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tv   Exiled  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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well bird migration intersect right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special appliances on the planet at frys ecosystems and that on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines crowds who've been targeting u.n. peacekeepers in the eastern democratic republic of congo say they won't stop until all of the lives they've been defying a curfew imposed after a 2nd day of violence accusing the peacekeepers are failing to protect them from rebels alexy o'brien reports. around 18000 un peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians went on the attack themselves at a u.n. compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to
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fulfill their mandate un support. but we never see the place. where what we were done we don't want them just their young. peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of beni while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these u.n. people are still here we will be in it again and more places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted u.n. forces and congolese troops. go as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich
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region in this it incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this peacekeeping force persists in the d.r. see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this latest ngo was triggered. saturday after 8 people were killed in attacks blamed on rebels the add raced to nearby batam though and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and its stepped up patrols but the congolese army and the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our working order movements preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead. the un waste is forced the world health organization to pull almost
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a 3rd of its staff from benny a doctor is struggling to contain and now the ebola outbreak the w.h.o. warns the instability almost changing that lead to an increase in a bowl of patients alexia brian al-jazeera. at least 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades the magnitude 6.4 tremor struck the capital tirana and cities in the west and north injuring more than 600 people lebanon's caretaker prime minister says he won't have the next government's sad how did he resign last month after a nationwide antigovernment protests israel has bombarded empty training camps belonging to the military wing of hamas in the gaza strip israel's army says it was responding to rockets fired from gaza there was no immediate claim of 1st sponsibility for the attack polls have just opened in the general election in which economic hardship and the corruption scandal could challenge the ruling party's
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majority president the president was amongst the 1st to cast his ballot his party won the last election with 80 percent of the votes but his term was wired by recession that's the discontent with his rule. there have been more street battles between protesters and security forces in colombia's capital bogota during a 6th day of anti-government protests demonstrators threw rocks at officers who fired back with water cannon anger persists about corruption and proposed changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes and protest leaders are calling for a new general strike after a meeting with president ivan duquesne made no progress on sunday the president opened what he called a national dialogue in an effort to end antigovernment protests today to the headlines on al-jazeera exiled is coming up next thanks for watching what.
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bulldog i can do you want to. kill the land reform. but i'm. going you're going to file
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a war like. my. dog. my name out. there how that was that. was i was in august 2017 and the burmese military launched a large scale security clearance operation and that drove out to close to 800000 children women elderly people and babies across the border from myanmar to new greenbank and this was happening in my own countries.
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this is the largest camp of genocide survivors and today's world this is the embodiment of the burmese genocide and its impact it's felt across the border in bangladesh in the form of the world's largest camp. or thought then that i will the writing i feel. that i love the thought of it in my dad when i didn't. go what i did with. the how how i don't want to get out of it they didn't either then how to love and they're sad how to call that love i've had a boy they could live in the moment of her that are related to. that and they're all about the money i have been buried in the set is that i have a. but i'm going to
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magically. they were. military. when. they were going to. be me.
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my country is a patchwork of different ethnic communities living across different regions the countries about twice the size of england and about 50000000 people. 2 we became a nation state as a result of the you have british empire dissolving itself towards the end of the 2nd world war in $194748.00 about the time india was partition we regain our independence and before we were just a cluster of feudal kingdoms. number 10 downing street making burma an independent state outside the british commonwealth. maybe not any. living by. the.
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i'll be at a day that when you get me out it at all who. muslim ranger is and would just be started independent or separatist movement number 2 on mars that is that it's out on my does that do them good to go $202.00 then going for you're going to nobody heard of that variable is your mother that apart from other particles there are hundreds out there moreover the amber when they're all hindu started fighting the government there was no wall for several years and then at the time when they reach an agreement and they stopped fighting. swearing promised that no as citizens they would be recognized as native rebel but it does bother me either that or that would you not cannot own just that i am not a felon that are going to go that deep armada after on his organ doing as little of that are wrong with him we already had a thought out of theirs that i could not don't know they are saying they are that i
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don't mother want to tell them don't have don't never did any one monaco would get it when i get the job i do it cause i don't want out i do you or our mom would you mind were you one of that demands was bog us for the letter which is undeniable the bible brought us in service you know had the 2nd a program. and i feel like it was a law work. oh mother. mother. was.
