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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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actually obliterate the economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. fully back to go this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes crowds of attacks u.n. compounds in the democratic republic of congo a war now keep targeting peacekeepers until all of them leave. more than 20 killed and hundreds injured by a powerful earthquake in albania that buried people under their homes also this hour a sectarian tensions rise lebanon's outgoing prime minister says is offering
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a solution by not standing again and at a film festival that's found itself caught up in the increasingly tense relationship between china and taiwan. thank you very much for joining us crowds of been targeting u.n. peacekeepers in the east of the democratic republic of congo say they won't stop until all of them leave they have been defying a curfew imposed after a 2nd night of violence accusing the peacekeepers of failing to protect them from rebels and o'brien reports. around 18000 un peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians went on the attack themselves at a un compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to fulfill their mandate un support it did. but we never see the police
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strong we want we don't we don't want them just they're young. peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of benny while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these u.n. people are still here we will bring us to give it me. places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted un forces and congolese troops. go as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich region in the visit incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this
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peacekeeping force persists in the d.r. see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this latest anger was triggered on saturday after 8 people were killed in attacks blamed on rebels the at rest bridge to nearby batam and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and has stepped up patrols with the congolese army in the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our rocking our movements and preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead and given the situation the un waste has forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its staff from benny where doctors struggling to contain another ebola outbreak the w.h.o.
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warns the instability almost solution related to an increase in the bowl of patients alexia brian al-jazeera. as alexie mentioned the protests have spread to the city of goma katherine sawyer is there and tells us more about what's going on the situation is still extremely tense in beni and. an. neighboring city into temple we're told protesters banged a u.n. vehicle in a government office in many angry young men on the street all morning through to the afternoon they were trying to get to a military base that is very close to the airport it's also a major logistics hub but they were passed by. soldiers there's also a lot of concern about what's going to happen on wednesday because there's going to be a burial of one of the process this was killed on saturday he was very popular and one of the organizers of the protest was shot dead by
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a police officer who himself was killed on the same day ban angela ward so there's concern that his burial is going to just escalate the tensions protestants are saying they're going to march around the safety of. his body is still a tribute to here in goma there was also part of this morning protesters were trying to get to another u.n. base but then they were repulsed by police it's important to note that the president. kennedy on monday authorized a joint military offensive a joint military operation by the u.n. and government soldiers against a.d.f. rebels but this doesn't seem to really appease the protesters there saying look the u.n. has been here for so long they're not protecting us we don't need them they're also saying that government. the government soldiers really are not organized that's why this this rebels even with an offensive going on coming back to the villages and
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killing them so brutally. earlier i spoke to. a political analysts in kinshasa the capital he told us that distrust of the united nations goals a long way. there are a lot of mixed feelings about the u.n. because. for the last 7810 years their been there trying to afford with the support and for the population. have hundreds of really reached the if they haven't really made it to make them feel that they have been successful. with these balls if he is there immediately the president and un or the security forces entered into a meeting and they have decided to to join or peroration in the east so that peace and some relief. is is recovered i believe that
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the 1st course in question is the political will. since the presidential security of. yes maybe clear to the world there works so hard and the wall in the east. and so far you have been trying we've been there. but as you may know the country has been in the bottle so 'd many years and then the u.n. is there is working as an assistant to be sensible. as long as there is a political. action going on we the congolese people can be hopeful. elsewhere in the democratic republic of congo at least 45 people have been killed by a severe flooding tarantula rain hits kinshasa causing landslides washrag water
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swept through homes severe flooding has affected much of central africa and up to 120000 people have been affected by flooding and landslides in north western kenya 65 people have died in the past 3 days relief teams have been slow to receive area of west for cart with some roads and bridges cut off by heavy rain from their mom or dad or reports. the primary school in korea has been tom into a makeshift come for victims of floods and landslides these people have never had much but now the last thing their homes crops livestock and positions it's the loss of loved ones that's most profound the 3 of devotee of capital sons were killed when a torrent of mud and rocks serp their home away in the middle of the night. i don't know what to do my house is gone my children and i'm left with just my wife and children who were injured in hospital the government is promising to help but no
