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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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some of the region's highest officials might work with. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. security forces in georgia attempt to disperse demonstrators who've been attempting to block him these from entering parliament where fighting not just for the hour we're fighting to get back to elections and. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from i'm martin that is also coming up. the. chaos in democratic republic of congo protesters stormed the u.n. mission accusing peacekeepers of failing to protect. the strongest earthquake to
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hit albania in decades topples buildings and injures dozens of people. one of my climate change matters more to than the economy to most of british voters . but 1st let's go to georgia where protesters are attempting to block people from entering polman this happening of course in the capital tbilisi they have been demonstrating for weeks now they want change to the electoral system police of use water cannon to try to break them up but so far they are refusing to move so we can go live now to our correspondent there robin for us a walker is outside parliament what's the situation and all the protests is managing to maintain their presence and indeed. to block people from getting into
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parliament. team right now you can probably see just behind me in those yellow jackets in those yellow jackets the georgian police who have formed their own court to know around the sides entrances to the main parliament building they've put up yellow buses said to block the roads to stop and in and anticipated attempts by the opposition to prevent the governing party in peace from attending a session this morning inside parliament this is how things looked last night. too which is a position wants to show that the government won't be put given breaking its promise of and looked. after it failed to approve a system of proportional representation and elections street rallies against the government and its informal only god. if it is really becoming the norm it's an
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absolute must for the country to have electoral reform which would give all your parties the fair ground and then people could choose whatever they want in the government so no matter how harsh the government behaves whether they use the police or whatever we are going to. be very tough on our right to demonstrate is repeated that tactic of putting up tents outside parliament camps last week was swiftly cleared by riot police. this is the 2nd it's. something of a symbolic it's heads to disrupt parliament to locate the street. police are over here. sure that nobody it seems to have looks back on the gates but the opposition basically saying that this parliament lacks legitimacy given that it reneged on that promise of electoral reform. judges governing party says
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no changes to the electoral system before 2020 would be forthcoming time so fast they have to wait until 2024. that's your message to the opposition this is the most to the opposition. the government argues protest is a just supporters of its discredited united national movement but that underestimate the strength of public. it's never happened before in. different political parties are united and we are i mean civil society and political parties are uniting to have proportional actions is that because we know that we don't want one marriage rule we want everyone to have they are rotting problem. the government hopes this protest movement. is poor it catches the imagination of the nation.
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all right robin well with that so what then are we seeing this unprecedented coalition of opposition parties plus civil society and how representative of the general population are they how many people support the cause for electoral reform . it's always difficult to gauge the strength of public opinion polls that we've seen reliable polls suggest that this government does not enjoy a large degree of support from the general population having said that the main opposition party is also deeply unpopular and i think that's the way the government likes to couch this it basically says that the people outside the building or the united national movement will formally in power but it's we were hearing then from this it's more than just the opposition main party it's. a collection of
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different political parties and civil society groups the question is whether. the public will come out to support this movement because it's difficult to get. people excited about legislative reform it's it's not something that's that sort of tangible for people i would like to mention as well that 'd what happened this morning is that again the riot police moved in and clear the streets once again of this of these protesters and the government as we'll see soon report is in no mood to compromise simply saying the topic is now closed no more room for discussion but i get the impression that this political crisis at the moment is in no sign of letting up and the opposition is hopeful that it will be able to continue with this momentum whether it's more protests like we saw yesterday or
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other forms of actions to remind this government that they haven't forgotten on the promise of electoral reform and they want the government to acknowledge that and do something about it we know that the international diplomatic community as well has been putting a lot of pressure emphasis on trying to get the government all sides in fact to think about how to compromise because the problem in this country now is that there is so much. division within the political system how the riced polarized society and a lot of distrust in the political process all right robin thank you for that robin for a walk of the live in tbilisi. now to the eastern democratic republic of congo where unrest has continued with col says allied and armed men on the streets there's growing anger against the u.n. in beni over persistent attacks from rebels despite the presence of the world's largest contingent of peacekeepers just a day earlier people stormed the united nations compound many bringing the bodies
