power of
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the country's richest only god they accuse of how the cop shoots the georgian state that they say that this there isn't really controls the legislature the executive and even the justice system the government came out today and said the case is closed they will be no further reforms and if the opposition believes he then has the upper howards that he shouldn't be afraid to bt next year's election they should get off the streets and start translating everybody i speak to here on this issue politically party city society they are going to fight the chance to do. i think they would release something to make you think that they cheated because it didn't go ahead and so they probably stick it ceded to disrupt the political process of looting they see another exception that they would be turned back here actions to. the have also been rather protests and karega stance capital of the claims of corruption involving hundreds of millions of dollars it's
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a case that's already led to the murder of a whistleblower on the run alexia brian reports. was. demanding change this crowd braved subzero temperatures and coke a stand hoping to put the hate on the government. not only doesn't assure new people are outraged about the fact that neither the president the government nor m.p.'s have told the people what's going on more obama any of the m.p.'s are protecting this. that man is former customs official ran back my train of one of coca stands most powerful mean he's implicated in a $700000000.00 money laundering scandal involving what's being described as an underground cargo empire of tens of thousands of tons of chinese gould's brought to cure just. 2 it was because we are killing this territory so
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all the stone salt chinese ghouls who are crossing curious chinese borders every day avoiding paying any sort in taxes to get kidney stones customs service investigative journalists allege those lost taxes ended up lining the pockets of men like of and alba influential business leaders including that had to cut a family this is up to cuba's old orders not to investigate and to prove who was making money who was taking money who create who was in will from cuba's official side owns this undercover corruption scheme one of those. sources was self-confessed money launderer aircon some mighty a one time ally of the. he was shot dead in istanbul list month after revealing his part in the plunder of public funds from kurdistan one of the poorest countries in the world. for corruption has become a systemic phenomenal corruption was born together with their independence and over
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the years it's taken deep rooted in many forms. kurdistan's government says it's looking into the allegations of corruption but for now it's triggered these protests where people say they're suffering with crowded crumbling schools old hospitals and not enough jobs they insist the $700000000.00 should have been spent on building a basic. and that they'll stay on the streets until they get justice elixir brian al jazeera a business group in lebanon is calling for 3 days general strike from thursday to push the country's politicians to end the crisis there were testers forced a major highway to close near the northern city of tripoli on monday and also been heavy clashes between anti-government protesters and supporters of to share movements hezbollah and amal the country has seen 5 weeks of anti-government protests now fueled by anger at perceived corruption among the ruling elite
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meanwhile protests have been back out in southern iraq a day off to 13 people were killed by live fire from security forces demonstrators in the cities of basra and nasiriyah blocked main roads and bridges and set fire to tires to stop government employees from reaching their offices hundreds of university students also marched calling for government leaders to resign protesters blame them for widespread corruption high unemployment and poor public services. a politician from the chilean president's party a sponsor outrage online off to saying the country campin normalised not violating human rights senator under a i am on this controversial remarks came hours before anonymous scheduled protest march and amnesty international report says security forces have deliberately protest as in more than a month of protests of a social inequality. in america attitude you see in human is live for us now in santiago and the government has announced plans to put the army on the streets in an effort to contain this on the rest what's the response been there.
