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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. 'd the testers in iraq set ablaze iran's consulates and measure up to one demand tough action against those responsible. celebrations in yemen airport as it awaits its 1st passengers a year and the saudi led coalition has released a group of wealthy rebels. china warns the us of consequences after president trump
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signs on last supporting hong kong's human rights and made ongoing protests and in sport brazilian same flamingo and. city club world cup in qatar. lifting the league trophy just days after becoming south american champions. hello iraq is stepping up its response to deadly mass protests across the country the army says it's deploying commanders to provinces to restore order and setting up what it calls crisis cells to quell the unrests now the announcement comes as at least 14 people were killed in the early hours of thursday that's when security forces opened fire to disperse a demonstration and this followed a night of violence in the city of where iran's consulate was set on fire to one is calling for firm. action against protesters iraq's government has also condemned
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that attack but protesters accused iran of backing a government they are against and protests that began in october have left at least $350.00 people dead demonstrators are demanding jobs better services and a complete overhaul in the political setup we have reporters across iraq and iran on the story dorson jabar isn't iran and how much june is in baghdad but 1st here's a report on the violence overnight by victoria gate. hundreds of anti-government protesters stormed the compound of the iranian consulate in the jaffa 552 times and blankets and replacing the iranian flag with an iraqi war was to say the symbolic importance of the attack in a shia majority city cannot be understated this is the city where the ayatollah khomeini used to live it's considered to be you know the heart of the shia muslim
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world and iran thought that it had the population the iraqi shia population on its side in terms of its you know regional policies clearly that's not the case. protesters say rand is exerting t. much power in iraq they won't directly government to take action to limit it was it's the 2nd time this month that in a rainy and consulate has been targeted by iraqi protest as 3 weeks ago security forces killed to demonstrate is in the city of copula. both attacks feed into the white anti-government protest movement that the gulf to iraq since october so it's unclear you know what options the government in iran has in response to these protests i don't think they have very good options and as so i suspect right now there is deep panic and paranoia in terror on over what happened today in najaf.
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the challenge for iran is how to respond without alienating the shia community upon which it's relied to expand its regional influence victoria gate and be al jazeera let's now get an update from a homage on june he's joining us from baghdad what are you hearing about the situation not only in nasiriyah but measure as well. again i just can't stress enough what a serious escalation this is to this crisis this minute folding across iraq for the past couple of months the fact that you have now had 2 attacks on iranian consulates in shiite holy cities within a matter of weeks this month that really goes to show how much frustration there is even in shiite majority cities toward the government of iran because of the outsized role that they play in the politics of course you had this attack last night that was an attack in which the anti-government demonstrators they got into that compound in and they set. the iranian consulate ablaze they burned it
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before the attack happened the staff at the consulate they had escaped through a back door just a few weeks ago i believe it was on november 4th you had a similar attack on the iranian consulate in the shia holy city of kut about up that attack you had the demonstrators scaling of the barricades in front of the consulate screaming for iran to get out of it off so this is a very big deal clearly the shiite majority government here very worried about what exactly this means going forward you did have a statement we heard a few hours ago from the top the foreign minister in which they said that this attack was aimed at the attack in egypt was aimed at damaging the historical relations between it off and on but that really is under playing just how much concern there is about this beyond that you also have another southern city another southern shia majority city and also the and which now we're told by medical sources that at least 14 people have been killed as a result of clashes that took place around 3 am this morning in front of
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a government building between security forces and anti-government demonstrators there all of this of course happening while you have these protests going on in various cities here in baba dead when we venture out into the epicenter of the anti-government demonstrations we hear again and again from from sun we hear from people across the political spectrum that they are going to continue to come out day after day are frustrated with the. that iraq seems to be caught between so many of its international and regional rivals countries like iran countries like saudi arabia and they want to see that come to an end they want to see into the corruption here they want to see a government that represents the people and they want to complete overhaul of the political system all that being said we're now being told that they're off the military is going to be sending these security cells to some of the provinces to try to quell the protests we don't really know exactly what form that's going to take there is great concern here right now that perhaps that could mean that there is a crackdown looming that perhaps there will be more violence we just don't know we'll have to wait and see but also we've been told that there is now