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assistant can bring back my children at least 7000 convince of sorts of refugees here the school can barely accommodate all of them many told us that they spend the night in the cold and there's a shortage of almost everything here joe in a touchy people i didn't even need food clean water in tent they have no homes left impassable roads are making the delivery of a difficult. the government has mobilized workers to rebuild bridges and sections of the road washed away by the floods it's a painstaking process slowed for the by the continuing torrential rains from the heels of floodwaters continue to gush back at the company to coworkers or treating the sick and the most common ailment that we've seen uses a power a spirit or attractive picture which is basically associated with a cold the place is a bit cold and also doing
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a lot of psychotherapy for their patients we have a number of psychological counsellors here and there being a lot of clinical psychology here with 4 more weeks of rainfall because the government is trying hard to ensure the disaster about happened here is not repeat that anywhere else in the country government officials are now appealing to people living in flood and landslide prone areas to move to safer ground a 6 shelter in schools and government buildings the torrential rain currently pounding kenya is uncommon for this time of the experts blamed extreme weather on the ocean of africa been far warmer than usual causing more rain to fall here. in north western kenya rescuers in albania are digging into rubble through the night looking for survivors trapped in buildings front on by a powerful earthquake 21 people are known to have died and at least 600 are injured
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the manager's $6.00 quake caused the most damage in the capital tirana and cities in the north and west emma hayward reports the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades and one of its youngest victims reached too late by rescuers desperately searching for survivors in northern albania for those waiting for news these moments were simply unbearable. the short quot many people with still asleep but by day the full scale of the quakes impact was clear to say here are you ok you know throughout the early hours teams had scoured the rubble to find anyone trapped . by dawn heavy lifting equipment was moved into the worst affected areas. when the quake hit the lights went off we couldn't see anything everything fell apart and crumbled. maybe even i don't remember such a quake since 979 it never occurred like this. some buildings were almost
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completely destroyed in the quake and hundreds of people were injured albania's prime minister visited a makeshift camp and the main. quake left us on a shelter everything is destroyed the flaps windows everything and we cannot live there hero. the 6.4 magnitude quake was felt far beyond albania's border the government has declared when his day a day of mourning for the country's many victims and he would. israel has bombarded empty training camps belonging to the military wing of hamas in the gaza strip israel's army says it was responding to rockets fired from gaza into its territory there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack no injuries have been reported in the exchange of fire. lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he doesn't want to lead a new government harry these announcement puts the onus on his rivals to find out
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tentative or can steer the country out of its political crisis as they are harder reports of bail out. yet more turmoil and even more uncertainty in lebanon following 2 months of nationwide protests against the political establishment caretaker prime minister saddam had 80 who submitted his resignation a month ago has said he no longer wants to head a new government in a statement he said he is moving out of the way after those in power accused him of preventing a solution analysts say may be maneuvering not only does he have international standing and support but he is the leader of the sunni community in lebanon. it was clear he didn't agree to the conditions the names the other camp insisted on there are certain faces he doesn't want in his government and he's insisting on an independent government and through his stances he's trying to regain popularity. how did his decision followed 2 nights of violence supporters of the ruling elite
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in particular the shiite parties i'm a little hezbollah projected their strength of the streets they drove through neighborhoods armed with metal rods and clubs resorting to violence in what appears to be an attempt to push a political agenda obviously the government is not willing to engage is not willing to listen to the to the people and this is why we are finding more and more pressure there on the pressure we're finding with a more aggressive rhetorically and even their own people taking the streets to try to counterbalance to engage in a counter revolution kind of kind of approach. hezbollah has been defending the status quo the iranian backed group is worried that if it is left out of the government it would weaken its power protesters are demanding independent politicians govern until early elections. tensions. escalating sources close to the president say he will hold binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister on thursday that could be
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a tactic to pressure how do you to change his position or the ruling alliance may push ahead with what will be seen as a one sided government. such a government would risk being perceived as hezbollah controlled and could face sanctions from the u.s. which lists the group a terrorist organization it's a dangerous period without a deal by all parties further violence is likely. beirut. still to come on this al-jazeera news hour another human rights report turns up the heat on the. president and his security forces past more violence outside georgia's parliament in a bitter standoff over even. pays for this year's arabian gulf cup is underway in qatar find out why it carries more political significance than.