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i know marion with the idea is to allow them to at least this is what the president is saying safeguard what he calls key installations water electricity hospitals and possibly police stations as well that it could also be extended to us safeguarding or patrolling the metro station so the a lot of the people in the opposition and people out here on the streets where we are going out of town are very unhappy about that they say that the army has already shown that it violates human rights when it was out for 10 days when a state of emergency was declared back in october at the end of october and they say that it's not time yet to open the door such as that that the only way that this peace can be peace can be restored and security can be restored to chile is by implementing the social reforms that people out here on the streets are calling for right now we're at
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a women's march there are thousands and thousands of women here today who are demanding that they to be included in the social reforms that have been widely discussed but they actually have pretty much left women at the bottom of the barrel if you like the women the issues that specifically pertain to women's rights and to the fact their inclusion in the new constitution and many many other things such as abortion abortion and and the fight against femicide remember this. it's the day that the world is commemorating the number of femicide that take place throughout the world on their concerns that if the protests continue that could be further violence already there have been these accusations of human rights abuses amnesty international issuing a warning saying that security forces were using unnecessary and excessive force with the purpose of punishing protest is. exactly was human rights watch isn't going to put out its its report on tuesday and that is not
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suppose it's not expected to be very flattering towards the government at all and in fact after hearing the words of senator on the vessel a man who belongs to the political party of the president saying well you know human rights violations are a necessary evil if we're going to restore what he calls normality then there certainly that raises concerns about war and more human rights violations all right thank you very much from santiago chile and that america to you see a new era where the protests continuing but there have also been a 5th day demonstrations in colombia and more protests getting underway now people angry of the room and economic reforms and allegations of corruption alessandro she joins me now from bogota where people are already gathering in protest what's the mood like there. mariam this is the 5th straight day of demonstrations here in the capital there is
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a lot of expectations with today's demonstration because this is the 1st one that was formally called by the leaders of this strike both the unions and students organizations that have started the national strike last thursday many of this from gatherings that we have seen happening in the past few days so there's a question here of just how. big this will be if if it will be again as big as it was last thursday another question is if we're going to see again the kind of violence that we've seen thursday and friday when there were clashes with the police organizers are hoping that it will remain totally peaceful today they have reached an agreement with the city. to send anti-riot police to control these demonstrations or just the regular police on friday you might
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remember that a curfew was imposed after bandoliers in that happened there looting in some parts of the city for now the atmosphere is absolutely a peaceful and face the this is also happening in the context of the international day against violence against women which is also an important theme for the people who are protesting here given the fact that it's a big issue here in colombia and across south america so we're going to have to see just how big it is and how the day evolves thanks very much from bogota alessandra joining us now. well news of more protests now takesh police to fight a gas dispersed thousands of female protesters and istanbul they've been watching to demand an end to encourage me for those skills for violence against women a problem which is down there in turkey according to
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a local human rights but nearly $400.00 women in tech have been killed so far the c.m. by that is. she going to. put the lot of us who do these sort of security measures were taken when women go to the police and ask for protection we know that would be far less femicide. or ahead on the program still sticking up for the armed forces president trump explains why he sacked the head of the navy ever a case about one of them that the military's elite the right hailing company has declared out of bed as it loses its license to carry passengers in london for the 2nd time and then a transport champions league knockout spot is up for grabs for tottenham's new manager on his home debut.
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following on from the very heavy rain the flooding rains that we've had around southern parts of france northern areas of it leaders see that area cloud of grey piling its way down towards greece this area of low pressure to sing some very very heavy rainfall we have seen some very nasty conditions easing across that western side of grace and the system will continue to make its way further research into the eastern side of the med western areas have to be hard maybe got another rough still of weather systems rolling in from the atlantic and tucked in here as we go into the middle part of the we will find the a remnants of tropical storm sebastian so turning increasingly wet and windy across the northwest you've already seen some rather nasty weather pushed in as we go on through choose day it between its laws clear and dry for some a little bit of clout there just over towards. positive rituals yes we are seeing little more sunshine hit down into the southeast as we've got more wet windy weather easing away from pushing into western parts of turkey was some heavy downpours and some very strong winds strong winds back up towards the northwest as
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we go on through wednesday as that system makes its way through northern parts of files will see some very nasty weather as well as that system makes its way in as little as possible africa a chance of it some places normally via. the brazilian journalist investigating a politically stacks and land grab all the farmers help yet those who are not elected and he's repay them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away and guarantee the occupation of the lands is journalism the last hope in the fights of the the amazon the says not only a land conflict but a conflict of narrative presume the age of both n.r.o. whose truth is that anyway on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hijacked. and the story needs to be told. 145000 prisoners