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a curfew that has been put in place in the city of nasiriya until further notice so there is so much going on here right now the protests continue to swell but the fact the matter is despite the violence despite the specter of potentially more violence all the demonstrators that we continue to speak with no matter what city they are in they say they are committed to continuing to come out until they have a government they feel that actually represents them going right thank you for that update from baghdad let's now bring in dorset jabari she's joining us from her on and mohamed was saying that there's a lot of concern in iraq over the situation and particularly that attack on the iranian consulates in asia we've heard officials say that they want tougher action against those responsible what are we to read into those comments. well there were very strong comments from the foreign ministry spokesperson up awesome sylvie who says that the iraqi government has to take decisive and firm action against these aggressors and it's something that the iranian government will not tolerate they are holding the iraqi government responsible to deal with the situation of course
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not justice as mohamed mentioned a very important city for iranians is the heart of the clerical establishment that rules the islamic republic ayatollah khamenei the supreme leader studied there for many years as well as the founder of the islamic republic ayatollah khomeini lived there for many many years when he was in exile there is a foundation there named after the son heads that foundation and jeff this city is very important to iran and its relationship with iraq of course at the moments they are very close over the past few years since the rise of eisel in iraq and the assistance that was requested by the iraqi government for iran to help them meet that group the iranians have kept that relationship going and they say that they're in iraq at a advisory capacity in an visor capacity over the past few years and that is continuing that is the reason we are seeing this unrest now the iraqi people saying that they want the rain influence out of their country but the iranians here say
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that they this protest these protests that have erupted over the past month are being fueled by western powers they're trying to create a rift in the relationship between these 2 countries who share one of the biggest borders in the region the iranian position is that this unrest will end at the by the iraqi government and they erected government alone and they are urging that to happen as soon as possible all right dosage ari thanks for that update from tehran . any i mean people are gathering at some airport in the hope of seeing the 1st passengers in years the saudi erotic coalition says it's released the group of houthi prisoners and is flying them to the rebel held capital sanaa airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016 but the coalition said it would allow it to be reopened the coalition says patients needing medical care can also be flown out in cooperation with the world health organization. reports from sylar
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it's more than 3 years since and as international airport passengers for a commercial flight its holes have been largely empty sounds the runway was damaged by salvia strikes and 2015 the national airline forced to stop flying there the following year space was closed by the war but this. says it can't be up and to allow patients needing medical treatment to be flown out. of other mothers and some are international airport was not closed by a u.n. international resolution but was forcibly lawfully banned by the saudi led coalition we've been calling for the reopening of the airport from the beginning every time we were see of promises from the un but nothing has changed. international organizations say the lengthy closure of sun has airport has made a dire humanitarian situation even worse you were right activists say some
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international airport should have never been closed in the 1st place it is the only way to enter leave yemen by air for nearly 70 percent of the country's population it could have been used before now to fly down sick people out of the country or trade meant. that all know how 1000000 patients are in need and have to travel outside of yemen 400000 are in need of urgent medical treatment abroad 45000 have died so far but in commercial flights from and into some international airport is a flagrant violation against international laws and enormous here. the enforced closure of the international gateway has also left thousands of people stranded outside yemen the aviation authority says the port has become ready to welcome passenger planes but return to full operation will depend on the 1st 2 and nearly 5 years of
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war let's bring in mohammed for an update he's joining us from the many capital sanaa and we see the people gathering right behind you mohamed what are they saying to you and just talk us through what's going on right now. yes relatives of those who have been present by the saudi you aided qualification are waiting for their loved ones to to be released and also to our arrival to the international science russian port many people here are waiting for those 2 to arrive and thus also the even though they don't know that they are on the on the boat on both of these supplies that are coming in to us our international airport we have here also one of the officials who can speak to us can you come here to speak about the this is the 1st of official move or step a saudi arabia in order to start. to push forward for peace in yemen how do you evaluate this move by saudi arabia its 1st step from their side from our side
