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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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consistency unless it announces era. demanding better protection a deadly new attack reported in the democratic republic of congo as crowds proudly against the u.n. . gratus is out to 0 live from doha also coming up a rare concession in the saudi led coalition fighting yemen's who the rebels says it will allow the sunnah airport to be reopened. out of the running guinea-bissau as president loses in the 1st round of voting in the country plagued by troops. a reminder of war 75 years on how japan is still battling. of soldiers killed on
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a remote pacific island. the un now says one of its peacekeepers may have shot and killed a young protester in the democratic republic of congo after new evidence emerged a senior official in kinshasa announced an investigation a short time ago protests against the u.s. mission spreading in the east of the country the unrest started in beni where people have driven the casket of a man killed during demonstrations on saturday around the streets in the past 2 days 6 people have died protesters are angry at what they say is a failure of un peacekeepers to protect them from rebels who have killed dozens of people this month francoise green yawn is the deputy special representative at the u.n. mission in the d r c he told al-jazeera that the un is being used as a scapegoat in the conflict. one of our peacekeepers showed that
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a protester was throwing molotov cocktail at the team at them at the peacekeepers so we are still in the process of very fine all the facts and fact checking the reports we have received but this is indeed the circumstances that we understand to place yesterday you would understand too would you say that now you're telling me that the un peacekeepers shot dead one of the protestors this goes precisely to the anger that we're seeing among the people of benny who are saying that the un is not protecting them so what is going wrong here. what is going wrong is that we are in a situation where the mission is used as a scapegoat for explaining and answering the anger and despair of the civilian population you referred early on to are very you know there's not any incidents whereby another 13 civilians were killed in your achieve lee you know distant area
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out of. a new northern part of the binney area i'm here i came here following the meeting between the president presidential security and our special representative to be able to work together with the national army with the police to strengthen our security set up to increase protection on civilians this is the only way that we are going to make progress and i would say counter these current wave of violence this is by working together and working with the population to be able to prevent you know these offenses there is no other we saw indeed it's very unfortunate and quite dramatic that this incident took place you know we are going to look into it we are going to look into the precise circumstances and we need to confirm every detail interview all the actors but at this point i'm a see what we need to do is we need to change these dynamic and restore dialogue and the requirement is really for us to be able to you know work with the
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population to protect them and to work with the authorities and the national army and there's been another attack by the group calling itself the allied democratic forces 15 people were killed in a very orchard al-jazeera catherine sorries following the situation from goma. what we're hearing is that this attack happened early in the morning in this area called oil to alltel is about 30 kilometers from any town but it is within that wider venue region so this attackers came to this village with machetes the military conga lee's military has confirmed that this attack because they belonged to this group called a.d.f. that you mentioned we are also hearing from officials from the main hospital in that 15 bodies have been taken to the morgue they're badly mutilated some of these bodies had been decapitated as well in this standards goes to amplify what we've
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been talking about all day and the frustrations that are being raised by people in beni of all these killings all these attacks that are happening when the reason ongoing offensive against a.d.f. by government troops when the president on monday also arrives a joint operation joint u.n. and. u.n. u.n. and government troops operation against a.d.f. and it's also important to note in the last 3 weeks this offensive against a.d.'s by the government started about last month in the last 3 weeks of being told around 90 people have been killed so people in vendee justifiably they say are very angry just in the u.n. is not protecting them the government is not protecting them they have been chanting saying that if you cannot protect us leave us to protect ourselves. and the international criminal court has rejected an appeal from the democratic republic of congo's former vice president and rebel leader john benn but the court
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upheld the 12 month sentence handed to bend for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial but he won't go to jail having already served 10 years in detention he was acquitted of war crimes on june 20th seen after an appeal. in northwestern kenya thousands of people are seeking refuge in makeshift shelter after widespread flooding and landslides destroyed their homes at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more affected relief teams have been slow to reach the area of whisper where some roads and bridges remain cut off mohamed odeh reports from bachata no that's a village completely destroyed by landslides. we are 2000 of the dissolved truck was called county this is the total holy religion of the college shopping center which has largely been destroyed by the landslide and accompanying flooding
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that all caught here just a few days they will we are. told where the village used to be there well how this all behind me now nothing except the huge rocks that pym tumbling down from the heel behind me in the whole area is that owned by hilton and it is the land slides and the rocks that came. out of the the hill star killed most of the people and destroyed their buildings their homes in the house that was just right you know where i am right now 11 people died and of the 11 who died just 3 bodies have been recalled but government rescue workers are yet to reach here because of the swept away part of the roll down bridges leading to these parts of the west called county and the people here are
