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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera i really feel liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth as i would love for this job. iraq deploys army commanders to restore order after protesters stormed the iran's consulate in niger and set it on fire. hello welcome to r.j. their life and i'm melting down is also coming up celeb celebrations in yemen sana airport as it awaits its 1st passengers in years the saudi that coalition has released a group of his the rebels. china accuses the us of interference
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a mall's of consequences after president trump signs a law supporting hong kong human rights amid on going protests. we meet families in western kenya desperate for news of relatives still missing after a landslide plowed through their community. thanks. now a curfew being imposed in iraq the city of new nazareth after 16 people were killed during anti-government protests the security forces opened fire to disperse the demonstration an army the army is sending its commanders to several provinces to restore order is setting up what it calls crisis cells to quell the mass armrests over the past few months iraq has have been demanding jobs they want better services and they want a complete overhaul of the political system meanwhile even. has demanded
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action from the iraqi government after an attack on its consulate in the city of not jaffa when say antigovernment protests a stormed the building and set its own fire demonstrates is a blaming tehran for profit up a government that they are of railing against mohammed jem june has the latest from baghdad the fact that you have now had 2 attacks on iranian consulates in shiite holy cities within a matter of weeks this month that really goes to show how much frustration there is even in shiite majority cities toward the government of iran because of the outsized role that they play in the politics of course you had this attack last night that was an attack in which the anti-government demonstrators they got into that compound in and they set. the iranian consulate ablaze they burned it before the attack happened the staff at the consulate they had escaped through a back door we're now being told that they're off the military is going to be sending these security cells to some of the provinces to try to quell the protests
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we don't really know exactly what form that's going to take there is great concern here right now the perhaps that could mean that there is a crackdown looming that perhaps there will be more violence we just don't know we'll have to wait and see but also we've been told that there is now a curfew that has been put in place in the city of now for the until further notice so there's so much going on here right now the protests continue to swell but the fact the matter is despite the violence despite the specter of potentially more violence all the demonstrators that we continue to speak with no matter what city they are in they say they are committed to continuing to come out until they have a government they feel that actually represents them more now from our correspondent who's in the arraigning capital tehran. the reigning foreign ministry spokesperson up us mousavi has issued a statement saying that the iranian government and i'm going to quote from it saying demand decisive effective and responsible action against the destructive agents on aggressors the point of view here is that something needs to be done very
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quickly to take control of the situation and not just is very much an important sitting for iranians and the clerical establishment here not only did the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini study there but also the founder of these amik revolution ayatollah khomeini spent many years there in exile this city is very important for iran because of the clerical. schools that are there in the history that we share the opinion here is that these attacks are taking place by small groups of people that are being fueled by outside forces removed western countries to try and create a rift between the relationship between iran and iraq their relationship has never been stronger right now their trade annually is out $13000000000.00 in the ratings are currently providing a 3rd of the country's electricity in iraq so it's very important for this relationship to continue also strategically iraq wise shares
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a border with syria as well as saudi arabia countries that iran is very interested in maintaining some kind of power or around and so for them this incident is unacceptable and they will do everything they can to pressure on the iraqi government to try and quell this on the rest as soon as possible. because people are gathering some international airport in the hope of seeing the 1st passengers their figure is the saudi a mirage the coalition says it's released a group of prisoners and is flying them to the rebel held capital so they're apples being close to commercial flight since since 2 of the 16 but the coalition said it would allow it to reopen the coalition says patience the. eating medical care can be flown out all of this in cooperation with the world health organization we can go live now and speak to our correspondent who's there at santa international airport mohammed then tell us what is the status senate these. prisoners apparently
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being released from by saudi arabia. yes. people relatives of the prisoners of war are still waiting for them they have been waiting for nearly now 4 hours. we haven't heard news that the 1st plane has the right according to the red internet the red cross the international red cross committee that the there on that board of that plane there were at least 128 presidents or 4 people who came here don't know the list of the names of those who are going to arrive to sanaa international airports this flight is the 1st flight for the president before this the 1st offer szell swarup all release of for president or for by saudi arabia u.a.e. little qualification people are hoping this would push forward for achieving all realizing the peace in yemen which has been going through difficult and distractive