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you have at least many of the business. and their i we evaluate that. from the inside and we are expecting to have more than that walk speak to stop all the war against your men to release all the prisoners to pay the salaries of all the employees in yemen and also to open their son and ports it is no any justification to close this airport for about 25000000 yemenis living in sinai and living in all yemeni government eats do you expect that this prisoners of war operation even though most of the people here do know that the if their loved ones are on board of these poor flights but they have come here to expect that the because of those who will be released like their brothers also
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how could you talk about this and also and also the many people more than 7000 people are still held their captives we are hoping that in a very future time to be. i have some of these those people released also and i think the expectation all the people here are expecting a lot of people to be released and also the if you have a feeling of joy being of happiness that the beloved people released just. you expect now now the war is going to to end by this more by saudi arabia the 1st president. moved by saudi arabia says the beginning of the war well we send an invitation. initiative initiatives for peace but we are where we are showing a very slow build flexion for this. initiative
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yes i think we have now steps the other side. taking a very slow step but we hope that it will stop the war because there is no any justification for peaceful thank you mr thank you. advisor to the president flies to the present thank you for your interview because now we as we have heard that the people are still waiting for their loved ones to arrive. according to the international red cross committee around $128.00. prisoners of war are going through the release today and we are some waiting for those. prisoners or for 2 to come out of the site and national polls people are hoping as we heard that the. secretary of the president or the advice of president that's the saudi rustigan slow steps but hopefully these steps will end the war all right and we
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will cross back to you a little later on thank you for that update from just outside airports. you're the news hour there's plenty more ahead including what's causing people in the democratic republic of congo to turn on those men to keep them safe. and. mostly peaceful antigovernment protests could be changing. and in sports the rockets now they're losing streak against the miami heat action from the n.b.a. that's coming up a little later. but 1st north korea has launched what appears to be 2 missiles into the sea that's according to south korea it comes days after the north ordered or tillery drills near a disputed maritime border last month pyongyang fired 2 rockets into the sea of japan just all denuclearization talks with the united states right mcbride is following
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this from seoul he says the launch comes after a period of relative calm. 2 projectiles we don't know if they were short range missiles or rockets but there have been launch of both in the past and if it's confirmed then this is now the 13th such launch that we've seen in recent months it has been it has to be said relatively quiet the past few weeks the last launch took place was of a new multiple rocket launcher that north korea was testing that took place at the end of october we've had a period of inactivity it seems on the part of north korea's missile testing but it has to be said that they have been trying to apply pressure in other ways interestingly last weekend north korean leader kim jong un paid a visit to an artillery unit on an island in the maritime border area between north and south korea and oversaw
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a an artillery firing exercise which irked people here in south korea no end because of course that goes against completely the spirit of the pyongyang declaration that was reached at the end of last year during all of that at the summit diplomacy that was taking place and it was seen as a way of north korea showing its frustration at the stalled negotiations or as a way of putting pressure on south korea and also it shows just how the relations have cooled since those heady days of a year ago. antigovernment protesters in hong kong are celebrating president donald trump's decision to sign human rights bills which back their movements but it's angered beijing and threatens to derail u.s. china trade talks so under the law which has bipartisan support washington can impose sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses it also requires the state department to review hong kong special
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trading status each year and sales of tear gas rubber bullets and other equipment used by security forces will be banned in response china has accused america of having sinister intentions its some in the u.s. ambassador and has threatened to respond with countermeasures andrew thomas is in beijing and he says china's foreign ministry is furious with the u.s. and as we're saying has vowed to retaliate. the practicalities of potential sanctions associated with workplace disparagingly careers the so-called hong kong human rights and democracy act all one thing but what the chinese government has already reacted to is the symbolism but the may have passing this. and they are furious about it now on the one hand they see about hong kong because they say the . u.s. is essentially encouraging the violence in. china part of china is internal affairs but this is also the chinese government about disrespect that the u.s.