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the preliminary results are due to be released later wednesday in guinea bissau elections people hope will turn the page on the years of billions an important factor moving forward will be the truth and reconciliation commission set up 10 years ago but he still hasn't investigated a single. course on the capital base out. an uncomfortable past lee's hidden in retired general what analyze closet these are pictures of men he commanded some of whom killed political opponents he says i'm not ashamed of what i've done this was part of our struggle. after a failed attempted coup in 1907 it was released from prison and put in charge of the military in the early 2000 during that period there were multiple political assassinations and another coup. as a commander of course i ordered to kill do you know that i have not lost any soldiers and want all my medals and of course we killed some of our people because
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they were collaborating with the enemy the guinea and human rights league says hundreds have died from political violence since independence but no one has ever been prosecuted both presidential candidates morrow and bello says soco and domingo see more spirit are calling for national unity we have to bring unions. in breadboard something was if we keep looking back to the mistakes made. chances are we going to be that we have to live from the experience but project. among the dead is a means guard the founding father of getting peace out 25 years after his death capriles daughter says it's too soon for justice. program to state is not functional and before we can have justice we need to rebuild the state 10 years after setting up a truth and reconciliation commission no investigations have taken place and the bodies of many of those who were killed are still missing. you know what
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a lie says those who have been killed were buried in mass graves somewhere outside the capital b. cell and in the countryside yet none of these sites have been unearthed and while the aim of this commission is to bring things to face the families of the victims and perpetrators there are those who want to keep going to be trouble history buried in the past 10 military commanders are under u.n. sanction for their involvement in coups. general what an ally says the killings were in the name of the nation there is hope that with a new president the country will be able to come to terms with its past so that the people of guinea-bissau can finally move forward. because hawke al-jazeera be so. chile's president has asked congress to allow troops back on the streets to defend key public services the request by sebastian pinera came just hours after human rights watch released
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a damning report alleging abuses by the security forces during recent protests you see in him and has our report from santiago. chile has been embroiled in peaceful protests and uncontrollable violence for more than 7 weeks the 2nd time in 5 days the government was served with a harsh report on the state of human rights this time from the washington based ngo human rights watch while recognizing a serious deterioration in public security and the report concludes that security and police are part of the problem rather than the solution the kind of reforms that are becoming much easier has to implement to change the behavior and press the fundamental. problems of lack of accountability and brutality of the national police of chile our urgent 0 no 7 not excessive use of force illegal detention sexual abuse brutal beatings
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against thousands of citizens including children as well as destroying or distorting incriminating evidence part of a long list of the bill says used to describe a security force that has not been overhauled since chile return to democracy indeed while different governments have done is to granted regularly more and more powers to the police without much responsibility in other words we believe in complete. unlike his strong rejection of amnesty international's report president sever stamping it out quickly embraced the bangles recommendations to create a new modern police force that can be. both of tech give and guarantee respect for human rights. but in the same breath the president sent a request to congress to authorize the army to safeguard keep public service
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installations without calling for a state of emergency. much of our basic infrastructure like electricity drinking water and hospitals have been attacked but there's a 2nd benefit it will free many police officers so they can concentrate on being on the street in our parks protecting the security of our citizens. given chillies history of brutality under military dictatorship bringing out the army which is trained for combat is likely to generate more control to see depending on the scope of their mandate but the very fact that such a move is even being contemplated is evidence of the incapacity of the police to step to really address the challenges chile is facing and as things stand now it can be argued that the police is contributing to rather than reducing the environment of violence here you see in human al-jazeera sent out as nasty to boris vander speckles the editor in chief and founder of chile today an
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online news service his line from santiago thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera so despite the reports of grave abuses by police president pinera wants troops back on the streets do you think giving more power to the military will resolve this crisis help resolve the crisis or make things worse what's your opinion of. well i think actually that it's likely to make the protests and more angry the 1st time he sent me to the restraints of course that was more than a month ago there was after he declared a state of emergency and there was immediately reason for lots of protestors to go out there and protest the military. exactly like lucia newman said before it's because of this dictatorship there's a lot of traumas in a society of chile at the moment that the army returns to the streets people just get immediately outraged and returning to the streets also because of the
