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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. that anger that child because crowds target u.n. forces the democratic republic of congo for failing to protect them. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up lebanon's caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to lead the next government and asks the president to appoint a new leader buildings toppled and dozens of aftershocks in albania up to 18 people are killed in a strong earthquake. the challenges facing thousands hit by landslides in kenya
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where at a town of a harmless they've lost everything. well thousands of people are defying a curfew and a locked in a standoff with un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo 2 people are now confirmed killed after crowds tried to march towards an airport where un forces based now they're venting their anger against the u.n. forces for failing to protect them from attacks by rebel groups 4 people were killed on monday as protesters attacked u.n. compounds and set fire to the town hall and the un wrist has now forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its stuff from beni which is grappling with an ebola outbreak it warns the instability will most certainly lead to an increase in the ball the cases al-jazeera produced county has been closely following the story in benny. what we we just we are really trying to experience the determination of these people it has
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been a raining heavily this morning but you can still you can still see this people 100000 protesters coming a group of 100 and you see them 200 asked more than 200 calling and coming back to the same position to the same old block which was just set up this morning by local 4 forces trying to protect the line which is taking people stress to the 2nd u.n. military bases at the airport beneath so they are really tough 5 because it's really raining here but they did not going back home they did not discourage the idea tommy and they said that we will cross this place we will finally take over the physical to us because this team has been and will not stop. this is what we just want to see the death saying that this u.n. normally its mandate is giving him up a city then difficulty b.d.t.
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off in caging a.d.f. we don't even to the army day to believe that yes i mean he did organize but yes an achilles this is a big un mission into the sea weed havey capacity they have even on the right not against us saying that they're using it equipped to dispersed the protesters instead of using this to make up those which is founded by tells on off countries around the world because to support to to protect the civilians but for them u.n. is much really using demanded a couple of stuff has been given to him by the security council this is why they don't want to us again because they don't believe in most of the people c.v.t. and those who were killed here in been just me at the u.n. compound the u.n. and this wonderful commission are saying definitively you went you mean you can really do have some connection we did kill us there. now clearly you're teasing you
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with the connection with the killer here you've been specially with a.t.f. it is white it don't like us again here they will take over we do after by they have to finish with the war we did united nations peacekeepers and all the mission on don't want to see you went around this place well chris and lynn meyer is a world health organization spokesman and he told al-jazeera that this is the 1st time the organization has had to evacuated stuff so it's a very dangerous situation right now while the unrest are not targeted against it will the response though it's a pure anger against the security situation it heavily impacts our response on the ground you have to see hundreds of daily going out to look for patients took plan tech to the contacts of these patients to vaccinate or immunize people. to assist the community was safe perl's and most of these operations are not. not
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being able to be carried out right now so out of $120.00 staff we normally have in around binny we had till now temporary relocate proud to a 3rd of it in $49.00 staff to continue their operations from from goma. that is the 1st time we ever had to do this so this shows a severe t. of the situation at the same time $71.00 of our staffs a good 2 thirds actually stay on the ground and will try to continue even in these circumstances the best they can the operations on a daily basis in a much smaller scale and that is exactly the challenge because unable a virus which we were very close to getting rid of already has now a big chance to to continue spreading in a scenario where you don't have control over. at elsewhere in the deep sea at least 45 people have been killed as floodwaters swept through homes to wrench will rain hit the capital kinshasa causing landslides the severe flooding is stretched across