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times throughout nearly 5 years many of those white sox to hope they will find their relatives. to agree to go out of this international pose but so far we couldn't know that. the exact number of who though more will be ripe but according to the news that i have heard that some of them have been detained and in which is that just 40 kilometers from sun are also those who are being detained in areas in the course the lair and the coastline of. there are also fisherman the. concern that the they want their fighters to be released also there are thousands of people who have been detained who are that's involved in the war especially
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those who try to travel outside yemen. through the areas which are under the control of the saudi. many people also the kind of torture. prisoners of war are going through the tension periods right mohamed are live at sun international airport thank you very much that china is accused on a tramp of sinister intentions after the president signed a hong kong human rights bill beijing has summoned the u.s. ambassador the law means washington can impose sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses is it also bans the sale of tear gas rubber bullets and other equipment used by the security forces china has threatened to respond but the leading pro democracy activists just one says the u.s. has shown it will prioritize human rights over business for you as president sign
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on to hong kong human rights and democracy act that's the remarkable achievement of all the hong kong is no matter a democrat or republican is the new bipartisan consensus from both the u.s. administration and the congress is to stand with hong kong to pirate high suman rights and democracy and not being overrun by the trade negotiation and out there is andrew thomas says china sees the movers an attack on its sovereignty. this is on the one hand about the practicalities and the potential sanctions but it's also about the symbolism that what they disparagingly call the so-called hong kong human rights and democracy act means now in part that is about the specifics of what is going on in hong kong they say that by passing the sites and by donald trump signing the exact it is encouraging the violence in hong kong and it's undermining the sovereign say that china has over hong kong it undermines this whole idea of
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one country 2 systems and it's the u.s. interfering in hong kong or it's china's internal affairs on the other hand though they say that this goes further and this is all about the u.s. really demonizing china even more than it has in the past i'll read a bit of the statement so you this act will only further expose the malicious and germanic nature of u.s. intentions to the chinese people including our own can compare traits and the chinese people will only standing great to solidarity with us attempts are bound to fail so that is beijing really say that this act doesn't just relate to the specifics of the violence in hong kong but it really is symptomatic they think of the way that the u.s. is treating china more broadly and they say the consequences will follow from this that an outline what the counter measures will be but beijing is saying they will come and north korea has launched what appears to be 2 missiles that's according to
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south korea it comes days after the north ordered artillery drills near a disputed maritime border last month pyongyang fired 2 rockets into the sea of japan after still denuclearization talks with the u.s. rep mcbride has more from seoul. 2 projectiles we don't know if they were short range missiles or rockets but there have been launch of both in the past and if it's confirmed then this is now the 13th such launch that we've seen in recent months it has been it has to be said relatively quiet the past few weeks the last launch that took place was of a new multiple rocket launcher that north korea was testing that took place at the end of october though we've had a period of inactivity it seems on the part of north korea's missile testing but it has to be said that they have been trying to apply pressure in other ways interestingly last weekend north korean leader kim jong un paid
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a visit to an artillery unit on an island in the maritime border area between north and south korea and oversaw a an artillery firing exercise which irked people here in south korea no end because of course that goes against completely the spirit of the pyongyang declaration that was reached at the end of last year during all of that the summit diplomacy that was taking place and it was seen as a way of north korea showing its frustration at the stalled negotiations or as a way of putting pressure on south korea and also it shows just how the relations have cooled since those heady days of a year ago we've got lots more to come here it out is here and clued in we'll have a live update from albania on the earthquake rescue efforts from one of the worst hit cities. and thousands of colombians and
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refusing to back down there's a national strike against corruption and economic inequality. hello the weather is reasonably quiet now across japan we've had some weather systems making their way through brighter skies will touch back in behind it does mean it will turn a little colder still a little bit of cloud here across honshu with the memory but the main weather systems are out into the open waters as we go on into friday as you can see largely clear skies but single figures for the temperatures just 9 celsius there for tokyo want to see showers moving across the korean peninsula again single figures here seoul just 7 degrees celsius or mistrusting to get above freezing in beijing the temperatures will pick up here as we go on into sas day time just picking up 2 across japan it is possibility of a few flakes of snow over the high ground by sas they were lots of crisp sunshine
