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of them not involving some of the region's highest officials. al jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm cell raman and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and growing anger to u.n. peacekeepers in democratic republic of congo the body of a protester his paraded through the streets of banning. out of the running in the bazaars president loses in the 1st round of voting in a country plagued by coups. also 7 people are sentenced to death for
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a deadly siege on a bangladeshi cafe in 2016. and farmers frustration how they've taken a protest against the french government's policies to the heart of the capital. i'm going to get roscoe with the sports majesties owners become the richest sports group in the world as a deal values them at almost $5000000000.00. welcome to the news our protests against the united nations are spreading in eastern democratic republic of congo can rest began in beni where people have driven the casket of a man killed a cheering demonstrations around the streets ahead of his funeral in the past 2 days 6 people have died the testers are angry at what they see as
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a failure of un peacekeepers to protect them from armed rebels who have killed dozens of people this man. about 100 kilometers away in goma police have fired live rounds into the air to clear protesters people tried to storm un facilities but were blocked by security forces we also been protests in but tembo catherine saw is in goma and she joins me now it's been a very tense day across the region and the anger is still vented the united nations troops catherine. absolutely it's been very tense people are quite frustrated here in goma in beni and with amber as well this morning there were protests in goma protestors were trying to get to a u.n. logistics base they were repulsed by police who fired tear gas and fired live bullets in the air as well as you mentioned that burial is underway very frustrated
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mostly young men with saying that the united nations mission is not protecting them this thing they're going to go one demonstrating until their demands are met and all this really is affecting this response against the boy health because they're trying to deal with an ebola outbreak has organized ition has killed back on operations the humanitarian organizations like doctors without borders and the u.n. child agency unicef has evacuated some of it some of their non-essential staff members and joining me to discuss the concerns is brand who is with the imagine secord who the emergency coordinator. of doctors without borders in north kivu to just talk about this concerns more thank you for joining us perhaps you can just tell me i know i'm a set is not a direct target but what measures have you put in place to make sure that your work
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has a face. for bernie we've withdrawn. none of central stuff. we have put the rest of the team in. so far we're able to get to the to the to the the treatment center on an almost daily basis to continue and and watch are your concerns if this situation persists the concerns are for the risk illusion of violence that will impact on our work directly or indirectly. we are seeing worrying signs of exclusions. violence and calls for more militant action within benny town which is of concern to us. so we're keeping a very very close eye on the situation and what there is what will it mean for this . response if organizations such as us that actually scaling back on a presence like we've seen the want health organization doing for the moment we
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have been organizations working on the bullet had been test atlee optimistic seeing a decrease in the number of cases. of fear at the moment is that there might be a resurgence that patients will not be able to get to treatment centers because of the violence that access will be limited and that then these people will have suspected or confirmed cases will have for the context and we much of a rebound effect or the peak of the of the a bullet outbreak even before this protest i mean health workers in beni are watching in incredibly. volatile areas where you know rebels are coming in and killing people health workers of being attacked just give us context on how difficult to tease dealing with this very dangerous disease in an area that is so. when it comes to kate it's true highly volatile highly unpredictable we know that since the 30th of october more than 80 people have been killed by. the text
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by the a.d.f. group the democratic front and now we're seeing. now we're seeing the possibility of more attacks by this group being launched in the near future this is also worrying to us ok thank you very much that was. who is the imagine sick already made of doctors without borders. he would fain that quite concerned that if the situation escalates then the situation especially when it comes to dealing with it is just going to get worse and worse. well wolf contingent with you from the democratic republic of congo katherine sawyer reported that while staying on the african continent going to president jose has lost the president's presidential race his 2 former prime ministers are now the contenders for the 2nd round runoff domingo's. took more than 40 percent of the vote so he was fired by vosh in 2015.
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is in 2nd place with 30 percent a run of poll to decide the winner will take place on december the 29th one correspondent who's following events from the capital and that's the nicholas and nicholas this was always going to be a hard fought election and perhaps these initial results quite surprising. they are indeed i mean if they were here outside the main opposition contender. we've made it to the 2nd round the political outsider. general of the people i just spoke to him just moments ago i think it took him by surprise now he has to convince the voters and the candidates to join him a coalition to try to win the election the 2nd round they will take on this number 29 in our conversation with. the. party.
