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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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polonia we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes demanding better protection a deadly new attack in the democratic republic of congo as crowds continue to rally against the u.n. . a real concession in the war for years but the saudi led coalition fighting hooty rebels says it will allow the airport to reopen. and barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including french farmers block the roads
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into the capital angered by government policies which they say unfairly target their industry. have all your sport including manf the cities are in has become the richest sports group in the world as a deal values them almost $5000000000.00. there's been another rebel attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo is anger grows against un peacekeepers and security forces for failing to protect civilians at least 15 people were killed by fighters from the allied democratic forces in the village. now the i.d.f. were already blamed for killing 8 civilians several days ago that triggered mass protests now into the 3rd day against un peacekeepers and convoluted forces.
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residents of benny marched with the body of a protester who was killed during a confrontation with security forces and the anger has spread across several cities including goma where police fired tear gas to break up demonstrators the u.n. now says it has evidence its troops shot and killed a protester when crowds attacked their bias let's go to catherine so in our live from goma catherine we'll come to that u.n. investigation in just a moment but 1st the attack that we saw from the i.d.f. take us through what happened there. yes but 1st let me just tell you that that death toll that you mentioned in that introduction 15 has reason to 19 we're just getting information from hospital officials. that more bodies have been brought to the morgue their bodies that are needed to lated some of the copy treated and this incident happened this morning and military
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sources that we've talked to actually the military has confirmed that that was carried out by attackers of the f. . group so they came in this morning to this village in or about 30 kilometers from beni town but still within that. region of benny's so they came and attacked these villages. congolese soldiers went to repulse them but people are saying that the soldiers when they're late they was a confrontation between the soldiers and. that hackers fled it's not clear whether there were any casualties that caused by both the attackers or the military and this just goes to amplify the prefer structures that people in beni are feeling they're saying that villages are being attacked by a.d.f. even as an offensive against them is going on the congolese army is carrying out an operation in the forest against a.t.f. but then this group is able to come to villages and attack people in the last 3
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weeks about 90 people have been killed this government offensive has been going on since october so that's why people are so angry and they're also doubly angry angry with the u.n. because they're saying the u.n. is there but then these attacks keep happening and the u.n. is not protecting them that's why you're seeing them going and attacking this u.n. base is the thing that they do not want the u.n. there. just to add to that anger against the u.n. the u.n. is now so in the it has evidence one of its peacekeepers short killed one of the protesters that u.n. investigation. well that incident happened on tuesday when the protests when the protesters were in the street and they were trying to attack a u.n. base at this is when this protest was killed and at a press conference in kinshasa the spokesperson of. the u.n.
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mission mission did indeed say that they're investigating this evidence that the u.n. peacekeepers shot at a protester who died but they're also saying that they're investigating also these claims that the protesters attempted to throw a molotov cocktail on to the to the peacekeeper so they're saying that this investigation is going to go on so they can determine this a constance's and also they can determine whether appropriate force was used on that protest that said the u.n. has also really called for calm they say that they understand the frustrations of the people of benny a lot of people have been killed they understand the. anger that the people of benny are expressing but also people have been you need to be patient they need to calm down and they cannot go attacking u.n. peace for peace and forces because those are the same people who are walking with
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government government forces to try and contain the situation and as long as this protest continue then that mission of trying to secure the area is going to fail catherine thank you so much and catherine so a lot of the culture messiah in there is so much anger from the protesters towards the united nations francois green you know is the j.p.g. special representative at the u.n. mission in the d.l.c. and he told me that the u.n. is now being used as a scapegoat in the conflict. one of our peacekeepers showed that a protester was throwing molotov cocktails at them at the peacekeepers so we are still in the process of very fine all the facts and fact checking the reports we have received but this is indeed the circumstances that we understand to place yesterday you would understand too wouldn't you sir that now you're telling me that the un peacekeepers shot dead one of the protestors this goes precisely to the anger that we're seeing among the people of benny who are
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saying that the un is not protecting them so what is going wrong here what is going wrong is that we are in a situation where the mission is used as keep good for explaining and answering the anger and despair of the civilian population you referred earlier on to a very you know there's not any incidents whereby another 13 civilians were killed in your achieve lee you know distant area out of. northern part of the binney area i'm here i came here following the meeting between the president presidential security an hour special representative to be able to work together with the national army with the police to strengthen our security set up to increase protection on civilians this is the only way that we are going to make progress and i would see a counter these current wave of violence this is by working together and working
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with the population to be able to prevent you know these offenses days nor the week you've been there for a long period of time you're working with the congolese forces and yet we're still seeing the idea of being able to carry out attacks that carry out attacks just again this day what is the strategy going forward to try to bring security to protect the people and be able to deal with the i.d.f. which is still able as i say to carry out attacks almost on a daily basis the idea of brings together. different criminal gangs which are organized to control trafficking their racketeering the population some of them mind the forest but they have networks of support outside the forest into the towns and they are really you know a network of criminal gangs with a lot of presence are all over the place so it's quite difficult to uproot you know this movement which has been indeed present for a long time currently we have had a national offensive against the bases of the a.d.f.