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for the most part a fair amount of sunshine to insua central and southern parts of china watery sunshine for some it has to be said that cloud perhaps thickening up enough to those western areas as we go on into saturday but into the southeast is fine and dry hong kong getting up to 25 degrees celsius want to see one sure showers drifting their way into parts of vietnam over the next day or so the usual scattering of showers there across southeast asia see want to 2 showers the philippines a turning much weather here next week. just to play tricks the damn car is all woods is parked right there all right they really out there you passed them by like big. bag of crap like they're in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out the trucks money $33120.00 pages of records and in the process
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mobilizes her community as long as people are rich ha then there is no check against the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. to take a look at the top stories here it out as they are a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of nasiriya after 16 people were killed in antigovernment protests security forces opened fire the army says it's sending its commanders to provinces to restore order. in yemen people are gathering at sanaa airport in the hope of seeing the prisoners who've been released by the saudi
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a morality coalition the airport has been closed since 2016 but the saudi iraqi coalition decided to allow in limited flights china has accused donald trump of sinister intentions after the president signed a hong kong human rights bill that could help protect protestors beijing has threatened to respond. and rescue workers in albania are still trying to find survivors from tuesday's earthquake several countries have sent in extra teams to help out the albanians so far we understand that for. people have been confirmed dead we can go live now to the city of durham is which is where our correspondent john psaropoulos is and john this is one of the west says it is isn't it it must be inevitable that hope is now diminishing of finding any more survivors. that's right this is the 3rd day after the earthquake now in the last 24 hours only
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corpses have been pulled from the rubble of a number of buildings. including 7 people here in the city of do this a woman whose father we tried to talk to yesterday but he was too distraught to speak to us and her young daughter they died together and in the city of the money where multi-story buildings also collapsed the. family was pulled from the rubble. to talk to people and their young child right now what you're seeing here is the operation to try and find a cause of a man believed to be in his forty's from the depths of this multi-story hoto they've been digging here for 3 days we encountered this team working here 3 days ago. there isn't much hope we understand of this man being found alive so the death toll which is now 40 given the number of missing. of about
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a dozen given to us by a high level state source yesterday. is likely to go over 50 and what about the hundreds if not thousands of people who are now without shelter. well that is the biggest problem of the prime minister was on television this morning saying that that is his main concern at the moment there are at least 2 to 3000 people here in this city who are displaced they can't go back to their homes if you drive along the beach front road here where all the most expensive properties and hotels are you can't see a single building that is inhabited and many of them visibly damaged so this entire area could be declared uninhabitable therefore the number of people who will be long term in need of shelter could rise in the many thousands in the
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coming days as engineers check on these buildings and declare them safe or unsafe the. people have to run about 36 kilometers from here are also afraid and there were no fatalities in that city last night i took a walk along one of the main avenues in that city and saw hundreds of cars parked for kilometers on both sides of the avenue and on the pavements on either side filled with people's sleeping under blankets they just don't want to go indoors overnight they are traumatized by what happened to people on tuesday and they don't want that to happen to them all right john thank you very much for that john psaropoulos bringing us the very latest from duras in albania now recovery efforts in kenya have been stretched beyond their limits by the devastating flooding and landslides in west pocket county so people looking for their missing missing
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relatives are being forced to do the searching themselves at least 65 people have died over the past couple of days and up to 120000 have been affected mohamed odeh has managed to reach one of the communities that has been cut off. the people of time called village in kenya west book called county. mission days of the floods and landslides swept away the homes there such and for the bodies of the missing relatives william domi killer is looking for the body of his 5 year old daughter much somebody's gonna i found the body of my son who also died not far from here so i've asked my neighbors to help with the search for my daughter had body is under this rubble the flood some landslide in college followed days of torrential rain entire families were wiped out when a vast side of water broke some mud swept across the village the land that once held their homes is now covered by mud and rocks. lost his entire