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police can't handle the current situation. i don't think it will it will solve anything how serious is the government. in addressing the abuses that have been documented by both human rights watch and amnesty international an ally of president pinera has said that human rights violations are in fact necessary to restore order in chile what does that say about the government's position. well the fact that not only this minister but also police generals have really talked about the police violence as it was necessary as if it didn't happen really shows that the police violence is part of the structure of the police institutions here of the security institutions all the protests we have seen this year but also in earlier years there's always a lot of police repression and this is also one of the reasons actually people are protesting how they're so this is also why human rights watch came with one of the
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recommendations we form this institution this is institution that for 30 years since the return to democracy still has been military lies so. that's one of the main main issues for for the for the president for for the whole country to just don't know how to respond how when all these human rights organizations star talk about human rights violations happening here in chile but the president himself has admitted that police indeed have committed at fuses and as he said humanized watch and amnesty have made recommendations to to address the mounting allegations of abuse is the government likely to follow through with these recommendations. well especially of the human rights watch report came out the day the government really responded in a more cooperative form because the 1st report from amnesty international it was just rejected like not it didn't happen there
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a law in the that's how far they went to date it was more about ok there are things going on in the country that we need to resolve and it probably also has to do with the fact that there's a 3rd report on its way from the u.n. it also sent a human rights team here to chile so the president needs to do something the international image of cheat is already damaged with everything going on so they will need to reform and also. give but as humans to those who committed the abuses all right thank you so much for speaking to us about this boy's founder spec from the chile aid today online magazine joining us there from santiago thank you for your time and into america's top diplomat has again criticize china for his treatment of ethnic minorities including wiggle muslims might bump ala seized on leaks chinese government documents which has stock details about how a 1000000 people have been detained in chin john province the papers also outline the way artificial intelligence is used to predict who should be knocked up china
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denies this and insists the centers are used to educate and train people we've all seen the shin john papers released in recent days they detail the chinese party's brutal detention and systematic repression of wiggers and members of other muslim minority groups engine john these reports are consistent with an overwhelming and growing body of evidence that the chinese communist party is committing human rights violations and abuses against individuals in mass detention. we call on the chinese government to immediate release all those who were arbitrarily detained at the end it's draconian policies that have terrorized its own citizens. donald trump's political rivals the democrats are moving into the next phase of the impeachment proceedings a committee in the house of representatives will hold its 1st hearing next week
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committee chairman jerry nadler has written to trump inviting him to attend the session the impeachment effort centers on obligations that trump abused his power by trying to encourage ukraine's government to investigate white house hopeful joe biden he's in washington and explains the next steps in the process so we now know the next step in the impeachment inquiry will get underway next week that will be when the judiciary committee has its 1st hearing the intelligence committee basically did the investigation they called in all the witnesses they're now writing a report that they will send over to judiciary and the judiciary will host a panel of constitutional experts to ask was what the president did an impeachable offense it's not really defined in the constitution it talks about high crimes and misdemeanors and bribery so they're going to want to question these experts as to whether or holding back military aid to the ukraine in exchange for investigations whose political rival raises to that level of impeachable offense now the committee
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has sent a letter to the white house saying the president can come his lawyers can come they can question the witnesses in this letter arguing that he can either take part or he can stop complaining about the process they've given him till this coming sunday to let them know if he is going to participate he's given no indication of whether or not he or his lawyers will take part in this next step. last more still ahead can these plants help save the air find out how they're being genetically supercharge to consume more carbon dioxide plus this water that you see here is salty water from the lagoon webb ellis is located and not causes enormous damage. centuries old buildings being eaten away by rising seas in venice and insupportable have the latest from the champions league way it's a never start for tottenham's new boss.