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much of central africa and left hundreds of thousands in need of humanitarian aid. lebanon's caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to be part of any new government and he's called on president bush maybe at least call for consultations to appoint a new leader resigned last month after nationwide government protests so in horror as this report. yet more turmoil and even more uncertainty in lebanon following 2 months of nationwide protests against the political establishment caretaker prime minister saddam had 80 who submitted his resignation a month ago has said he no longer wants to head a new government in a statement he said he is moving out of the way after those in power accused him of preventing a solution analysts say may be maneuvering not only does he have international standing and support but he is the leader of the sunni community in lebanon. it
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was clear he didn't agree to the conditions the names the other camp insisted on there are certain faces he doesn't want in his government and he's insisting on an independent government and through his stances he's trying to regain popularity. how does this isn't followed 2 nights of violence supporters of the ruling elite in particular parties i'm a little hezbollah are projected their strengths are the streets they drove through neighborhoods armed with metal rods and clubs resorting to violence in what appears to be an attempt to push a political agenda obviously the government is not willing to engage is not willing to listen to the to the people and this is why we are finding more and more pressure there on the process of finding one a more aggressive rhetoric and even their own people taking the streets to try to counterbalance to engage in a counter revolution kind of kind of approach. hezbollah has been defending the status quo the iranian backed group is worried that if it is left out of the
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government it would weaken its power protesters are demanding independent politicians government. until early elections. tensions are escalating sources close to the president say he will hold binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister on thursday that could be a tactic to pressure heidi to change his position or the ruling alliance may push ahead with what will be seen as a one sided government. such a government would risk being perceived as hezbollah controlled and could face sanctions from the u.s. which lists the group a terrorist organization it's a dangerous period without a deal that will satisfy all parties for their violence is likely sent to their beirut. rescue teams from neighboring countries a rebel by any are searching for earthquake survivors the most powerful earthquake in decades there killed at least 16 people in the early hours of tuesday stephanie decker reports the earth shook while most people were fast asleep the power of the
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quake caught on surveillance cameras. notability to. me i felt that in my bedroom went to my kids' room and a door slammed on me both my arms this is more or. the early hours of tuesday turned into a search for survivors some fatalities are being reported hospitals have been treating hundreds of injuries the $6.00 magnitude quake with its epicenter 34 kilometers northwest of the capital to donna caused a few buildings to collapse it's a 2nd earthquake to strike albania in the last few months the last one in september measured $5.00 and damaged hundreds of homes stephanie decker al-jazeera lisa marie novich has more from duras one of the worst hit cities. for this is actually . one trying over rescue mission here we can see not only police and fire
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fighters and army staff from albania but also from older neighboring countries who are helping them to try to locate the survivors in this moment in duress are 6 buildings like this which are totally collapsed on the other hands and most of them are rarely damage and people who are on the streets from the small morning they cannot go back because in the last 12 hours siri of smaller earthquakes hit this area and people are afraid that these buildings more lost. hong kong's leader has spoken for the 1st time since pro-democracy candidates claimed victory in sunday's district council elections carried knowledge the discontent that the terror is pro china government has set up in paid an independent rather committee to investigate the causes of the on wrist scott hardly has. there still anger and frustration on hong kong streets after the landslide victory for
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pro-democracy candidates in the district council election but for the most part it's been peaceful. for the 1st time since the results were announced hong kong's chief executive kerri lamb appeared in person including deficiencies in governance including unhappiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment and of course to end this so i said that we will seriously reflect on these views expressed to us and improve governance in the field of our work pro-democracy supporter chante why was the underdog in the fight for his district seat but he won beating a rising star in the largest pro beijing party going though there was a political awakening among the people because of the ongoing protests. and if you ever meet or chan has one message for kerry lam about how about 5 demands not one