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lawmakers have with china a rule not just about hong kong a little bit of the. exposes the malicious and the head. of u.s. intentions to the chinese people and that u.s. attempts are bound to fail because chinese people rally in opposition to this kind of the high now any potential countermeasures on mentioned as yet but china is promising. to kill you if what is now in law is actually implemented if sanctions and other actions follow. let's bring in david zweig his of the the director of transnational china consulting and prof at hong kong university of science and technology he's joining us from hong kong thanks very much of david's wife for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour let's just 1st look into china's response it's promising countermeasures what does that mean and what can china practically do. well most of us who've been thinking about this
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would say that there's really not that much that china can do you know you can look at. say they don't import that much from the united states right now so it's hard to punish the united states through cutting back on imports for example liquid natural gas they import a lot of gas from the united states but they've already stopped doing that soybeans lobster's all that stuff they they've stopped already doing that during the trade war so there's not much that they have on that side on the other side they want to continue to be able export so they don't really want to intensify the trade war because they you know if you see jinping you need to export more because you're losing jobs in south china firms are moving out of china moving into vietnam and cambodian places so you don't really have all that much leverage and when you look at the bill itself and what donald trump has actually signed in fact these 2 bills how does this actually impact the protesters there is
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a belief by some that this could motivate the pro-democracy protesters in hong kong do you agree with that. sure i think this is a big boost for them and it's a boost you know we just had this. local the local elections here for the for the local councils and they did the riff the democrats or the democratic forces did very well so there's we're not you know hong kong is a bit on a bit of a high right now the the danger is that if the protesters continue to to become violent or use violence again then and think that they are somewhat protected then i think china could argue very easily that the united states has fostered some degree of violence you know and really interfered to this point i think there's no way you can accuse the united states of really doing much except improving the the context shaping the situation here so that the protesters felt that that someone
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was watching them and understanding them but now you they've really i think to a certain extent intervened in in hong kong's affairs in china's affairs and why do you think if a united ireland has taken the decision now why it's a why why now. well. you know 1st of all the the congress has been wanting to do this for a while there are a lot of people in the united states congress particularly rubio who are very anti china i mean there's no doubt look i mean you know this has been a terrible time here in hong kong there are accusations of police brutality there are lots of concerns here but at the same time you know the united states well actually once one good explanation for this is that there's been a domestic battle in the united states between the the department of state and the congress and the congress wants a much tougher line on china and hong kong particularly on the fact that there was
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already in 1902 an agreement. hong kong policy act and the congress was very upset that the united states was not pushing that the the department of state was not pushing hard enough according to that agreement every year they should have been writing a report about what was going on and on kong and they wouldn't do it and so congress decided that they were going to put the state department's feet to the fire and so they decided to pass this act which is really well now put a lot more pressure on the state department to evaluate the situation on kong every year so i think that's a lot of why they did it all right to david's why we thank you very much for joining us from hong kong armed groups have carried out new attacks in the eastern democratic republic of congo 2 health workers were killed and kotto at a world health organization base while it's comes as residents protest against what
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they see as inaction by u.n. peacekeepers tossed with keeping them safe let's get an update from catherine sawyer she's joining us from goma you've been following this story catherine what are you seeing now what's the update. well these attacks happened last night and let me just start with the cattle where 3 people actually were killed 2 of them. health organization agents one a driver several vehicles were also burned we're told several people were also badly injured in this happened in the compound of w.h.o. where this people which are also the stuff. is a mining area about 70 kilometers from the town another attack happened at another . compound where stuff workers work and also where they sleep
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this attack was quickly repulsed by government soldiers. attacks are being blamed on a local rebel group they're called my my and as you mentioned this all comes at a time when people in beni in neighboring with and here in goma have been protesting very angry about the state of security here's a story we did. another tense day in. a protest is shot dead by a policeman on saturday. the policeman was later killed by an angry mob. they marched through the city with his body in a way to the area where he was shot in the head. the bodies one of 6 people who have been killed. over the weekend people here are not and their anger is directed to the u.n. peacekeeping mission called one school they blame the peacekeepers for failing to protect them from a tox from an armed group in the area called allied democratic forces or. the
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un mission has also been accused of using excessive force of protest as one of our peacekeepers showed that a protester was throwing molotov cocktails at. the peacekeepers so we are still in the process so very fine old socks and fact checking the ripples we have received in the midst of all this another tragedy happened and morning attack by a.t.f. on a village about 30 kilometers from benny more than a dozen people hopped to death with machetes some of them the copy tape had. gone the streets of benny is also being felt many kilometers south and north with provisional capital was. protesters here have expressed their frustration police have been deployed to keep them from getting too important says this is just a small group of people who have. fired tear gas at
