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tv   Arabs Abroad The Doctor The Oilman  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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isn't loses in cambodia. fun how does iraq. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera crowds of people accusing un peacekeepers of failing to protect them from rebel attacks are still out on the streets in eastern democratic republic of congo they are defying a curfew imposed for a 2nd day of protests after a 2nd day 2 people were killed on tuesday alexey o'brien reports. around 18000 u.n. peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians went on the attack themselves at
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a u.n. compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to fulfill their mandate. but we never see the place. where what we were. just. peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of benny while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these u.n. people are still here we will be in it again and more places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted u.n. forces and congolese troops. as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including
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the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich region in their lives it incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this peacekeeping force persists in the d.r. see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this. latest anger was triggered on saturday after 8 people were killed in attacks blamed on rebels the at rest to nearby batam bow and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and its stepped up patrols but the congolese army and the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our. our movements and preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead and reveal the situation the un waste is forced the world health organization to
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pull almost a 3rd of its staff from benny they dumped is struggling to contain and now the ebola outbreak the w.h.o. war the instability almost certainly lead to an increase in the bowl of patients alexia brian al jazeera. at least 20 people have been killed by the most powerful earthquake to hit how baby in decades the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital tirana and cities in the west and north injuring more than 600 people rescue crews are still searching for survivors trapped under the rubble the quake is the 2nd to hit albania in 2 months and was followed by a 100 aftershocks. tens of thousands of people are still displaced by widespread flooding in eastern africa 65 have died in the past 3 days in kenya alone relief teams have been slow to reach the region because some roads and bridges have been cut off by the rain and landslides lebanon's outgoing prime minister who was forced
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out by protests says he will not head the next government saturday resigned last month but was still being considered to carry on leading the country lebanon has been gripped by protests for more than a month president michel aoun has been urged to name a new pm quickly as an economic crisis miles. 28 people were arrested in georgia's capital when protesters tried to stop government politicians from entering parliament police used water kavin to break up the protests there campaigning for a change to a proportional electoral system the protests have been running for 2 weeks those are the top stories that stay with us coming up next our jazeera world looks at 2 arab the success stories overseas in arabs abroad the doctor and the oil man thanks for watching and i.
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in every part of the world there are stories of arab and me gratian people leave for many different reasons some are just keeping oppression or persecution others seek educational opportunities but others are driven by a simple quest to see more of the world. we meet iraq each other just follow. the channel to norway 5 decades ago seeking specialist medical treatment for his
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baby son. today he has a place in history on earth in a museum as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry. to brazil to meet petro tobias' a lebanese gynecologist breast cancer specialist and a former regional president of the brazilian social democratic party and part of the state of south power. with modern. man. minute the bill of man lots of basho sentiment of man no happy hour for us oh need come never to be by. the gentle guidance are we. on i love poor
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man i think for me then worship team i meant i had my own exactly we're going to share our moment. it is then syria. the source comes but didn't name. the source vocal soft. june at this house but for now so thank god hockey national all but over those either. won't get in. who it comes simply get home. all where had been a quickie anikin into her then me on it i don't need the shot it was see now at the end of may i don't. care who it had been on a smooth. can't raise that as the ballot that i would have taken to me al but idea what it did in the. bible
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to france it sounds happy. but my you who do you really. can't go on. what you do should stop going to heck no one is going to help. my shop with a one of us book but it is the end of me and no. way i dont plushenko want dad to be here at all but i'm sure i'll have a page out of the. clinic. it will give the of. facing who are those that i want to solving he even our mantra be some working cell some of things all those ha leftists or the settlement i don't have to see it consider one but a miracle may egypt for you this game can all stop was
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a bus for support each year and thrown his call him lord jesus he won't be going to that out of it they are born pulled the wool of love us i. was unfair there was fear no magic man of yours it is no more i got to meet seen on the moment my whole capital plus phone 2 more before i had dreamed doing that name she had played by the army. but the amount of powdery. almost. surely. mr ashley. danny she. added i mean.