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less. he was he would never promise. his fellow newly elected councillors have already gone out to voice the changes they were voted to front gathering at the hong kong polytechnic university where a handful of protesters are still holed up after this resoundingly message coming out of the elections to the government here some feel that the next move is with beijing to make some changes but that it's highly unlikely to happen it would seem to make sense to beijing say let's let's spend a little bit let's see what we can produce they propose some political reform in the past maybe they could reintroduce not take a step further and more accountable chief executive the problem is that that's not that's not the beijing mindset that mindset remains firmly set on control and the mindset of a frontline protester called wave is equally set she scaled down a rope to escape the siege at polytechnic university who said it is not a matter of being
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a hardcore protest there are not is that i need to receive and how the government we are defective and they should make a response. the response from the people of hong kong was at the ballot box but that so far has only been met with words from the hong kong government scotland al-jazeera hong kong. still ahead on al-jazeera this water that you see here is salty water from the lagoon when venice is located and that causes enormous damage . europe's floating city underwater off the record flooding. protest outside georgia's power but turns violent just calls for government leaders to resign growing louder. and that is still a famous account showing up on the satellite for the middle east
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a bulk of it really was no of an east away from come. that is the rain instead will continue to work its way actually through northern areas of pakistan as we head through wednesday then you notice the rain and the snow heading from the west heading across through much of turkey bringing some showers likely to the eastern end of the med 22 celsius embury with their shadows 21 foes a little bit cooler but you'll notice this rain working its way then on into northern sections of iraq and also working its way across into georgia some cloud pushing into western areas of iran just 12 celsius your high the entire now for wednesday not a bad day generate through much of even peninsula we could just see maybe a shower into these coastal areas of yemen but elsewhere too much as a come back up to some pretty good levels 26 in riyadh and doha for wednesday by thursday we could then just say that same system further to the north sweeping south was maybe just kicking us in sunday and thus that it could also just bring a stray shower i mean major sea wanted to shows through the know the gulf as well
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but still pretty woman $27.00 and home on thursday then down into southern africa dry through much of south africa where do the bulk of the rains to the north and go on towards mozambique and warm in cape town at 24. al jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't use the word bribe we'll just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today. than the price will go to all of them involving some of the region's highest officials. algis their investigations diplomats for sale.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. 2 people have been killed as a standoff continues between protesters and un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo thousands of demonstrators and towards a u.n. base near benny angry about an increasing number of attacks by rebels are accusing the peacekeepers of failing to protect the. kids like a prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to be part of any new government he's called on president bush to immediately call for consultations to designate a new leader every resigned last month after a nationwide anti-government protests. a powerful earthquake has hit albania killing at least 18 people aftershocks are continuing as rescue crews search for
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survivors. 28 people have been arrested in georgia's capital tbilisi as protesters there tried to block politicians from entering paula but riot police used board. cannon to force demonstrators from storming the building opposition and civil society members have been protesting for weeks they calling for a snap election and demanding an overhaul of the electoral system which they cited favors the ruling party up in farsi walker was at the protest outside palma to tbilisi. right now there's a crowd over to my right in front of the parliament still there with their placards assembled. a collection of civil society groups and different opposition parties and they plan to keep up their protest to keep reminding the governing party that they were next on the promise of electoral reform i should add that m.p.'s have been able to enter the building governing party and these they have held
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a session this morning and the speaker of parliament said that it was time to get on with business and that things should not be allowed to disturb our work that people are expecting us to get on with our jobs but there is also concern constellation amongst m.p.'s who are in those who resigned from government after that vote the other week against electoral reform who is saying you know. it's it's time to acknowledge that there are a lot of angry georgians out on the streets and that there is a need for compromise we know that the diplomatic community is western partners have been urging the government to move forward on compromise that is what we're hoping will happen in the coming days ahead because the opposition says they are going to continue their protests outside parliament. in malta 2 government ministers have resigned in connection with the scandal involving the murder of