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protest the balls of blood libel that's in the air to define them this one here this is people much more all what is going on in bed me they think killing us although the united nations me john. one move must leave this country. the message was clear and they told us no matter what force is used to remove them from the streets they'll keep coming back until the demands of the people. that don't need money we are tired i come from ah people are being slaughtered they un and our soldiers are there and doing nothing why then all this force is there if not to protect our people. they finished their potus at a police station. they paid their last tribute to battle. and back in bed he was buried by family friends and hundreds of other protesters determined to keep
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the pressure on until the violence stops. crucial in containing a boy which has affected many people in beni and surrounding areas they've also evacuated some of their non-essential staff members and joining me to discuss this further is dr margaret hari's who's this spokesperson for w. thank you very much. on tuesday just tell us about your experience and the situation in beni so the protests have been going on there as you know for more than a week and more than a week and they were stimulated as you said by reprisals against the local population by a group called the a.t.f. who are different from the my my that you mentioned earlier but the population felt unprotected for most of the time we did not feel that we are target we did not feel that we are a target in beni but we felt it was prudent to reduce our footprint and to bring as
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many people back to possible and i was one of those who left in the early hours of tuesday morning because it was unsafe to travel during the day and tell us about the situation in these 2 areas where the attacks happened last night in terms of. in terms of operations so right now we're reassessing we're looking at who can stay safely who cannot what primary concern is the safety of our staff but we're also balancing it with the need to keep on identifying new cases of ebola and to keep on doing our best to stop people as a terrible threat to people's lives as well as this terrible security so it's a really balancing act you have say that you've scaled down operations but how does that really affect especially the surveillance and of people who have been in contact with a ball of patients this has been going on for a while so we're moving as you mentioned stuff that can work in other areas and
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continue to do their work without being physically on site but. a lot of the work the bulk of the work is done by the workers with the ministry of health with the democratic republic of congo so while we as internationals and actually most of our staff our local people are here to support and advice the real work the solid work is being done by local people and you'll be amazed by the community agents many of the women who are still going out every day and checking the health of the local people even under these circumstances thank you very much that was dr harris who is a spokesperson for w 2 and it's also important to note at this point that this 2 areas that were attacked last night are really right now they're at the center of this is where people are now getting infected mangina is ground 0 this is where the outbreak started a year and a half ago so you can imagine the difficulties there and saying that eve the
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situation continues then it could just affect their work. catherine thank you for that update from goma. in a few moments we'll have the weather with everything but still ahead right here on the al-jazeera news hour a grim task for flood survivors in kenya digging to find the remains of missing loved ones. unions hold their 2nd general strike pressing the government to abandon conservative economic plans. in sport the manchester united player who's on the comeback trail after his recovery from a life threatening illness. before i draw your attention to the central showers across central parts of africa well
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just lights who were show you these storms that we have just to the north of madagascar just rumbling away here little cloud just which may develop into a tropical cyclingnews they do say they will be the 1st of the season this particular area we are looking at some very heavy showers just across the fall north of madagascar pushing a bit towards those northern sections of mozambique pushing into where tanzania and up towards kenya where we cause after those fighting over the next couple of days that's the snobbery that we are going to see further shaz but of uncertainty about the exact position of the storm should it develop into well but we will keep you posted on that in the next few days further south into south africa it's all about the he or i don't getting heat wave it's really just ramping up now and temperatures as you can see getting up into the thirty's across a good part of the reason droughts as well go from drought to flooding we've had some flooding in the congo here 170 millimeters of rain in 24 hours just across the border into kinshasa of course we've been hearing about the flooding over the past
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few days and some slices the results of those heavy downpours heavy rains will continue across the equitorial for the next few days. all the way across to east africa. sponsored by qatar. this december make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania. to a stage played for let us make an entrance and makes a statement pizza to us because it's best. to start a little bit short so i took. this feature called. make your goal. the brazilian journalist investigating a political bloc grab all the farmers help them get elected and he's repay them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest
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people are almost willing to give their life away and guarantee the occupation knowledge of the lands is journalism the last hope in the fight so steep that on the song says not only a land conflict but a conflict a narrative brazil the age of balsa naro whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. hello again to top stories on the al-jazeera news hour iraq's army says it's sending commandos to provinces to restore order violence escalates across cities at least 14 people have been killed in iraq after security forces opened fire to disperse a demonstration. iran is calling for decisive action against protesters who attacked