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in the forest and to undermine these military offensives they are tacking civilians and killing civilians in the ria bases where you have villages and of course trying to. mobilize and you know all among the population against those who are supposed to protect them and those who are working together we defeat r.d.c. to try and change the situation so we are indeed in the middle of a very difficult situation. there is no easy solution and it's not going to happen quickly i'm afraid that you know any quick anybody trying to sell any quick greek quick fix will be lying to the population days not a turn achieved to us working bruce lee together with the if they are d.c. with the national police and with the population to uproot and arrest those who are members of the a.d.f. why are members of all those criminal gangs and to end their presence in the area
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of benny once and for all. and the international criminal court has rejected an appeal from the democratic republic of congo's former vice president and rebel leader ben but now the court upheld the 12 month sentence handed to ben for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial but he won't go to jail having already served 10 years in detention he was acquitted of war crimes in june 20 iting after an appeal. people in west canyon are looking for relatives still missing after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more affected reports from the village of time cal in west parker county. the people of time called village in kenya sportsbook called county. mission days after floods and landslides swept away bale homes there such and for the bodies of the missing relatives william domi killer is looking for the body of
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his 5 year old daughter much somebody's gonna i found the body of my son who also died not far from here so i've asked my neighbors to help with the search for my daughter her body is under this rubble the flood some months followed days of torrential rains entire families were wiped out when a vast side of water rocks and mud swept across the village the land that once held their homes is now covered by mud and rocks. lost his entire family down by them a little it's hard to bear the loss of my sister who had just finished school that day as well as my mother and 2 brothers i'm all alone in the world in all 21 people died in time come live in bodies have been recovered the rest are still missing. william capellas yet to find the bodies of 7 of his 9 children who died began. my appeal to the government is to help me raise and educate my only remaining son life
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will never be the same for us. we also need machinery to move these rocks to check if there might be anybody's underneath. but government rescue workers are yet to reach this fall flung village have been hampered by the torrential rain and floods which also swept away bridges and roads in west book called that tried to do that took place here as part of a grim picture affecting many parts of west cork county and with continued rainfall there's a possibility of water repeats government officials have been appealing to people to move to safer ground but the people of this village say they conned do that until they find the bodies of their loved ones locals say told the last disaster that witnessed and they dread and if for the loss of life. we need the government to carry out some conservation work deforestation over farming has made the soil prone to sliding. most survivors into shelter in the local charge others have
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chosen to live in the open not sure when if ever their lives come to a time to any sense of normality mohammed on the wall just some call in north western kenya. the saudi u.a.e. coalition says its easing restrictions to allow yemen's main international airport to be partially reopened the sunnah airport has been closed since 2016 the coalition says patients in need of medical care can be flown out with cooperation from the world health organization another airport in the eastern province of headroom or has also received its 1st commercial flight in 4 years it was shot in 2015 after al-qaeda took over the area on tuesday the saudi u.a.e. coalition said it's released 230 fighters in a prisoner swap last week who the rebels released to south korea and one saudi vessel by a captured along the red sea and this comes months after who the drone attacks on saudi aramco oil facilities in september which cut its oil production by half.