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candidate. for profit from the drug trade and of course. this country on the edge of west africa is considered a traffic trafficking area for latin american drug to funnel cocaine to europe and that's a big. how to. rebuild it has not been functioning for the past 5 years it seems quite a jovial mood at the moment behind you nick but the hard campaigning as you say continues with only what less than 4 weeks to go. that's right and there's something to remember we've been following the campaign over the past week or so and often described this country as the norm. but what we've seen over the past week people coming out. to listen to the different people really concerned and showing interest in this political election because
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that is really the idea that you. are that. have not been paid. or you have no. right now this. kind of candidate. that they get their vote so that's why there's so much celebration at the. 2 outside of the main opposition candidate. and the party will go on i think. they will be the campaign that will. try to change the direction of this country
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so indeed we will see what happens it will leave you to monitor the celebrations for the moment in this i think heading in the region and in the northwest part of kenya thousands of people are seeking refuge in makeshift comes up to widespread flooding and landslides at least 65 people have done it in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more effective relief teams have been slow to reach the area of west some roads and bridges remain cut off. reports from work a tunnel which has been destroyed by a landslide. we. sent of the dissolved truck was called county this is the tortola village all that some call a shopping center which has largely been destroyed by the landslides and accompanying lighting that's all caught here just a few days ago. the son told where the village used to be there well how this all
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behind me now is nothing except the huge rocks that came tumbling down from the heel behind me the whole area is surrounded by hills and it is the law on the slides and the rocks that came gushing out of. the hills killed most of the people and destroyed their buildings their homes in the house that was just right you know well i am right now 11 people died and all for the 11 who died just 3 the voters have been recalled but government the rescue workers are yet to reach here because of the swept away parts of the old on 3 just leading to these parts of the west called county and the people here really not only striken but also say they would not get closure until they get the bodies
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of their loved ones. let's head to south asia now where you bungle the she called her sentence 7 people to death in connection with one of the worst attacks in the country's history 22 people mostly foreigners died in the scene of the holy autism cafe in dhaka in 26 and has been acquitted. has the latest from outside the court. one of the most important and sensational court case in bangladesh history that judge bell it took 20 minutes to hand out the sentence says the public reaction was positive most people were happy i spoke to one of the relatives he was happy with the outcome his brother was the police officer who was killed on that frightful day those who were sentenced were taken out by one of the prison vans some of them were shouting reciting at a big verse says one of them was waving out and saying carry 'd on with our cause there was no justice carry on with our cause then went away bangladesh has been
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very robust in tackling with militancy it has set up special. dealing with terrorism special forces and the police. since the holy are. over 2 dozen militants were killed in an encounter with law enforcement agencies there is 0 tolerance according to the prime minister and the government in dealing with militancy. the standoff between police and pro-democracy protesters koln university looks truth ended the polytechnic university says search teams woman when say the she appears to be the last these students barricaded themselves inside the campus almost 2 weeks ago they used it as a base to shut down the major roadway in the harbor which has since we opened they also found the license of fire to buildings. well still ahead on the al-jazeera news are easing restrictions the saudi led coalition in yemen
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announces it will allow some flights to resume out of southern port. and the race to find survivors albanian rescue teams dig through rubble to find anyone alive after a powerful earthquake. but just days before the start of the southeast asian games preparation delays leave some foreign teams sleeping on the floor all but story coming up with joe in sports. polls opened in the big in what's expected to be the toughest challenge yet for the ruling party president target again gobble was among the 1st to cast his ballot his party won the last election with 87 percent of the vote but his term was plagued by recession and corruption scandal and one of namibia's worst droughts voters are choosing a new president and a parliament how do we start to has more from johannesburg in the neighboring south
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africa. this widely expected swapo is going to win this election the question of course is by how much they no longer as popular as they used to be the poor are frustrated this is a very rich country lots of mineral wealth and good luck because a lot of money from tourism more than or nearly a 1000000 tourists visit the country every year where the poor say this money isn't trickling down to them and employment especially youth unemployment the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and people blame government mismanagement for this they say that the civil service is totally bloated they accuse the president of appointing too many government officials say all the money is going there and then of course the issue of corruption the latest scandal is in the fishing industry with some officials have been accused of taking bribes and in exchange they've given these lucrative contracts or fishing quotas to international fishing companies and so far to government ministers have resigned so opposition party is
