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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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news it knocked down and inspire hope for a better life a.j. selects on al-jazeera. iraqi protesters set fire to the ring in consulate in the city of najaf blaming tehran for propping up a government they want to remove. him fully back to boil watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up after initial reluctance president donald trump signs 2 bills aimed at supporting human rights and pro-democracy activists in hong kong will be live in washington another rebel attack in eastern democratic republic of congo fueled anger against u.n. peacekeepers accused of failing to provide protection and colombian union to hold
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their 2nd general strike in a week accusing the president of failing to come up with concrete proposals to meet their demands. in a dramatic escalation of iraq's anti-government protests crowds have torched the rainy and consummate he not java holy city for shia muslims hundreds surrounded the building lighting taia than anything else they could find while chanting iran out they accused tehran of propping iraq's government which they want replaced this is a 2nd time this month anyway and consulates has been targeted by protesters 3 weeks ago security forces defending at the site in karbala killed 4 demonstrators earlier we spoke to our reporter mama john john on the phone in baghdad he explained how suspicion and anger about iran have played into the protests. and there it here in
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the by by these thousands and our government demonstrators 'd that that area is far too beholden to store and powers and that among those foreign powers that are exerting too much influence in this country is the country which is their neighbor and that they will work extraordinary about what happened this evening is that the iranian consulate is one just which is this. shiite religious authority was attacked this is shia majority city and they didn't like government demonstrators there are you know. showcasing their anger about the fact that they believe it is evolving with the dirty too much power in iraq by going in and storming the compound where the iranian embassy is house so this is a very big signal that al-q.
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government if there is a growing discontent that iran is far too much present in iraq internal affairs now this again all playing out against the anti-government movement that is growing you see several cities despite the specter of violence despite the clashes that continue to happen every time the ego out to take your square here in the capital of the center of the anti-terrorism stations the protesters say they're going to continue to come out until they see the government actually responding to their demands. now dara sami is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he says the incident suggests an escalation of the ongoing protests in iraq and the symbolic importance of the attack on the iranian consulate in jeff you know cannot be understated this is the city where the ayatollah khomeini used to live it's considered to be you know the heart of the shia muslim world and iran thought that it had the population iraqi shia
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population on its side in terms of its you know regional policies clearly that's not the case and so i think this is a very important development well it's very difficult to see how they can respond because the natural sort of constituency of supporters that iran has relied upon to expand its influence in the middle east has been in in and among shia communities so if it responds with brutal force as it has responded recently within iran over the last week to crush very similar protests. that runs the risk of you know losing tehran support in in in iraq and throughout the broader region so it's unclear you know what options the government in iran has in response to these protests i don't think they have very good options in
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a so i suspect right now there is deep panic and paranoia in terror on over what happened today in the jeff. in other world news u.s. president donald trump assigned to build sparking hong kong's pro-democracy activists american sanctions can now be imposed on chinese and hong kong officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses and hong kong special trade status has to be reviewed every year the hong kong government has called the legislation unnecessary and unwarranted saying it will harm relations with the u.s. as speech about equal hane in washington for us perry president trump's team had voiced reservations about this why did he signed these bills in the end. quite frankly vali because he had to he had no choice this past congress in a really unusual vote it was pretty much unanimous except for one who voted against it so if the president had decided to try to be toe this bill congress just simply would have overridden him but he's obviously concerned about what this is going to
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do to the u.s. china relationship obviously the big thing for him is this trade deal that he's been trying to negotiate so he put out a somewhat unusual statement saying he signed these 2 bills out of respect for president g. china and the people of hong kong then they put out a statement when they announced that he had signed it and that some of the provisions go against the president's constitutional authority and that they would be instituting this and regards to how it applies to his constitutional authority what provisions and what exactly does that mean well they didn't clarify and we haven't gotten any more guidance from the president's team where he is vacationing down in florida but again this is a huge vote in congress not only does those things that you mentioned it gives the potential the same people could call into question the special trade relationship but the other bill prevents the u.s. suppliers from supplying to hong kong with any sort of crowd control mechanisms no more sales of rubber bullets or tear gas or any 6 thing like that so those are
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provisions that could have an actual on the ground impact but the president indicating he signed it unwillingly trying to send the message that he did it out of respect for president xi of china and that he's going to put the law into place maybe it where he feels and what is what is unlikely impacts of this for hong kong addie. in fact could be huge if as you mentioned the secretary of state said no hong kong doesn't have enough enough distance from china of autonomy from china they could call into question the special trading status and that's a really big deal because it allows for better trade between the 2 countries there's actually a surplus but the bigger thing is it would call into question hong kong's feet as a financial powerhouse you might see other countries and other companies stop wanting to invest in hong kong which is so critical to their failing economy right now because it sends the signal so is the secretary of state likely to do that.