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these hospitals are northwest of sao paolo a city whose famous son the legendary brazilian footballer. the maternity hospital is a much needed facility which was championed by a doctor and politician better toby. who was a bit the if you need the mistakes for political gain. for all but the most are. my few who are there for you are getting a stash but no more stories on mars. bars. on mars will grow up some paul martin some border robberies but since for your movie you know what we're. going to see more into the view.
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zach and i share is it like here here or me just. the family is not of the. me me. you know what i'm going. to be nice. went down the line and i might be. attacked by beings who. is systemic that will somehow all.
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be. more going to. allow peek myself. i'm about my little. set up on top of. the dough to be any of this i would then want to stand. still. be. my mom i'll be. here. but i. won't be a cheap shot. say i'd. heard. that if she didn't. dr toby esque could have worked as a doctor all of his life indeed as a medic he was one of the 1st to volunteer with the international charity doctors
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without borders his commitment has taken him from europe to asia and south america later he chose a 2nd carrying 1000 would work hand in hand with medicine a life in politics beckons for the young doctor. can hire the end of the welcome but again. the. while a desire here can there had been. there had. been. the hullabaloo a.b.c.'s g m m m o i left medico we don't have a dog stays he had a lemon one a proud moment to come so i mean i was a different from the boredom of. last through we had been an. hour and i with no shirt on i. if.
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dismantle as. humble bit of. every liberal he has been our. while i'm out of the had a passion. on to brazil but i'd hate to. be a hollow salad with the whole new. hack and the whole of the rule of power here that while our modern era. as a member of the. me a bit of it i was. one
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has it be. me. what shop. do. i had to. let relieve. liberal views to the masses you daddy but their votes didn't be companion romit bill to do. is get symbols. used to. act. a moment. by moment akmal really. hear that rain is. not about rational.
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they're. not even pushy evil person even when you know that if you really think you're going to feel good at washington's. fight at pre-marked relinking can do that depends divisive you. can do that but it's not going to the. general glow. of. looking forward to retirement dr kobi asked face the choice having thrown his hat in the political ring with candid it set out to our command in 2018 he knew that if his friends presidential campaign last he faced several more years in politics there
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are serious in you have to be. but the. last year i'll do all. the regime what he stuck around about but the pressure that. who are who are. nice to me. now listen. you still e-mail you still really to say. and. by. then i'm not. a kid. who are but i was you have another amalia mr moll the sadly any unless you have some hollow. of your sock have the sad reality of.
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some how many i know about are examined by month on no drug to salve sob you are limited on those not suck i am and i. will be able to be as a stockholder. but i. get serious a suit will stand a been if you sue but as you a been if you sued the. doctor to b.s. has dedicated his life to helping others whether through his medical practice or in his political career and holding down 2 full time jobs has put pressure on his lack life balance and not include his family life. god team should look to.
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have been to haiti but i'm a check here would see you. have done better and where you came the blue. water will hear me on a mound. that he really was a myth. bellow the motto regime up is that the fall to the pit is in suffuse again a simple study we debate is a then the we've got the end song yes. he sees the same thing also what you think they didn't choose what i mean by you who i thought of as this is the bali stuff as a. kid but i'm attacking. her many my home and i've had. a lot national and the harmony years.
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ballot but mini me and my to the left my watch it can disappear that no adult will see is him every other kid will bear. the left but from my love sort my homie watched a little commando. just keep babbling misdeed obama last on that not. all that and when one. less from a dash is a few years out of our budget she must bomb and i some dear mama. today b.s. continues to practice as a doctor involved not far from the city of south. in the 20. 18 presidential elections he campaigned for his friend general document and failed in his bid to
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become press else president. b.s. then stepped back from politics to default on his energies to his medical care here and his family. and close to the iraqi geologist to travel to norway seeking medical help for the baby son of today he has a place in history on earth as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure of a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we
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have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations author most impactful. yet. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok ok. a little more complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going to mark the walk because of the work you're doing here is amazing fanfare at so many fossils and it feels like this is just a day into what was your relationship with joe not normal or ok.