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really not only striking but also say they would not get closure until they get the bodies of their loved ones for the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it is easing restrictions to allow yemen's main international airport to be partially reopened the airport has been closed since 2016 the coalition says patients in need of medical care can be flown out with the cooperation of the world health organization and other airports in the eastern province of headroom has also received its 1st commercial flight in 4 years it was shutting 2015 after al-qaeda took over the area on tuesday the saudi u.a.e. coalition said it's released 200. i did was in a prisoner swap last week who the rebels released 2 south korean and one saudi vessel that they captured along the red sea and this comes months off to who's the drone attacks on saudi aramco oil facilities in september which cut its oil production by half. is
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a visiting professor at the middle east institute of the national university of singapore he says this decision shows that the pressure on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to stop the bloodshed might be working i think what we have with the thing here is . that the myth. that barky. come to a conclusion that there is no military end of this conflict and i think there have been us showing all of them going a sign of the teeth and the only way out is as has always been a peaceful negotiation and i think the solution that's out in the in what i think of now start it will be like that and they have started with all directly and before that directly with the 11 and it seems that they want to bring the whole conflict to an end this is a conflict that has really cost that. not only young men and temp of tens of thousands of. women and children and. i'm. not full
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of hot men one of the out of the if you like one of the worst good luck that's according to the united nations in that event but it's been very costly for the coalition government in saudi arabia and yemen so i think you know we you know what the challenges that facing economically beneath a puppy. rescue teams in albania docketing to dig through rubble searching for survivors in buildings brought down by choose those powerful earthquake the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital to russia and cities in the west and north killing at least 26 and injuring more than 600 people the quake is the 2nd to hit the region in 2 months give or sell as president of ours has lost the presidential race he's 2 former prime minister domingo pereira and omarosa so. are now the contenders for a runoff next month nicolas ports from. outside the
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party headquarters are going to be sounds presidential candidate she should go and barlow hundreds of his supporters gathered here they didn't expect him to get through to the 2nd round but he did with 20 percent of the vote for his movement for democratic alternative party because of the money we are tired of 50 years of the ruling party who are duping people selling drugs nepotism and corruption the people have come to say no calling for a new generation of leadership. many of them both supporters are poor and from the countryside and felt ignored by political rivals in particular the african party for the independence of going to be south and calvert also known as the p.i. g.c. the party has been in power since independence its candidates domingo's. campaign as a modernizer fell short of a clear majority to win outright a position i've been involved i have some records so well nor needs
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to work for itself and who might most of the posts in. look up to and being. looked into for. appeal to voters in the capital b. so in those b. cell guinea and now living in other countries. most of the voters live in the countryside many villages have no running water no outlet electricity and school all the medical centers are shut down the state is outside and so much of this election results reflect that anger among the people with their politicians that have failed the. incumbent president who stood for the independent party came 3rd in the election with only 12 percent of the vote it's been an expensive election and some are wondering where the money came from to finance it the country's law enforcement agency suggests some could have been drug money 22 tons of cocaine was
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seized over the past 5 years worth big. eons of dollars that in a country where most of the people live on less than $2.00 a day. the choice down for voters is between ferrera and umbrello one calls himself the man of the moment the other the general of the people both believe they can solve going to be sales problems and offer new hope and a new direction for its people nicholas hawke the south. still ahead on al jazeera why at announcement this week from donald trump received a chilly welcome from mexico's government. britain's opposition side i have proof the prime minister talked to the us about selling the health service. al out of the eastern med rolls the cloud of the now it's been quite sparky quite sundry increase in cyprus bits of turkey significant rain but he's turning to
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weaken now on his way across the levant are the focus for thursday takes it across to northern iraq to. maybe and iran then the sunshine follows it's in this direction this is all travelling to start really developing in the stock. terence back up to 40 in baghdad at 24 by the time we get to friday as no significant breeze there's nothing really happening in the east and that are the truce periodic rain south of this we've seen the change in seasons you know and the north east once is quite strong as a cloud is building on the coast of amman yemen occasional showers show themselves in the mountains to the west to otherwise quiet no significant breeze doha's warmed up riyadh has warmed up but dusty maybe in saudi but not so i don't think around the gulf states in southern africa now if you watch the seasonal rains they're coming down into northern zimbabwe tanzania but across to angola south of that we've has an awful lot of trouble changing spring into summer it's all gone quiet
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full cost wise $26.00 in cape town $36.00 up in botswana about the same in namibia but launched the clear blue skies.