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a visiting professor at the middle east institute of the national university of singapore he says this decision shows the pressure on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to stop the bloodshed might be working. i think what we have with the scene here is . definitely. come to a conclusion that there is an ole military end to this conflict and i think there have been us showing all of them going a sign of the only way out is as has always been a peaceful negotiation and i think the solution in the south in the end what i think i've now started will be like that and they have started. directly and before that directly with the 11th and it seems that they want to bring the whole conflict to an end this is a conflict that has really cost the. not only young men and camp of tens of
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thousands of people killed and women and children and. i'm. also a fat man one of the out of the if you like one of the worst got. according to the united nations and if you can but it's been very costly for the coalition government in saudi arabia and yemen it so i think. you know what the challenges they're facing economically and 1 the need to stop this war yeah they will it is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council which has been working in yemen for 7 years he says despite the concessions by the coalition that's still a long road ahead to fix yemen's medical system destroyed by the war. this is reg limit of hope in a in a desperate war situation for 4 years we've asked for sun our airport to be reopened for these medical flights but also for other commission and civilian
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flights this is a place where which always had to send patients out of the country because they couldn't care for the worst and most complicated medical treatments then the airport was closed at the same time as the medical systems in yemen collapsed so poor yes now we've seen thousands dying in unnecessary and those coopers over but for many patients there is now hope that they can get abroad and get treatment world health organization will now be coordinating this with the government of yemen and i hope that this f. medical efforts will start you know imminently but of course the whole medical system needs to be rebuilt half of the hospitals and clinics and so on are
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inoperable at the moment. there's plenty more ahead on the news out including 7 people had to death sentences for 2016 sings on the bangladesh. rice to look for survivors after albania's strongest earthquake in decades and in sport preparation delays in the philippines leave for unchanged sleeping on floors just days before the start of the southeast asian games. as president. has lost the presidential race is 2 former prime ministers domingo pereira and. now the contenders for a runoff next month nicolas hoc reports from beside. outside the party headquarters are going to be sound as presidential candidate mario circle and below
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hundreds of his supporters gathered here they didn't expect him to get through to the 2nd round but he did with 20 percent of the vote for his movement for democratic alternative party because. we are tired of 50 years of the ruling party who are duping people selling drugs nepotism and corruption that people have come to say no calling for a new generation of leadership. many of them both supporters are pouring in from the countryside and felt ignored by political rivals in particular the african party for the independence of going to be south and kept verd also known as the ph d. c. the party has been in power since independence its candidates domingo. who campaigned as a modernizer fell short of a clear majority to win outright of a professional i've been involved i have some requests and people know that need to work for example and do my utmost to the post in. look up to and bring people to look into the fore. appeal to voters
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in the capital b. so in those guinea and now living in other countries. most of the voters live in the countryside many villages have no running water no outlet electricity and all the medical centers are shut down the state is so much of this election results reflect that anger among the people with their politicians have failed the . incumbent president who stood for the independent party came 3rd in the election with only 12 percent of the vote it's been an expensive election and some are wondering where the money came from to finance it the country's law enforcement agency suggests some could have been drug money $22.00 tons of cocaine was seized over the past 5 years worth billions of dollars that in a country where most of the people live on less than 2 dollars a day. the choice down for voters is between ferrera an umbrella when he calls
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himself the man of the moment the other the general of the people both believe they can solve going to be sales problems and offer new hope in a new direction for its people. libya's national oil company says strikes by forces loyal to warlord after all in the 2nd largest oil field has forced them to hope productions at least 2 fighters from the internationally recognized government were killed need the feel or feel earlier on wednesday they claim control of the area after us forces began their campaign soon after the u.s. mission in libya says it's concerned about violence which is threaten the safety of or workers from tripoli. and explains why the oil field is contested by libya's rebel forces. oil production has been halted in a field oil field i don't 750 kilometers to the south was from the libyan capital
