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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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the u.n. in now says one of its troops in the democratic republic of congo may have shot at a protester as anger grows over its presence in the country's east. when you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes 7 people are sentenced to death for a deadly siege on a bangladesh cafe in 2016. and yemen's warring parties strike a rare deal to allow a port to be reopened for medical flights. also out of the running president
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loses in the 1st round of voting in a country plagued by koos. could have you with this welcome to al-jazeera the u.n. says one of its peacekeepers named shot and killed a young protester in the democratic republic of congo after new evidence emerged senior official in kinshasa announced an investigation is short time ago that protests against the un's mission are spreading in the east of the country the unrest started in a bad day where people have driven the casket of a man killed during demonstrations on saturday around the streets in the past 2 days 6 people have died protesters are angry at what they see as a failure of un peacekeepers to protect them from armed rebels who've killed dozens of people this month. about 100 kilometers away in
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goma police have fired live rounds into the air to clear protesters people tried to storm the u.n. facilities but were blocked by security forces. well there are also been protests and determine the catherine sawyer here's our correspondent in goma joins me now and catherine this really is a tense situation that's developing by the minute by the hour and spreading across a certain region certainly of the country the authorities must be very concerned and for straighted the way the public are reacting to what was supposed to be a peacekeeping force that hasn't quite aspired to what the public wanted. very concerned and people in those areas are very frustrated they're very angry today they are burying one of the protesters that was killed on saturday this protester was killed by police by
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a police officer was killed by an angry mob on the same day on saturday so people are saying that they will not relent and will continue the process until their demands are met and just to show you how all this is just getting more and more complicated we're getting information about an attack that has happened in an area called all the information that we're receiving 15 people are confirmed to have been killed by a.d.'s rebels this has been confirmed by the military always has about 30 kilometers from any time by any town but still within the wider venue region we've also talked to officials of the main hospital. they have confirmed that yes the scene bodies vary quite badly mutilated have been brought to a lot of people some of this is because the state said now we are also being told
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that military soldiers went to this village where the attack happened when the attackers were still there there was a confrontation the attackers fled we're not clear on casualties that might mean might have been in cards by the attackers or the military as well so for here this really is close to. what we've been talking about all day and just you know how these frustrations by the people are being felt like margin process that happening the u.n. is on high alert they their own going offensive against india rebels that this group is able to send attackers still to villages and attack and kill people so brutally and of course if the u.n. is not very in whatever capacity to try and protect the public themselves then of course the public are left to the mercy of these militia groups and for international audience catherine you know who are the a.d.f. and who actually supports them. well the a.d.f.
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is a group that has been in in the r.c. in venue region for quite a long time about 20 years of 20 years it's one of the oldest rebel groups here in the b.r.c. but it's really very little and a student we don't know who for example is finding them it's not clear what their membership is all the struct it's not even clear what exactly they're fighting for this group stemmed out from the north in uganda and at the time they said they were fighting for religious inclusion but that has since changed so it's not really clear what the agenda really ease. i mean people are upset that the government is not able to contain this situation because these operations against a.d.f. have going to have been going on for such a long time and so here i was here a couple of years ago when the government forces went into that the dense forests
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in beni and you know engaged in this very huge and long vassals of the a.t.f. and they came out and say look we have cleared them they're defeated 2 weeks later this attackers from a.d.'s came back to believe is and attacked again with machetes to copy taking people hocking them to death and things like that the u.n. itself officials have been saying that well people are angry and it's understandable people are saying the u.n. is ineffective understandable but you know security forces and security analysts i've been talking to are saying that as you mentioned so hail it's very difficult to see how people can be protected when they're blue hell if the blue helmets leave because right now the needs are being accused of being ineffective their presence in some areas is actually preventing more atrocities because even a leave then we'll have all these other towns and villages overrun by the dozens of
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other rebel groups that are. in areas are in the forest are trying to battle for the territory in if than the r.c.c. they feed us a very volatile and you know but people you can imagine quite frustrated they were chanting today saying if you cannot protect it leave it to protect ourselves indeed this is a situation changing we'll continue to monitor it with you catherine sawyer the our correspondent in goma. south asian a bunker she called his sentence people to death in connection with one of the worst attacks in the country's history 22 people mostly foreigners died in the siege of the cafe in dhaka in 26th. has been acquitted. is outside the court. one of the most important and sensational court case in bangladesh history that judge bell it took 20 minutes to hand out the sentence says the public reaction was positive most people were happy i spoke to one of the
