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jumps on stories we don't take the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings i think with the listening post on al-jazeera. the taliban says it's willing to restart peace talks with the u.s. as president trump tells troops in afghanistan he thinks the group is ready to strike a deal. this is al jazeera live also coming up hoping to raise traces of ousted president. will forward. to dissolve his body and dismantle his regime. a new political era of why as
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a conservative wins the presidential election ending 15 years of leftist rule. the people of uganda. and they would stop if. we talk ugandan pop star turned opposition m.p. probably one who's seeking the country's top job. preliminary talks are underway between the afghan taliban and u.s. officials the taliban has told al jazeera some beatings have taken place here in doha and could pave the way for the resumption of formal peace talks president donald trump canceled negotiations in september following the death of a u.s. soldier but he told american troops on a short trip to afghanistan that he believes the taliban is willing to strike a deal stephanie deca has more. it was a surprise visit and is often the case with president donald trump a surprising announcement alabama wants to make a deal. and we were meeting with them and were saying has to be
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a cease fire they wanted to cease fire but now they do want to do is use fire i believe it is probably work and there were times admission their meeting with the taliban comes after the president abruptly broke off talks in september following the killing of a u.s. soldier in a bombing claimed by the taliban talks had been making progress up until then the taliban has confirmed to al jazeera that some meetings have been taking place to pave the way for the resumption of talks the group also recently released 2 western hostages and 10 afghan soldiers in exchange for 3 of its senior leaders but officials say there's still no sign the taliban is ready to give up its weapons in exchange for a role in afghan politics demilitarization is a key demand from afghan president ashraf ghani but he's been sidelined while u.s. and taliban negotiators meet still ghani joint tromp on stage by graham air base and tweeted out highlights of the moment apparently keen to show he is relevant in
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the peace process for donald trump the priority is cutting down the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan from about 13000 to just over 8000 and to help the afghans handle their own security we're bringing you down very substantially. will be down in a number that's very that's a good number and we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total victory and they want to make it go over it's been 18 years since the u.s. launched its war in afghanistan pushing the taliban out of power the irony not lost that almost 2 decades on both sides in our negotiating an end to the fighting and if a deal can be struck it will more than likely see the taliban return to play a part in ruling afghanistan stephanie decker al-jazeera. is a republican strategist and political analyst and she believes the taliban sees the truck presidency as an opportunity to strike a deal with the u.s. . i think the taliban understand that this president is
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a very unconventional president and that things in washington are not just chaotic but often evil to be rule the forms of us aside you're able to be written almost overnight and that's that's how i think expect your i don't think that they lost confidence that they can get somewhere and present chum but i think this that represents a moment frankly this this this announcement by the president of reopening these talks about immigrants unity and i think that there are there are people who are part of a republican of south of the class here in washington and they're pretty angry because they were pretty angry when it was announced the president wanted to break the taliban members over to get a better so there are people here we're going to be critical of the president about what the taliban sort of seasons as a window of entry and they're also going to operate i believe of this main rules that our president is let's just put anything out there and see what sticks i think
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you know all that sort of sounds from the fact that this president has been genuinely interested in our military operation since before he even launched his campaign and throughout his campaign he took office we've seen but he doesn't care to want to understand how certain things are really done and he said just once in criticizing previous administrations says that on the street he was able to get anything done so leave it to a guy like me who the business deal maker and let me try to get something done i think that's exactly what he's operating with right now is a sense that people who were blessed him because he comes from another sector and could perhaps bring that expertise to deal making saddam's transitional government has approved a law as you dismantle the party of former president bashir he was forced out of office last year the prime minister says the decision was not an act of revenge but i am still preserve the dignity of the sudanese people even morgan reports from cotton. it was once the dominant party in sudan ruling the country for more than