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this is al jazeera his reminder of our top stories a top u.s. official has told al jazeera that they have evidence a peacekeeper might have shot and killed a protester but angry crowds attacked a base in the democratic republic of kenya. rather they've been mass protests against you when forces fighting to protect civilians at least 15 people were killed in a new ripple attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it will ease restrictions on yemen's main international airport in santa it's to allow patients in need of medical care to receive treatment abroad the airport has been closed to commercial flights to 2016. building results from guinea bissau election shows president bush has lost his rise to former prime ministers and other contenders for the 2nd round runoff next month. according
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bangladesh was sentenced 7 people today think connection with one of south asia's worst attacks 22 people mostly foreigners been killed in the siege of holy out isn't half a in dhaka in 2016 and person has been acquitted. palestinians are holding a city in protest against unpaid prisoner salaries from the palestinian authority the money is meant to assist palestinians who spent more than 5 years in jail they did abraham has more from ramallah. those palestinians are being themselves and they are protesting at this is written by the palestinian authority for over a decade now usually the palestinian authority pays salaries monthly salaries to palestinians who spent more than 5 years in israeli jails now since the split the internal palestinian split between the west bank and the gaza strip this one us to me and i don't 35 of them say that their salaries have been cut off. but. although
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this issue might sound personal it's about our rights as citizens here we are being punished not for something we've done but because of our affiliation on a political level they're using it to punish hamas and gaza broadcasters have been staying here for more than 40 days some started the hunger strike and others have been refusing water for more than 2 days on tuesday the palestinian prime minister visited the site and promised to resolve the issue after they say the security forces cracked down on their site and. some protesters here came with their families and organizers here say that 3 of them have been sent to the hospital due to the hunger strike and they're saying that they're going to continue until their issue is resolved. iran says it is a rested at least 8 people with alleged links to the cia during recent nationwide protests the country's supreme leader has also called the protests a u.s. backed conspiracy thousands of iranians took to the streets across the country to protest the rising price of fuel the government forced an internet blackout for
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a week international says more than 140 people were killed in a brutal crackdown. donald trump is planning to designate mexican drug cartels as terror groups in the united states the president called for a war on the cartels after an american family was attacked in mexico earlier this month president trump says the decision has been in the works for the past 3 months mexico's foreign minister has called for an urgent meeting with the u.s. state department officials on the issue alan fischer is in mexico city he says trump's decision has taken many officials from both sides of the border by surprise it appears that donald trump was under pressure from the law banning family that's the american family who deal mexican u.s. citizenship who were driving through a remote part of northern mexico at the beginning of this year when they were ambushed by one of the cartels 6 children 3 adults were killed many members of the le baron family petitioned the white house and said they felt it was time for the
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u.s. to designate the cartels as a terrorist organization donald trump his self has said that it's time to start clearing the cartels out you know there could be quite a distance between donald trump making this a moment when he's speaking to a right wing radio talk show host and something actually happening there are several legal steps but it certainly would kaito towards his position of being hard on mexico or hard on the drug traffickers as well but in mexico the president was asked about it during his daily news conference and he just said look it's the eve of thanksgiving this is about cooperation not confrontation the mexican president has famously refused to go up against donald trump so it doesn't want to upset him at this point but we know that the foreign minister said just a couple of days ago he didn't think the united states would take this step and certainly the mexicans have experience of donald trump saying one thing and then
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then not following through you remember almost a year ago when donald trump said he was going to close the mexican border and nothing happened. opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn says he has proof that the u.k.'s whole system is for sale in tried talks with the us corp and says a $451.00 page document is evidence prime minister boris johnson discussed offering the us access to the n.h.s. johnson has previously denied that allegation labor has promised to safeguard the n.h.s. if it wins next month's election. the n.h.s. is a hugely emotive issue in this election because it goes to a fundamental. desire to receive people i think to have universal health care and the picture with which the n.h.s. is health is enormous 90 percent believe in the founding principles of the n.h.s. in the recent opinion poll that is the pair should be free at the point of contact