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relatives he was happy with the outcome his brother was the police officer who was killed on that frightful day those who were sentenced were taken out by one of the prison vans some of them were shouting reciting at a big verse says one of them was waving out and saying carry 'd on with our cause there was no justice carry on with our cause then went away bangladesh has been very robust in tackling with militancy it has set up special. dealing with terrorism special forces and the police. since the holy are. over 2 dozen militants were killed in an encounter with law enforcement agencies there is 0 tolerance according to the prime minister and the government in dealing with militancy. now heavy rains have also brought misery to communities in north western kenya thousands of people seeking refuge in makeshift camps after widespread
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flooding and landslides at least $65.00 people have died in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more are affected believe teams have been slow to reach the area of west some roads and bridges remain the cut off mohammed it was the latest from. in west polk county. we are. told the dissolved truck was. really. all that college shopping center which has largely been destroyed by the landslide and accompanying flooding that occurred here just a few days ago we are. told where the village used to be there was a hollow this all behind me now nothing except the huge rocks that came tumbling down from the hill behind me the whole area is surrounded by hills and it is the landslide and the rocks that came gushing out of. the hill star
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killed most of the people and destroyed their buildings their homes in the house that was just right you know where i am right now 11 people died and all for the 11 who died just 3 bodies have been recalled but government rescue workers are yet to reach here because of the swept away part of the wall down bridges leading to these part of the west called county and the people here are really not only striking but also say they will not get closure until they get the bodies of their loved ones to yemen now where the saudi led coalition has announced its easing restrictions to allow airport to reopen the coalition says it will mean patients in need of medical care can be flown out from the rebel held area flights will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization the
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airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016 now. the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council which has been working in yemen for several years while he applauds the developments he says yemen's medical system still leaves to be revived. this is a regular. hope in a in a desperate was a situation for 4 years we've asked for airport to be reopened for these medical flights but also for other commission and civilian flights. this is the place where which always had to send patients out of the country because they couldn't care for the worst and most complicated medical treatments then the airport was closed at the same time as the medical systems in yemen collapsed
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so yes now we've seen thousands die in unnecessary. hoopers over but for many patients there is now hope that they can get abroad and get treatment world health organization will now be coordinating this with the government of yemen and i hope that this medical air bridge will start imminently but of course the whole medical system needs to be rebuilt half of the hospitals and clinics and so on are inoperable at the moment. rescue teams in albania argentinian to dig through rubble searching for people feared trapped in buildings brought down by tuesday's powerful earthquake the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital tehran and cities in the western north killing at least $26.00 and injuring more than $600.00 people the quake is the 2nd to hit the region in 2 months john surat plus is that one of the worst hit cities to rush. the situation
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here at the good us football stadium is that the entire area outside the grass of the playing field itself is covered mouth with housing families who've been staying overnight and you can see to my left there are some individual terms of. emilie's but there are also some much larger tents which are housing several families at once right now there's a lot of activity here as people attempt to distribute food there's acumen chain that's been formed going from to a collection area where boxes of edible things are being piled up the army is keeping guard over there and presumably is going to oversee the distribution these people have possibly not an innocent lunch time yesterday they've been here all night as tents will being set up the army was doing this as people were arriving so for many hours people were often simply sitting here in the cold overnight waiting
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for the tent to be erected over them and now i think they're going to be not only very very hungry but also preparing for another night out here until their houses are inspected and they're told that they can go back and re inhabit them in many cases though that won't be possible if you drive around the city and do this you'll see that there are many blocks of flats in individual homes that appear to have structural damage or at least very serious damage walls have fallen out you can see into the interiors of homes clearly many many families will not be going home tonight and there has to be a long term or at least a medium term solution for those people some kind of hard shell container housing where they can stay through the winter weather because the forecast for tonight the rain and through tomorrow and these tents are going to be inadequate housing civilians. while still ahead here on al-jazeera britain's opposition say they have proof the u.k. prime minister has held talks to keep the u.s.