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25 years now more than 6 months after its head leader was ousted sudan's transitional government has announced that the former ruling party will be dismantled. yet the the more dismantles the national congress party and seizes its assets money and properties and gives it to the government's minister of finance a committee will be formed to ensure that any organization association institution union company partnership that has links to the former ruling party will be dismantled. the national congress party came to power in 1992 a few years after it had already bashir overthrew a democratically elected government in 1989 the coolest carried out under the name of the national islamic front bashir went on to create the national congress party that ruled until he was ousted from power in april this year following months of anti-government protests the december protests gained momentum after the burning of
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the national congress party headquarters and. despite it being the only party many sudanese knew the demand for it to be dismantled had become one of the protest movements main ins. this rattling a party doesn't mean it's and it has to be remembered that establishing a new country would have to include establishing quick systems with those from the disbanded party and in a way where politics is practiced wisely i mean also man regards herself as the victim of one of the party signature laws that came to define the controversial public order it severely curtailed women's rights and which was condemned by human rights in sudan new leaders say it will display. an attack that when i was arrested for refusing the offices called me names saying i'm not a real sudanese because i didn't follow the rules of the government they said they expected me to be from the south a christian. during its time in power the national. that many
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continue to feel from earning sudan 20 years of economic sanctions following accusations of supporting terrorism abroad to dividing a nation that was once africa's largest country it now remains to be seen how straightforward eradicating it from sudanese political life people morgan. who the rebels in yemen shut down the saudi helicopter pilots the saudi u.a.e. coalition now in its 5th year. is not commenting for the u.n. general secretary. violence in iraq and has called for an investigation were at least 40 people were killed on thursday this. government ordered an inquiry into protests today. the provincial governor has resigned following the unrest that's left 33 people dead a curfew has been lifted to allow people to hold the demonstrations demanding jobs and better services began 2 months ago. 10 opposition leaders in guinea who were
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arrested for protesting against the president are free for now a court ruled that they should be released to temporarily the leaders agri a president alpha condé who they believe is planning to run for a 3rd term but has got to love as how the young reports their freedom might be short lived. guinea's opposition leaders arrive at the conakry court of appeal hoping they would be allowed to go back home with no further they were in jail for 6 weeks on thursday a judge decided to free them 10 members of the national front for the defense of the constitution have been temporarily released while they wait for the start of their appeal next week santa bonders you are it's a feeling of happiness and joy at the law has won and so has the liberty the innocent have been freed i'm speechless. the opposition leaders were arrested last month inside the home of a former politician who was coordinating anti-government protests. but instead of
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deterring the movement their detention prompted hundreds of thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets. critics fear president alpha condit is planning on changing guinea's constitution so he can run for a 3rd term in 2020. however this latest court verdict is being seen as a victory for the opposition that the cliff i mean i'm so happy not only because they're free but because this means justice has begun to appear the past i hope the appeals court will free them completely because they were detained illegally the street protests have been systematically banned in guinea for over a year the government insists they are a threat to public security but opponents say it's a tool to silence criticism. opposition leaders have been accuse of staging unauthorized protests and a paralyzing the economy of the west african nation now while they prepare for a final decision from the appeal. court tensions remain high cards hilo percivale
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yon al jazeera. there is a culture has emerged as the winner of the presidential election after the 2nd round of voting conservative edged out his rivals by promising to turn around a slowing economy and tackle the rising crime rate to resume. he's the youngest president in your wise history at 46. 1 the 2nd round of the presidential race in this tiny south american nation. even though the elections took place last sunday the results have only just been confirmed in what was a tight race between poll and then yes. a 62 year old engineer from the center left party brought front. porch or say it was time for a change. a change is needed for all your requirements we cannot continue to be
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like we were unfortunately really this changes for all europe why happy happy release this. for 15 years the broad front party with figures such as former guerilla turned president haas a more implemented a series of liberal policies like legalizing marijuana an abortion. but a slowdown in the economy and rising crime is what allowed a conservative party to return to power. even though the new might have been a spare in most votes in the 1st round in october in the days that follow. confirmed an alliance with other right wing parties that helped him gain victory how much i believe we are very satisfied with the work there we did all those months and for the support we received from across the country and the people from all political parties that make up this multicolored agreement. comes from a political family he said. father. and his mother.