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family down by the malice of one it's hard to bear the loss of my sister who had just finished school that day as well as my mother and 2 brothers i'm all alone in the world in all 21 people died in time come live in bodies have been recovered the rest are still missing. william capellas yet to find the bodies of 7 of his 9 children who died in a gun you know with my appeal to the government is to help me raise and educate my only remaining son life will never be the same for us we also need machinery to move these rocks to check if there might be anybody's underneath. but government rescue workers are yet to reach this far flung village they've been hampered by the torrential rain and floods which also swept away bridges and grooves in was the court that tried to do that took place here as part of a grim picture affecting many parts of west cork county and with continued rainfall there's a possibility of water repeats government officials have been appealing to people
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to move to say fun but the people of this village say they conned do that until they find the bodies of their loved ones locals say told the last disaster that witnessed and they dread and if for the most. life. we need the government to carry out some conservation work deforestation over farming has made the soil prone to sliding. most survivors into. the local charge others have chosen to live in the open not sure when if ever their lives come to return to any sense of normality mohammed other world has either tom call in north western kenya now to eastern democratic republic of congo where armed groups have carried out new attacks $1019.00 people were killed outside the city of beni in a raid while 3 people were killed in separate attacks in be a cutter the violence comes as residents protest against what they see as inaction
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by un peacekeepers who've been tasked with their protection now the nato. secretary-general yen stoltenberg is in paris is going to be meeting the french president and more than likely discussed the public criticisms of the military alliance made by the french president in an interview earlier this month mr mccraw described nato as suffering brain death he also criticized the lack of strategic coordination between europe and the united states and the u.s. has announced plans to cut its contribution to the alliance and germany has announced that it will increase its payments let's go live now to the leave a palace in paris natasha butler is our correspondent there and the comments made by mr mccraw make for a rather awkward encounter there between the secretary general of nato and the french president today. yes you can imagine
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the secretary general of nato you installed in burgos arrived and he met the french president on the steps and 2 had a rather long handshake maybe that is a man or michael trying to show that he is warmly welcoming stoltenberg even though of course stoltenberg isn't very happy with some of the comments that michael made earlier this month in an interview when he said that nato was brain dead so you'd imagine that sort of vocal inside the very frank conversation with the french president find out exactly what he means and exactly why he made those comments now michael for his part is restored by them he says that nato is suffering in a way it's dying if you want to continue to use his imagery because of the u.s. is unpredictability lack of leadership and also a lack of coordination between the members of the alliance and i know mark also believes that european countries have to do more to look after their defense and they can no longer rely on the united states stoltenberg however said look as far
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as he is concerned that the alliance is still very strong he has said that some of the comments made by mark will have of course. frustrated many other nato members who see them as really being irresponsible in some ways and undermining the credibility of this alliance and sort of said this is like has been around for 70 years and of course there are differences between different members but that doesn't mean that the alliance is over. right indeed but there is a sense perhaps more generally is it then that the trash of the nato is in need of a refresh if you like or it needs to redefine itself in a way and i think that's something that mrs merkel the german chancellor has weighed in on reinforcing the necessity of a nato even though the cold war is over. yes i think you know comments are very much in keeping with his style he is a straight talker he is very frank and often his comments are set to other leaders
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but at the same time they often have an effect in kind of motivating people to come up with some new ideas and what we've seen is the german foreign minister coming for coming up with a plan that would be an expert panel to review nato he is saying why not get a group of experts from outside this organization who can really look at nato and look at perhaps what needs to be improved and it seems that sort of bird is interested in this and it is something that might be discussed next week when nato leaders meet in london for the 70th anniversary of the alliance they have a special summit there and the idea is perhaps if they approve this that this expert panel will come up with a report that would be then reviewed next year around november after the u.s. elections all right the tasha thank you natasha about live there live in paris. the protests in colombia remain defiant thousands of them demonstrated for a 7th consecutive day they're angry about corruption and propose cuts to the