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a journalist the prime minister's chief of staff also quit as police searched his home and reporter daphne car while the delete c.e.o. was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago while investigating corruption between politicians and business executives turkey's defense ministry says 17 people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the northeastern syrian town of russell on its blaming kurdish armed group the y p g 4 the attacked kurdish fighters withdrew from the border town last month under a cease fire deal brokered by the u.s. another 7 people were injured earlier on tuesday when a car bomb blew up in the northern town of afrin. tens of thousands of people are struggling to cope with flooding and landslides in northwestern kenya at least 58 people have been killed in the past few days relief teams have been slow to reach the region as some roads and bridges have been cut off by flooding several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is forecast 100 hours that
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a camp for displaced people in the village of in your coolie and in northwestern kenya. this people of lost almost everything they owned their homes crops on livestock they came here 7000 of them seeking shelter from a repeat of the disaster they faced also to try and get help and that help husband there is slow in rooting them the roads and bridges leading to this area have been swamped by the torrential floods and the government is trying to repair them but it is a painstaking process that is slow even further by the continued rainfall for these people some of them the last of their loved ones has been the most profound of losses for them we spoke to people who lost 3 to 4 family members and still have some of their relatives admitted to the hospital in. that is the headquarters of the region and they are saying some of them have had even spinal
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injuries now these people are not getting much help right now and they say they need tends to ward off the cold mites blankets but above all feel good and water so far they have had a medical team coming from the biggest hospital in this region coming to them and talking to the medical workers they told us that most of the people i've been through to force pertinent diseases iraqi forces have fired at protesters killing at least one a new jury in baghdad demonstrators were throwing rocks at security forces from behind make shift security barricades in the heart of the capital the unrest is the latest in 2 months of protests demanding a new government and improvements to living standards purchased through in southern iraq road blocks burning tires in the cities of basra and some are up protestors have blocked government employees from going to work for days now at least 350
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iraqi civilians killed and 15000 wounded since the latest nationwide protests started 8 weeks ago. u.s. state department officials have met with libyan warlord holy for half to offer talks a statement says the meeting on november the 24th discussed the steps to achieve a suspension of hostilities and a political resolution to the libyan conflict the frank discussions build on recent talks with tripoli boast officials the only is to establish a common basis for progress between the parties on the issues that divide them these include concrete efforts to address militias and extremist elements and the distribution of resources so they benefit all libyans are one who has more from the libyan capital this meeting is according to many analysts is. resulting in a very strong statement calling on the warlord hafer have to to stop hostilities
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and return to the peaceful negotiations to end the libyan crisis remember in back in april the security of a state might promptly you called on have to. retreat and to stop the military escalation in southern tripoli and since then this is the 1st american statement to. lake is said to address a stronger statement to have to stop the military hostilities and return to their peaceful negotiations but the question now is whether or not this meeting is going to take it will contribute to end the conflict in southern tripoli unless the united states will address the countries involved in fueling the conflict in libya like russia a united arab emirates and egypt. thousands of palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank you have rallied in the so-called day of rage against the u.s.
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decision to recognize israeli settlements as legal palestinians condemn the move while the un and many other countries have said they'll continue to consider settlements illegal and it all has to go to pace it bring him was that those protests in obama in the occupied west bank. protesters have turned up here today and we have a league of israeli settlement. in what is known here as a day of rage they are protesting what they say is the american shift of policy last monday by u.s. secretary of state's why pompei o has said the baby was no longer considers israeli settlements a violation of international law our world and they are with us it's a coup for palestinians to unite we want to show you the israeli occupation that we stand here united in process injuring confrontations protests have started in the sometimes of towns across the occupied west bank the palestinian authority urged people to take the streets were school am public institutions were given the.