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even though many countries. will be to gain. victory to ensure that. state media in north korea is the latest weapons test has been with great satisfaction. in 2 short range missiles part of was thought to be a new multiple rocket launcher were fired on thursday they're being seen as a thanksgiving reminder to the united states. a year deadline for donald trump to show flexibility in stored denuclearization. hong kong police have seized almost $4000.00 bombs and hundreds of bottles of chemicals during
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a final search of the polytechnic university student protesters barricaded themselves on the campus for more than 10 days in a standoff with security officers the demonstrators used the university as a weapons factory still ahead on al-jazeera. people are very angry. people. support what he is proposing. hello welcome to look at the international focus with usual sunshine is the good parts of southeast asia not too bad into the philippines at the moment but looking
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out into the open waters we do have a developing typhoon which will run its way towards the philippines as we go into the early part of next week's is certainly something to watch out for running away across a good parts of the malaysia borneo seeing some of the charles of water to shower was to down to ward's java but the west the weather i suspect will be right across border as a heavy downpours a possibility southern parts of the movie peninsula towards k.l. for example the risk of some localized flooding coming in here that over the next couple of days meanwhile into australia has seen some of the welcome showers into the the fos at least of the country pushing through parts of new south wales sydney's actually on course to have this hot haste and november on rec hold so we also have which is still very much on the high side fool said may be getting up to around 23 celsius on saturday sit down over a surprise because of that cloud because of the showers down towards the southeast and cold at least in parts of victoria they will move through temperatures just not
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going up again in sydney brisbane gets up to 30 celsius be a walk around here and a high of 30 the house brings. a chinese casino empire that is transforming cambodia bombed money rapid development and criminality what i want to investigate the winners and losers in cambodia. on al-jazeera and this is different than what they're telling telling or someone is very right that's not a real truth it's how you approach a fictional and often it is a certain way of doing it to congress. story and try out.
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this is al jazeera is a reminder about top stories after weeks of stalled talks preliminary negotiations between the u.s. and the afghan taliban after soon president donald trump by the announcement during his surprise visit to afghanistan the taliban has told al jazeera maisie's have taken place to pave the way for the resumption of formal talks. transitional government has dismantled former president bush's body which was a main demand by protesters that happiness is also scrapped a controversial public order that had so few. women's rights. iraq's government has ordered an investigation into the deaths of at least 33 antigovernment protesters in the southern city of nasiriyah 1st provincial governor has resigned demonstrations by japan that it will change and improvements in living standards.
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new aftershocks have shaken albania where the number of people killed just following tuesday is major earthquake is continuing to rise the bike just total is at least 46 dead and hundreds injured are reported johnson says in the port of duras where the search for survivors is running out of time. the 41st victim of tuesday's earthquake is pulled from the rubble he was a waiter in the cafeteria on the ground floor of this hotel it took rescuers more than 2 days to cut through the rubble of 5 concrete floors to find a relative collapses upon seeing the body and has to be hospitalized people are shocked to see the 2nd wave of earthquakes in 2 months this has not been experienced such a scale since 979. of the city has already evacuated they have left the city of dollars for other towns in albania or in. neighboring countries as the rescue
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effort draws to a close to this is becoming a ghost town hope of finding the victims is giving way to fear that aftershocks may bring worse calamity. my house is intact inside and outside but i keep shaking so we're walking around so as not to go in we sleep in the car at night people say the sea will rise up and down to rest everyone is saying it and all our neighbors left the towns they grew up in the government says it has put a 1000 people in hotels and another 800 in temporary shelters but there are still many more fending for themselves the people of good us have taken to the streets they're spending the night out on the pavement or they're simply walking through the city or entire families are bedding down inside their family vehicles under blankets and this is happening as far away as the city of toronto where you can see row upon row kilometer upon kilometer of cause parts until they reach out. inside
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the city limits all these people are afraid to go back to their homes even if they haven't suffered any damage because they're afraid of worse of prigs to come and there are those who simply need a ride out these buses are bringing volunteers from neighboring kosovo and to north macedonia they've come to help the people of doulas survive in their town instead panics people clamor to board the buses and leave police have to explain that the buses aren't here for evacuations the albanian government is struggling to maintain calm and regain control of the situation as the rescue teams leave so will the last visible signs of international assistance but what remains is the enormous task of providing both security and reassurance jumps are open al-jazeera tourists young activists around the world are skipping school on friday to protest against climate change the marches began in australia and japan students in sydney
