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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to do we were indeed dynamism we don't feel inferior we're good audiences across the globe. oh my god i love it some of the tommy. anger in the democratic republic of congo protesters stormed the u.n. mission accusing peacekeepers of not protecting them from rebel attacks. taliban have a market in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. brawls between anti-government protesters and supporters of 2 shia movements threaten lebanon's fragile political balance. outrage in chief say after an ally of the president
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suggests human rights will have to be violated to fully restore order also it's all of india's forests and into the capital thousands gathered to fight against efforts to kick them off their lands. gets everywhere as the united nations is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of beni stones u.n. buildings and set fire to the mayor's office at least 4 people were killed by gunfire but the u.n. denies that its peacekeepers shots at any one set of hideouts reports on why the compound was talkative. this is the moment protesters in beni were shot time from inside a united nations compound by the libyan people accuse the u.n. mission in a democrat. sick republic of congo
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a failing to protect them against the allied democratic forces rebel groups. determined to kick out one of the biggest peacekeeping missions in the world protesters stormed this un building and a few others. that was suffering a lot because of killing and everyone for your entire lives i've lost my mother and father to the rebels on be honest about that the u.n. must start syllable the phillips un won't leave them we won't stop we're strong people who lost many of our brothers and sisters to the river killings was on saturday 8 people were killed in an attack and benny was blamed on the rebels that . put up with the violence people caught the victims' bodies to the protests it was like this is my dead sister i see came from her temple to visit me last week but the rebels killed the protesters set the town hall and maze office on fire there's been a week long shutdown of shops and businesses but. the congolese army don't see an
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offensive against the allied democratic forces in october but locals say it's not enough oh with roots in uganda the rebel group has been fighting in the north kivu region for more than a decade. to vowell its killed more than 1500 people in the area in the last 5 years and it's one of many armed groups fighting for control of the mineral rich border region. in solidarity with those in bend people in the eastern border city of goma also protesting i remember showing us that they can finish up we're blocking the road and we reject all of the un's work here because it remains silent that people are killed or better and other areas the u.n. does nothing. but the u.n. mission here has defended itself saying it does not shoot at protesters and can also engage in operations in a war zone without strict coordination with the congolese on. amee but it has also
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warned it will use force when needed to protect its star. meanwhile the violence and benny's hampering efforts to contain an ebola outbreak that's killed more than 2000 people since august saw the height of al-jazeera. well the un says it understands why people are angry but insists violence will solve nothing the secretary general special representative layla's took part today in a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of benny. in lebanon supporters of t. she a movement some been fighting with and seek government protesters for the 2nd night
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running hezbollah and amal supporters amal oppose protesters demands rather for a complete overhaul of lebanon's power sharing system report sorts of ideas on a 6 hereon basis that some of the worst violence in this process against the ruling elite began last month seems like these are putting lebanon's military and security forces in an increasingly difficult position they've gone to great lengths to protect the government protesters for more than a month no confronting the powerful iran backed hezbollah could ruin the neutral stance the military 6 to maintain and split its ranks the army is one of the few state institutions that enjoy why its public supports it's seen as a unifying force in a deeply divided country well earlier my colleague for the but you both spoke to rami hawley he's a journalism professor at the american university of beirut she asked him what message hezbollah and its allies are trying to send by putting their supporters out
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on to the streets. so one theory is that there's starr this show of force just before the negotiations begin to create a new government to maintain a certain role for them in the new government that's created another syria is that no this is not linked to any kind of political resolution this is the hezbollah and al and some other people allied with them saying we're fed up with this kind of citizen protest. and the issues that it's causing and we're going to send these people back home as as happened in the past where a little bit of rough handling by the the the young men of hezbollah and amal and others has sent protesters back home so we'll see which way it goes yeah and the lebanese army meanwhile finds itself in the middle of this can it stay neutral if the situation way to degenerate if now things were to get worse is there a risk that the lebanese army could be facing off with hezbollah as powerful forces
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know there's no risk of an army has been the face off that's never going to happen the risk is that the army would get pulled into the tensions on the street and some of the violence and then perhaps the army would would implode from within and would collapse and some share members some christian members some some members some group members would all leave the army and go from there on the list but this is what happened during the civil war when the army kalash what i don't think that's going to happen hong kong's chief executive has misses that voices have delivered a rebuke to the territories leaders carolan is been speaking after pro-democracy candidates won a landslide victory in district council elections she also said that the poll which is normally focused on very local issues was very different this time round. but we will win. the number of voters coming out to cost