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tripoli this is according to the national oil corporation this state oil firm which stated on wednesday that production has been halted after the airstrikes that targeted the premises of the oil field in southern libya this comes after. fighter jets loyal to the wall of $24.00 have to targeted the premises of the feel loyal field. in the south of libya we understand that on wednesday morning forces loyal to the e.u. and the recognized a government of national accord in the south managed to recapture the oil field which was under the control of have those forces since last february and feel oil feed it is the 2nd largest oil field after the shot up will feel and we understand that recently forces loyal to the you and the recognized a government of national accord in the cells of libya have been trying to recapture the locations that were under have those forces control since last february since
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have those forces launching a military campaign in the south to take control of strategic locations in the south including oil fields and airports. iran says it's arrested at least people with alleged links to the cia during recent nationwide protests the country's supreme leader has called the protests a u.s. backed conspiracy thousands of iranians took to the streets across the country to protest against the rising price of fuel the government forced an internet blackout for wait a minute international says more than $140.00 people were killed in a government crackdown. according bangladesh and sentenced 7 people to death in connection with one of south asia's worst attacks 22 people mostly foreigners were killed in the siege of holy art isn't halfway in in 2016 and a person has been acquitted. rescue workers in albania racing to find
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survivors from tuesday's powerful earthquake which struck me the 2nd largest city of jurists from all let's cross to barbara sarah you now you're a fan broadcast center. stan thank you yes at least 26 people were killed and more than 600 injured in the magnitude 6.4 quake at least 20 others have been reported missing and rescue teams are sifting through large amounts of rubble in the hopes of finding people alive thousands more were forced to spend the night outdoors after their homes were destroyed john psaropoulos is at the duress football stadium where people are preparing for another night out in the cold. with situation here the good as football stadium is that the entire area outside the the grass of the playing field itself is covered now with tents housing families who've been staying here overnight and you can see to my left there are some individual
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time for the families but there are also some much larger tents which are housing several families at once right now there's a lot of activity here as people attempt to distribute food there's a human chain that's been formed going from to a collection. boxes of the bulls things are being piled up the army is keeping guard over this and presumably is going to receive the distribution these people have possibly not lunchtime yesterday they've been here all my as turns will be in the army was doing this as people were arriving so many people were often simply sitting here in the cold overnight waiting for the tent to be erected over them and now i think they're going to be not only very very hungry but also preparing for another night out here until their houses are inspected and they're told that they can go back and re inhabit them in many cases though that won't be possible if you
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drive around the city and do this you'll see that there are many blocks of flats in individual homes that appear to have structural damage or at least very serious damage walls have fallen out you can see into the interiors of homes clearly many many. please will not be going home tonight and there have to be a long term or at least a medium term solution proposed people some kind of hard show container housing where they can stay through the winter with it because before cost for tonight and through tomorrow and these terms are going to be inadequate housing civilians. britain's opposition leader has accused the prime minister of offering up the country's national health service during trade talks with the us jeremy corbyn released hundreds of pages of documents which he says prove that the government wants to open up the n.h.s. to us pharmaceutical companies boris johnson though the allegations as a complete diversion paul brennan explains. public services and the
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n.h.s. in particular are the central theme in labour's election campaign in a post britain with the u.k.'s free health service be undermined by predatory trade deals with us pharmaceutical companies president trump this year said the n.h.s. was on the table so n.h.s. or anything else are a lot a lot more than that but still he later backtracked labor says it now has the proof 451 pages of it these uncensored documents the forest johnson's denials in absolute tatters voters need to ask themselves some very serious questions is the n.h.s. safe in boris johnson's hands we've now got evidence that under boris johnson the n.h.s. is on the table and will be up for sale labor says renegotiated patent rules could add an extra $640000000.00 a week to the n.h.s. drugs bill the documents show that in november 27 seen the u.k.'s lead negotiator
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wrote the impact of some patent issues raised on n.h.s. access to generic drugs i.e. cheaper drugs will be a key consideration going forward the following march the minutes of the meeting notes the u.s. approach makes total market access the baseline assumption of the trade negotiations. the prime minister has dismissed labor's claims as a complete diversion and flatly denied them we are absolutely resolved that there will be no sale of the n.h.s. no privatisation the n.h.s. is not on the table in any way not quite true according to this former trade negotiator it doesn't appear that for example the n.h.s. or food standards have been red lines as far as we can town we haven't seen anywhere in the text saying the u.k. site said this was not on the table and could not be covered an outright deal if it doesn't say that then it's on the table the scottish national party has reiterated its proposal for new legislation to definitively exclude the n.h.s.