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heller it's still not startling blue skies and cold nights in china lotus tried streaming off the plateau which means much of central china will at least see some cloud the odds for to rain is not to be ruled out shanghai is down to 11 degrees now of hong kong's hang on to pretty warm 26 with lowish humidity the pictures a little bit drier in central china for choosing the temperatures very much the same in this more cloud than clear sky for many places to be honest the rain is still apparent in the philippines in just touching parts of thailand and maybe cambodia and across borneo maybe concentrating more so in sumatra singapore and but what you should be seeing is rain here in a good part of indonesia it's rather unlucky still there's a reason for it is one reason why kenya has been suffering the floods is the indian
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ocean water was i should be off the coast to sumatra for example that tends to kill off any prospect of a good rainy season doesn't stay that way just as the moment. now the prospects of arriving in india of course are quite slight and of the frontal system most of the north west very good news today because it tends to mix up there a bit but the heavy rain is going to be for the south in. the weather sponsored by catherine as. well as the last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every level or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is
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iraq. the oppression of an ethnic minority and man my back many things the intention was to make sure that ruhi injures we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship brines in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution of the him and me and mom. exiled on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories been targeting u.n. peacekeepers in eastern democratic republic of congo say they won't stop until all
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of them leave angry locals say the peacekeepers are failing in their mission at least 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades a magnitude 6.4 quake struck the capital tirana and cities in the west and north and lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he want to head to the next government saad hariri resigned last month after a nationwide government protests. now amnesty international is accusing egypt of misusing counter-terror loss to suspend fair trial rights and detain peaceful critics it's new study examine the cases of $130.00 people many of whom were detained for participating in protests or making political statements online it found age of state prosecution kept suspects in pretrial detention for an average of $345.00 days before releasing them without a fair trial. the palestinian red cross says 63 people have been injured in
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confrontations with israeli forces in gaza and the occupied west bank people were protesting against the u.s. shift on israeli settlements. israeli soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at the demonstrators who are all stones back at them last week the u.n. says the u.s. declared that it would no longer consider settlements to be illegal the u.n. among others described the move as a big backward step in any peace process and abraham went and spoke to protesters in the occupied west bank. just as i have turned up here today near the legal israeli settlement. in what will and here is a day of rage protesting american shift of policy last monday by u.s. secretary of state has said the baby was no longer considers israeli settlements a violation of international law. it's a call for palestinians to unite we want to show the israeli occupation that we stayed here and proceed injuring confrontations the protests have started in the
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centers of towns across the occupied west bank the palestinian authority urged people to take the streets. i am public institutions were given. by the u.s. administration will be consuming jerusalem or israeli settlements are widely denounced by postilions earlier as 36 year old palestinians. has passed away in israeli custody he's been sick with cancer and was not allowed to spend his final days with his family sami is the 5th palestinian to die in israeli custody since january all the calls for both those were to me before he passed away his initial of that to me the scene is very important and high on the palestinians and. meanwhile thousands of people have rallied in support of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv has been indicted on corruption
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charges and is battling a possible rebellion within his own party as yahoo denies any wrongdoing and has described the charges as an attempted coup imran khan was among the found seem to have even explains why it's now so has their support it's a sizable crowd of supporters that have turned up in tel aviv a choose day night to listen to supporters of prime minister benjamin netanyahu but it's still just about supporting him there's a lot of anger towards the supreme court and to the attorney general they say the charges against netanyahu a politically motivated and the echoing the prime minister's words as well and they say that this is the attempted coup against him and now although there are a number of supporters say this is a divided country when it comes to the prime minister the latest polls suggest that overhaul of the country would like him to leave office however he says he's not
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going anywhere and this is a crowd of firmly behind. 3 bombs set off at the same time have killed 6 people in baghdad in the 1st apparently coordinated attacks in government protests began almost 2 months ago it's believed the attackers used to explosives fields motorbikes and a boat side bomb meanwhile protesters again clash with security forces as the demonstrations continue they say the government is too corrupt and broken to deal with for public service isn't high unemployment. they have been more street battles between protesters and security forces in colombia's capital bogota during a 6 day of anti-government protests demonstrators saw rocks at officers who fired back with water cannon anger persists about corruption and proposed changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes. 28 people have been arrested in georgia's capital after people tried to stop politicians mentoring parliament
