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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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unscripted on al jazeera. on iraq protesters the fi a curfew in the b.r.c. and target u.n. peacekeepers for a 2nd day with accusations they failed to protect them. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera life from london also coming up as anti-government protests continue in lebanon caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to lead the next government at least 20 people r.q. the hundreds injured as albania suffers its worst earthquake in decades.
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and facing hackles from protesters and criticism from the chief rabbi but the u.k.'s opposition leader insists there is no place for anti-semitism in his party. thank you for joining us crowds of people accusing un peacekeepers of failing to protect them from rebel attacks are still out on the streets in eastern democratic republic of congo they are defying a curfew imposed after a 2nd day of protest there's been a standoff between hundreds of protesters and u.n. forces just outside the town of benny 2 people were killed on tuesday one as protesters try to march towards an airport where the peacekeepers are based people are angry at u.n. forces for failing to protect them from an increasing number of attacks by rebel groups in the area 4 people were killed. on monday as protesters attacked u.n.
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compounds and set fire to the town hall violence has forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its staff from benny in the middle of an ebola outbreak but that warns that the instability will most certainly lead to an increase in ebola cases alexy o'brien has more. around 18000 u.n. peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians went on the attack themselves at a u.n. compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to fulfill their mandate un support. but we never see the place. where what we were done we don't want them just their young. peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of benny while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these
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u.n. people are still here we will bring us again and more places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted u.n. forces and congolese troops. go as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich region in there is it incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this peacekeeping force persists in the d.r. see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this latest ngo was triggered on saturday after 8 people were killed in
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attacks blamed on rebels the at rest bridge to nearby batam and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and has stepped up patrols but the congolese army and the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our. our movements and preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead and prevent the situation the un waste has forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its staff from benny their doctors a struggling to contain and now the ebola outbreak the w.h.o. war the instability almost station related to an increase in the bowl of patients alex here brian al-jazeera. well catherine sawyer joins us live now from goma so katherine 1st of all what's the latest on the demonstrators that i presume are
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still defying the curfew. while it's still quite tense in beni and the neighboring town called with tam war we've seen running battles all morning through to the afternoon in with him war angry young men attacked. we're told by and a un vehicle and also a government office in beni. are the protesters took to the streets they blocked roads and as you mentioned in that interim in the story that had just aired they were trying to get to a very important military base very near the airport and it's also a major logistics hub there were repulsed by soldiers here in goma are there also protests in the morning in support of what's going on in beni we're also being told that 2 people were killed one in beni and one in britain both of the situation still continues to be quite tense and it's also important to note also that there
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is also a lot of concern because tomorrow there's going to be a burial of one of the protesters this young man who was one of the organizers of the protest was shot by a police officer on saturday that police officer was also killed on the same day about angry mob so protesters now are saying that tomorrow before the burial they're going to march around the city with that body and hold sort of a rally to pay tribute to him so there's a lot of concern that this tension that is already there is just going to escalate . and catherine is we've been hearing because of the violence and instability now the world health organization has pulled about a 3rd of its staff from many this of course in the middle of the battle that they're fighting against a bolo what impact could that have on the i guess trying to contain another ebola outbreak. a serious impact i mean this the world
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health organization really is in the forefront of responding to the boiler crisis and as you mentioned dozens of its staff has been have been pulled back from areas particularly that are considered strong all the other humanitarians particularly from the the child agency the u.n. child agency unicef have also been evacuated operations have been scaled down and this is quite detrimental because just to just to give you one example we were in beni 2 weeks ago and we filmed with this our contact traces now contact traces are the volunteers who look for and more nita are people who have been in contact with a bullet patient so that could be affected because they go into villages making sure that these people are right morning tearing them for 21 days before declaring them a bowl of free food that has been affected as well so we're not just talking about here barbara we're not just talking about a security situation we're not just talking about a.d.f.
