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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 332  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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urging the government to do more to try to in the crisis here the fact of the matter is it really hasn't made an impact on what is going on in the streets in the major cities of iraq young activists around the world are skipping school to protest against climate change the marches began in australia and japan students in sydney protested outside the headquarters of the ruling party under a smoke filled sky australia's southeast has been devastated by bushfires which some blamed on climate change and students in india's capital demonstrating outside a waste energy power plant new delhi as one of the world's most polluted cities the rallies come ahead of a un climate change conference in madrid next week well those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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iran out starts what angry iraqi protestors were shouting as they set fire to the iranian consulate in the city of najaf a significant anti test run escalation but how much influence does iran wield in iraq is it a force for good or is it holding back the country and its people this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan after months of violent antigovernment protests in iraq anger has turned towards neighboring iran demonstrators stormed the iranian consulate in the holy city of najaf before
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setting fire to it on wednesday a number of people were killed in the crackdown which followed adding to the hundreds who died in the last 2 months of protests it's the strongest expression of anti iranian sentiment in recent months for demonstrates as accusing to iran of supporting the government that they're trying to fight it comes off to similar attacks on iranian properties in karbala earlier this month and in basra last year where baghdad has condemned the attack sending army reinforcements to try to suppress the violence a curfew has been put in place and so-called crisis cells have been set up meanwhile iran's foreign minister says that iraq has a responsibility to protect the consulate and must send a responsible strong at effective response. we'll get to our guests for our discussion in just a moment but 1st let's look at why protesters accuse iran of meddling in the country's affairs like many iraqi politicians prime minister other of the mathy has long running ties with iran having worked with its leadership before the fall of
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saddam hussein others include former prime ministers nouri al maliki at every amount of fiery and former islamic supreme council leader amar al hakim and his late father is al hakim both political and military leaders said to maintain a quote special relationship with tap grant which was detailed in a series of intelligence reports leaked to u.s. media earlier this month iran's also allied with the armed group the popular mobilisation forces the group is sanctioned by baghdad but some say the group represents an iranian military presence in the country. so let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from london we're joined by joe what a member of the research committee of the middle east center at the london school of economics via skype from hartford ship salon hushing me legal advisor to the national council for iraqi opposition and
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a senior solicitor from turkey iran for what is already a professor at the university of tehran in the faculty of world studies a warm welcome to you all gentlemen let's start with you it's clear that protesters are angry about what they see as iranian influence in iraq but are they right is iran i'm a lion actor influencing or meddling in iraq e politics religion and economic affairs. they are not only a right but that are very much example of very much. too much examples about this influence the iranian have the last one was then when this is the most racist the illustrations started and they were asking for the prime minister to resign and the e.u. . was ready to resign by the way then the iranian stepped in and influenced him to remain in power defying all the protests of the people the 2nd example is
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that says 2003 the iranian have been supporting corrupt sectarian affective failing politicians to rule iraq and they kept all recycling them through these 17 years and they have protests even supported them to the to the and even to the fact that they kept them in power for all these 17 years then they have created this or they have. mobilized or i should say. taken advantage of the creation of the popular mobilization forces and they have taken control of 60 or 70 percent of this forces by them by by their political by by by their lay their. cost and survey monies controlling them and they declare in public that they follow orders from iran are
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not from the iraqi government although the prime minister was supposed to be their commander in chief so all these things have instigated the iraqis they are archy's and they feel that they are iranians are really happy with such a girl corrupt failing and an effort of government sectarian government and they would like to keep it like this because they could control the country through these through these people so hashmi najaf is the seat of the shia religious authority in iraq what are your thoughts on the attack on the consulate and its significance or the demonstrations concerns legitimate. first of all thank you very much for having me and i would like to offer my sincere condolences to the church of the terms who are. the money to buy the pricing and to their families now in terms of the significance the significance and the high seas because the jobs are really known to your heroes is the holiest shrine in share islam and therefore