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its consulate in the iraqi city of demonstrators blamed for propping up a government they've been rallying. in yemen people are gathering at some airport in the hope of seeing the 1st passengers in the saudi erotic coalition says it will release some of the prisoners and allow limited flights in the rebel held capital. top story of the anger in iraq against iran and its fallout so anti-government protests in iraq's predominantly south have exposed resentment iranian influence and the grievances go back iran became a power broker off to the us invasion of iraq in 2003 it backed the political factions militias which have dominated iraq since iran also supported she has that mobilized in 2014 in the battle against isobel they gained influence became a powerful political faction in parliament and integrated into the military for
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many protesters blame the militias for violence against protesters and last year security forces have killed more than $150.00 people in less than a week in protests in early october let's bring in the head of policy analysis of arab center for research and policy studies is joining us here in doha thanks for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour and we come to the events of just under 24 hours ago where we saw iraqi protesters burned the consulates in what do you to read into that with this is not the 1st time in iraq you've got this sort of. attacking iran the in consulates and iraq they did attack the iranian consulate in karbala last month and last year but this time it's becoming even more evident that iraqis including shia. viewing iran very much like an e.q. buying power in the sense that iran is directly feeding iraq's fears
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we have seen for example the supreme leader of the iranian of edition the supreme guide of they are going to pollution. last month calling up on the iraq. government to home front to the protests. try to flush them possibly money also visited baghdad a few weeks ago he put huge pressure on the iraqi political factions in order to keep. in an office and you know that our government the is one of the demands of the protesters actually is to see all of this but it's going to last in iraq most of them actually came from iran after the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003 and they maintain very close ties with the iranians they see them. as the mean the major problem for iraq because of the quote option and also because of this sort of iranian influence over this but it's going to test our seem to see all the officials in iraq as the problem and that is that is what we're hearing from the reporters porters on the ground but let me ask you this when iran
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says. it wants its calling rather for decisive action to be taken against the protesters who attacked that consulate what are iran's options here do you see iran interfering in any way via the iraqi government or do you see them interfering if they will via their. people on the ground allies on the ground yeah both ways actually because they have they are supporting the militias on the ground who are suspected of actually firing at the protesters and killing hundreds of them since this round of protests started in iraq in and in october and also through the iraqi government because they have a huge influence over the but it's got a clause which is ordering iraq actually talking not only about i did i miss some of the talking about most of the ministries are talking about. the heart of the. ministry of interior we are talking about the entire system of iraq actually being
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influenced by directed by iran so iran actually is is actually practicing influence it through its militias on the ground and through its influence inside the iraqi government all right thank you for speaking to us from doha thank you. violent confrontations in lebanon have been threatening what have largely been peaceful protests in recent days there were a tense stand off between sectarian and political rivals nearly 6 weeks since the start of the movement protestors are determined to restore a united voice against the ruling class and then i heard reports from beirut it's. a message of peace at a time of political turmoil. mothers joined hands after a violent incident between supporters of rival political parties brought back dark memories. i know of many was re-elected on civil war began in 1975. they
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called for a national unity. the people fighting no other born after night in a day after the war was gone they don't know what is the but they stopped of the war they don't know if it's blood will come blood will not give them food will not give them opportunities they work for the mainly christian neighborhood of i know of many towards what was the front line that divided the lebanese capital. they then crossed into the mainly shiite neighborhood of shia. it was a warm welcome from neighbors who seem to want to leave the past behind was. but it was a different picture a few nights ago there was a standoff between supporters of christian opposition parties and backers of shiite parties in power and hezbollah who have used force against abd establishment protesters across the country in recent days start. doing what
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they do is just play on the sectarian. the sectarian emotions they're trying to use the tools on the streets of intimidating. peaceful protesters and this is being used basically to i think. for internal kind of balance and power. struggle in between the establishment parties opposition parties have been accused of hijacking a popular uprising for almost 2 months there have been protests against the political elite who are refusing to give up power that was like the story of the cold war over civility that is why many are concerned the longer this political crisis lasts and the longer people remain in the streets the likelihood of more violence increases jennifer their data. recovery efforts in kenya have been stretched beyond their limits by devastating flooding and landslides in west polka dots so people looking for their missing relatives have been forced to do the
1:43 pm
searching themselves at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days and up to 120000 have been affected my mother though was able to reach one of the communities that's been cut off. the people of time called village in kenya west book called county. mission days of the floods and landslides swept away vale homes there such and for the bodies of the missing relatives william domi killer is looking for the body of his 5 year old daughter much somebody's gonna i found the body of my son who also died not far from here so i've asked my neighbors to help with the search for my daughter her body is under this rubble the flood some landslide in followed days of torrential rain entire families were wiped out when a vast sod of water rocks and mud swept across the village the land that once held their homes is now covered by mud and rocks. lost his entire family
1:44 pm