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going to try and capitalize on all this anger and discontent and corruption to try and eat the ruling party of course it's not going to be easy as far has been in power 10990 when it gained independence from south africa and then of course they got 2 thirds majority in parliament one reason why it may not be easy to unseat them is because like some other liberation movements in southern africa the black majority still see them as the only viable option in terms of representing black interests so that could be a major challenge for opposition parties but they're going to try to see if they use the issue of corruption and inequality to try and make some gains in this election. to yemen now where the saudi led coalition isn't ours that it's easing restrictions to allow some airport to reopen the coalition says it will mean patients in need of medical care can be flown out from the rebel held area flights will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization the airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016 young egland is the secretary general
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of the norwegian refugee council which has been working in the yemen for several years now joins me now on skype via oslo you must be very relieved to hear this news own that this operation is about to happen we are this is a rare glimmer of hope in a in a desperate war situation. for years for airport to be reopened for these medical flights but also for other commercial once a 1000000000. this is is a place where which always had to send patients out of the country because they couldn't care for the worst and most complicated medical treatments then the airport was closed at the same time as the medical systems in yemen lapsed so for years now we've seen thousands die in unnecessary and
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from those who opens over but for many patients there is now hope that they can get abroad and get treatment resettled your your organization is one of many humanitarian organizations helping those in yemen how will you or can you all hope to coordinate your efforts with the world health organization how does that relationship work. well it's really the world health organization but also unicef. and several. n.g.o.s who are in lead on the medical side and. will now be coordinating this with the government of yemen and i hope that this medical air bridge will start you know imminently but of course the whole medical system needs to be rebuilt half of hospitals and clinics and so
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on are inoperable at the moment and of course while they're out of action people still needed to get medical treatment from your knowledge and experience how difficult was it to get patients out of the country and how did that actually happened. many people then just died waiting for an opportunity to fly out from the. airport. try to go you know 15 hours by road through roadblocks and crossing lines to the southern port of aden to get out would not have the resources to do that and then they just silently died from cancer or heart disease or liver disease kidney problems that could have been treated. hopefully this can be a turning point really it is a positive move by this. coalition it's also possible that we're hearing about
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possible. changes there was the really. making peace between the supporters. in the south there are talks between the who the. government and the saudi led coalition there is an opportunity to end this senseless war i mean that is the reality and perhaps that might be the commonsense view that those of us outside of yemen may see and may look at but at the end of the day the reality is that this is a very sensitive situation and negotiations and talks can easily break down this window of opportunity that beginning from the airport through the world health organization is that very much a window of opportunity how long would you like to see it open full. what this medical you know air bridge out should now be permanently there it was wrong hope you're wrong to close it in the 1st place civilians should not die
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because men fight politically and militarily there. there are there are many opportunities now to see that we can start. peace efforts to work what we are still saying is that this remains the largest humanitarian crisis on earth 10000000 people are on the brink of starvation 2019 was not a good year as many thought it would be after the stockholm agreement in in a year from now december 280350000 people more than back have been displaced because of violence this year alone. you know and we will leave it there we know you've been a passionate supporter of the civilians in yemen i'm sure they will get some rest
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but certainly from this news that's coming out of the country for the moment sir thanks for joining us from all slow. farmers home trying to czar blocking major roads in the french capital paris accusing the government of holding back their industry the 2 main farmers unions say international trade agreements have caused unfair competition or policy reforms to fail to boost earnings the farmers also block the famous ones elisei were trying to and bales of hay has crossed over to natasha but our correspondent who's following events force from the paris we do is going to be quite a slow move perhaps for those tractors as they crossed the french countryside but they have arrived now in the capital so what more can we expect. well i'm standing actually on the paris main ringer it is pretty noisy you can probably see there's a track to just passing by me right now normally this road would be busy with 4 lanes of traffic but what's happened is a convoy of trucks just
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a stopped right here and what they're saying is they're not going to move until they have a meeting with the french president emanuel micro they want to try that their grievances discuss their grievances with them what they're saying is that just moving slightly here because of this tractor well he was saying all saying is that the government hasn't been doing enough to protect their livelihoods that many of them are struggling financially they're also very angry with the government does the government be backing and supporting deal such as the e.u. canada deal which means that there will be more cheap food imports into france in the future and they say that's just simply unfair competition so right now the farmers that are here on this river say they're not moving they're going to pull so much disruption as they can till they are followed by the government well it's about trying to doesn't come back before i finish my next question time should nots of course pharma say that suffering from sort of the pharma sentiment in the country i mean what does that actually mean.