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regardless of the sorry of the ability to. question is how to pay for that cap in an age where costs are going up the price of drugs is going up and the reality is the conservatives have a very different perspective on that from labor despite that boris johnson the prime minister has been absolutely adamant so far in this election campaign that the n.h.s. is not up for sale you'll remember the leaders' debate that took place so we could go through which he said it was an absolute invention when confronted by jeremy corbin and some redacted papers and after an invention that the n.h.s. was even on the table he said that a no circumstances in which the government or any conservative government would put the n.h.s. n.h.s. on the table in any trade negotiations fast forward to today and the labor party has issued this 451 unredacted pages of trade minutes dating back about 2 years and 6 rounds of discussions which labor says proves that
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the n.h.s. does form part of the government's planning if you like. the u.s. has reportedly sent teams to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to investigate how american made armored vehicles got into the hands of rebel fighters in yemen transfers of any military weaponry would be a violation of the agreement with washington the u.a.e. and saudi arabia deny any wrongdoing and bruce smith is the spokesman for the campaign against arms trade he says this is not the 1st time u.s. made weapons or ended up in the wrong hands and says arms export policies must be overhauled entirely. this hasn't even been specific to the trumpet ministration g.b.'s white house these were democrat or republican of team full of much the same policy in arms exports the u.s. government the kinds one for all arms sales in the world and when they dominate market to that extent if absolutely no way of knowing which atrocities these
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weapons could be used if you will because ultimately when somebody is buying weapons is because they have the intention to use them and short term profits drams companies have been ahead of human rights for part too long we've been where that of democracy and the weapons that are being sold today could be used to fuel atrocities in the beauty's 3 years to come the situation in yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and one reason why it's been able to get so bad is because of their complicity in support of arms exports and governments some european governments have taken action a little hasn't time to be one to exporting most so it needs action from the major arms it's what governments like the u.s. and the u.k. need to take the lead because if u.s. and u.k. were to end their arms sales to save the regime one in yemen would stop very quickly a new report from amnesty international is accusing egypt of misusing counter-terrorism laws to instead detain peaceful protesters and journalists the rights group says
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a special security agency comprised of hand-picked judges has tripled its prosecutions since president abdul fattah el-sisi came to power but now the report says detentions have been renewed for years without evidence or chance to appeal unions and student groups in colombia the holding a 2nd nationwide strike in support of anti-government protests the rallies which started last week quickly turned violent with several people killed and transit stations destroyed colombians are angry about corruption and proposed cuts to minimum wages changes in pensions and taxes. hong kong police will return to the probably take beginner versity on thursday to seize weapons they say were made by pro-democracy protesters during a 2 week standoff the students barricaded themselves inside the campus using it as a base to close a major roadway it's since reopened the polytechnic university says search teams found one woman still holed up earlier on wednesday but she appears to be the last
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sort of clock has the latest from. around $100.00 people from the university management team spent several hours searching the polytechnic tempus looking for any protesters who of mind but they found no one well the $1100.00 have left the university since police sealed more than 10 days ago those over 18 could be charged with writing those under 18 years of age were released without charge the search team says large parts of the university have been trashed or they paid we also see that a number of facilities at the school including science rooms and experiment rooms have been damaged in various ways the cross harbor tunnel was reopened on wednesday after being shot for 2 weeks much of the area has now returned to normal but the cleanup at the university campus is yet to begin the remote pacific island of peleliu was the scene of a brutal world war 2 battle involving u.s. and japanese soldiers 75 years on the grim task of identifying and repairing