down by the melissa and it's hard to bear the loss of my sister who had just finished school that day as well as my mother and 2 brothers i'm all alone in the world in all 21 people died in time come 11 bodies have been recovered the rest are still missing. william capello is yet to find the bodies of 7 of his 9 children who died began you know with my appeal to the government is to help me raise and educate my only remaining son life will never be the same for us we also need machinery to move these rocks to check if there might be anybody's underneath. but government rescue workers are yet to reach this far flung village they've been hampered by the torrential rain and floods which also swept away bridges and grooves in was the court that tried to do that took place here as part of a dream picture affecting many parts of west cork county and with continued rainfall face the possibility of water repeats government officials have been
1:45 pm
appealing to people to move to say fun grounds but the people of this village say they conned do that until they find the bodies of their loved ones locals say told the last disaster that witnessed and they dread and if for the most. we need the government to carry out some conservation work deforestation and all the farming has made this oil problem to sliding. most survivors into. the local challenge others have chosen to live in the open. if their lives come with time to. call in. we're now on one of our top stories the peace moves in yemen and who's the prisoners released by the saudi led coalition are expected to land in some airports that handover is being coordinated by the international committee of the red cross let's speak to the spokesperson of the i.c.r.c. natalie big doshas she's joining us on the telephone from sanaa thanks for speaking
1:46 pm
to us on the newshour what can you tell us about the who 3 prisoners 128 of them you say that are meant to land in some airports. or. from the one where the lot of the airport. when do you expect them to arrive. in the back to our the one. when the next one. and you say that they are arriving from saudi arabia airports. do you expect according to your twitter feed you are saying 120 eight's will be arriving today do you expect more to be arriving in the coming days or coming weeks and can you tell us about how this handover actually came about.
1:47 pm
we should talk only about the we have to keep the fun time which was. organised by both sides we are not involved eventually surely. we cannot speak on behalf of the parties all over the course of the court. because of the charges they are going to have to be supported to stand. in the. traditional tropically because. i understand that you cannot speak on behalf of the parties but from what you're hearing or perhaps being told to expect this to be the 1st. other hand over. the question do you expect more handover to happen over the next coming days or next coming weeks. you hope that more and more chance.
1:48 pm
to happen what will likely to. further turn fears of the alleged abuses. between classes are going to play this. role is that this is there is. such a chance. and finally let me just ask you how does the r.c. r.c. view this in the context of the war in yemen is this a positive step that's being taken to possibly end the war definitely hope that this is a sense of. control because confidence in the future. political position that we hope will be in the company of. our rights and not only
1:49 pm
by passing we thank you very much for speaking to us from. rescue workers are racing to try to find survivors from choose days powerful earthquake several countries have sent teams to help. it was the most powerful quake to hit the country in decades. now the incoming head of the european commission has promised to fight climate change ursula. from the 1st of december the german politician says she will work towards an inclusive european green deal within the 1st $100.00 days of her tenure and she says any new trade deals will include calls protecting the environment. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour we'll tell you why how rather this ancient sport could help the host nation top the medals table at the southeast asian games details coming up.
1:50 pm
this december make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania. to a stage played for legends becoming shirts makes the stakes peak for the us because it's best. to excite the shorts so i want to. put this feel good call to. make cuts go your goal. does the mind play tricks the damn car is always parked right there or are they really out there and you've passed the family by like pull up a monster and drag of your act like they're not in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out the proximity 33120 pages of records and in the process mobilizes her community as long as people are able to talk then there is little
1:51 pm
check against the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. hello again time for the sports news here's andy thanks so much daryn brazilian same for mango now targeting success at the club world cup to cap off then most successful season in decades on wednesday reared same lifted the brazilian only trophy for minor celebrating the 7th domestic title in front of a 100 fans at rosemont and last ideas. that scene of also just won south america's koplovitz the doors for the 1st time in 38 years from i go into the club world cup in qatar at the semi final stage here and there's going to be if you win the cup or
1:52 pm
live at the door it's the most important tournament in south america as well as a strong championship like the brazilian league what more could you want but let's see what happens i'm very happy at flamengo we have 20 more days to work with the team before we go to cats are. well defending champions liverpool are still to book their place in the last 16 of europe's top club competition a draw against napoli means their champions league fate will be decided in the last round of great games when it anfield would have put liverpool into the knockout rounds as group winners nap eats at least 3 dress merton's before then lover equalize for the home team liverpool made a point in their final group game at rebel salzburg to guarantee a place in the knockout rounds but a lot of people around liverpool probably think. you know we have to play again and have to to put in everything what we have but it was never different i can remember one game since i'm here where we could go in with 50 percent so that's our situation. and it's ok it's not brilliant but it's ok. to
1:53 pm
situation you know messi among scores for barcelona on his 700 the parents for the club his 613th goal for basso helping the saints who are 31 win over brush adornment and putting the 5 sam champions into the knockout rounds. much united see niger max taylor is back in the senior squad for the 1st time since cancer treatments the 19 year old offender had surgery and 9 weeks of chemotherapy after being diagnosed as to the killer council last year now back in 1st in contention for united's europa league game against the star in kazakstan. would have seen his journey back to full fitness and the way he's conducted himself and it's it's just it's something that he'll always have with him he's been through something that no one should. have to go through but he's come through on the other end he's an inspiration for all the players. anthony davis led the l.a.
