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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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faultlines meets those on the front line of defending their environment and asks to stoking the flames in both scenarios brazil isn't burning on al-jazeera. love it the tali. anger in the democratic republic of congo protesters stormed the u.n. mission accusing peacekeepers of failing to protect them. hello there i'm hala he and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up. brawls between anti-government protesters and supporters of 2 shia movements threaten lebanon's fragile political balance. a human rights watch director is forced to leave israel saying his deportation is an attempt to silence criticism plus another
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bites of extreme weather brings flooding and landslides to 3 european countries. the united nations is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of beni song and buildings and set fire to the mayor's office at least 4 people were killed by gun far but the u.n. denies that its peacekeepers shot at anyone so to hide out reports. that this is the moment protesters in beni were shot from inside a united nations compound such a low that people accuse the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo of failing to protect them against the allied democratic forces rebel groups. determined to kick out one of the biggest.
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peacekeeping missions in the world protesters stormed this u.n. building and a few others. that was suffering a lot because of the killing and everyone for your entire lives i've lost my mother and father to the rebels on be honest about that the u.n. must start syllable the phillips un more and leave them we won't stop we're strong people who lost many of our brothers and sisters to the river killings was on saturday 8 people were killed in an attack and benny was blamed on the rebels that put up with the violence people caught the victims' bodies to the protests it was like this is my dead sister right here she came from her temple to visit me last week but the rebels killed the protesters set the town hall and maze office on fire there's been a weeklong shutdown of shops and businesses by. the congolese army to watch an offensive against the allied democratic forces in october but locals say it's not enough oh with roots in uganda the rebel group has been fighting in the
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north kivu region for more than a decade. to vowell it's killed more than 1500 people in the area in the last 5 years and it's one of many armed groups fighting for control of the mineral rich border region. in solidarity with those in beni people in the eastern border city of goma also protesting was a member of the show that i can finish up we're blocking the road and we reject all of the u.n. is working because it remains silent that people are killed or better and other areas the u.n. does nothing but the u.n. mission here has defended itself saying it does not shoot at protesters and can also engage in operations in a war zone without strict coordination with the congolese army but it has also warned it will use force when needed to protect its stall. meanwhile the violence in benny's hampering efforts to contain an ebola outbreak that's killed more than
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2000 people since august sort of hideouts al jazeera. well the u.n. says it understands why people are angry but insists violence will solve nothing the secretary general's special representative layla's took part today in a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of the ne. well mary's carney is co-founder and executive director of friends of the congo a group that advocates for peace he explains why the un has consistently failed. carlie's people across the border really calling for them to to leave because they
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haven't been able to fulfill on their mission in. keeping the peace there hasn't really been a peace to keep since the end of the war in 2000 to 2003 there's been an ongoing conflict this simmering conflict. led of course by a multitude of militia groups but also backed by by congo's neighbors so there is a real question and no congolese are mobilizing to call for the u.n. to to retreat however once that happens. responsibility is certainly going to be on the congolese state and that's where the ultimate responsibility lies irrespective of the performance of the united nations and we must be very critical of united nations in its inability to bring about some. security for the for the people in the region. in lebanon supporters of the shia movements have been facing
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with antigovernment protesters for the 2nd night running hezbollah and amal oppose protesters demands for a complete overhaul of lebanon's power sharing system the posts are divided on a city tarion basis but some of the worst violence since protests against the ruling elites began last month or scenes like these are put in lebanon's military and security forces into an increasingly difficult position they've gone to great lengths to protect anti-government demonstrators for more than a month now confronting the powerful iran backed hezbollah could ruin the neutral stance the military 6 to maintain and split its ranks the army is one of the few state institutions that enjoy white public supports it's seen as a unifying force in a deeply divided country well earlier my colleague for the better spoke to rami horry in boston he's a journalism professor at the american university of beirut she asked him what message hezbollah and its allies are trying to send by putting their supporters out