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from future trade talks this will gadding t. that seat deals will not under main the founding principles of the n.h.s. nor open it up to profit driven exploitation documents don't commit a johnson government to actually agree a deal involving the n.h.s. but they do seem to show that the issues have been discussed. labour's general election campaign has been buffeted by headwinds in the past 48 hours and the release of this massive trove of documents is an attempt by the labor party to get back on solid ground the n.h.s. the question is is there enough mud in here to stick to the conservatives brennan al-jazeera central london. more from london or a little later in the news hour now let's go back to stanley thank you barbara well still ahead on al-jazeera unions and students hold nationwide strikes against colombia's government. 70 fees for 5 years on hell japan is still seeking the
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remains of soldiers killed in battle on a remote pacific island and in sport we'll look ahead to wednesday's games in the champions league as holders liverpool look to the book their place in the last 16. hell out of the eastern med rolls a cloud of them oh it's been quite sparky quite sundry increase in cyprus bits of significant rain but is turning to weaken now on its way across in the van the forecast for thursday takes it across to northern iraq to. maybe and iran then the sunshine follows it's in this direction this is a we're travelling to start really developing in the stock. terence back up to 40 in baghdad a 24 by the time we get to friday as no significant breeze there's nothing really happening in the east and that are the troops periodic rain south of this we've
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seen the change in seasons you know and the northeast once it is quite strong the cloud is building on the coast of amman yemen occasional showers show themselves in the mountains to the west here otherwise quiet no significant breeze there has warmed up riyadh has warmed up but dusty maybe in saudi but not so i don't think around the gulf states in southern africa and now if you watch the seasonal rains they're coming down into northern zimbabwe tanzania but across to angola south of that we've has an awful lot of trouble changing spring into summer it's all gone quiet full cost wise $26.00 in cape town $36.00 up in botswana about the same in namibia but launched the clear blue skies. as flames engulf pianist in the world watched in horror but behind the smoke screen a marquee that is devouring the forest and its inhabitants there killing the
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personal police standing up and defending the for that killing sends a message to everybody in the community the old lines meets on the front lines of defending their environment and who stoking the flames in both scenarios brazil isn't banning on al-jazeera. transparency. over. there the world's largest oil producer and you don't. investigate. the middle east's most potent economic weapon. company and the state. on.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories a u.n. official has told al jazeera that they have evidence of peacekeeper killed a protester. based in the democratic republic of congo mass protest against un forces to protect civilians from rebel groups 19 people have been killed in the latest attack in the village. the saudi u.a.e. coalition says east restrictions on yemen's main international airport. to a patient in need of medical care to receive treatment abroad the airport has been closed to commercial flights since 26 think. the results from guinea. president. has lost the race these 2 former prime ministers are now the contenders for the 2nd
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round runoff next month. egypt said to the former officer military officer today if. he was convicted of orchestrating several high profile attacks including one that killed $22.00 egypt border guards in 2014 small we laid egypt's most active group in the sinai but broke off once they pledged allegiance to i saw he was arrested in libya and deported to egypt in main. a new report from amnesty international is accusing egypt of misusing counter-terrorism laws to detain peaceful protesters and journalists the rights group says a special security agency with hand-picked judges has tripled its prosecutions since president. the report says detentions have been renewed for years without evidence or chance to appeal the government has been denying these accusations.
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u.s. media is reporting that president donald trump was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he unfroze military. trump is facing an impeachment inquiry of allegations he withheld the money to force a crane to investigate a political rival the new york times says white house lawyers informed trump in august before they told congress can be helped it says the reports are a boost for the democrats case for preachments. the new york times is quoting to a name sources that have familiarity with this case and say that it was the president releasing that aide but only after he had been briefed that there was a whistle blower complaint that that briefing took place in august but we know that $391000000.00 an aid to ukraine military assistance not released until september we're also learning that that hold on
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a came the very same day that the president had a very pivotal phone call with the ukrainian president vladimir is a lansky that that is the day july 25th the transcript of that call being released where the president requests of selenski that the ukrainian government do us a favor it is those words that democrats have been seizing on as a foundation for their impeachment inquiry now apparently the withhold on this aide so upset in to at least 2 staff members in the office of management and budget that they in fact resign so significant revelations that only bolster the democrats' case that the president leverage his political powers for political purposes. mexico's president has rejected donald trump's plan to designate drug cartels as terror groups as quote interventionism trump called for a war on the cartels after an american family was attacked in mexico earlier this