1:54 pm
lakers to a win against his former team the new orleans publicans despite the boos he scored 41 points to help the like is to won 14 to once and went elsewhere the houston rockets big visiting miami heat james harden story the rockets he made 73 points are scored 34 points with houston beat behave 117 so as 108. on the boston celtics and the brooklyn nets for game winning streak and the workers for a season high 39 points in his return from injury the celtics be the next 121 to 110th boston winning for the 3rd time in the last 5 years. now as hosts of the southeast asian games the philippines get to introduce sports they know they'll be good outs one of them is an ancient filipino martial arts called honest. reports. korea has take one joe japan has karate and the philippines also has its own
1:55 pm
martial arts sport at least. 6 so this is why for jude rodrigo is a nice it's more than just a combat sport it has come to symbolize the filipino identity so for the past few years she along with other members of the at least national team have been clocking in long hours to train for their biggest competition the southeast asian games plus a more personal level and it's more of a we feel are in that have a better future because if we don't perform well this year we don't perform well in the next few years that are nestled probably not clear as mine. are nice with the preferred duel match of filipinos hundreds of years ago it was originally called out of. our harness of the hand. the philippines is hosting the southeast asian games for the 4th time and much is at stake at least players aim to clinch at least
1:56 pm
15 gold medals hoping not just to put at least in the spotlight internationally but also so it may flourish as a popular sport in the philippines i want at least to. go into those who want. to be promoted despite limitations in resources and government support for the people athletes have always exult in combat sports like their black belt or gretchen miller lead who is a 3 time gold medalist in the sea games her records remain unmatched across asia to this day the athletes. sports commission now provides food which is the basic which is i'm glad that happened also there they got their food for free like before though we need $11000.00 beds and i receive i need to buy my own food every athlete stream not really the gold medal but you know at the end of the
1:57 pm
during the ceremony that year you're the reason why you're the national anthem is being played you know like everyone would be standing up. for your country for your flag. compared to other sports at unease cuts across social classes in the philippines he is a stick or 2 using sticks and knives and disguised as a folk dance at a nice is believed to have been used by natives to fight during the early spanish colonial period so it is seen not just as a sport but also an art form that represents the filipinos ability to resist and injure or to dog and al-jazeera and. the opening ceremony of start event coming up in a couple of days but is it for me and what i will see later thank you very much for watching the news hour. with you in just
1:58 pm
a moment with much more of the day's news coming up thanks for watching by. a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia green plants money rapid development and criminology $1.00 o one a few mr gates to win is a loser in cambodia to see. on al-jazeera. just said. as this year comes to an end we look ahead to 2020 and the stories that may shape the year people in power investigates the shocking treatment of disabled people in
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eastern europe. and exclusive look at the world's largest conference on h.r. v. in rwanda movie efforts achieve an aids free africa a true part series charging. china's rise of the 21st century superpower. u.n. leaders will gather in spain to discuss issues about climate change and examine the possible global solutions join us for live coverage to somebody on al-jazeera. $150000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wish from uk cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans. to conserving the world's twinning wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird migration watch reaper 6 right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special wetlands on the planet after ice
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ecosystems and that on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth doesn't lie with god's will those jobs. will go oh it's. 'd iraq deploys army commanders to restore order after protesters stormed the iran's consulate in niger and set it on fire. hello welcome to it is their life and i'm melting down this also coming up so that the celebrations in yemen sana pause as it awaits its 1st passengers in years the saudi that coalition has released a group of his the rebels.


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