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a vote perhaps not do we need to select a preferred candidate to sit on the district council but also to express a view on many issues in society including. including deficiencies in governance including on happiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment. let's get more on this i'm scott heide lawyer in hong kong foras scope with the main takeaways from that press conference would you say. definitely the unstable environment is kerry lamb just mentioned it has been going on for nearly 6 months now so the focus of i guess the top line coming out of this press conference is the 1st time she has appeared kerry lamb in front of cameras since this election on sunday and this overwhelming voice from the hong kong people that are dissatisfied by the way she's handled the situation the crisis and why the government quite frankly by voting for
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pro-democracy councillors in these local elections so that is really kind of the top line out of it now is she. issued a statement on monday pretty much very similar to what she said today that you know she hears the voice from the hong kong people that they are dissatisfied with the way the situation has been in this political crisis but the key here how i believe is that what the government does to calm the situation saying and recognising that people are dissatisfied with it is one thing actually doing something about it is another and will quite. carry lamb in the government listening and what does this change for the process movement where do they go from here. right now we're still in the midst of a calm uneasy calm as we've been characterizing over the last couple days you know a few days before the election took place on sunday it was calm it was relatively calm on monday we did see a few 100 protesters gather in front of the polytechnic university that's where
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that siege has been going on protesters inside over 9 days now probably about $20.00 to $30.00 protesters still holed up in there a lot of these newly elected pro-democracy candidates now counselors gathered in front of a lot of protestors supporters also there's a lot of chanting but still fairly calm situation how long will that last i would imagine it depends on how things move forward with the government what are they going to do differently they said they're going to send in a safety team that has medical professionals negotiators into the university how peacefully that goes i think will really determine what we see what kind of reaction we see from the protest movement ok scott hired the life is in hong kong thank you very much. the u.s. judge has ordered former white has canceled on the gun to appear before the impeachment inquiry it's a setback for president donald trump's efforts to keep top aides from testifying and kid sin courage democrats and high so if it presents to us it's called on other
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high ranking officials to give evidence the justice department says it will appeal against the verdicts mcgann was a witness and special counsel will investigate russian election methley. who is in washington and he explains why i'm against impeachment testimony could be significant. done again as you mentioned was the white house counsel for donald trump and the white house for many many many months there during keyed moments during the. process of the 1st couple years of the trump presidency during key critical moments there the judiciary committee of the house judiciary committee since april has been requesting to have made again testify in their investigation in to whether donald trump obstructed justice in the investigation into russian meddling into the 2016 election the judiciary committee sees seesmic and as a key witness and in this and began it said all along he would not testify in this
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to the justice to the judiciary committee because he and his lawyers said that he was immune that is the argument but that was clearly shot down in a 120 page ruling by a federal judge that came down late monday in the ruling the judge essentially said that any argument that mcgann was immune is quote fiction and forcing him to testify do we expect to see him testifying anytime soon probably not the justice department already said they are going to appeal this on behalf of mcgann it could be a lengthy appeals process and even if he does testify at some point he could perhaps deflect and not answer all of the questions claiming. immunity. and then use the still to come. heavy rain in kenya and elsewhere in east africa
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bring flooding and landslides and further bad weather is forecast. also says this march in georgia's capital calling for snap elections find out what else they're asking for. however seems a rather nasty weather into the northeastern corner of the u.s. recently that's in the process of pulling away easing out of new england eastern parts of canada some quieter weather coming in behind at least for a time it is going to be cold temperatures struggling to get towards freezing into central parts of canada south of the border top terms of 2 degrees celsius there for minneapolis tonight is a fair bit of snow just spilling across the rockies and denver minus resells as it goes for temperature contrast monastery in denver $23.00 there in dallas a very active weather system this one on tuesday down towards the southern plains
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central and southern plains by the time we come to where to stay big traveling day of course because we're day ahead of thanksgiving some rather nasty weather coming into central parts of the u.s. up towards the midwest across the lakes and snow on the northern flank of that possibility of some blowing snow possibly ifs and blizzards as well very heavy rain too over towards the northwest corner as well we got some wintry weather coming in here for good measure as well so some tricky traveling conditions i suspect as we go towards thanksgiving down into the caribbean not a bad we got a few showers heading towards that western side of the caribbean and want to showers for the lesser antilles. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. provided tips into someone else's what. they.
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do. or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. faces al-jazeera our mind off the top stories this hour the u.n. is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of beni stormed the u.n. buildings at least 4 people killed protesters say the u.n. has failed to protect them from rebel attacks tensions in lebanon's capital b.