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the time on it signifies time to i think the message from somebody you may then. be on within the demonstrators might have been sent to the iranians that you're on hold the welcome because also pogroms come to the city in order to took up a whole religious duties now. i think we need to be very very careful in our life situation i don't think it's a full on conclusion that the demonstrators all the ones who attacked the embassy or consulate sorry because 1st of all 'd there are always a few bad apples within a huge group of people like the demonstrators they may be some number 2 we have also the possibility of a self-inflicted wound or false flag attack. during it's all looking in to see it in iraq this time of openly and the open force this could provide them with the
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prefix all lies you tell me i think for you by the way the iranian embassy was empty when it was attacked and the iraqi security forces would have informed the way and to evacuate the embassy also this type of yes or no and that is the case i think iraq is security is a little bit capable of defending this also that against demonstrators who are largely on all exceptional. now this raises a number questions if that is that case law orchestrates i'm not know if i have the answers because the attack is being very recent and i don't have much information about it just getting back to the ones that made the best and mother. i think the roots of your reading of homer those are very early on since the invasion of iraq has 3 when the better forces who are openly fungo in the front it aligned and trained by the iranians and to iraq and impose themselves on the security
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forces went in to me and they getting all of those security forces they are excused all human rights breaches since early from the invasion so i don't think it's and then there are also the most recent revelations by intercept to the new york times the papers that were revealed documenting. that almost being individuals with whom the iranians have had contact and of was the revelation the entire government is corrupt and already abusing human rights so that somebody like the iranians backing them up i think will invoke some restraint that is not to say that me and don't need. and he entitled also that it is hiding it for all but i would also say this is a whole lot during practice ok 1st off you get a rainbow was blessed with an attack on the american embassy but only on
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a $97.00 janata the hostages were held all major years a year year and it so therefore i don't think this is an iraqi whole mark it seems to be that there is some outside interference and now we have reinforcement coming in from baghdad. to crush the demonstrators who are always along always changing. ok let's bring in. saudi into round you'll no doubt want to response to respond to some of or you've heard there especially whether this attack was orchestrated or whether it was a false flag attack but but 1st. tell me does iran seek to control or influence those in political power in iraq is it no longer welcome that. yeah i think iran tries to have good relations with iraq we remember what happened when we had someone like saddam hussein in iraq that fought event for for 8 years
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and that one ended in having hundreds of thousands of people kid so having good today sions with your neighbors is not something that iranians want that is normal international relations that you should have close economic links cultural links political links with the neighboring countries especially when you live in the middle east you have lots of wars and terrorism and the security problems and having good relations with your neighbors become even more important so if deck you vision and iran is that iran wants to have close links with different iraqi parties or you don't want to make sure that another side on hussein does not come to power in iraq then that's
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a fair accusation and a done all right is interested in coming to us nations but doesn't seek to using a secret does iran seek to control iraq what happens in iraq to what extent is what happed what's happening in iraq today does does iran except that it that it's false . and it's just totally exaggerated if iran had that much power maybe they could have. secured their own consulates in niger so exaggerating iran's influence in there is a very of the losing parties in iraq election to accuse the vendors of elections of some foreign connection when you accuse the iraqi government you're basically insulting the iraqi people that voted for that government you know that iraq is one of the few other countries that actually has a presented government to be have monarchies they have dictatorships we have the generals that come to power to look at the ties in the arab world and we have iraq
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that actually holds elections and they want to have readership change and some some of these monarchies don't like to see democracy in iraq that's why the excuse that i see government of difference so how do you explain the anger in iraq at the moment particularly directed at iran. yeah that's a very good question the basic question is that the people who act track. you down and installations in there are the consummate are they were presenting their arky people dance that is absolutely not i encourage you to take part in doubt about in walk next year i don't know if you know this but there is this religious ceremony for the database in the for the it day that i'm on the scene and a sound was martyred at that religious seminary in. a ceremony in iraq and you have 20000000 iraqis are walking from najaf to care about every year and