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highly unlikely the president made it clear he did in this he doesn't want to see anything jeopardize what to him right now is the most important thing is getting that trade deal with china don't forget he wants to be reelected is going to do that he needs to win we're all states we're all states in the farmers are hurting from this trade deal from this trade crisis so the president wants to see a deal get made congress forces did it he said in the signal he might not put all that really in place thank you for that for us in washington at least 1000 people have been killed in another reveler in the east of the democratic republic of congo this is a volatile region where un peacekeepers have been targeted by nobles who say they're failing to protect them fighters from a group called the democratic forces are suspected of being behind the attack on a village near the city of they've been blamed for a string of recent massacres around benny which sparked the violent protests
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against the un and the me there is catherine so reports from the prevention capital goma. another tense day in. a protest is shot dead by a policeman on saturday the policeman was later killed by an angry mob. they marched through the city with his body in. the area where he was shot in the head. body is one of 6 people who have been killed. over the weekend people here are not and their anger is directed to the u.n. peacekeeping mission called one school they blame the peacekeepers for failing to protect them from a tox from an armed group in the area called allied democratic forces or. the un mission has also been accused of using excessive force of protest as one of our peacekeepers showed that a protester was throwing. the
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peacekeepers so we are still in the process so very fine old socks and fact checking the ripples we have received in the midst of all this another tragedy happened and mourning attack by a.t.f. and the village about 30 kilometers from more than a dozen people hopped to death with machetes some of them the copy tape had. gone the streets of benny is also being felt many kilometers south and north. was protesters here have expressed their frustration police have been deployed to keep them from getting too important says this is just a small group of people who have. fired. after the all the bad life to define them. 150 people much more all what is going on in benny they fear the killings but he also said the
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united nations from a film called one move must leave the country. they told us no matter what force is used to remove them from the streets they'll keep coming back until the demands of the people. that get it out of it's money being are tired i come from op people are being slaughtered. the u.n. and our soldiers are out there and doing nothing why then are all disposed is there not to protect our people. they finished their part of a police station. where they paid their last tribute to heed. and back in bed he was buried by family friends and hundreds of other protestants determined to keep the pressure on until the violence stops. al-jazeera. and the former vice president jumpin bemba has lost his appeal against a one year sentence at the international criminal court bamber was convicted of
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bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial he was accused of commanding troops to commit atrocities in neighboring central african republic member was ultimately acquitted in that trial and even though he lost the latest appeal he won't go to jail as the core deemed he had already spent enough time in custody. reports out of the united states say president donald trump was aware of the whistleblowers complaint against him when he unfroze military aid to ukraine trump is facing an impeachment inquiry over allegations he withheld the money to force ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden the new york times says white house lawyers informed trump in august before they told congress a white house correspondent kimberly hockett says the reports are boost for the democrats case for impeachment the new york times is quoting to the name sources
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that have familiarity with this case and say that it was the president releasing that aide but only after he had been briefed that there was a whistle blower complaint that that briefing took place in august but we know that $391000000.00 in aid to ukraine military assistance not released until september we're also learning that that hold on a. the very same day that the president had a very pivotal phone call with the ukrainian president vladimir is a lengthy that that is the day july 25th the transcript of that call being released where the president requests of selenski that the ukrainian government do us a favor it is those words that democrats have been seizing on as a foundation for their impeachment inquiry now apparently the withhold on this aide so upset in to at least 2 staff members in the office of management and budget that
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they in fact resign so significant revelations that only bolster the democrats' case that the president leverage his political powers for political purposes. to the head on why mexico is angry about donald trump's plans to designate drug and says terrorist groups. have though that we have still got some pretty good case guys across southern portions of china there's a fair amount of cloud around certainly to the higher levels and has been keeping shanghai a little bit cool in tragedy of the last few days 10 celsius should be mostly dry 23 in hong kong very strong will flow we've got quite a lot of rain across areas of vietnam fairly heavy central areas scattered showers