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this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. hello i'm barbara starr in london and these are the top stories on al-jazeera crowds are defying a curfew in eastern democratic republic of congo to maintain their protest against the un peacekeepers they say the forces of failed to protect them from rebel attacks earlier 2 people died during demonstrations the world health organization has evacuated dozens of staff working on the bullet but that make centered on the same area. rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors after the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades at least 20 people were killed when
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the 6.4 magnitude quake toppled buildings in the capital tirana and across the north and west of the country john psaropoulos is in duress which is one of the worst hit areas when this hotel collapsed one person was rescued alive another person was pulled out that there is one more known to be in the and this is one of 7 buildings nationwide. that are known to have collapsed and where similar operations to this one are ongoing. lebanon's outgoing prime minister who was forced out by protests says he will not head the next government said that he resigned last month but was still being considered to carry on leading the country president michel has been urged to name a new pm quickly as an economic crisis mounts tens of thousands of people are still displaced by widespread flooding in eastern africa 65 people have died in the past 3 days in kenya alone relief teams have been slow to reach affected regions because
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some roads and bridges have been cut off by landslides somalia ethiopia and tanzania have also been hit by heavy rain with more forecast police in georgia have used water cannon to stop protesters attempts to block politicians from entering the country's parliament there campaigning for a change to a proportional electoral system and the prime minister of malta as chief of staff and 2 of his ministers have resigned as investigations into the murder of a journalist intensify he schembri is understood to have been taken in for questioning in relation to the case the tourism and economy ministers of also step down the investigative reporter daphne cutter when they see it was killed in a car bomb in 2017 those are the top stories al-jazeera world continues next.
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for some people the decision to move to a different country is a very deliberate one for others chance is a major factor and when opportunities do are rise it can also be about being in the right place at the right time. geologist carson was living in iraq with a young family this was some 50 years ago and young had no intention of leaving a good job in iraq. but then events took over. the other room not always out here for a. while and. one of the file of us off. my little beer while i was at the moment what kind of to me to a fall out of a don't fit our. daughter but i only of course saw her no i said no my
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a.t.m. . sylvia. be doing and if you have a much cleaner. than a reach for. me or mine in a city in. canada. to do a few bodily. mathile ball to have coffee or ill will or. to pump up the do check and wish to mind the regime
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come up talk to them. when muslim i want to hug them you and me and all i are to call my mom former she sure or fear for you would with the. car the aim. is of any italian men into. we have been colleagues for quite some time. i started in 1978. to 1090 when he departed we were. working close together and even though he is coming from another kind of quarterback on i don't think he had on the problems of adapting to reach your life . through qalat or sees it differently.
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in the each kind of. to get uptight to walk past. a con with i would deem unusual form or bought in a felon. if they are seen. these mean just done for them. the substantial fee for the jewel in the. con the theory. dasha oh yeah john wells. the managing it only.
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19000000 marius. we did have a less a tradition to work with foreigners of course and norway has been cooperating closely with friends sheehan english and german and us and other citizens. but fail a few from from the same middle east africa and other places so he was indeed a little strange person in that setting. but by his knowledge and way of working with us i think a prove that he was a very valuable person to us you have come an awful. how soon that. will almost a lot more oil is dire and you have martin and john and you know in the region so much to my knowledge as well as to what cosmopolitan. feel beyond me
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i shot him of what i can mark on. the map and salt in the way she sent me up once. qassam arrived in norway just when the country discovered huge oil resources off its coast he was a geologist who understood the oil business but more than this he had a vision of how norway's oil and gas could be extracted in a way that would benefit all norwegians in a manner that was back and environmentally sustainable. we've been doing patrol henri's also development for the last 50 years and. pretty early in our own experience taken out the petroleum resources a lot of other countries came knocking on our door to understand how we manage the resources and obviously we were lucky to have foraker already in the country come in in the late sixty's. he basically talked us
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a lot off. the nitty gritty soft patroller resource money coming from iraq. he was instrumental also in the storytelling and the experience transfer that to other nations will always come a canard initially ne. big. fear be die it's the how voice little more stock will have a latino. so you argile bullet. and you can do or mimic to be a monk that we haven't the how and the can arm and all. and all marketing a play or your job and you buy srong for you to have this the stock will. fix the wall to fear. mongers like dorothy.