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about 5000000 iranians join this people and iraqi people feel that is that 1000000 iranians that it has that has nothing to do you know that has nothing to do that i think ongoing process has actually been going on for centuries now no no that's not the things that dance time that 1st prohibited people were not allowed to take take that so if you want to look for force an hour yes and i asked what was going on in. that no the people who attacked the one and consulate based on the local police and local authorities in they just came from outside niger they are not fun measure for us we have some old ok sounds ok in iraq that there i don't like you dance so some which i would what do you make a what you heard just there that it's a total exaggeration that iran has that much power and that the protestors are insulting the iraqi electorate well let me correct
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a few things to start with noir that he wants to have another war with iran iraqis are keen to have good relations with the 2nd thing it's an insult to the iraqi people if you tell them that the last elections well it through are genuine and it was not it was not false because 80 percent people of the people did not participate in these elections and there was a lot of. question marks about the result that even the government talked about these things 3rd thing is iraq was not the only responsible part about the iraq iran war the 2 countries were keen to have such what every country every leadership thinking that it could defeat the other part strike a victory over it in within a month or 2 now if you come to your questions i think that the religious ceremonies that takes place in the jeff and ceremonies that take place in the jeff
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at karbala have nothing to do with the feeling of the iraqi people or the iranian polygamy's are always welcome by the iraqis they've never attacked them like that what the iranian does with some of the archipelagos when they went to iran to mush that now we with the iraqis are happy to have these people and mind you under saddam hussein there were hundreds of thousands of people from iran coming to do this pelicans and the saddam hussein found that this was a very good way to improve this economic situation and that the sanctions the problem is that the uranian responsible erin in the visions speak clearly spoke clearly about how they are controlling 5 arab capitals now adays by that damascus road and and and and and sunnah and bahrain and how they ad out they are the ones the government and how they regard
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but that is the capital of their empire all these talks have insulted the iraqis have been injured they're there they're more out there their national feelings and that's why they do not want to see. an inflow furcal influence they could they are ready to see good relations with the iranians but political influence and most of all supporting corrupt governments. i mean come any and there are i mean now trying people been over the libs of all the president and religious leaders so why do they don't not the police why do they prevent the iraqi government or the lack of course from trying of fishes are running are now under the name of iran someone has for me. twixt into our iran and the us using iraq right now as a pawn in the in their regional strategies. well unfortunately of course iraq the
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chain open thanks you don't since the invasion of 2003 inches an insult to anyone's intelligence to suggest the iranians or the iranian government not talking about the iranian people we have all sympathies all that reason against their government directly talking about the iranian government. since the american invasion it opened a huge big gap in iraq it all takes since of course the dismounting or iraq infrastructure like the state including the long and the security forces that opened the door or iranian trained proxy used to enter the country and she used to do this a couple seen since then they have been building up to their credit quite successfully. and so they but it's a call into structure in order to control the country and to make cronies all. neighboring iran and they have in as i said successful now what has happened is
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that the americans also lost most control on the ground because the iranians have been preparing this for years and i will give you an example because what happened in the uprising against saddam hussein in $9091.00 there are credible reports which suggest that there are iranian backed forces cross the border to support the revolutionaries at the time but of course there are questions of the iraqi army was reasonably powerful during those bacteria now as i said you know americans have conceded but conceded power all the grounds to iranian influence because what has happened is that those critical of usefulness of all travel and also directed by the reigning government sees all of the open corruption in iraq and they have built . a mountain of wealth they what that just said is a tool of the communication ok nowadays. armed militias who are backing them up and
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this is exactly the problem this is what the demonstrators are complaining about people are talking about this mysterious 3rd party i do not think that this 3rd party is no longer mysterious if there are they are on the militia mediations but. who are supporting this corrupt government because they share on interest in this was a so the corruption of those arms on to them and they are talking waiting. to relinquish power through an audit in tehran iran's foreign ministry spokesman condemned the attack in and demanded decisive effective and responsible action against what he called destructive agents and addresses this mysterious 3rd power. who did he mean when he said that and can you answer me this question are iranian security forces involved in any way either as advisors or directly on the ground