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of those killed by allied democratic a.t.f. itas there was gunfire and 4 people died the u.n. denies its peak peacekeepers fired at civilians. the secretary general special representative layla's ruki took part today in a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of the ne all right now we can speak on the line to say or produce what county he's on the line from benny in east india i'll see. what is the situation on the streets of the city today. this story to remain calm says does more ning but in some ways from the team those who
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protested yesterday some of them away. this morning they tried to print and the store name on the main boulevard there is law which is allowed to move around and also only motorcycles and these motorcycles mainly from these protestors so they can become easily moved around but it is normal for mats there is it to shut down here in this town or any then i've been around the un. everything down deuce not being inside we have competition and everything destroyed the top of the equipment inside and i have seen some publication of the same you around here on the u.n. against the u.n. soldiers those who are still keeping this. compound for the time being now and what is where are the peacekeepers because of course this is the largest peacekeeping
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mission in the world carried out by the u.n. where exactly are they. some of them are just around here in this compound which is already out of service they cannot use it but some of them are just stuck in the. airport then he says the 2nd time it does it just doesn't want to attack you to be said we'll come back to do this because we don't want to i could hear this morning sending some message to displease keepers around here. and they said to them we are coming back we don't want you up. leave the country this is the message to put some of them. 4 feel good you can feel the anger you can feel the head to it against the u.n. mission when they see the peacekeepers of course the secure should remain and the
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coming days will be we will reveal more aspects. of this contest alan will county telling us live there from benny in east india say thank you very much. now to kenya where officials in the northwestern part of the country say tens of thousands of people have been affected by flooding and landslides at least 50000 people have died relief efforts have been slow to reach the region some roads and bridges have been cut off by the flooding several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is fall car so let's go to 0 weather presenter jenny harrison jenny will there be any less out in the rains in effect in this whole region you know what there will be for a couple of days but not really for the sable a few weeks ahead let me stop i just explained are 2 rainy season kenya we've got 1 march to may want to december the 1 in march to may was actually draw than average and as we know already it is wetter than average and the 2nd rainy season of the
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month you can see the activity of the last few hours and we will continue says that they won't be as heavy over the next couple of days but to give you an idea in the last 24 hours nairobi picked up $87.00 millimeters of rain the november average total is $109.00 so it gives you an idea why we've seen some of flooding but also you see this mass of rain here now this particular portion of the indian ocean is very very warm at the moment it is warmer than average there is a lot of moisture there and it continues of course to come down as rain and this is what's going to happen not just over the next few days but really over the coming few weeks so you can see here by wednesday it does look to be a dry day but remember as well these rains hit the high elevations 1st so the highlands in kenya then of course the rains have to come down so even though you might have a dry couple of days ahead of the flood waters are obviously already on the ground we will raise coming down from the highlands and again with the rain in the next couple of days this is what we expect to say so again we have got some pretty have to cumulation so yeah for sure marty we all see more rain as the days and weeks
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continue jenny harrison thank you a powerful earthquake has hit albania at least 4 people have died dozens of others have been injured the 6.4 magnitude. struck just north of the capital. a number of aftershocks have been felt and the authorities and called on people to stay out of . we've got a lot more to come here at out there including clashes between anti-government protests is in his bala and amounts supporters threatening lebanon's fragile political balance. outrage in chile after an ally of the president suggests human rights will have to be violated in order to fully restore order. following on from the very heavy rain the flooding rains that we've had around
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southern parts of france northern areas of italy to see that area cloud of gray piling its way down towards greece this area of low pressure testing some very very heavy rainfall we have seen some very nasty conditions easing across that western side of grace and the system will continue to make its way further research into the eastern side of the med western areas of turkey behind maybe got another rough day of weather systems rolling in from the atlantic and tucked in here as we go on into the middle part of the we will find the a remnants of tropical storm sebastian so turning increasingly wet and windy across the northwest already seeing some rather nasty weather pushing in as we go on through choose day in between its laws clear and dry for some a little bit of cloud there just over towards central part of it was east we are seeing a little more sunshine here down into the southeast that's why we've got more wet and windy weather easing away from much of greece pushing into western parts of turkey was some heavy downpours and some very strong winds strong winds back up towards the northwest as we go on through wednesday as that system makes its way
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through northern parts of files will see some very nasty weather as well as that system makes its way in as little parts of africa a chance of some places of rain in the little area. so me al-jazeera london 2 will cost $10.00 times t.v. special guests in conversation i am here because of colonialism unprompted uninterrupted business one month but i'm still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading knowledge and technology pretty much go pal meet tools that. really make a declaration for something monumental e horrific past slavery studios be unscripted on al-jazeera.