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roots of escalated for a 2nd night in a room supporters of 2 shia movements hezbollah and amal cost with anti-government protesters hundreds of thousands are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system and in the u.s. a judge has ordered former white house canceled on the gand to appear before congress began was a witness and special counsel robert lewis investigation into election interference it's a setback for president donald trump's efforts to keep top aides from testifying. this the rebels in yemen say they have launched a series of rockets and drone attacks on a society ye military campaign. in the south they claim they have killed or injured up to $350.00 people the saudi u.a.e. coalition has confirmed the attack even though the rebels provided apparent details well. the camp has been targeted by 9 rockets and 20 drone 350 people have been
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killed and injured among them saudis iraqis and sudanese 5 weapon caches have been destroyed armors and other military equipment have been destroyed rather and pattered batteries have been damaged in the operation 5 more people are confirmed dead in kenya after heavy flooding bringing the total number of deaths to $65.00 several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is on the way as had the reports. police offices and aid workers recover now the dead body in west county more people have died in this region than in any other as a result of the floods and landslides on saturday. everywhere the land was sliding where we're standing now it can move at any time so many people have been affected no one can sleep in their homes because they don't know when the next landslide will occur. residents are being urged to make their way to evacuation
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centers but many are still reluctant to leave their homes. urging people to move from areas where there are mudslides because we don't know how long it's going to rain and when we're going to get food and medical supplies and that it's a message that was repeated by deputy president william ruto when he visited the injured in hospital. we're. here together to make sure. the situation is religious. and we attend to the needs of the people here government ministers visiting west say they've been shocked by this caleb the devastation. frankly. by the presence of those areas but you know we would expect to have this kind of a challenge. roads and bridges that work because of the days have reopened but with more rain forecast everyone remains on high alert victoria gayton be al-jazeera
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israel's attorney general has reaffirmed that prime minister binyamin netanyahu doesn't have to quit despite facing corruption charges as anyone who's been indicted for legit fraud and bribery is dismissed the charges as an attempted coup and has already refused to stand down under israeli law ministers can't keep their posts after an indictment but a prime minister can stay until all appeals are exhausted the purpose of course is ordered the release of opposition leader keiko fujimori she was detained last year and remains under investigation for more is accused of receiving illegal campaign contributions patients from a brazilian construction giants allegations she denies. a politician from the chilean president's party has sports outrage by suggesting that's normality cannot be restored with its violating human rights censor andrus i
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am and made the remarks before another round fancy government. demonstrators to rocks at police vehicles they were met with water cannon and tear gas were left america as is the scene human is in santiago and she explains why women are a big part of these leases process and this is the way that 1 may have come out. and there really is no peace without us this banner for example says against male chauvinism and it came community and many are telling us that after $37.00 days of mass protests here in chile for social change the specific demands of women are still taking a back seat. everything they are saying is just blah blah they chant they're referring to the women's ministry another sign read 2nd class citizens without rights or on or marching with her husband is 82 year old rutherford landis she's saying that it's never too late to fight for
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women's right especially now. earlier we met with members of killings over feminist organization as they were preparing for the march they've been fighting for women's rights to legal and safe abortion and against femicide this year alone $58.00 children women have been killed the majority by their partners. but when we're demanding that when we discuss a new constitution at least 50 percent of the delegates should be women we represent more than half of the population but they know we won't be easy which is why women here are saying that the time has run during training. and the 1st political and economic inequality. with us to see a mention possessors in chile have also been marking the in. the national day to end violence against women in america and the caribbean are among the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman according to the economic commission for left in america and the caribbean
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more than $3500.00 women were killed in gender based violence last year alone a separate but equally alarming report warned that the problem has become normalized 86 percent of young people said they wouldn't step in a male friends hits their female partners and the u.n. estimates that almost all gender related killings go unprosecuted well in mexico city people gathered as a new memorial that commemorates female victims of violence an average of 10 women are killed every day in mexico where becker trying various says presidents and see you over the pursue foundation a non-governmental organization that promotes equality she says there are common facts isn't violence against women all over the world patriarchy and subordination and discrimination against women and girls everywhere are under the basic underlying factor and that's true across the north south east west across the globe
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but in latin america there is a long history of violence. colonial movements and murder in more recent decades the civil rights i'm sorry the civil unrest in the civil wars have caused have created a violent environment so you see the top countries in latin america colombia el salvador guatemala are the countries the highest in the world for violence are countries that have experienced a lot of normalized violence due to the civil wars in the region and the drug and gang wars as well but that's not the full explanation the explanation for violence in latin america as it is everywhere is simply that women are still considered to be property of men they somehow represent the honor of the male ego and so when the male ego feels violated or somehow humiliated the. and the person that the victim of the humiliated anger and shame is the woman or the girl and we see cases especially of young girls cases of rape in brazil for example
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a girl under age 18 is raped every 2 minutes the most dangerous place for a girl or a woman is in her own home and specifically in her kitchen the rates of violence in some countries such as the ones the 1st the top of the list in central america and colombia can be as high as 70 percent of women that are affected by violence. the chief executive of a scandal plagued history and bank is stepping down regulators say westpac broke and see money laundering and counter-terror finance laws a staggering $23000000.00 times the most damaging allegations revolver and the bank's failure to monitor customers who are transferring money for child exploitation the company is likely to be forced to pay more than a $1000000000.00 in fines. ever has lost its license to operate in london for a 2nd time the city's transit authority transport for london cited safety problems