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a minute would not. you got a. learning going on. i'm learning english on monday so i knew dave. in 1962 the army to follow. in a coup did it and general knew and he would say if he did a. pretty 6 years politically and economically he was a failure there when i have an idea that that man would be goodness they would look like him he wanted people not to look like indians and he didn't like most of them see done like christians. so he 1st started by expelling for another meaning all the west and and during the british time and egg ne win turned to the
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issue of the who has this distinct muslim population that where so far officially recognized as an ethnic community and they were in step pretty general can you vote for a new winds into military intelligence in his book discovered as early as 1966 the burmese military started to see that will hinge or as a problem british government kick on line to go up. but over then yeah. on a discounted recall i mean you know my the media beating the now who are going to go by and by golly they're back on to we're not it. part of them coming. that claim was that there were many illegal immigrants from bangladesh because there was a war of independence square on the start of the military campaign which resulted in over $230000.00. escaping to bangladesh
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that was the very 1st wave of aid of rangers that happened the 1978. is a quite young i still remember. the shooting by the mr. henderson family and then later when he left this is for 9 am operation. drug operations we left i was very young and i was in a bus. 'd and my another sibling was put on the other bus my father carried i was crying my hands and legs were very like finger. salute in the 978 way. was the direct result of centrally
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organized. expulsion organized by the central government in rain who. i still remember this being on the people every days. tens of anderson children. 9 without. man or titian the hydration. after my literally agreement. i want to read it and then i see the only. house is calm but in general. i think there when have no choice because the international community had proof that these people came from he proceeded to essentially cat what the nazis did to the jews in 1938 his legal advisers come up with this citizenship law they
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intention was to make sure that. we're no longer entitled to even a basic rights or citizenship rights anyone who had not resided in burma as natives by 824 they could not be entitled automatic burmese citizenship. then and then a man and a man and. a man in our own. tongue was driven to be a man and. i know what it is. now that is impossible because. in the pennants came and i mean for the a who had to have been living in the country before. many of the people in myanmar not only their growing during the british period that not have any paper so they were need to but they were forced to be framed as bengali migrants.
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2 who are on among a lot of you know nada areas are most. that the good guys are there going on there and others are not. mostly young the only. done. on their grandfather you know on the moon. which i will do that i've got i have the most of the earth and the day by day it had that i didn't i draw. on the so than to go to yon side on the 100 or even. on rubber or about to go down the move toward the. ocelot a move that doesn't receive in with the one on the. law was brought in as a weapon of persecution the law wasn't pursued as
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a as an initiative to establish his unship the law was coded to primarily prosecute the rangers and to destroy and franchise them as the ethnic community now mom when as in the pendants it was one of the richest countries and sounds of ija and by the time they were in. that office it was one of the poorest nations in the whole one of the biggest mistakes and they went dead it was that the 987 may when had made all the big bank notes. $100.00 all those big no it's illegal just declare that all the money was what this so everybody suffers a family become bankrupt and that all the money is around $1000000.00 not at all it will get
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a lot of emma any muscly similar general what they did when the king and the native . at the time of 988 i was raising i was. originally a straight comedy general secretary. whole country there were some democratic presidents. so it was talent from. all this course including prime minister but about this military government and students. in the 30 protesting or past it for them of us in the hall not in whole day shouting democracy democracy democracy all the racists all the really just want to get us all just listen to it to get us know any conflict in between any other. inaction. who you keep people.