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under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports are you getting them and they're not a thing to protect themselves al-jazeera has teams on the ground and that's the story the thing right here to bring you more reward winning documentaries and life seems. welcome back to the news hour let's take a look at the headlines now 4 people have been killed in the east in the aisle seat during clashes between police and protesters who are angry at the government and the un's failure to stop with recent wave of deadly rebel attacks. says she will
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seriously reflect after a landslide win in local elections franti chinese parties following months of unrest and protesters enjoyed euro keeping up with their demands for a snap election after the government failed to introduce a promised electoral reform bill they've gathered outside the country's parliament in tbilisi. where now for the latest on yemen hoofy rebels are saying they've launched a series of rockets and drone attacks on a saudi u.a.e. military camp in the red sea port city of kut the coalition has not confirmed the attack which the who these claim has killed or injured up to 350 people were got to go to the some of these the camp has been targeted by 9 rockets and 20 drill 350 people have been killed and injured among them so i would be as iraqis and sudanese 5 weapon caches have been destroyed armors and other military equipment have been destroyed rather and patrick batteries have been damaged in the operation. israel has deported a senior official of human rights watch this month that supreme court upheld
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a government decision to expel omar care who's a u.s. citizen he's been accused of supporting a global campaign to boycott israeli goods and services and is writing a little from $2017.00 entry to people who publicly support the movement made to abraham has more on this now from the occupied west bank. this drive to the airport and the legal battle the drew international attention for a year and a half. this israel palestine director for human rights watch are much sakit see very soon thank you has left israel. this is the 1st deportation since a 2017 law that bars entry for supporters of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israel human israeli government says scheck it has been active in the b.d.s. campaign in the past it's not about omar it's about human rights watch there's no point replacing them or because our next researcher would have the exact same
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problem they're all market in 2016 human rights watch issued a call for businesses to stop operating in illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank a call this israeli supreme court said amounts to a boycott shack and won't be leaving his post and will continue working from abroad he says the human rights watch will double its efforts so that it's not affected by his deportation ultimately while facing a small but i hope that this is a clear message to the world because alternately if the world is unable to stop israel from deporting somebody documenting rights abuse how is it ever going to stop rights abuse earlier this month israel's interior minister area dairy said all those who work against israel will not be allowed to live or work in the country. after shuckers the british and many here are wondering who might be next human rights organizations say the this isn't doesn't target only who advocate
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a boycott but it's a warning against any critic of the israeli occupation later because it is a palestinian working with amnesty international and. he was denied the right to travel outside of the west bank in october and he says this is because of his work against israeli settlements the ban was imposed a couple of months after we released the campaign against online companies that we're going to israeli settlements so this is obviously an attack not only against me but against all the critical voices that speak against what the israeli government is doing israel considers the b.b.'s movement a strategic threat while rights activists say it's one of the few is left to fight against those who look to preach and. over to him al-jazeera the occupied west bank . u.s. president donald trump ordered the pentagon to let a member of the navy who was convicted of misconduct keep his status and a case which led him to fire his navy secretary navy seal edward gallagher was
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convicted of posing for photographs with the body of a teenage eisel captive but cleared of murder the navy wanted to oust him from the commando unit defense secretary mark s. but said trying to intervene here peaceably in the case hoped before he gave the order to fire richard spencer on sunday gabriel is on a joins us live now from washington and so president trump has been speaking about the firing of the navy secretary what more we learned. yet trump is standing by his decision as commander in chief of the armed forces of the u.s. military to basically defend this special forces navy seal. soldier trump has been defending him for many many months now but as you mentioned it's been a very controversial cases one analyst said it's almost like trump is at war with some of his own military leaders within the armed forces despite the fact that the
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secretary of the navy and even the commander of the u.s. special forces wanted to demote this navy seal navy seal as you mentioned that was acquitted of war crimes but was convicted of posing a trophy photo as it's called with a dead person in iraq that is considered unbecoming in the u.s. military the commanders wanted to kick him out of the special forces trump stepped in and said nope he will not be kicked out if he wants to retire he'll retire with all of his on hers trump met with the bow garion prime minister in just the last couple hours and this is what trump had to say about it this is how he framed his support for this particular navy seal. there's never been a president that's going to stick up for them and has like i have including the fact that we spent 2 and a half trillion dollars on rebuilding or. some very unfair things were happening