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on to the streets. so one theory is that there's starr this show of force just before the negotiations begin to create a new government to maintain a certain role for them in the new government that striated another syria is that no this is not linked to any kind of political resolution this is the hezbollah and m l and some other people allied with them saying we're fed up with this kind of citizen protest. and the issues that is causing and we're going to send these people back home as as happened in the past or a little bit of rough handling by the. the young men of hezbollah and their mother and others has sent protesters back home so we'll see which way it goes yeah and the lebanese army meanwhile finds itself in the middle of this can it stay neutral if the situation way to degenerate if nothing's going to get worse is there a risk that the lebanese army could be facing off with has been
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a spa full forces and no there's no risk of an army has been the face off that's never going to happen the risk is that the army would get pulled into the tensions on the street and some of the violence and then perhaps the army would would implode from within and would collapse and some share members some christian members some sunni members some group members would all leave the army and go from there on the mission this is what happened during the civil war when the army collapse but i don't think that's going to happen. on kong's chief executive has admitted that voices have delivered a rebuke to the territories leaders kerry landsman speaking of to prove democracy candidates won a landslide victory in district council elections she also said that the poll which is normally focused on very local issues was very different this time round but we will wear of the large number of voters coming out to cast
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a vote perhaps not do i need to select a preferred candidate to sit on the district council but also to express a view on many issues in society including now i would readily accept that including deficiencies in governance including on happiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment was called hardliners in hong kong with more on want kerry lamb had to say but this is the 1st time she has appeared kerry lamb in front of cameras since this election on sunday and this overwhelming voice from hong kong people that are dissatisfied by the way she's handled the situation the crisis and why and the government quite frankly by voting for pro-democracy councillors in these local elections that is really kind of the top line out of it now she. issued a statement on monday pretty much very similar to what she said today that you know she hears the voice from the hong kong people that they are dissatisfied with the
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way the situation has been in this political crisis but the key here i believe is that what the government does to calm the situation saying and recognizing that people are dissatisfied with it is one thing actually doing something about it is another. they say rebels in yemen say they've launched rockets and drone attacks on the side of the military campaign in the south they claim they've killed or injured up to $350.00 people so do you the coalition doesn't confirm the attack even though the rebels have provided apparent details. well that it got me to some of the camp has been targeted by 9 rockets and 20 drones 350 people have been killed and injured among them saudis iraqis and sudanese 5 weapon caches have been destroyed armors and other military equipment have been destroyed and pattered batteries have been damaged in the operation 5 more people are confirmed dead in kenya after heavy
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flooding bringing the total number of deaths to $65.00 several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is on the way as a total get and they reports. police offices and aid workers recover now the dead body in west county more people have died in this region than in any other as a result of the floods and landslides on saturday. everywhere the land was sliding where we're standing now it can move at any time so many people have been affected no one can sleep in their homes because they don't know when the next landslide will occur. residents are being urged to make their way to evacuation centers but many are still reluctant to leave their homes. to be urging people to move from areas where there are mudslides because we don't know how long it's going to rain and when we're going to get food and medical supplies and that it's a message that was repeated by deputy president william ruto when he visited the
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injured in hospital. we're. here together to make sure. the situation he's managed and we attend to the needs of the people here. government ministers visiting west say they've been shocked by the scale of the devastation there is and why. frankly this say that you took all of us by surprise was not one of those areas but you know we would expect to have this kind of a challenge. roads and bridges that work because of the days have reopened but with more rain forecast everyone remains on high alert victoria gayton be al-jazeera. coming up after the weather another record high for greenhouse gases in the atmosphere even as countries promise to cut back. germany pulled off a $1000000000.00 jewelry heist.