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protested outside the headquarters of the ruling party the country's southeast has been devastated by bushfires which some blamed on climate change and students in india's capital demonstrated outside a waste energy power plant new delhi is one of the world's most polluted cities poor air quality kills around 2 and a half 1000000 people across india each year i'm going to take you to rome now and bring you these live pictures where people are rallying to bring attention there to the dangers of climate change they calling for immediate action the rallies come ahead of a u.n. climate change conference in madrid next week. though the law has divided communities of found something they can agree on hostility to bars johnson breaks a plan there is now no political party in the province which supports his proposals on leaving the a you and opposition to breaks it is starting to break down traditional religious and political differences lawrence lee is in belfast. belfast's the city never at
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peace with itself for decades divided the walls and fences separating the 2 communities remain it's like a patient never quite sure if they're recovering from a terminal illness but now they have something in common the irish republican side of belfast always hated rex it's the pro british side though supported it until boris johnson came along with a plan to partly divide the northern irish economy from the rest of the u.k. with the trade board in the sea his former allies here see that as a betrayal of the foundation of the united kingdom people are very angry about it people are do not support what he is proposing certainly i think he has underestimated the strength of feeling across unionism in northern ireland where you know we fairly clearly and people on the bryan ferry really cherish being part of this united kingdom being a full part of the united kingdom and if that's what your friends think then what about your enemies this neighborhood of belfast has no murals no symbols of the sectarian divide it is middle class and successful and doesn't like bricks it's in
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any form it is in places like this that the unionists hold over northern ireland is most at risk i think race it has clearly transcended the constitutional question that's not to say that conversation isn't still alive and people don't still have their strong views but yes i think you are seeing people who are prioritizing bragg's it rather than their views on the union or are should really because it is a clear and present danger to yours. politics and or knowledge has never been like the rest of the u.k. people don't argue about whether they're socialist or conservative left wing or right wing but much more as to whether they see themselves as irish or see themselves as british but what's remarkable is our political shades of all opinion from the most staunchly loyalists to the most republican are united against boris johnson's version the brick says and so opinions a shifting of the university we spoke to students from the unionist community
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bricks it has changed the way that they and many others think and how they will vote in this election and there's a lot of unionists that i know within my own community they have voiced they seem as if there was another referendum tomorrow and it was either to remain and part of the e.u. or to leave as far as johnson's date we would for germany and for northern ireland to the press and stay with the u.k. as well and within a year has done so much for the peace process and a lot of our funding for transport has all come from the european union to the untrained eye belfast looks like anywhere else but it isn't and both the police and politicians are warning of the potential for civil unrest for northern ireland boris johnson's mantra of getting bricks it done has trouble written all over it largely al-jazeera belfast. a former british police chief has been cleared of the manslaughter of 95 people at a football match 30 years ago david duncan field was in charge of policing the
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night in 89 if a tough semifinal at hillsborough in sheffield with the supporters book crossed today if it remains the worst disaster in british sporting history they've back as much as i was at the f.a. cup match between liverpool and not even forrest at sheffield wednesday skills for a ground that started on time but outside the stadium the 1st signs of disaster a boy lifted clear from the crowd still waiting to get. inside the ground behind one of the goals horrific events were unfolding. thousands of lives whole farms were being crushed behind high anti-riot fences comments at the time. police and players struggle to comprehend this happening. a major inquiry blamed a breakdown in policing including a failure to delay the game and a decision to open gates that allowed fans to surge into the stadium and then into
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the already packed standing areas. the munch commander was former chief superintendent david duncan field trial for the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 people the 96 victim dunn i don't know schoolies off to his press can feel didn't give evidence because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. computed initially claimed that liverpool fans had forced a gate open and rushed into the stadium he later admitted it was a lie. police have been accused of trying to shift the blame on to the fines relatives of those killed fear they will never know the full story of what happened at hillsborough for many the not guilty verdict came as a blow they say they'll continue their search for justice but not like. all of you . on. this. ought not to say the graves. of the 96 year old