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in confronting demonstrators in iraq. i think he's talking about the u.s. government the u.s. embassy in baghdad that has about 5000 employees which is an amazing number iranian embassy in baghdad has about 50 employees so then when you're talking about foreign influence you need to talk about the number of people that the u.s. government has in baghdad and the number of people that iran has in baghdad we have the u.s. forces r.q. pieing iraqi military installations to be hard. u.s. vice-president pense visiting iraq and not visiting baghdad going to the kurdish region violating iraq is solid to have the saudis that have interfered in iraqi affairs for many years using petro dollars and pain anyone who was available
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to attack iran we had isis that's try to overtake baghdad and based on what we hear from our iraqi brothers if it was not for iranian help iraq would not be able to. resist against isis in starts and they even try to take over the core of this huge and based on what the core dish leaders say that it was iran's help that saved iraqi court the sun from isis so when you're attacking iran and you're entitled to it to do that that's ok iran is mature enough to be able to take this type of attack and are its forces how its forces on the ground that. are its forces involved on the ground in confronting the demonstrators in iraq or are advising iraqi security forces very briefly if you can please. the iraqi security forces capable of security in their
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country fight against isis there are key government does not have good relations with the united states that's why the us government officials don't visit back that they want to basically overthrow the government rocky prime minister has wanted to have contracts with chinese and the u.s. ambassador event to his office ask him not to go to china they don't like the fact that iraq is buying weapons from russia we have a lot of geopolitics going on here and then you see 50 people a 100 people at tacking any during an installation please remember that this is not because they think they're actually for their work instead of the people who i disappeared in that and even walk for i need you to give me a brief answer here is we're almost out of time is iran ready to accept an iraqi prime minister who has not lived in iran or or blynde been influenced by iran in any way. that's not an iranian decision that's iraqi decision and i few
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people participate in elections and if they don't like the prime minister they will change it and if some of your guests don't like the current prime minister they need to watch next time maybe they get a prime minister that they like because there is a democracy in iraq unlike a lot of i have and it's not the guest i think it it's the demonstrators in iraq who don't like it south joe it would give the final word to you could this attack be the beginning of the end of the rainy and influence in iran and if a new government is formed in iraq due to the protests is it going to be possible to appoint politicians who are not some weight in linked to or influenced by iran i need a very brief answer from you please to start with by when we criticize you and that doesn't mean that we are supporting the americans we we look at them both as harmful influence they have ample out of the influence in iraq the 2nd thing this could that could be done because the prime minister tried to resign and the
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president of the republic said that on t.v. that he was ready to resign and all things were moving towards finding someone else to replace him but there anyone with a stop to step to change this decision so i think unless the iranian government i was thinking that i always thought that the iranians were out clever in politics and they would not support failing or secretary are corrupt politicians but in iraq they are doing their own that they could always support people who are on the iranian side but clearly not nationalist and could do the good things for their country. i'm sorry to keep it so brief that gentlemen we're out of time thank you for joining us today salah joe what for it is a day and solemn hashmi thank you as always for watching don't forget you can see the program any time again. by visiting our website at al jazeera dot com for
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day one whether again you and attention or your participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people their reason for joining the global conversation on out to 0150000000 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from uk cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress made from blue jeans. to conserving the world's dwindling wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird migration watch group or 6 right where we are the basic discovered a treasure it is one of the most special low clouds on the flop after ice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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that matter to you. al-jazeera. pieces over in doha the top stories on al-jazeera informal talks have resumed in the afghan taliban and u.s. officials the taliban has told al-jazeera some preliminary meetings have taken place here in doha on a short trip to afghanistan the u.s. president said he believed the taliban was willing to strike a deal here stephanie. it was a surprise visit and is often the case with president donald trump a surprising announcement taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they want to do is use fire but now they do want to do is use fire i
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believe it probably work trumps admission they are meeting with the taliban comes after the president abruptly broke off talks in september following the killing of a u.s. .


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