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to excess to the health service. and the film festival that's being called sharpening pre-sleep tense relationship between china and taiwan. hallard school little cooler in hong kong but the sun is out the cloud that was across shanghai still streaming transfer i think for cost wise it will tend to break up here is $10.00 degrees $23.00 the cat is rather sticky once again towards do which is still hovering around $1011.00 degrees look if very dry picture there for the good part of china when just a long way north the northeast monsoons tucked in nicely to indeed as plain cross the bay of bengal also is going to be the case stand here for probably sri lanka and fossils in india we get significant shares with you mark there's the cloud here
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it's really up into northern india northern pakistan kashmir up into the high ground so as rain or snow it if you're lucky will move the air around in new delhi otherwise a cross he's got to stay pretty poor which is not uncommon for this time of the year we've seen a change in seasonal type across syria impedances a temperature in the twenty's not with thirty's that's been the case for a couple of days weeks there's no significant wind so doha's quite well we're 27 riyadh's bit breezy unclarity and 26 but the cloud is covering further science in for example oman and yemen and also that is once again iran and probably azerbaijan and all the syria where the showers fall. almost the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every loved board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once
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a week entry has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice recording artist those that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation amount is iraq. you're watching with me cell romney a reminder of our top stories the u.n. now says one of its peacekeepers may have shot and killed a young protester in the democratic republic of congo afternoon have been submerged a senior official in kinshasa announced an investigation a short time ago protests against the un are spreading in the east
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a quarter bangladesh has sent in 7 people to death for one of the worst attacks in the country's history 22 people mostly foreigners died in the siege on the holy. cafe in the capital dhaka 2060. and in kenya thousands of people are seeking refuge in makeshift camps after widespread flooding and landslides at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days and up to 120000 have been displaced. president obama shows last of the presidential race his 2 former prime ministers and other contenders for the 2nd drug drug domingo's simonas pierrette it took more than 40 percent of the vote he was fired by 2015 models to see call barlow is in 2nd place with 30 percent runnels poll to decide the winner will now take place on december 29th let's cross over to our correspondent who's in the company will
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decide when monitoring events for us and nicholas this is always going to be a hard fought election and perhaps the initial results are quite surprising. they are indeed for the people standing here right behind me we're at the headquarters of the historic 1st political party in the country and their candidate domingo should know a spirit who was the frontrunner for this election well they hoped that this would be that they would win this election if he were to over 50 percent of the vote it didn't happen and so many people here are disappointed there's a point particularly because there was a lot of money spent in this campaign and this by this country having empty coffers these campaigns were flamboyant extravagant caravans traveling throughout the country so many here wondering why this hasn't paid off well perhaps the answer lies with the his archrival tomorrow. he calls himself the general of the
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people and he has accused domingo she wears para who wears a fedora hat of being el chapo of being a profiting from the drug trade of course going to be a country on the edge of west africa is used by latin american drug traffickers to funnel cocaine to europe in the last 5 years under the presidency of george zimmerman of us 2222 tons of cocaine worth billions of dollars in a country where most people live live on less than $2.00 a month. has discovered by law enforcement so yes there's a lot at stake in this election so indeed it with just what 4 weeks now before the run of how do you think the election campaign is going to proceed is it going to be tough mean or bad or. well i says i spoke to. him he said he's going to try to attract try
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to unite this country and try to attract more voters in his county 1st as to negotiate with those candidates that have lost in this election to gain their support in order to mount it to beef up his support in order to try to beat the frontrunner domingo's you know as her up in this election key demographic here are people who don't live here in the capital b. so but in the countryside where there's no access to electricity where schools or medical centers have been shut down where there is a population that have felt left behind by the state the state has been empty it has been absent in these areas and that's a key demographic that's where most of the voters are and this is where i suspect most of these 2 candidates will be campaigning outside of the south to try to attract these young voters and to vote for them so that they say they can bring back stability to this country so. for the moment of course we'll continue to
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monitor what will be a very exciting 4 weeks to that next vote nicholas hytner. opposition leader john we call been says that he has proof that the united kingdom's health system is to sail in trade talks with the u.s. open so has a 451 page document is evidence prime minister boris johnson discussed offering the u.s. census to the n.h.s. johnson has previously denied the allegation labor has promised to safeguard the n.h.s. if it wins next month's election. now we know the truth is when johnson say's gets dong it's a fraud on the british people this is the reality yes above down to go see a sions n.h.s. is up for sale this election is now a fight for the survival of on national health service. and how small.