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reminds continues the clock has more from. some of the sleepy piece a penny is almost too much to bad and when you know the story you understand why the 75 years ago this small corner of the pacific was a small corner of. the marine corps the 1st division had on the reputation of drawing operations which entailed easy landing. budget battles you'll distribution of good luck was dissipated it was at 8 30 in the morning on september the 15th 1944 when wave after wave of american troops began to pour into the beaches it heavy japanese resistance they were gunning placements at either end of the beach and many us soldiers died but the battle had barely begun. 11000 japanese were facing 18000 u.s. marines and the fighting was intense the island def field was quickly taken by the marines the japanese i didn't found which they had this natural ridge that around 3
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quarters life of the whole island and its highest point which is where we're at right now is about 100 meters above sea level and within this ridge the japanese forces had honeycombed with hundreds of caves with and for defensive purposes. the battle to flush the japanese soldiers out raged for weeks hundreds of tons of munitions were used millions of rounds of ammunition. thousands of men died. still today wreckage of war life strewn around the island types rusting where they were blasted to a standstill in the dense forest what's left of a japanese plane a poignant reminder to a dreadful time. the network of tunnels with thousands of japanese soldiers took refuge a still that even the drinks bottles that sustain them survive old mess tins and the remains of what looks like part of
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a gas mask and i scouted their caves like this just honeycombed throughout the ridge where the japanese took refuge and amazingly the americans just gave up trying to flush them out. and eventually they barricaded the japanese in in their thousands and here they died in the end around $1600.00 u.s. soldiers died but the toll for the japanese was catastrophic out of $11100.00 survived still today remains are found and repatriated to japan it is very important but it's government to return. to. the deceased 5 times that year so it's about his dedication coming to to make sybase. about $45.00 sits.
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down. to ship out the morial to both sides stand sentinel on the shores of pellegrino looking out across the wide expanse of the pacific ocean in memory of the men of 2 countries who died in battle thousands of kilometers from. al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera these are the top stories a top u.n. official has told al jazeera that they have evidence a peacekeeper might have shot and killed a protester when angry crowds attacked their base in the democratic republic of congo have been mass protests against u.n. forces for failing to protect civilians from rebel groups at least 15 people have been killed in the latest attack near in a village near. francoise green yawn is the deputy special representative at the u.n. mission in the d c he told us that soldiers are being told to closely follow the rules of
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engagement. very very strict orders are being given to the peacekeepers to our troops not to use lethal weapons against protectors but they are facing and they were facing yesterday a very difficult situation so we established you know that an incident did happen that there was indeed a shoot out and one of our peacekeepers showed a protester. throwing molotov cocktails so this is you know we are updating the information that we haven't we i immediately looking into an investigation to check exactly whether the rules of engagement were followed appropriately ignore force in kenya thousands of people are seeking refuge in a makeshift shelter after widespread flooding and landslides destroyed their arms at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more affected early results from guinea bissau election shows president. bush has lost the race
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he's 2 former prime ministers and other contenders for the 2nd round in the runoff next month. the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it will ease restrictions on yemen's main international airport in saga is to allow patients in need of medical care to receive treatment abroad the airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2816 rescue teams in albania are continuing to dig through rubble searching for survivors in buildings brought down by tuesday's powerful earthquake the 6.4 magnitude tremor struck the capital to rather and cities in the western north killing at least 26 and injuring more than 600 people. and of course you can see much more rate much more here on al-jazeera w w w dot al-jazeera dot com those the headlines and news continues after inside story .
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deadlock in lebanon it's widening the sectarian divide and leading to a growing in violence politicians of failed to form a government and the position of prime minister remains taped so who can lead the country out of crisis this is inside story. and welcome to the program. now they had been more than 40 days of largely peaceful protests and levanon but as the political stalemate continues the country is sliding into time while and in recent days the demonstrations of tunde more
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violence on sunday supporters of the 2 main shia groups attacked protesters in beirut and then unrest followed in other parts of lebanon with various sectarian back.


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