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well what they're saying is that traditionally in the past form as we're seeing as you know the backbone of french society they were widely supported pretty broadly cherished yet now that seems to change because they're all environmentalist walk using farmers of destroying nature of the looting practices using harmful pesticides and what the forum is a saying is that now the image that they have is a more negative one in the french public about simply not fair because they say they are the ones who are close to nature they're the ones who look after imo so they also say that if the only problems with some of the practices they use but that's often the case because they are under so much pressure because consumers want more they want more food they want organic food they want everything for stuff from this round of pressure to deliver and that they say is simply what they're saying is that it's unfair it's unfair that they're being punished because the
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consumers want more they're just trying to get by locals will continue to monitor what happens in paris was you through the day natasha but our correspondent. staying in europe rescue teams are bonior who are continuing to dig through rubble searching for people feared trapped in buildings brought down by choose days powerful earthquake the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the company to run a burn cities in the western north killing at least 26 people and injuring more than 600 others the quake is the 2nd to hit the region in 2 months. in one of the worst hit cities jewish. the solution to this has been the hardest hit because it was closest to the epicenter of the earthquake about 10 miles offshore from here and driving through the city in the liason take you can see that there are many many buildings which were appear to be to the untrained eye structurally damaged we were just watching a lady who had gone back to her home we could see her through the open hole of her
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bedroom she was retrieving clothing from the woodrell trying to. presumably make life a little comfortable for have family here where we're at the to this football stadium if the camera swings over to my right over here you'll see that there is a tent city that is springing up here. with what we have found to be hundreds of families that spent last night here and presumably will spend tonight here as well because the work of inspecting to certify whether they are safe to return to is ongoing they are hoping that the municipality will be sending engineers to their houses today. that is what the day is going to be spent on here people are going to be going back to their homes retrieving things waiting for inspectors and engineers hoping that tonight perhaps they can spend spend the night in tools. this is a big issue in the next 24 hours because tonight there is
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a rainfall caused and all day tomorrow life is going to be very difficult in this tent city after that it. was time for the weather now and his role but rob is a big weekend in the u.s. they have big and a long one thanksgiving of course and when it's not playing though no other things for example still in southern california santa barbara santa barbara county there are wildfires fuel still by what affects the santa ana winds come out the interior largely because the cold pushed from further north because the 2nd thing in california again while seas fos a lot being held by the winds the strength the winds. just hitting in the last few hours the north and central part of california almost how can force it is unusual to have big deep blown it's drawing in some pretty nasty weather with it and ahead of it the last time what went through that gave so much stuff in colorado is the asti appear over the great lakes so that is going to help draw down the real cold at denver's masi may not be a big surprise anybody could hire that city is up in above sea level but the blue
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extends over right over the west is going to help to beat what comes out of the clouds more like this this is denver denver airport in colorado $500.00 flights canceled because of this yes of course they get snow but this is a really and this is quite deep and it's not going to be the end of it minneapolis a bit further north might show for the biggest collections day it's nice right up to friday and b o sir. thanks very much rob well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news abra whose opposition say they have proof the prime minister talked to the u.s. about selling the national health service and 75 years on how japan is still seeking the remains of soldiers killed in battle on a remote pacific island didn't spoil the action from a huge upsurge in the world of college basketball will be here to explain.