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minute they got on the remarks by the u.s. administration with a concern in jerusalem or israeli settlements are widely denounced by all sectors and palestinians earlier on tuesday a 36 year old palestinian side has passed away in israeli custody he's been sick with cancer and was not allowed to spend his final days with his family sami is the 5th palestinian to die in israeli custody since january although the calls for podesta were to me before him the way his issue of the to me the scene is very important and high on the palestinian. pakistan's supreme court has taken a step towards blocking the chief of the army from serving a 2nd term from mr john grant a general. extension in august citing security concerns especially over the disputed territory of kashmir was 1st to end on friday judges say they need more
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evidence to show that the extension is justified kamal hyder rescind islam about their t.v. judge. dan took up a red drawl application and a protection that works. against the extension granted to the pakistani military. now although this was a draw application and added your to its foundation which had filed an application wanted it to be drawn the chief justice decided to take this up and what he said was the public interest it is going to be important to see whether the court ruling on procedural matters because the t.v. judge did decided to suspend that notification issued by the pakistani prime minister earlier on the 19th of august which granted general. bargewell an extension because of the extraordinary situation prevailing after the unilateral
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action by india over the indication of course we are 2 countries to the words of war so all eyes will now be on the court but it appears that this is a procedural matter because the attorney general was not able to satisfy the court at the read that the procedure adopted for the extension was correct it would need permission and of course the nord of approval from the pakistani president so the next 24 hours will be important and it will be important to see where that this is just a procedural matter or whether it is more than that. more than a median indigenous people across india fighting for their right to live in the forests india's supreme court is expected to decide whether they will be allowed to start some conservationists and politicians argue the forest will is damage the environment and so for has more from brown performers to protest forests like these
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have been home to the indigenous people of india for generations they eat what they grow drink from the stream and worship nature as their ancestors did is enough they say in fact much better than being subjected to open squalor that they have seen their neighbors and friends those who were forced out of the forests go through this say that they thought that their rights to live of the forests was finally guaranteed under the forest rights act back in 2006 but since the court order fear has lingered in this community now they allege that the authorities are going to use turning the forests into a sanctuary for wildlife as an excuse to benefit themselves and the corporates they favor flooding continues to hit the italian city of venice it's sustained heavy damage after several floods in the past month the mayor has estimated the repair bill will be a $1000000000.00 so on a good reason suboxone square in venice and explains why the damage is so extensive . at high tides the city of venice continues to flood particularly in areas
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such as mark's square and you can see behind me while there is a sense of normality continuing people going about their daily business tours still visiting the area it is causing an enormous amount of damage because this water that you see here is salty water from the lagoon webb venice is located and that causes enormous damage to the buildings here the cultural treasures such as mount basilica behind me here the mayor of venice has said already more than a $1000000000.00 worth of damage has been done that's what's known so far however the full extent of that will be known in the months to come but residents here are angered and say that there must be more to protect the city from these continual high tides they blame the cruise ships which they say how close they deal with damage to the bed of the lagoon but also the underwater damming system that was supposed to be completed in 2011 but that's
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a project that's been mired in corruption scandals which $35.00 people were arrested over they say that that has to be revisited because that in itself has done extensive damage to the bed of the lagoon and that requires a look at. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories 2 people have been killed as the standoff continues between protesters and u.n. peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo thousands of demonstrators are toward you were. angry about an increasing number of attacks by rebels and they're accusing the peacekeepers of fighting to protect al-jazeera is a lie and your county has been closely following the story and betty. it has been raining heavily is this morning but you can still. you can still see this people 100000 1 protesters they are coming. and you see them 200 after more than
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one were going and coming back to the same position to the same block which was just set up this morning by local 4 forces trying to protect the line which is taking people straight to the 2nd u.n. military is at the airport of spin so they are really 5 in because it really raining here but they did launch going back home they did not discourage they are determined they said that we will call we will cross displace we will finally take over the biz of the u.n. and elsewhere in the sea at least 45 people have been killed as floodwaters swept through hollins to enter ryan hit the capital kinshasa causing landslides the severe flooding is stressed across much of central africa and left hundreds of thousands in need of humanitarian aid. tens of thousands of people are struggling
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to cope with flooding and landslides in northwestern kenya at least 58 people have been killed in the past few days relief teams have been slow to reach the region as some roads and bridges have been cut off by flooding lebanon's caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to be loyal to lead a new government he's called on president bush 00 and to immediately call for consultations to designate a new leader ri-ri resigned last month after nationwide anti-government protests. a powerful earthquake has hit albania killing at least 18 people aftershocks are continuing as rescue crews search for survivors those the headlines unused continues here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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u.n. buildings are set on fire and u.n. peacekeepers told to go home protesters in democratic republic of congo say they're not storing the a child and not protecting civilians from madras rebel attacks so what's gone wrong all u.n. troops really failing the congolese this is inside story. however and welcome to the program i'm the stasi attacking the democratic republic of congo has suffered from war rebel attacks and deadly diseases for decades but the situation has deteriorated even for.


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