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minimum wage many a demanding the resignation of president k. alessandra reports now from the capital bogota. and unions and student groups called for a national strike on november 21st few madge and it would have sparked an unprecedented movement the marches that day were the biggest in decades. and night spontaneous demonstrations broke out in rich as well as poor neighborhoods and have continued now for a week and abated. but this generation will cop colombia's finally awake and if demanded to be head this hour has come to find solutions to our social problems we are not afraid anymore to speak up and show ourselves to the world despite being one of the most unequal countries in the world seldom brought their grievances to the street. decades of civil conflict with rebel groups in paramilitaries violent
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drug cartels in killings of political and union leaders had silenced social my lais . but the signing of the peace deal 3 years ago that disarmed 5 rebels seems to have also opened the door to long to collect their demands i can think about it now . let me answer that on my. head that never look like head to head at least in the march. to other types that move in here related to education can see it but perhaps. the president's response has mostly been to discredit and criminalize the demonstrations well playing lip service to their constitutional right to protest. we are living moments of great demand in society but let's be clear the arsonists will not win was violence what they. did will not help them at the polls. in recent days riot police have used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the mostly
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peaceful crowds one teenager died after being hit by a gas canister rallies continue though the protests here haven't reached the kind that savored frenzy that we've seen in chile or bolivia or act whether impasse. they are going to be able to answer you say that the police think so so. that many believe it's here. i think colombia's going through a political transition where the piece to the international contest and a new generation are all playing a role where we don't know yet is where we're going with it. while it's unclear what they were achieved these protesters believe the time has come to confront many political challenges that have been postponed for way too long alison ramp you just got the word. hungary has charged the captain of a cruise ship involved in a collision in may 27 people died when the mermaid sank in the river danube
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ukrainian captain has been charged with misconduct leading to mass casualties and failing to provide help most of the victims were tourists from south korea. let's have a look at the top stories here at out a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of nasiriyah of the 16 people were killed in antigovernment protests security forces opened fire on a demonstration the army says it's sending commanders to several provinces to restore order meanwhile iran has demanded firm action from the iraqi government after an attack on its consulate in the city of najaf on wednesday antigovernment protesters stormed the building and set it on fire demonstrators blame tear around for propping up a government they have been railing against miami has more. we've heard again and
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again from protesters here they are tired of the outsized influence of iran in politics clearly this is worrying iran but also it's very much worrying the shiite led government here in iraq when you look at what's been going on here when you see how the parliament has been trying to reconcile the demands of the protesters with these efforts to try to mollify them by attempting to pass let's say electoral reform that is not doing anything to mollify the protesters. in yemen people are gathering at santa airport in the hope of seeing who's the prisoners of being released by the saudi immorality coalition the airport has been closed since only 16 bit the coalition has decided to allow limited flights china has accused donald trump of sinister intentions after the president signed a hong kong human rights bill that could help protect protestors beijing has threatened to respond rescue workers in albania are racing to find survivors from
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tuesday's earthquake several countries have sent in teams to help the albanians 40 people has so far been confirmed dead it was the most powerful quake to hit the country in decades but covering efforts in kenya have been stretched beyond their limits by the devastating flooding and landslides in west pocket county people have been left to dig in the muck themselves searching for the remains of missing relatives nato chief yen stoltenberg is in paris weighs meeting the french president and is quite likely to discuss his public criticism of the military alliance in an interview earlier this month emanuel macro described nato as suffering brain death he also criticized the lack of strategic coordination between europe and the us. the bottom line is next.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question has congress convince the american people that impeaching president donald trump is justified let's get to the bottom line. the impeachment inquiries officially 2 months old and it seems that the only thing that it is really proved is that americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes in one donald trump try to bribe a foreign country into investigating a political rival to win the elections next year and then the other democrats are conspiring to destroy the president at any cost and their partners are an evil media spewing fake news diplomats and bureaucrats from the quote deep state plus some ukrainians who many believe are the real meddlers in the last election rather than the russians so what universe are we in fortunately we have 3 people in the
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room who have the answer to that question rena shaw a republican strategist who founded relax strategies a political consulting firm here in washington jay newton small.


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