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what was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every luggage board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week entry has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice i'm talking about the states that supply kalashnikov rifles be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq 115000000 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from uk cycling to say that for instance the famous yellow dress made from blue jeans. to conserving the world's twinning wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird migration flight routes are 6 right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special that lands on the planet after ice
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ecosystems and that analogy 0. talk about you watching al-jazeera news are with me as a whole rob. a reminder of our top stories protests against the united nations are spreading in eastern democratic republic of congo the unrest began in delhi where people have driven the casket of a man killed during demonstrations around the streets ahead of his funeral. giving president jose maria of has lost the presidential race to former prime ministers domingo and simone as pereira or models as you call barlow other contenders for a 2nd round runoff which will be held on december 29th and
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a court in bangladesh has sent and 7 people to death for one of the worst attacks in the country's history 22 people mostly foreigners died in the siege of the holy artisan cafe in the capital dhaka in 2016. the u.s. has reportedly sent teams to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to investigate how american made armored vehicles got into the hands of rebel fighters in yemen transfers of any military weaponry would be a violation of an agreement with washington the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have looked into the claims and deny any wrongdoing well andrew smith is a spokesman for campaign against the arms trade joins me now via skype from glasgow in scotland good to have you with us on the program mr smith it does sound like a case of shutting the barn door when the horse has bolted. yes i think risk is a case of too little too late because however as it happened it has already
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happened in this isn't even the 1st time that us made weapons have ended up with groups of you were not meant to end up left when lee reeks before of a stage bartman to the yemen begun the pentagon report suggested last $500500000000.00 worth of weaponry in yemen and the real issue is that there's no such thing as arms control and awards and there's no such thing as arms control once weapons of left the shores we don't know the record to be used by and we don't know the record to be used against so what can the us then do even if they are sending investigators i mean what's the aim of that. investigation will be useful in itself to find out exactly what process has taken place or what lack of process is taking place but in reality the best way to ensure that weapons aren't falling into what's perceived people wrong hands is to not sell them 1st place the best read to ensure solid arms export controls is not to be arming the world and
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supporting each will be sheens and dictatorships like the one in saudi arabia has been out war with yemen over the last 5 years i think when it's been more thought of root and branch review farms that were policy as well oh of course in the manufacture of arms is huge business brings in billions of dollars for respective countries across the world i mean well sort of guarantees and only in place when selling all means and the support infrastructure such munitions really won't be used in conflict areas that it's a very high sort of level of thought but in reality as you say when the arms leave one particular country to enter another you know when you know what's happening to them. absolutely and that's exactly why we should be far stricter on tax policy than one which has been pursued by washington for decades this hasn't even been specific to the trumpet ministration previous white houses with democrat or republican of tea full of much the same policy on arms exports that the u.s.
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government the kinds but one 3rd of all arms sales in the wattles and when that dominate market to that extent if absolutely no way of knowing which was transferred to use these weapons could be used to kewl because ultimately when somebody is buying weapons it's because bit intention to use them and short term profits dry arms companies have been head of human rights but are too long been where heads of democracy and the weapons that are being sold today could be used to fuel atrocities in the beauty's for years to come it seems such a contradiction isn't it of the the us for many many decades as wanted to be seen as the sort of policeman that the peacekeeper of the world and yet we've seen several european nations already banned sales to saudi so one wonders why the us hasn't followed suit saying in this particular case the humanities said darry a humanitarian pardon me disaster that's been unfolding in yemen. i mean no question of the situation in yemen it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and one reason right it's been able to get so bad is because of their complicity in
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support of arms exports and governments some european governments have taken action although hasn't tended to be one to export not just in the case of the u.k. for example as major supplier of arms to. the regime and record fuel in london friend that was arms sales were were granted on legally and yet the u.k. government has continued to fail chris for its objective which is to keep army in supporting as a dictatorship regardless of the atrocities that is committing so it needs our action on the major arms what governments like the u.s. and the u.k. need to take the lead because of u.s. and u.k. work to end the arms deals with say the region more in yemen would stop very quickly and wrist with thanks very much for your insight and thanks for your time from glasgow. opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn says he has proof that the united kingdom's health system is for sale in trade talks with the us coleman says
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a 451 page document is evidence the prime minister boris johnson discussed offering the us access to the n.h.s. johnson has previously denied the allegation labor has promised to safeguard the n.h.s. if it wins the next general election in december now we know the truth when jobs and ses get done its a fraud on the british people this is a reality yes of down to go see asians and not in h.s. these are for sale this election is our fight for the survival of our national health service. has more from london. the n.h.s. is a hugely emotive issue in this election because it goes to a fundamental. desire of people i think to have universal health care and the affection with which the n.h.s. is health is enormous 90 percent believe in the founding principles of the n.h.s.