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how i once again we've got some weather weather returning to the middle east over the next couple of days this band of cloud just spinning out of that east is sort of the mediterranean wall produce some showers along with spells of rain for a time so that's coming out as we go on through tuesday and on and see where to stay that was the weather just talking in maybe some snow over the high ground right across the levant we could see showers long spells of rain in sou'west syria lebanon maybe into jordan as well further east as well to draw and bright for the most part to risk guys coming back into afghanistan coupled with a top temperature around 8 degrees c. dry and sunny with high for around $28.00 and meanwhile we're looking at temperatures around the mid twenty's across much of the arabian peninsula still
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a chance of a spot or 2 of rain just around the gulf must still see the operate even here in qatar but i spect the the west the weather will more widespread showers will be down towards the gulf of aden southern end of the red sea has seen some shots i was recently into northeastern parts of south africa could still catch one or 2 of these as we go on through chuse day they will make their way little further north what's a nice person by wednesday somewhat to weather into more than madagascar southern parts of mozambique through chance and there are more rain for kenya. the weather sponsored by countdown and this. one is the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every lead. or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on saturday week entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts
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but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera our mind off the top stories this hour the u.n. is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of beneath stones and u.n. buildings at least 4 people were killed the possessors say the u.n. has failed to protect them from rebel attacks tensions in lebanon's capital beirut of escalated for a 2nd nights in a row supporters of 2 shia movements hezbollah and amal clashed with anti-government protesters. and the number of people killed in landslides and
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flooding in northwest kenya has risen to 65 rescue workers have been sent to west pockets close to the border with you kenda but are being hindered by bad conditions . and u.s. judge's orders former white house counsel don mcgann to appear before the impeachment inquiry it's a setback for president donald trump's efforts to keep top aides from testifying and it could encourage democrats in the house of representatives to call on other high ranking officials to give evidence the justice department says it will appeal the verdict against the verdicts mcgann was a witness in special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian election meddling. turkey has begun testing its new russian made air defense system despite threats of sanctions from the u.s. the turkish military has started flying warplanes over ancora to test the radar system of the s. for hundreds washington has argued for months that they're incompatible with nato
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systems the ongoing disputes marks a deep division in the western military alliance the israel palestine director of human rights watch has been deported earlier this month the israeli supreme court upheld a government decision to remove him saying he supports a global boycott campaign but omar sheikh here says it is just another effort to silence criticism he to abraham reports from the occupied west bank this drive to the airport and the legal battle that do international attention for a year and a half. there israel palestine director for human rights watch are much sakit as you very soon thank you has left israel. this is the 1st deportation since a 2017 law that bars entry for supporters of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israel. is really government says scheck it has been active in the b.d.s. campaign in the past it's not about omar it's about human rights watch there's no
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point replacing them or because our next research would have the exact same problem they're all market in 2016 human rights watch issued a call for businesses to stop operating in illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank a call this really supreme court said amounts to a boycott shack and won't be leaving his post and will continue working from abroad . he says the human rights watch will double its efforts so that it's not affected by his deportation ultimately while facing a small but i hope that this is a clear message to the world because alternately if the world is unable to stop israel from deporting somebody documenting rights abuse how is it ever going to stop rights abuse earlier this month israel's interior minister earlier derry said all those who work against israel will not be allowed to live or work in the country. after shuckers the british and many here are wondering who might be next
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human rights organizations say the this isn't doesn't target only will advocate a boycott but it's a warning against any critic of the israeli occupation later was it is a palestinian working with amnesty international and. he was denied the right to travel outside of the west bank in october and he says this is because of his work against israeli settlements the ban was imposed a couple of months after we released the camp in against online companies that work in israeli settlements so this is obviously an attack not only against me but against all the critical voices speak against what the israeli government is doing israel considers the b.b.'s movement a strategic threat while rights activists say it's one of the few is left to fight against the israeli occupation. over him al jazeera the occupied west bank. israel's attorney general has reaffirmed that prime minister binyamin netanyahu