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across the philippines and no real change as we had to friday cooling down a little bit into hong kong at 22 and warming up slightly in shanghai out the teens the most sunshine should make a welcome return so the scottish across the philippines and then we go to scotland you shall be father to the south through borneo across into used to the west see some asha the mud a peninsula where it does stay dry is really going to be across much of java no real sign that of any rain yes it should be that this time of year elsewhere it'll stay pretty much the same as we had through friday the rain it will be the south across into borneo and again those showers over into sulawesi now we have got a few showers into northern areas of india but even those are beginning to clear away from northern sections of each of pradesh so new delhi for the next couple of days 23 celsius and those they show as further to the south and now become a bit more widespread as we had to friday. with a sponsor countdown to. al-jazeera world meets tomorrow.
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night the middle east for successful career and all the. lebanese going to college it's time to. grisel. rocky the norwegian avoid the mystery. unusual in chinese leading to unexpected ways. the dr but we'll move on al-jazeera. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera iraqi protesters have stormed the iranian consulate in the city of najaf setting it on fire protesters blame iran for
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propping up a government they've spent 2 months demonstrating against u.s. president downtime has signed 2 bills back in hong kong's pro-democracy activists american sanctions can now be imposed on chinese and hong kong officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses down kong government cause the legislation necessary and at least 1000 people have been killed in a new rebel attack near the village of the democratic republic of congo it will add to anger amongst locals of targeted u.n. peacekeepers saying they are failing to protect them. mexico's government has expressed anger about a u.s. move that would designates mexican drug cartels us terrorist organizations 1st donald trump had promised earlier this month to take action against mexican cartels after 9 americans from the same family were shot dead texaco's president says he wants all for a sion not interventionism alan fischer has more from mexico city. the death of 9 americans in the cartel ambush earlier this month spot widespread outrage the
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victims 3 women 6 children were traveling through a remote area in northern mexico when they were the target jewel us mexican citizens the family the law but ins demanded the white house days ignore mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations you're going to do a telephone interview with a right wing talk host president donald trump said that process is under way i've been working on that for the last 90 days you know designation is that they're you know i don't go through a process. mexico's drug cartels are huge operations we control large chunks of the country and they're involved in drug trafficking assassinations kidnapping and political corruption being designated a terrorist organization by america means it becomes illegal for anyone to knowingly support the groups if banks realize they handle any cartel funds they must block the money under and form the government a new members are banned from entering the u.s. and so taking this move while it might benefit the president in the united states
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and it might make people feel righteous and justified in satisfied here that we're taking stronger steps alternately may make it harder to do business with the mexicans and we need to be a team with them in order to get this problem solved mexico's policy on fighting the cartels has changed under the new president and raise money obrador who's been in office almost exactly a year he believes in hugs not bullets and that social conditions need to change to make the cartels less economically powerful a good bit as young. see cooperation yes. interventionism no but one expert says if the u.s. president follows through on his threat to clear out the cartels and uses military action there could be significant mexican backlash with this they do a side it can stay in mexico on organize who are one attack or something against a mexican cartels in mexico soil and this is the problem because mexico is very
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nice you know listing that because of their country and that's it any difference of that the mexican government has had donald trump make threats like this before remember when he threatened to close down the entire border and then backed away they will of course start making plans but they're hoping that the white house will back away from what many people here see as a dangerous and dramatic overreaction alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. in colombia unions and student groups are holding a 2nd nationwide strike in support of anti-government protests rallies which started last week have seen multiple confrontations between protesters and police colombians angry about corruption in the post comes to minimum wages changes in pensions and taxes and a summit on petey is in bogota where he says a lengthy sentence ration has been launched he says colombians have been on the streets for nearly a week now in anti-government protest this is the 2nd national strike that was