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in the recent opinion poll that is the care should be free at the point of contact regardless regardless sari of the ability to. question is how to pay for that care in an age where costs are going up the price of drugs is going up and the reality is the conservatives have a very different perspective on that from labor despite that boris johnson the prime minister has been absolutely adamant so far in this election campaign that the n.h.s. is not up for sale you'll remember the leaders' debate that took place so we could go through which he said it was an absolute invention when confronted by jeremy corbyn 'd and some redacted papers and absolute invention that the n.h.s. was even on the table he said there are no circumstances in which the government or any conservative government would put the n.h.s. n.h.s. on the table in any trade negotiations fast forward to today and the labor party has issued this 451 unredacted pages of trade minutes
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dating back about 2 years and 6 rounds of discussions which labor says proves that the n.h.s. does form part of the government's planning if you like all staying in the u.k. scotland is turning into one of the key battlegrounds in the upcoming elections the conservative party is desperately trying to hang on to parliamentary seats they're pushing hard for breaks it and against other referenda another referendum on independence from the united kingdom lawrence lee reports from aberdeenshire. this election is being fought in the dark literally as it's the depths of winter but metaphorically too as voters are switching allegiances all over the place and predicting the outcome is a fool's game micro targeting individuals going for every single vote is crucial sometimes you win ok very good was going to be close here sir life and sometimes you not so sure and i start with you myself in the liberal ok this conservative is
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trying to hang on to what should be a safe seat but he's trying to convince people to support something he didn't himself in right now the prospect of 2 referendums one of scotland and one european union does not feel the sense to put the axis of stock in the stock while millions cast their vote for bricks that we know them like i was i would remain i was working in the european parliament at the time of the of the brics that referendum in the daylight merk aberdeenshire reveals itself as elegant and rich parts of the countryside owned by the royal family and the towns steeped in tradition this is the part of scotland the conservatives usually do best in but these are not normal times this is a hard hard thing to sell north of the border even for someone as enthusiastic about it as boris johnson he's not personally popular among scots a nor is brecht's it or nor is the opinion polling suggesting that indonesia conservatives are prepared to let scotland go independent as
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a price to pay for delivering breck's it's all in all it's not difficult to imagine some scottish conservatives feeling a bit betrayed that idea of london's politicians betraying scotland is what the nationalists are banking on in their push for another independence referendum if the press doesn't. know a lot of support. from the mood with disapproval. perhaps more what you're looking at right now is being just one of the symptoms of a broken westminster system. scotland's. an interesting side length right. here this isn't the 1st example of. scotland being ignored or sidelined him in constitution hall the politics down the road is aberdeen city rich in oil and usually strongly opposed to scottish independence but the projections are the nationalists will take the city so you are seeing the can approve independence vs
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pro-union debate there remain versus leave to be and it is really a case of which of these becomes more serious to voters what is the most important thing for their very hard for traditional conservatives is that to make that decision it absolutely absolutely is the bald fact is that if the conservatives win the election they could push at risk the united kingdom because boris johnson cannot take scotland with him through his vision the brics it the next year could be very turbulent indeed largely al-jazeera bunkering aberdeenshire. us media reporting that the president or was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he unfroze military aid to ukraine donald trump is facing an impeachment inquiry on allegations of withholding the money to false ukraine investigating a political rival the new york times says white house lawyers informed trump in
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august before they told congress a white house correspondent kimberly health it is in washington d.c. to impact exactly what's going on more revelations more problems for the president . yeah as you've reported the new york times is quoting 2 unnamed sources that have familiarity with this case and say that it was the president releasing that aide but only after he had been briefed that there was a whistleblower complaint that that briefing took place in august but we know that $391000000.00 an aid to ukraine military assistance not released until september we're also learning that that hold on a came the very same day that the president had a very pivotal phone call with the ukrainian president vladimir is a lengthy that that is the date july 25th the transcript of that call being released where the president requests selenski that the ukrainian government do us
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a favor it is those words that democrats have been seizing on as a foundation for their impeachment inquiry now apparently the withhold on this aide so upset in to at least 2 staff members in the office of management and budget that they in fact resign so significant revelations that only bolster the democrats' case that the president leverage his political powers for political purposes so it could be how these revelations fits into the much longer process that we're listening to at the moment in terms of those impeachment hearings. well as the president continues to deny any wrongdoing this makes it harder and harder for the defense that will ultimately take place in the trial if it gets up to the senate where that would take place right now the democrats continue to build their case very incrementally while we've had the hearings that have been held and conducted