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they're calling for the government to step down and also want a complete overhaul of the voting system robin force a walk every 4 some tbilisi. on tuesday police outnumbered protesters outside georgia's parliament a sign that this government is taking no chances angered by its failure to deliver promised electoral reform opposition protesters closed off the area to traffic and encircled parliament on monday a 2nd attempt to disrupt parliamentary business in less than a week ended with police dispersing crowds. inside the building there's a sense of siege electoral reform is officially no longer of discussion but in any case government m.p.'s have nobody to debate with in the chamber or was it is our own position parties are absent they boycotted parliament this is the right but those rights have limits if they try to disrupt parliamentary business the government will have to respond but don't the way to have 3 and 3 elections is if
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the opposition comes back here to debate it. this is what the opposition looks like empty seats instead of m.p.'s for the government of course it's business as usual but with no opposition they'll be no debate no compromise and therefore at least in this chamber no way out of this political crisis. outside in the cold the opposition admit there's another barrier to a break through a skeptical. electorate one of the reasons is that there is a huge segment in georgia society is it is it is there we are this current government they are liars and they are incompetent but they are afraid of the. previous government. because because they failed to secure. the time and they don't want the same feeling to come back the opposition isn't just comprised of the government it's
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a broad coalition davis now find their own consensus on the street robin 1st to work out easier to believe. promises made so far on greenhouse gas emissions won't be enough to prevent climate chaos that's the warning from the un in its annual progress report looking at the targets set for 2030 by the paris agreement it found that despite the pledges concentrations of warming gases in the atmosphere reach a record high in 2018 and even if all those pledges unmet temperatures are still expected to rise over 3 degrees celsius to century so the un wants all countries to take much more drastic action to reduce emissions by 7 percent each year over the next decade now apart from slashing emissions scientists are working on other solutions including genetically modified plants rob reynolds reports went to find out more. for planet earth and for dr joanne shorey it's
5:40 am
a race against time jury is a multiple award winning plant biologist at the salt institute in california she's also been battling parkinson's disease for more than a decade her old idea is to genetically modify existing crop plants to reduce the planet warming chemical carbon dioxide we knew that plants really were good at sucking up c o 2 from the air they've had 450000000 years or more. evolution and that makes the plant really efficient some plants can get that c o 2 out of the atmosphere and they can concentrate in the music during photosynthesis think back to your school science lesson photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight water and c o 2 into stems leaves and sea plants expel oxygen as a byproduct but while forests are shrinking globally farmland is expanding
5:41 am
a fact that cory says can help cut 0 to the beauty of our planet actually comes down to never using the food. given them another trait they can see questions come in and put it down in the sewage the basic idea behind this science is to genetically modified crops plants like for cotton or soybeans to absorb more atmospheric carbon carbon is then stored in the plants roots and kept under round out of the air the scientific team wants to develop food crops that will grow longer deeper roots to sequester the extra c o 2 the absorb in their tissues as they grow the hope is over. a decade or more that enough of that carbon dioxide will be sucked out of the atmosphere that we will be able to begin. to mitigate the rising c o 2 levels because of the burning of fossil fuels jory admits it's
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a bold initiative which could take years to implement if the gene manipulation is successful but for her it's personal there isn't any with this project and for me you know i'm 64 years old ok i've had partners for 16 years and one time while i feel good i have to do you know interesting point to get it right every single goal you have to keep your eye on the joy and sure a warrior in a laboratory fighting for planet earth robert it's al-jazeera the whole you know for. our leaders in need tahlia now go on city of venice say they're in no doubt that climate change has been a factor in this month's historic floods. reports salty water is eating away at buildings that have stood for centuries. the bells of st mark's chime out the
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hour in venice it is mid-morning in the city and it's high time this square the city's lowest lying point is covered in water. here it is called the aqua the high water and in the past month it has been a frequent sight. strong winds and fierce storm surges have been blamed for the floods the 2nd worst seen in the city since records began but there are other factors at play the city is sinking and sea level is rising in the past 100 years by about 25 centimeters during high tide the center of venice continues to flood but it is the type of water that is the cause for most concern because it is the salty water from the lagoon and that corrodes the buildings and damages the cultural treasures here such as marks basilica. in order to deal with the high tides there was promise of