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or both coming into villages and killing people for brutally or other rebels who are already entrenched in villages and attacking health workers in various areas now we're talking about a serious situation where if one person gets affected he couldn't they could he or she could infect many more and now there is no one to mourn eaters that in the short term so a lot of health workers that we're talking to us saying that this situation needs to be contained because if it's not another. case of a ball a spike then they will be very difficult to contain deborah catherine soil with the latest on the situation peter from goma catherine thank you. well elsewhere in the democratic republic of congo at least 45 people have been killed overnight by severe flooding to renshaw rain hit the capital kinshasa causing landslides while floodwaters swept through homes rescue workers are continuing to search for bodies severe flooding has affected much of central africa with hundreds of thousands in
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need of humanitarian aid. lebanon's caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't want to be part of any new government he was forced to resign last month after anti-government protests swept across the country saying ahold of reports. yet more turmoil and even more uncertainty in lebanon following 2 months of nationwide protests against the political establishment caretaker prime minister saddam had 80 who submitted his resignation a month ago has said he no longer wants to head a new government in a statement he said he is moving out of the way after those in power accused him of preventing a solution analysts say howdy may be maneuvering not only does he have international standing and support but he is the leader of the sunni community in lebanon. it was clear he didn't agree to the conditions the names the other camp insisted on there are certain faces he doesn't want in his government and he's insisting on an
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independent government and through his stances he's trying to regain popularity. how does this isn't followed 2 nights of violence supporters of the ruling elite in particular parties i'm a little hezbollah are projected their strengths are the streets they drove through neighborhoods armed with metal rods and clubs resorting to violence in what appears to be an attempt to push a political agenda obviously the government is not willing to engage is not willing to listen to the to the people and this is why we are finding more and more pressure there on the pressure we're finding more and more aggressive rhetorical and even their own people taking the streets to try to counterbalance to engage in a counter revolution kind of kind of approach. hezbollah has been defending the status quo the iranian backed group is worried that if it is left out of the government it would weaken its power protesters are demanding independent
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politicians govern until early elections. tensions are escalating sources close to the president say he will hold binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister on thursday that could be a tactic to pressure how do you need to change his position or the ruling alliance may push ahead with what. it will be seen as a one sided government. such a government would risk being perceived as hezbollah controlled and could face sanctions from the u.s. which lists this group a terrorist organization it's a dangerous period without a deal that will satisfy all parties for their violence is likely to settle their beirut. at least 20 people have been killed by the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital tirana and cities in the
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west and north injuring more than 600 people rescue crews are still searching for survivors trapped under the rubble the quake is the 2nd to his albanian 2 months and was followed by a 100 aftershocks well the epicenter of the earthquake was in the coastal city of duress 36 kilometers from the capital the region is one of the areas where state john psaropoulos joins us live and now it john when i last spoke to you about half an hour ago i rescuers were trying to dig out a man that they thought was. trapped in rubble behind you is there any more on gradual any other rescue operations ongoing you know. that operation is ongoing there is a 40 year old man from kosovo he was staying at this 4 story hotel that collapsed at 4 o'clock this morning he is the only person thought to be in. all real life apparently people we spoke to have told us that there were many early tremors
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before the main trauma hit at 4 o'clock in the morning and those started at 10 o'clock on monday evening apparently many people were frightened by those they remembered a similar earthquake that happened back at the end of august they didn't want to take their chances inside their build. and they left a half a dozen clients of this hotel walked out in the late hours of monday and they were saved as a result when this hotel collapsed one person was rescued alive another person was pulled out dead there is one more known to be in there and this is one of 7 buildings nationwide. that are known to have collapsed and where similar operations to this one are ongoing and john it is of course getting a doc there will be night time soon you know what are people doing tonight are most people going to go back to their homes. you know i think