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month he says the decision has been in the works for the past 3 months mexico's foreign minister is calling for an urgent meeting with u.s. state department officials on the issue alan fischer is in mexico city he says trump's decision has taken officials from both sides of the border by surprise. it appears that donald trump was under pressure from the law banning family that's the american family who deal mexican u.s. citizenship who were driving through a remote part of northern mexico at the beginning of this year when they were ambushed by one of the cartels 6 children 3 adults were killed many members of the le baron family petitioned the white house and said they felt it was time for the u.s. to designate the cartels as a terrorist organization donald trump himself has said that it's time to start clearing the cartels out you know there could be quite a distance between donald trump making this a moment when he's speaking to a right wing radio talk show host and something actually happening there are
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several legal steps but it certainly would cater towards his position of being hard on mexico hard on the drug traffickers as well but in mexico the president was asked about it during his daily news conference and he just said look it's the eve of thanksgiving this is about cooperation not confrontation the mexican president has famously refused to go up against donald trump so it doesn't want to upset him at this point but we know that the foreign minister said just a couple of days ago ago he didn't think the united states would take this step and certainly the mexicans have experience of donald trump saying one thing and then then not following through you remember almost a year ago when donald trump said he was going to close the mexican border and nothing happened. unions and student groups in colombia holding a 2nd nice and wide strike in support of antigovernment protests now the rallies which started last week quickly turned violent with several people killed in
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transit stations destroyed colombians angry about corruption and proposed cuts to newnham wages china has in pensions and taxes its guidelines renaissance around ph rules with those protesters in bogota are now son drove it looks quite large and very loud where you are bring us up to date. you know who was absolutely sam colombians have been on the streets in anti-government protesters for nearly a week from now and as you can see they're not letting down this case this 2nd national strike that has practically paralyzed the city a book that with most public services non functioning pascual schools have been closed there's practically no public transportation and the reason for this 2nd national strike is the fact that so far. the afghan side and they go shares shown with the president even have failed the protesters say that duke is not interested
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and truly negotiating on the 13 demands that the protesters have presented to the president but use that as part of what he's calling a national dialogue with a number of different that group says social sectors political groups are ok as proposed that redaction. house costs for the poorest pensioners he has also or proposed 3 days include owmby without. a sales taxes which people here are considering just populist profile concessions that will not make a difference or i've got why we're seeing more demonstrations happening here yeah there are people at the other reason why is so many. for on the streets today is because of the violence response in part part of the police during the 1st today's . protest last thursday friday and saturday and finally on
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saturday teenager was hit in the head by a project style drawn by the police back to that guy his name is the land crews and a lot of the people are out at a monitoring game so what we're seeing here is that these demonstration will continue and now here in colombia they haven't reached so far the kind of frenzy pitch that we've seen in ecuador chile or believe ya there latin american countries but what's clear is that this will continue in the coming days i left something changes in the way the government is dealing with is in many ways i'm precedented growth is think along. alan saunders thank you i listen to rugby and he lives there from bogota hundreds of french farmers have been blocking main roads into power soon protest of a government policies which they say unfairly target the industry for more let's go back to barbara in london stan thank you yes up to 1000
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tractors rolled into the french capital as part of the demonstration the sentiment has been growing among farmers of a what they call agri bashing they say that they're being unfairly blamed for environmental and the animal welfare issues that butler has more from paris. swapping their fields for the highway hundreds of french farmers drove their tractors to paris on the city's main ring road they disrupted traffic to protest against french government policies and international trade deals that they say make their lives harder and create unfair competition new food all in normal before. doesn't recognize our hard work we have one of the most regulated farming industries in the world allows the import of it unregulated goods it's unfair this is one of the main access routes to paris this is really been through layers of very fast moving traffic with this. practice to stop here and they are completely