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a flood defense barrier it was supposed to been completed 9 years ago but corruption and bribery have delayed the project the mayor says it will be finished by 2022 but many of the residents say that the construction has done more harm than good also being blamed the giant cruise ships that many residents say have destroyed the foundations of the lagoon city. while this city is being squeezed like a lemon by exploitative tourism this kind of receiving capacity of venice isn't really looking after the nice details so that people are being given the experience of venice that they deserve. while businesses have been recovering from the latest floods some shop owners say that it is tourism that is keeping the city afloat a little. are say yes to more tourists they are welcome there are gold mine our oil
5:45 am
fields. these latest floods have raise some painful questions for residents over the future of venice for them there is a dying need to address these issues both politically and economically if the city and all its cultural glories are to survive so nearby able al-jazeera venice. in malta to government ministers have resigned in connection with a case involving the murder of a journalist the prime minister's chief of staff also quatre as police searched his home reporter daphne carr want to see i was killed by a car bomb 2 years ago while investigating corruption between politicians and business executives and walters prime minister joseph muscat has once again been confronted with the public's anger over the case threw eggs at him as he left parliament. now they call it the chinese language oscar. taiwan's golden horse film festival has grown into
5:46 am
a 6 year for the asian movie industry since it began in 1906 but china's now banned its filmmakers from taking part and even created a rival event andrew thomas has a story from beijing. to film festivals in 2 cities say a lot about one china in taipei the golden horse festival has for years been the showcase for a chinese language film with entries from mainland china as well as taiwan but this year china's government in beijing banned its country's filmmakers from taking part instead they encouraged another film festival held across the taiwan strait the golden rooster shy man and the chinese mainland was held at exactly the same time and beijing snubbed this year's golden horse after a winner at last year's festival used her speech to call for countries to recognize taiwanese independence taiwanese the filmmakers and fans are disappointed but
5:47 am
pragmatic decision in spite of china's boycott movies from any part of the world would continue to shine at the film festival they are not only hurting the interviewer here to take away the chance to view these films they are also taking away opportunities for those artists especially chinese artists for their work to be seen in the work in the international. but beijing imposed the band to make a point taiwan is and always will be part of china he considers the island a breakaway province that will one day come back to the fold it's known as the one china policy beijing expects other countries to respect it in a thing or anyone that threatens the narrative is dangerous there's a good many in the industry are not happy to see that countries are using political influence to strangle the freedom of their filmmakers. participate in any international film festival. encouraged by
5:48 am
a pro independence president likely to be reelected early next year people in taiwan are becoming increasingly assertive towards beijing. one young comedian has become a t.v. star largely through mocking china and president xi jinping. i but beijing is pushing back to pacific island nations care about and the solomon islands have become the latest to switch diplomatic allegiance from taiwan to china both countries are receiving significant financial investment from beijing and beijing has threatened sanctions against any u.s. company involved in a recently announced arms sales to taiwan in the big picture a snob of one film festival in the creation of another might not seem significant but cultural pressure is still fresh a way beijing hopes to steer taiwan. i'm sure. beijing.
5:49 am
5:50 am
thank you very much the 24th edition of the arabian gulf cup is underway here in doha there's extra attention on the tournament this year because 3 of the nation's blockading catto saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain are all competing after confirming they would play just last week are
5:51 am
the richest and has more from the khalifa international stadium was interesting when i was 3 countries decided to might not footballing you certainly got a statement from the tournament organizers saying that it was a reminder that when it comes to the gold cup this region is as warm compare that to the situation had in the last gold cup in late 2017 just a few months after the blockade began that sort of it was hosted by the whites one of the countries that remained neutral throughout the the blockade on one occasion you had saudi arabia for example refusing to talk in press conferences it's all members of the council media in the room full of monday the saudi team arrived here in tire wall on a direct flight from riyadh this is a time when there are no commercial direct flights between the 2 countries so i would suggest there is some sort of change in the relationship is to be remembered though that at club level the asian champions league for example had sayings from
5:52 am
the countries involved not to speak up continue to play against each other sorry that sort of footballing relationship has continued what it was been going on at a political level but then let's go back to the start of fishing i when the cats are national team out is biggest moments winning being the asian cup in a tournament hosted by the united arab emirates while the teams met in the semifinal stage and the castle players were helset with also bottles and shoes in that game and then when they went on to win the final they had to fly back by oh man such is the sum of the the fallout from the ongoing dispute very different welcome promise for the u.a.e. plays at this tournament the teams will make out. the usa will meet in the great state on december the 2nd organizers say all the signage around the stadium and on social media saying that everyone is welcome. but on the field there wasn't a great start for the opening match as they lost $21.00 to iraq mohammad cassim
5:53 am