4:44 pm
by the house intelligence committee things that move to the judiciary committee we're learning that december 4th is the date of the 1st impeachment hearing that will take place in that committee this committee would draft the articles of impeachment alleging that the president needs to be removed from office because he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors of course it does have to be voted in the house of representatives but what you see here is with each new revelation with each new date that has been set the democrats continue to move forward to try and impeach the president now again in the midst of all this i've said the president continues to say he has committed no wrongdoing he's now in florida and he spoke at a rally he's there for the thanksgiving holiday here in the united states and he spoke with front of supporters saying that not only does he say he has done nothing wrong but he also says there was never a direct link between security assistance and an investigation of his rival joe biden in fact he says the only reason democrats are doing this is because he
4:45 pm
believes they can't win the 2020 presidential election well for the pence robots can be held to their all white house correspondent there's been a lot explosion at a chemical plant in the u.s. state of texas before a bulletin scalia's the plant went up in flames also as he's enforce a mandatory evacuation of people within range of the facility there's been no reports of any fatalities. the remote pacific island of peleliu was the scene of a world war 2 battle involving u.s. and japanese soldiers it was expected to last for days but continued for more than 2 months with nearly 13000 dead 75 years old the task of identifying and repatriating remains is continuing as nick clark reports. some of the sleepy piece a penny is almost too much to bad and when you know the story you understand why the 75 years ago this small corner of the pacific was
4:46 pm
a small corner of. the marina the 1st division had on the reputation of drawing operations which entailed easy landing. spot battle you'll destroy additional good luck was dissipated it was at 8 30 in the morning on september the 15th 1944 when wave after wave of american troops began to pour into the beaches it heavy japanese resistance there were gun emplacements at either end of the beach and many us soldiers died but the battle had barely begun. 11000 japanese were facing 18000 u.s. marines and the fighting was intense the island their field was quickly taken by the marines the japanese i didn't found which they had this natural ridge that around 3 quarters life of the whole island and its highest point which is where we're at right now is about 100 meters above sea level and within this ridge the japanese forces had honey called it with hundreds of caves with and for defensive
4:47 pm
purposes. the battle to flush the japanese soldiers out raged for weeks hundreds of tons of munitions were used millions of rounds of ammunition. thousands of men died. still today wreckage of war life strewn around the island tykes rusting where they were blasted to a standstill in the dense forest what's left of a japanese plane a poignant reminder to a dreadful time. the network of tunnels with thousands of japanese soldiers took refuge a still that even the drinks bottles that sustain them survive old mess tins and the remains of what looks like part of a gas mask and i scouted their caves like this just honeycombed throughout the ridge where the japanese took refuge and amazingly the americans just gave up trying to flush them out. and eventually they barricaded the japanese in in their
4:48 pm
thousands and here they died in the end around $1600.00 u.s. soldiers died but the toll for the japanese was catastrophic out of $11100.00 survived still today remains are found and repatriated to japan it is very important for government to return. to news. of the deceased what was 5 times that year so it's about his dedication common to to make sybase. a show. about 45 sits the means. to ship out the morial to both sides stand sentinel on the shores of poland you know looking out across the wide expanse of the pacific ocean in memory of the men of 2 countries who died in battle thousands of kilometers from. al-jazeera
4:49 pm
telling. could be.
4:50 pm
the markets type of sport the history of seo thank you mention city's owner has agreed to sell a stake which values them almost $5000000000.00 which is a record for a sports group the abu dhabi controlled city football group is selling to the us
4:51 pm
private equity firm silver lake they originally invested in technology but have now moved into entertainment more recently investing in things like the ultimate fighting championship we have. a tremendous global organization over 1500 players around the world over 2000 incredible employees we played over 2005 games across all our teams so this is a. this is a huge organization with a footprint in many places around the world and let's break down the numbers city owners shake mensura selling a 10 percent stake in city football group for $500000000.00 the deal puts a record value of $4800000000.00 on the group remember statements or bought city for just under $200000000.00 back in 2008 since then they've spent $1700000000.00 on players and one very successful manager that's resulted in 4 premier league
4:52 pm