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the n.h.s. is a hugely emotive issue in this election because it goes to a fundamental. desire of people i think to have universal health care and the picture with which the n.h.s. is health is enormous 90 percent believe in the founding principles of the n.h.s. in the recent opinion poll that is the pair should be free at the point of contact regardless of the sorry of the ability to pay. question is how to pay for that cap in an image where costs are going up the price of drugs is going up and the reality is the conservatives have a very different perspective on that from labor despite that boris johnson the prime minister has been absolutely adamant so far in this election campaign that the n.h.s. is not up for sale you'll remember the leaders' debate that took place so we could go through which he said it was an absolute invention when confronted by jeremy corbyn and some redacted papers an absolute invention that the n.h.s.
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was even on the table he said there were no circumstances in which the government or any conservative government would put the n.h.s. n.h.s. on the table in any trade negotiations fast forward to today and the labor party has issued this 451 unredacted pages of trade minutes dating back about 2 years and 6 rounds of discussions which labor says proves that the n.h.s. does form part of the government's planning if you like. u.s. media is reporting that president trump was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he unfroze military aid to ukraine trump is facing an impeachment inquiry about allegations that he withheld the money to false ukraine into investigating a political rival the new york times says once house lawyers informed trump and all just before they told congress that says the reports are boost for the democrats case for impeachment the new york times is quoting 2 unnamed sources that have
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familiarity with this case and say that it was the president releasing that aid but only after he had been briefed that there was a whistleblower complaint that that briefing took place in august but we know that $391000000.00 in aid to ukraine military assistance not released until september we're also learning that that hold on a came the very same day that the president had a very pivotal phone call with the ukrainian president vladimir is a lansky that that is the day july 25th the transcript of that call be released where the president requests of selenski that the ukrainian government do us a favor it is those words that democrats have been seizing on as a foundation for their impeachment inquiry now apparently the withhold on this aide so upset in to at least 2 staff members in the office of management and budget that
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they in fact resign so significant revelations that only bolster the democrats' case that the president leverage his political powers for political purposes. well voting is underway in the movie or whom was expected to be the toughest challenge yet for the ruling party present hargate again god was among the 1st to cast his ballot his party won the last election with 87 percent of the vote but his term was plagued by a recession corruption scandal and one of the viewers worst ever droughts voters are choosing a new president and a parliament. hong kong police will return to the polytechnic university and those who to seize weapons they say were made by pro-democracy protesters during a 2 week standoff these students barricaded themselves inside the campus using it as a base to close a major roadway it since reopened the polytechnic university says one woman still holed up early on wednesday but she appears to be the last. they call it the
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chinese language oscars taiwan's golden wholes film festival has grown into a fixture for the movie industry in asia since it began in 1996 but china bandits filmmakers from taking part and even created a rival event and drew thomas reports now from beijing. to film festivals in 2 cities say a lot about one china in taipei the golden horse 1st of all has for years been the showcase for chinese language film with entries from mainland china as well as taiwan but this year china's government in beijing banned its country's filmmakers from taking part instead they encouraged another film festival held across the taiwan strait the golden rooster in shy man and the chinese mainland was held at exactly the same time beijing snubbed this year's golden horse after a winner at last year's festival used her speech to call for countries to recognize
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taiwanese independence taiwanese the filmmakers and fans are disappointed but pragmatic decision in spite of china's boycott movies from any part of the world would continue to shine at the film festival they are not only hurting the interviewer here to take away the chance to view these films they are also taking away opportunities for those artists especially chinese artists for their work to see the work in the international. the beijing imposed the band to make a point taiwan is and always will be part of china it considers the island a breakaway province that will one day come back to the fold it's known as the one china policy beijing expects other countries to respect it in a thing or anyone that threatens the narrative is dangerous there's a good many in the industry are not happy to see that countries are using political