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many thousands of people are afraid to go back to the. in toronto the mayor told me earlier on the phone there are at least 500 buildings that are structurally damaged or have collapsed not multi-story ones like this but individual homes the city of tirana has set up shelters for them to stay in some of them are going to stay in tents on the outskirts of the city near their flocks of sheep and goats. in this city of duress one municipal worker told us he thinks about 3000 families are going to not risk going back to their apartment buildings over night and he says many people have been sleeping in there because it will stations and from. high rise construction john psaropoulos with the latest in a do or a says they're after that earthquake the worst and 10 years in albania for the moment john thank you. now still to come here on al-jazeera tens of thousands of
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people are affected by floods in kenya that rescuers are fighting landslides to get to the worst hit areas and police fire water cannon in the center of tbilisi as protesters blockade parliament in a bid to get it to reform. well the south of france italy and greece of how today all for more than a day off of the heavy rain that rain went through the gene in 2 words turkey and a ball garia whether it's the potential flash floods are seen the reports are just mean it's the end of it there is a big circulation that here which is a sort of winter storm blog strong winds and heavy rains through southern britain northern france and still the potential for further heavy rain exists from the old nicely southwest of france and snow for the southern alps this is now
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a quiet spell of weather sounds really except the temperatures which of course have now come down to a more reasonable level for the time of year and if i take you on to thursday the rains transgressed from italy into the adriatic it started to get a bit stouts the italian alps again it's a lot so far and the wind is eases temp is maybe in the low teens anywhere from spain up to northern france but more reasonable i suppose that course some of that cloud does spin off we've 1st of all got showers for cross from libya maybe just touching north region going towards of the van and that's for wednesday and then possibly we'll see something develop further west on thursday the full cost more specifically still sunny for about 90 but it will cloudy into reason here and in the warmer than 22. al-jazeera world meets 2 arabs. left the middle east but for successful careers in
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other parts of the world. the lebanese kind of call the just turned on to brazil. and you're occupying the norwegian of the industry. unusual journeys leading to unexpected places. the dr but we'll move on al-jazeera. and now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera crowds of people are defying a curfew in eastern democratic republic of congo they're continuing to protest against peacekeepers who they say haven't protected them from rebel attacks
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lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he will not head the next government side everybody was still being considered even though he resigned last month in the face of protests and rescue teams are still searching for survivors after the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades 16 people were killed. up 212-0000 people have been affected by flooding and landslides in northwestern kenya 65 have died in the past 3 days the most recent deaths being 5 people in one car in the rift valley relief teams have been slow to reach the region a some roads and bridges have been cut off by the rain several east african nations are being hit by heavy rain and more is forecast scientists are blaming on hugely high temperatures in the indian ocean the home of the doe is at a camp for displaced people in the village of new york who yen in northwestern kenya. this people of lost almost everything they owned their homes crops on
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livestock they came here 7000 of them seeking shelter from a repeat of the disaster they faced also to try and get help and that help has been very slow in routing them the roads and bridges leading to this area have been swamped by the torrential floods and the government is trying to repair them but it is a painstaking process that is slowed even further by the continued rainfall for this people some of them the loss of their loved ones has been the most profound of losses for them we spoke to people who lost 3 to 4 family members and still have some of the relatives admitted to the hospital in. that is the head. region and they are saying some of them have had even spinal injuries now these people are not getting much help right now and they say they leave tend to ward off
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the cold mites blankets but above all fruit and water so for the had a medical team coming from the biggest hospital in this region coming to them and talking to the medical workers they told us that most of the people are being treated for his pertinent diseases iraqi officials say that 5 people have been killed and 13 others wounded in 3 separate explosions across back that it's not clear who was behind the attacks earlier on tuesday a protester was killed during clashes with security forces in the capital a demonstrator died after being hit in the face by a rubber bullet iraq has been rocked by nearly 2 months of often violent protests let's go live now to someone a falcon who is in baghdad says he want to 1st of all what is the latest that we know about these explosions. well we're still getting information but what we know so far is that 3 separate explosions occurred in baghdad in around at around the