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around you. need money to move. to when you are limiting value we do g salmoni. but do it achieve any money. you have in my opinion to send your money now than ema. at that time and sun city had gained some popularity people began to know about her and she formed a national league for democracy only there she gave us another nominators rather. than relying on the we don't say it the new york city get over you get it you know little or no time you must be a mason in the mostly nick leeson when the i mean took over in 88 september
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80 we allowed as to form id and they promised that. they were. free and fair and the ball i do the job by the walk so i believe the problem is that there was my money men don't mistake you for. the role hinges we already mocked population for prosecution when they decided
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to participate in democracy uprising when they decided to support our sons sujit and national league for democracy in the eyes of the burmese army they became heavily guilty before they were guilty for simply existing now they were expressing their political supposed to look for sun sujit and all the polity and all the and all sides hoochie where the seen as the greatest threat to the military they began to institute measures to essentially make life or rule hinge or in their own areas. impossible. and. yet comments from.
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nuts like us about what. was essentially the burmese equivalent of s.s. . sakae was the execution of that out of money but we got everybody. and i got he my dear guy you had to go by listening and he knows that divan mom i win 20. evidently i'm going to take anywhere live it every week. and they will let me do my need in human weekend so you know. you are you are the kind you are in now maybe yeah. there's a i miss you don't whistle in the radio all kinds of like a restrictive measures were put in place severe restrictions on physical movement got started to extort money any little body you knew how it would do nguyen would have you on to your you know you're not going to need as it were security call it would have behind the event i don't know how to let you know has
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a. for a while what the laws are that i'm going to love hasn't yet even if i was so happy to want it there's that much heat it goes into a little body namely i don't know what i'm ok other thought as i went out of my milo slow down was mauled by law now look and they are learning how to handle it i go home one. day a customer the knowing the population worst extracted forced labor to build the mill that the military who are coming oppressed seeing their kindness and in their cong. who create a puppet id machine and no matter how long that obama fat i'll have at it and but i was taught how to handle whom i know my local kin unit was the guy in charge of institutionalizing killings and destructions of the rooms are to the point that ranger community would be wiped out in europe should be prosecuted for not
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simply qualms against humanity for genocide. who and what. i was taking 2 minutes they are forced. and i was severely beaten are. not on a plane in force they were safe. and following days i decided to leave my country but. in 1992 the burmese military operations in northern reclined state trigger another exodus and this time according to the military intelligence to just takes about 2 170000 rangers fled the country. but in 2007 leake anomic situation was so bad that the monks decided to come out to
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protest and everybody was very happy because they felt now there was somebody that would take. care of the people i don't mean. i'm not a. he and the you know kind of any your mother has in the. amongst throughout the history had been seen as a force for good rising up against the british school rules or against the japanese fascist occupation or the burmese army used repression against the majority buddhist population monks were always on the right side of history they were always supporting the people. are going at it we're going to be bang on you can. pick em out we're going to do is
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are going out it i don't know i didn't join your tongue and all of a machine. and dow was when the military realized that the monks they had to be control to. the army sent truck loads sold military commandos to hundreds of british monasteries. hundreds the monks fled the country and thousands of monks when she gave.