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you let sergeant bergdahl go you let others go deluding a young gentleman now a person who president obama let go still tremendous amounts of classified information and all the key developments adam schiff the head of the house intelligence committee has put out a letter on the impeachment proceedings now what does he have to say about how that inquiry is is going to continue. well is a fairly long letter more than one page when it's printed out but i can tell you the headline is very clear it's that the impeachment process against president donald trump is moving forward in the letter shift congressman schiff said that there is plenty of evidence out there in the last 2 weeks of hearings evidence that he says quote show the corrupt intent of president trump and quote abuse of power both before and after that very famous july 25th telephone call between president
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trump and zelinsky of ukraine so what shift is schiff is saying as we are going to be filing a report and that report will then go to the judiciary committee shortly after the holiday break that congress is on right now they'll come back from break lawmakers on december 3rd shortly thereafter this process will move according to the letter from ship to the judiciary committee and they will then take the next step in this impeachment process so if schiff said in the letter that they want to push this forward as quickly as possible because he does not want and the democrats do not want trump to delay this any further the democrats are saying both publicly and privately they hope to have an impeachment vote in the house of representatives before the in december. thank you very much deborah zonda with the
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latest house of washington. now the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has hit a record high and shows no sign of slowing that's the finding of the u.n. well logical organizations annual reports the concentration of carbon dioxide the main gas driving climate change hit $407.00 parts per 1000000 last year that's a growth slightly above the decade's average the other main gases also grew above average this puts at risk the un's own warning that to keep global warming below a tipping point of one and a half degrees where droughts and floods become more likely carbon emissions must be a net 0 and falling by 2030 in the new report scientists say the emissions won't even pay can till last year if current climate policies stay the same well joining me now via skype from north carolina is andrew jones he's a co-director of the climate modeling organization climate interactive how disappointing is it to you that after all the warnings that we've had on climate
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change and of course the commitments made under the. climate change agreement in paris that not only are we in a place where the level of greenhouse gases have failed to decline actually where we're hitting new record highs. we've been at this now 25 years of these new are in talks and we yet to really bring the missions down so the concentrations are going up and up really increases the pressure on next week's meeting in madrid for a prop $25.00 meeting of the u.n. to come up with stronger commitments from countries to get those emissions going down how do they come up with stronger commitments if f. failing to meet existing commitments. many of these countries have set up you know standards and goals for renewable energy for keeping coal in the ground and many of the countries actually are on track to meet those commitments i don't happen to be in the one that has the increasing standards but many of them actually are
12:40 am
delivering upon the pledges that they made in the paris agreement. the i want to ask you about one point from the major logical report that you just mentioned that briefly what's interesting about this report is that it doesn't just look at the carbon emissions levels but it also looks at the concentration of these gases now explain to us that the distinction why is that important. so the concentration is how much stays in the atmosphere after we were burning coal oil and gas and that c o 2 in the atmosphere in the oceans and plants take some out but the amount that remains that's like the blanket over earth and the more we have in the concentrations the more that black it traps heat and then temperature goes up right now about one degree c. we want to keep it to 1.5 but that's the stuff that stayed in the atmosphere that's creating all of the economic and ecological disruption that we're seeing with wildfires and sea level rise and so on you made
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a quick reference at the fact that you're in the united states and of course we know how president feels about climate change pulled out of that global agreement didn't he i'm just wondering about the impact you think this might have had on the paris climb agreement because the w.m.o. is saying the gap between targets and reality are glaring and growing i mean how is the wind been completely knocked out of this agreement. oh it seems that the wind is not completely out there are now countries coming together and many are the rumors are they will be increasing their commitments the united states has 15 percent of global emissions that's larger than that were 4 percent of the population but there's still another 85 percent that is being accounted for by pledges that we hope will get increased in madrid in a week what have to see what happens when we're actually together there in madrid soon but our hope is that many of the countries of the world realize what needs to be done also here in the u.s.
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states and cities and corporations have really done a lot to pick up the slack and keep those emissions actually heading down so we won't entirely miss our pledges that we've made here in the united states so the momentum hasn't been completely lost on that note thank you from north carolina andrew johns co-director of the climate modeling organization clime interactive you're welcome 5 more people are confirmed dead in kenya off the heavy flooding bringing the total number of deaths to 65 police say they were turning from a wedding in tanzania when that car was washed away the search is continuing for survivors in west pocket counting the region west hit with 52 dead several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is now full cost scientists blame unusually high temperatures in the indian ocean we have to do is a quick look at people to move from the lower areas with a mudslide today and go to the evacuation centers because we don't know if it is
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going to rain and then we are going to get food and other relief and medical supplies to help those affected medicals. at least 9 people have been killed by severe flooding in france italy and greece several rivers bust their banks while homes have been flooded and cars and boats swept away by tarantula rain as reports on this now from paris. huge waves battered the southern french coastal town of. while inland swollen rivers broke their banks sending water gushing through towns and villages for days heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding in southeast france submerging homes factories and roads across the region. this man says he was unable to save his house. or do you look 1st of all rivers water level was normal you desire in less than an hour it was a catastrophe get us off france's interior minister met emergency workers who've