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all right let's have a look at the top stories here about 0 this morning protesters in georgia are trying to block politicians from getting into parliament in the capital tbilisi as part of a bid to pressure the government to resign and hold snap election. unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo's continued into tuesday with calls says are lies and armed men on the streets 4 people including a soldier were killed on monday as protesters stormed the u.n. compound angry at persistent attacks from troubles a powerful earthquake has struck albania killing at least 4 people the 6.4 magnitude quake struck just north of the capital to rather a number of aftershocks have been felt in the authorities of told people to stay
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out of their homes. now hong kong's chief executive has admitted the voters have delivered a rebuke to the territory's leaders carry lymes when speaking after pro-democracy counted as while a lot. district council elections she also said the poll which is normally focused on local lisey's is very different this time but we will where. the large number of voters coming out to cost and vote perhaps not do need to select a preferred candidate to sit on the district council but also to express a view on many issues in society including i would readily accept that including deficiencies in governments including unhappiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment more now from our correspondent in hong kong scott hyde. parts is the 1st time she has appeared carry lamb in front
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of cameras since this election on sunday and this overwhelming voice from hong kong people that are dissatisfied by the way she's handled the situation the crisis and why and the government quite frankly by voting for pro-democracy councillors in these local elections so that is really kind of the top line out of it now she. issued a statement on monday pretty much very similar to what she said today that you know she hears the voice from the hong kong people that they are dissatisfied with the way the situation has been in this political crisis but the key here i believe is that what the government does. to calm the situation saying in recognizing that people are dissatisfied with it is one thing actually doing something about it is another. in lebanon supporters of to share movements have been fighting with antigovernment protests is for the 2nd night running hezbollah and amal opposes protests is demands for an overhaul of lebanon's power sharing system where posts
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are divided on a sectarian basis and this is been some of the worst violence since protests against the ruling elite began last month well scenes like these are putting lebanon's military and security forces in a difficult position they've gone to great lengths to protect anti-government demonstrators for more than a month now confronting the powerful iran backed hezbollah could ruin the neutral stance the military seeks to maintain and indeed split its ranks the army is one of the few status situations that enjoys wide public support is seen as a unifying force in a deeply divided country where my colleague. specter rami who are in boston in the united states he's a journalism professor at the american university of beirut and shell said what message has bother and its allies are trying to send by rallying their supporters on to the streets so one theory is that these are this show of force just before
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the negotiations begin to create a new government to maintain a certain role for them in the new government that's created another serious that no this is not linked to any kind of political resolution this is the hezbollah and amal and some other people allied with them saying we're fed up with this kind of citizen protest. the issues that is causing and we're going to send these people back home as as happened in the little bit of rough handling by the. the young men of. hezbollah and amal and others has sent protesters back home so we'll see which way it goes yeah and the lebanese army meanwhile finds itself in the middle of this kenny stay neutral if the situation where to degenerate if you know things were to get worse is a risk that the lebanese army could be facing off with has been a sponsor forces no there's no risk of an army has by the face off that's never
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going to happen the risk is that the army would get pulled into the tensions on the street and some of the violence and then perhaps the army would would implode from within and would collapse and some share members some christian members some some members some group members would all leave the army and go from there on the mission this is what happened during the civil war when the army collapsed with i don't think that's going to happen benjamin netanyahu does not have to stand down as israeli prime minister even though he's facing corruption charges the attorney general has confirmed he can stay imposed but not whether he can keep other ministerial positions netanyahu has been indicted for alleged strolled bribery he's dismissed the charges as an attempted coup. hoofy revels in yemen say they've launched rocket and drone attacks on a saudi u.a.e. military camp in. in the south of the country the rebels claim they've killed or
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injured up to $350.00 people the saudi u.a.e. coalition hasn't confirmed the attack even though the theists have provided apparent details well golly. the camp has been targeted by 9 rockets and 20 drones 350 people have been killed and injured on them saudis iraqis and sudanese by weapon caches have been destroyed armors and other military equipment have been destroyed rather and patriot batteries have been damaged in the operation. peru's top court has ordered the release of the opposition leader fujimori she was detained last year and remains under investigation she is accused of receiving illegal campaign contributions from a brazilian construction giant allegations she denies. a politician from the chilean president's party has sparked outrage by suggesting that no malice he can't be restored without violating human rights so that and that is i made the remarks
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hours before another round of protests demonstrators threw rocks at police vehicles they were met with water cannon and tear gas demonstrations began over 2 months ago over a raise in metro fares and social inequality earlier president sebastian pinera had promised to set up a set of reforms to try to quell protests as demands. the thousands of forest to alice have taken their fight against eviction to india's capital indigenous people have been accused of hurting the environment rather than helping it but they say that's just a lie to help big business and reports now from new delhi. they travelled from forests in different states throughout india to gather in the capital new delhi nearly 2000 indigenous people providing a voice for more than a 1000000 others. they live in the forest and work the forest land but earlier this
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year india's supreme court ruled many would be evicted after local governments rejected their claims that they had a right to be there. a mother of 3 and a farm arctic an overnight train from the central indian state of madhya pradesh to join the protests. we want more from our land the government is trying to push us out and want to give our land to the tigers forest officials claim many of these people are causing deforestation and threatening biodiversity they are demanding they produce documents to prove their ownership due to enclosed room there's a lot of program that you're not part of the. moment of there were no there. it's all it has to return to the uk but activists say these are ancestral lands and people living there don't know anything about official people work the people here say they're not encroaching on the forest but are a part of them they want their rights under the forest rights act to be protected