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same time at 8 pm local time 2 of them where motorcycle bombs and one of them was an improvised explosive device and these explosions occurred in 3 different neighborhoods in baghdad. in the north as well as the security forces are still investigating who may have been behind these explosions as well as what the motives could be so we don't have any information on that at the moment but what is important to say that since since the defeat of the of eisel in iraq such explosions have gone down significantly in the capital but that we haven't really seen many of these so it is quite unusual and what is especially unusual is to see 3 of them go off at the same time in different areas of baghdad now we have seen in the past explosions going off in the capital to various reasons for example poorly kept arms depots exploding in the summer due to high. temperatures we've also seen
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id's occasionally exploding in the cities and of course we also have the occasional missile attacks that go in the direction of the green zone the so there are very many sources of insecurity in the capital baghdad but what is behind these exact explosions tonight is so far unknown and of course this comes after the country has seen months of protests on drugs of people have been care have died in those protests. corruption of the government the levels of unemployment tell us a little bit about the level of discontent in the country right now. well there is certainly no shortage of discontent across the country currently we have the protests that have gone on for almost 2 months predominantly in iraq she herself driven by widespread anger at the government due to lack of jobs corruption poor services which have really culminated into demands for the government to step down
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so that has been going on for for quite a while but of course it's unknown whether these explosions are related to the protest or if it is it is a completely unrelated incident that is something that we don't know yet so wonderful time with the latest on those explosions in baghdad thank you 28 people have been arrested in georgia's capital after protesters tried to stop government politicians entering parliament right police used water cannon to disperse the opposition supporters while been forced to walk or reports now from tbilisi. on tuesday police outnumbered protesters outside georgia's parliament a sign that this government is taking no chances and good by its failure to deliver promised electoral reform opposition protestors closed off the area to traffic and encircled parliament on monday a 2nd attempt to disrupt parliamentary business in less than
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a week ended with police dispersing crowds. inside the building there's a sense of siege electoral reform is officially no longer of discussion but in any case government m.p.'s have nobody to debate within the chamber. was it to some of the opposition parties are upset and they. have the right but those rights have limits and if they try to disrupt parliamentary business the government will have to respond in a done in way to 3 interactions see if the opposition comes back to doing. this is what the opposition boycotting this like empty seats instead of a piece for the government of course it's business as usual but with no opposition they'll be no debate no compromise and therefore at least in this chamber no way out of this political crisis is. outside in the cold the opposition admit there's another barrier to a break through
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a skeptical and through one of the main reasons is that there is a huge segment in georgia says how it is it is it is everywhere it's this current government they are liars and they are incompetent but they are afraid of the return of the previous government. because because they failed to secure. during said time and they don't want the same feeling to come back the opposition isn't just comprised of the form of government it's a broad coalition they must now find their own consensus on the street in the 1st. yeah how does it since. the prime minister of malta his chief of staff and 2 of his ministers have resigned as investigations into the murder of the journalist ethnic i want to intensify he thought schembri is understood to have a tough being taken in for questioning in relation to the case and police were seen entering one of his properties on tuesday the country's tourism and economy
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ministers of also stepped down investigative reporter duff that i want to say i was killed in a car bomb in 2017. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has confirmed that an iranian opposition activist has been killed in turkey in istanbul after defecting from iran masood lobby was shot dead in the street earlier this month masood mavi was assassinated in istanbul after he defected to turkey from iran the killing of mr malvo is yet another tragic example in a long string of suspected iran backed assess nation temps outside of iranian soil the regime's brutality and immorality no no international boundaries to the courageous people of iran who refused to say style in about 40 years of abuse by the root really regime i say simply this the united states hears you we support you and we will continue to stand with you in your struggle for