12:44 am
evacuated hundreds of people and set up shelters it was a similar picture across the border in northern italy landslides in the region of liguori or destroyed homes and even part of a motorway. from my house i could see the most weybridge and when i saw it wasn't there i was shocked. in venice some tourists a braved conditions on st mark's square high tides and weeks of rain have caused the worst flooding in the city for more than 50 years inundating historic buildings shops and homes in western greece fierce thunderstorms and rain also caused havoc and damage meteorologists say the worst is over the karma weather certainly brought some people relief but it's also revealed the full extent of the cleanup operation ahead the sasha butler al-jazeera paris. a truck driver charged with the manslaughter of $39.00 vietnamese migrants has pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration 25 year old maurice robinson is alleged to have been part of
12:45 am
a global smuggling ring he was arrested shortly after the bodies of $31.00 males and 8 females were found in the back of his refrigerated truck in gray's inn southeast england the defendant was not asked to enter pleas to all the charges. ally hangs has lost its license to operate here in london safety concerns the city's transit authority has cited several preaches that the passengers security at risk saying cartney not fit and proper company has vowed to appeal the decision and has $21.00 days to do so can continue to operate while the appeals process takes place around $45000.00 drivers work in london which is one of its top 5 markets and the world. i think it's a shame to find that i mean everyone that i know uses it and i don't know much about it truthfully so i don't know the reasons why they've decided it but. i'm proving coover and they've just decided to get where and i know like everyone at
12:46 am
home is so excited because it is just it just makes everything a bit more accessible a thing. reduce the right thing to do for sure it was a smart one for you because you put in charge of all the proper charge and i think if they put more security around it. then yeah but again like they they didn't change much from last time they said i think that they would say i gave the memo much too much to put into place. i also have for you on the program we have the story of thieves breaking into a museum in germany stealing priceless jewels from one of europe's biggest treasure collections. and also the n.b.a. youngster joining michael jordan in the rattle of books leo will have those details and other. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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a german museum with one of the biggest collections of treasures and europe has been robbed of up to a $1000000000.00 the thieves broke into the queen volta dressed in his royal palace stole several sets of jewelry described as having in measurable cultural value priyanka gupta reports on this. robbery at dawn in one of europe's oldest museums the whole worth more than a $1000000000.00 included 318th century sets made of diamonds rubies and emeralds the thieves forced it would go before smashing
12:49 am
a glass cabinet in the nearly $300.00 euro museum there was a power cut in the area during the heist movie titles and of. the culprits as you were able to see got in through a window facing the palace square there they cut through the grating and then smashed the glass before they went straight to one glass cabinet that they destroyed day then left the building and disappeared 1st indications point to a car which was possibly parked outside and with which they could have fled. german officials say the still nutritious would be impossible to sell in the open market because it's so easy to identify. i don't need to tell you how shocked we are also about the brutality of this break and just to put this into context this is of invaluable are historic and cultural historic value and. the museum and dressed in has one of europe's largest collections of treasures the collections survived the bombing that destroyed the city during world war 2 they
12:50 am
were later taken by soviet forces finally be returned in 158 but the people of the german state of saxony the value of the stolen objects goes far beyond the price tag. it's not just about the material value but also the immaterial value which is inestimable for the state of socks in the uk as a state premier has said overnight the whole of saxony was stolen from this is an attack on the cultural identity of all saxons and the state of saxony. for the museum it was one piece of good fortune their most valuable treasure a $41.00 carat green diamond is on loan at new york's metropolitan museum of art priyanka gupta 0 time now for this fall with lia thank you marion for the 1st time since the blockade of qatar began in 2017 saudi
12:51 am
arabia in the united arab emirates is national football teams have arrived in doha to compete in the arabian gulf cup the saudi squad took a direct flight from riyadh which is significant because there are currently no direct commercial flights between the neighboring countries saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahaman and egypt cut off diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of supporting armed groups doha strongly denies the allegations saudi arabia's 1st game as against kuwait on wednesday. the united arab emirates have also touched down in the qatari capital they opened their gulf cup campaign against yemen on tuesday they're in the same group as the host and will play guitar in a much anticipated game on december 2nd politics and world cup preparations have given this year's event added significance as andy richardson reports. the year began with unprecedented scenes for qatar's national football team celebrating their 1st ever asian cup title victory for felix sanchez his team a huge but not entirely unexpected junction on the road to hosting the 2022 world
12:52 am
cup most of the squad came through the country's national aspire academy and sanchez the former youth team coach at barcelona has been part of the set up for more than a decade knowing that you have a world cup that you you're going to have the chance the possibility to play i will cup for the 1st time in the story for your national demon in your country is a big motivation but also the players there's a long term plan also they know that seems there are 4 of the in they have to do a lot of steps. to reach this target council's asian cup victory came in the united arab emirates one of the countries that's been imposing an. blockade on cats our since $27.00 c. the u.a.e. along with fellow blockade is saudi arabia and bahrain initially decided to boycott this gulf cup and select the form of pulling a u.