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. inference to strangle the freedom of their filmmakers to participate in any international film festival. encouraged by a pro independence president likely to be reelected early next year people in taiwan are becoming increasingly assertive towards beijing. one young comedian has become a t.v. star largely through mocking china and president xi jinping. i but beijing is pushing back to pacific island nations care about and the solomon islands have become the latest to switch diplomatic allegiance from taiwan to china both countries are receiving significant financial investment from beijing and beijing has threatened sanctions against any u.s. company involved in a recently announced arms sales to taiwan in the big picture a snub of one film festival and the creation of another might not seem significant moves but cultural pressure is still
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a way beijing hopes to steer taiwan home and. beijing but of course you can follow all of the stories we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com we are focusing of course on the democratic republic of congo. you're watching all just there with me as a whole robin a reminder of our top stories and the u.n. now says that one of its peacekeepers may have shot and killed a young protester in the democratic republic of congo after new evidence emerged a senior official in kinshasa announced an investigation short time ago protests against the u.n. are now spreading in the east. about 100 kilometers away in goma police have fired live rounds into the air to clear protest as people try to storm un facilities but will blocked by security forces. about whether she caught
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a sentence 7 people to death in connection with one of the worst attacks in the country's history $22.00 people mostly foreigners died in the siege of the holy artisan cafe in dakar in 2016 an 8th person has been acquitted. in kenya thousands of people are seeking refuge in makeshift camps after widespread flooding and landslides at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days and up to 120000 people have been affected the study led coalition has announced that it's easing restrictions to allow a partial reopening of southern airport the coalition says it will mean patients in need of medical care can be flown out of the rebel held area flights will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization the airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016. rescue teams in albania are continuing to dig through rubble searching for people feared trapped in buildings brought down by choose days powerful earthquake the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital to
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rather and cities in the western north killing at least 26 and injuring more than 600 people. opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn says that he has proof that the united kingdom's health system is to sail in trade talks with the us corben says a $451.00 page document is evidence that prime minister boris johnson discussed offering the us access to the n.h.s. labor has promised to safeguard the n.h.s. if it wins the next general election in december. u.s. media is also reporting that president trump was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he throws military aid to ukraine trump is facing an impeachment inquiry of allegations that he withheld the money to force ukraine into investigating and political rival those were the headlines stay with us here. is still a major killer and african nations are struggling with the highest infection rates
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thousands of experts will meet in rwanda to exchange ideas and work out how to confront one of the world's most serious health challenges special coverage on al-jazeera. hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question has congress convince the american people that impeaching president donald trump is justified let's get to the bottom line. the impeachment agrees officially 2 months old and it seems that the only thing that it is really proved is that americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes in one donald trump tried to bribe a foreign country into investigating a political rival to win the elections next year and then the other democrats are conspiring to destroy the president at any cost and their partners are an evil media spewing fake news diplomats and bureaucrats from the quote deep state plus some ukrainians who many believe are the real meddlers in the last election rather than the russians so what universe are we fortunately.


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