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a brighter future for your people and for your great nation. the latest now on the u.k. election and the country's chief rabbi has accused the opposition labor leadership of failing to stem anti semitism within the party the comments came as leader jeremy corbyn unveiled a new manifesto aimed at tackling racism barker reports from london. the labor leader came to deliver a manifesto on tackling racism but this is what awaited him. been accused of doing too little too late to rid the party of anti semitism this is the red book is a battle for the heart and soul of britain's black asian a minority ethnic groups but not a corbin's leadership labour's come under formal investigation for institutional racism against jews to jewish m.p.'s left the party citing bullying and corbin's been accused of embracing anti semites his comrades the labor party he said opposes
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all forms of racism there is no place whatsoever and to some of his men in any shape or form or in any place whatsoever in modern britain and under a labor government it will not be tolerated in any form what so ever i want to make that. turn the corner in hopes the release of this manifesto will help tackle bigotry racism and prejudice but despite the number of times he and his fellow m.p.'s denounce anti semitism is a message that fails to convince many british or jewish voters in an article with the times newspaper britain's chief rabbi ephram meir this accuse corbin of a failure of leadership a new poison sanction from the top peace said has taken root in the labor party supporters including the labor peer. and fled to the u.k. to escape the nazis has been quick to defend him labor party base and faith manifesto has some excellent things in it we've got to get that out to people in
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the country the minority groups and countries. the to the to the jewish community to the muslim community and others really get it out and say to them look this is where we stand on this issue and i will say about that idea i do think it is a very serious business when the chief rabbi speaks is as he. was quick to respond to the chief rabbi his comments denouncing what he called a virus in the labor party but johnson to face these accusations of racism describing muslim women who wear the burka as letterboxes a recent poll found that nearly half of conservative voters would not want a muslim as prime minister. the conservative party has a situational and systemic problem with islamophobia that it consistently fails to tackle racism is right in society unimpeachable parties left and right as you said no form of racism is acceptable all political parties must commit to addressing the concerns that have been raised about racism in their respective parties while
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britain's 2 main parties trade accusations of racism every said didn't a london underground network it received widespread praise a muslim woman stepped in to defend a jewish man and his children racist abuse. in the midst of britain's fierce political debate these are the kinds of values many would prefer the country's leaders to more clearly display. these are the top stories on al-jazeera crowds are defying a curfew in eastern democratic republic of congo to maintain their protest against un peacekeepers they say the forces of failed to protect them from rebel attacks earlier 2 people died during demonstrations the world health organization has evacuated dozens of staff working on the ebola epidemic centered on the search area
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. rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors after the most powerful earthquake to hit in decades at least 20 people were killed when the tremor toppled buildings in the capital tirana and across the north and west of the country. this is actually true or one trying over to rescue a mission here we can see not only police and firefighters and army stuff from albania but also from older neighboring countries which are helping them to try to locate the survivors in this moment in duress are 6 buildings like this which are totally collapsed on the other hand most of them are seriously damage and people who are in the streets from the small morning they cannot go back because in the last 12 hours siri of smaller earthquakes hit this area and people are afraid that these buildings more lost lebanon's outgoing prime minister who was
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forced out by protests says he will not head to the next government saad hariri resigned last month but was still being considered to carry on leading the country tens of thousands of people are still displaced after widespread flooding in eastern africa 65 people have died in the past 3 days in kenya alone and relief teams have been slow to reach affected regions because some roads and bridges have been cut off by landslides. police in georgia have used water cannon to stop protesters attempts to block politicians from entering the country's parliament they're campaigning for a change to a proportional electoral system these are the top stories a stay with us the stream is next asking what do women launching businesses in africa need more news after all.
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how willing changing enterprise across africa what war can be done to spur others to success that's one of the key questions being asked at the global agenda summit in the wind i feel me ok i really could be today 3 women entrepreneurs join us from the conference to talk about how they run successful companies in the business environment that still favor some and then your thoughts are twitter and you to. kigali is the setting for this year's global agenda summit marking the 1st time that the event is being held in an african country organizes.


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