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called by the leaders of the protester paralyzing most public services transit schools both public and private here in the capital. and this time the national strike was called after the start of negotiations failed to between the leaders of the strikers and the president took a look at those in the press what the president is doing is ridiculous he needs to address a list of demands it's clear he doesn't understand the reasons why people are in the streets know what a serious negotiation looks like the demonstrations have mostly been peaceful but people are increasingly anger towards what they see as a very violent response some part of the police especially during the 1st few days of the demonstration and on saturday when a teenager was hit in the head by a project tile thrown by police man the land cruiser and 18 year old student that
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died so many of the people are on the streets honoring him and now 'd asking for the government to this mantle colombia's anti-riot police and the there is no excuse for the way that they have been attacking people that have been marching peacefully they're taking away our right to protest the president even to come a very serious concession and as part of what he's calling a national conversation that here has started the way of the different social and police. both sectors and the country is saying that it's going to. fill taxes for the poorest people in the country trying to reduce the health costs for the poorest pensioners he also announced 3 days in colombia without sales taxes but most people here consider those populists concessions by mapping have to do with the people reforms that the protesters are demanding which means that these demonstration at
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least for now will continue. a bus accident in the school region of peru has left at least 7 people dead and dozens more injured 4 adults and 3 students were killed the bus was carrying school groups when it lost control in a high land area it slipped off the road and fell 50 meters into a ravine in 20000 more than 3000 people died in road accidents in peru with mountain areas feeling particularly dangerous. apples map and weather applications have started displaying the disputed crimea region as part of russian territory the changes only visible to users inside russia elsewhere the territory does not display as part of any country russian troops seized in an excuse me in 2014 in a move denounced by ukraine and its western allies as illegal war has not commented on the decision the saudi emirati correlation citing in yemen says it will release some healthy for prisoners and allow limited flies from the rebel held capital
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sanaa a porter has been closed to commercial 5 since 2016 the coalition says patients needing medical care can be flown out in cooperation with the world health organization. reports from santa. it's more than 3 years since and as international airport passenger us for a commercial flight it's holes have been largely empty sounds the runway was damaged by salyers strikes and 2015 the national airline forced to stop flying there the following year airspace was closed by the war but. says it can't be open to allow patients needing medical treatment to be flown out. of other mothers and son our international airport was not closed by un international resolution but was forcibly unlawfully banned by the saudi led coalition we've been calling for the reopening of the airport from the beginning
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every time we were safe promises from the un but nothing has changed. international organizations say the lengthy closure of sun has airport has made a dire humanitarian situation even worse you were right activists say some international airport should have never been closed in the 1st place it is the only way to end leave yemen by air for nearly 70 percent of the country's population it could have been used before now to fly wanted and sick people out of the country or trade meant. how 1000000 patients are in need and have to travel outside of yemen 400000 are in need of urgent medical treatment abroad 45000 have died so far in commercial flights from and into saddam international airport is a flagrant violation against international laws and enormous where. the enforced closure of the international gateway has also left thousands of people stranded outside
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yemen the aviation authority says the airport has become ready to welcome passenger planes but return to full operation will depend on the 1st 2 and nearly 5 years of war and the bob seger son are. libya's national oil company says airstrikes by forces loyal to warlord highly for have town the 2nd largest oil field has forced them to hold production at least 2 fighters from the internationally recognized government who were killed near the airfield oil field early on when say they have claimed control over the area but have task forces began their campaign soon after. the united nations has urged greece to take urgent action to improve conditions at overcrowded migrant camps on several greek islands the un high commissioner for refugees philippa grandy described conditions as at the camp as miserable during a visit to the island of mess halls about $39000.00 asylum seekers are currently