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unfairly lead to a better system and a bill mitchell lean in no. that's very interesting is still all custom pertwee will just have to wait and she. say they'll cost him the best montalvo ensure well look i mean me. but 2nd hardly be at condell large almost get a shot so your friends near me. so here can know. we joined our mill iolo more can i ask them because here than i don't which would be. 4 sided i'm at. best and they are in the interim. come contortion more of a film stop and buy you a. few more stock about. the how did all the for. was indeed a bright future for all costs him he signed up for
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a month and ended up staying for good managing the resources of norway's petroleum directed it. noise management of its oil resources is the envy of the world with a sovereign wealth fund of over one trillion you asked on. a measure of his person of success is that today he is not simply f. is a turtle the norwegian petroleum museum a stab and he is in fact one of the exhibits all of them in new one is immune. no juice when your doctor is would you. pick up a wooden sword. have it or. a swipe mature again or. be a woman of her. as you believe and also your clubmen on your comments when they really. are. a pickup and my heart would have been
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clearer if you thought it. so she accounted 1200 then and no home in a. voter would egypt don't. own my home. job here and there was another union worker than look. you can see me and now i might have a heart but. i am. as guardian. norway has achieved what many countries tried but failed to do using its oil wealth to created jobs in a while class industry without damaging the environment perhaps the secret of norway's global success is not no return at all but an iraqi geologist named father
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who cut costs and mr fox. came to norway in a very important time in our development as an oil nation as well before before we started being produced at all and he poured in experience from a speck on iraq which turned out to be a very important in or the scion of a system for a total management in norway and so in many ways you can say it was a white person at right time when you arrived back in white and 168 he is in many ways the backbone of the norwegian petroleum administration in in the rigor that he he showed that his rigor read led to 2 results in 2 important dimensions
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in my opinion one is seen in the results of the fields you know in petroleum you have the disadvantage that you take an initiative and you see the results only 25 years later so now we can look back and it's a great pleasure. the fields have performed exceptionally well many of them billions of barrels have been gained by the initiative gas has not been freer after the 1st few months and the other dimension is to look at the people who were around and they've all done very well sure armor fell on them good. nice stop there and mr whitmire you shall we may in hum sourish mean we're in the near enough and long drawn. out. and i'm sure my man it will be unsaid there in a hunch a survey in an awful vision of
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a mountain. and the end of war surely cards. 60. having the teacher in the end no knives out at home my luck or who are tough enough still you who are furious to look for one's. own or have your tongue and or your stamina stamina limb. above man cock hello inside their homes other. than clearing carkner all humans are them. in a wall it took me years or has you come start us and our actions. by you either have him or him up oh no no no no no no i won't tell you from under her nose either
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the fallin in a town or one in couple. of corn a quart of his at home. if you walked on health and now we. stop and the other for. the old mob that. do it. comes twice from kathy in our family a lot of mind being. now not a creed. of our office. mr. feeney senate. and family plus. their government. just got a little mother cut off but it cannot reach. the men hey we shall. show off. as be one k. s.