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blocking the road and on the city's most famous avenue the shells lee's a farmer's tip straw onto the pavement demanded a meeting with french president emanuel my call to discuss their grievances we see ourselves out of work with a new we really photo op and our agriculture is dying off seriously in all of the different sectors last week and once again i had a colleague who killed himself this can't go on. traditionally people in france have had a positive image of farmers but in recent years it's changed some environmentalists accuse farmers of creating pollution using harmful pesticides and damaging nature pharma say they're fed up of what they call. 40 years of official has been badly treated criticised by certain people who say that we are not doing the job their way we should and that we are poisoning people for us farmers that's unacceptable
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or professionally this parish. france's agricultural minister said he supported the demonstration and heard people's frustrations but protesters dismissed his comments they said they wanted actions not words that they wouldn't give up their protest until there was change natasha butler al-jazeera power. the incoming head of the european commission has vowed to fight what she described as the existential threat of climate change or so have on their lane is due to lead the blog from december 1st after her appointment was approved by the e.u. parliament in strasburg the german politician says she will work towards an inclusive european green deal within the 1st $100.00 days of her tenure and she says any new e.u. trade deals will include clauses protecting the environment if there is one area the word needs our leadership. it is on protecting our climate
9:44 pm
this is an extension issue for europe and for the want. how can it not be existential when i 85 percent of people in extreme poverty live in the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change. the united nations as urged greece to take urgent action to improve conditions at over cried over crowded migrant camps on several greek islands the un high commissioner for refugees phillipa grandy described conditions at the camps as miserable during a visit to the island of less force about $39000.00 asylum seekers are currently living on the islands with hundreds more arriving every day greece's government has pledged to expand the camps and resettle thousands of unaccompanied children on the mainland. spanish police have seized the homemade submarine that was carrying 3000 kilos of cocaine across the atlantic the 20 metre long vessel was intercepted of
9:45 pm
spain's northern coast after an international police operation it had been deliberately sunk by its 3 man crew to ecuadorians have been arrested one more is on the run submarines are commonly used to smuggle drugs in south america but police say that this is the 1st to be intercepted in europe so that is it for me and the team here in london let's go back to stan in doha bob or we're taking you to the remote pacific island of pro-u. now which was the scene of a brutal war 2 battle involving u.s. and japanese soldiers 75 years on the grim task of identifying and repatriating remains continues quark has more from. some of the sleepy piece of pellet meat is almost too much to bad and when you know the story you understand why the 75 years ago this small corner of the pacific was a small corner of. the marine corps the 1st division had harmed the reputation of
9:46 pm
drawing operations which entailed easy land. animals you'll distribution of good luck was dissipated it was at 8 30 in the morning on september the 15th 1944 when wave after wave of american troops began to pour into the beaches it heavy japanese resistance there were gun emplacements at either end of the beach and many us soldiers died but the battle had barely begun. 11000 japanese were facing 18000 u.s. marines and the fighting was intense the island def field was quickly taken by the marines the japanese i didn't found which they had this natural ridge that around 3 quarters life of the whole island and its highest point which is where we're at right now is about 100 meters above sea level and within this ridge the japanese forces had honey called it with hundreds of caves with and for defensive purposes. the battle to flush the japanese soldiers out raged for weeks hundreds of tons of
9:47 pm
munitions were used millions of rounds of ammunition. thousands of men died. still today wreckage of war life strewn around the iron and tights rusting where they were blasted to a standstill in the dense forest what's left of a japanese plane a poignant reminder to a dreadful time. the network of tunnels with thousands of japanese soldiers took refuge a still that even the drinks bottles that sustain them survive old mess tins and the remains of what looks like part of a gas mask and i scouted their caves like this just honeycombed throughout the ridge where the japanese took refuge and amazingly the americans just gave up trying to flush them out. and eventually they barricaded the japanese in in their thousands and here they died in the end around 1600 u.s.
9:48 pm
soldiers died but the toll for the japanese was catastrophic out of 11000 really 100 survived still today remains are found and repatriated to japan it is very important for the government to return. to news. of the deceased what was 5 times that year so it's about his dedication common to to make sybase. a show. about $45.00 sits. on. to ship out the morial to both sides stand sentinel on the shores of poland you know looking out across the wide expanse of the pacific ocean in memory of the men of 2 countries who died in battle thousands of kilometers from. al-jazeera.
9:49 pm
the hole will be.