12:53 am
turn earlier this month the saudi team arrived in doha having taken a direct flight from rio this at a time when they're in our direct commercial flights between the countries castles world cup organizers hope fans from all countries will come to this tournament and the main event in 2022. look i mean there is this old saying about how football can always do a politics has been able to do but we stay away from politics we look at it as a footballing event we want fans to come from from everywhere all walks of life i mean this this world cup is for the people of the region and the people of the region are all welcome to to to this world cup obviously the entire world as well for now katselas fans will get the chance to see if their team can win a 2nd trophy and 29. and the richardson al-jazeera. the world anti-doping agency has proposed banning russia from the olympics and all sporting world championships for the next 4 years that's after water recommended that the country's anti-doping agency be declared non compliant following an investigation
12:54 am
into lab data that was found to not be fully authentic the proposed sanctions also include forcing russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag for the next 4 years and stripping the country of events it has already been awarded that would include the champions league final in 2021 a final decision will be made on december 9th. joe's a marine yo will have his 1st game at home in charge of tottenham on tuesday a place in the champions league knockout stages is on the line a win over olympiacos will see this year's beaten finalist advance to the round of 16 with a game in hand but marino says his new players need to forget about that and just focus on qualifying we must do it to morrow and i see that's the way we have to see and we have to forget that we have a 2nd chance in munich we have to forget that there is a 2nd match and this one is not on the match points but we have to play like it is the match points we have to get the result along and other games on tuesday real
12:55 am
madrid can advance from group a if they beat p.s.g. manchester city will be without sergio a glare 0 for their group c. match against shakhtar are done yet because the fi injury he picked up against chelsea on saturday while cristiana ronaldo appears to have recovered from his knee injury and should play for you ventas as they look to secure the top spot in group d. . italian football player mario balotelli is been as been at the center of racist comments this time from the president of his brush a club. player he's black what can i say he's working on clearing himself but he's having a lot of difficulty for me i didn't vibe l.-a telly to make most subscriptions or for advertising i bought him because i thought he could add something to the squad but juta overexposure which made him become a weakness if we continue to talk about fellow telly will be hurting both him and ourselves russia later attempted to downplay the continent comments in
12:56 am
a statement the club said what cellino said about telly was clearly a joke i said as a paradox it was clearly misunderstood and it was said in the attempt to downplay excessive me exposure and was aimed at protecting the player. new zealand cricket says it will apologize to england bowler jaw for archer who claims he was racially abused by a fan during the final day's play of the test a final test sorry 1st test at the bay oval after england's defeat by any means and 65 runs the 24 year old bowler tweeted quote a bit disturbing hearing racial insults today whilst battling to help save my team the crowd was amazing this week except for that one guy new zealand cricket says it's examining security camera footage to identify that man and in a tweet they said we are shocked and disappointed to hear of the verbal abuse or archer received after the test today england cricket might be our rivals but they're also our friends and racist abuse is never ok to the n.b.a.
12:57 am
and yet another dominant performance by look for the dallas mavericks he scored $41.00 points as they hammered the houston rockets it's the 4th game running that has recorded at least 30 points and 10 assists he's the youngest player in the n.b.a. to achieve that the mabs have won 5 games straight which is their longest winning streak since march 26th teams houston have now lost their last 3 since. well don chipp is only 20 years a hole but joins a prestigious list of players to hit at least 30 points and 10 assists 4 games in a row there russell westbrook james harden who's actually done it 3 times and n.b.a. legend himself michael jordan. well that's all you back over to mary i'm in london lovely thanks very much leah well that wraps up the news hour but of course this is the place you can always go al-jazeera dot com that is our website everything we're covering and a life streaming as well if you prefer to do it out way i have another question for
12:58 am
you a couple minutes. $115000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wish from uk cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans. to conserving the world's dwindling wetlands free of the aids world's global bird migration of life richer sex right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special low clouds on the footpath rice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera does the mind play tricks
12:59 am
a vampire is always parked right there they really out there you have a family by like pull up a monster and dragons here act like they're in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out the proximately 33120 pages of records and in the process mobilize his her community as long as people are free to talk and there is no check against the junk that feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the row hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin. the anger was all too apparent and the fear was probably if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take
1:00 am
us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the among the most persecuted minorities in the world. 4 people were killed as crowds tried to storm a u.n. camp in the democratic republic of congo accusing peacekeepers of failing to stop a wave of attacks. hello i'm maryam namazie and london a very warm welcome to the program also coming up i. protest as i'm old and after a landslide victory for pro-democracy parties and district council elections. activists marched in georgia's capital.


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