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doesn't have to quit despite facing corruption charges as in your who's been indicted for allegedly fraud and bribery he's dismissed the charges as an attempted coup and has already refused to stand down under israeli law ministers can't keep their posts after an indictment but a prime minister can stay until all appeals are exhausted. lot of people across latin america have been smocking the international dates and violence against women that region and the caribbean are among the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman in mexico city people gathered as a new memorial that commemorates female victims of violence and average of 10 women are killed every day in mexico and out serious on fisher went along to another march in mexico's capital but. this is just one of the protests we've seen around
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the world falling for an end to violence against women but it's still more acutely here in mexico than in many other places that's because this country as the world watched femicide free united nations estimates that on average 9 women i j are being killed in mexico 30 of every 3 women in mexico say that they've experienced violence that is why there are closings on the streets here in mexico city. despite the fact that the city already has a gender alert we keep on being victims of violence we keep on being murdered and authorities do nothing about it we're here to shout for our rights we demand to live free in this city in this country. that people are not we are here because we construct this anger anymore we are furious because we live in fear we are not safe not even in our home that my too much of culture is one of the cause why we are the victims of violence they discuss it as
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a tradition for tending that we are not from here we belong to them. it was. here. this is a sign of the i care and some of the woman is simply trying to do what any then you're not equipped reporters you can see with have done to my shop with spray paint there's been protests like this for months in mexico because of a number of violent incidents including what a 17 year old girl was alleged. the rape by 4 police officers now human rights organizations say that around 90 percent of crimes against women are never prosecuted in mexico surprisingly that's actually better than the figure was a few years ago but the women here say the government still needs to do more and they need to do it soon. well elsewhere activists in colombia demanded reforms to prevent violence against women they marched as part of a larger anti government movements of the sandra he has more from bogota. thousands
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of demonstrators have been marching here in the capital bogota for the 5th consecutive day as far of the national strike there started last thursday this demonstration has been called in the context of international day to end violence against women which protesters say is high in their demands for social and economic change in the country and the minister demands are part of this track and are very important this country witnessed a lot of violence against women in general and women are victims social environmental leaders have also been killed all this has to stop this demonstration was absolutely peaceful especially since the demonstrators reach an agreement with the mayor's office to avoid the presence of a bra anti-riot police or. some protesters are clashed 118 year old that was hit in the head by a sound grenade then on saturday is in extremely critical condition in the
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hospital in the meantime the president the vice extended an invitation to the leaders of the strike to meet with the unions on tuesday and the leaders of the students on wednesday but at least for now and union leaders are saying they will not accept that invitation saying that the president is not giving them enough time for a day or that the president has proposed to meet with them for just one hour before extending that meeting to other social groups and entrepreneurs union leaders and the other leaders of the strike have also announced a press conference or early on tuesday at to answer to the president so for now elise and looks like this them astray sharon and the people in control will continue for more days. the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high the un's world nature logical organization has
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presented a report showing that in 2018 concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached almost 407 parts per 1000000 it's put that into perspective the figure sauce around $350.00 parts per 1000000 in 1990 methane another gas that causes atmospheric warming is nigh almost 260 percent higher than it was before the industrial revolution and niger so excited also increased at a rate higher than the 10 year average we have again broken record in carbon dioxide concentrations and we have already exceeded their $400.00 ppm level of it's regarded as a critical level that happened already 2 years ago and this growth of carbon dioxide cores and grayson classical it used to be europe and. north america usa but china has become number one
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a meter but that there has been also fairly strong growth in the only sense of no no you see the countries and this is demonstrating that if you want to solve this problem we have to have global global inforce european union nor usa cannot solve it alone no china you have to have all of the countries on board. 3 european countries are dealing with the aftermath of extreme weather turned to rain and italy and france has killed at least 3 people while fierce thunderstorms approach havoc to greece are reports of huge waves battered the southern french coastal town of. while inland swollen rivers broke their banks sending water gushing through towns and villages for days heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding in southeast france submerging homes factories and roads across the region. this man says he was unable to save his house. or do you look 1st at the rivers water