scoring a double for the iraqis within the 1st half an hour. team getting one back for cats are early in the 2nd half and despite a number of late chances the hardest were unable to find the equaliser they needed to talk about through to the champions league knockout stages after a very nervy match against olympiakos it looked like joseph would lose his 1st game at home in charge of spurs as a side went to kneel down inside 20 minutes per gold either side of half time got them back into the match before they eventually run away with it to win for the likes of the games by munich how many red star belgrade they lead tottenham's group roma dread drew 22 with p.s.g. at the burn about whilst ensuring the event to speak at let it go one nil champions liverpool can advance to the knockout stage all on wednesday with a win over napoli at home at anfield the reds have lost their home and european time in 5 years but manager garden club is wary of his italian apartments after
5:54 am
they want to nail in the opening group stage match in naples they won last year against us. at the police would be very bad this year against us men who are not bad but not good enough to win the game. and they gave her the proper 5 and there be played them here. and that's what they will do tomorrow night of as well and again so that's all i'm thinking about not about the games coming after. russia could be stripped of hosting euro $22.00 of the football matches and the champions league final because of its ongoing doping problems the world anti-doping agency committee says russia tampered with lab data and wants them banned from hosting major events for 4 years the international olympic committee says the manipulation of data is an insult to the sporting world and it will support the sanctions but water has stopped short of calling for a blanket ban of russian athletes competing so as a sports correspondent lee wellings explains even if the proposed sanctions do come
5:55 am
in not that much will change. russia aren't providing the date or the reassurances they're not sending out the message that russia is providing clean sport and clean athletes so that takes it into another area that so familiar the big world sports politics and the international olympic committee play a big part in that you've seen them want to maintain a good strong relationship with russia whether they should or not is a different matter that's what thomas bach and the i.o.c. want to do and therefore they found a way to circumvent gate the issue by having these olympic athletes from russia they're not officially under a russian flag but you know it's a russian tame it most and satisfaction in this is what's most likely to happen that will continue through to tokyo and beyond by having russian athletes to complete their clean competing but not under our russian flag the fascinating thing about this is the issue of euro 2024 games in st petersburg russia due to take
5:56 am
place members at all of the takes place across europe in 12 countries trading actually. the way for heads of european football are not signed up to the water kind of favorites but you wait for reason and there's a loophole for varsha to actually state those games for a russian team to take part that's all that's needed really for that to go ahead so i think you will say russian in that tournament you are likely to see games in some papers but because of that technicality but it's an issue that people are unhappy with and as you say it's not going away andy murray said it start sort of return to grand slam singles tennis next year with the australian open in his diary for january murray was speaking at the premier of a documentary detailing his comeback from a career threatening injury i really want to keep. telling me you know. if you go back to playing 1st tennis. you could destroy him.
5:57 am
or murray almost quit the game after an emotional news conference at the last australian open only to come back to win the european open in october but the 1st grand slam of the new tennis season will be his big test over $0.05. now about belonging to the gentlemen behind me baseball legend by ruth is set to be auctioned off for over a $1000000.00 the bats was the one ruth used to hit his 500th home run for the new york yankees back in august 1929 that was over 90 years ago where ruth was the 1st player ever to achieve the fate of the bat is just the latest piece of babe ruth memorabilia to hit the market the last few years in fact of the top 20 most expensive sports memorabilia items 9 of them by various collectibles in june a jersey worn by ruth so far over $5000000.00 and that is all the support for now will later. thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera do stay
5:58 am
with us sorry navigator is with you next time i'm just there. as flames engulfed the imus and the world watched in horror but behind the smoke screen a murky world is devouring the forest and its inhabitants there killing people the personal police standing up and defending the force back elian sends a message to everybody in the community faultlines meets those on the front lines of defending their environment and asks who stoking the flames in both scenarios brazil amazon burning on al-jazeera. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic realty and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations are the most impactful but they are. the main things that sets out 0
5:59 am
apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to get a little complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going i don't know if the office of the work you're doing here is amazing but there are so many fossils and it feels like this is just a dent what was your relationship with joe like normal or ok the suddenly becomes. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of fish closure and the job and investigation revealed. how even the smallest devices. are
6:00 am
a mental health conscious we think ok we'll send waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera . crowds who attacked u.n. compounds in the democratic republic of congo war and they will keep targeting peacekeepers and so all of them leave. your child is there a life from a headquarters and i'm doubting you navigate also ahead more than 20 killed and hundreds injured by a powerful earthquake in albania the bird people under their homes. chile's president calls for a new law allowing the military on the streets to protect the infrastructure even as.


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