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everybody to worship it did not think that the need to share what crackdown in the months and that's where the crisis of confidence came for them and so the military decided that they needed to change about how we deal with a we. yeah that will be beautiful and he but i'm always all i see and see we can maybe. mr lee kuan yew you asked me to be commando up military garb i'm in military government at all. got no going to gandhi . civil government similarly in government i low by. opposition body i was. a baby. when nobody. al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't know if
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they were bribed would just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today just to look for closure on the price will go to war over money involving some of the region's highest officials. algis their investigations diplomats to sail. driven by outreach and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was probably if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among
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the most persecuted minorities in the world. hello i'm on team dennis in doha with the top stories here it out is there are protests as have been venting their anger in eastern democratic republic of congo towards un peacekeepers demonstrations accuse the un of failing to stop militia attacks on choose 18 people were killed as crowds marched towards a un base. and breaking news from bangladesh 8 people there have been found guilty of carrying out a 2016 attack in which 22 people were killed the court has sentenced
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7 of the accused to death and one has been given a 10 year sentence those sentences for those involved in that 2016 attack we'll bring you more on that of course here at al-jazeera but for now that's the very latest moving on at least 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake in the country for decades the magnitude 6.4 quake struck the capital of tirana and cities in the west and north more than 600 were injured. lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he won't head the next government saad hariri resigned last month after nationwide antigovernment protests israel has bombarded empty training camps belonging to the military wing of hamas in the girls the strip israel's army says it was responding to rockets fired from gaza there is no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. polls have opened in the movie
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a general election in which economic hardship and a corruption scandal could pose a challenge to the ruling party's majority president harding going gold was among the 1st to karsies ballot his party won the last election with 80 percent of the vote but his 1st term was marred by a recession and that led to some discontent with his rule there be more street battles between protesters and security forces in colombia's capital bachar tar during a 6 day of anti-government protests demonstrators threw rocks at officers who fired back with water cannon anger persists about corruption and proposed changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes right you're up to date exiled is next. in this life the most incredible stories are often true.
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and sharing go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater of their souls in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the darkness. because a dislike of the desire to understand the world. makes us human. and the human condition is universal.
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the constitution of 2008 drafted by the military to legalize m. propecia weight is stay in power stipulates that to the military he is above the law the militia who are fans music of defense bill is about half as. well governed by league general as the military allocated 25 percent of the parliamentary seats to itself and if you want to change the constitution to remove the military then you have need more than some 75 percent of what you cannot bear markets and the 5 percent of the votes because the military has 25000 seats and their influence is. still formidable. in 2010 the military
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elections nobody believes that the military was really going to change so they went ahead and held the elections and you know surely they won the lenin slide and they were in power and then 10 days later on san suu kyi was released. they were allowed her to learn from the byelection stood out in the world with him for from the prison and she is now one of the medical uses and. we hope that this is the beginning you know went out more emphasis on the role of the people he ever gave. the military was completely shocked that the end of the party. remain extremely popular. as the country started to change within the military there were some who had gone it was going too fast. so they menu fracture the ruhi joe crisis.
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it started with the story of a buddhist woman being raped and growing list the pictures of the murder victim spread by information ministry when 5 what has not been proven is that this woman was raped. after the gunmen had raped and killed them. so this stop and thought was as into this killed them and retired. before. the why did he know about it in her silent process to destroy the people. you had nothing the rights you have oppressed arresting killing also raping just
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but nobody to homes but after a job running a started. the rakhine villages were organized by whom is a more difficult question letters were received by village administrators prior to the violence they were told that all kind of villages needed to supply manpower to the operation forces came to pick them up on the morning of the 8th and 9th in june we think thousands of people probably we talked to some of the people who were both down and they said they were given free food when they arrived and they were told where to go some were told to go and burn down the ruins of villages and others were told to block escape routes. and if vehicle lovefilm what i modeled out of the. moment martha. they were or knew that i. if you're gone away do
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you know what it i other then the. other down and we're out of out of it whether dubai bought it. so it was a developer develop a lot of. money and most of the live there were also years know that over to. the other mothers in the good of my dad most of the dead must come on exe you were late monday the day i had them i would imagine. they do not enter their mamas boutin only bother and a bunch of we didn't get a dime of it. when the mom was my mother we. did as a model i done one in a got the nearly out of work were there my all are still also just not sure as i
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really don't live in whatever their family did am will do it even divided evenly. and i am there for more than would be a big. deal to. move them on a model along with on my own i don't. know . not only there i got a call the mother i am i was on my when i look good in the very last of it. but. what am i going to let him go i wonder what i am. about the my horror i don't move. one thing about this very. good.