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and they were accused. of regularly beating them up threatening them and destroying their fields to force them out the activists see the conflict as not between wildlife conservation and indigenous people living in the forest but between a simple way of life going back many generations and a corporate world eager to cash in on millions of hectares of resource rich land you see here that people who have been living. who have been living alongside wildlife who have very basic subsistence needs and are not said to the forest are in fact protecting the borders. you said that these are the threat to the forest. these people know there is opposition to their way of life but see they won't let anyone take their land at least not without a fight arch of war al jazeera new delhi. the concentrations of greenhouse
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gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high the un's world meteorological organization has put out a report showing that in 2018 concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached almost 407 parts per 1000000 so put that into perspective the figure such as around $350.00 parts per 1000000 in the 1990 me thing another gas that causes atmospheric warming is now almost 260 percent higher than it was before the industrial revolution and not just oxide also increased rates higher than the 10 year average. we have again broken record seen in carbon dioxide concentrations and we have already exceeded their $400.00 ppm level of it's regarded as a critic of a level that happened already 2 years ago and these growth of carbon dioxide concentration. used to be europe and and and ultimately got us say
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but china has become number one a meter but that there has been also fairly strong growth. no no you see the countries and this is demonstrating that if you want to solve this problem we have to have global global for the european union nor usa came out so we don't know not china you have to have all of the countries on board. now the election in the united kingdom is less than 3 weeks away and to some people their vote is going to be influenced more by climate action and environmental policies don't know how reports from the region still reeling from flooding. the flooding that hit doncaster in the north of england this november inundated homes and farmland affecting hundreds of people it should have been a once in a generation event no longer. for 2 years we saw the soldiers in 2007 and then 12 years later it. sounds as. if this
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is the environment. what sets these floods apart from the last time it happened in 2007 is that there's an election looming party leaders visited the area pledging billions for flood defenses boris johnson was criticized for his conservative government slow response and the green party says labor's priorities are misplaced we have a labor. and the labor council are. worried about jobs and they're thinking about economic growth and they're thinking about expansion because jobs are thinking about building on green and because it brings jobs they need to completely change that way of thinking and think about green jobs jobs that are going to benefit the community insulating houses putting in green infrastructure that kind of thing. environmental activists talk about that plummet election because the
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next government will be in charge of climate policy behalf of the coming decade within which the un says the world must act if it's to avoid the worst effects of climate change there are signs of progress in may m.p.'s declared a climate and environment emergency in response to protests by the activist group extinction rebellion and the swedish teenager gretta tom burke. also commits the u.k. government to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 it's great that we're now got this no 0 target and or when there's a question of whether it could be met sooner but the real danger is is that we're not meeting the targets we've currently got if an extra 2020 were not due to meet the at this date and what we really need to say now the policy is put in place to meet those targets as you say 5 years or the next 10 years a going to be crucial so whoever wins this has got to be at the front of their agenda. opinion polls suggest more than 50 percent of voters are likely to be
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influenced by environmental policies the issue of climate change ranks higher than the economy for a majority of voters what if it was the correct plan which a lot of people think yes i think they would yes that might influence your vote yes yes. and that's the other big difference between 20072019 climate change matters. al-jazeera doncaster. take a look at the top stories here doubtless era protests as in georgia are trying to block politicians from going into parliament in the capital tbilisi is part of a bid to pressure the government to resign and hold snap elections a rest in eastern democratic republic of congo has continued into tuesday with cars set alight and armed men on the streets 4 people including
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a soldier were killed on monday as protests a storm the u.n. compound angry at persistent attacks from armed rebels. the secretary general's special representative layla's ruki took part today in a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of benny. officials in northwestern kenya say tens of thousands of people have been affected by flooding and landslides at least 50000 people have died relief efforts have been slow to reach the region as some roads and bridges have been cut off by the flooding several east african nations have been hit by heavy rain and more is forecast a powerful earthquake has hit albania the defense ministry says at least 6 people
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have been killed this in 24 magnitude quake struck just north of the capital tehran or a number of aftershocks are being felt in north already is of called on people to say outside in lebanon supporters of to see a movements have been fighting with antigovernment protests is for a 2nd night running hezbollah and amal opposes protesters demands for a complete overhaul of lebanon's power share system where posts are divided on the sectarian basis benjamin netanyahu doesn't have to stand as israeli prime minister even though he is facing corruption charges netanyahu has been indicted for allege fraud and bribery right up to date those are the latest headlines inside story is next. i think it's 3 the prime minister. we should do to give the british on the 31st of october i believe this country the
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greatest place. pretty much it is delayed but home full of good drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. the u.k. goes to the polls next month that is the election about breaks it or health wealth and education the conservatives are promising a deal to leave the e.u. labor's promising to tax the rich and increase social spending but what matters most for veritas this is inside story. i know that and welcome to the program i'm the stasi attain now the u.k.'s general election is less than 3 weeks away it was called by conservative prime minister barak johnson more than 2 years early in a bid to get a parliamentary majority.


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