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but oh you can come on on the mossad believe. would you want on fee also subject then dental canno yes. i mean come on you has your own minimal. leg said mildly at least canada's can do more than a kind of homemade condom one nor another we see it on the. and overheard my lear. or a. little less earth. sheer. of the. mess up your field my horn you know. and but they are too loud for the balloon come the moment over with genius because the next of the whole. a perfect has keys alarm and cornermen a sob in the act of wimberley or
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a lot of beer and i want to clear. it out. but how does mom below i'll agree a job only been on the ridge we're. going to. have come on monica and to some of the. best by the end my in this here. n.p.r. and his children grew up and integrated well into a norwegian society however after many years of marriage and his not reachin wife divorced. him did remarry a woman from his native iraq who faces many of the same problems that father himself faced when he arrived in norway many years earlier. and i might recall that. when. you know lois you some of. your colleagues she. has
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a photo you showed cumberland you were out of the sir you post to her did out quite work if you acted in you much my emotional fellow which saved a long war. at our own mouth so much or why lim why are also you. if you know up somewhat. own. a few not so look at how many of us when you clear out. do you child. and most of my d.h. i saw him out of. cedar can't hear it how. she really. miss you. now believe you 1st took the sims.
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mr lemon in the deed. ill in the weeds why did it i felt out i took on the pony when acts of big fierce business with any bar scene have him here all spotted on falcon the why in summer. when the less of a close they saw your tall for oh. i know it. my lot. got in there and though i was just a little bustle of my washing place of the. house
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given me an insight. his family life. and i've heard from consultant folk on. arab issues. when i worked with and with other arab countries. so there has been a very good help for me. we have been to the theatre together we have been to other things together here in norway which he seems to appreciate. so i think we may have given each other both of us a little bit of a. look
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at our house wow pleasurable you know do you hear from the creature. you know the other kids up the whole time fareed on what i mean he's a tough guy he didn't else i thought he would help a little more he thought and his heart automorphic or he saw that we didn't know we . had in mind to generate enough. command and how this could help it a calamity suttee shas in with amazing sama phaeton me any money a cell phone but or yeah i didn't know we were shopping. marketable whole appearance last tombstone. she could be
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and heavy in the whole. town. the inspiring story of iraq he geologist costs and. why his modest about his achievements he played a pivotal role in the success story that has benefited an entire nation. similarly through his lack as a doctor and politician in brazil federal talk b.s. has touched many on. their careers have brought enormous benefits to the people of their adopted countries and very different place. at cheve mints of both are truly remarkable.
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how they once again they picture a new south wales force that's off sandstorms the red dust over the road here this is in rural new south wales is a frontal system which when he says you can follow it here it went through said the star's way to brisbane on the satellite view when it went through sydney this was the picture it didn't just have the wind it had sunder and lightning and rain as well it was quite a squall some damage was done trees were rooted in the suburbs of sydney it's gone so they might get a few showers just in the. early part of wednesday i think we're back to generally fine weather temperatures in the low twenty's it's hotter further west it's up in the middle thirty's to purchase that are probably more or less be maintained to
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this slow drop in temperature that day or so and the whole of the constant now looks very fine but the hint of a few showers maybe northern territory will fall north of santa strata quite often these systems go across the tasman sea as you well know to use even this is no exception it's a very long stretch the rain seems like it's just coming to the south island probably a long way sized to be honest further north the sun is a nice warm $22.00 in oakland the river closing in the clouds comes thursday the temp doesn't take much of a difference but it would tumble and wellington's not far behind you at 19 but still cloudy. a $150000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from uk cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress made from blue jeans. to conserving the world's dwindling wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird
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migration watch group or 6 right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special low clouds on the planet after ice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks new polling shows 70 percent of americans believe president obama did something wrong regarding the story with detailed coverage for the $4000000.00 followers of the muslim brotherhood this is just a poll the city you put your ritual capital from around the world the yellow ribbon became a symbol of the 4 shots a lot of politicians were jailed for submission last month. does the mind play tricks a vampire is always parked right there or are they really out there you have a family by like to call up a monster and dragons here act like they're in the car the filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out the proximately $33120.00 pages of records and in the process
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mobilizes her community as long as people are the cause and there is no check against the junks the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the. al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes. on the protesters the fire curfew in the d.r. c n target u.n. peacekeepers for a 2nd day saying they failed to protect them. as anti-government protests continue in lebanon caretaker prime minister saad hariri says he doesn't.


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