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over injured once their villages were burnt down were funneled into what is now the calm complex where 122140000 injured are basically imprisoned. there are concentration camps detention so. it's not into communal violence this is the berm he stayed organizing and watching over the destruction of wreckage of villages on the rounding up of hundreds of thousands are injured into camps it was instigated by the government controlled press where they had front page news about the danger of muslims and the rape and murder of posts by muslims and this was to create a kind of juicy upon the rakhine buddhists to protect themselves against the press
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oppressed which is invented and propagated by the burmese state. riemannian all the taleban and i gave him a fair they he did topple fair they eat a little yeah. well i mean and i mean much all of them and now here in uganda you've got 240. 5 year bang and you've got maybe it'll have only nothing you like me if you will the knock. them on an hour. where no one will want you know . who won't be. not even mono a mono. a mono a body and a mind of my one yeah. well when.
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you tell me that they've got a. lot of the and other people. who want to. remove. the money the rally leaving them what it is and what it. in 2015 november the burmese military held another round of general election and the own son suchi national league for democracy one in a landslide and you know that the whole country was euphoric and barely 50 he won nearly 80 percent so they could both support do as well as anybody sustain.
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but he must tolerate so far the army working together with them. willingly or unwillingly. the general election to be a whim and then the any most think and indeed. same only a lot you can say to my one the. only old open mic you let me put up on the scene i'm good now made pivotal to pm but a new bin is with all. and then d.n.a. you name is me son now you called me a mute i assume you know the money a pool india. and then within you and my unique chain there's so little to be. seen you see.
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it's only recently that the government started using bengali to identify their own india people you mean the people who are known to the world as a royal. bill one of them must have to be call right yeah that's why we have to call them rings. but actually it's not. so wrong. it's actually wrong to use the word bengali they are not from bangladesh they're from the till it did come on now not. to citizenship a strategy what specific timeline has been developed to move forward the national
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verification process i don't have to get economics about it was it did. sort of how i thought it was and i did that in my stead if it had. been done i would eat it by said i was on my yes and some list in communities that their leaders have decided that they are not to join in the verification process. of the day law though they had been notified that they are going to don't want to go to. put out we would appreciate it if all friends could persuade them to join in the process because you have nothing to lose by the national bird for creation card is a car which allows you to say that you have now become part of the national verification process what is the process there is no such process but this is a process which needs corporation from all communities the motional verification
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card is. pressuring him to legally identify themselves as foreigners so that they legally won't be under the jurisdiction of the burmese government. quite like this idea that is our god i believe that you know us eka had got us out i could tell it isn't about it being done and how do you shut out his big good shot of how do you ever going to have to. do it in the love color of money by not enough ahead and. bet on a lot. their refusal to sign us led the military to the side you got to get our we're going to kill your if you don't sign what i'm doing yeah right now you know go to a play of trial and i will do not to. run but in the end and nowhere did. i know i don't.
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give you the. money in the national mother any of your doing so much on my. body your thought on lot of good america. but all of the usual burma's military ok even the sounds true that pack pick is never a pact that they would attack the population and that's what happened with her and . then going to the will there with d.d. mm on the ship but i'm getting rather like. being in that up on call but i'm in the thought on the. not on. is in the now i'm on the hook in the novel. i know and didn't know. what then. got about in what i do the hostility me
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being the. unlucky not to. you playing them what are they the boy i just didn't like disease. and then you were there with the mama she'd been angin with i'm going to let. it out you don't know where would you. got a new job who has. a cool. but then to my home i need that any critical media you know john that any thing tonight she did. that any. to get that guy lemme know when it no guess he meant age in there so we don't got it she did. anything.