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living on the islands with hundreds more arriving every day. the polls have closed in many b.s. parliamentary and presidential elections the vote is being seen as a major test for the governing swapper party which has been in power for nearly 30 years there are fears of post-election violence as horrible tasks are reports. namibia's ruling swapo party has been in power since 1990 when the country gained independence from south africa but this could be a tough election for president again god who's running for a 2nd term a corruption scandal involving the country's fishing industry could taint his party's image al-jazeera is investigative unit and the anti secrecy leaks and covered evidence of government officials accepting bribes kickbacks from iceland biggest fishing firm in exchange for lucrative fishing rights the fisheries minister and justice minister have so far as i and the president was asked about the scandal shortly after voting. we will deal with corruption we declared war on
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corruption we have taken steps ostland must also do it corruption came from where you are coming to corrupt our people we will do with ours and you must deal with you. opposition parties what namibians implicated held to account popular cannot investigate itself and want to get to the bottom of this matter and we are calling for a judicial inquiry where you probably mean judges are appointed and people in the fishing industry with our fear of failure. cases in. the much as i happened in namibia is a relatively small country but it has a lot of natural resources it's a 5th of its citizens live in poverty a recession and a drought is making life more difficult for the poor rising unemployment and inequality could also erode some of the ruling party's popularity 5 years ago again
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god won the presidential election with 87 percent of the vote there are scenes of. discontent but i don't think we're going to see those really come to fruition for this election perhaps in another 5 years there will be a candidate an opposition candidate to an independent candidate who can really give a run for its money both in terms of you know an opposition party and a presidential candidate. the opposition in the media is not united like other former liberation movements in southern africa still enjoys support from the black majority many see it as the party that for now represents black interests but some political analysts predict the result could be close and the military says it is on high alert in case there is post-election violence. al-jazeera. spanish police have seized a homemade submarine they believe was used to smuggle 3 tons of cocaine across the
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atlantic the 20 meter long vessel was intercepted off spain's no than coles before its crew deliberately sank it too ecuadorians have been arrested another suspect is on the run submarines are often used to smuggle drugs in south america but this is a 1st to be discovered in europe. again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera iraqi protestors asked on the iranian consulate in the city of najaf setting it on fire protestors blame iran for propping up a government they say spent 2 months demonstrating you they spent demonstrating against explains how suspicion and anger about iran have played into the protests. there is a great danger here in the uk but i buy the example isn't easy and order me to mistreat 'd the bad very dark is tortue behavior so it's the war in our
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region among those foreign powers that are a journey too much including th country is the country which is very labor and that is iran who wanted story about what happened this evening is that the iranian consulate. which is what she. and she are religious is the word the way the. u.s. president donald trump assigned to bill's backing hong kong's pro-democracy activists american sanctions can now be imposed on chinese and hong kong officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses kong government calls the legislation necessary at least 1000 people have been killed in another rebel attack near the village of in the democratic republic of congo this will add to our anger amongst locals who have targeted u.n. peacekeepers saying they're failing to protect them and the d r c s former vice president john kerry benvar has lost his appeal against
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a one year sentence at the international criminal court bemba was convicted of bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial he was accused of commanding troops committed atrocities in neighboring central african republic member was ultimately acquitted in that trial and even though he lost this latest appeal he won't go to jail as the court deemed he had already spent enough time in custody. unions and student groups in colombia holding a 2nd nationwide strike in support of anti-government protests the rallies which started last week have seen mot for confrontations between protesters and police colombians angry about corruption and proposed cuts to a minimum wages changes in pensions and chasses as always much more news on our web site at al-jazeera dot com coming up next year it's inside story to stay with us.
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deadlock in lebanon it's widening the sectarian divide and leading to a growing in violence politicians of failed to form a government in the position of prime minister remains to take so who can lead the country out of crisis this is inside story. and welcome to the program. now they had been more than 40 days of largely peaceful protests in lebanon but as the political stalemate continues the country is sliding into turmoil and in recent days the demonstrations of tunde violence on sunday
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supporters of the 2 main shia groups attacked protesters in beirut and then unrest followed in other parts of lebanon with various sectarian back.


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