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level was normal you're down in less than an hour it was a catastrophe get us off france's interior minister met emergency workers who've evacuated hundreds of people and set up shelters it was a similar picture across the border in northern italy landslides in the region of liguori or destroyed homes and even part of a motorway. from my house i could see the most weybridge and when i saw it wasn't there i was shocked. in venice some tourists braved conditions on st mark's square high tides and weeks of rain have caused the worst flooding in the city for more than 50 years in inundating historic buildings shops and homes in western greece fears thunderstorms and rain also caused havoc and damage meteorologists say the worst is over the karma weather certainly brought some people relief but it's also revealed the full extent of the cleanup operation ahead the sasha butler al-jazeera paris. faves of so when more than
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a $1000000000.00 worth of jewelry from an art gallery in the german city of dresden they pulled off the high spy 1st cussing off l a tricity supplies reports. robbery at dawn in one of europe's oldest museums the whole worth more than a $1000000000.00 included 318th century sets of children made of diamonds rubies and emeralds the thieves forced a window before smashing glass cabinet in the nearly 300 year old museum there was a power cut in the area during the heist. the culprits as you were able to see got in through a window facing the palace where there they cut through the grating and then smashed the glass before they went straight to one glass cabinet that they destroyed they then left the building and disappeared 1st indications point to a car which was possibly parked outside and with which they could have fled. german
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officials say the stolen treasures would be impossible to sell in the open market because they are so easy to identify. i don't need to tell you how shocked we are also about the brutality of this break and just to put this into context this is of invaluable our historic and culture historic value and. the museum and dressed in has one of europe's largest collections of precious. the collections survived the bombing that destroyed the city during world war 2 they were later taken by soviet forces finally being returned to 958 but the people of the german state of saxony the value of the stolen objects goes far beyond the price tag doesn't stand it's not just about the material value the much but also the immaterial value which is inestimable for the state of saxony as a state premier has said overnight the whole of saxony was stolen from this is an
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attack on the cultural identity of all saxons and the state of saxony. but a museum it was one piece of good fortune their most valuable treasure a 41 carat cream diamond is on loan at new york's metropolitan museum of art. al jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines u.n. is calling for calm in eastern democratic republic of congo after hundreds of protesters in the eastern city of benny's stones u.n. buildings and set fire to the mayor's office at least 4 people were killed the protesters say the u.n. has failed to protect them from rebel attacks well the u.n. says it understands why people are angry but insists violence will solve nothing the secretary general special representative layla's ruki took part today in
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a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of the any. tensions in lebanon's capital beirut have escalated for a 2nd once in a row supporters of 2 shia movements hezbollah and amal are clashing with anti-government protesters hundreds of thousands are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system. a u.s. judge has ordered former white house counsel don mcgann to appear before the impeachment inquiry it's a setback for president donald trump's efforts to keep top aides from testifying and it could encourage their kratz in the house of representatives to call an author high ranking officials to give evidence the justice department says it will
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appeal against the verdicts began was a special witness a witness rather in special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian election meddling the number of people killed in landslides and flooding in northwest kenya has risen to 65 rescue workers have been sent to west pockets close to the border with uganda but are being hindered by bad conditions. a politician from the chilean president's party has sparked outrage by suggesting that normality cannot be restored without violating human rights senator andras i amand made the remarks hours before another round of anti government protests demonstrators threw rocks at police vehicles. well that's you have to say to stay with us here and i'll just use continues after the stream. we. believe the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i
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just said it was that pakistan would never start a war until we walk we meet with global news makers and tweet about the stories that matter just 0. i have for me ok and your industry and i'm really could be allowed to base violence knows no borders especially in this digital world today we discuss how to end our mind violence against women share your thoughts you can tweet us at 8 a stream or leave a comment in a live chat or also be in the street. 25th is the international day for the elimination of violence against women the goal is to bring attention to gender based violence it's an issue that continues to plague women and girls around the globe despite the 1904 united nations resolute.


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