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including an app faults that allowed suspended drivers to simply creates a new accounts the royal tailing rights hailing company is appealing against the ban and can continue to operate in london volatiles police in georgia's capital have sprayed water cannons to break up protests near parliament's opponents of the government's are demanding reforms to an electoral system they say favors the ruling party open for sue walker reports from tbilisi. georgia is the opposition wants to show that the government won't be put given the breaking its promise of the looked. after it failed to approve a system of proportional representation and elections street rallies against the government and its informal only god leader because even if it is really becoming the norm it's an absolute must for the country to have electoral reform which will give all parties the fair ground and then people could troops who are they want in
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the government so no matter how harsh the government behaves whether they use the police or whatever we are going to. be very tough on our protest demonstrate is repeated the tactic of putting up tents outside parliament the camps last week was swiftly cleared by riot police. this is seconded. calling. this runs parliament to blockade this is true. police are over here a large number sure that nobody attempts to put padlocks back on the gates but the opposition basically saying that this parliament lacks legitimacy given that it reneged on that promise of electoral reform. which is governing party says no changes to the electoral system before 2020 would be forthcoming time is so fast they have to wait up to $24.00. that's your message to the opposition this is the
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most of the opposition. the government argues protest is a just supporters of it's discredited the united national luqman but that underestimate the strength of public. it's never happened before in georgia so different political parties are united and we are i mean civil society and political parties are unite to have proportion our actions is that because we know that we don't want one murder rule we want to everyone to hope they are walking probably. the government hopes this protest movement. is before it captures the imagination of the nation. al-jazeera tbilisi. thousands of forests have taken their fight against addiction to india's
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capital digitas people have been accused of hurting the environment rather than helping it's that they say that's just a lie it's a help big business for her reports from new delhi. they travelled from forests in different states throughout india to gather in the capital new delhi nearly 2000 indigenous people providing a voice for more than a 1000000 others. they live in the forest and work the forest land but earlier this year india's supreme court ruled many would be evicted after local governments rejected their claims that they had a right to be there. a mother of 3 and a farm arctic an overnight train from the central indian state of madhya pradesh to join the protests how much we want more from our land the government is trying to push us out and want to give our land to the tigers forest officials claim many of these people are causing deforestation and threatening biodiversity they are demanding they produce documents to prove their ownership to the enclosed room
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there's a lot of progress there's enough water to do the perp in a moment of the ilo. it's all it has to return to i'm god but activists say these are ancestral lands and people living there don't know anything about official paperwork the people here say they're not encroaching on the forest but are a part of them they want their rights under the forest rights act to be protected and they've accused all us officials of regularly beating them up threatening them and destroying their fields to force them out with the activists say the conflict is not between wildlife conservation and the indigenous people living in the forests bought between a simple way of life going back many generations and a corporate world eager to cash in on millions of factors of resource rich land you see here that people who have been living in those farmers who have been living alongside wildlife who are very basic subsistence needs and are not fair to the
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forest are in fact protecting the borders. you said that these are the threat to the forest. these people know there is opposition to their way of life but say they won't let anyone take their land at least not without a fight. al jazeera new delhi. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the un is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of beni its own g.m. buildings and set fire to the mayor's office at least 4 people were killed the protesters say the u.n. has failed to protect them from rebel attacks the u.n. says it understands why people are angry but insists violence will solve nothing. the secretary general's special representative layla's ruki took part today in
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a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of benny. tensions in lebanon's capital beirut have escalated for a 2nd nights in a row supporters of sushi movements hezbollah and amal are clashing with anti-government protesters hundreds of thousands are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system a u.s. judge has ordered former white house counsel don the gand to appear before the impeachment inquiry it's a setback for president donald trump's efforts to keep top aides from testifying and it could encourage democrats in the house of representatives to call an author high ranking officials to give evidence the justice department says it will appeal against the verdicts again was
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a witness and special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian election meddling the number of people killed in landslides and flooding in northwest kenya has risen to 65 rescue workers have been sent to the west pockets close to the border with uganda entered by bad conditions. a politician from the chilean president's party has sparked i raged by suggesting that no modesty cannot be restored with the rights violating human rights senator under this i am man's made the remarks hours before another round of anti-government protests demonstrators threw rocks at police vehicles they were met with balsa cannons and tear gas demonstrations began over 2 months ago over a hike in metro fares and social inequality that's you're up to date stay with us the news continues after witness. i'm counting the poll says russia uses medicine areas in public spaces from syria to libya what's the future of war remco if it was
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2 trillion dollars but it's the saudi state owned oil on the move out of the process google takes on the big guns in the gaming industry counting the cost well they'll just see. that no one was going to wait a. while to load photos you know little new york the only. a number 9090. 9 me almost knowing why.


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