9:50 pm
let's have a lot of support now with a whole stand thank you very much the owner of manchester city has agreed to sell a 10 percent stake in his company for $500000000.00 which values them almost $5000000000.00 that is a record for a sports group the abu dhabi controlled city football group is selling to
9:51 pm
a us private equity firm there call silver lake and they originally invested in technology but have more recently moved into entertainment investing in things like the u.f.c. we have. a tremendous global organization over 1500 players around the world over 2000 incredible employees we play a little or 2005 games across on our teams so this is a. this is a huge organization with a footprint in many places around the world well let's break down the numbers there are a lot of them as i mentioned cities are in the shake man so that's in there selling a 10 percent stake in the city football group for $500000000.00 now that deal puts a record value of $4800000000.00 on the group as a whole remember shake months or bought man city for just under $200000000.00 back in 2008 will since then they spent $1700000000.00 on players and one very
9:52 pm
successful and clearly happy manager that's resulted in 4 premier league titles and vats led to an annual revenue of $687000000.00 or for more on this we spoke to sports marketing expert professor simon chadwick. the industry in general is converging with entertainment and so we are beginning to see this in inter linkage between all sports entertainment digital and so what has happened today i think with the silverlink investment is testament to the fact that we're looking at an industry that's going through a process of of rapid transformation it's very closely linked to entertainment to technology to film and what the new investment should enable city to do is is to move forward much more quickly much more dynamically than many other clubs in the world we're already beginning to see. signs of what 6 years is doing reflected in other clubs so they're the spate of for instance amazon documentaries
9:53 pm
connected to football clubs so for instance at tottenham hotspur is evidence that. football is no longer just football it's entertainment it's a source of content for digital platforms while on tuesday america the city reaches the knockout stage of the usa for champion's league 8 more matches later on when they both learn the host dorman in group f. a win will secure top spot for the cattle around but they were pretty lucky to get away with a goal or straw back in september with dormant author in that group into travel to flavia progress defeat for antonio conti's men will mean very will be unable to qualify for the last 16 meanwhile it's a pretty simple equation for european champions at liverpool a win against napoli at anfield means they'll go through as group a winners and add to their already busy schedule. it's a tough program of course but it's we don't think about really the fix for this we have an x. and x. weeks a month we think about napoli and after every will see how we deal with brighton
9:54 pm
after that how do with everton after the bottom of. them before and then got up top that's how it's always a lot to come but. in a moment my only concern is. 2 matches have already kicked off half time in both of them valencia $11.00 against chelsea meanwhile instant petersburg then it one up against. kerry has spoken for the 1st time since returning to his role of spain's head coach he had stepped down to care for his 9 year old daughter who died of cancer his former assistant robert marino took charge of his absence but was controversially sacked to make way for enrique to return. i am the only reason why marino is not to my staff he came to my house and said he wanted to take charge of the team in the euros and then go back to being my number 2 i understand he's ambitious but for me that's also disloyal and a defect i would not have done that i don't want anybody with these characteristics
9:55 pm
in my stuff the southeast asian game start in the philippines on saturday but organizes the daily with complains that athletes have been forced to sleep on floors and some even going hungry general allen duggan has more from manila. i don't press conference here in manila organizers in charge coming from the government actually denied that they have been disorderly in their management of the sea games here in the philippines they even said that they will investigate reports that some athletes have suffered food poisoning have been brought to the hospital and there is in adequate food for athletes and members of the changing team from different countries the even went as far as leaving journalists local in international for what they described as exaggeration of reports coming in on social media and in publications but journalists aren't the once reporting it out police themselves have complaining of management and they have they have been
9:56 pm
asking the government to basically fix it as soon as possible specially logistical and managerial operations like organizing hotels hotel rooms and bus transport system now president of diego declared to himself already said that he wants an investigation into how the scene games is being managed by several factions of his government this isn't the only controversy that has surrounded the sea games last week there has already been an inquiry in the senate about whether the budget allocated and loan for this project is overpriced and whether the funds have been disbursed properly. there's been a major upset in the arabian gulf cup here in doha with co-writes beating saudi arabia to right now ranks 87th place it's a lot of saudi scored twice in 3 minutes i made out the fairy and something else are now getting on the scoresheet eventually ended up 31 to cooperate in a tie is not a match our law and our intrigue no no. in the n.b.a.
9:57 pm
dallas mavericks sharky is human after all he was aiming to make it 5 games running with at least 30 points and 10 assists however the l.a. clippers kept him down to just a measly 22 points about actually not good enough to win the guy in the clippers coming out on top by 50 but arguably the biggest drama on tuesday coming college basketball. for the 1st time in nearly 20 years the number one ranked jukes lost at home to a known conference team the stephen f. austin austin but actually if it's going above beating up to win the game by 2 points it ends 150 game harlem winning streak against non-conference things that's it more lighter had to it eventually and that's it for this news this
9:58 pm
morning news just about. from ancient embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex coming soon on al-jazeera does the
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mind play tricks of them her as always is part right there or are they really out there you've passed the family i'd like to call up a monster and dragons here at like they're in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out approximately $33120.00 pages of records and in the process mobilizes her community as long as people are just caught and there is no check against the stand the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. what kind of care does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the cost we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the
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world we live in so is it possible for trump to actually mature at the counting the cost on al-jazeera. this by the angry protests in the eastern d r c demanding better protection from the u.n. a new rebel attack kills 19 people in a nearby town. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up more positive signs from yemen the saudi led coalition says it will allow some flights out of sendai airport for people who need medical treatment. the celebrations in guinea beside our 2 former prime minister.


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