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one of the strains this has been just that. was shaky on this whole jihad so dispense with the part of the. place where did. it go wrong it was gross that the fans were subject to approval from the. hillsborough you see it into the country's consciousness oh altering safety standards of sports venues around the world and changing british football forever. al-jazeera. has pop star turned opposition m.p. bobby wine is challenging president yoweri museveni in elections expected to be held in 2021 with 70 has been in power since 986 but why is rises not being without its challenges diplomatic get it to jobs by sat down with him for an exclusive interview. it's relatively recent that even emerged on the political scene you were
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before that a musician why did you decide to go into politics i'm a musician social activist and get a youth who recently recently but it's 2 years ago decided to run and become a member of parliament and you've been an m.p. for 2 years now have been in the government's targeting of you has continued since you've been an m.p. not only is your music banned your concerts banned but you have faced attack tell me about the incident when your driver was killed well i say the day i went to parliament that since the parliament refused to come to the ghetto they get a will come to the parliament of course when i got into parliament it brought a lot of attention of the common people the peak interest in the politics and indeed these tatted pushing me and so i just being that i run for president now this inferior it the president that we have who has for a long time been regarded as all powerful and i started getting that outs and most
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ferocious attack was. as initial attempt on my life in iraq which took the life of my driver instead of mine if you look at the history of uganda since independence from the colonial rulers the british it can really be summed up with 3 names milton obote idi amin and you ari was 70 now 2 of those a boat in amin in particular were very very brutal would you accept that when most 70 came to power 1st he rescued your country say without fear of contradiction that must have been his rule is much more brutal than the rules that have been there before to the western world presidents have been has always cast this image of a democrat but back home he has stepped on all rights and freedoms and he has ruled uganda with an iron fist. allocations that previous elections were not free and
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fair in your view right now is president was certainly the legitimate president of uganda where i'm better convinced that look at his obesity won the previous elections and i would believe that even if my 70 could have won the past elections they way he's handling the people of uganda mixing he's legit in my sea and ultimately if presidents have any try to rig the election that he has been like he has been doing then the people of uganda we rise up and they will stop it are you saying there could be an armed revolution against some 70 if your efforts at the ballot box are blocked i do not think people could raise that i think people will raise up because that is evident everywhere they act out of this operation and they will not take it any longer.
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this is al jazeera here at the top stories after weeks of stalled talks preliminary negotiations between the u.s. and the afghan taliban and for soon president donald trump made the announcement during a surprise visit to afghanistan the taliban has told al jazeera some bases have taken place to pave the way for the resumption of formal talks. the taliban wants to make a deal we'll see if they want to make a deal it's going to be a real deal but we'll see but they want to make a deal and they only want to make in your piece you do a great job that you know it is they want to make it so i want to thank you and i want to thank the afghan soldiers saddam's transitional government has dismantled former president bush years party the cabinet has also scrapped the controversial public order law that regulated women's behavior and dress. iraq's government has ordered an investigation into the deaths of anti-government protesters in the southern city of nasiriya on thursday the provincial governor has resigned at least
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40 id rocky's were killed in nationwide demonstrations which began 2 months ago. young activists around the world are skipping school to protest against climate change the marches began in australia and japan students in sydney protested outside the headquarters of the ruling party the country's southeast has been devastated by was which some blame on climate change students in india's capital demonstrated outside a waste energy power plant you delhi is one of the world's most polluted cities poor air quality kills around 2 and a half 1000000 people across india each year and these are live pictures from rome italy the rallies there come ahead of a u.n. climate change conference in madrid next week those are the headlines in news continues here now jazeera after one on one. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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no matter how you take it. will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. a chinese casino empire to rival macau and last vegas has shot up on the coast of cambodia. in just a few years sihanoukville has been transformed from a sleepy tourist town into a heaving metropolis. the money is flooding in but so too are notorious chinese cartels with allegations of abduction torture and even murder it seems these gangs will stop at nothing in their quest to get rich quick.


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