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in. 2007 militants that reinforcing all the troops and there were combat troops there were not under a garrison tree. whether we shall be brought in conscious helicopters from which they would fiery weapons and artillery rocket launchers we have reports from them but they were told officially by the military but they needed to leave in the few days before the 25th the bonus this was in preparation for the genocidal attacks that have later on in august last year several months. seemingly quiet and peace on the 25th of august 3rd you police outpost as well as the regimental headquarters in downtown is not the age when i
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jacked by armed groups the security forces have been instructed to take phone measures to avoid collateral damage and the farming of innocent 7 civilians we have never been soft on human rights in this country. and i don't know how to get a static over the other what i would but. rather that the military. going to the. and you got a jet i think what i want to. get out of the muddy headline my on the thing at the beginning.
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what i've been going to say they don't want to tell a false 1000000 no no no don't. assume the kalandia could have went well on the head of the valley where part of the fire fan or the ready. i guess a dozen or another going to want to see that article again. for you know. they had the money to terrier the. owners in her head and the new little boy was there the money by your. turning them one that does not in my astronaut who went too far and took a little over one of the. 2
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i don't know how to bear with a lot of things will never make of any. 1 well not about it. wasn't the hit one of getting a dozen assaults on house on hold on has been going to get in my mind of course i'm going to has i've got a. hold of some heart disease and i'm going to find a to limit the call of some of the more tolerable i want to get them out of my not out of door don't don't ask as it is to lock us. you know i want to. have nothing on the line as it was in the law does not out of the law we might only like
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. what i think are civility for anyone. who loves mother love mother don't like that again look at. my part of the business leader but. it's all their. god love that i do.
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not under getting. into what we want to. do was all that. or not. miss i mean you're. not you are not generalising on his. part as a modern man memoir for a memoir my memoir had a boy or a black friend how my own. mother for. all someone. thought i. know anyone. like that and. they're doing their work a 100. then none before learning then i knew if. i wrote out.
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what i will normally have thought of then you get older you know where. i don't go by as a writer more whether they're. on the cover in vogue when i don't have a unit or the fact there was another one that morning. 'd more or you know like cokie what a mother your mom of 4 and thought a lot of there was i loved it had it. been winning again very very well.
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french fry fire the right hand you were killed by the military during that time. i was making on my the head of the military he called it unfinished business. the business being the destruction of their injured. group i'm yodeling job well. they're not one of. how he will love them oh what. a follow. up coverage and i well. i don't have the wrong in how to run in the one modern run of bowie i did bomb i
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want to go there growing god and i think reagan i'm. alone with it. but i've been about the money part of a democrat not honored. by even addict. nation. wind. and by. that i has that i'm. lying as he. i am a show. that has. led. and why and that has. the.
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hello the weather in iran seems to settle down to be nice and quiet for a day or 2 at least in the east and more especially in afghanistan the clouds in the sky will be rain forgot it snow was height of course 11 degrees in tehran now behind me well it's been churning up in the eastern med and that was quite active weather is it went through greece and produced some floods it could still be heavy rain in lebanon for example in syria more especially to be in the southern corpuses but this again is a reminder of what season we're in so that blows through some big showers in syria iraq the sun comes out again in beirut comes thursday and the lower half just trails of it to nothingness this is where the weather is going to be for the next couple of days so in the arabian peninsula i don't think we'll see very much we see a few thunderstorms in the high ground in western saudi in yemen not really in the forecast now the breeze might bring something into small cloud i think and right a very large breeze in the middle the circulation around bahrain and qatar means
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temperature all on the up to some degree 26 degrees every 27 by the time we get to says if he is quite high for this time here and quite pleasant southern africa than where we should be seeing some big rains in places but maybe not yet as you can see the tail end of active rain is fossilised just as zimbabwe. embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex coming soon on al-jazeera a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia. rapid development and
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criminology one i want to. live in cambodia. on al-jazeera. 7 people are sentenced to death for carrying out a deadly season a bangladeshi cafe in 2016. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha it is also coming up anger against u.n. peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo groans protests spread across the east. all than 20 a killed hundreds are injured but powerful earthquake in albania the buried people under their homes.


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