titles and that's led to annual revenue of $687000000.00. the industry in general is converging with entertainment and so we are beginning to see this in inter linkage between all sports entertainment digital and so what has happened today i think with the silverlink investment is testament to the fact that we're looking at an industry that's going through a process of of rapid transformation it's very closely linked to entertainment to technology to film and what the new investment should enable city to do is is to move forward much more quickly much more dynamically than many other clubs in the world we're already beginning to see signs of of what 6 years is doing reflected in other clubs so there this data for instance amazon documentaries connected to football clubs so for instance at tottenham hotspur is evidence that. football is no longer just football it's entertainment it's
4:53 pm
a source of content for digital platforms there were 3 k. spoken for the 1st time since returning to his role as spain's head coach if that down to care for his 9 year old daughter who later died of cancer his former assistant repair to marina took charge in his absence of const controversially sacked to make way for enrique's return to fill in the other for security i am the only reason why marino is not to my staff he came to my house and said he wanted to take charge of the team in the euros and then go back to being my number 2 i understand he's ambitious but for me that's also disloyal and a defect i would not have done that i don't want anybody with these characteristics in my staff. former germany legend jurgen klinsmann is back in management he's been signed up until the end of the season at her berlin who are 15th german bundesliga it's his 1st job since being sacked by the u.s. in 2016 that are they were him of riches returned to sweden not as a player but as
4:54 pm
a part owner of top league team how many who finished 3rd in sweden last season and left l.a. galaxy this month israel folau is up his compensation claim against rugby estrades in a $10000000.00 for loss of earnings he's suing for religious discrimination after being sacked over anti-gay comments it originally wanted $7000000.00 but increased it because he says he could have been yes trading captain last week flacid australia's bushfires were god punishing the country for passing abortion and same sex marriage laws. the south east asian games start in the philippines on saturday but organizes a dealing with complaints that athletes have been forced to sleep on floors and go hungry is the can bodhi and football coach now i was pretty upset the 1st guy here . we did you know 3 hours away in the airport and then 8 hours of waiting in the theatre rooms sleeping on the floor and. you know that adds up in a tournament like this or more and they say it's our correspondent jamila alan
4:55 pm
dogan from manila. i don't press conference here in manila organizers in charge coming from the government actually denied that they have been disorderly in their management of the sea games here in the philippines they even said that they will investigate reports that some athletes have suffered food poisoning have been brought to the hospital and there is in adequate food for athletes and members of the changing team from different countries the even went as far as leaving journalists pulls local in international for what they described as exaggeration of reports coming in on social media and in publications but journalists errant the once reporting it out police themselves have called leanings of management and they have they have been asking the government to basically fix it as soon as possible specially logistical and managerial operations like organizing hotels hotel rooms and bus transport system now president of their damn self already said that he
4:56 pm
wants an investigation into how the scene games is being managed by several factions of his government this isn't the only controversy that has surrounded the sea games last week there has already been an inquiry in the senate about whether the budget allocated and loan for this project is overpriced and whether the funds have been disbursed properly. the n.b.a. and dallas mavericks dalek advantage showed he's human after all he was aiming to make it 5 games running with at least 10 points and 10 assists however the l.a. clippers kept him down to just 20 points which still isn't bad but it wasn't good enough to win the game both teams who are behind in 5 and it was quiet leonard the top scored with 28 for the clippers they want to comfortably by 15 to extend their winning streak to 6 games. but arguably the biggest drama on tuesday came in college basketball.
4:57 pm
for the 1st time in nearly 20 years the number one ranked duke lost at home to a non-conference team the stephen f. austin lumberjacks scoring a buzzer beating laina lay up right at the end to win the game by 2 points it enters duke's 150 game home winning streak against non-conference teams. finally about belonging to baseball legend babe ruth is said to be auctioned off for over a $1000000.00 about was the one refused to hit his $500.00 home run for the new york yankees back in august 9 $129.00 over 90 years ago of the top 20 most expensive sports memorabilia items 9 of them a babe ruth collectibles in june a jersey worn by wreaths sold for over $5000000.00. it is so useful for now it is back to fail. to tell you but with more news on the
4:58 pm
other side of the break to stay with us here but i'll just say. this to simply make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania are close. to a stage made for the germans make an entrance makes a state compete for the honor of becoming the world's best city excited it'll be sure to say i want to be. this fee for the club. make cuts on your gold. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's what. they needed one new day for. inspiring documentaries
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from impassioned filmmakers. like a witness on al-jazeera the globe in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the soldiers going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
5:00 pm
the u.n. and now says one of its troops in the democratic republic of congo may have shocked other protester grows over its presence in the country's east. along the whole robin you're watching all just live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes 7 people are sentenced to death for a deadly seen bangladesh cafe in 2016. and yemen's warring parties strike a right deal to allow port to be reopened for men.


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